14 contestants from the past Total Drama seasons will return for an cruise ship trip to New York. But they dont know they will be in the realityshow Total Drama: Creaking Trip. The cruise ship is not the ship they think it will be. With favorite host Chris McLean, co host Chef Hatchet and a lot of twists, tricks and challenges the 14 returnees will face their biggest nightmare in this season. Total Drama Island fan favorites: Duncan, Harold, Lindsay, Courtney, Justin and Heather returns for this season. Total Drama Revenge Of The Island fan favorites: Lightning and B returns. And Total Drama Pahkitew Island fan favorites: Max, Amy, Ella and Scarlett returns. But there are two newbies that will make their debut. Fashion Designer and model Juliet debuts with evil lawyer Gray. A lot of fun, grief and drama in Total Drama: Creaking Trip.
Written and pictures by Rosalie


Amy - The Evil Twin
B - The Strong Silent Genius
Courtney - The Type A
Duncan - The Delinquent
Ella - The Fairytale Princess
Gray - The Mysterious Shadow
Harold - The Dweeb
Heather - The Queen Bee
Juliet - The Fashion Diva
Justin - The Eye Candy
Lightning - The Athletic Overachiever
Lindsay - The Dumb Princess
Max - The Super Villain
Scarlett - The Quiet Brainiac


One: All Aboard

Word Count: TBA

Posted On: TBA

Elimination table

Rank Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
TBA Courtney
TBA ♂ Duncan
TBA ♀ Ella
TBA Gray
TBA Harold
TBA Heather
TBA Juliet
TBA Justin
TBA Lightning
TBA Lindsay
TBA ♂ Max
TBA ♀ Scarlett

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