New Beginnings
Season 6, Episode 1
TD Chef Edition Cast
First aired February 6, 2016
Challenge(s) A race to the finish line through various traps
Challenge reference Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1 and Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! (race that determines the teams)
Various (traps)
Winner(s) Sneaky Snakes
Eliminated Owen and Sky
Episode guide
"Somebody S.O.S. Me!"

Thirty four of the previous contestants come back for another chance at winning one million dollars. Someone else is revealed to be the host this time, due to the arrest of the previous host. The contestants must compete in a race filled with traps. Some first alliances are formed. Eventually, the race leads to a formation of three different teams and an elimination of a past racer. One team has to vote off one of its members, which a certain revenge-seeker uses as a revenge on someone.


Cold open

Chef Hatchet is revealed to be the host this time. He introduces the thirty-four contestants, explains that he was chosen by the new producers to host the new season due to his past experience in several episodes as well as Chris's and the old producers' arrest. He explains they will be living in rooms for two people each and that they will decide who they would like to share a room with after the challenge (because the challenge will determine the teams). After the introduction he gives them some free time before the challenge. They use this time to make some confessions in their new confessional, which is a small toilet of the hotel, similar to the one from TDWT.

Confessional montage

Dakota expresses her happiness over being beautiful and normal human again (her dad paid for a chemical treatment to bring her back to her human form and did so for Ezekiel because his parents didn't have enough money), as well as over being on TV again. She says that she's also sad because this time Sam isn't around and she has no more allies or a friends.

Ezekiel also expresses his happiness due to coming back to his human form. He states that his psychiatrist says he has about the same knowledge as before and has learnt from his past mistakes. He hopes he'll actually make some friends this time. He also hopes he won't be eliminated first and that won't be the first eliminated male or his team's member.

Tyler confirms the rumours about his and Lindsay's break up some time before this season (she forgot his name in front of his parents, which made them, especially his mother, not support their son's relationship and force him to break up with her), but he regrets the decision and plans to win her back by doing great in challenges.

Meanwhile, Beth reveals that she and Lindsay haven't seen each other for months because they live far away from each other now. She says she wants to spend more time with Lindsay because of that.

Dawn is in confessional with B and reveals they became an official couple after the end of the fourth season. She also says they want to take revenge on Scott for framing and eliminating them in their debut season.

DJ reveals his mother mocks him for being a single for his entire life and states that he returned to find a girlfriend to show her that even he can be in a romantic relationship.

Ella admits she isn't attracted to Dave anymore after his change in personality at the end of TDPI and came on another season to find "her new prince."

Formation of first alliances

Alejandro and Heather immediately form an alliance, learning from their previous season that they should work together to stay longer in the game.

Emma, Noah, and Owen also decide to form their "Ridonculous alliance" to last longer in the competition. Noah and Owen promise to help Emma stay in this kind of a reality show, knowing that it's different than The Ridonculous Race.

Jasmine and Shawn promise Samey to help her take her sister down, forming the third alliance of the season.

Justin finds out that no one, not not even Katie, cares about him anymore and everyone believes Alejandro is better than him at everything. Meanwhile, Staci finds out nobody trusts her due to her habit of lying.

Another confessional montage

Dave reveals in the confessional that he plans to take revenge on Sky by sabotaging her in the challenges.

Gwen states that she's worried Trent and Duncan will desperately try to win her back. She also adds she's fully aware of Courtney's competitive side.

Meanwhile, Courntey says that she's going to have an eye on Gwen, Duncan, and Heather. She also thinks about flirting with Gwen's old boyfriend, Trent, just to spite her, but drops the idea, finding Trent pathetic.

Scott says that he's still slightly attracted to Courtney and wants to restore their relationship.

The challenge

For the first challenge, contestants must race to the finish line from one to the other side of the beach near the hotel. The race area is however filled with traps similar to the ones from Are We There Yeti?, Top Dog, Eat, Puke and Be Wary, and Evil Dread, as well as some new ones. The order in which the contestants will arrive on the finish line will determine the teams, similarly to Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1. However, because the cast is already too big and a few double eliminations are needed, the last contestant to finish the race will be automatically eliminated.

Owen is super positive about his, Noah, and Emma's chances because they competed on a race show last time.

The two best contestants are Eva and Jo. They're not only the fastest but also manage to avoid all the traps. They notice similarities between them during the race and, while still running, form an alliance to keep each other in the game. Brick, who's right behind them, asks if he can join their alliance, but they decline his offer, finding him too soft and too clumsy. Right after this, Brick is hit in the groin with the same trap that hit Duncan's stomach in Top Dog, which causes him to fall behind.

Dave tries his best to catch up to Sky and once he does, he pushes her into one of the traps. She falls on Jasmine, Shawn, and Samey and they all fall into the same trap as the one Owen fell into in Top Dog with his bear. Shawn suggests biting the rope off with their own teeth to free themselves from the trap. Amy stops for a while to laugh at Samey and her friends' misfortune. Then she continues the race, but she just walks instead of running, especially now that she knows her younger sister and her friends are trapped. Upon seeing this, Sky agrees to help her trapped friends to vote off Samey's cruel sister.

Beth is very slow so Lindsay just walks at the same pace as her because they want to be on the same team. Meanwhile, Tyler tries his best to win the challenge but is hit in the groin with the same trap that hit Brick earlier, which makes him fall behind. He doesn't mind however because it makes him "catch up" (or should I say fall behind) to Lindsay and Beth.

After noticing some food on the ground, Owen lands in the trap similar to the one Gwen and Heather landed in in Are We There Yeti?, Duncan in Top Dog, and Fang in Eat, Puke and Be Wary. Emma at first wants to win a race instead of helping her friend, but Noah convinces her to help Owen because in this kind of reality show they need friends to vote with them during elimination ceremonies. Emma and Noah thus start to look for something that would get Owen out of the trap, as the hole is too deep for him to get out.

Lindsay gets stuck in a bear trap that Duncan was revealed to get stuck in a clip from The Aftermath: III. Tyler and Beth, worried about her, work together to help her get out of it.

Eva and Jo finish the race and become the first two members of their team. They are followed by Alejandro, Heather, Courtney, Duncan, Scott, Gwen, Dakota, and Anne Maria (who's mad at Dakota for losing to her in a race again (Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!). The last one to end up on the first team is Harold after he got tossed by the same trap that tossed Cameron in Evil Dread and landed right on the finish line.

The next eleven people to arrive Brick, DJ (both would've ended up on the first team if it hadn't been for the traps injuring them and another trap sending Harold right at the finish line), Trent, Katie (she was chasing after Trent), Justin, B, Dawn, Ella, Beardo, Ezekiel (who was tossed by the same trap that sent Harold flying to the finish line earlier), and Staci (who made it on the second team only because rest of the contestants were either trapped, were helping the trapped ones, or were just walking instead of running (Amy and Dave)).

Amy and Dave become the first members of the third team due to not being trapped or helping the trapped contestants. This causes Samey to wonder if there's a justice in the world. Beth and Tyler finally manage to help Lindsay without injuring her and the trio are the next contestants to reach the finish line. Soon after, with the biggest help of Jasmine's strong teeth, Shawn's idea works and the foursome is released from their trap. They become the next contestants on the team.

Upon realizing they are the last three contestants left, Noah and Emma reluctantly leave Owen in the trap, knowing that the crew of the show will have to realease him anyway, and go to the finish line. Ironically, the contestants of a race show end up being the last ones to make it on time, and one of them is eliminated due to not even finishing the race.

Chef names the teams: Sneaky Snakes (consisting of Eva, Jo, Alejandro, Heather, Courtney, Duncan, Scott, Gwen, Dakota, Anne Maria, and Harold), Furious Flamingos (consisting of Brick, DJ, Trent, Katie, Justin, B, Dawn, Ella, Beardo, Ezekiel, and Staci), and Bickering Bats (consisting of Amy, Dave, Beth, Tyler, Lindsay, Jasmine, Shawn, Sky, Samey, Emma, and Noah). Chef then tells the Bickering Bats that they'll have to vote someone off in the evening at the first elimination ceremony of the season.

Choosing the rooms

Contestants choose their rooms. Chef tells them that they can only live with people of the same gender and from the same team. He also adds that there will be one inter-team room because two teams have an uneven number of members of the same gender. He also tells them that once their roommate will be eliminated they can either live in a room alone or move to someone else's room (in case the other room also has only one person living there).

On the Sneaky Snakes, Eva and Jo immediately choose to share a room. Duncan jokes it's against the rules for Eva to live with someone of the opposite gender. Heather noticed some similarities between Dakota and Lindsay, as well as the fact that Dakota has no allies, so she chooses her as her roommate, hoping for a new potential ally. Dakota agrees because she notices some similarities between her and Heather. Alejandro chooses Scott because out of all males on his team, Scott is the only one with whom he doesn't have a conflict. He also appreciates the fact that Scott's cowardness released him from a robot suit. Since they are the last males on the team left, Duncan and Harold are forced to share a room. Duncan however doesn't mind as it means lots of possibilities to prank Harold. The last three remaining are Anne Maria, Courtney, and Gwen and none of them want to live with each other. Just as Gwen is about to finally choose Anne Maria for her sassy, Leshawna-like personality, hoping they could be friends like she and Leshawna were, Courtney chooses Gwen first to have an eye on her. This means Anne Maria is forced to wait until the end to see who'll she end up in a room with.

On the Furious Flamingos, Ella happily chooses Dawn because of their common love for nature. Dawn of course has nothing against it. Because they are the last females on the team, Katie and Staci are forced to live in the same room. DJ chooses Trent because of their friendship from season one. Beardo chooses B due to them both being shy introverts. It's down to Brick, Ezekiel, and Justin and to Ezekiel and Justin's shock, Brick chooses Ezekiel as his roommate. Justin feels insulted by the fact someone chose Ezekiel over him. However, he becomes a bit happier when Chef tells him that because of Owen's elimination there's an uneven number of male contestants, he'll be living in a room alone. The reason why he's a bit happier is because actually Justin's the only roommate he wished for.

On the Bickering Bats, Jasmine and Samey immediately choose to live in the same room. So do Beth and Lindsay. Emma and Sky quickly decide to share a room too. Although he's a little terrified of Dave after the finale of the previous season, Shawn chooses him as his roommate due to their friendship. Becuase of Owen's elimination, Noah chooses to share a room with Tyler due to both of them becoming friends during their time on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, as well as because they were the last males on the team left. Amy is left alone. However, because both she and Anne Maria are the only remaining females, they are forced to be the only inter-team roommates.

Dave's campaign

Dave wants to get back at Sky by eliminating her early in the game, especially before him. He uses the time they got and starts his "anti-Sky campaign," trying to convince the others to vote for her because she's a threat due to her athletic skills and making it to the finale of the previous Total Drama season. While some agree, some are however more annoyed with Dave's attitude and decide to vote for him instead. Most notably Jasmine who tells Samey they'll vote for Amy next time because now it's more important to vote off Dave, as otherwise he would sabotage Sky and the rest of the team by the way. Samey relucantly agrees. Ouf ot the alliance, only Shawn has doubts because he remembers Dave used to be his best friend on Total Drama.

Emma doesn't want to vote for Sky, finding some similarities between her and herself. Noah tries to convince her to use the opportunity, but she doesn't listen because she and Sky became friends. She also says she values an athletic teammate more than a deadpan snarker like Dave, which makes Noah worried. She however tells him he doesn't have to worry because, unlike Dave, he's her boyfriend and isn't psychotic.

Meanwhile, Amy agrees to vote for Sky instead of her sister because she knows her sister wouldn't get enough votes this time anyway and she wanted to use the opportunity to vote for someone else as long as she's off the radar.

Tyler also agrees to vote for Sky, being jealous of her athletic skills and being worried she would think of him as an useless sportsman wannabe. Lindsay values his opinion and chooses to vote for her too and so does Beth who follows Lindsay's decision.

Elimination ceremony

With the majority votes against her, Sky is eliminated. She is the first person to take the Elevator of Shame and walk down the Hall of Losers, but she's the second contestant (after Owen) to leave in a Lame-o-sine this season.

Upon seeing Sky eliminated and his revenge completed, Dave shouts "YES!" so loud that everyone stares at him, some in a shock, some glaring. However, as soon as he sees Sky is beyond the horizon, he goes back to his original attitude seen at the beginning of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.

Ezekiel admits in the confessional he's happy to not be the first contestant, as well as the first male, eliminated this time.

Chef then signs off the episode, asking what will happen to Dave next, whether his friendship with Shawn will survive, and whether the alliances formed so far will survive as well.

Exclusive clip

Owen & Sky eliminated (TDCE)

Owen and Sky in the Lame-o-sine.

Owen is mad at himself for being caught in a trap, but he says he doesn't mind his rank, as he's performed great in the previous seasons. He adds that Noah has been spending so much time with Emma as of late that it made him feel somewhat lonely and that thus he hoped Izzy would compete too, especially because they haven't even talked to each other since their break up. Sky interferes, saying he should be glad Izzy wasn't there, as relationships only ruin your chances at winning the game. Owen defends Izzy, saying that she isn't like that and that with Emma and Noah their alliance would have even bigger chances. Sky then leaves a message to Emma, saying she hopes her sarcastic boyfriend won't get in her way of the million, like Dave did in her case, and starts shouting angrily due to being eliminated in the very first episode.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Marco Grazzini Alejandro
Bryn McAuley Amy/Samey
Athena Karkanis Anne Maria
Sarah Gadon Beth
Jon Cor Brick
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet/DJ
Rochelle Wilson Courtney
Carleigh Beverly Dakota
Daniel DeSanto Dave
Caitlynne Medrek Dawn
Drew Nelson Duncan
Sunday Muse Ella
Stacey DePass Emma
Julia Chantrey Eva
Peter Oldring Ezekiel/Tyler
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Rachel Wilson Heather
Katie Bergin Jasmine
Laurie Elliott Jo
Adam Reid Justin
Stephanie Anne Mills Lindsay
Carter Hayden Noah
Scott McCord Owen
James Wallis Scott
Zachary Bennett Shawn
Sarah Podemski Sky
Ashley Peters Staci
  • B, Beardo, Harold, Katie, and Trent appear, but they have no dialogue.



  • The votes in the episode were the following:
    • Amy, Beth, Dave, Lindsay, Noah, Shawn, Tyler voted for Sky.
    • Emma, Jasmine, Samey, and Sky voted for Dave.
  • Contestants who used the confessional in this episode are Ezekiel (the first one of the season), Tyler, Beth (the first female), Dawn and B (silent), DJ, Ella, Dave, Gwen, Courtney, and Scott.
  • Owen's last place in the race and thus not getting to be placed on any of the teams, makes him one of a few contestants to not be placed on any team in a season, with the others being Blaineley, Bridgette, and Geoff.
  • Counting all the endings, with Sky's elimination in this, she becomes the third contestant to be the highest-ranking member of her team in one season and the lowest-ranking member of a different team in another season, with the others being Gwen and Lightning.
  • This marks the first episode since Hawaiian Punch where Alejandro is voiced by Marco Grazzini.


  • Dakota recalls being turned into a mutant in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
  • Ezekiel recalls his mutation from Total Drama World Tour.
  • Ella recalls her past attraction to Dave and his behaviour in Lies, Cries and One Big Prize.
  • Dawn mentions Scott framing her and B in their first season.
  • Alejandro and Heather recall their experience on Total Drama All-Stars when revealing they decided to work together this time.
  • Owen recalls participating in The Ridonculous Race while being psyched upon hearing the challenge's theme.
  • During the challenges, traps from several earlier episodes, such as Are We There Yeti?, Top Dog, Eat, Puke and Be Wary, and Evil Dread, are used.
  • This is the third time that a race determined the teams, after Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1 and Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!.
  • Anne Maria is mad at Dakota for losing to her in a race again (Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!).
  • At the end of the episode, Ezekiel recalls being the first contestant to be voted off both times he competed before.
  • Owen mentions his break up with Izzy from Jamaica Me Sweat in the exclusive clip.


  • The title of the episode referes to the fact it's the start of the season that mixes three generation casts (and one RR contestant), which means the beginning of a lot of new plots.
    • It also sounds similar to New Beijinging, especially to the Australian title of that episode, New Beijingings.


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