The Bickering Bats is one of three opposing teams in Total Drama: Chef Edition. They currently have no logo, but it would be in blue colors, with a bat as its symbol. The team was determined by the challenge in the first episode, and consists of Amy, Beth, Dave, Emma, Jasmine, Lindsay, Noah, Samey, Shawn, Sky, and Tyler.

Total Drama: Chef Edition

The Sneaky Snakes are formed in New Beginnings, its members being decided by placings in the challenge. The last eleven contestants to reach the finish line become the members of this team. Due to being a team of the last eleven contestants to make it to the finish line, they have to vote off one of their teammates in the first elimination ceremony of the season. Due to Dave's campaign, as well as due to her athletic skills being a threat, Sky ends up being the first eliminated member of the team.


  • Amy
  • Beth
  • Dave
  • Emma
  • Jasmine
  • Lindsay
  • Noah
  • Samey
  • Shawn
  • Sky
  • Tyler
Bickering Bats teammates
Amy | Beth | Dave | Emma | Jasmine | Lindsay | Noah | Samey | Shawn | Sky | Tyler


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Sky Female 33rd 11th New Beginnings Dave took his long-awated revenge on her by convincing most of their teammates to vote for her due to her athletism being a threat.


  • This is the only team to not include any contestant from the second generation cast.
  • This marks the third time that Beth and Lindsay are on the same team, which means Beth is on the same team with Lindsay in all of her seasons.
  • This is the second time that Amy, Jasmine, and Samey are on the same team, meaning they compete on the same team in all of their seasons.
    • Counting her transfer to their team in This Is The Pits!, this is also the same for Sky, although it's the first time that Amy and Samey are still in the competition when she is on their team.
  • This is the second time that Dave, Shawn, and Sky compete on the same team, meaning they compete on the same team in both of their seasons (excluding one episode).
  • This is the first time that Noah doesn't compete on a team with Izzy and/or Owen. However, it's because Izzy doesn't compete this season and Owen was eliminated before the formation of the teams.
    • Interestingly, if the last contestant to finish the race in the first episode was allowed to be placed on a team, Owen would've ended up on this team, due to this team consisting of the last participants to finish said race..


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