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Total Drama: Chef Edition
Las Vegas (Ridonculous Race)
Created by ArtDraw12
Developed by ArtDraw12
Directed by ArtDraw12
Preceded by Total Drama: Pahkitew Island
Succeeded by TBA

Total Drama: Chef Edition is the fanmade sixth season of Total Drama (seventh if you count TDAS and TDPI as not a part of the fifth season).


Thirty four of the previous contestants come back for another chance at winning $1,000,000. They get to stay in a luxurious hotel near the beach this time, but the new host will make sure they'll still have to go through dangerous challenges and lots of drama. This time, the contestants are divided into three teams again.


Dakota and Ezekiel's parents, along with the other contestants' parents, sued Chris and the producers of the show for the way their children were treated during the competition. As a result, Chris and the producers were arrested. To bring back a good reputation for Total Drama, new producers have been hired to make a new season, and Chef Hatchet became a host. Thirty four of the previous contestants (fan favourites and these who need redemption) were selected by the new producers to compete for another $1,000,000 prize that only one of them will eventually win.


Due to the huge cast, some of the voting ceremonies end up being double eliminations. To do so, two contestants with the most votes must get more than one vote.

Table #1

Participant Team Status Placing
Owen None 1st Eliminated
in New Beginnings
34th Place Pre-Teams
Sky Bickering Bats 2nd Voted out
in New Beginnings
33rd Place Non-Merged

Table #2

Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
Owen N/A 34th New Beginnings
Sky Bickering Bats 33rd


Voice Actor Role Episode count
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet TBA/26 episodes
Marco Grazzini Alejandro TBA/26 episodes
Bryn McAuley Amy TBA/26 episodes
Athena Karkanis Anne Maria TBA/26 episodes
Unknown B TBA/26 episodes
Clé Bennett Beardo TBA/26 episodes
Sarah Gadon Beth TBA/26 episodes
Jon Cor Brick TBA/26 episodes
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney TBA/26 episodes
Carleigh Beverly Dakota TBA/26 episodes
Daniel DeSanto Dave TBA/26 episodes
Caitlynne Medrek Dawn TBA/26 episodes
Clé Bennett DJ TBA/26 episodes
Drew Nelson Duncan TBA/26 episodes
Sunday Muse Ella TBA/26 episodes
Stacey DePass Emma TBA/26 episodes
Julia Chantrey Eva TBA/26 episodes
Peter Oldring Ezekiel TBA/26 episodes
Megan Fahlenblock Gwen TBA/26 episodes
Brian Froud Harold TBA/26 episodes
Rachel Wilson Heather TBA/26 episodes
Katie Bergin Jasmine TBA/26 episodes
Laurie Elliott Jo TBA/26 episodes
Adam Reid Justin TBA/26 episodes
Stephanie Anne Mills Katie TBA/26 episodes
Stephanie Anne Mills Lindsay TBA/26 episodes
Carter Hayden Noah TBA/26 episodes
Bryn McAuley Samey TBA/26 episodes
James Wallis Scott TBA/26 episodes
Zachary Bennett Shawn TBA/26 episodes
Ashley Peters Staci TBA/26 episodes
Scott McCord Trent TBA/26 episodes
Peter Oldring Tyler TBA/26 episodes
Sarah Podemski Sky 1/26 episodes
Scott McCord Owen 1/26 episodes



  • At the beginning of the season, there were eighteen contestants from the first generation cast, eight from the second generation, eight from the third generation, and one contestant introduced in the spin-off.
    • There were also eight Gophers, nine Bass, five Gaffers, six Grips, three Amazons, five "Chrises", four "Victories", five Maggots, seven Rats, seven Villains, three Heroes, five Maskwaks, and four Kinosewaks.
    • There were also eighteen females and sixteen males.

Original ideas

  • In the very first ideas, that was created after TDRI and long before TDAS, all of the 38 contestants were supposed to compete.
  • The very earliest version was going to be a heroic vs. neutral vs. villainous team theme. However, the idea was ditched after a similar theme was used in Total Drama All Stars.
    • However, the idea was later changed because of having too many contestants and too many double eliminations (even one triple one).
  • All of the contestants, whether those who competed or not, were going to appear as the peanut gallery in the finale.
  • The contestants (besides Mr. Coconut of course) who did not make it to the second planned version were: Blaineley, Cody, Izzy, Katie, Leshawna, Sadie, Sam, and Sierra.
    • Out of them, only Katie made it to the final version.
    • They were supposed to be interns instead. They would often even make cameos either demonstrating how the challenge works (inspired by TDRI cameos) or doing other interns' stuff. Izzy would appear during Owen's elimination and confirm she broke up with him az Brainzilla, but not as Izzy. Leshawna would continue her conflict with Heather and be suspectful of the new antagonists. I decided to drop the idea because I thought they were humiliated and tortured enough and if they don't compete, they shouldn't be tortured during that season.
  • Bridgette, Cameron, Geoff, Lightning, Mike, and Zoey were originally supposed to compete, but were cut in later versions.
    • In Cameron, Mike, and Zoey's case it was because their plot was somewhat similar to what happened in TDAS and couldn't even be continued due to the events of The Final Wreck-ening. Mike was going to have his forgotten alternate personality, Mal (based on his only appearance in TDRI back then), released. He was going to be completely evil, enjoying havoc, etc. Unlike the real version, he actually got rid of Cameron and Zoey to not let them notice anything. He also wasn't the main antagonist (this role still belonged to Eva and Jo), as he was quickly discovered and eliminated.
    • Geoff was going to renew his friendships with DJ and Duncan. However, I became uncertain about him competing in My Season and ultimately decided to cut him from the final version after RR gave him more screen time and a best friend.
    • Bridgette's story was similar, she was going to renew her friendships with both Courtney and Gwen and feel uneasy about their conflict. She actually was the last one to be cut from the final version after the introduction of the third cast made the cast of My Season too big, with more females than males. I also found her somewhat boring.
    • Lightning was going to continue his rivalry with Jo and Brick and make a new one with Eva and Tyler, in all cases trying to show off he's better than rest of the athletes/jocks. Although his plot was one of the ones I liked the most back then, I decided to get rid of him because the cast was too huge and I noticed after TDAS he wouldn't really change and all of his interactions would be mostly the same.
  • There were no changes in the third generation cast's case.
  • Emma was the last one to join the cast of My Season. I didn't really want to make the cast even bigger and RR was too fresh season, so I only added Emma for the sake of having someone introduced in RR because she had a major interaction with a TD contestant.
  • DJ and Dawn were at first supposed to be just friends until I saw potential in them and decided to make them a couple (after some bonding). B and Dawn became a couple in the last version.
  • Noah was originally going to have a completely different plot, discovering the antagonists of the season and being eliminated by them due to being a threat like in TDWT. His role was changed with the introduction of Emma.
  • Immunity idols, inspired by McLean-Brand Chris Head, were going to appear in the earliest version. However, this time those were gold keys to the hotel rooms (later changed to tickets) that were given to everyone who made it to the final three. I decided to cut them from My Season because they would keep some characters for too long, as some would have more than one. The immunity idol returned however for the final version, with the only difference being that it is Chef's head instead of Chris'.


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