This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

Written by: IDD&Etc

Totla Drama Chaotic Island Contestants (1)

Eight contestants face off in another edition of Total Drama, this time on a new island with new frames, betrayal and romance. As always they are divided into two teams, and only one of those eight will win the prize of a million dollars.

Episode 1

New Island, New Rules
Season 1, Episode 1
Challenge A race in the forest
Reward Choose the teams
Winner(s) Heather and Duncan
Eliminated None
Episode Guide

Chris - Hi my name is Chris McLean and again I will be your host to closely observe the torture of eight veterans" - says while a ship is arriving soon he opens a smirk and click 'destroying the boat

Alejandro - on land and helping Heather - Should I be a gentleman, is not it? 

Heather - I do not need your gentlemanly - says as he removes his hands from his arm Alejandro.

Gwen - That sucks, Chris keep doing these stupid things with us, I deeply regret having signed that contract in the first season... - says she drying.

Duncan - Remembering that we are here just for the prize if not for this or here would be putting their feet again ... - says Duncan.

Alejandro - W-Wait, what is a volcano? - says Alejandro chocked.

Gwen - That means we're in Hawaii...

Owen - I. .. no ... I can ... more ... breathe ... - says Owen out of the water.

Lindsay - I can swim like a bird! - says Lindsay out of water.

Gwen - Birds swim?

Trent - Out of the way, she's not breathing. - Trent says Courtney leading the shoulders and placing it in the sand.

Courtney - vomits water on the face of Trent -.

Trent - eek...

Courtney - Sorry, is that I can not swim very well - says Courtney rising.

Lindsay - You should learn to swim like a bird! - says Lindsay to Courtney.

Courtney - Birds can't swimming you stupid !! - says Courtney to Lindsay.

Chris - with his jet pack - Hello dear competitors, it seems they are already meeting - says Chris laughing sarcastically.

Duncan - Seriously you will keep talking these sarcastic phrases? - Duncan says angry.

Chris - Well, I say what I want, it is best to prepare for the first test you will have to go through the forest to reach to where are their huts and etc ... So good luck - says flying away with your jetpack

Gwen - Seriously ?! - says Gwen angry.

Heather - Look if you want to stay there growing roots remain, but I'll get there to win it here! - Says Heather determined.

Lindsay - But the forest is scary - says Lindsay scared.

Trent - Look, will see this is not only a proof is just a trick of Chris - says Trent.

Duncan - Hey Heather's already up ahead I will reach there - says Duncan run.

Gwen - Hey, wait - says Gwen running.

Courtney - I refuse to run, Chris will have to get us. - says Angry Courtney.

Owen - Good idea so I can get all this resting time - says Owen.

Lindsay - I can take a sun bath if we stay here because the sun is very strong - says Lindsay feel Happy.

Courtney - Argh, because I've always stand beside the idiots - says Courtney angry.

In the forest.

Heather - This, if I'm in front to win this for sure will win immunity - says Heather.

Duncan - Do not think you will not win it so easy! - says Duncan running.

Heather - Go away your punk, I was born to win, you were born to stand out with the strange Gothic, so back off - says Heather pushing Duncan.

Duncan - ARGH, SON OF ***** !! - says Duncan angry.

Heather - Great, I'm seeing the huts here, I'm feeling the taste of victory. - says Heather

Chris - Congragulations Heather you and Duncan wins. - says Chris.

Heather - WHAT ? DUNCAN WINS TOO ? - says surprised Heather.

Chris - Yes, and the reward is that you can choose your teams - says Chris.

Duncan - tired and falls on the floor behind all arrive. -.

Chris - Come this program only has 30 minutes! - says Chris.

Heather - Ok, i pick Lindsay.

Lindsay - Uhuu !! - says happy Lindsay.

Duncan - I choose Gwen !!

Gwen - ...

Heather - Courtney !!

Courtney - There was no other person to choose not to? - says angry Courtney.

Duncan - The big Owen !

Owen - Uhul !!

Heather - Ok, i choose Alejandro - says Heather.

Duncan - Trent !!

Trent - ...

Chris - Ok, the name of the teams are ... - says Chris.

Chris - The Crunchy Cockroaches !!

Duncan - Look is a good name, was the ancient name of a band I would create but not rolled...

Chris - And The Nasty Rats !!!

Heather - ...

Chris - Look is a good name, was the ancient name of a band I would create but not rolled. - says Chris.

Trent - Wait, do not have elimination ?

Chris - No, see ya !!

Trent (Confessional) - It is easy to see Gwen with that annoying punk, I really like her ... but it will be difficult to win her again. - says Angry Trent.

Gwen (Confessional) - Yet some flame inside me that makes me still have an attraction to Trent - says Gwen.

- The camera turns off -

Episode 2

Tennis Ball Disaster
Season 1, Episode 2
Gwen running of the tennisbal
Challenge Running of the Chef's Tennis balls and build a Hot Tub
Reward Immunity
Winner(s) Nasty Rats
Eliminated Duncan
Episode Guide
"New Island, New Rules"

'Last time on the Chaotic Island... our competitors had to run through the forest to hawaii finally come to their huts, Heather and Duncan were the first to arrive gaining the power to choose their teams finally face Crunchy Cockroaches VS Nasty Rats. Who will be eliminated? Do not miss this episode of Total ... Drama ... Chaotic Island.

Heather - Argh... that hatred - says angry Heather

'Heather (Confessional) - I do not believe my team is really useless I should think more time. - says Angry Heather.'

Alejandro - Looks like the lady is angry - says Alejandro

Heather - Of course, it is not you who will be in charge of this team and are all endeavoring that test or will fall! - says Heather angry.

Alejandro - You should rely a bit on the team you chose, beautiful lady - says Alejandro.

Heather - How about you do not touch me because I do not allow! - says Angry Heather.

Alejandro (Confessional) -' This stubborn hang of it, it makes me more crazy about her - says Alejandro fall in love.'

Owen - Hey what do we have to eat?. - ask Owen.

Trent - Look I'm not even thinking about that fact, I can not look at Gwen and Duncan and think they ... argh, are together. - says Trent nervous.

Owen - Oh man, you have several fans kiddies, you could try to stay with her ​​and forget the past with Gwen certainly was not easy for her to forget you - says Owen.

Trent - It is ... you have right big one, thanks! - says Trent.

'Owen (Confessional) - Im' so hungry !! - says hungry Owen.

Chris - Hello dear contestants.

Lindsay - Sorry I'm late I was in the bathroom - says Lindsay with toilet paper in your boots.

Courtney - Can notice - says laugh Courtney.

Chris - Well, the proof will be the following day, Chef bought a gun of tennis balls and want to test - says laugh Chris.

Gwen - Are you kidding me ?

Chris - Nope muahahaha !!

Chris - Below you will dodge the tennis balls Chef while trying to mount a hot tub - says Chris

Duncan  - Yeah and when the test will start? - ask Duncan soon as he is hit by a tennis ball in the face.

Chris - NOOOW !!!

Duncan (Confessional) -' He will pay for it, but that is not to say somehow that I'm weak - says angry Duncan.'

Gwen - Oh my god - says Gwen dodging tennis balls.

Heather - A ROCK !! PERFECT !! - says Heather hides behind the stone.

Chef - Damn my target is bad - says Chef disappointed.

Chris - I have to agree - says Chris after hit by the Chef's tennis balls.

Trent - Owen carries all the wood you can, you're the strongest team - says Trent to Owen.

Owen - Okay !! - Owen says taking the wood and turns back when hit with the wood on the face of Trent

Trent - Auch...

Duncan - ZzZzZz... - says Duncan sleeping.

Gwen - I do not believe he is sleeping instead of helping us - says Gwen to Owen and help him to carry the wood.

Lindsay - Look, the wood should we do with her? - asks Lindsay.

Courtney - Argh, you did not listen to Chris? - ask Courtney to Lindsay.

Lindsay - What ?

Courtney (Confessional) - Lindsay can be beautiful to male eyes, but it's dumb that it hurts not know the difference from a doll to a human being, not a bird to a fish - says Courtney.

Lindsay (Confessional) - Courtney is my friend yes, just do not know if I'm her friend, I hope I am - says happy Lindsay.

Gwen - No. .. can not ... hold ... more ... - Gwen says soon after falls.

Trent - GWEN !! - Trent says Gwen holding the same time she falls.

Gwen - T-Trent... thanks !! - says Gwen.

Trent - It was nothing, we are indeed the same team - says Trent.

Duncan - Where am I? - Duncan says rising but is soon hit by another tennis ball.

Duncan (Confessional) - Can not be, I'm there dude magnet of tennis balls? - says angry Duncan.

Heather - Does anyone know how to make a hot tub? - ask Heather.

Alejandro - I know, moreover, in my house I made it a unique hot tub for me - says Alejandro.

Heather - Whatever...

Heather (Confessional) - How can he be so ... perfect? I mean, I mean, boring, as I said it can be so boring - says Heather.

Owen - Okay, will be to assemble a hot tub is how to install a refrigerator? - asks Owen.

Gwen - probably not... - says Gwen.

Lindsay - finished - says Lindsay.

Chris - And The Nasty Rats wins !!! - says Chris.

Gwen - Seriously?!... - says angry Gwen.

Chris - Coackroches we see in the Campfire ceremony !!

In the Campfire Ceremony.

Chris - Hello Cockroaches !!One of you will bid farewell to the competition - says Chris - The first marshmallow goes to... Gwen !!

Gwen - Yes !!

Chris - And... Owen !!

Owen - Iuhuu !! - says happy Owen.

Chris - And the ultimate marshmallow goes to....










Chris - Trent !!

Trent - Yes !! - say Trent happy.

Chris - Duncan, this is The Hawaiian Necklace Displeasure - says Chris placing The Hawaiian Necklace Displeasure in Duncan.

Duncan - Ok and that means of transport I will be eliminated? - asks Duncan.

Chris - Turns, you have to go swimming to home - says Chris Duncan in pushing water that is surprised by Fang and swims rapidly.

Duncan - ARGHHHH !!! GWEN I LOVE YOOOOU !!! - says Duncan swimming.

Gwen - And i... i... - says sad Gwen.

Chris - With the elimination of Duncan who will be the next to not miss out on Total Drama ... CHAOTIC ISLAND! - says Chris

Episode 3

Oh No U Didn't
Season 1, Episode 3
Challenge Guess and answer questions about veterans who are not participating
Reward A Dinner
Winner(s) The Nasty Rats
Eliminated Gwen
Episode Guide
"The Tennis Ball Disaster"
"Aftermath I - Tangled"

Chris - Last time on Chaotic Island...

The contestants had to build their own hot tubs but of course not quietly, but as a "small" little help from our dear Chef Hacthet, Duncan was finally eliminated for maybe the return of Gwent? Do not miss out on Chaotic Island!

Heather - Glad you won ... - says happy Heather.

Courtney - Yeah if it was not Alejandro certainly one of us would be in the dock of shame - says Courtney admiring Alejandro.

Alejandro - Thanks Courtney...

Lindsay - Because Chris permits do not use the hot tub? - asks Lindsay.

Heather - Because he is a great narcissistic jerk who only thinks of him - says angry Heather.

Alejandro (Confessional) - Even I need Heather enjoying the rid of it as soon as possible - says Alejandro in the Confessional.

Lindsay (Confessional) - I saw that had a rolling between Heather and Alejandro climate hope they stay together - says Lindsay in the Confessional.

Courtney (Confessional) - Alejandro does not deserve to Heather, she is arrogant, selfish jerk and now he is a gentleman, gorgeous, and beautiful eyes - says Courtney in the Confessional.

Trent - Gwen !!

Gwen - Trent ?

Trent - I need to talk to you - says Trent.

Gwen (Confessional) - I do not want to stay with Trent want to be just friends and nothing more than that - says Gwen in the confessional.

Trent - With the departure of Duncan I ... - says Trent.

Gwen - No Trent, will not roll anything between us at the most friends I want to take seriously the toss Duncan understands? - Says leaving Gwen and Trent leaving alone and sad. 


Chris - Competitors, the challenge today is a quiz, you will have to answer right but as they see are all in electric chairs yes, we got a budget to buy them  - says Chris.

Owen - After that, you will have food? - asks Owen.

Chris - Yes, the winners will be entitled to a spectacular feast then strive - says Chris.

Heather - Ok, will soon not have the time - says Heather impatient.

Chris - The first round is Heather, I'll turn this wheel and you will have to say if this information is false or not on the participant - Chris says that soon after the roulette wheel and Leshawna in.

Heather - Soon the aspiring rap star! - Heather says angry.

Chris - It is true that Leshawna had a crush on ALEJANDRO? - Chris says with emphasis on the name of Alejandro.

Heather - Yes so much that she was eliminated by him and I had to laugh a lot that day - says Heather evil.

Chris - Next, Gwen !! - says Chris spinning the roulette wheel logo for Tyler.

Chris - It is true that Tyler was very upset when you have eliminated the Trent on LDA? - says Chris.

Gwen - I do not want to remember about this and I refuse to answer that question - Gwen says it takes a discharge of shock.

Chris - Hello, what? Terminate the challenge? Very dangerous? Argh - Chris says angry.

Chris - You got away but thanks to Gwen his team lost again why I'm not in the mood to throw another challenge - says Chris.

Owen - Oh no...

Campfire Ceremony.

Chris - Hello participating for the first time a participant votes on yourself and why you want this person was Gwen ie with two votes she gives Farewell to competition - says Chris.

Gwen - I expected - says happy Gwen walk to the Dock of Shame.


- The camera turns off -

Episode 4

Aftermath I - Tangled
Season 1, Episode 4
Geoff and Bridgette TDWT Aftermath
Challenge No Challenge
Reward No Reward
Winner(s) No Winner
Eliminated No Eliminated
Episode Guide
"Oh No U Didn't"

Bridgette - Welcome !! This is the Aftermath Total Drama: Chaotic Island !!

Geoff - And we are your hosts: Geoff and Bridgette !! - says Geoff.

Blaineley - And me !! Blaineley - says Blaineley enters.

Bridgette - Oh no, love, you said you had dismissed the crazy - says angry Bridgette.

Blaineley - How about instead of complaining submit incidentally is our job - says Blaineley.

Geoff - Really, they will discount the our salary - says Geoff apprehensive.

Blaineley - Today we present an exclusive interview with coils Gwen and Duncan - says Blaineley.

Gwen and Duncan enters.

Blaineley - And then lovebirds can explain to me why they are so caught up like that? I know I would not be grasped if my boyfriend was living with his ex-girlfriend - says Blaineley.

Duncan - Gwen now we are no longer frizzy and I really want us to stay together - says Duncan and Gwen holding hands of each other.

Bridgette - Before we talk to a participant's live webcam! She is Jeanette direct from London! - says Bridgette.

Jeanette - Hello Hello Geoff Bridgette and Total Drama production I hope they choose me for next season I'm beautiful, I can dance, and not to mention I'm very very smart. - says Jeanette.

Jeanette Pick Me

Geoff - Ok, finally can give your opinion about dating Gwen and Duncan? - says Geoff.

Jeanette - Look what Duncan is a cat, but Gwen is very salt-free mainly she is winding with Trent unassuming that she stole Courtney Duncan right? - Says Jeanette.

Gwen - They were already separated before he and I kissed terms. - Says Gwen nervous.

Jeanette - But the worst is that even pretends to be a friend of Courtney spare me right honey? and ... - The connection off.

Blaineley - It seems that the connection is dropped - Blaineley says.

Geoff - What a shame now that the shack was getting good - says Geoff.

Bridgette - Geoff my god come on, we're in a live program and no matter the audience, but the fun - Bridgette says pulling the ear of Geoff.

Blaineley - Good, now let's see an exclusive interview with our reporter, Sadie. - says Blaineley.

Sadie - How? Have to memorize lines? But I can not decorate no ... Pera is up in the air? Aaah off - Sadie says to turn off the camera.

Bridgette - Since we no longer matter ended here, even more so in aftermath - says Bridgette.

- The Camera Turns off -

==Episode 5==

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