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Hello there!

A series based on Total Drama Island, Total Drama: Camp Wawanakwa follows the original 22 campers based entirely on the concept of the first series. All original cast members will take part.

Be sure to check the page regularly for updates, and hopefully you will enjoy the series!

Notice: The series is back! After a 5 month hiatus, TDCW will return once again and be updated on a fortnightly basis.



The cast of Total Drama: Camp Wawanakwa.

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List of all episodes (and their approximate release dates):

Episode Title Release Date
1 "LIVE from Wawanakwa!" 15 February 2015
2 "LIVE from Wawanakwa! Pt. 2"

22 February 2015

3 "Fifteen - Love"

1 March 2015

4 "Lost in Translation"

8 March 2015

5 "Just Dance"

22 March 2015

6 "Wawanakwa's Next Star"

8 August 2015

7 "Slam Dunk"

23 August 2015

8 "Love it, Hate it, Eat it"

6 September 2015

9 "Table for One" 2015
10 "Caged In"


11 "The Golden One"


12 "Don't Have Too Much Fun"





14 "Platform of Promise"


15 "The Twisted Triathlon"


16 "Letters Find Them"


17 "Six Slots Too Many"


18 "Sushi Roulette"


19 "Bribed for Answers"


20 "The Door to Success"


21 "TDCW Fan Interaction Show"


22 "Playas Des Losers"

Estimation: November 2015

23 "Settle Down"

Estimation: November 2015

24 "Statues of Fortune"

Estimation: November 2015

25 "We Have a Wawawinner!"

Estimation: December 2015

25 "Total Drama Fallout"

December 2015

Episode 1: "LIVE from Wawanakwa!"

"Hey there! We're coming at you LIVE from Camp Wawanakwa, the location of television's newest reality show! I'm your host, Chris McLean, dropping season one of the hottest new reality show on television, right now!"

"Here's the deal," Chris continues. "22 campers have signed up to spend several months right here at this crummy old summer camp. They'll compete in challenges against each other, then have to face the judgement of their fellow campers. Every week, one team will be safe from elimination or watch one of their teammates walk down the Dock of Shame, take a ride on the Boat of Losers, and leave Total Drama: Camp Wawanakwa, for good."

"Their fate will be decided here, at the dramatic campfire ceremonies where each week, all but one camper will receive a marshmallow. In the end, only one will be left standing, and will be rewarded with tabloid fame, a small fortune and be crowned the winner. To survive, they'll have to battle annoying insects, a harsh environment, disgusting camp food and each other. 

Every moment will be caught on camera among the hundreds of cameras situated all over the camp. Who will crumble under the pressure? Find out now, on



Camp Wawanakwa!


"Welcome back to Total Drama: Camp Wawanakwa! Alright, we're about to meet our first eleven campers. To convince people to come on the show, we told the contestants they'd be staying at a five star resort so if they seem a little annoyed, that's probably why."

A boat docks and off steps a girl who immediately comes across as a geek. Dressed in a green shirt and pink pants, she is ecstatic to arrive. She runs to Chris and engulfs him in a large hug.

"Hey Beth! What's up?" Beth lets go of Chris. "It's so nice to meet you! You look rather..... shorter in real life, if you'd ask me." Chris narrows his eyes. Beth hasn't exactly given Chris the best first impression. "I'm tall enough, thank you for stating that." Beth waves at the camera, before grabbing her luggage and transporting it to the other side of the dock, where she waits for the rest of the campers.

A tall, buff guy steps off the next boat which has just arrived, and his face drops when he sees the camp. "What's up DJ?" Chris says. "Hey! Chris McLean! How's it going man? Um.... is this where we are? It's certainly.... different from what was on the application form." Chris sniggers. "This is it! Camp Wawanakwa! Make yourself at home!" DJ doesn't looked too pleased. He walks off and joins Beth.

The camera pans to another camper, a girl with highlighted hair, pale skin and dark clothing. She has a dark vibe to her. She doesn't look too pleased either. "Where am I?" she proclaimed out loud. "Is this where the first challenge is?" Chris laughs. "Nope, can't you see the sign, Gwen? Camp Wawanakwa! Say hello to your home for the next few months!" Gwen is visibly outraged. "You have to be kidding me! I have attended enough summer camp for a lifetime!" Beth runs up to Gwen and tangles her in a big hug. "I'm Beth!" she yells excitedly. "Hi, I'm Gwen. Do you mind?" Beth lets go of her grip. "Sorry, I'm just so excited!" Gwen sighs. "So am I," she sarcastically says.

An eager guy jumps off the boat, dressed in a short-sleeved pink shirt, blue pants and a cowboy-esque hat. He jumps around after getting off the boat. "Hey dude!" he yells to Chris. "Geoff! Sup man!" The two fist pump. "It's so good to be here man, it's amazing to meet you." Gwen brings the attention back to her. "Stop being so happy, party boy. Not everyone is too pleased we're here." Geoff laughs. "Lighten up, goth girl! Live a little!"

The camera pans back on Chris. "Everyone, this is Lindsay." A blonde-haired girl wearing brown boots, an orange skirt and brown-red top emerges from behind a pink suitcase. "Hiiiiii," she says. "It's so nice to be here. Wait, what am I here for again?" Chris laughs at first, but then realises she's being serious. "This is Camp Wawanakwa.... where you're staying..... reality show... ring a bell?" Lindsay looks dumbfounded. "My doorbell rings when someone presses a button....." Chris facepalms. "You signed up for a reality show, Lindsay. This is Camp Wawanakwa, where the show is filmed." Lindsay squeals. "I'm on a reality show! Omg! Yay! Why did you pick me?" Gwen rolls her eyes in the distance. "You signed up for the show. It doesn't matter. Just go over there and say hello to your fellow campers." Lindsay looks confused. "Okay, Craig." She waves and walks over to Beth, who too embraces her. "It's Chris."

A fierce girl with long black hair, wearing green shorts and a brown top walks towards Chris. She glares at him, and not too nicely. "Welcome Heather," Chris says. Heather seems to ignore his welcome. Beth crushes her in a hug. "Ew! Who do you think you are! Get off of me, geek!" heather shoves Beth to the ground. "Sorry, I just wanted to be nice. Handshake?" Heather turns her head away. "Whatever," she says, and continues walking. She stands next to Gwen, and analyses her. "Goth?" Gwen stares at her. "Excuse me?" Heather glares right back. "Did you not hear me? I said, goth?" Gwen opens her mouth in protest before Heather cuts her off. "Actually, don't answer that question. I can tell you are one. Don't talk to me. I already don't like you."

Loud, rock music echoes the dock as a guy with multiple piercings on his face and black hair with green highlights steps off the boat. "Are you serious? This is where we're staying?" Chris nods. "Duncan. Hey. Your parole officer told me about your behaviour in juvy. Play up and you'll be out of here any second." Duncan smirks. "Don't tell me what to do. I can't be controlled here." "Well, I kinda can," Chris replies. "You gave us rights to your control on the contract you signed getting on this show." Duncan threatens to punch him, before sighting Heather and Lindsay. "Girls," he said, drooling. "McLean, you're off the hook. Next time, it's trouble for you."

The next boat honks. Someone is water-skiing on the back of it. "Ladies and gentlemen, Tyler!" Dressed in a red tracksuit and wearing a red headband, he fails to impress and goes flying into everyone's luggage. "Ooh," Gwen says. "Ugh! My luggage! What did you do to it, idiot?" Heather yells, pulling her luggage away. "Check if he's okay!" Geoff yells.

Someone breathes heavily in Chris' ear. "What are you doing-" he yells as her turns around. "Oh, it's just another camper. Everyone say hello to Beth 2.0- I mean, Harold." Duncan smirks. "Hey!" Beth protests. "That's not funny-" "Shut it," Heather says. "Let's just get to the challenges so I can get rid of you all."

Another guy follows him. He carries a guitar case, and is wearing a yellow and camo t-shirt with a hand print, accompanied by a nice pair of pants. "So this is Camp Wawanakwa?" Chris nods. "Um.... okayyyy....." He walks over and greets the rest, and settles next to Gwen. He smiles at her, and although hesitant at first, she returns the smile, taking a liking to him.

A blonde headed girl dressed in blue and carrying a large surfboard gets off the next boat. "Everyone, this is Bridgette." She smiles. "Hi everyone," she says. "It's nice to meet you all. Say, where's the beach?" Chris laughs. "There's a beach, yes. Very good? No. You won't be needing that surfboard." Bridgette deflates. "Oh." She walks over to the others, hitting Heather in the face with her surfboard in the process. "Aargh!" Heather squeals. "What was that for?" Bridgette helps her up. "I'm so sorry," she says, offering a hand. "Don't even think about touching me, whatever your name is. Don't talk to me." Bridgette looks offended. "I did say I was sorry."

A short, skinny guy walks across the dock. "Here's our next camper - Noah." Noah looks at the place. "And I didn't think my expectations could reach this low. Have you got the memo on my life threatening allergies?" Chris looks at him with disgust. "This camp wasn't cheap, Noah." "I didn't ask for a reply," Noah said. "Do not amuse me with your irrelevant comments."

"What's up y'all, Leshawna's in the house!" A big, African American girl gets off the boat, with a leopard suitcase. "Hey Chris coco," she says, kissing him on the cheek. "Feel free to quit now and save yourselves the trouble now, 'cause I came to win." Heather rolls her eyes. "Can I help you, white girl?" Leshawna says, clearly noticing what she did. "Oh hello there," Heather replies. "Don't play that game with me girl, I saw yo' eyes." Heather rolls them again. "What, like that?" "Girl, watch it. You're messin' with the wrong gurl, y'all better know that! Watch yo' back if you do that again." The two eye each other out before Leshawna goes to greet all the others.

Chris goes back to the end of the dock to meet the next camper. However this time, there are two campers waiting at the dock, and they are identically clothed. One is darker, skinnier and taller, while the other is shorter, lighter and bigger. "Ladies! Sadie, Katie, welcome to your new home for the next few months!" They stare at the subpar camp. "Oh my gosh Sadie, look, it's a summer camp!" Katie excitedly says. "Okay, I've always wanted to go to summer camp!" Sadie replies. "Chris, are there bunk beds?" Sadie asks. "Uh, yeah," he says. "Oh my gosh Katie, I can't wait to bunk with you." Katie gushes. "Oh my gosh, me too." "Eeeee!" The pair excitedly share a moment before running off with their luggage.

The next boat contains a small guy in a hoodie, pants and beanie. "Hey Ezekiel," Chris says. "On your application form, it's noted you live in the middle of nowhere, so I'm guessing you have no idea what modern society is like. Try to at least interact with others, okay?" Ezekiel looks at him. "Okay...."

The next guy steps off, a brown haired, buck toothed confident guy. "Cody!" Chris yells. "Hey Chris, how are things? I see the ladies have arrived!" He adjusts his hair before walking over to Lindsay. "How's it going, gorgeous?" Lindsay looks at him. "Whose gorgeous? Anyone with the name gorgeous?" Cody looks at her. "Or not...."

A menacing girl steps off the boat. Carrying a large bag, a girl with a prominent mole and unibrow walks along the deck. She has a straight face and says nothing. "Eva, nice," Chris points out. Beth embraces her in a hug, like she has done with most of the other campers. Eva's face angers, and she grabs Beth by the hair and throws her onto the ground. "DON'T TOUCH ME," she says. "AND THAT GOES FOR ALL OF YOU. TOUCH MY DUMBELLS AND YOU TOUCH YOUR COFFIN." Everyone looks worried.

"Okay..... That was Eva. She'll certainly stir the pot in this game. Next camper is Owen!" He hops off the boat and howls with excitement. There is only one word to describe him: fat. "Chris! It's amazing to be here! I'm going to be on television! Hey everyone! Woohoo!" He shakes several people's hands before placing his luggage and taking his place on the dock.

"Next camper is... Courtney! Before she tells you a million times, she is a CIT, or Councillor in Training!" Courtney smiles. "Thank you for the introduction, Chris. Hello fellow contestants, it's a pleasure to meet you all." Beth hugs Courtney. "Well you're quite friendly, aren't you?" Beth smiles. "Hi! I'm Beth! Honour to meet you! I'm sorry if hugging you seemed awkward, I just love to hug-" "SHUTUP GEEK GIRL AND STOP HUGGING PEOPLE BEFORE I SNAP YOUR ARMS!" Eva yelled. "I said I was sorry!" Beth replied. "I don't care how many times you said sorry," Eva said. "Nobody gets in my way. And I mean no- wow, whose that hottie?"

A incredibly attractive guy steps off the boat. He is well tanned and put together. "This is Justin," Chris announces. "Justin," Beth dreamily says. "What a guy." He gets off the boat and shakes Chris' hand. "Please note Justin, we only chose you based on your looks. We're more than sure your face alone will bring in good ratings for the show." Justin giggles. "I get that a lot, and I honestly don't mind."

"And last but not least," Chris says. "It's Izzy!" A ginger haired girl jumps off the boat but knocks into Justin in the process, and he lands face first. "My face!" he yells. "What did you do to my beautiful face? You monster!" Beth runs to Justin's aid. "I'll fix your face for you!" She looks into his eyes and faints. "Sorry!" Izzy yells. "I tend to knock into things. Sometimes I do it for fun. Don't you ever sit at home and think to yourself 'I need to knock your head on something'? Anyone? No? Is this where we're staying? Cool! Doesn't exactly fit the description, but whatever! I see the forest! I LOVE forests!"

"Attention everyone," Chris says, waving his hand over his head. "Before we sort things out properly, we must take a group photo for promotion purposes. Everyone to the other side of the deck, while the interns take your luggage to the cabins."

Once gathered at the dock, Chris positions everyone to take a photo. "Okay on three, say 'Wawanakwa'. One, two, three! Wawanakwa!" Chris claps. "Good job everyone! If everyone could meet at the campfire in five minutes, that would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, you should get to know your fellow campers as they'll be the only people you will have contact with over the next several months."

Five minutes later at the campfire, everyone has found a seat and are chatting among one another excitedly. "Can I have everyone's attention please?" Chris says. "Before we get into details, welcome to Camp Wawanakwa! I know it isn't much, but as the days go by, you will get used to your new home. Those around you will be your cabin mates, your competition, and maybe even your friends. The camper who manages to stay in Camp Wawanakwa the longest, without getting voted off, will win a grand prize of $250,000!" All the campers clap, and a moment of whispering erupts before Chris signals to hush. Bridgette raises her hand. "So how are the cabins laid out?" "Easy," Chris says. "Girls get one cabin, and boys get the other." "I have to live with Sadie, or I'll die," Katie says. "And I will get a rash," Sadie added. "It's true." Heather rolls her eyes. "Please be quiet. I've got so many people already who I want to vote off, and I don't want to be adding two more names to that list."

"Quiet!" Chris yelled. "We're not done yet!" Everyone falls silent again. "Okay. We are going to split you into two teams. If I call your name, please stand to my right. Gwen, Trent, Heather, Cody, Lindsay, Beth, Katie, Owen, Leshawna, Justin and Noah. From this moment on, you are officially known as..... the Frightening Falcons!"

Leshawna clapped. "Go Falcons! We got this!" Katie looks at Chris. "Wait Chris, you forgot Sadie!"

Ignoring Katie, Chris continues. "The rest of you to my left. Geoff, Bridgette, DJ, Tyler, Sadie, Izzy, Courtney, Ezekiel, Duncan, Eva and Harold. Get a move on!" "But Katie's a falcon! I have to be a falcon!" Sadie wails. "Sadie?" Courtney says. "It's going to be okay." Sadie is still upset. "This is so unfair! I miss you Katie!" Sobs can be heard. "I miss you too!" Chris continues. "You guys will be officially known as..... the Vicious Vultures!" "Cool," Harold said. "That name is like so..... cool."

"Alright campers," Chris says, redirecting the attention back to himself. "You and your team will be on camera in all public areas during this competition."


You will also be able to share your inner-most thoughts on tape with video diaries any time you want. Let the audience at home know what you're really up to or thinking, or to just get something off your chest.


Well at least I now have a place to rant. I'll need to use this confessional a lot.


Some people have already rubbed me the wrong way. And by people, I mean Chris.


Hey world! It's Shawnie! I've already met a lot of nice people, hopefully I can get to know them better.


A toilet with a dual purpose! Woohoo! Guess who will be using the confessional a lot! *Chris from outside* Owen, it isn't supposed to be used as a toilet....

"Any questions? Sweet. Let me direct you to your cabins."

After a brief walk, Chris halts in front of two large buildings. "Falcons, you're in the building to my left. Vultures, you're in the building to my right."

Gwen opens the door to her cabin. "And just when you thought your expectations couldn't drop lower, they do." Katie wipes a tear from her face. "It's nice to see there are bunk beds, but I can't bunk with Sadie so that means nothing." Heather looks around in disgust. "This is so gross. I can't sleep in this kind of bed, it doesn't even have a proper fitting mattress!" Leshawna places her luggage next to a bed. "White girl, stop complaining and move your butt to a bed." Heather faces her. "Excuse me?" "You heard me," Leshawna says. "Hurry up and pick a bed before I decide for you." The two are about to get at each other's throats when Beth and Gwen hold the two apart. "Come on guys, it's the first day," Gwen says. "Look at the guys, they've picked their bunks without even arguing, yet alone talking. At least try to get along." Heather shoots Leshawna a dirty look.

"Um, excuse me Cole, where is the bathroom? I need to straighten my hair." Chris sighs. "It's Cole. And you can find a powerpoint in the communal bathrooms." "Communal?" Lindsay questions. "Yes Lindsay, communal." Katie sniggers. "Everyone showers together and such," she says. Lindsay screams. "No!!!!" Chris covers his ears. "Stop complaining and unpack your things. This goes for all of you. Meet at the main lodge in an hour for a meal and so Chef Hatchet can introduce himself."

An hour later, everyone has arrived promptly in the main lodge, and has lined up, waiting for food. "Listen up!" Chef Hatchet yells. "I serve it three times a day, and you will eat it, three times a day! Get some food and sit down!" Lindsay looks at the food. "Will I get the correct balance of the food groups? My doctor recommends I eat healthy." Chef throws a pile of white slop on her plate. "I'm not here to cater for your personal tastes. I'm here to cook for everyone, so you will get what everyone else does!" Lindsay stares down at her plate. "What is this?" Chef narrows his eyes. "Eat it!"

Once everyone has sat down and begins eating in their teams, Chris walks in. "Welcome to the main lodge. I see you've organised your tables into your respective teams, good job. May I remind you Sadie that you are not on the Frightening Falcons but on the Vicious Vultures." Sadie looks sad. "But I want to sit next to Katie." Well Katie isn't on your team, is she?" Sadie stamps her foot on the ground before moving her tray to the other table. "You will never be able to keep Katie and I apart!" she proclaims.

CONFESSIONAL: Katie and Sadie

Katie: Sadie and I are BFFFLS. Sadie: Best female friends for life. Katie: We even got the chickenpox together! Sadie: Oh my gosh, that was so fun. Katie: It was so nice to have someone to scratch all your little scabs! Sadie: I know, right?


The fat girl in the pink shorts is starting to annoy me. I came here to win, not to hear incessant whining.


Talk about stirring the pot before the first challenge. They're both attention seekers, and clearly seem to be playing the game. My kind of people. Perhaps I can form an alliance with them.


I don't know about you, but Sadie seems pretty attractive. Maybe I can become more than friends, even if we aren't on the same team!

"Your first challenge begins in an hour. Meet me outside the cabins." Chris says.

"What do you think we're going to do?" Courtney asks Harold. "I don't know, but it better not be physical. I'm not sporty."

"Twenty two campers, an upcoming challenge and the first elimination of the season. Who will emerge victorious? Tune in next time for the answers to all your questions, on...



Camp Wawanakwa!"

Episode 2 - LIVE from Wawanakwa - Part 2


Last time on: Total Drama: Camp Wawanakwa - twenty two campers arrived on Camp Wawanakwa, in hopes of winning $250,000. Friendships and rivalries had seemed to have formed, and contestants are about to begin their first challenge. Join us, and find out what happens today on




*Theme song plays*

Chris walks back into the main lodge just as everyone has finished their meals.


This 'food' if you can even call it that, was horrid. I don't want to be eating this during my stay on the show.


I'm pumped for the first challenge. Bring it on, Chris!

"Hello everyone, and welcome to today's challenge. To quickly go over brief challenge rules, the team that wins will receive immunity, and will subsequently be safe. The losing team must attend a campfire ceremony in which they must send home a camper. The camper who does not receive a marshmallow must take a stroll on the Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers and be officially eliminated. Are you guys ready for your first challenge?" Cheers are shared among the campers. "Follow me!"


I hope I don't get eliminated first. I can't ride the Boat of Lizards, I get seasick really easily!

The campers are led to the front of the cabins, where a large table containing hundreds of donuts lay. Owen faints.


It's donut heaven!

"The challenge is simple," Chris says. "There are one thousand glazed donuts on this table. Your task is to find the one donut with a cream filling. The person who finds the donut with cream filling wins the challenge for their team."

Heather smirks. "This is child's play!" she yells. "Did I mention there is more?" Chris replied. "The only way you can examine a donut is to bite into it, and if you bite into a donut and it doesn't contain the cream filling, which in reality is probably what's going to happen, you must eat it before you can continue." Lindsay squeals. "That will be so much calories!" Owen's eyes fill with glee. "This is the best day of my life. I will love this show if all the challenges are like this!"

Chris holds up a air horn. "Three, two, one, GO!" Everyone rushes to the table except for Katie and Sadie, and grab a donut, except for Owen who grabs ten. Everyone bites into their donuts but nobody is successful. Everyone gulps down their donuts pretty quickly before biting into their next ones, which also contain no cream filling.

"We're not going anywhere until we're on the same team!" Katie yells. "Chris, we have to be on the same team. It's not good for ratings if you have players sitting around doing nothing! We have to be on the same team!" "What are you doing, Sadie?" Courtney yells. "Get over here now and eat some donuts! You look like you do enough of that anyway!" Katie walks over to Courtney and pushes her. "What did you say about my best friend?" she asks. "If I hear you say that again, I'll slap those extensions off your head!" Courtney looks offended. "Excuse me? I don't have extensions, thank you very much!" "You don't do a good job hiding the obvious, missy!" Katie replies. "Ugh! Just switch them already Chris, so Sadie can help us!"


One time when I didn't have Katie by my side, I broke out in hives. We constantly have to be in each other's presence, whether it's through calling, chatting, texting or shopping. We have to be together at all times, or I'll die - literally. That's what BFFFLS are for!


Okay, I understand that they are best friends and want to be on the same team, but seriously? It's not like them not being together will kill them both. They need to grow up!

Chris laughs. "That's not happening." Sadie and Katie begin to plead. "I'll swap places," Izzy said. "Fine, fine!" Chris yells. "Just be quiet and participate in the challenge. Katie, you're now a vulture and Izzy you're a falcon. Just get on with the challenge, will you?"

"YES!" Sadie screams. "Here we come, vultures!" Katie and Sadie dig into the donuts. "These are so yummy!" Sadie says. "Oh my gosh, I was about to say that!" Katie replies. "Katie, we're so alike it's scary- "SHUTUP AND START EATING!" Eva yells. "Calm down, over there," Leshawna says.

Time passes, donuts are consumed and nobody is yet to find the lucky donut with the cream filling. "This is going to go on forever," Courtney whines. "But we mustn't give up. Vultures, we must win this challenge!"

More time passes and the momentum of the players have slowed. "I can't touch another donut," Lindsay whines. "I've already ingested so many calories and I can feel my stomach widening already!" Tyler comforts her. "Don't worry," he says. "Just sit out, I'll eat as many donuts for you as I can." Before he can continue, he is hit in the face with a donut. "What are you doing?!?!" Courtney yells. "You're supposed to be helping US win, not them! Get over here and start eating!" Tyler looks annoyed. "Sorry, I have to go," he says to Lindsay. The two exchange smiles before he runs back to the table.

About a quarter of the donuts have been eaten, and the pace in which donuts are being consumed has halted to the point where nobody is eating. Chris walks over to the campers. "What are you all doing? You have to eat these donuts as part of the challenge! We can't air people lying on the ground!" Beth stands up. "Chris, you're going to give us sugar overdoses. Let us take a small break!" "Excuse me nerd, who is the host here? Actually, for being irritating, go take a seat over there with Lindsay. You're out of the challenge, don't eat any more donuts or I will kick you off the show." Beth looks horrified. "What did I do??" she yells. "All I've ever been since I've arrived here is try to be nice but everyone hates me! Am I doing something wrong?" "Beth you idiot!" Heather yells. "Look what you've done! Now we have one less person that can find the cream filled donut. Aaargh!" She bites into another donut. "I've had enough of these," Ezekiel says. "I can't think about whatever these are anymore. We don't have these on the farm back at home but I'm glad, too much just makes you sick!"

"What are you doing, sitting down?!?" Courtney questions. "I can't eat another whatever you call them! I just can't!" Ezekiel replies. "Do I care?" she yells back. "We're a team, and you must be a team player! Eat more donuts!" Ezekiel shakes his head. "Maybe later. Let me get some sleep." Courtney walks off, frustrated.

Three hours have passed since the beginning of the challenge and nobody can find the donut with the cream filling anywhere. "I've eaten like fifty donuts," Bridgette moans. "Is there even one with a cream filling on the table, or are we being tricked?" Chris walks over. "I'd ask the medical team to come and check up on you as you seem incredibly sick, but we were short on the budget and couldn't afford a team. Here, have a plaster."


A plaster? Seriously? This is their medical kit?

Heather shoves Owen. "Owen, I saw your face light up when you saw these. You're the only one who can find the donut with the cream filling. You have to find it, and eat as many donuts as it takes to find it!" Owen looks at her. "I know I'm not the skinniest, but even I can't eat that much." Heather's eyes narrow. "If you don't do it, if we lose I will make sure you are eliminated." Owen's eyes widen alarmingly and he gets to work.


I don't even have any allies yet, but still manage to manipulate him. Once I get a few allies and start putting things into place, I will have the game wrapped around my finger! I'll be able to run the money through my fingertips without even needing to think about it!

There is still a considerably large amount of donuts on the table, and Owen is the only one who is managing to eat any more. "How can he even eat that much?" Duncan questions. "Have you not seen his body shape?" Noah sarcastically says. "I wouldn't be surprised if he could eat his body weight in jelly beans." Duncan punches Noah in the arm. "If I didn't feel so horrible, I would have squished you into a pulp, scrawny kid," Duncan warns. "The name's Noah," he replies. "I'd prefer if you used my first name."

Owen continues to eat donuts until he comes across the last one in a small pile he's been eating from. He bites into it, and a cold, creamy substance seeps out. "The cream filled donut!" he exclaims. "I found the cream filled donut!" The Falcons cheer. "Congratulations to Owen and to the Frightening Falcons, you have won the challenge!" Heather plays along and hugs Owen. "I knew you could do it, all you needed was a bit of encouragement!" she said. "You're right," Owen said. "Sometimes I just need a little push, that's all. Thanks for motivating me Heather, I owe you one." He smiles at her and Heather walks off to celebrate with other team members.


I owe you one? That's Heather 1, Other Contestants 0. Owen doesn't realise I can see through him clearer than a glass of water. I'll make sure that fat oaf votes with me!

Chris turns to the Vicious Vultures. "Unfortunately thanks to Owen, your team has lost the challenge. One of you will be going home tonight. In an hour, I will call you one by one over the loudspeaker to the confessional. There, you will cast your vote for who you want to eliminate and share any final thoughts."

Courtney glares at Ezekiel. "Well well well, what a coincidence you're the only person who didn't participate as much as they should have! Even Katie, who didn't participate in the challenge for half an hour managed to eat more donuts than you!"


It's only logical that the team votes off Ezekiel. He was not a team player at today's challenge, and you only get one chance here. Goodbye Ezekiel, everyone else knows you were the only one who wasn't a team player.


That kid has so many things to learn. It doesn't matter if you have never eaten something before, you must always listen to your teammates or you'll find yourself outnumbered. Sorry dude!


I didn't want to eat any more donuts but I did anyway. Ezekiel didn't continue. I know who I'm voting for.

CONFESSIONAL: Katie and Sadie

Sadie: Okay, so it is true that Ezekiel did nothing, but Courtney is so bossy. Bossy people annoy me. Katie: Bossy people annoy you? Oh my gosh, me too!

One by one, all contestants on the Vicious Vultures were invited to the confessional to cast their votes. "All votes have been cast. Vicious Vultures, meet me at the campfire ceremony after the sun sets."

Back at the cabins, the girls on the Frightening Falcons are predicting who will be sent home. "Probably Courtney. If I was on their team, I would want someone bossing me around," Beth says. "But what about Ezekiel? He was the only one that stopped," Bridgette replied. "I agree with Bridgette. Probably Ezekiel," Gwen says. "He isn't exactly the most approachable guy on their team." Heather looks at Lindsay and Beth. "Lindsay, Beth, could I talk to you two outside for a moment please?" Leshawna looks at Heather suspiciously.


As if I didn't know that girl was setting up an alliance between herself and the other two. If those girls knew what was best for them, they'd steer clear of Heather.

"Lindsay, Beth, how does being in the final three sound like?" Lindsay claps her hands, and Beth smiles. "Yes please!" Beth exclaims. "I wish I could get to the final three! Too bad nobody likes me...." Heather giggles. "Don't be silly Beth, if I didn't like you, would I have asked to talk to you?"


Showering Beth with compliments to get me on her good side was easy. And Lindsay? Easy. She was so easy to convince.

"So as I was saying before, how does the final three consisting of the people in this conversation right now sound?" Lindsay claps again. "As much as I would like to be in the final three with such strong competitors as yourself, the only way this is possible is if we form an alliance. Vote as one, compete in challenges and support each other throughout, and make sure we all stay here." Beth smiles. "Yes! Of course! What about you, Lindsay?" She nods. "So it's done and dusted, an alliance," Heather says. "Excellent!"


Fools. Now I basically have three votes I control, and two people who can take the blame for things I have done. This game just gets better and better!

"Welcome to the first campfire ceremony of the season," Chris says, while holding up a marshmallow. "These marshmallows represent immunity. On this plate however, there are only ten marshmallows, which means one of you won't receive one. You will be eliminated, and be forced to take a trip to the Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers and you will be eliminated, for good. When I call your name, come and collect a marshmallow."

"Duncan. Geoff. Bridgette. DJ. Katie. Tyler. Sadie. Harold. Eva."

"Courtney and Ezekiel," Chris announces. "One of you will not receive a marshmallow. Courtney, you're up for bossing people around. Ezekiel, you're up for not being a team player. And the final marshmallow goes to......."


It has to be Ezekiel. You can't not be a team player. That's just not cool, dude.

"Goes to............................................................... Courtney." Relieved, she retrieves the last marshmallow from the plate. Ezekiel lowers his head and sighs. "Well dude," Chris says. "I gave you some advice and you clearly didn't follow it. It's the Dock of Shame for you, dude. Sorry."


I almost thought I was going to be eliminated for a second. Thankfully, my team has enough brains to get rid of the person who actually didn't do anything.

Chris: Our first elimination campfire ceremony victim was Ezekiel, after failing to be a team player. Who will be the next eliminated camper? Will the Vultures manage to win the next challenge? Will Heather convince more people to be in her alliance? Will Courtney stop putting her CIT skills to the test and cut out the bossiness? All these questions answered and more, on the next episode of



Camp Wawanakwa!

Episode 3: Fifteen-Love

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: Camp Wawanakwa

Teams were assigned to search through a thousand donuts to find one with a cream filling. Everyone loves donuts, but perhaps the amount the campers consumed was a little excessive. Katie and Sadie whined to be on the same team and eventually got their way, Lindsay worried about calorie consumption, Ezekiel removed himself from the challenge early and in the end, Owen found the cream-filled donut, with help thanks to Heather's manipulation- er, motivational ways.

At the campfire ceremony, it was down to Courtney and Ezekiel, who both had reasons to be potentially leaving the island. In the end, Ezekiel refusing to be a team player ultimately cost him, and he took a walk on the Dock of Shame.

Who will be the next victim of Beth's hugs? Will Heather manipulate more people, or will Leshawna set her straight? Find out, on



Camp Wawanakwa!

*Intro plays*

"You know, it's so nice to know we're going to the final three!" Lindsay exclaims to Beth. "Yeah, I know. Eva doesn't like me so it's nice to know I have allies to back me up."


Eva scares me. She didn't hesitate when she threw me aside when I hugged her. We had only just met, and she does that to me? I hate to see what she does to the people she really doesn't like.

"Don't worry about Eva," Lindsay says. "She likes you for sure. You just caught her off-guard." Heather walks into the cabin. "Hey guys," she said. "Could you guys help me with the dishes?" "Don't listen to her, she wants you to do her dirty work," Leshawna says, walking into the cabin. "Who asked you?" Heather snapped. "Gurl, you need to learn something called respect!" Leshawna yelled back. "Don't you dare think you can cross me, cause I will cut you off in a heartbeat. I'll get rid of you faster than you can drink your Starbucks!" At this point, the two were standing face-to-face. "Heather," Beth says. "We don't need to listen to her. Let's just go finish the dishes." Heather turns around and smiles at Beth. "You're right, Beth," she says. "Unlike loud mouth over here, I can keep it classy." The alliance walk out of the cabin. "Classy? I'm not classy?" Leshawna protests. "I've got more class in my fingernail than Heather has in her whole body! You're goin' down, sista!"

"Hey Leshawna!" Izzy yelled. "I overheard you talking about fingernails. Did you know once I bit my whole fingernail off? It tasted so good, even the blood. I then ate off my brother's! Well, bye!" She skips outside. "That girl is all sorts of weird," Leshawna says to herself. "I need to choose my friends carefully."

Back in the Vultures cabin, Geoff tried to make conversation with Bridgette. "Hey there, Bridgette, is it?" he asked. "Yeah," she replied. "And your name is Geoff if I recall properly, right?" "That's me!" he said. "I saw you brought a surfboard with you to the camp. I love surfing when I go to beach parties. Surfing is so rad, and it's so rad that you surf!" Bridgette smiles. "Thanks," she says. "Perhaps you need to give me a few tips some time." She winks before walking off. Geoff stares at her in awe.

"Let me guess, you like her." Geoff is snapped back into reality and is startled to see DJ sitting in the corner. "You were there the whole time?" he asked. "Yep, heard every word. It's so obvious you like her, don't bother denying." Geoff walks out of the cabin, embarrassed. "I'm not denying anything, but I'm not admitting anything either." DJ rolls his eyes. "Young love," he says to himself. Geoff feels threatened of DJ's knowledge, and has now made his first enemy, unbeknownst to DJ.

Everyone assembles at the campfire where the ceremonies take place, to an enthusiastic Chris. "Morning, campers!" he says. Eva is not paying attention but instead focusing intently on an iPhone in her hands. "What model is that?" Katie asks her. "6," she replies. "I got it just before I came on the island. Cool, isn't it?"


I was scared to talk to Eva because I thought she may have beaten me up for breathing near her. Turns out if you actually talk to her, she isn't such a bad person!

Eva frustrates and begins tapping the screen. Katie pulls Eva's hand away from the screen. "What do you think you're doing?" Eva yells, raising her fist. "Don't hurt me!" Katie squeals. "I didn't want you to break the screen! I've yet to upgrade; I don't want something so precious being broken." Eva fills with guilt. "Sorry," she says, putting her fist down. "Habits."


I came in this game not to make friends and to win. Katie seems like a cool girl though, perhaps I'll have to make an exception. But not her fat girl friend. She's just plan annoying.

Chris clears his throat. "Excuse me ladies?" he says. "We have a challenge coming up and I'd appreciate it if you didn't get distracted. Don't make me confiscate that phone, Eva." Eva's eyebrows raise. "You'll what??"

"As I was saying," Chris said. "Before we begin, I can now inform you that we will be leaving the island to do the challenge!" Whispers are exchanged between campers. "This will be the only time you step foot off this island until you are either eliminated or crowned the winner." Beth raises her hand. "What is it, Beth?" Chris asks, rolling his eyes. "Why are we going off the island?" she asked. Chris rolled his eyes again. "What a stupid question.... er... I mean this challenge requires a large open field, something we don't have on the island. Don't worry, we'll only be a few kilometres away from the island."

Everyone clambered onto the boat that just pulled up, with arguments over who gets the seats in the sun.


Too bad these campers don't realise this is the only time I'll ever walk the Dock of Shame, unlike these other losers. They can all kiss goodbye the million one by one!

Izzy jumps off the boat and into the water. "Chris! Chris!" she yells. "What is it?" he snapped. "We're on a tight schedule, get back on the boat Izzy!" She laughed. "Can I swim there? I'll follow the boat from behind!" Chris looks at her. "Um... okay."


Is that girl even mentally stable?

The campers are taken to a nearby island and ride on a bus to a large grass field, with hundreds of little yellow dots scattered on the field. They get off and are escorted by Chris.

"Welcome to the challenge! If you haven't already noticed, there are hundreds of tennis balls scattered over this field. You have fifteen minutes to grab as many tennis balls as possible and put them in your team's basket. If you haven't seen, there are two colours of tennis ball: blue and yellow. When a yellow tennis ball is placed in your basket, you earn your team a point. Place a blue tennis ball in the opposition team's basket and you deduct a point from their total. After the fifteen minutes, the team with the most points win. You'll have five minutes to strategise with your team. GO!"

The Vicious Vultures and Frightening Falcons immediately huddled around one another. "I must be in charge of this challenge to ensure we get as many tennis balls as possible," Courtney says. "We must be careful of our selections. We want to raise our score, but at the same lower theirs."


The team may think I'm bossy, but as a CIT, I truly have the most experience the team has to offer. Without me, there would be no good strategies in place.

"Gather around," Heather says. "We must be careful what tennis balls we pick, and where we pick them from." Leshawna rolled her eyes. "Since when did you make decisions for this team?" she questioned. "This is the Frightening Falcons, not Team Heather if you haven't already noticed." Heather eyes Leshawna out. "You're a useless asset to this team," Heather says. "I'm the polar opposite. You will lose if you try to screw this up not only for me, but for the team!" Tyler pushes his way through and wedges himself between the two. "This isn't the time for fighting!" he exclaimed. "Look at the Vultures, they're working together and we can't have this team operating as two separate parts! We have to work together!"

Owen nods his head. "Heather was the reason we won the last challenge, she motivated me to find that donut. She has to take control if we want to win again."


Heather is a strong player. I'm sure voicing my preference for her will get me some brownie points. Oooh, brownies......

Heather smirked. "It's been decided," she says. "If anyone else wants to butt in like ghetto girl over there, if we lose the challenge you can guarantee yourself a ticket to the Boat of Losers. Any objections?" Nobody said a thing. "Good. Now, let's get planning."

A couple of minutes later, Chris blew a horn. "Time's up!" he yelled through a megaphone. "Everyone line up behind the red tape on the ground! Three, two one..... GO!"

Eva and Duncan shot out ahead of the others and headed straight to the back of the field. The rest of the Vultures began collecting at the front. "Yellow! Yellow! Yellow!" Courtney yelled at the top of her lungs, as Katie and Sadie began picking up blue tennis balls. "Oops," Sadie giggled. "Sorry!"

The Falcons all headed for the front and cleared the tennis balls there, regardless of colour. They did so pretty quickly, and scored an impressive 65 points, and gave the Vultures a score of -29.

"Pick up the pace, weaklings!" Eva yelled, arriving at the basket with the Vulture's first set of points. She managed to lower their score to -15, and the Falcons' to 56. "Good job Eva!" Courtney yelled, giving her a thumbs up. Losing her grip, the tennis balls she was holding rolled everywhere. "Damn it!" she yelled, thumping her head.

Duncan quickly followed behind, bringing the score to 31 - -6 to the Falcons, still.

"Five down, ten minutes to go!" Chris yelled.

"Come on guys! We've got a big lead, let's not- Lindsay, what are you doing?!?!?!" Before Heather could finish her sentence, Lindsay accidentally put twenty blue balls in the Falcon basket. "Lindsay!" Beth yelled. Chris laughed through the megaphone. "Vicious Vultures, thanks to Lindsay the score is now 11 - -6! Take that lead while you have it!" Everyone shot dirty looks at Lindsay, who looked quite satisfied with herself. "What?" she said. "I gave the other team minus twenty points." "No, you didn't!" Gwen yelled. "You deducted twenty points off OUR score! Just go sit down over there!" Lindsay guiltily smiled. "Sorry," she exclaimed. "Forget it," Leshawna said. "White girl, just go sit over there."

The duration of the argument enabled the rest of the Vultures to drop their tennis balls into the baskets, making the score -12 to 38 to the Vultures. "Let's go!" Bridgette exclaimed. Everyone ran off, and Heather winked at Izzy.

"They're coming!" Harold shrieked, as the Falcons came charging towards where he was picking up tennis balls. "Forget about them!" Courtney yelled. "Focus on our team!"

At that instant, a horn went off. "It hasn't been fifteen minutes yet," Noah said. "What happened to the timeframe?" Chris laughed. "Take a look at the baskets." The Falcons' basket was destroyed. "What happened?" Leshawna asked. "Let's just say one of your teammates intentionally destroyed the basket." Leshawna immediately shot eyes at Heather. "My bad, hehe," Izzy said. "Sometimes I have the urge to just break things."


How did Izzy even get on this show? She's deranged!

"Falcons, you are disqualified for tampering with show equipment. The Vultures win!" The Vicious Vultures yelled in happiness over their first victory. "Good work, guys!" Courtney beamed. "Falcons, I will see you at the campfire ceremony."

Back at the cabins, Izzy and Heather exchanged a conversation. "Good job," Heather said. "Your play was believable. Now that you purposely put us up for elimination, I managed to convince enough people to vote for Leshawna. Good job!" She high-fived Izzy before going her own way.

At the campfire, Chris held ten marshmallows on a plate. "There are eleven campers, but only ten marshmallows. Someone is taking a ride on the Boat of Losers tonight. Trent, Heather, Beth, Justin, Noah, Owen, Gwen and Cody, you are all safe."

Only Lindsay, Izzy and Leshawna remained. "Lindsay, you cost your team twenty points by making one of the most stupid choices I've seen in a long time. Izzy, you basically cost your team the challenge. Leshawna, you interfered with team tactics and have already made enemies. One of you is going tonight," Chris said. "The eighth marshmallow goes to...... Lindsay." Lindsay happily accepted her marshmallow.

"This is the final marshmallow," Chris said. "One of you will be going home, and will never return, ever. The final marshmallow goes to..........." A long silence filled the campfire. "Can we just give the marshmallow out now?" Cody asked. "I need to sleep." Chris looked at Cody. "You signed up for this show, you do what I tell you to, and right now you are waiting." Another long silence took place.

"The final marshmallow goes to............






... Leshawna."

Izzy looked shocked. "What is this Heather? Did you not do your job?" Chris sniggered. "Do you really think you would survive this ceremony, considering you basically lost your team the challenge? It's the Dock of Shame for you, and it's that way!"

The Boat of Losers departed, with an unhappy Izzy.

Back at the cabin, everyone showed signs of relief now that Izzy was gone. "She was downright crazy," Gwen said. "I'm happy she's gone." Leshawna looked at Heather. "What job was she referring to, huh Heather?" she asked. "What are you talking about?" Heather asked. "She had what was coming, she lost the challenge for us. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to have a sleep without being bit on the ear by Izzy in the middle of the night, thank you very much."


What a stupid girl! Izzy was easy to manipulate, and it was for the best. Nobody could handle her craziness. I am looking forward to manipulating my next target!

Chris: Well Heather is certainly heating things up. Who will she manipulate next? Will Leshawna figure out what is going on? Will Courtney stop being so arrogant and controlling and let her team have input? Find out on the next episode of......



Camp Wawanakwa!

Episode 4: Lost in Translation

Note: This episode will be incredibly long because it will contain major character and storyline development.

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: Camp Wawanakwa

The campers were transported to an off-site field where their challenge was to collect as many tennis balls as possible in fifteen minutes. The corresponding colours determined whether the team would gain points or deduct points off the other team.

Courtney was yet again bossing her team around, Lindsay accidentally dropped blue tennis balls into her own team's basket, losing points. However from manipulation thanks to Heather, Izzy intentionally destroyed the Falcons' basket in a motive that was to eliminate Leshawna. Only was she foolish enough to know everyone would vote her off. Heather has certainly made a name for herself in this game.

Who will be voted off next? Find out on this episode of



Camp Wawanakwa!

*Intro plays*

"I'm so glad Izzy is gone," Leshawna said to Lindsay in the bathroom, brushing her weave. "That girl was all kinds of crazy."


I know Heather played some part in this. For now, I'll actually appreciate something she did for once and let it slide. After all, crazy ginger haired white girl is gone, what a relief.

Heather walks into the bathroom, to the dismay of Leshawna. "Hey Heather!" Lindsay exclaims, moving her things aside to accommodate for her. "Thanks Lindsay," Heather said, slyly. "I'm outta here," Leshawna says, picking up her hairbrush. "Ever since Heather walked in here, the room's gone sour."

"What's wrong with Leshawna?" Lindsay asked Heather. "She's just jealous, that's all," Heather replied, admiring herself in the mirror. "Hey Lindsay, do you think I could borrow your lipgloss? My lips need some touching up ." "But I'm using-" Snatching the gloss out of Lindsay's hand, she applies excessive amounts of it on her lips. "Hey!" Lindsay says, annoyed. "I was using that!" Heather puckers her lip. "Lindsay, members of the alliance must help each other out when they're not at their best," Heather stated. "I needed a little touching up, and that's where you come into the equation." Lindsay looked confused. "So, we can use each other's things?" she asked. "In that case, can I borrow your moisturiser?" Heather turned her body, flicking her hair in Lindsay's face. "Only the leader gets the privilege, and since I made the alliance, that is me. Besides, I'm leaving now, ta ta!" Heather quickly packs her things up and leaves the room. "Wait!" Lindsay shouts across the bathroom. "What's a privilege?"


I hadn't finished with my makeup yet - but I'm not going to do it with Lindsay in there...

In the Vultures cabin, Katie and Sadie were gossiping over the latest elimination. "I'm kinda relieved that Izzy was eliminated," Sadie commented. "She scared me." Katie's face lit up with glee. "Oh my gosh, I thought that too!"  Trent, who was tidying his bed on the opposite side of the cabin, was using that as an excuse to be there. As the BFFLS would converse, he would occasionally look at Katie. "Whose your least favourite contestant on the show?" Katie asked Sadie. "I don't know, everyone's been so nice to me," Sadie replied. A moment later, Trent stared at Katie and she caught him. Their eyes met for a brief second before Trent realised and sprinted out of the cabin. "That was weird," Katie said, confused. "It wasn't weird!" Sadie giggled. "He was totally checking you out! What else would he stare at you for?" Katie smiled and bit her lip. "You think so?" she asked. "Totally," Sadie said. "We're BFFFLS, I wouldn't lie to you."


I think Trent is so hot. He's cute, plays the guitar and has a killer voice. What else could I ask for?

"Sorry Katie, I have to go to the bathroom," Sadie said, rushing out. She left Katie behind, who was now dwelling on the brief moment her eyes met with Trent's.

Dashing into the bathroom, Sadie relieved the pressure in her bladder while Heather crept back into the bathroom. "Finally, away from Lindsay," she sighed in relief, straightening her hair. "What a bimbo. Classic blonde." Peeping through the cubicle, Sadie realises it's Heather who is ranting to herself. Sadie kept still as Heather continued to rant about Lindsay. "She thinks she's pretty, who cares about looks when you have your father's wealth and soon to be your own? I'm attractive on my own accord."


Well Heather doesn't like Lindsay..... She also doesn't realise she isn't alone in the bathroom! *giggles* Such a negative person. She'll get a fright when I reveal myself!

Finished with her business, Sadie flushes the toilet and unlocks the cubicle. Heather gasps and turns around. "You heard everything I said, didn't you?" she snapped at Sadie. "Yes I did," Sadie said, folding her arms. "You know, that's not a nice thing to say about Lindsay. She's a great girl!" Heather narrows her eyes at Sadie.


I'm desperate. Perhaps she'll be foolish enough to be in the alliance also. What's the worst that could happen?

"Hey Sadie," Heather said, putting on a nice face. "Since you're here, why don't I form an alliance with you? If you join, you join an alliance that's already three members strong." Sadie paused, and then burst with laughter. "You think I'm going to fall for your tricks? Of course you don't have an alliance, you just want me to keep my mouth shut! No thanks, Heather!" Sadie turns to leave, but Heather pulls her back. "I do have the alliance, it exists! Join and you'll know the other two. We could all go to the final four together!" Sadie chuckles. "The only person I'm teaming up with here is Katie. Now if you excuse me, I have something to do." Sadie exits the bathroom.


Damn it! Now she can use that against me. I'm safe for now at least, she's on the other team.

In the main lodge, Trent was eating breakfast when Katie sat next to him. "Hey Trent," she said. "Uh, hey Katie...." he said. "Um, aren't you supposed to eat with your team on the other table? Where's Sadie?"


It's so cool she's talking to me. Maybe she's into me.....? I don't want to jump to conclusions, I'll take it nice and slow and see where things go.

"Don't worry about Sadie," Katie said. "She's fine. Look, she's over there." They focused their attention on a chatty Sadie who was talking to a very irate looking Eva. "So," Trent nervously said. "What do you think of the island so far?" Katie blushed. "It's er-underwhelming compared to what was on the application form, but the people make up for it. Everyone seems so nice." Trent smiled at Katie. "What are your thoughts on me?" he asked.


What do I say? I have a small crush on him but I barely know the guy!


Let's just hope I'm not friendzoned.

"I think you're cool," Katie said, blushing. Trent smiled. "Perhaps we could hang out a little more?" he hinted. Katie giggled, and nodded. "I guess I'll see you later then," he said nervously, and Katie left to rejoin her BFFFL.


I'm a lucky guy.

CONFESSIONAL: Katie and Sadie


Meanwhile, on the other side of the lodge, Lindsay accidentally knocked into Heather, which caused her to drop her food. "Ugh, Lindsay!" she yelled. "You fool!" Lindsay looked ashamed. "I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed. "I never meant to do that!" Heather threw Lindsay's food on the ground as an act of revenge. "Now we're even," she nastily said. "Excuse me, Lindsay." Leshawna moved Lindsay aside and came face to face with Heather.  "What did you do that for, girl?" she barked at Heather. "She said she was sorry, and it was an accident! Don't make Shawnie knock some sense into you!" Heather looked back at Leshawna, disgusted.

"I don't need some uneducated black girl telling me what to do!" Heather snapped. Leshawna filled with rage. "How dare you call me black! Race has got nothin' to do with this gurl, oooh you betta watch yo' back, you little anorexic spoilt daddy's girl!" Leshawna lunged at Heather and her fist collided with Heather's face. Heather groaned and fell to the floor, where Leshawna continued to take shots at Heather until Gwen, Beth and Lindsay separated the two. Heather lay sprawled on the ground, her eye swollen and her lip bleeding. Chris ran in.

"What the hell have you done?!?!" Chris yelled at the two. "We do the torture, not you! Interns, get Heather cleaned up!" A couple of interns rushed into the lodge, loaded Heather onto a stretcher and carried her away. "I can't believe this just happened," Chris complained. "It is cool," he sniggered under his breath, "but we can't portray this kind of violence on the show between contestants. Just finish your breakfast and meet me by the dock in twenty minutes."

Everyone resumed eating their breakfast, except this time in complete silence. Beth tried to converse with others and kill the silence, but all she was being was a nuisance. "Oi, geek girl," Eva yelled across the table at Beth. "Hi Eva!" Beth eagerly replied. "Oh and for your information, my name is Beth if you didn't already know." Eva growled. "Whatever. Come near me, and that'll be you, but in a BODY BAG." Beth's face dropped and she whimpered.


What did I do to Eva? Why is she being so mean to me, in particular?


Geek girl annoys me beyond words. My anger management issues aren't helping either.

Everyone had gathered beside the dock, where two large tables and several filled bookcases nearby where Chris was standing. "Hello campers!" he said in a negative tone. "Thanks to Leshawna, I've already received four complaints from the network. Not looking good in a debut season, especially considering I want this show going for at least five seasons." He narrowed his eyes at Leshawna. "On another note, Heather won't be participating in this challenge. She can't see out of one of her eyes and that wouldn't be the best help today, which brings me to the challenge!"

Chris raised his arms and motioned around the bookcases. "These bookcases contain dictionaries, guides and learning books about different languages spoken around the world. On each table, you'll notice three folders. Each folder contains a sheet of paper containing text in a different language. The first team to correctly translate all three sets of texts into English wins the challenge and immunity." There was silence among the campers: this challenge wasn't going to be easy. "Did I mention there would be great rewards at stake? The winning team tonight will be given a spa pool to use for the duration of the game show, not to mention we've invited caterers and you'll win an all you can eat buffet for the night! Because we're generous, we've also decided to give the winning team a huge advantage: the opposition team's audition tapes! Yes that's right, the winning team will get to know the strengths, weaknesses and fears of all those who are on the opposing team! These will be available to you for one night only. Good luck and get translating!"

The teams immediately ran to the tables, only thinking about the prize and how great it would be to have it. "Okay, instead of trying to solve the texts one at a time, we'll split ourselves up," Courtney stated. "Since when were you the self-appointed leader, Bossy Barbara?" Eva grunted. "You've taken charge of the team every single challenge ever since we've gotten here, without any input! I'll throw you in a hole and bury you alive if you're not careful!" she roared at Courtney. "I'll lead the team this challenge. Any objections?" Nobody said a word, as they were afraid she'd lose it. "Good. Now, let's get to work. Open the folders and check the script it's written in. They might not be in the Latin alphabet."

The Falcons huddled around each other, discussing strategies. "I should take lead this challenge," Noah stated. "I'm clearly the most intelligent among us, there is no questioning that."


I got accepted into Harvard a week before I left for the show, two years before I leave high school. I'm here for the money just in case I don't get a scholarship, though I seriously doubt that.

"Open the folders," Noah instructed to Owen. He opened the folders and one sheet was written with odd letters. "That's the Armenian alphabet," Noah quickly concluded. "Lindsay, go and get as many Armenian books as you can. This is going to be hard." He scanned the second one and quickly came up with the answer to that. "Pffft. Too easy. Gwen and Leshawna, go get books on Hungarian, and quick." He scanned the third one, but looked dumbfounded. "I've- I've never seen this language before!" he exclaimed, panicking. "What could it possibly be?"

At the Vultures table, tension was evident but the team was working well under Eva's command. "Okay, so we've figured out that the first one is Icelandic, and that the second is Arabic. Wait, where is the third sheet?" Eva grew in anger as fast as she did in frustration. "Where is the third SHEET?!?!?!?" she bellowed. The Falcons stopped and turned around to see what had happened. Noah sniggered. "They won't win," he said. "They have as much brainpower combined as the clippings of my pinky finger."

"Courtney has it behind her back!" Bridgette exclaimed. "Courtney, what are you doing?" she questioned. Courtney hastily laughed. "Behind my back? It can't be there, of course not!" Bridgette snatched the sheet off Courtney, only for her to snatch it back. Eva raged and stormed in Courtney's direction. "ARE YOU SABOTAGING ME??" she roared, scaring Courtney senseless. "GIVE ME THE SHEET!" Courtney threw it at her and ran behind Bridgette, fearing she would be torn to shreds. "COURTNEY YOU ARE SO DEAD- Oh my, this is Bulgarian!" she exclaimed. "I'm Bulgarian! This is perfect!" Chris gasped. "Why didn't you put that on your application form? We wouldn't have given a Bulgarian sheet!" Eva, now over the moon happily said "I said I was Eastern European, same thing."


I was born in a small village in Bulgaria. This is excellent, I've basically gotten victory in the palm of my hand!

It only took a few minutes before Eva was done. "Here you go, Chris." He analysed the paper and nodded his head. "One sheet of the Vultures' three has been correctly translated into English!" The Vultures cheered, and Noah yelled in frustration.


The challenge is fixed! How can they give the other team a language a member knows? Unfair advantage!

"Focus, Noah!" Justin yelled as Noah grew in frustration. "Let Noah focus, stop yelling in his year!" Gwen protested, arriving back with several Hungarian dictionaries. "How does yelling at him help in any way?"


Justin is super hot but has such a negative attitude. I mean, get a grip, dude. Your personality affects you as a person.

"Calm down," Trent said, facing Gwen. "We all need to calm down, and work as a team. Arguing doesn't solve any problems. Here, give me those dictionaries." Cody nodded in agreement, taking books from Leshawna, who had also arrived back. "Trent's right," he said. "Besides, we're already at a disadvantage as the Vultures have already solved one text." Noah rolled his eyes. "Thanks for pointing that out, Captain obvious." Trent sniggered.

On the Vultures table, the Icelandic translation had been almost finished thanks to Katie and Sadie's great teamwork. "Give me the book," Courtney says, snatching it out of Katie's hands. "Hey!" Katie snapped. "Give me back the book, you sabotaging, conniving piece of trash! Stop ruining this for our team!" Trying to rip the book out from one another's hands, they both lost grip and the book went flying, colliding with Eva's head. She turned around, full of anger.

"What was that? SOMEBODY BETTER ANSWER ME!" Eva roared. Katie squealed. Courtney whimpered, and Eva lifted her into the air by the shoulders. "Firstly, you want to sabotage the team so they can vote me off, and secondly you want to break my concentration by hitting me with a book? That's IT!" She raised her fist, preparing to strike when Bridgette held her back. "Please Eva, control your temper for the rest of the challenge!" she begged. "You know yourself if you don't contain it, if we lose we will vote you off! Remember of the prizes up for grabs! Focus on the prize and winning the challenge!" Eva cooled down. "You're right," she firmly said. "I came here to win, and I am gonna do that. Back to work, Courtney. Step out of line one more time and I'll make sure when you go back, you'll be missing your foot." Geoff watched from afar, dazed in admiration.


Bridgette is sure a great negotiator. Perhaps she'll negotiate with me where we go on our first date..... If I have one with her of course.


I am terrified of Eva. She needs to go ASAP, and I'm not under exaggerating, and I'm more than sure others feel about her the exact same way I do!

Noah was still confused over what language the third text was. "What could this be? It's just so weird!" Noah exclaimed, scratching his head. Lindsay arrived back at the Falcons' table with a bunch of books, however when Noah looked at them they weren't in Armenian. "Lindsay," Noah said. "You do realise that these aren't Armenian, right?" Lindsay smiled. "You told me to get books on Armani!"


Did I tell you all my favourite brand of clothing is Armenian? I just love it!


How can someone be so stupid?

"Armani is a clothing brand, brainiac," Noah said. "You got books on Albanian- wait, Lindsay, you're a genius! That's the third language! Albanian!"


Perhaps extreme stupidity can actually get you somewhere in life.

"Lindsay! Go back and get books on Armenian this time," Noah said slowly, so she could comprehend. "What's Armenian?" Lindsay questioned, clueless. "Ugh, Gwen, can you accompany Albert Einstein and get the books please?" Noah asked, the frustration in his voice becoming more evident. "Sure," Gwen said, grabbing Lindsay by the arm. "Follow me, Lindsay," Gwen said. "Wait, whose Lindsay?"



Meanwhile back at the Vultures table, chaos that once ensued had settled down, and Eva was controlling her temper thanks to Bridgette's reality check. "So we've figured out that the third text is written in Arabic, although that was quite obvious......" Harold said. Working away with Geoff and Bridgette, he was completely ignored as the two were fawning over each other. "That's so cool," Geoff dreamily said, as Bridgette recalled her victory at a recent surfing tournament. "It was such a relief that I won," Bridgette said, reflecting on her past. "I finally beat Sharon Dorsen, she is so cocky it's unbelievable." Geoff nodded. "I totally get what you mean. Back at home, a guy named Aaron Coszyt always tried to outparty me. He literally paid people to go to his parties, and they blew so bad. Eventually word got out, and he faded away from embarrassment!" Bridgette fluttered her eyes. "Wow," she said. "You must be an amazing partythrower. You must invite me to one someday, er- I mean, let's get back to work."


I had to change the subject. Geoff is such a hottie but I'm more than sure I'm boring him to death!


I knew she'd change the topic. She's not interested in me!

"Done!" Katie yelled, flailing the now-translated Icelandic  text above her head. "It's translated!" She ran along with Sadie to Chris, and he confirmed their best wishes - they had solved the Vultures' second text. "That's two - zero to the Vicious Vultures! You better get a move on Falcons, otherwise the next one to go will be one of you!" Noah now started to freak out.

Gwen came back with Lindsay, who was still asking who Lindsay was. "Lindsay is you!" Gwen shrieked, dropping her books. "You're driving me nuts, please don't make me throw a book at you to shut you up!" She picked them up and carelessly dropped them on the table next to Noah. "There you go," she said, annoyed. "It wasn't the best experience with Blondie over there, so be appreciative." Noah looked unimpressed with her efforts. "Thanks honey," he said, not caring. "Keep playing Nanny to her while you can, k?"

All the Vultures had now surrounded the Arabic text, trying to translate it to get the credit. "Calm down everyone," Bridgette said. "We aren't going to get anything done-" "DONE!" Leshawna yelled at the top of her lungs from the Falcon table. "Go Shawnie, Go Shawnie!" she chanted, as she high-fived Gwen and Beth. "That's right, sista! Shawnie translated the Hungarian text!" she continued to proudly exclaim as she slammed the text on Chris' chest. "Correct," he said shortly after. "That's one point to the Falcons, and two to the Vultures. Keep it up, remember there are many amazing prizes to be won!"

Duncan had taken the lead of the team while Eva went to the bathroom, and essentially took over translating the whole thing, as Geoff and Bridgette continued to fawn over each other, Katie and Sadie gossiping after claiming they had 'done their part' and Courtney isolating herself from the group. Harold offered several times to help, but all he was met with was threats. "DJ, grab that book over there. Tyler, grab the advanced dictionary."

Cheers erupted from the Falcons table as the Armenian text had successfully been solved. "Good job!" Chris said, clapping. "This is getting real interesting now," he said, looking at the camera. "The Vicious Vultures once had a lead but thanks to their lack of teamwork and the tension, have lost it. The Frightening Falcons had started off slow but who knows? Perhaps Heather's absence from the challenge has actually let everyone get along!"

"All we need to solve is the Albanian one now!" Trent said, throwing Gwen a dictionary. Lindsay was intently focusing on a dictionary also, except that it was upside down. "Let's go Falcons!" Leshawna chanted, full of spirit. "Go Falcons! Go Falcons! Go Falcons! Go Lesha- oops, sorry." Owen and Noah had taken charge of the final text, while Duncan continued to work alone with DJ and Tyler's assistance, even after Eva arrived back from the toilet.

"Last sentence!" Owen yelled, gathering the team together. "Let's go!" A minute of silence before cheers from both tables resulted in a huge rush to Chris. Swarmed with too many campers, he fell over. "Get him up!" Gwen yelled, heaving at his arm. He got up, clenching the Arabic text, belonging to the Vultures. "Sorry Falcons, the Vultures got here first," Chris said unapologetically. The Falcons yelled in frustration and anger, kicking the dirt. "Damn it!" Leshawna yelled. "I was on a roll!" "Oh my gosh, I voted in an online one before!" Lindsay exclaimed. "What's this white girl talking about?" Leshawna asked, confused. "She said roll, not poll, Lindsay," Gwen sighed. "AHA!" Chris yelled, startling the contestants. "It appears the Vultures have made a terrible mistake. You do realise Arabic is read and written from right to left, not the other way? It's wrong!" "WHAT? It can't be!" Duncan yelled. "Aargh!" Gwen gave Chris the Albanian text, and he nodded. "The translation is correct! The Falcons win!" "What??" Courtney shrieked, angrily. "What- this can't possibly be correct!" Chris laughed. "Well someone didn't translate from right to left. See you all at the campfire!"

He turned to the Falcons. "As a reward for winning the challenge, as promised we will give you the spa pool and the all you can eat buffet." Cheers erupted from the Falcons, in particular Owen, which wasn't a surprise. "Wait, what about the audition tapes?" Trent asked. "You promised those also." Chris clenched his teeth and guiltily laughed. "About the audition tapes, well.... we lied. Turns out they were deleted from the archives by a foolish intern the day before the competition so you won't be getting those. But the spa is top quality and the caterers are expertly qualified. Enjoy your night!"

In the cabins, people were discussing who to vote for at the elimination ceremony. "It has to be Eva," Courtney whispered to Bridgette, who was staring at Geoff. "She is psycho and a danger to all our wellbeing. She has to go!" On the other side of the room, Katie and Sadie unanimously decided on who to vote. "He didn't translate the right way. If he did, we could have won the challenge!" Katie said. "I would kill for a spa session right now." Sadie nodded in agreement. "It's so unfair," she protested. "We put in so much effort and Duncan ruined it all!"

Eva was not discussing, but forcing Harold to vote for Courtney. "Don't vote for her and I'll throw you on the boat with her," she said, clenching her teeth. "IN A BODY BAG."


"Welcome to the third campfire ceremony!" Chris said. "Vicious Vultures, thanks to a series of unfortunate events this is your second time here, and the second time you will send someone home. There is clearly a lot of tension between your team, and it doesn't look like it will go away anytime. Too bad I can't share the votes," he said, sniggering. "There was a lot of dirt on what people thought of each other. So many backstabbers." The Vultures eyed each other out, knowing they couldn't trust one another.

"One of you tonight will not receive a marshmallow, and must immediately depart and take a walk on the Dock of Shame. From there, you will catch the Boat of Losers and be banished from this island."

"We'll do this slowly since any one of you could be going home. The first marshmallow goes to DJ." A happy but not surprised DJ collected his marshmallow and stood behind Chris. "Tyler," Chris said, holding up the second marshmallow. "This is yours." Smiling, he too didn't look surprised but was happy collecting it.

"The third marshmallow goes to Katie." An always bubbly Katie claimed her marshmallow. "I'm waiting for you, Sadie!" she excitedly said, proudly showcasing her marshmallow. "Too bad this next marshmallow isn't for her," Chris said, directing his attention from Katie back onto the Vultures. "the fourth marshmallow goes to Bridgette." She too, smiled as she claimed her marshmallow of immunity. "Geoff dude," Chris said. "Come get your marshmallow." Smiling, he didn't look too surprised but still seemed genuinely happy. Exchanging romantic looks with Bridgette, the two smiled at each other before Chris continued.

"There are five of you left," he said. "I would say four of you would be safe," he said, briefly pausing, "but it's a twist double elimination!" A shriek from Courtney escaped her lips. "Just kidding," he said, sniggering. "I just wanted to see your reactions. Anyway, we have you five left. Sadie, after solving the Icelandic text, you became irrelevant and slacked off with Katie, claiming you had 'done your part'. You're also a controversial gossiper. Courtney, you are intentionally sabotaging your team but trying to make it look like the exact opposite. Duncan, you made a fatal mistake which publicly embarrassed your team in front of the other. Eva, the constant failure of you being able to control your temper is why you're here. Harold, you tried to be relevant but in reality, was irrelevant. You were useless throughout the challenge but tried to glorify yourself by helping for a minute."

Silence echoed around the campfire on purpose, so Chris let the campers without a marshmallow feel the pressure. "Luckily for you, you were relevant enough to stay a little longer. Come get your marshmallow, Harold."

"The next marshmallow goes to Sadie. A little advice, stop backstabbing others." Sadie wore a shocked expression on her face. "What?" she questioned. "I don't backstab others!"

Chris threw the second to last marshmallow at Courtney. "You sabotaged your team, but luckily there were people that caused more problems. You're safe."

"Duncan. Eva. There is only one marshmallow left. One of you will be leaving tonight." he said, holding the last marshmallow between his fingers.


That marshmallow had my name written on it from the beginning.


That marshmallow better be mine. Otherwise I'll be leaving with nine body bags, with DEAD people inside them!

"The last marshmallow goes to...........................








"What?" Duncan yelled in horror. "Dude, you made a stupid mistake and cost your team not only the challenge, but a spa and buffet. See ya!"

An angry Duncan stormed down the dock and onto the boat.

Chris: Well that wraps up another tantalising and fantastic episode of Total Drama. Tune in next time to see more tortured teenagers. Will Eva finally control her temper? Can the Vicious Vultures keep it together? With Heather back in the next challenge, will bad luck follow her? All these questions answered, on the next episode of



Camp Wawanakwa!

Episode 5: Just Dance

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: Camp Wawanakwa

Teams were given three sets of texts in foreign languages that they had to correctly translate into English. Many fantastic prizes were up for grabs, and both teams experienced tension and fallouts. Leshawna bashed Heather to the point where she had to withdraw from the challenge, Courtney's bossiness and Eva's anger clashed, Geoff and Bridgette and Trent and Katie have got something going on between them, and Sadie overheard Heather ranting about her so called 'ally' Lindsay - that was before she was injured, of course.

What will happen next? Is Heather well enough to continue participating? Find out on the latest episode of



Camp Wawanakwa!

*Intro plays*


You have got to be kidding me! Eva was so close from getting eliminated!

Courtney, who now avoided Eva at all costs, was about to go to sleep when she couldn't avoid her any longer. Eva walked into the room accompanied by Katie, and they were deep in conversation. She couldn't hear the conversation word for word, but could clearly tell they were talking as if Eva genuinely liked her.


Eva has a friend? Are you serious? You have got to be kidding me! How can someone like her and not ME?

The two exchanged a few laughs while grabbing a few items of clothing before leaving again. "What are they doing?" Courtney said to herself, before she too exited the cabin.

The Falcons were enjoying their rewards for winning the challenge. Owen had eaten so much nobody could fit in the spa with him, so Leshawna had managed to coax him into getting out so the rest of the team could get in. Courtney walked past the spa, to discover that Katie and Eva had actually gotten into the spa. Katie exchanged a hug with Trent, and the two chatted while Eva socialised for the first time on a person level with the other campers. Outraged and confused, she stomped her foot in the ground and was about to confront them as to why they were invited, before she caught eye of a shirtless Justin and was lost for words. Running back to the cabin giggling, she had forgotten what she just saw.


Wow...... What a hottie!

"I'm so glad you guys won this spa," Katie said to Trent. "I mean, if the Vultures had won the challenge I would have totally let you stay in the spa as well, Trent!"


Oh my gosh, it's been so great getting to know others. Now that I know Trent a little more, I think I've developed a little crush on him. He's so cute! And don't get me started on Eva. She's a little intimidating at first, but oh my gosh she is such a great gal. Like she's on Sadie's level! Oh my gosh, speaking of Sadie where is she? Trent didn't invite her to the spa and it's been a whole twenty minutes since I've seen her! Last time this happened I started to cry, and I don't want to do that in front of Trent.....


Gee, Katie is more than just Sadie's BFFL. She's good looking, charming and intelligent. There's a lot more to that girl than meets the eye!


I never thought I'd make a friend here, but I actually did. Heh, I might even be friends with Katie's fat friend....

"Hey Trent," Katie began. "Do you think Sadie could- Sadie, what are you doing here?" Sadie was in the spa too, chatting along with Lindsay. "KATIE!" she yelled, and the two embraced in a hug. "Oh my gosh, I missed you so much! I was just talking to Lindsay here, and she said you went for a walk in the woods!" Katie looked at Lindsay strangely. "I was here the whole time....." There was an awkward silence. "Oh!" Lindsay exclaimed. "I meant Heather, not Katie. Oops!" Heather, whose swelling had reduced and was now relatively fine, was taking a stroll in the woods to avoid any of her teammates, especially Leshawna.


I'm more than sure that Leshawna created an alliance to get rid of me while I was gone. All I need to do is vote in a bloc with Lindsay and Beth, convince a few people every ceremony and slowly she'll be losing her soldiers. Then the game will yet again be under my control.

Because of the arrival of the spa pool and the special buffet, the Frightening Falcons and a few Vicious Vultures were still partying when the sun had risen to signal a brand new day. The Falcons' all-nighter had brought them all closer; with the exception of Heather who went to bed, not wanting anything to do with any of them. Katie, Sadie, Eva, Geoff, Bridgette and Tyler were all invited by the Falcons to stay up the night, while Courtney, DJ and Harold had all gone to bed.

The perfect opportunity to seize, Lindsay and Tyler had gotten to know one another, Geoff and Bridgette's romance blossomed and despite Sadie and Eva, Katie and Trent had really gotten to know each other.

Everyone gathered in the main lodge for breakfast, but most of the campers were sleep deprived and took this time to sleep. Chris ran in with an airhorn and blasted it to wake everyone. "Good morning campers," he said, trying to hold in his laugh. "How was everyone's sleep last night?" Moans could be heard from most of the campers. "I slept like a baby," Heather said, smiling evilly at Leshawna. "What about you, Leshawna? Did you get much sleep?"


Heather....... is...... so....... *falls asleep*

"Well, you're going to need as much energy as you can get," Chris said. "As today, you'll be on your feet for today's challenge. Meet me on the field by the Dock of Shame, and be nice, we have some special guests."


Special guests?

"Oh my gosh guys," Sadie exclaimed across the lodge. "I so hope it is Jayden Corms! He is SO in right now! I got his album a few weeks ago!" Gwen giggled. "I don't think with the way the show has spent money that Chris would invite a huge pop star to the show." Lindsay clapped her hands in joy. "Jayden Croms is coming??? Oh my gosh!" Sadie and Lindsay fangirled while Gwen rolled her eyes.


The nerve of some people.... Knowing Chris, it's going to be Chef dressed in some ridiculous outfit pretending to be somebody else.

A short while after, all the campers had gathered by the Dock of Shame, when a boat pulled up. "Please welcome our special guests!" Chris yelled, and all the campers clapped until they actually caught sight of who got off.

An overtly eager blonde haired woman dressed in a bright orange and heavily decorated short dress stood off. She was very tall, and wore incredibly tall heels. "This is Caroline," Chris said, as Caroline was busy kissing and shaking everyone's hands. A man got off soon after, in a shirt and pants almost identical to what Caroline was wearing. He had chocolate brown hair and magnificent blue eyes. He "This is Gerald," Chris said proudly. "And these are our two special guests, and as a matter of fact, our two new campers!" Shouts of protest and anger roared from the campers, most notably Eva. "You can't do this!" Beth yelled at Chris. "It's unfair on all of us!" Trent yelled in agreement with Beth. Chris raised his hand for silence. "But I can," he said smugly. "Because you see, I am the host of the show and you are merely contestants. If I wanted, I could throw you off right now without thinking twice, so you all better be quiet."

Silence fell, and a few seconds later, Chris and Chef burst into fits of laughter. "What?" Gwen irritably said. "Caroline and Gerald aren't new contestants!" he guffawed, trying to maintain a straight face. "They're here for part of our challenge. You should have seen all your faces! Hahahaha!" Chris and Chef continued to laugh for two minutes before eventually cooling down. "Okay, now that I've stopped laughing uncontrollably, let's get on to the challenge."


Chris is so annoying. Someone get me an axe.

"Caroline and Gerald are well-accomplished ballroom dancers. In this challenge, Caroline and Gerald will teach everyone one routine for an hour. After that, everyone will line up and perform the routine all at once. Every time the routine finishes, Caroline and Gerald will pick the person that danced the worst, and they will be out while everyone dances again. This will keep going until one camper is left, and they will win the challenge for their team."


Do I look like a dancer to you? NO.

"Okay!" Caroline eagerly shouted to the campers. "Form two lines! We are about to start!" Nobody was too particularly happy about the choice of the challenge. "What kind of challenge is this?" Noah asked. "There is no intelligence or logic behind a dancing challenge." Gerald smiled, and pushed Noah into line. "Noah, is it? No time for questions, just dance!" Leshawna fell onto the floor. "I'm so tired," she said. "I'm an amazing dancer but I don't even have enough energy to keep my eyes open." Heather smirked. "What's the matter Leshawna? Did the partying get to your head?"


This is perfect. If we lose the challenge, this sets Leshawna up to be sent home so easily.

"Okay! Follow after me!" Caroline chanted, encouraging others to follow the steps she had just done. The hour passed and nobody had really picked up on the routine. Heather and Courtney were the only ones who was actually paying attention - the rest had fallen asleep or were doing something else.

"This is perfect," Courtney said, whispering to DJ. "They're all asleep, victory is so easy." Chris blew an airhorn which woke everyone up. "Time to put your routine to the test," he said, smirking. "Form two lines of six and one with seven. Frightening Falcons at the front, Vicious Vultures at the back."

Everyone lined up as they were told but few were even prepared to dance. Justin, Leshawna, Noah and Owen fell asleep before the challenge, so Chris disqualified them. On the Vicious Vultures, Courtney refused to let anyone sleep. "Winning this challenge will be like stealing candy from a baby," she said. "All you have to do is stay awake and try the routine."

The first rehearsal went underway, and Gwen, Cody, Beth, Sadie and Eva all tripped over their own feet. "Disqualified!" Chris yelled. "You are all out!" Scowling, Courtney encouraged the others not to do the same.

"Well," Chris said, speaking into a walkie talkie. "This isn't going to last very long. It hasn't even been five minutes and half the campers are out." Heavy breathing echoed from the walkie talkie. "Don't worry," the voice said in a low, breathy tone. "Heather and Courtney will make this interesting."

After the third reprise of the routine had finished, surprisingly nobody fell asleep. Caroline pointed to Lindsay and she was out. "Lindsay is OUT!" Chris said. "That's now seven vultures against two falcons." Heather burst into a fit of rage before dancing again.

"Out!" Gerald yelled, pointing to Trent. "That's one falcon left! How long will Heather hold up?" Chris asked, directly facing the camera. The music began for the fifth time, and so did the repetitive and irritating dance routine. "Sorry darling," Caroline said, ushering Courtney aside. "'re out." Courtney screamed. "What?"


What? I can't believe this! Heather clearly is worse than me!

"But look at Heather! She is barely lifting her arms!" Courtney protested. "That's just too bad," Heather said, smirking. "Oh well, goodbye!" The music began playing again.

After four more reprises, Harold, Geoff, Katie and Tyler were all out from the vultures. Only Bridgette, DJ and Heather remained. "Having trouble?" Heather smirked at the other two, before reprising the routine beautifully. "Sorry DJ, you're out," Caroline said, ushering him to the stands where all the other eliminated contestants were, most of who were sleeping.

"It's come down you two," Gerald said, observing both Bridgette and Heather. "We met over an hour ago but I've already seen you two grow in your dancing skills. Good luck to both of you, and give it your all. Remember, you're playing for your team."

The music began, and so did the dancing. Heather was confidently gliding along with the music and executing her moves perfectly. Bridgette, tired from the night before, had trouble keeping up while her eyelids drooped, and was out of sync in a couple of beats. "Keep up, surfer girl!" Heather evilly said, twirling and lowering her legs. Heather, who was an accomplished ballet dancer back home clearly had the upper hand.

"We're doing the routine twice, for old times' sake!" Gerald yelled, putting the music on loop. "Give it all you've got!" Caroline said, clapping. At this point, Bridgette had picked up her game and was now in time with the moves. Not executing them as polished as Heather was, you could tell she was trying. Heather was only in on it for the laugh. "What's the matter, blondie?" Heather yelled, trying to throw Bridgette off her game. "Dancing not your thing?" she mocked again. The two went for the splits; Heather's executed perfectly. Bridgette's was sub-par, but she managed to fully extend her legs successfully. "Here it is, the last 30 seconds!" Gerald yelled. "Give it all you've got, don't leave this challenge with any regrets!" Caroline yelled encouragingly. Heather, fluid with the music was still flawlessly dancing. Bridgette, on the other hand, looked like she was about to fall over. The music ended, and in their final positions, Heather had her hands raised above her head, whereas Bridgette didn't. DJ gasped. "Forgot a move, sweetie?" Heather cruelly yelled across to Bridgette, who was struck with fear. "Too bad you forgot to raise your hands. It's the Dock of Shame for you!"

Gerald and Caroline, meanwhile were in deep discussion, analysing the two's recent performances. "We've come to a decision." Heather laughed. "Just give me the victory already," she said, holding her hands out. "Actually," Caroline said, swivelling her body around to face Bridgette. "You for some unknown reason decided to finish with your hands above your head, which was never in the routine. Congratulations Bridgette, and the Vicious Vultures. You are the winners!" Despite most of the team being half-asleep, there was an eruption of cheers from its members. "What?!?!" Heather shrieked, engulfed in anger. "This can't be!" Gerald laughed. "Well, it is. And I also don't fancy your chances at tonight's elimination," he said. Chris, with a cup of fresh coffee in his hand, returned to meet the campers. "The Vicious Vultures win! That's just too bad, Heather. Falcons, I will see you at the campfire ceremony. Meanwhile, head to the confessional and cast your votes."

After Caroline and Gerald had left and everyone had eaten, Heather pulled Lindsay and Beth aside. "We need to do something to make sure I'm not getting eliminated tonight," she said, the worry on her face. "Statistically, we need six votes against someone else for a majority. We've got us three, who else can we rely on that's not Leshawna?"

The Frightening Falcons gathered outside the campfire, Heather and Leshawna both wearing smug looks on their faces. "Welcome back," Chris said, holding a plant of marshmallows. "The Vultures were here last week, and to say the least, the campfire has certainly missed you." Lindsay raised her hand. "Yes, Lindsay?" Chris asked. "Um, what's a campfire?" An awkward silence fell. "Um Lindsay, don't worry about that. Let's just get onto the votes. Tonight was a very close vote between three people. Let's find out who will be leaving us tonight."

Chris picked up the first marshmallow and tossed it to Noah. "You're safe, good job." The next three marshmallows were given to Beth, Cody and Gwen. "Trent, Owen and Lindsay, please come and get your marshmallows." Two marshmallows remained. "This vote was actually really surprising, considering the amount of tension between two particular campers and the certain failure of one. Nevertheless, Heather and Leshawna, you both received a marshmallow. Come and collect it." Justin, who was the only one left without one, clearly looked disappointed. "That's too bad," Chris said. "Oh well, beauty is only skin deep. See ya, mate!"

Chris: After the twist in tonight's elimination ceremony, Justin was the one without a marshmallow. Can Leshawna and Heather put their differences aside? Will the Falcons be at the campfire again next week? Find out on the next episode of



Camp Wawanakwa!

Episode 6: Wawanakwa's Next Star

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: Camp Wawanakwa!

Caroline and Gerald, two professional ballroom dancers were invited to host a challenge. Chef and I tricket the campers into thinking they were two new contestants but in reality - they weren't. Caroline and Gerald taught the campers a dance routine and it was a dance-off to determine the winning team. It came down to over-confident Heather and nervous Bridgette, but Heather's cockiness eventually lead to the creation of her own moves, and the loss of the challenge. Ultimately, Justin was the one left without a marshmallow.

Who will be the next passenger on the Boat of Losers? The next camper to take a stroll on the Dock of Shame? Find out, on



Camp Wawanakwa!


Well that was incredibly close. Oh well. Bye pretty boy!

Leshawna's reaction to Heather's non-elimination was a bad one. She had claimed that Heather had rigged the votes and threatened to hospitalise her. Leshawna's feelings for Heather were out in the open, and those feelings were mutual.

"Keep it to yourself, Shawnie," Leshawna said to herself, trying to compose herself before entering the main lodge for breakfast the following morning. "Come on Shawnie, you don't want to give your team a reason to get rid of ya." She put a smile on, opened the door and entered the lodge, where Heather was chatting to Lindsay and Beth, most presumably about strategies. "Morning everyone," she said, grabbing a bowl. "Hey Leshawna," Noah said, walking towards her. "How are you holding up on the elimination last night?" Leshawna smiled, although the reference towards Heather's non-elimination the night before made it hard not to. "I'm okay, thanks for asking," she said. Before Noah had the opportunity to walk back to his breakfast, she lowered her mouth to his ear. "Can you do a favour for me?" she whispered. "Sure," Noah said. "I might actually be relevant in this game for once." "Could you at all costs keep Heather away from me?" Noah nodded. "Sure." The two then went on with their day as if nothing ever happened.

The next morning, chaos ensued as Heather had supposedly gotten enough time for a shower, and complained to Chris who as usual, didn't care. Leshawna's efforts at not saying anything had really gotten to her. Noah as promised, kept the two apart from each other. This separation from the two eased the overall tension between campers.

Waking up on the day of the challenge, Leshawna woke up yet again to an angry Heather, who was now fussing over the fact that her hair straightener was temporarily not working. "Ugh, you stupid thing!" she yelled as Leshawna was in the toilet. "I knew daddy should have bought the $500 straightener, not two $250 ones! Ugh!" Leshawna, quite frankly done with her constant whining flushed the toilet and swung the door open. "That's it, spoilt daddy's girl!" Leshawna yelled, grabbing Heather's hair straightener. "You want your hair straightened? I'll do that for you!" She grabbed Heather's hair and began to pull on it ferociously. "How do you like that, white girl?" Heather screamed uncontrollably as Leshawna tugged at her. They must have made quite some noise, as Geoff and Trent ran to the bathrooms to break them up. Noah followed close behind. "Get your hands off me!" Leshawna yelled at Trent. "That gurl needs some proper lessons!" Heather cried. "She pulled my hair out!" Trent hauled Leshawna out of the room.

After both girls had calmed down, Chris faced another series of negative calls from various sponsors and the producer of the show. "Yes sir, I understand," he said, putting down the phone and finishing his last call. "Well this is great, isn't it?" he said, eyeing the two. "We lost a sponsor's funding, which means I can't drink my premium range of coffee anymore!" Clearly annoyed, he continued to think how to punish them. "I can't eliminate both of you, as according to the producer your rivalry has made national headlines and our ratings have skyrocketed. So, for now you're both on dish duty, and the Falcons will face a disadvantage at the next challenge." Noah and Gwen protested, but to no avail.


Heather's going down. Shawnie doesn't lose, and certainly not without a fight. That spoilt little daddy's girl will get what she deserves.

"Well that's just great, isn't it?" Gwen yelled at Heather when they got back to their cabins. "You couldn't stop provoking Leshawna for one second, couldn't you? Think of the cost to the team! If we lose, I know who I'm voting for!" she grabbed her towel and stormed out the door, heading for the spa.

"Attention campers!" Chris yelled over the loudspeakers. "Today is a special challenge, and I'm more than sure you'll enjoy it! Meet at the field by the Dock of Shame in twenty minutes."

Twenty minutes later, all the campers had gathered at the field. "Afternoon campers!" Chris eagerly greeted, to no response. "Today, I've decided to be a little lenient on your challenge. Depending on how talented you are, will be how well you perform. That's right, a talent show!" Cheers of excitement erupted from most of the campers. "Fun, I know right?" Chris continued. "3 acts will represent each team. You have 2 hours to decide on the acts and who will be performing them. Meet back here when you hear the signal. Good luck!"

The Vultures and Falcons immediately moved away from each other. "Alright guys," Gwen said, huddling all the Falcons in. "How do you want to decide this? Everyone who wants to perform does so and we pick the best by a vote, or should we nominate each other?" she continued. "Trent HAS to perform, he is a musical genius!" Beth excitedly exclaimed, shoving Trent into the middle of the circle. "Definitely, I second that," Leshawna said. Trent smiled. "I've got the perfect song," he said. "Give me 20 minutes with my guitar to rehearse and we'll be sure to win!" He strolled off towards the cabins to retrieve his guitar.

"Okay, so what's gonna happen?" Harold asked the team. Sadie laughed. "Nobody is going to listen to you," she said. "DJ, what should we do?" she asked, spinning around to face him. "Uh, I don't know," DJ said. "Perhaps people can volunteer?" Eva raised her hand. "Get me a large anchor and I'll lift that above my head. My strength is a talent." DJ nodded. "So we have one act, and that's Eva with her lifting skills. Geoff and Bridgette, go help her fetch an anchor." Courtney raised her hand, but it was ignored. "Ooh!" Katie squealed excitedly, raising her hand and jumping on the spot. "Sadie and I are AMAZING dancers. Like, totally amazing. You should totally let us dance for the team. Like, totally." DJ nodded again. "Okay, so we have Eva's lifting and Katie and Sadie's dancing. We need a third act to round out our team. Any volunteers?" Courtney raised her hand a second time, but was ignored once again. "How about I juggle six different types of sports balls?" Tyler asked. "I mean I'm so good at sports, it should be easy!" DJ laughed. "Um, Tyler I think we can pass for now. Harold? Any ideas?" He shrugged his shoulders. "Um, excuse me?" Courtney said, raising her hand for a third time. "Maybe Katie and I can perform a second time!" Sadie said, cutting off Courtney. "Katie makes clothes, so perhaps she could give me a makeover? Oh wait, we can't do that, aw."

DJ lit up. "I've got it!" he said. "I'll give a tutorial on my secret recipe of my grilled herb chicken, and give the finished product to the judges. It'll be perfect!"


Does nobody see that my hand is clearly raised? It's Rule number 568 in the CIT Handbook that you must always raise your hand to suggest an idea!

"Okay, everyone split up and practice. If you aren't do anything, just go and clarify the rules with Chris. See you at the field in a little bit."

Back at the Falcons' discussion area, an argument had broken out over whether Heather should perform her 'secret talent'. "She could throw the team under the bridge!" Leshawna protested, throwing dirty looks at Heather. "That doesn't matter, she would go home anyway though!" Beth urged back at Leshawna. "Have you not been at the last few eliminations?" Leshawna snapped back. "She's avoided elimination so many times. She should have been gone the first time we went there! She's clearly trouble, and manipulates people into not voting for her!" Gwen held Leshawna back as she charged at Heather, who had just poked the tongue at her. "Just let her do it," Gwen said to Leshawna, pulling her aside. "If she throws the challenge for us, she'll be gone. We have Trent, Cody and Noah who think logically, and so does Beth and Owen. She'll be gone for sure." Leshawna rolled her eyes. "Fine," she said. "But any wacky business, and that sista's goin' DOWN."

Two hours had passed, and by this time night had fallen. The campers were greeted back onto the field by a small stage, complete with red curtains, lights and seats for the audience. Once the campers who were performing were instructed to go backstage, the lights began to move. "Welcome to Wawanakwa's Got Talent!" a bubbly female voice said over the loudspeaker. "Tonight, the show is being shown LIVE to the audience at home. Six acts, three from each team, will showcase their talents in an effort to win the show for their team. So, without further ado, please put your hands together for the host, Chris McLean!" A large sign lit up, with the word 'applause'. The campers were shot dirty looks by Chef when they weren't doing so, and then began to clap hysterically.

"Thank you, thank you," Chris said, wearing a dazzling tuxedo. "That's right! Tonight we come at you LIVE from Camp Wawanakwa! Campers have been preparing for this show, and tonight, a panel of judges along with your televotes, will decide the winning team!" The applause sign flashed, and the campers reluctantly cheered. "A few regulations on the voting will take place right after the last performance, which will be when the voting lines open." Chris paused, and then continued with his speech. "So, what do you think? Shall we begin?" The applause sign flashed again and the sound of claps could be heard again. "Well, let Wawanakwa's Got Talent begin!"

A little video introducing Trent and his experience on the show played as crewmen set up the stage. Trent walked out onto the stage, dressed in a black shirt and dress pants. Carrying his guitar with him, he was followed by three women in identical black gowns, each holding a violin. Fog machines began to do their magic, and Trent stood on a glittering platform. The lights dimmed almost completely as the video came to a close. "The first act representing the Frightening Falcons with his original composition Fearless, it is Trent!" Trent was greeted with applause from both teams, but the Falcons in particular. "Woo! Go Trent!" Lindsay and Beth hollered from the audience.

The three women began to play the violin, and a sombre backing track played. Trent strummed his guitar and then effortlessly sung into the microphone.

"Free your heart and let the light guide you

Your heart is your life, guide it well

Follow it towards the stars in the sky

As I'm left stranded on the ground

Follow your dreams, don't let me stop you

Keep going until you're fearless."

The music ended, and Trent took a bow. Screams and cheers erupted from the audience. The Frightening Falcons cheered and clapped their hearts out. The Vicious Vultures clapped genuinely, because the performance was impeccable. "Thank you," Trent said, before walking off the stage. Chris transitioned back onto the stage.

"What a fantastic performance from Trent of the Frightening Falcons," Chris said, wiping a tear from his eye. "Someone get that guy a record deal!" He pulled out his cue cards. "Up next is a member from the Vicious Vultures. We are going to the other end of the spectrum, and this act will certainly grab your attention. Please give it up for our next contestant!"

The backstage crew began to clear the stage as the video package for Eva began to play. Eva as well, although at first reluctant, dressed for the occasion. She came out wearing black tights and a top-of-the-line athletic top, with matching shoes. A large hoist lowered an enormous anchor on the stage, which made all the Falcons team members' eyes widen. Eva got into position and the video package ended. "Please give it up for Eva!" the woman over the loudspeaker announced.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Eva said into a microphone, attached to her face. "Prepare to be blown away by my strength. I will attempt to lift this 200kg anchor above my head, AND I'LL POUND ANYONE WHO- ahem, I mean and I will prove those who think wrong, right." She got into position, and heaved the anchor up. Heavy breaths could be heard over the loudspeaker as nobody had turned the microphone off. "Here- I- go!" Eva heaved, as she raised the anchor over her head. She held it there for about five seconds, before gently lowering it and placing it on the ground. All the campers clapped in pure astonishment. "Thank you," she said, before walking off the stage. Chris came back on the stage. "Well that was Eva, who certainly can walk the walk. A certainly unique performance, but how many viewers can say they can do that?"Chris paused before introducing the next contestant. "Representing the Falcons, the next contestant!"

A video package of Beth showed on the viewers screen, and this time the backstage crew set up hardly anything. Placed on the stage was a lone stool. Beth walked out in her normal clothes, holding a microphone. The woman over the loudspeaker echoed "Please welcome the factbook, Beth!" Beth walked across the stage and awkwardly sat on the stool, waiting for a crew member to address her. "I am Beth the Brainiac," she said. "Give me any question and I will answer it correctly. To help me with this, Chris will ask me general knowledge questions. Please start." Chris walked from behind the curtains off-stage, holding several cue cards. "Do I really have to ask her these questions?" he moaned to Chef. "I don't even like the girl!" Reluctant to do so, Chris asked the first question.

"Te Ika a Maui and Te Waipounamu are the two main islands of which country?" Chris asked. "Easy," Beth said. "New Zealand." Chris, who looked unimpressed, unenthusiastically said "correct." The applause sign flashed and the campers clapped. "Question two. What is a hereditary disease of the blood in males, characterised by excessive bleeding and lack of ability of the blood to clot?" Beth smirked. "Please make the questions harder. The correct answer is Haemophilia." The applause sign flashed, and clapping ensued once again. "Correct, again," Chris said, clearly annoyed. "How many questions do we have to ask this girl?"

"Right, question three. Who raised over 1 million pounds of donations for the Sport Relief Charity in July 2006 by swimming the English Channel?" Beth hesitated for a second, before correctly answering David Williams. "Question four," Chris said, annoyed. "At which Olympiad did the Olympic symbol of five rings officially debut?" Beth laughed. "Easy. Antwerp 1920." Chris sighed. "Correct, for the fourth time. Fifth question for the annoying girl." Beth seemed unimpressed. "You know, if you're going to do this job, do it correctly!" she protested, standing up. "Excuse me?" Chris replied, in shock. "I could get you off this show right now if I wanted. Don't mess with the way I present this show!" Beth laughed. "You call your job presenting? My pet rabbit Shaggles can present better with her eyes closed! You're a talentless has-been with nothing left to do but wait your days out on camera! You're hideous!" With Beth's outrage, she stormed off the stage and an awkward silence filled the stage. "Well," Chris said. "Let's cut to the next video package while I sort this thing out. Please give a hand to our next contestant, or contestants."

The video package for Katie and Sadie began, and to make sure there was enough time to solve what had just happened, the producers played one for Katie, one for Sadie and then another one for both of them. By the time the stage was set up, Chris had not returned and Chef had taken over presenting duties. "Give a nice round of applause for the next act, Katie and Sadie!" Applause from the campers echoed the field, while the girls walked on stage in short jeans and a fluoro yellow fashionable sleeved shirt, with a headband. Pop music played, and the two danced an awful routine, but were clearly enjoying it. "Who put them on the show?" Bridgette hissed at DJ, who blushed. "GO KATIE!" Eva roared from the stands. "Go Katie!" Trent cheered. Heather slapped him. "What are you doing?" Heather snapped. "Don't cheer for the other team!"

Their routine ended, and although nobody but Trent and Eva wanted to, the campers clapped, obeying the large applause sign. "Thank you! Thank you!" the girls cheered, kissing into the camera. The video package for Heather began to play, and the stage cleared. Just as the package was concluding, Heather walked out onto the stage, in a beautiful black gown, carrying a magnifying glass. "This better be good," Leshawna said to Gwen.

"The fifth and last contestant from the Frightening Falcons, please put your hands together for Heather!" the woman over the loudspeaker announced. The lights dimmed, and a sole light shone on Heather. "Welcome," she said in a mysterious tone. "Unlike any of the previous performances, this presentation will actually be interesting. Welcome to Heather's Hair-Raising Revelations." Some campers gasped, and Leshawna became annoyed.

"My revelations will revolve around 100% true facts about the other contestants on the show. They may or may not have been caught on camera, but I suggest you grab some popcorn and sit tight, because people will not look at each other the same way after this." She evilly smiled at Leshawna before resuming. Chris had returned also, and took a seat beside Chef on the judges panel. "My first revelation is about Trent." Everyone's eyes focused on Trent, and he nervously blushed. "Most of you already know he has gotten comfy with Katie on the show, but little do you all know he has a special someone at home." Katie gasped, and tears began to form in her eyes. "That's right, he has a girlfriend at home, that goes by the name of Maria." Katie burst into tears, and Sadie comforted her. "What is wrong with you?" Bridgette said, throwing insults at him. "Now, now," Heather said, grinning. "There is no need to get outraged yet. There are plenty of hair-raising revelations that will shock you for sure." She cleared her throat and walked across the stage. "Our next revelation is focused on our super athlete, Eva. You all know she has a temper, but what about her criminal record? She's been sent to juvy twice, being convicted of assault and battery." Gasps echoed from the campers, as well movement away from Eva. Eva grew with anger, but Lindsay calmed her down.

"This is some juicy stuff," Chris said to Chef, pointing at his smartphone. "The hashtag #HeathersHairRaisingRevelations is trending worldwide right now!"

"Who shall we upset next? Let's take a look at Tyler. He's a klutz at sports, but also with girls. It turns out he asked a girl to the school dance during an assembly, and got rejected. Such a shame." Tyler's cheeks went red, and he covered his face with his hands. "The criminal records don't stop there," Heather said, clearly enjoying the reactions from the fellow contestants. "Geoff once threw a party while his parents were away on a road trip. He caused so much damage to the streets he was fined $3000 for disorderly conduct!" Bridgette gasped in shock, and Geoff ran away from the stands. "Let's finish off with a bang, shall we?" Heather said, trying to hide her temptation to laugh. "Gwen, our darling goth over here, is part of a cult!" She laughed, and took a bow. "Thank you, and I hope, I mean I know, you have enjoyed Heather's Hair Raising Revelations! Goodnight!" She walked off, and the curtains closed while the video package for DJ played. After the video had finished, he went through his cooking tutorial, and Chris opened the voting lines. "And remember, you only have fifteen minutes!" he said to the camera, before cutting a commercial break.

Chris turned and faced the remaining contestants. "Well, that was an interesting display of acts, wasn't it? You've got ten minutes to go and fetch the rest of the contestants, get a drink, go to the toilet, whatever your heart desires. Just be back here in ten."

When the commercial break ended and Chris opened the voting lines, most of the campers were nervously waiting for the results on the stands. Heather, who was casually filing her nails on the end of a row, told her team 'there is nothing to worry about.'

"The results have been calculated, and it's time to reveal them!" Chris said to the camera, recapturing the attention of all the contestants. "First, we'll reveal how this works. Firstly, the judging panel ranks the acts from 1 to 6, with 1 being their favourite, and 6 being their least favourite. The televotes will be ranked this way also. The act with the most votes will be ranked 1st, and the act with the least will get 6th place. The team with the least amount of points at the end wins. Let's begin!"

Picking up cue cards handed to him by Chef, Chris began to recite the results. "First, we will see how the judging panel rated each of the acts. Ranked 6th is...... Beth the Brainiac." Chris sniggered. "What?" Beth yelled. "This is an outrage! The vote has been overthrown by Mr Crow's Feet here! Bias!" Chris sniggered yet again. "In 5th, Katie and Sadie's dance." The girls, who placed second to last, squealed with excitement anyway. "In 4th, DJ." The Vultures clapped to DJ's delight. "In third, Eva's lifting, which was definitely impressive." Eva smugly grinned as she was met with rounds of applause. "In second place, Trent's song! Which means in first, Heather!" Not looking surprised, she applauded herself, showing off her cockiness. "Let's take a look at the points tally by each of the teams," Chris said, pointing to a scoreboard. "That's 9 points for the Frightening Falcons, and 12 points for the Vicious Vultures. The Falcons are in the lead!" Cheers erupted from the Falcons' stand.

"Now, we get to the interesting part of the voting. The televotes," Chris said in a deep voice. The lights dimmed, and he put on a serious face. "Thank you to all the Total Drama fans out there right now," he said proudly, holding up his cue cards. "We received over 100,000 televotes! Congratulations to everybody!" The applause sign flashed and the contestants clapped again. "Now, to create as much suspense as possible, we will reveal the votes from the middle, leaving 1st and 6th for last. We'll begin with second place, and that goes to....... Trent!" Applause came from the stands again. "In third place is Eva." Claps came from the stands yet again. "Fourth goes to Beth, and fifth for DJ." The applause sign flashed, and the contestants clapped yet again.

"We've come down to the last two ranks. I can reveal that first place received 87,384 votes, while 6th place received 26,471 votes," Chris announced. The applause sign flashed, and the contestants knew what to do. "With 15 points to 20, anything can still happen." A long silence filled the stage, before he opened the envelope containing the winner's name, or names. "Setting a worldwide trend with #HeathersHairRaisingRevelations, has Heather captured the hearts of our viewers with her juicy gossip?" Chris asked the fans at home. "Or perhaps the BFFFLS, who danced their hearts out, gave their huge fanbase a reason to vote for them?" Another long silence filled the stage. "The winner of the televote with 87,384 votes is........

......Katie and Sadie!" Confetti erupted onto the stage, and the girls squealed with excitement as victory music played. "WHAT?!?!?" Heather screamed, on the verge of tearing her hair out. "This can't be!" she yelled at Chris. "Well," he replied. "Not everyone at home agreed with your tactics. There was a lot of backlash on your revelations on social media." She screamed in anger and stormed off. "EEEEEEE!" Katie and Sadie squealed, jumping with glee. "Thank you so much to everyone at home who voted for us!" Sadie yelled. "This couldn't have been possible without you!" "Oh my gosh, yes!" Katie squealed. "Thanks to all our fans!" The girls continued to embrace their victory as Chris closed the live show.

"Well," Chris said. "Despite fantastic ratings, a worldwide trend and a fantastic show, someone still has to go. Cast your votes in the confessional and Falcons, I will see you at the campfire."


Heather has got to go.

"This alliance cannot break up now," Heather said, pinpointing Lindsay and Beth. "We need to vote as a collective, and get others to vote with us. I've got the perfect target, they've done nothing ever since they've arrived on the island."

"Heather is definitely going tonight," Leshawna said, high-fiving Gwen. "That girl is getting too hard to handle, my weave is frizzing up."


"Welcome to the ceremony," Chris said, holding up the plate of marshmallows. "It's such a shame to see you are all back here for the second time in a row. Well, not really!" he guffawed. "You know the deal, if your name is called, come get a marshmallow."

"Trent. Lindsay. Owen. Noah. Gwen. Leshawna. Beth. You are all safe. Heather, Cody, one of you will be leaving us tonight. Tallying the votes beforehand, I must say I am shocked. Somehow, Heather, you are still safe. Come collect your marshmallow." She smiled, and swiped it into her hands.



Yes, Heather lost in the televote, but what about the self-professed 'genius' Beth? She finished last, and fourth, so.... Not to mention Heather won the judges' vote. Beth is a joke, her intelligence makes me look even better than I already am.

"Sorry Cody," Chris said, waving to the Dock of Shame. "Don't know why, but you're going home tonight. See ya dude."

Chris: And that wraps up another dramatic episode! A shock elimination - who would have guessed Cody was going home and that Heather wasn't? I can guarantee shock events like this will happen in the next episode, so tune in next time to watch another episode of....



Camp Wawanakwa!"