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"Total Drama: Blood vs Water" is a season of Total Drama created by Shamus248. In this season, Chris McLean welcomes back 9 former players, and pits them against 9 new players, all of whom are loved ones that they knew before they competed on Total Drama. Please note that this is a parody of "Survivor: Blood vs Water", some character's names are created, while others are names of people that have actually been mentioned or seen on Total Drama in real life. This is for entertainment purposes only. Don't get on my case if you don't like my ideas or think this is too dark or a ripoff of Survivor. I've seen a lot more mature content on here and I'm just doing this to please the people who use this wiki.  Another good thing is that ANYONE can win. And of course, the winner of the season will take home One. Million. DOLLARS!!!!!

P.S. Former contestants will make cameos :)

Season Overview

This season's returning players, are Alejandro, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Leshawna, Lindsay, Owen, Scott, and Geoff. The new players are Alejandro's older brother Jose, Duncan's father David, Lindsay's cousin Paula, Geoff's brother Tom, Gwen's brother Blake, Owen's brother Luke, Heather's brother Damien, Leshawna's cousin Lashaniqua, and Scott's sister Albertha. Chris places the 18 players into two teams, one team consisting of returning players, and the other team consisting of the new players. The team of returning players is called the "Hardened Veterans" while the new players' team is called the "Relentless Rookies."

Episodes (all dialogue for the episodes will be featured)

Ep. 1 - "Thicker Than Water - Part 1"

(Chef Hatchet is seen in a boardroom meeting with the producers of the show, waiting for Chris)

Producer - "If he doesn't show up soon, we'll cancel this season!"

Chef - (to himself) "Come on, Chris. You better hurry up."

(Chris walks in)

Chris - "Yo! I'm here! What's up?"

Producer - "You're late! How about that?"

Chris - "Well I got stuck in traffic, I can't help that."

Producer - "Well, that can wait until later. We have things to discuss."

Chris - "Like what?"

Chef - "The producers have given us the OK to do another season. Brand new location. Veterans vs family members. How's that sound?"

Chris - "What the heck are we waiting for? LET'S DO THIS!"

(Opening theme song plays)

Chris - "Welcome to Total Drama: Blood vs Water! We've got a lot of big things in store for this season. As you can see, we're at an all new location. Some island that nobody's ever heard of before. I think I'd like to call it The Kingdom of Chris. But anyway, let's meet our players. And here they are now! Say hello to devious challenge-thrower Scott!"

Scott - "Well, doesn't this bring back memories of the farm?"

Chris - ".... goth loner chick Gwen!"

Gwen - "Wow, Chris picked a new location this time. Only it looks really crappy. I'm not surprised."

Chris - "... juvenile deliquent turned warm-hearted nice guy Duncan!"

Duncan - "I AM a bad boy! And nobody is gonna tell me that I'm not!"

Chris - "....large and lovable eating machine Owen!"

Owen - "Wooo, it's great to be here, man! WOO-HOO!"

Scott - (to Owen) "Uhhh, could ya try to contain yourself, big guy?"

Owen - "Sorry, man. I'm just pumped, ya know."

Scott - "Ummmm, no, I don't."

Chris - "....The girl that's large and in charge, with the emphasis on large (laughs), Leshawna!"

Leshawna - "What's up, y'all?"

Scott - (to Duncan) "She's large and in charge, all right."

Duncan - "Hey, that's not nice! Err I mean, yeah you're right about that! (laughs nervously) Oh man!"

Chris - "... happy-go-lucky party guy Geoff!"

Geoff - "What's up dudes?! It's awesome to be here!"

Chris - "... princess lamebrain Lindsay!"

Lindsay - "Where's the mall?"

Chris - "....queen of mean Heather!"

Heather - "There can only be one winner!"

Chris - "...and archvillain Alejandro!"

Alejandro - (to Heather) "And that winner will be me!"

Heather - "We'll see about that!"

Chris - "Alright, players. Are you ready for a big surprise?"

Heather - "Oh, I can only imagine."

Chris - "I'm pitting the nine of you up against all new players this season!"

Heather - "So?"

Chris - "They may be new to the show, but they're not new to you!"

Heather - "What are you talking about? Just get on with it already!"

Chris - "The new players this season are your family members!"

Everyone - (gasping)

Chris - "Yup! Say hello to Duncan's father, David!"

David - "I've got my eye on you, Duncan! I don't want to see you go back to jail!"

Duncan - "Sadly, I don't think that's a problem anymore."

Chris - "..Owen's brother Luke!"

Owen - "Hey Luke, what's up?"

Luke - "Hey, Owen! It's great to see you, man!"


Gwen - "How are those two brothers? There's no resemblence! And uggh, this confessional stinks!"


Chris - "....Geoff's brother Tom!"

Tom - "Hey, Geoff!"

Geoff - "Hey, man!"

Lindsay - "Hi, Tim!" (Note - I intentionally did that as a tribute to Lindsay's running gag of forgetting names)

Chris - "....Leshawna's cousin Lashaniqua!"

Lashaniqua - "Yo, Leshawna! Waddup girl!"

Leshawna - "Man, girl, am I glad to see you!"

Chris - "...Scott's sister Albertha!"

Albertha - "Don't get on my case if I'm related to Scott. I'm not very happy about it, either."

Scott - "Hey!"

Chris - "...Lindsay's cousin Paula!"

Paula - "Hey, Linds!" (rushes over to hug Lindsay)

Lindsay - "I'm so happy to see you!"

(Luke is seen looking at Paula)

Luke (to himself) - "Wow. She's....beautiful."

Chris - "...Gwen's brother Blake!"

Blake - "Hey, Gwen. It's good to see you."

Gwen - "Good to see you, too."

Chris - "...Heather's brother Damien!"

Damien - "Hey, sis. How have you been?"

Heather - "Not very good, and for obvious reasons."

Damien - "Long time no see."

Heather - "I've been putting up with this ridiculous show, why else would you have not seen me?"

Chris -"...and finally, Alejandro's older brother Jose!"

Alejandro - "WHAT?!"

Jose - "Hey there, Al."



Alejandro - "This could very well be the worst day of my life. My brother on this show? This is an outrage!"


Chris - "Okay. Now that the newbies and the vets have acquianted themselves, it's time to create the teams. Would all the returning players stand to my left, while the new players stand to my right?"

(Players stand where they are told)

Chris - "This year, the teams will pit all the veterans against all the rookies. Returning players, you are now known as the "Hardened Veterans." Fresh meat, from this moment on, you shall henceforth be known as the "Relentless Rookies."


Alejandro - "Thank goodness Jose and I will not be on the same team. Now I do not have to worry about him embarassing me."

Jose - "Getting embarassed will be the least of Al's worries. Yes, we are on separate teams, but when the teams merge (laughs evilly) you'll see."

Luke - "So. This is the Total Drama Confessional. Big. Roomy. Stinky. So, Paula really caught my eye. I wonder if she'd go out with a guy like me. I sure hope so."


Chris - "So, now that we have our teams, we can begin our first challenge of the season. But first, a setback challenge to gain a reward to use in the actutal challenge. (laughs) The goal is simple - Build a monument of me. Best model wins and gives the winning team an advantage in the real challenge. Now get to work. Who's gonna build the best monument commemorating me? Find out when we come back on Total. Drama. Blood vs Water!"

(Commercial break)

Chris - "Welcome back. Listen up, players. Your reward challenge starts.. now!"

(Teams begin running and devising plans)

Heather - "I think we should try to make ours the biggest of the two."

Alejandro - "Well, we don't know how big the Rookies' statue will be. We can't risk putting too much work in. Besides, Chris wants creativity."

Heather - "Well, I'll go spy on them. Then we'll have a better idea."


Heather - "This is a win-win for me. Learn the Rookies' strengths and weaknesses, and avoid doing any hard work. Win-win."


(Rookies team, Paula is lifting heavy materials)

Luke - "Here, let me help."

Paula - "Thanks."

Luke - "Anytime."

(Jose watches Luke and Paula)


Jose - "My goal on this team - Become the leader and dominate. Luke seems to be very interested in Paula. I cannot let that happen, as it may lead to an alliance. I must gain his trust. Pretty soon, I'll be untouchable."


Gwen - "What kind of material would Chris like the most?"

Lindsay - "Tanning lotion?"

(Gwen slaps her forehead)

Owen - "What could make Chris's eyes?"

Duncan - "How should I know? I never pay attention to them."

Heather - "I'm back. The Rookies are using heavy materials. I couldn't get a better look. They're working too closely for me to see."

Alrejandro - "It won't be necessary. The work you do is more than enough."


Alejandro - "If I can convince Heather that I value her efforts, I'll have her as an ally hook, line, and sinker."


(Luke watches Paula working)

Luke - "Wow. She's such a hard woker."

Tom - "Hey, man. You think you can give me a hand?"

Luke - "Yeah, sure."

(Luke and Tom begin rolling a rock)

Tom - "So, I've seen that you've taken a liking-ish to Paula, huh?"

Luke - "What? Oh, ummmm, yeah."

Tom - "Well, why don't you try being friends with her?"

Luke - "Hmm. I guess it wouldn't be so hard to do."

Tom - "Never gonna know if you don't try, man."

(Cut to veterans, putting finishing touches on statue.)

Heather - "There! It looks just as bad as the real Chris does. This reward is in the bag."

(The teams are seen, being judged by Chris)

Chris - "Hmmm. The Vets worked hard. The Rookies' statue just looks downright insulting. The Vets win a reward, which they can use in the challenge!"

(Veterans cheer, Rookies, groan)

Duncan - "What's the big reward?"

Chris - "You're gonna find out real soon. (looks at camera) And you will too, next time, right here on Total. Drama. Blood vs Water!"

(Fade to black)

Ep. 2 - "Thicker Than Water - Part 2"

Chris - "Last time on Total Drama Blood vs Water! I welcomed back 9 returning losers, err, players to compete against their loved ones in the biggest twist in Total Drama history. Yup, I'm a genius. After putting our veterans and rookies into two separate teams, I had them construct two glorious beauties - statues of me. One of which wasn't so glorious, which explains why the Veterans team won an advantage for the real challenge. Will the Veterans make good use of their reward? Will the Rookies show the Vets what they're made of? Find out right now on Total. Drama. Blood vs Water!"

(Opening theme plays)

Chris - "Alright, so the Hardened Veterans won the reward challenge, earning them an advantage for the real challenge."

(Veterans team cheers)

Chris - "Veterans, your reward is a state-of-the-art speedboat. Rookies, you win the leaky dingy from season four's water-race challenge."

Jose - "I'm assuming that we will compete in a water-themed challenge."

Chris - "Way to steal my thunder, Jose. But yes, your challenge will be water-themed, which makes the speedboat a big help for the Veterans."

(Veterans cheer again)

Chris - "Alright players, here is your challenge - using your speeboats and/or totally leaky dingies, you will locate a flag representing your team in the ocean. When I give the command, teams will select a diver to go underwater and do a one-minute search for their flags. When time is up, they'll swim back up to rejoin their teammates. Once you find your flag, you'll race back here to the shore, where you'll raise your flag on one of these poles here. (poles are shown) First team to do that wins. Also, because I'm nice like Duncan...."

Duncan - "Hey!"

Chris - "..., both teams get scuba-diving gear. But for the Relentless Rookies, that may be useless with a totally leaky dingy. (laughs) You have one minute to assign a driver and a diver, starting now."


Geoff - "I'll drive. Let's do this!"

Duncan - "No, I will!"

Heather - "Just let Geoff do it."

Duncan - "Oh man!"

Alejandro - "And I'll dive!"

Heather - "Simple enough."


Jose - "Allow me to dive."

Tom - "I can drive!"

Jose - "Of course, my friend. Time to show those washed-up hasbeens what we're really made of."


Jose - "Al and I are the divers for our respective teams. Remember how I said that embarassment will be the least of Al's worries this season? Well, there's always room for that." (laughs evilly)

Alejandro - "This is my chance to prove that am I the superior sibling. This challenge will be a walk in the park." (laughs evilly)


Chris - "Okay. So the Veterans' have Geoff driving and Alejandro diving. The Rookies have Tom driving and Jose diving. Teams, get into your boats and/or totally defective dingies.(laughs) Your challenge starts - now!"

(Tom and Geoff begin to drive)

Duncan - (to himself) "I should be the driver."

Owen - "As long as we win, it's cool, right?"

Duncan - "I guess."

Tom - "Get ready, Jose."

Jose - "Do not tell me what to do. Errr I mean, you've got it teammate!" (laughs nervously)


Jose - "As team leader, Tom is in no position to give me an order. Or any of my teammates for that matter. They just don't know who they're dealing with." (laughs evilly)


Chris - "Okay. Alejandro and Jose, dive now!"

(Alejandro and Jose dive underwater and begin searching for their flags)

(Veterans, back up at the surface)

Duncan - "Come on, Alejandro. You can do it! Err I mean, come on, slow poke. Errr I mean... oh man!"

Gwen - "Wow. Is it really that hard?"

Duncan - "You have no idea."

Scott - "Come on, Alejandro! What's taking so long?"

Duncan - "That's what I should've said. Darn it!"


Paula - "You can do it, Jose."

Luke - "Yeah. You got this."


Luke - "I'm really glad Paula and I are on the same team. Maybe I can become her friend and stuff. That'd be cool. (laughs nervously)

Paula - "Luke is really sweet. I like how he likes to cheer on his teammates. He's got a good heart."


Chris - "Al and Jose, your minute is up!"

(Alejandro and Jose swim up to the surface, Jose kicks Alejandro to slow him down)


Alejandro - "He is going to pay for that."

Jose - "Too easy."


Albertha - (to Jose) "What took you so long?"

Damien - "Yeah, seriously."

Jose - "Patience, my friends."

(Teams begin to drive again)

Geoff - "Alejandro, any luck?"

Alejandro - "If I have anything to say about it, we will find great luck, my friend."

Lindsay - "So, ummm, what are we looking for again.?"

(Gwen rolls her eyes, smiling)

Blake - "Where do you think Chris hid our flag?"

Paula - "Who knows? Probably somewhere infested with booby traps and stuff like that."

Chris - "Awww, they know me so well." (pushses button on a remote)

(Explosion, Rookies players go flying in the air)

(Screaming is heard from the Rookies)

Duncan - "Oh, I sure hope they're okay. Err I mean, haha suckers. (laughs nervously) Oh man! Every time!"


Duncan - "I have to get my edge back, but how?"


Chris - "The Rookies are in quite the predicament. Can they overcome it? Find out after the break on Total. Drama. Blood vs Water!"

(Commercial break)

Chris - "Since the Rookies' dingy is destroyed, they'll have to swim back when and if they find their flag."

Lashanquia -"Oh no, my hair is wet! This ain't right!"


Leshawna - "I don't like getting my hair wet either, but that's just taking it too far."


David - "Listen up, guys. We can still win this."

Chris - "Enough with the chit-chat. 

Lashanquia - "Do NOT tell me to be quiet!"

David - "We just need to stay positive."


Blake - :"Is it me, or are the adults on this team really starting to get annoying?"


Luke - (to Paula) "Touchy bunch, huh?"

Paula - (laughs) "Yeah, I guess. (laughs) You're really funny. I like that."

(Luke blushes)

Chris - "Everybody shut it! Alejandro and Jose, do your thing."

(Alejandro and Jose dive into the water and begin to search again)

(Alejandro spots his flag. Moments after. Jose finds his. Both of them swim up to the surface with their flags.)

Chris - "Alejandro and Jose have their flags. The race back to the shore is ON!"

Veterans - "Come on, Alejandro!"

Rookies - "Come on, Jose!"

(Alejandro joins his teammates, who begin to race back to the shore, while the Rookies can only swim, since their dingy was destroyed in the explosion.)

Chris - "Looks like the Veterans are gonna come out on top!"

Owen - "Woo-hoo! Way to go, Al!"

(Alejandro looks at Owen angrily)


Alejandro - "If he calls me that one more time..."


(Veterans' speedboat begins to run out of gas and comes to a stop.)

Alejandro - "Oh no! Our tank is empty!"

Chris - "Ooh, the Rookies still have a chance."

Gwen - "Looks like we'll have to swim back." (Gwen jumps out and begins swimming)

Duncan - "I'm getting out." (Duncan jumps out also)

(Both teams are now swimming to the shore. Veterans arrive moments before the Rookies)

Duncan - "Come on, come on!"

Alejandro - "I am!"

(Alejandro raises the Veterans' flag up on the pole)

Veterans - "Yes!"

Chris - "And the Hardened Veterans win!"

(Veterans cheer, Rookies groan)

Lanshanquia - "Oh, come on! Why did I have to be on a team full of losers?!"

(Rookies stare at her angrily)

(Commerical break)

Chris - "Relentless Rookies, today you really lived up to your name...."

(Rookies are happy with this)

Chris - "..and that's a bad thing! You showed that you all have a lot to learn about Total Drama. Anyway, get voting."

(Rookies are seen in confessional voting)

Chris - "The votes are in. If you recieve a coconut, it means you're safe. If not, you're goin' bye-bye! The following players are safe - Luke, Paula, Blake, Albertha, Damien, Tom, and Jose!" (Those seven players all receive coconuts) Lashanquia and David, one of you is going home. And the final coconut goes to....."

(Lashanqiua and David stare at each other nervously)

Chris - "...David!"

David - (sighs with relief)

Lashanquia - "What?! You voted for me?! The only player with any brains and good-looks on this stupid show?! I'm so mad I could..."

(Chef Hatchet puts duct tape over her mouth)

Chef - "I ain't gonna be sorry to see her go."

Chris - "Yup, me neither."

(Next scene, Lashanqiua is seen on a giant slingshot.)

Chris - "Introducing the Slingshot of Shame! Patent pending! Chef, you mind doing the honors?"

(Chef pulls back and Lashanquia goes flying. She is heard screaming.)

Chris - "And so ends our first challenge of the season! Can the Veterans remain dominant, or will the Rookies show them what they're really made of? Which isn't much. (laughs) Find out next time, right here, on Total. Drama. Blood vs Water!"

(Fade to black)

Ep. 3 - "The 4:15 to Loserville"

Chris - "Last time on Total Drama: Blood vs Water - Our Rookies and Veterans went on an underwater expedition for a flag that would earn them immunity. In the early going, the Veterans looked like the better team, and to make matters worse for the Rookies, their dingy exploded. Good times. But using sheer will, and the Veterans' speedboat running out of fuel, the Rookies came roaring back. Buuuuuuuuuut, it wasn't good enough to stop the Veterans from taking the victory, and the Rookies said "Adios!" to Lashaniqua, via the Slingshot of Shame. (laughs) Who's next to get their loser-riffic butts slinged into LoserVille? Find out right now on Total. Drama. Blood vs Water!"

(Opening theme song plays)

(Episode starts with Rookies team, following their first elimination)

Luke- - "It really sucks that we had to lose our first challenge."

Paula - "Yeah. But hey, now that we have some experience, we'll do better next time, right?"

Luke - "Yeah, totally!"

Jose - "Oh, yes, we'll do better next time..."


Jose - "..because of me. I'm the most educated and most athletic player on this team. And soon, I will have these weaklings doing as I say. Being this team's leader will be like a walk in the park!"


Blake - "I wonder what the next challenge will be."

Damien - "Whatever it is, we have to win. We can't afford to lose another player."

Jose - "Worry not, my amigos. Victory will be ours."


Jose - "Once again, because of me. These brats have no idea what they're in for. They think they can trust me now, but soon, they'll find that to be a fatal mistake." (laughs evilly)


Tom - "Well, it's been a long day. Good night everyone."

David - "Sleep tight, teammates."

(Jose looks at them questioningly)


Jose - "First off, no one tells ME what to do! Second, there's so much commoraderie around here, it's disgusting."

(Cut to the next morning, the two teams are greeted by Chris)

Chris - "Good morning, players. Are you ready for today's challenge?"

Heather - (sarcastically) "Definitely."

Paula - "You bet!"

Chris - "Oooh, I love your enthusiasm. It'll differ greatly from your mood after today's challenge. (laughs) So, anyway, your challenge is very simple, but with a touch of my McLean magic, it won't be as simple as it sounds. It's a race all around this island, with the objective of locating a McLean family heirloom - the McLean diamond. Some of you have seen this before, many of you have not. You just have to race around the island to find it. First team to present it to me wins immunity. Losing team cuts somebody loose. Oh, and did I mention booby traps and hungry animals? I didn't?! Well, enjoy your time dealing with all of that. (laughs) Now, get outta here and find that diamond!"

Paula - "Let's go!"

Jose - "Onward to victory!"

Alejandro - "Oh, I don't think so."

(Veterans are seen searching)

Owen - (to Duncan) "Where do you think it is?"

Duncan - "How should I know?"

Owen - "Wow, you really try hard to be bad."

Duncan - "You'd be surprised how hard it is."

Heather - "Where is that stupid diamond?"

Gwen - "It'll stick out like a sore thumb."

Lindsay - "What are we looking for again."


Heather - "I've had enough of Lindsiot for two days to last me a lifetime. She has to go."


Geoff - "It has to be around here somewhere."

Alejandro - "Worry not, my friend. Victory will be in our grasp before you know it."

(Rookies are searching)

Jose - (to himself) "Come on, McLean. Where did you hide this piece of junk?"

Tom - "Everything okay?"

Jose - "Ummm, yes. All is well."


Jose - "I'm sick of all the friendliness around here. When they're all on their knees, and I'm their unquestioned leader, this will all be a thing of the past." (laughs evilly)


(Luke is seen watching Paula search)

Luke - "Wow."

Blake - "What?"

Luke - "Oh. Nothing."

Blake - "It's cool, bro. I'm guessing you kinda like Paula?"

Luke - "Well.... okay, a lot. I can't help it, she's just really pretty."

Blake - "It's cool, man. Just try to be her friend and see what happens."

David - "Guys, I hate to interrupt your conversation, but we've got a challenge to win!" (walks away)

Blake - "No offense to him, but I don't think he'll last much longer."

Damien - (is walking by the two of them) "He's right. We should go."


Blake - "Is everyone trying to be annoying around here? I never try to be mean or whatever, because that's how my parents raised Gwen and I. But really, I can never have a talk with anyone without getting interrupted. That's why David and Damien are probably done for."


(Veterans continue searching)

Scott - "I'd rather be looking for an invincibilty statue than a stupid diamond."

Alejandro - (walks up behind Scott) "Perhaps we could..."

(Scott screams)

Scott - "What up, man? Why'd you sneak up on me like that?"

Alejandro - "I was just going to say, you and I have a similar problem. We both want power. Form an alliance with me, and we'll go all the way. Deal?"

Scott - (shakes Alejandro's hand) "Deal."


Scott and Aleandro (in separate sessions) "He just guaranteed me the million."


(Rookies searching)

Jose - (talking to Damien) "Perhaps we could form an alliance. I'm sure, that as newcomers to this game, we could both use allies to protect ourselves against the real threats."

Damien - "Like who, Heather?"

Jose - "Yes, precisely. That also includes Scott and Alejandro."

Damien - "Well, I don't know if I'd wanna take out my own sister, but I'm definitely for taking out any other big threats."

Jose - "I see your point. I don't think Heather's that big of a threat anymore anyway."


Damien - "Wow. Did he really just say that?"

Jose - "Yes, I did just say that. I'm the real threat around here. Put Scott, Heather, and Al together, and even that couldn't top me."


(Jose finds the diamond)

Jose - "Yes! Everyone, over here! I found it!" (Rookies proceed to return the diamond to Chris)

(Rookies run past Veterans, Alejandro notices Jose is holding the diamond.)

Alejandro - "Jose's got the diamond! We must get it!" (Veterans begin to chase Rookies)

Chris - "Anddddd, here they come! It looks like the Rookies will claim the win!"

Alejandro - "Not if I have anything to say about it." (to Jose) "Relinquish that diamond, brother."

Jose - "No thanks, Al. Thanks for the offer, though."

(Jose crosses the finish line with the diamond)

Chris - "And the Relentless Rookies win their first challenge!"

(Rookies cheer, Veterans groan)

(Commercial break)

(Veterans at elimination ceremony)

Chris - "Tsk tsk, Veterans. You have to cut someone loose tonight. Which is sad, because first of all, you guys have so much more experience then your loved ones, so you shouldn't lose a challenge like this. Second of all, no one directly contributed to the loss. Regardless, someone's going home, it's voting time!"

(Owen, Duncan, Gwen, Alejandro, Scott, Leshawna, and Lindsay are seen in the confessional voting)

Chris - "The votes are cast! If you receive a coconut, you're safe, If not, you're gone-zo. The following players are safe - Owen. Duncan. Gwen. Geoff. Leshawna. Scott. And Alejandro. We're down to our bottom two, Heather and Lindsay. The final coconut goes to................Heather! Lindsay, it's bye-bye time for you."

Lindsay - "Awwww. Well, bye guys."

Geoff - "Take it easy, Lindsay."

Lindsay - "Awww, thanks George!"

Geoff - "It's Geoff."

(Lindsay is seen at the Slingshot of Shame)

Chris - "Any final words?"

Lindsay - "I'd like to say..." (Chris pulls back the slingshot, Lindsay is hurled off screaming)

Chef - "Aww, she didn't get to tell us."

Chris - "Like we would've cared. So, that concludes another episode. Wasn't the most dramatic episode ever, but hey, we're saving that up for when it really matters. (laughs) Who will get the not-so-royal shaft next? Find out next time, right here, on Total. Drama. Blood vs Water!"

(Fade to black)

Episode 4 - "Places To Go, People To Betray"

Chris - "Previously on Total Drama Blood vs Water - our players went on a search for the McLean diamond. Ain't she a beauty? I know, right? As our Rookies and Veterans searched for the gorgeous family heirloom, alliances were formed, most notably, one between Alejandro and Scott. I can already tell this is gonna be good. In the end, the Rookies came out victorious, and the Veterans bid "Adieu" to Lindsay. Who's gonna go home next? Find out tonight on Total. Drama. Blood vs Water!"

(opening theme plays)

(Veterans, following their first elimination ceremony)

Heather - "Well, I'm kinda glad Lindsay's gone. She was just slowing us down."

Scott - "Agreed. You need brains to win this game. Just like the ones I got."

Heather - "Says the guy who grew up on a farm."

Scott - "You mocking my home, sassy pants?"

Heather - "Yes. And, that's the best name you can come up with? Weak."

Duncan - "Come on guys, stop fighting. (pauses) Oh man!"

Owen - "Duncan's right. We should get some sleep and get ready for tomorrow."

Gwen - "Sounds a lot smarter than arguing."

Heather - "Whatever."

(Cut to Rookies)

Luke - "Today was awesome. We won our first challenge. Now, the Veterans know who they're dealing with."

Paula - "Yeah, it's great that we got to make a statement like that."

Jose - "And it's only gonna get better."


Jose - "I led our team to victory today. And I plan to do that again and again. Pretty soon, I'll have a bunch of pathetic slaves at my feet." (laughs evilly)


Blake - (to Luke) "So, how's the whole situation with Paula?"

Luke - "Huh? Oh, well, she seems really nice."

Blake - "Yeah. Just keep doing what you're doing and you'll be golden."

Luke - "Thanks, man."

Blake - "Anytime."

(Jose is watching them talk)


Jose - "It looks like Blake and Luke are in an alliance. Although I have nothing to worry about, I have to make sure I have complete control around here. And that means no friends, no alliances, and listening to me and me only. That's the way it'll be."


Jose (talking to several of Rookies players) "So who should we vote out next?"

Paula - "Why are you worrying about that? Don't you wanna focus on winning?"

Jose - "Well, if we do lose another challenge, we have to vote out the person who causes the loss."

Luke - "That's a hard decision to make. Everyone's been working hard."

Jose - "And I hope it stays that way."

(Next morning, Veterans team is preparing for the day)

Duncan (to Gwen) - "So, I saw Alejandro and Scott talking yesterday, and I think they might be in an alliance."

Gwen - "So, it's not like anyone's gonna fall for their alliance and trust them."

Duncan - "That's not my point. My point is, we should form an alliance and maybe get Owen and Tyler in on it. There's 8 of us here, and an alliance would give us a numbers advantage."

Gwen - "What about Leshawna?"

Leshawna - (walking by) "What about me now?"

Duncan - "Listen, we need to form an alliance. Al and Scott have one and are probably plotting to vote one of us out. And if they get Heather in on it, good night is all I can say."

Gwen - "What are you so afraid of? I thought you were a bad boy, who wasn't afraid of anything."

Duncan - "I'm not afraid of them. I'm just looking out for my teammates. And I AM a bad boy."

Gwen - "Whatever floats your boat."

(Gwen and Leshawna walk away)

Duncan - "Wait, get back here! Are we still forming an alliance?"


Duncan - "I AM a bad boy. And getting rid of Al and Scott will prove that. I don't need Gwen and Leshawna anyway. Girls come and go. Guys are forever. I know just what needs to happen."

Scott - "My alliance with Alejandro won't just provide me protection, but it'll guarantee me the million."

Alejandro - "I am pleased to have Scott as an ally. As long as no one knows, everything is fine. And when the time comes, I'll cut him loose."


(Cut to the two teams, who stand before Chris)

Chris - "Good morning, players. Before we get on with today's challenge, we will conduct a reward challenge to determine which team will earn an advantage to use in the real challenge. So, the reward challenge is simple - a relay race. Since there are eight of you on each team, it's a fair fight. Not so fair when the booby traps kick in. (Laughs) Anyway, each player will run to a designated checkpoint, then run back to where they started, where their teammates will go right after them. First team to finish wins the advantage. Take a minute to strategize and then, it's time to get it ON!"


Duncan - "We should go in order from fastest to slowest. That way we'll have more momentum to start."

Scott - "No. I think we should go slowest to fastest, so we can save up the energy of our best players. Like me."

Gwen - "Does it really matter? As long as we win. We need that advantage."

Owen - "Gwen's right."

Heather - "I'll go first."

Duncan, Scott, Owen, and Gwen - "Whatever."

Alejandro - "I'll go after Heather."

Geoff - "And I'll go last."


David - "Jose, you should go first."

Jose - "That's just what I was thinking."

Luke - "I'll go after Jose. If that's okay with you guys."

Paula - "Sounds good."

Blake - "Nice to see everyone's on the same page."

Chris - "All right, players. Let's go. So, first up we have Duncan for the Veterans and Jose for the Rookies. On your mark. Get set. Go!" (Duncan and Jose begin to run to the checkpoint, only to be thwarted by booby traps)

(Chris pushes a button on a remote, which causes an explosion.)

Jose - (screaming)

Duncan - "Nice fail, Taco Bell!" (explosion, Duncan screams)

Chris - (laughing)

Paula - "This looks kinda dangerous."

Chris - "That's because it IS dangerous!" (continues laughing, high-fives Chef Hatchet)


Paula - "I'm starting to think that mayyyybe it wasn't such a good idea to come on this show."


(Duncan and Jose are seen, still running. Duncan makes it back just moments before Jose.)

Chris - "Duncan scores for the Veterans! Next up are Scott for the Veterans and Luke for the Rookies."

Scott - "Give it up, shrimp. I've got this one in the bag."

Chris - "Don't get too confident, Scott."

(Scott's worst enemy, Fang the Shark, is brought in to tharwt Scott)

Scott - "Are you KIDDING me?!" (screams while being chased by Fang)

(Luke makes it back for the Rookies before Scott does.

Chris - "Next up, Gwen and Paula."

(The next several sets of players are seen running, with a series of booby traps included. The last set of players is shown.)

Chris - "Our last two are Geoff for the Veterans and Tom for the Rookies. It's brother vs brother. Which team will win the advantage? Find out when we come back on Total. Drama. Blood vs Water!"

(commerical break)

Chris - "Welcome back. Geoff and Tom, it is on you to win the advantage for your team. Ready. Set. GO!"

(Geoff and Tom run to the checkpoint and back. Tom beats Geoff to the finish.)

Chris - "And the Rookies win the advantage!"

Paula - "Yes!"


Tom - "Sorry bro."

Geoff - "Meh. You win some, you lose some. Besides, an advantage doesn't guarantee anything."


Duncan - (sarcastically) "Way to go, Geoff."

Chris - "Alright, players. Here's the real challenge. Each team will race down a waterslide. Once at the bottom, you will see a wooden stake standing on the beach, with several hooks on it. Then you'll throw small rings onto the ladder. First team to hang 5 rings on their stake wins immunity and a reward - a 5-star dinner complete with your choice of appetizers, entree, and dessert! Grab your swim gear and meet me back here in 10 minutes! Oh, and by the way, I was only kidding about the advantage the Veterans won, but if the Veterans can win this as well, they'll get unlimited seconds for their dinner reward!"

Owen - "Oh man, we HAVE to win this challenge!"

Geoff - "It's time for me to redeem myself."

(Next scene shows two water slides, Duncan on one, Damien on the other.)

Chris - "Okay. First up, we've got Duncan for the Veterans, and Damien for the Rookies. Ready. Set. GO!"

(Duncan and Damien go down the waterslide, with Duncan going just a little bit faster. The two grabs their rings and attempt to hang them on their wooden stakes. Duncan hangs his on in one try.)

Duncan - "Yes!"

Chris - "Duncan scores for the Veterans!"

Chris - "Okay, next we have Gwen and Paula. Go!"

(Gwen and Paula slide down to claim their rings. Both attempt hanging them multiple times.)

Paula - "Come on! Come on!"

Chris - "It's a lot harder than it looks, isn't it?"

(Paula hangs her ring)

Chris - "Paula scores for the Rookies! It's tied at 1 all."

Chris - "Next, we have Heather and Tom. Go!"

(Heather and Tom slide down and make several attempts, until Heather finally gets it.)

Chris - "And Heather scores for the Veterans, who now lead 2-1! Next, we have Owen and Luke. Go!"

(Luke slides down very quickly, while Owen slides down very slowly. By the time Owen can make it down the slide, Luke has already scored.)

Chris - "Luke scores. It's tied at two!"

Alejandro - (sarcastically) "Way to go, pal."

Owen - "Sorry, guys. I'll try to make up for it next time."


Alejandro - "I think I have a good idea of who's getting my vote if we lose tonight."


Chris - "Next up, Leshawna and Blake! Go! (The two slide down, and do the routine, until finally, Leshawna scores.) Leshawna scores for the Veterans! They now lead 3-2!"

Jose - "How could you lose to a girl?!"

Blake - "Relax, man. It's just one point."

Jose - "How did I end up on a team full of wimps?!"


Blake - "Annnnnddd there's the real Jose for you, ladies and gentlemen. At first, I was a little skeptical of him, but now I know he truly can't be trusted."


Chris - "Scott and his sister Albertha, your turn!"

Albertha - "You're going down!" (slides down)

Scott - "Not on my watch!" (follows her)

(The two take several attempts until Albertha scores)

Chris - "Albertha humilates her brother! It's all tied up at 3!"

Jose - "At least someone cares."

Blake - (to himself quietly) "Speak for yourself."

Jose - "What was that?!"

Blake - "Oh, nothing."


Blake - "If we lose, he's got my vote. Hopefully, I can get my teammates to vote with me."


Chris - "Alejandro and David, you guys are up!"

(The two slide down, and Alejandro scores.)

Chris - "Alejandro scores! The Veterans need just one more point!"

David - "Sorry, guys."

Jose - "Saying you're sorry doesn't cut it in this game."

Blake - (to himself quietly) "At least he tried."

Jose - "Excuse me?!"

Blake - (frustrated) "Nothing."


Blake - "I know he's evil, but I think he's crazy too. He has to go if not tonight, the next time we lose. I'd hate to see our team lose a challenge, but I think we'd be better off getting rid of that guy. He's a poison to this team."


Chris - "It's down to Geoff and Jose. Veterans, you need just one point to take the win. Ready. Set. GO!"

(Geoff and Jose slide down and take several attempts.)

Chris - "This is getting too close to call. Someone's gotta win this thing."

Geoff - "Sorry dude. But you gotta work before you can party."

(Geoff throws a ring towards the stake. It bounces around the stake several times before finally landing on one hook.)

Chris - "Geoff scores! The Veterans win!"

(Veterans cheer, Rookies groan)


Geoff - "And there it is! Woo-hoo!"


Chris - "Relentless Rookies, time to cut someone loose."

(Cut to elimination ceremony)

Chris - "The votes are in. If you get a coconut, you're safe. Otherwise, you're out. The following players are safe. Luke, Paula, David, Albertha, Tom, and Blake. Now we're down to just two, Jose and Damien. The final coconut goes to............................Jose!" 

Jose - "Yes!"

Chris - "Damien, it's time to take a ride of the slingy kind."

(Cut to Slingshot of Shame)

Chris - "Any final words?"

Damien - "Just get it over with." (Chef Hatchet pulls back the slingshot and sends Damien flying, who is heard screaming.)

Chef - "I love doing that."

Chris - "Yup. Me too. Who's gonna take the next ride into the history books? Find out next time on Total. Drama. Blood vs Water!"

(Fade to black)

Ep. 5 - "The Game Is Officially On"

Chris - "Last time on Total Drama Blood vs Water - Duncan tried to warn Gwen about Alejandro and Scott's alliance, which didn't do him much good. Sucks to be you, "bad boy." (laughs) Meanwhile, Jose was focused on gaining complete control of his team, and Blake took notice. Poor guy. He's preparing his own funeral. In the end, the Veterans came out on top in the challenge, and the Rookies cut Damien loose. Who will go home next? Find out tonight on Total! Drama! Blood vs Water!"

(opening theme plays)

(Scene - early morning, both teams are seen sleeping, until Chris makes an announcement over an intercom.)

Chris - "Good morning, players! Get your scrawny butts into high gear. It's challenge time!"

Alejandro - "At this hour? Are you insane?"

Chris - "Not really, Al!" (laughs)

Jose - "Don't worry, Al. Maybe the challenge will be easy for you. Then again, probably not."

Alejandro - "Talk a big game, now. But when this challenge is won by my team, you will think a lot differently."

Jose - "Whatever you say, Al."

(Alejandro twitches)


Alejandro - "He is working my last nerve. I must turn this into motivation."


(Cut to players meeting Chris)

Chris - "Good morning, suckers!"

Heather - "What super fun challenge do you have planned for today?"

Chris - "Glad you asked, Heather. The objective of today's challenge is simple. One player from each team will stand atop a tower and pour water down five gutters, until it fills a barrel, held by that person's teammates. In the process, a bag containing puzzle pieces will be released. Then, you just have to assemble it. First team to do it wins. Losing team faces elimination. Short, sweet and to the point. For winning yesterday's challenge, the Veterans have a 30-second head-start!"

(Veterans cheer)

Chris - "You better make good use of that time. Okay, guys. Take a minute to strategize and we'll get going!"

Duncan - "I'll climb the tower and pour the water down!"

Gwen - "Sounds good."

Geoff - "And I'll do whatever needs to get done."

Heather - "Sure, why not?" (sarcastically)

Jose - "I'll climb the tower for us."

Blake - "You do that."


Blake - "If we lose another challenge, and he loses his temper and insults all of us, he has to go."


Chris - "Okay, Duncan. You're 30 second head start begins now!"

(Duncan quickly scales the tower and begins pouring water into the barrel.)

Chris - "And Duncan fills a quarter of the barrel, but the Rookies can now start the challenge!"

Jose - "This victory will be too easy."

(The Rookies begin to pour into their barrel. Duncan is doing the same for his team until he loses his balance and falls.)

Chris - "Ooh! And Duncan takes a fall! That opens the door for the Rookies to take control of the challenge! Who will come out on top? It certainly won't be Duncan."

Duncan - "Hey!"

Chris - "Find out after the break on Total! Drama! Blood vs Water!"

(Commercial break)

Chris - "Welcome back to Total Drama: Blood vs Water! Our players are hard at work embarrassing themselv - err I mean, hard at work trying to fill wooden barrels with water. And the Veterans have experienced a slight delay."

Gwen - "Are you alright, Duncan?"

Heather - "Why do you care so much?"

Gwen - (perplexed expression) "Just looking out for a teammate. Why?"

Heather - "I thought you were over this little wannabe." (Duncan becomes enraged)

Duncan - "How about you shut up for once and leave the real work to the rest of us!"

Heather - "Ooh. the big scary criminal came back to visit. Have you seen that nicey-nice pushover that we call a teammate? I can't find him anywhere."

Duncan - "Grrrr! That's it! I'm gonna win this challenge for us and then we'll see who's ready to run their mouths!"


Duncan - "Wow. I've known that dumb bimbo for years and I've never told her off like that before. The bad boy is back!"


Owen - "Hey, Al! Get this water to Duncan!"

Alejandro - "Sure thing, pal."


Alejandro - "Seriously?"

Owen - "I think Al really turned the corner since the last time I saw him. He seems totally nice now!"

Scott - "I still can't get over the fact that Duncan told Heather off like that. And I thought I had temper issues."


(Duncan fills the barrel completely and the Veterans' puzzle pieces are revealed.)

Chris - "Veterans. Time to solve that puzzle!"

Duncan - "Let's go!" (Veterans run off to solve puzzle, Rookies are seen struggling)

Jose - "You guys, the Vets are ahead, we need to!"

Blake - "We're trying to, calm down." (The Rookies claim their puzzle pieces.)

Luke - "Let's get moving"

Paula - "Go! Go! Go!"

Chris -"And both teams are working on the puzzle!"

Geoff - "Why does this puzzle look so familiar?"

Gwen - "It's Chris. That's why."

Chris - "Just when you thought you didn't see enough of me already."

(Heather and Alejandro solve the final pieces of the puzzle to win the challenge.)

Heather - "Yes! Victory!" (hugs Alejandro, both of the two back away immediately in embarrassment.)

Chris - "The Veterans win! Again!" (Veterans cheer, Rookies groan)

(cut to next scene, Rookies are walking back to their cabin.)

Blake (to Tom) - "Hey, we need to talk. It's about Jose."

Tom - "What's up?"

Blake - "I don't trust this guy. I don't think you can trust him as far as you can throw him, but my point is - he's the strongest person on this team. If we align with each other, we can stop this clown before he steps on everyone's toes. Wanna join an alliance?"

Tom - "Deal." (shakes Blake's hand)

(elimination ceremony)

Chris - "Rookies, I'm getting too used to seeing you at these ceremonies. Try to stop sucking, okay? The following people are safe - Blake, Luke, Paula, David and Albertha. Jose and Tom, one of you is about to get an embarrassing escort out of here. And tonight's loser is.....Tom!"

Tom - "What? Why me? I didn't do anything wrong!"

Chris - "Well, you kinda stunk it up in the challenge."

Jose - "Not to mention, you made some terrible life choices."


Jose - "I know Blake asked Tom to form an alliance. That's why I convinced the rest of the team to vote Tom off. The only reason I kept Blake is because I want him to feel safe. He won't feel safe for long, though." (laughs evilly)


Chris - "See ya later, lose-inator!" (Slingshot of Shame sends Tom flying, screaming)

Chris - "And another episode concludes. Who will get out alive. And who's gonna wish to die? Well, they won't wish for it, but that's not important. (laughs) Find out next time on Total! Drama! Blood vs Water!"

(fade to black)

Ep. 6 - "Liar, Liar, Take Me Higher"

Chris - "Last time on Total Drama Blood vs Water - Our players were locked in a battle of skill as our two very different teams set out to prove themselves. The Veterans reigned supreme, but it was the Rookies who made my night. Blake formed an alliance with Tom in an effort to take out Jose. But Jose made light work of Blake's plan, and Tom took the Slingshot of Shame outta here! 14 players remain. Who's here to stay? Find out tonight on Total! Drama! Blood vs Water!"

(opening theme plays)

(Morning, Veterans guy cabin)

Duncan - "Rise and shine, ladies."

Alejandro - (wakes up) "Someone has their mojo back."

Duncan - "What can I say? I really have to thank Heather, though. She helped me regain my edge."


Duncan - "This is too good. I'm back to my old self. Now that things are in order, I can start focusing on actually playing the game."

END CONFESSIONAL (next scene - The teams meet Chris at the beach.)

Chris - "Welcome to your next challenge! Since the Veterans have won the last two challenges, I think it's safe to say they're in control of this game."

(Veterans cheer, Duncan and Owen high five each other.)

Chris - "That being said, today's challenge will take a break from the physical pain, because it's time to cause some emotional distress! Long story short, today is a trust challenge. You may recall we did this way back in season 1, and have had challenges similar to this since then. Well, today's trust challenge will be a series of secretive questions about each player here. Not only is this an attempt to tell the world your embarrassing secrets, it's a chance to see where your teams stand. Take a seat on the logs placed by your teams, because this challenge is ON!"

(players are seated)

Chris - "We'll start with the Veterans. Heather, this one's yours."

Heather - "This should be good.: (sarcastic)

Chris - "Heather, it's evident you and Alejandro have butted heads over the years, and since this is your third time competing together, tell us - what do you think of him?"

Heather - "Alejandro?! He's a jerk, who would ever love someone who is deceitful, manipulative and downright evil? I can't believe I let you win in Hawaii that day, because you're just a nightmare!"

Chris - "Oohhhh, shots fired. Alejandro. Thoughts?"

Alejandro - "Heather, your beauty on the outside has always had me. But you're vindictive personality on the inside outweighs that. I'm over you and I'm here for a million dollars, not love. But I will always think fondly of you." (walks over to Heather and kisses her cheek.)


Heather - "He doesn't love me anymore? But how?!"


Chris - "Now that you've given your thoughts, the real twist to this challenge will be introduced. Heather and Alejandro, step up to the lie detector!"

(everyone gasps as Chef Hatchet brings a lie detector.)

Chris - "This goes for all of you. Tell the truth and you won't go home tonight. Who's about to be caught in a lie? Find out who after the break on Total! Drama! Blood vs Water!"

(Commercial break)

Chris - "Heather, you get to go first. To make your long story short, are you still in love with Alejandro?"

Heather "No! As if!" (lie detector needle points to FALSE)

Chris - "Heather lied, so the Rookies get the point! (Rookies cheer) Every time you tell the truth, you get a point, but you'll lose two points if you lie. First team to 5 points wins. Since the Veterans went first, they can't have a score below zero. Alejandro, you're up! Here's your question - are you in love with Heather?"

Alejandro - "No." (needle points to TRUE)

Chris - "The Veterans get a point, but I think the audience at home gets the benefits of this one." (Chris is seen on a small TV as former Total Drama contestant Sierra is shown watching.)

Sierra - "I knew Heather still had feelings for Alejandro! I have to blog this! Eeeeeh!"

(cut back to beach)

Chris - "Rookies, do we have a volunteer?"

Jose - "Yes." (raises hand)

Chris - "Jose, do you have any hatred towards your teammates?"

Jose - "No, I most certainly do not." (lie detector needles points to FALSE repeatedly to indicate that Jose is full of s***)

(Rookies gasp)


Blake - "I knew it."


Chris - "Rookies lose the only point they had. Vets, pick a player."

Duncan - "I'm up."

Chris - "Newly reformed bad boy Duncan. Your question - do you have feelings for your old flame - former contestant Courtney?"

Leshawna (to Gwen) - "This should be good."

Duncan - "Not at all." (detector needle points to TRUE)

Chris - "Duncan scores for the Vets! It's 2-0!" (Courtney is seen watching her TV)

Courtney - "He's over me?! I'm contacting my lawyers!" (back to beach)

Chris - "Duncan's shocking reveal means it's time for the Rookies to go again."

Paula - "Pick me!"

Chris - Paula! Your question is - have you ever said something hateful about Lindsay behind her back?"

Paula - "No." (needles points to FALSE) (everyone gasps, except Duncan, who simply shrugs his shoulders.)

Chris - "Mannn, you guys are sacrificing the win just to hide the truth. Paula, care to explain yourself?"

Paula - "One time when we were little, I told Lindsay to buy me new shampoo. She bought hair remover instead. It took me almost a year to grow my hair back."

Chris - "understandable. But, your team remains scoreless. Gwen, you're up. Gwen, have you ever at any point regretted dumping former player Trent?"

Gwen - "Nope." (needle points to TRUE)

Chris - "Gwen's brutal honesty means it's now 3-0 Vets!" (Trent is seen watching)

Trent - "Meh. Had to be done." (back to beach)

Chris - "Blake, your go! Your question - do you have a lack of trust towards any of your teammates?"

Blake - "Absolutely." (needle points to TRUE) (Rookies gasp, except Jose who gives Blake a dirty look.)

Chris - "Wow. The Rookies get a point. And at least one of Blake's teammates isn't exactly liked around here."


Blake - "You don't need a rocket scientist to know who I'm referring to."

Jose - "Of course he's gunning for me. He's threatened, plus he knows how inferior he is to me."

Blake - "Inferior?! Maybe I'll follow in Scott's footsteps and throw challenges till we vote this waste of space!"


Chris - "Scott, do you think your sister Albertha will ever get married?"

Scott - "Not a chance." (needle points to TRUE.)

Albertha - "Hey!"

Chris - "Scott makes it 4-1. One more point and the Vets will win their third challenge in a row!"

Owen (to Duncan) - "Yikes, we aren't afraid to be honest, huh?"

Duncan - "Would you rather get it off your chest and win or lie and lose?"

Chris - "David, if you could change anything about Duncan, would you do it?"

David (several seconds of stuttering) "No?" (FALSE)

Chris - "Rookies go back down to zero, and the Vets have a chance to win it right now. Geoff, your question - do you miss your girlfriend back home Bridgette?"

Geoff - "Of course I do."(TRUE) (Former player Bridgette is seen watching at home."

Bridgette - "Yay! That's my Geoffy-poo!"

Chris - "The Veterans win for the third time in a row!" (Vets cheer, Rooks groan)


Luke - "I'm just glad I didn't have to reveal any secrets. I really like Paula and I- aw man!"


(Commercial break)

(elimination ceremony)

Chris - "Man, you guys blew it. Not to mention, you sacrificed winning just to save your secrets. Well, one of you is about to go home empty handed. Get voting."

(players are seen in confessional voting)

Chris - "When I call your name, you're safe - Paula, Luke, Blake, and Albertha. Jose and David, it's down to you. The player moving on is...........Jose!"

Jose - "Yes!" (cut to Slingshot of Shame)

Chris - "Any last words?"

David - "Can I say bye to Duncan?" (Slingshot sends him flying and screaming)

Chris - "No, you can't. Who will be next to go down? And, can the Rookies finally end their losing streak? Find out next week, right here on Total! Drama! Blood vs Water!"

(fade to black)

Ep. 7 - "Too Little, Too Lame"

Chris - "Last time on Total Drama Blood vs Water! The players participated in a lie detector challenge to reveal once and for all just where their heads are at. Gwen and Duncan spilled the beans about their previous relationships. Heather and Alejandro were polar opposites. Blake revealed he doesn't trust one of his teammates. *cough* Jose! In the end, the Veterans won, forcing the Relentless Rookies to cut David loose. 13 remain. Not for long. Get ready. It's time for more Total! Drama! Blood vs Water!"

(opening theme plays)

(Rookies, following elimination ceremony)

Luke - "Man. Three challenges lost in a row? We need to do something!"

Paula - "It's only gonna get harder with only five of us left."

Albertha - "We'll be lucky if we even win a challenge again."

Jose - "Teammates. Friends. Companions. Worry not, for I have a plan."

Blake - "Oh yeah, hot shot? You lied and revealed you have hatred towards your teammates! How can we trust you?"

Jose - "And you truthfully admitted you have distrust towards someone here. How can we trust you?"

Blake - "Do not turn this around on me! We've lost three straight challenges and if you think your plan is worth following, you're sadly mistaken. It's a group effort to win around here."

Jose - "Yeah, until the teams merge. Then, winning the million is an individual game."

CONFESSIONAL Blake - "I'm having my own argument turned around on me. This place sucks." END CONFESSIONAL

Blake - "Why can't you just accept the fact that you need to show more effort? You'll never earn our trust if you just complain and blame other people!"

Luke - "Blake makes a point, Jose. We want to trust you. But we can't."

CONFESSIONAL Blake - "Not very subtle, Luke." END CONFESSIONAL

Paula - "Okay, everybody stop! We haven't been able to win and arguing about who's to blame isn't going to help us. Let's just get to bed and focus on winning tomorrow."

Blake - "Ah, you see that, guys? Now there's two people on this team that actually make sense."

(Next morning)

Chris (over PA) "Good morning, campers! Head to the beach pronto!" (cut to beach)

Chris - "Okay, Rookies. You guys have lost three challenges in a row. In a word - pathetic. But in other words - ratings GOLD. (laughs) But, there is a small silver lining to this cloud you call a team. The Veterans have to sit out three people for this reward challenge."

Gwen - "No big deal. We can win regardless."

Alejandro - "Well said, Gwen."

Chris - "Rookies, you do realize this requirement hasn't shaken the Vets confidence one bit? You better bring your A-game."

Jose - "I will."

Blake - "We will."

Chris - "Hardened Vets. Who you sitting out? (Owen, Scott, and Leshawna raise their hands.) Owen, Leshawna, Scott. Take a seat over here, cause this challenge is ON!"

Chris - "Okay, for this reward challenge, you will swim in the ocean to untangle nets of buoys. Once you've assembled them, swim out to the platforms waiting for you and shoot them into the basket. First team to land all 5 shots wins. And, they'll also receive an advantage in the immunity challenge. Vets, Rookies. Determine who you want to swim first."

(next scene, players are preparing)

Chris - "It's Duncan and Blake. Get ready, your challenge!" (The two start swimming.) And Duncan is untangling his buoy. Once you have them, place them on the platform and swim back."

Duncan - "One down, four to go."

Blake - "Got it!"

Chris - "Duncan and Blake are swimming back. Who's up?"

Alejandro - "Allow me."

Jose - "And I as well."

Chris - "Oohh! Alejandro and Jose are about to dive into action. It's bro on bro when we come back, right here on Total! Drama! Blood vs Water!"

(commercial break)

Chris - "Welcome back. Alejandro and Jose, a sibling rivalry for the ages is about to go DOWN!"

CONFESSIONAL Jose - "In case you thought Al was in trouble before, (laughs evilly) think again!" END CONFESSIONAL