Chris McLean is back! 18 of the past contestants from Total Drama have been split into three tribes based on different attributes, beauty, brains, and brawns. They will compete for one million dollars, and it's anyone's game now! Which skill will remain supreme? 

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"This Will Be The Death of Our Tribe"

"Beauty, Brains and Brawns." Our familiar host, Chris McLean, looking fine as ever, stood on the docks of Camp Wawanakwa, which had been cleaned up after Revenge of the Island. "Each of these three components are essential to succeeding in Total Drama. How, might you ask?"

He walked down the dock, as the camera followed him and continued talking. "Let's begin with beauty, an unexpected element. Think Heather, Justin and Alejandro. These three manipulated this trait, and excelled in their seasons. Heather? Camp Castaways. She tricked Duncan by falling asleep in his arms with her beauty and seductive tricks, managing to steal his stuff. Oh, uh, I might talk about the Harold incident in that challenge, but, we'll skip. Justin and Alejandro's strategies where to seduce with their beauty, and it worked quite well for them."

He chuckled, looking back at the camera. "Brains. If you want to make it far, you've got to have strategy… or you can compete in Revenge of the Island with that cast, but, strategy all the same. You need a gameplan, alliance, and strategy to avoid you from all the danger and drama, and push you past those dreaded elimination ceremonies. Examples? Cameron's brain managed to work well for him in Revenge of the Island, where he took home the cash prize. Strategy is also brainy, and Heather's Total Drama Island performance is another example."

"Finally, Brawn." He sighed, finishing off the statements. "If you even want to make it to the merge, you've gotta win those challenges and keep yourself safe. This is pretty self-explanatory, so, I don't think I should be making a big deal out of it, capishe?"

"There you go," Chris smiled, winking seductively, "mix those three up into a bowl of beauty, and you've got a victory pledge. Or Alejandro, but yeah. So, why exactly am I discussing these three components in our new season pilot? It's all a fun twist! This year, we've selected 18 of our 38 potential competitors, and split them up onto teams, based on their attributes in which they succeed most in. Like Total Drama World Tour, the three teams will compete in challenges, and the losing team will vote someone out."

He laughed manically, wiping tears of joy from his eyes. "Let's cut to our teams now, right?"

A regular sized speedboat zoomed across the water, and many islands surrounded this area. On it, was six of the past contestants, slightly wet from the ride, and with their eyes set on the cash. They looked around at each other.

"There is no way I am going on television with drenched hair," a girl with long blonde hair, a pink top and pink pants spoke, whom was named Dakota, "it's a tragedy! Can I get some hair and makeup before I even get onscreen? Oh wait, you're already recording… crap!"

Another blonde nodded in agreement. "Yeah, it's like, so horrible when you get your hair wet, but also really pretty at the same time! It so suits you!" Lindsay giggled, sharing a conversation with Dakota Milton.

"Ay yo," a voice with a thick Jersey accent interrupted, while spraying her large brown hair and stuffing the can back into her abnormal pouffe, "stop being such whiny losers, and get over the fact that you ain't as hot, nor classy as me! And that settles it." She clicked her fingers, and flicked her hair, which made the sound of clanking metal together, but Anne Maria never cared.

"Now, now, ladies," Spoke a relatively calm and seductive voice, "we don't have time for such petty arguments. Alejandro Burromuetto thinks all of you are equally as beautiful as one another." He grabbed Lindsay's hand who was right next to it, and kissed it, causing her to blush.

A blonde haired man with a cowboy hat, a pink unbuttoned shirt revealing his abs and some shorts cheered, raising his arms over the front of the boat, slightly wet from it all. He wasn't paying much attention to what was going on around him, just eager to be on a boat. "Woohoo! Drive faster! This reminds me of a wicked party with my friends… we cruised across the ocean in just skirts, and headaches! Well, we kind of woke up on one and don't remember anything, but woo!" Geoff continued.

"This yelling is giving me a headache," Justin complained, rubbing it, "and it's stressing me out. Stress gives you grey hairs, which gives me ugly components, which forces me to get a job in the circus, and there is no way that's happening!"

The camera zoomed away from them, going back up into the sky.

Below the clouds, but zooming higher than the ocean, a red helicopter continued to travel through the air. It contained six contestants crammed inside, much like the speedboat did. They continued to travel to their destination at Wawanakwa.

A Hispanic girl with darkish skin, and freckles on her face which blended well with her finely brushed brown hair, blouse, and green pants, folded her arms and squinted her eyes, not exactly happy with the position she is in. "Don't get all friendly with me, you idiots. I'm here to win, and I think I've well established that in a few seasons before."

"But there's no crazy fun in not annoying ya'!" Izzy chuckled, wrapping her long arms around Courtney, without her seatbelt. "Get used to it!"

A relatively short girl with light blonde hair resumed the conversation, but dwelling onto her own, sighing. "I can only read negativity about this competition, my tea leaves have never failed me. I hope they do this time…"

An Indian looking male, who also was short, and looked significantly bored and depressed continued with the conversation. "Tea leaves? This isn't Disney…" Noah stated.

"Come on guys, let's not argue!" The shortest person in the building spoke, with dark skin and incredibly thick glasses, giving off the stereotypical nerd vibe, which wasn't exactly good. "This is going to be an engaging competition, but uh, probably full of pain on my side… Sometimes, I wish I had my bubble with me." Cameron sighed.

A large African-Canadian man nodded his head, preferring not to speak. He went by as 'B', although some call him Silent B.

The camera zoomed away from the helicopter in the sky, and went crashing down through the ocean, gliding across the top of it, and travelled into the deep jungle of Wawanakwa, where a vehicle was heard treading through it. The camera stared into it, which was a truck with an open roof, resembling one of an army calibre, and was rocking from side to side on the bumpy track.

A strong looking girl, with a grey tracksuit, noticeable muscles, a strong resemblance to a male, and short dirty blond hair grinned, stretching. "All of you better stay back, because I'm here to win this." She crackled her knuckles, creating a large sound, and attempted to intimidate the others as Jo likes to do quite often, and flaunt her physical superiority.

A girl with dark skin, a rather thicker body shape, and long brown hair tied into a ponytail shot a glance at Jo, not happy with her attitude, and folded her arms, yawning. "Don't even think about crossin' a sista', or you're gonna' get double crossed."

"Let's build bridges, not walls." A nice voice of peace attempted to speak out, which came from another skinny girl on the team. She wore a blue jumper, shorts, and had a long blonde ponytail and a nervous smile, hoping that she didn't annoy anyone. "Can't we save the competition until we arrive at our destination? It'd be more sensible." Bridgette smiled, gracefully.

A delinquent raised his eyebrow, which had a piercing on it, and coupled with his green mohawk, and threatening appearance, it wasn't a pleasant sight. "You dorks can have fun with friendship and whining or whatever, but just don't bother me. Duncan's do not do peace."

"Sha-whatever." Lightning, a large athletic football player, with short brown hair resembling a tiny afro rolled his eyes, flexing his muscles. "Y'all better stay outta Lightning's way, or you better pay! Sha-yeah! Lightning both rhymes and rules!"

A male with a buff exterior, dog tags and a hand on his head ready for a salute had a straight face no, sitting on the bumpy vehicle trying to keep on with his seatbelt, gleaming in pride. "We stick together, and together, we will conquer all! That's what I learned in cadets, that's what we practice here!" Brick spoke firmly, while the others weren't interested in what he had to say.

The camera zoomed back.

Chris put back on his fake, cheesy, television smile, as the camera zoomed back onto him by the dock. "And there you have it! Those are our three teams this season, and I bet you can tell which is the Beauty, Brains and Brawns of them all, but they have no idea about this twist, and it's about to get interesting from here!"

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind continued on, which blew against Chris, as he covered his ears and attempted to keep himself standing. It had slowed down as the helicopter stopped on the beach, which contained one of the teams.

"Alright, let's go down and meet them."

Chris ran over to the beach after getting off the dock, which had three separate mats, one green in which the team stood on, one purple and one orange "Welcome, Luzon tribe! Excited to be here?"

"Well, so long as I don't get," before Cameron could finish his sentence, Chris rudely objected.

"No one cares," he laughed, wiping tears of joys due to his cruel behaviour. "Man, I've still got my edge! So, as you can tell with the maps, this season will have three teams, and you six are designated one of them. So, in one word, tell me how you each feel."

"Stressed." Dawn replied, in need of some relaxation.

"Eager." Cameron replied.

"Tired." Courtney rolled her eyes in her response.

"Explosive." Izzy winked, cheering.

"Bored." Noah spoke bluntly."

"…" B shrugged, unable to speak.

Chris rolled his eyes, unimpressed with most of their responses, and sighed. "Well, I can tell you bunch are a boring and horrible tribe, so let's wait for the others, why don't we?" He sighed, and begun talking to himself. "Man, I hope that show we ripped off doesn't sue us…"

Suddenly, a boat was heard in the distance, which contained another six contestants. It came up closer to the tacky beach of Wawanakwa, zooming across the water at high speeds. Eventually, it turned up onto the side, splashing water at the tribe before them, and parked by the dock. The driver had instructed them into the purple mat.

"Welcome, uh, other tribe that isn't as ugly as those guys?" Chris chuckled, upsetting the other tribe.

"Well, uh, duh!" Lindsay giggled. "We're like, so pretty."

"You mean, me!" Anne Maria glared, rummaging through her pouffe and applied another coating of hairspray, which she constantly continues with.

Noah raised his eyebrow, observing the other team. "There's literally no competition. Those guys are getting destroyed…"

"Don't be so quick to judge, Noah." Alejandro replied, with a seductive grin which annoyed Noah, who rolled his eyes, and focused on the ground below him, kicking sand out infront of the mat, completely bored.

Chris sighed, uninspired with his job, but continued for the cash from the network anyway. "So, other tribe, let's get talking. Each one of you, gimme' one word to describe how you are feeling."

"Hot." Anne Maria looked, winking, after applying her hairspray.

"Hot, like literally." Dakota attempted to fan herself in the heat.

"Super hot!" Lindsay giggled, after answering the question.

"That's two words, my lady," Alejandro grinned at Lindsay while Justin glared, "I guess… intrigued?"

"Hotter." Justin spoke firmly.

"Pumped!" Geoff spun his hat around his finger, and put it back on his head.

"I've watched that third season of this show from the sidelines, and Alejandro is trouble. I am obviously hotter, so if he tries to get into my way, I will take him down! But, not before a spa trip." ~ Justin

"Well, what terrible and tacky answers with the exception of my man, Geoff!" Chris walked closer to Geoff, and shared a casual fistbump with him, and resumed hosting. "Well, these are the Luzon and Solana tribes, so why don't we get on with the final tribe, Aparri?"

The camera then cut to the truck which had appeared earlier, zooming onto the six contestants, as they rocked across the beach, holding onto the sides as the seatbelts had come off. The truck stopped right by the orange mat, and they were instructed onto it, and it drove back away around the island, as Chris waved to it.

"Alright, Aparri!" Chris cheered, although not actually excited, and the other two tribes weren't exactly interested. "Now, welcome back you guys, and meet the other tribes."

Courtney's eyes were full of hatred from the Luzon tribe, after sharing eye contact with Duncan. She was absolutely infuriated about the cast choice, and stomped her foot. "That juvenile jerk better be the first one out of here!"

"Love you too, princess." Duncan rolled his eyes, attempting to ignore her.

Jo folded her arms, chuckling. "Wow, just look at how pathetic the other tribes are. We're going to stomp all over those nerds and models."

"Well, I think you've pointed it out quite clearly, Jo." Chris walked out in the middle of the three maps, hosting the show. "This season, you're divided up based on three important traits. There's beauty, brains, and brawns, which you are all split up, based on that. So, you guys want to take a crack at guessing which category you fit?"

Noah rolled his eyes, as he stuttered. "Definitely the brawns."

"Ooh, ooh!" Izzy jumped into the air behind him. "Beauty! Because Izzy likes to burn things hot!"

"That was terrible." Noah replied.

Cameron raised his hand. "If I may say, we are Luzon, the purple tribe is Solana and the other tribe is Aparri. This season of Total Drama kind of copies that other show, and we're brains, Solana is beauty, and Aparri is brawns!"

"Can you like, not?" Chris facepalmed, already annoyed with him. "Thanks for ruining the fun…"

Leshawna replied. "Uh, I don't know anything here that is fun…"

Chris slipped on his expensive sunglasses, which reflected the shining, bright light and winked at the others, telling a terrible joke. "Haters gonna' hate, am I right?" Everything had become silent, and the others ignored him. "Whatever. Anyway, Beauties, Brains and Brawns," he pointed at each respective team, "let's kick things up a notch. Each team, elect someone as your tribe leader. This will be important."

"Before we do any fair elections or whatever," Courtney walked out in front of her mat, with a mischievous grin, "I'm going to openly nominate myself for the Brains tribe. Judging by the others, I clearly am the leader."

"I second that so she stops talking." Noah agreed, and the rest of the tribe nodded.

"…" B added.

"So it's settled." Courtney grinned. "Say what you want, Noah, but I've outlasted you in both seaosns we competed in, so shut it."

Noah replied bluntly. "The more time away from you, the better."

"As the strongest member of the Brawns, you all should vote me." Jo stood out, proudly. "Otherwise, you're just a bunch of morons."

"Sha-what?" Lightning objected. "Lightning is the clear, intelligent, smart, strong, and sexy leader that every tribe needs!"

Brick intervened. "I say we have a public vote, majority wins. Our tribe cannot afford chaos if we intend to live up to the stakes, and be the strongest brawn team to ever exist." He stood straight, while the rest of the tribe looked at him.

"Boi might be a bit crazy, but I believe he's right." Leshawna agreed.

Duncan, however, ignored what was going on. "Whatever, have fun fighting for leadership. You'll still get voted off."

"I personally believe Leshawna is fit for the job." Bridgette smiled, and hi-fived Leshawna.

"I believe I am." Jo stood out again.

"No, Lightning is!" Lightning shoved her out of the way, rudely.

Brick added in agreement. "I personally believe Leshawna is best suited, uh, ma'am!"

"Suck up." Jo folded her arms, unimpressed with Brick's behaviour.

Duncan stretched his arms out, yawning, while the drama continued to go on around him. "I suppose I'll go with Leshawna, so everyone stops talking, and this show can move on and hurry up and end, with me and the million together."

Chris nodded, hearing the results. "So, Courtney is the leader for the Brains, Leshawna for the Brawns… Beauty? Gonna nominate someone?"

Justin looked at his reflection in the mirror, adjusted his hair, and immediately turned back around to flash his ego. "As the hottest member of our tribe, I believe that I," Justin was immediately cut off.

"I believe we should vote fairly, much like the Brawns did." Alejandro looked around, smiling specifically at the girls.

"He's super hot, but I can't let that guy hog all the screentime with those muscles! He's got to go." ~ Dakota

"Yeah, sure." Dakota looked directly at his chest, which poked out of his shirt.

"I totally agree, Alexander!" Lindsay blushed, while Alejandro faintly rolled his eyes.

"Yo, whatever the hottie says, Anne Maria does!" Anne Maria licked her lips after looking at him, attracted.

Geoff rubbed the back of his head. "Well, uh, Alejandro, Total Drama World Tour kind of proved that you're a deceptive monster, man… not really a cool leader… you kissed my girlfriend."

"Now, comrade," Alejandro tried to butter him up with his social skills, "I'm a changed man. I've pledged to my mother that I'll be an honest man this season, and not use my skills to my advantage unlike last time."

"I'll keep feeding them lies, because they'll believe it. Alejandro Burromuetto will come out on top, like old times, and crush the rest into the dirt." ~ Alejandro

"Well, I guess." Geoff shrugged. "But don't pull anything that isn't like, cool."

Alejandro bowed, stepping out. "Definitely."

"Well, so it looks like it's Alejandro, Courtney and Leshawna. Now, let's make things even more interesting, and don't even think about replying, Cameron." Chris shot a glare at the short nerd, who gulped. "Now, you three leaders, pick one member of the tribe you would deem… the weakest? Yeah, you do that."

"Too bad I can't pick Duncan. That jerk is going down." ~ Courtney

Leshawna looked at her team, trying to make a good decision on who she would deem to be the weakest member of my tribe. "Well, I have to say… Brick. That dude ain't so strong when it comes to the mind."

Brick stood out. "Well, it's not as bad as what happened in the cadets, but I shall assume responsibility!"

"I don't think my tribe is very tolerant of me, so I shall prove how worthy I am to them, in some way. Mother, if you're watching, you're always in my heart!" ~ Brick

"I was genuinely surprised that I wasn't picked as the weakest. I'm not as strong as the others, obviously, and I just look like a pretty girl. But, Leshawna has my back, and she's definitely a great friend to have in this." ~ Bridgette

Courtney observed her team, grinning, evilly. "Eenie, meenie, minie, moe. Catch a jerk by it's toe. If he complains, let him go. Eenie, meenie, minie, moe. Noah." She smiled, as Noah stood out, rolling his eyes.

"Whatever, then." Noah replied. "I'm outraged, because I'm obviously the biggest physical threat. But really? Me over bobblehead? Whatever." Cameron raised an eyebrow. "Yes, you."

Alejandro looked at his team, as he had to make his decision. "To all of you, I don't mean to offend anyone, but I have to make this decision for the good of our team. I choose Justin as the weakest. I don't think he should go on, and potentially injure his… beauty." Alejandro shuddered, barely able to finish his sentence.

"Pfft, this is obviously out of jealousy." Justin rolled his eyes. "Because I'm the hottiest."

"That's… not a word…" Geoff replied. "Don't be bummed, dude."

Chris instructed the three campers over into the helicopter, helped them in, and shut it tight. "Well, those three weaklings will be getting airlifted to camp! Hahahaha! The rest of you, you'll be getting maps and a compass to navigate through the forest to find your campsite! Fun? Yeah!"

"Now I wish I chosen…" Bridgette replied.

Chris handed them all compasses and maps, so they could navigate. "There you go! Follow them, and don't take too long. You're going to need to make a fire and shelter."

"Wait, what about the cabins?" Leshawna folded her arms. "Can't we just use those?"

Chris chuckled. "Hahahaha, nope! Those have been taken down for challenge space purposes. Also, food? You're hunting. Welcome to the real world." He walked off, heading back to his trailer, ditching the contestants to fend for themselves.

"That guy is getting on my last nerves." Leshawna cracked her knuckles, and looked at the map. "Well, does anyone know how to read this?"

Duncan sighed, taking it out of her hands. "Just follow me."

The Brawns had begun to walk off, with Duncan in the lead and Bridgette trotting behind. She looked back at Geoff, smiling, and waved at him. "Good luck baby!" She blew him a kiss.

"I love you babe, good luck!" Geoff blew her back a kiss, blushing, and she walked off with her team to find their campsite. "Too bad we're not together."

Alejandro put his hand on Geoff's shoulder, in an attempt to cheer him up. "You'll reunite soon, don't be bummed."

"Right when their torches are snuffed, preferably." ~ Alejandro

"You really have changed, man, and thanks." Geoff fistbumped him. "Now, you know how to read a map, or something, dude?"

Alejandro nodded. "Of course."

Courtney read over the map, relieved. "Thankfully Noah isn't with us. As I'm a C.I.T, obviously I can read a map. This way." She led her team through the forest, and they followed her.

The Brawns team begun to navigate through the jungle, as Duncan led them, while reading the map. Cries of freaky animals echoed, which frightened them slightly, but he didn't budge and continued to walk through the forest to his destination. "I'm tired of this."

"Why exactly did we cut through the forest when camp is at the beach?" Bridgette inquired, frightened by all of the activity going on in the forest. "Ahh!" She said, as she nearly tripped over a stump, annoying Duncan.

"Uh, because it's quicker?" He facepalmed, and continued walking. "Are you all seriously scared?"

Bridgette dusted herself off, and tried to become more confident, but was full of fear with every step she took. "I'm… not scared."

"Then shut up." Duncan replied. "Us Brawns shouldn't be so whiny all the time, it's just stupid."

"Can we just NOT do this arguing crap today?" Leshawna waved her fingers, finding this all to be a nuisance. "We have a whole lot to do, so let's just hurry up and find home."

Jo rolled her eyes. "I'm on a team of wimps."

"Just, don't." Leshawna snapped back.

"So," Lindsay, the blonde bombshell as described by many, followed Alejandro who was guiding them with the help of the map, "is this like, a path to hidden treasure? That would be like, so awesome, am I right?"

She clapped her hands, but Alejandro continued walking. "Lindsay, if you would tone it down, I am trying to lead." He spoke, without getting angry.

Lindsay giggled, blushing after this. "Oh, sorry Jalapeno!"

"Once again, she defiles my name! I never thought I would see her again after her elimination, but now, she's on my hitlist… unless she becomes a loyal ally, but I must think ahead." ~ Alejandro

"So, uh," Geoff spoke, as they walked through the golden sand with the sun shining bright into their eyes, "how far away is camp, dude?"

Alejandro looked at the map, trying to deduce a clear answer. "Roughly fifteen minutes, unless we pick up the pace."

Dakota rolled her eyes. "Well, I hate walking, and this is so boring! I need to reapply my make up before I even get started."

"Someone as beautiful as you doesn't need any makeup." He gazed into her eyes, causing her to blush, but look away. "Come on, don't resist." He continued to walk.

Dakota snarked. "I have a boyfriend…? Also, while a cheating scandal would make my fame fly through the roof, I'd like to remain an honest and clean woman. So, stop talking so we can get walking to camp!"

Anne Maria sprayed her in the face, tired of her talking. "Yo', stop complaining, pasty!"

"Argh!" Dakota rubbed her eyes, coughing.

"Ladies!" Alejandro intervened, attempting to break up the fight.

"Has that dude really changed at all?" ~ Geoff

Meanwhile, the Brain tribe (Luzon) continued to navigate across the island, with Courtney leading them through a shortcut through the forest, to take them to their beach on the other side of the island, so they could arrive their quickly. "Hurry up," Courtney complained, "we need to get there as soon as possible, so we can set up camp…"

"Ayeyeyeye!" Izzy roared, which startled many birds in the forest, causing them to flee while she cheered in joy. "Cap'n Izzy to the rescue!" But before Courtney could protest, Izzy continued her war cry, and dashed off into the forest beyond anyone's view.

"Izzy is certainly strange," Cameron adjusted his glasses, observing her.

Courtney rolled her eyes, feeling mixed about this. "She better not get eaten out there, that could be detrimental to our tribe…"

"Courtney, you must invest in proper meditation techniques," Dawn approached her quietly, attempting to help out, "your aura is probably one of the most unpleasant things I have ever read, no offence meant. You need to be more relaxed, or a disaster will befall you."

Courtney raised an eyebrow, and dismissed this. "Whatever, I'm perfectly calm, relaxed, laidback, yadda' yadda'." She continued walking ahead of Dawn. "Don't slow us down."

"…" B added to the conversation, while walking.

"Stop being so useless and unnecessary," Courtney muttered to him, visibly annoyed and stressed out. "Is '…' all you say? You don't say anything…"

"…" B frowned, clearly upset and annoyed by this.

Dawn put her hand on Courtney's shoulder. "You really do need meditation in your life."

"W…whatever!" Courtney stormed ahead, still following the map.

The teams had continued to navigate through the island, in hopes of finding their camps, and the ones who were branded as the weak links were dropped off at their campsites. Brick stretched his arms, taking in a deep breath, smiling.

"It's finally good to be here without… the uh… mutants!" He sighed, standing on the sand.

He looked around, relaxing, until he realized something. "Oh right, time to prove yourself, Brick McArthur! You are going to get started on the shelter!"

He walked around camp, and he found a post with a flag on it, reading 'Aparri'. By it, was a machete, a bag of rice, and a piece of paper. "What could this possibly be?"

"You've been elected the weakest, so it's time to prove your worth. An extra bag of rice, or a clue to the idol. The choice is yours to make." He read the paper aloud.

"Hmm… while the idol is tempting, I shall take the bag of rice!" He left the clue, which production had taken away, and an extra bag of rice was thrown at camp. He grabbed the machete, which he felt uncomfortable holding, and went off to cut some bamboo.

Justin stormed across the beach, and lied down, slipping on his glasses. "Stupid Alejandro. That monster is going next! Justin, do not stress. Grey hairs, dude. Grey hairs…"

The sun was getting too unbearable for him, so he stood up off the beach, and walked closer to the forest, leaning against the flag post for 'Solana'. He found a piece of paper.

"Huh? What does this say?" He looked at it, inventively. "Come on, brain, it's just reading! You can do it… Let's see, boring, boring, boring… rice or immunity idol clue? Now, rice is just bad carbs, and Alejandro is sneaky… so I'll take the clue…"

He picked up the idol clue, and begun to read it. "Well, the rocks? The water's edge? It's obviously in there."

Not stressing at all, he kicked off his shoes, and ripped off his shirt, and walked along the beach until he saw a build-up of rocks to the side and touched it with his hands. "Eww! It's muddy! Yuck… wait, this makes for a good complexion… Nice."

He began digging a few holes in there, until a few crabs nipped him. "Argh!" He let out one of the biggest screams in his life, and ran across the beach screaming, trying to get them off.

Noah lied down on the beach, happy to get a break from his team. "I can't believe I'm enduring another season of this. Not even a cabin this time… I hate everything, I repeat, everything… I'm so tired…"

He stood back up, as his feet were getting soaked from the tide, and walked back to camp, looking over at the sign. "What is this?"

"You've been elected the weakest, so it's time to prove your worth. An extra bag of rice, or a clue to the idol. The choice is yours to make." He read the paper aloud.

"Do we really need two bags of rice? One is enough," Noah yawned in boredom, "and those freaks don't deserve anything."

Noah grabbed the idol clue, and begun to skim over it. "Reach into high lengths, blah blah blah, long descent over the edge, blah blah blah, waterfall… wait, waterfall? There's seriously an idol… by the waterfall? Come on now, that's pathetic."

He looked around, and spotted the regular cliff in the distance. "Yeah, no."

He took another look, and not deep in the forest, was a small mountain, with some sort of waterfall leading into the lake around him. He trotted off, in search for it.

"Woohoo!" A cheering voice was heard, after he had left the camp. "Ayeyeyeye, Cap'n Izzy is leaving the station!"

Roughly half an hour had passed, and most of the teams had arrived at their campsites. The Brains were the first to arrive back, with Courtney's shortcut having an advantage. "Told you guys I knew this piece of crap island like the back off my hand." She panted, dropping onto the sand.

She looked around, and noticed that there was a large fire already going. "Huh? Who made this? Where is Noah?"

Suddenly, Izzy came swinging in on a vine, with a spear in one hand stabbed through a fish, and her hand on the vine. She landed on the sand, chuckling. "Hahahaha, Cap'n Izzy brings food and fire! Let it burn!"

"Uh… alright." Courtney nodded. "Where's Noah?"

Dawn rubbed her chin, thinking. "Something tells me he's off somewhere out of greed. But, I can't say for certain."

"Well, that's helpful…" Courtney rolled her eyes.

Cameron sighed. "The sun is going to set soon, we need to build a shelter."

"Whaaat!" Courtney looked around, and noticed that the sun was slowly dropping, creeping behind the clouds. "There is no way I'm sleeping on the ground! Alright, I have plans for the shelter."

"The rain will be coming in against us, so we should build a floor, and a diagonal shaped roof against the sunlight to block out the glare against our eyes, and so we have more protection in case of storms, as the trees should block out a lot." Cameron suggested an idea.

Courtney folded her arms, disagreeing. "No, we should make a small, convenient cabin. It would be much nicer, and more practical."

"Sorry, but wouldn't that be much harder to build?" Cameron replied.

Courtney glared at him, infuriated. "What would you know about building? You probably can't do a pushup!"

"My strengths are more suited academically!" Cameron rebutted, slightly annoyed. "I don't want to get into an argument, but your ideas… aren't practical."

"Shut up and deal with it." Courtney snapped back at him, causing him to slightly step back in fear of her attacking him.

"Yikes! I'm sorry!" Cameron grunted.

"You better be." Courtney yelled.

But while this drama was going on, Noah walked across the beach, returning, and was glad the argument would take the suspicion off him as he tucked something into his pocket. Dawn sat on the beach, trying to meditate past the drama, and B was already at work on the shelter while Izzy cooked the fish.

"Are you done talking?" Courtney rudely questioned, and folded her arms, stressed out. She looked back, and saw that B was already constructing a shelter, similar to both of their suggestions. "Really?"

"…" B replied, and continued constructing.

"That's your answer to everything." She replied.

"I don't feel that there is much unity and peace within my tribe. We are off the rails, and there's no turning back as of yet…" ~ Dawn

The Solana tribe had arrived back, with crabs in both of Justin's hands, as he fell back onto the sand, yelling off the top of his lungs. They were very confused by his actions, only for Alejandro to come along and assist him, while Geoff chuckled. "I see you caught us crabs," Alejandro grabbed them, putting them in his satchel.

"Whatever…" Justin rolled his eyes, as water dripped down it, causing Anne Maria and Lindsay to drool, while Dakota applied her makeup. "I'm still gorgeous and smart."

"Sure?" Alejandro replied.

"Dudes," Geoff interrupted, "we gotta' build a shelter, man! All we've got is a machete."

Anne Maria raised an eyebrow, rudely. "Ain't that some whacky horror movie crap?"

"Isn't that a brand of nailpolish?" Lindsay clapped her hands. "It's like, really red."

"It's a knife…" Geoff chuckled.

Lindsay gasped. "Why are you holding it? Isn't it sharp?"

"He's only holding onto the handle, Lindsay. It won't harm you there, "Alejandro replied, "also, there's various bamboo, trees, and wood lying around. We could easily construct a shelter for us. Shall we work on a plan?

Geoff replied, eagerly. "I'm fine with that!"

After a while of talking, Geoff was cutting out bamboo and wood, while the others helped bring it to Alejandro, who was building the flooring of the hut. Justin continued to relax on the beach, working on his tan, and his lack of effort annoyed the team.

The last tribe, Aparri, had arrived at their campsite. They were shocked to see most of their shelter complete, as made by a hard working Brick, who continued to finish it off while sweating heavily, ignoring the team. "Oh, so you did something?" Duncan raised an eyebrow. "Sweet…"

"Sir, yes sir." With this motivation, Brick continued to work at an even faster pace.

"You uh, need any help?" Leshawna offered, but Brick shook his head, as he finished off the roof by himself. "K' then…"

Jo folded her arms, looking around camp. "What else needs to be done around here?"

Bridgette begun to think, knowing that there is something that they are missing. "Oh, right. We need a fire, or we won't be able to cook, boil water for consumption, or warm up during the night. So, uh, we should probably make it right now, because the sun is starting to set, and we took a while getting here."

"I'll go make the fire." Brick offered.

"Honey, you've been working way too much! Just have a sit down before you get dehydrated." Leshawna said to him, and he relaxed in the shelter, panting.

"Lightning will make the Sha-Fire!" Lightning had gathered around some rocks near the camp, placed down twigs and dried grass, making a big pile. "Sha-yoink!" He snatched two larges pieces of wood, and began to vigorously rub them together, with all his force, not giving up until he got fire.

"Come on!" Lightning glared, going even faster. "Stupid wood!"

Jo kicked a coconut on the ground, visibly bored. "Why are there coconuts in Muskoka? This stupid show makes no sense."

"Wait a minute," Bridgette grabbed the machete, and cut through the coconut, which had no juice inside. "These are props, and we could use them for cups. The map did say there was a waterwell…"

"Nice thinking girl!" Leshawna walked out, hi-fiving Bridgette. "So, Duncan, Jo, you two fix up the shelter while Brick relaxes, Lightning, continue on the fire, and us two will get water that we can brew." She grabbed the map, and the two walked off.

"Whatever I can do to seem valuable, is okay by me…" ~ Bridgette

"Whatever." Jo rolled her eyes, placing long palms on the roof of the shelter, to block out rain.

Lightning continued rubbing the wooden pieces together, and smoke was slowly beginning to rise out of it. "Sha-go, go, go smoke! Create… fire! Sha-Yeah!"

"What… is he doing?" Duncan raised an eyebrow, stabbing the machete into a tree.

"I don't even know, he's such a moron." Jo replied, folding her eyes. "Hey, jockstrap, you're on fire."

Lightning rolled his eyes. "Yo, be quiet dude, Lightning is trying to," before he could finish his sentence, he looked below him. His fire had started, but it had spread to his pants quite quickly, and he could feel the heat. "Ahhh!" Jo and Duncan laughed manically, while Lightning dived into the water, which took out the fire."

It was night at the Luzon camp. The fire was cracking, and everyone had huddled for warmth by the fire, which was outside of their shelter. The crickets were annoying to the ear, and the mosquitos would not quit at it, and they were constantly slapping them off.

"This… is terrible." Courtney sighed, slowly eating her part of the fish that Izzy had caught. "I actually miss that horrible sludge Chef cooks… I feel so drained."

"I think we all do." Noah replied, shivering in the heat. He crawled up to Silent B, not realizing who was cuddling to, and wrapped his arms around him. "You're so… warm…"

"…" B's face was one in horror, and Noah shared eye contact with him, smiling, but he realized what was going on and launched out of his reach.

"This… never happened." Noah spoke firmly to B, looking away. Despite what he says, he would prefer cuddling with B to keep being warm, as even with the fire, he was still freezing at the night time temperatures.

"Hahahaha." Courtney and Izzy laughed, while finishing off their fish.

Dawn, however, was off in the forest. "I wonder what she's doing out there…" Cameron shivered besides them, coming closer to the fire in order to warm up. "I hope she's fine…"

B shrugged.

"Eh, she'll be fine. One less person in our already cramped shelter, the better." Courtney replied.

"I'm not usually this mean, but I'm just so stressed out in this competition, you honestly wouldn't be able to believe it. But I came here to win, so I need to get in good with these nerds, despite how much I want to strangle them. Courtney, you're going far in life. This should just be a walk in the park…" ~ Courtney


Meanwhile, the Beauty tribe were suffering the same conditions, but at least had food to eat. Alejandro had impaled the crabs, and burnt them over a fire, so everyone could enjoy them. Surprisingly, they tasted quite nice.

"This has no carbs, right?" Lindsay questioned, as she continued to eat. "This tastes sooo much better than what Chef cooks!"

Dakota nodded. "Yeah, it really does. But the camera always puts on five pounds, so I need to lose it."

Geoff continued nibbling at it. "Yeah, this is pretty rad, but uh, these bugs won't quit!"

Justin, however, wasn't suffering any problems from the mosquitoes. They weren't bothering him, and he thought it was due to his beauty, although some could disagree. "Maybe when you're as hot as me, you wouldn't have these problems."

"Whatever floats your boat," Alejandro replied, and smacked a mosquito off him, "this is draining, and we are suffering without water, and I'm not sure if we can boil anything with our canteens. Our best option is sleeping now, and reserving our energy for the morning."

Anne Maria ignored this, spraying on her fake tan. "Whatevs, but this really does the job of repelling."

Meanwhile, the Brawn tribe had their canteens filled up with the boiled water, so they could drink. However, it was too dark to hunt, so they would go the day without a meal. They lied down on their shelter, which wasn't very comfortable, but it did the job. "Man," Bridgette sighed, barely keeping herself awake, "this is tough."

"I've been through worse," Duncan smirked maliciously, yawning, and rolled onto his side, "well, I'm going to sleep, so shut up everyone."

"Y'all, we should get some rest." Leshawna added. "We're probably gonna' be up tomorrow morning due to Chris."

With that, they had drifted off to sleep, while Brick was already in deep sleep.

It was early in the morning, and Chris had spoken through the megaphones, which blasted across throughout the entire island. It would be their first challenge, and they were to bring it. "Wake up, losers! Meet me by the campgrounds, for our first challenge! It's gonna be a tough one, so give it all you've got!"

They had navigated through the forest as fast as they could, and were met by an interesting set up, with buckets, the water, and a maze which would fit balls in. "Alright, ready to get to your immunity challenge?" Chris spoke, attempting to mock Jeff Probst.

"Well, not really." Cameron chuckled nervously, in a reply.

"I don't care, once again." He stated, and begun to instruct what was going on. "Now, here is how it will work. One of you will stand by the water platform, and fill up your bucket. Three of you will balance on barrels, and will be thrown the bucket, and you must pass it back until the two people by the maze get the water, and fill up a bucket. When you go through enough tries and fill that up, a ball will drop and you must place it in the centre of the maze. The two by the maze will have to turn it, until the ball drops out. The two teams to do so win immunity, and maybe a reward."

"This will be easy." Jo chuckled, folding her arms. "I'm on the…"

But before she could finish her sentence, Chris once again, decided to her off. "Yeah, I have already randomized your positions."

"Are you serious?" Courtney raised an eyebrow.

"How do we know if you didn't choose them yourself to maximize drama?" Cameron questioned.

"I'm sure you all have faith in your supreme leader host," Chris chuckled, arrogantly, "now, I'll announce the positions."

Alejandro facepalmed, annoyed with this. "Sure."

"Jo, Geoff and B will be starting from the start, filling up the first bucket, and throwing. Alejandro, Justin and Anne Maria will be balancing and throwing from the Beauty tribe, Bridgette, Duncan and Brick for the Brawns, and Dawn, Courtney and Noah for the Brains. This leaves Lindsay and Dakota to do the maze for the Beauty tribe, Lightning and Leshawna for the Brawns and Cameron and Izzy for the brains!"

Cameron raised an eyebrow at an excited Izzy. "This… will be interesting. Hehe…"

"Fun!" Izzy cheered.

"I love mazes!" Lindsay clapped her hands.

Geoff nodded. "Oh yeah, so do I. But, they're a bit hard?"

"So?" Lindsay folded her arms. "I'm really smart."

"This will be the death of our tribe." ~ Alejandro

"So, are you survivors, I mean, uh, campers ready?" Chris clapped his hands, after everyone was put into position. "Go!"

The three people at the start, rushed to fill up their buckets of water. Jo got the lead for her team, and threw the bucket to Bridgette, who caught it with precision, while B and Geoff followed. "Hurry up, maggots!" Jo commanded them, while Brick saluted from his balance barrel.

"We've got this." Bridgette held the bucket, and looked over at Duncan, preparing to throw it. "You got this, Duncan?"

"Whatever, just move on!" Duncan replied rudely, and Bridgette threw the bucket, which spilled out some of their water, and rocked out more when Duncan caught it. "What a pathetic challenge." He replied, preparing to throw it to Brick.

Alejandro also caught his bucket finely, showing off while he balanced on one foot, annoying Jo greatly. "Justin, catch."

Justin nodded, and as Alejandro threw the bucket to him, he instantly dodged in fear. "Hey, why did you throw that at me? Are you trying to give me a scar? And if I get a scar… I… I… argh! You are crazy!" Justin flipped him off, throwing the bucket back.

Alejandro facepalmed, annoyed with his antics, and threw it back to Geoff. "Let's try this again."

"Uh, alright dude." Geoff ran back to the shore, and filled up the bucket, and threw the water to Alejandro, managing to spill only a little. "Nice!"

Meanwhile, Brick held the bucket, and looked over to Leshawna. "I'm ready to throw, ma'am!"

"Yo, stop being a fool and let's just move on!" Leshawna groaned. "A sista' ain't losing this challenge, not today!" Brick nodded, and threw the bucket to her, spilling nearly half of its capacity, and she caught it well.

"Sorry ma'am!" Brick bowed.

Leshawna rolled her eyes, and poured the water into the bucket by the maze, but it only filled up a quarter. "C'mon, let's speed this up." She handed the bucket to Lightning, who threw it like a football, heating Jo upside the head.

"Argh!" Jo rubbed the back of her head. "Watch what you are doing!" She ran to the lake, attempting to refill it.

Dawn balanced with precision, as she caught the bucket for B. "Thank you B," she replied, "I practice my balance well."

"Hurry up, and get a move on! The Brawns are beating us, and the ugly tribe is catching up despite their failures!" Courtney stomped her foot on the barrel, almost falling off.

"My apologies!" Dawn replied nervously, and threw the bucket. It nearly came off short, but Courtney reached out and grabbed it, but no water had come out and it was nearly at the top.

"Sorry," Courtney rolled her eyes in an apology, "now, Noah, catch!"

She threw it in the air, and a little water topped out, but Noah caught it, splashing some in his face, much to his dismay. "Nice." He rolled his eyes as well.

"Don't roll your eyes at me." She folded her arms, glaring, despite the fact that she shot him multiple rude looks as well, but Courtney is always the bossy and demanding type, so she believes that she can do what she wants, despite her claims to others.

Justin had managed to throw the bucket without dropping it to Anne Maria, although it only had half its capacity left inside. "Ey, yo, what am I supposed to do with this?" She held it tightly, grunting in her thick Jersey accent. "Oh, uh, right."

She threw it at Dakota, who reluctantly caught it. She winked into the camera. "See, beautiful people have skill." She winked, and filled up the bucket, which was halfway.

"Come on, Noah." Courtney folded her arms.

Noah rolled his eyes in a response, and threw the bucket to Izzy, who caught it. "Whatever."

She filled it up, and it nearly rose to the top. "Woohoo! Nearly!" She threw it back, and B caught it in his hands.

Leshawna ran to finish filling up the bucket, nearly taking it to the top. "Come on, we got this!" Once again, Lightning got into the routine of throwing back the bucket, but Jo was prepared to catch it this time, and not get hit.

"The Brawns and Brains have nearly got their buckets full, and the Beauties are staggering behind! Who will pull this off? Find out after the break… on… Total Drama: Beauties vs. Brains vs. Brawns!"

"Inspiring title," Noah rolled his eyes, as it cut to an advertisement break.

"We're back!" Chris said.

Alejandro had thrown another bucket to Justin, who glared. "Try not to spill anymore, and we can get this filled!"

Meanwhile, the Brawns and the Brains filled up their buckets, and were working on the puzzle. "Uh, so, you know what you're doing, right?" Leshawna questioned Lightning, as he placed the ball in the centre of the maze.

"Sha-please," he rolled his eyes, "Lightning can do this on his own!"

"I'm not so sure," Leshawna spoke softly, as she assisted with turning the circle, in order to get the ball through the maze.

Cameron grabbed the ball, and attempted to slide it into the centre, but was having difficulties reaching. "Come on!" He threw it in, and sighed. "Phew. Alright, now I need to calculate the direction and what moves I need to make to…"

Before he could continue thinking, Izzy grabbed it, and started moving it. "Izzy! Wait!"

"No way, comrade!" She chuckled, moving it round and round. "Izzy knows what she does best!"

Cameron facepalmed, but when he looked over, he was shocked when she was making progress. "Keep going, Izzy! That's awesome."

"Come on, Lightning!" Leshawna grunted, trying to push the maze in circles to get the ball through to the end. "Do you know what are you are doing? The Brains are beating us!"

"Sha-please," he rudely spoke again, "Lightning always knows what he's doing!"

Dakota caught another bucket, and poured it into the other one, causing the ball to be released, and she cheered with Lindsay. "Score one for Dakota! My fanbase is going to be so proud! Did you get that on camera?" The cameraman nodded. "Sweet!"

Lindsay put the ball into the centre, and attempted to move the maze. "Wow, this is hard!"

Dakota helped on the other side. "It is."

"Wow, it's moving around a lot!" Lindsay replied. "It's kind of cute."

"Uhhh… right?" Dakota didn't know how to respond, and continued trying to manoeuvre the ball into the end. "Come on."

"I hate challenges so much, and it's so annoying, but look how popular I will be if I'm the brawn, brain and beauty of this tribe! I'm so perfect…" ~ Dakota

"Lightning, hurry up!" Leshawna pressured him, as the two weren't doing a very good job at getting the ball through the maze, nor well-coordinated. "The other two teams are beating us! So help me, you will be going home!"

Lightning was frustrated with her statements. "Stand back, and make way for Lightning!" He ran at the maze, focusing directly at the centre, and slammed into it, causing him to fall back. This caused the maze to spin uncontrollably, and the ball fell out of the bottom.

"Lightning?" Leshawna raised an eyebrow.

"Brawns… win… immunity!" Chris clapped his hands. "Brains, Beauties, might want to finish this quick, because one of you will be voting someone out!"

"Uh oh, speed up, Izzy!" Cameron spoke to Izzy, who kept spinning it from side to side, without any noticeable strategies.

"Ayeyeyeye!" Izzy replied, "I've got this!"

"You sure?" Cameron questioned, rubbing his head.

"If I were doing the puzzle without Izzy, we'd probably win. Hehehe… not to be mean, but she's kind of crazy… Even more so than last season…" ~Cameron

Lindsay kept pushing the maze, coming closer and closer to getting the ball through to the end. "Urgh, pushing this is like, so hard! I really don't want to crack a nail!" She rubbed her hand, and continued with Dakota.

"We've got this…" Dakota said, as the ball moved through the tracks, near the bottom. "Tilt it, tilt it!" Dakota ordered Lindsay, seeing a passage to victory.

"Alright!" Lindsay panted, rubbing her head.

The camera focused on a maze, and the ball dropped out of it. "And the Brains win immunity! Beauties, you lost by just a second… but, you're voting someone out tonight." The winning tribes cheered, especially Izzy. "Alright, Brawns, you get a lighter, pot, and some firewood, while Brains, you get a flint, and a smaller pot. Beauties, I've got nothing for ya'. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. I'll be seeing you at tribal tonight, Beauties."

"This really is like Surivor."

"Shut up!" Chris stomped his foot on the ground, clearly annoyed with Cameron.

The tribe had arrived back at camp, knowing that one of them would soon be voted out. Everyone was paranoid, even Alejandro, and they sat by the shelter. "We tried our hardest," Alejandro smiled, but then looked towards Justin, "well, most of us did." Justin rolled his eyes, annoyed with these comments about him.

"Yeah, but, I'm still beautiful." Justin flicked his air, while Dakota, Anne Maria and Lindsay stared at him, drooling. "See?"

Alejandro rolled his eyes.

"Justin's advantage is that he has beauty, and that I've been a snake. I need to cut him loose before he gets the girls on his side, and I get ousted. But, I've always got a plan. Always. One by one, they'll all go down, and I will win. " ~Alejandro

"Now, we will make the right decision at tribal tonight, won't we?" Alejandro grinned, which startled Justin, and the rest of the tribe nodded. "Good."

"Obviously that… deceptive guy is trying to get me out because I'm hotter! Well newsflash, I'm going to find that idol and prove him wrong!" ~ Justin

Justin stretched his arms, and winked at the girls. "Well, I'm going for a dip to help me cool down…" He walked off into the lake, while Alejandro looked at him.

"I think… I might go…" Lindsay replied, blushing.

Alejandro shook his head. "Lindsay, we must save our energy for the next challenge, and we don't have much food. We should relax."

"You're right," Lindsay smiled, "I'm like, malnutriating out here…"

"Riiiight…" Geoff chuckled.

Anne Maria rolled her eyes, after brushing her hair. "What is with the boring conversations? A lady is starving over here."

"We can spear fish!" Geoff smiled, as he ran to a stick of bamboo, and begun sharpening it with a machete. "Want me to go?"

Alejandro nodded, and Geoff ran out to the shore, as Justin resumed swimming across the lake.

"So, what's the plan?" Anne Maria rolled her eyes, obviously not interested in what was going on, but hoping that she could stay in longer to win. "I'm fine with any of these unclassy bozos going next, so long as it ain't moi."

"I got voted out, like, second last time! I barely got to text anyone! So, I need an alliance if I want to stay in, and get all the glorious screentime that someone as adorable as me deserves! So, Alejandro or whatever, is really hot, and a sexy power duo like us, despite how evil he is, could totally get me far in the game! Omg! Dakota Milton, you are smart! Sam would be proud!" ~ Dakota

While Anne Maria and Lindsay minded their own business by the beach, applying their makeup and doing touch ups, Alejandro relaxed on the shelter, and Dakota moved in to sit next time. "Hello, beautiful flower."

Dakota blushed, but rolled her eyes. "Once again, I have a boyfriend."

"So, what brings you here?" Alejandro winked it her. "Is it my eyes, abs, or my overall sexiness?"

"I believe we should totally work together, like an alliance of some sort." Dakota smiled. "I think we're both not very well liked or whatever, so we should like, form an alliance and I don't know, vote out Justin, or something?"

Alejandro smiled, maliciously. "That's kind of what I had in mind, senorita."

"Dakota is a smart girl, and this is a smart gameplan." ~ Alejandro

Meanwhile, Geoff was busy focusing in the water, trying to spear fish. "Come on Geoff," he muttered to himself, "you can do this." He closed his eyes, attempting to focus, and threw the spear. And on the end of it, a nice sized fish. "Sweet!"

Justin swam by him, curious. "Whoa, don't do that by me! I don't like scars…"

"Oh, yeah bro, I'm just like hunting for fish!" Geoff rubbed the back of his head, holding out the makeshift spear. "So, what's up?"

"Let's talk." Justin approached him, making sure no one was paying attention. "We need to boot Alejandro, he's evil."

Geoff nodded, thinking. "He did kiss my girlfriend, and get like, so many people kicked off last time… and I don't think he's changed at all, dude! We need to get him out. Maybe, we could get someone else?"

"I'll have a talk to Dakota." He winked, flashing off his abs.

"Yeah, you'll probably reel her in." Geoff smiled. "Anyway, I've got to get back to fishing, so, later dude! I'll try with her as well." Geoff walked back off with his spear, and Justin returned to swimming.

Justin swam underwater, this time determined to get the idol. He swam underwater to the rocks from before where no one could see him, and dug through, this time avoiding crabs. He kept resurfacing with no luck.

Alejandro looked over to Justin, rolling his eyes. "What is that idiot doing…"

Dakota walked up to him after being approached by Geoff, and sat down next to Alejandro, stretching her arms, and sighing. "Well, it's getting dark, so, the plan's still the same right?"

Alejandro smiled deviously. "Tell these people this…" He whispered in her ear, inaudibly, and smiled.

Justin continued to reach into the rocks, and eventually found something. "Oh my gosh," he tried to speak underwater, but bubbles resurfaced. He had found… the idol.

"I'm unstoppable." Justin resurfaced, and tucked it into his pants, smiling.

The camera zoomed into the night sky, and away from camp.

The crickets were chirping, and the camera zoomed across the bonfire area. However, a lot of changes were made to it, making it look more traditional. There were holes for torches, more lights, bushes, shelters, and a space to go vote. "Grab your torches, and dip them in flames. Get some fire, right now!" Chris chuckled, not taking this seriously. "Fire represents life, yadda, yadda, take a seat."

"This is just like that show…" Lindsay spoke, but was silenced by Chris.

"Tonight, one of you is going home! But first, let's discuss things." Chris leaned on his podium, attentively. "Now, Geoff, do you think this tribe is doomed, knowing that you are all stereotyped to be idiots?"

Geoff scratched his chin, thinking. "What's a stereotype, dude?"

Chris facepalmed, clearly annoyed by his lack of knowledge about such basic words. "Nevermind. Now, Alejandro, you lost this challenge due to many mistakes made. Do you think you can rebound, or are you doomed for failure?"

Alejandro smiled, as his teeth reflected the moonlight, attracting the girls. "I believe that we can bounce back, right after we cut this serious leech off our tribe, so we can be more successful and productive… hopefully."

Justin glared, knowing it was directed at him. "Now, Justin, I can tell your angry. Do you think his comment is referring to you?"

"Duh." Justin rolled his eyes. "I'm just so hot, he wants me out. But if he thinks that is happening, he needs to think again." Dakota rolled her eyes about this.

Chris looked at her, smiling. "Dakota, you just rolled your eyes. What is that telling us?"

"Oh, nothing, I just wanted the screentime." She winked at the camera, posing, causing Chris to roll his eyes himself.

"Anne Maria? What do you think about this tribe?" Chris wasn't interested in her response, but asked anyway.

"Yo," Anne Maria began her response, tucking her hairspray back in, "I think they is just a bunch of losers with no style, class, or common sense! Being honest, only like, two of 'em are actually beauties, not including me of course."

Chris chuckled, laughing at her response. "You exceeded my expectations of how shallow your reply would be." Anne Maria crossed her arms, and Chris looked at Lindsay. "Now, Lindsay, what do you think this tribe needs to get it together?"

Lindsay smiled, glad that she got asked something. "Thanks, Chip! But what I think we need, is uh, like, a makeover, some gluten free muffins, and grape soda pop… I've been craving that so, so much!"

"Riiight." Chris replied. "Now, it's time to vote. You'll go up to the booth, write a name down, give a confessional, and, whatever. Lindsay, you're up."

Lindsay walked up, and grabbed the pen. "What am I, like, supposed to do?"

It was Dakota's turn, and she walked in, and wrote down a name, followed by Alejandro, Geoff, Justin and Anne Maria.

"I'll go tally the votes." Chris walked off, trying to imitate Jeff Probst as much as he could.

Chris held out the urn, placing it where he was, smiling. "The person with the highest amount of votes will get their torch snuffed, and will be eliminated from the competition. But first, would anyone like to play the hidden immunity idol?"

Everything was silent, and right as Chris was about to move on, Justin stood up. "I'd like to play mine." He snickered at Alejandro, who rolled his eyes, and was annoyed. He handed his idol to Chris.

Chris nodded. "This is in fact a hidden immunity idol. Any vote against Justin will not count." Justin smiled, as he walked back. "First vote…"

Chris deliberately created suspense, and flipped open the paper. "Justin." Does not count. Alejandro rolled his eyes again, and Justin had an evil smirk. "Second vote…"

"Alejandro." Alejandro cracked his knuckles, trying to hide his paranoia. "Third vote…

Alejandro." Alejandro was shocked even more, but tried to keep it together, while Justin clapped his hands, and Dakota rolled her eyes. "That's two votes Alejandro, one vote against Justin which is negated. Three votes left…"

Chris flipped open the next vote…

"Lindsay." Lindsay gasped, upset, and Alejandro smirked. "That's two votes Alejandro, one vote Lindsay, two more left." Chris held out another vote to read, while Alejandro felt more confident, but still hoped for the best. "Next vote…"

"Lindsay." Chris smiled, and held out the last vote. "We're tied." Final vote…

The suspense was long and boring, and both Alejandro and Lindsay were hoping that the final vote wouldn't be against them, but they couldn't say for sure. "First person voted out of Total Drama: Beauties vs. Brains vs. Brawns…

Lindsay." Lindsay stood up, upset, while Justin crossed his arms, and Dakota winked at him. Lindsay walked up to Chris with her torch, wiping tears from her eyes. "Lindsay, the tribe has spoken. Off you go."

"Poor torch," she sobbed louder, and existed to the Boat of Losers, which drove her away.

"Well, I wasn't really expecting that, but, she was deadweight." Chris smiled, as the campers stood up. "Head back to camp." But before they left, he threw Anne Maria a flint.


Alejandro: All according to plan, beautiful. Sorry Lindsay, but, Justin had found the idol. I couldn't afford going. You'll understand, madame.

Anne Maria: Yo, I think you're an idiot, and you need to go. Lindsay, you have no style, nor class whatsoever, so go away.

Dakota: Better you than me, sorry girl. You're really pretty, though, Lindsay.

Geoff: Sorry Al, but you're like a snake, and you're poisonous too. This is revenge for Bridge! I hope she's doing okay, man.

Justin: You have to go, Ale… whatever.

Lindsay: Uhhh, how does this work again? You're really hot, Justin!


Lindsay: Aww, it's so sad I was the first out, Alejandro is mean! But uh, my lipstick ran out so thank god I'm going home, or to that nice little place in the sky I went to first season! That was awesome! Well, bye everyone! Toodles!

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