The Spiky Sea Urchins is one of the two teams in Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem.

Spiky Sea Urchins
Spiky Sea Urchins symbol
Number of Members 10
Highest Ranking Member Kenzey, 1st place
Lowest Ranking Member Leland, 20th place
Team Selected By



Elimination Order

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Leland Male 1st 1st "Krusty Krabs" He made his team lose both challenges by making them lose most of their crabs and then burning the food they were going to give Oweguy.
Leonardo Male 2nd 2nd "Million Dollar Losers" His drawings that scattered made Kenzey lose the last challenge and she then convinced the others to vote him off because of that. He also didn't volunteer to compete in any of the challenges.
Janey Female 3rd 6th "The Aquatic Temple of Doom" She kept causing problems for the team and Dusk didn't like her for leading them into trap filled chambers so he voted her off for that.
Jensen Male 4th 7th "Snow Problem" He didn't participate for the challenge because he was too busy with being with a bunch of cool teenagers so he was voted off because of that.
Bonnibel Female 5th 8th "Marine's Inside Story" Her complaining about how gross it was being inside Marine's body was making Dusk and some of the others mad so she was voted off because of that.
Akari Female 6th 12th "A Not So Helping Hand" Dusk considered her a threat and voted her off with the help Slasha and Sabbath. Also, she screamed very loudly which caused complaints from the hotel guests.
Gieselle Female 7th 13th "My Dinner with Lindsay" Romero thought she was cheating on him for Dusk so the others voted one of them off but due to Dusk winning invincibility, Gieselle was voted off instead.
Romero Male 8th 14th "Fish and Chicks" He didn't compete in the challenge due to being sad about Gieselle's elimination and the others thought he should leave just to stay with Gieselle.
Dusk Male 9th 18th "Chris Strikes Back" Refused to do the dare where he had to shave off his bangs and that made him get eliminated by default.

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