Sandy Dollars
Sandy Dollars symbol
Number of Members 10
Highest Ranking Member Radley, 2nd place
Lowest Ranking Member Sherloch, 18th place
Team Selected By


The Sandy Dollars is one of the two teams in Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem.


Elimination Order

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Sherloch Male 1st 3rd "Carnival of Madness" He quit the last challenge which cost his team the win.
Ysabelle Female 2nd 4th "Revenge of the Shrink Ray" She didn't help with finding the missing contestants and Radley was upset at her for accidently eating him and Kaylie.
Oran Male 3rd (Quit) 5th (Quit) "Revenge of the Shrink Ray" He quit just so he would stay with Ysabelle who was his sister.
Oweboy Male 4th 9th "Surfin' Birds" Kenzey's bra hit his face after she lost it which made him unable to see and miss the goal costing his team the win and also got injured by a bear which made him unable to continue the rest of the show.
Dixie Female 5th (Left) 10th (Left) "Oweguy's Diner" She accidenty got injured during the challenge when the lunch rush got out of control and had to leave.
Kaylie Female 6th 11th "Family Dare Night" Dusk suspected her and Radley to be in a relationship so he convinced Slasha and Sabbath to help him vote her off. He also didn't like her and Radley.
Mudkip Male 7th 15th "Whale of a Challenge" Kept messing up during the challenge which caused him and Isley to fall into last place and later lost. He was voted off because of that.
Margaret Female 8th 16th "Fast Final Five" Ended up in last place during the challenge and was automatically voted off.
Isley Female 9th 17th "Chef-Wrecked" She voted herself off in order to keep Kenzey in the game, who was injured.
Radley Male 10th 19th "Beach Party Mayhem" Lost against Kenzey in the finals after she knocked him out when he though she had given up.


  • The team symbol was orginally going to be a regular sand dollar but I did an actual dollar bill to make it more funny.

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