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Welcome to the (hopefully) biggest story of 2015! It is Total Drama: Battle of the Collars! Being hosted by no other like himself, Chris McLean! 18 Americans are put on an island but they are put together by their means of life and their jobs.

We have the White Collars: The Rule Makers. The strategists.

We have the Blue Collars: The Rule Followers. The hard workers.

And We have the No Collars: The Rule Breakers. The go-with-the-flow kind of people.

It is the ultimate battle between the collars. Who will win?


Name Age Hometown Occupation Interview
20 Manhattan, NY Bellhop "Hi! I'm Alex! I'm 20, and I'm the best bellhop in Manhattan! Coming on to Total Drama is good because I'm still a student so I have the mental part. I work out a lot so I have the physical part. And I can woo the girls and boys. Yeah! I am bisexual, but that's okay and hopefully good for my game. I'm nice, charming, sexy in my swimsuit. I guess the one thing that is hard for me is no food. But I'll make some sacrifices to win. If I can get far enough, I will go all out beast! No one can stand in my way. They won't see me as a threat, so I'll just slide through the game and then-BAM!! They all just got blindsided!!"
45 Springfield, OH High School Vice Principal "I am Dianne. I'm 45 and a high school vice principal. I can deal with bad kids. I'm used to being in charge of everyone, and that could either hurt me or help me. I could be to orderly and bossy, getting on everyone's nerves. Or it could help me because they would look up to me as a mother. I'm really going to miss my family. I'm going away for 40 days, so I might as well help them by getting them money. Like I said, I can deal with trouble-makers, and they better watch out!"
58 Roswell, NM Lawyer "My name is Eleanor. I'm 58. And I'm a lawyer from Roswell, New Mexico. I may look like a sweet little ol' lady who's really weak and can't help the tribe. Well, the sweet little ol' lady part is right. I can be aggressive, feisty, and very physical. I know I'm most likely the oldest person on this show ever. Wait! Nevermind. Wasn't there a "Blaineley" who was maybe 64 when she entered the show? I don't remember. Anyway, it might not be a good idea because I'm a lawyer! I'm a master of persuasion! I can just wiggle my way out and throw a target on somebody else's back!"
24 New Orleans, LA Unemployed "Hey! I'm Harley. I'm 24 and I'm from New Orleans. I'm also unemployed. My last job before this was at a tanning saloon and some hot chicks went in and... you can probably figure out the rest of the story. Being on the no collar team... I feel right at home! I love just going with the wind. I'm like a free soul! An open book! But I'm not some crazy yoga person. Anyways, I think I got what it takes to win. I got the looks, I got the strength, and I graduated high school a few years back! I got it in the bag. I'm actually a really social person. If I can meet the right people and align with them, everyone else is going down!"
25 Las Vegas, NV Model "I'm like, Jessica. I'm a model from Las Vegas. I can easily win because of my social skills. I mean all the boys will be head over heels trying to get my attention. *flips hair* I'm also not as dumb as I look. I got an A+ in high school chemistry and graduated with a degree in chemistry. I just really don't want mud in my hair. I will sit out any challenge with mud. Just... no mud please. I also want to look at the view. Like, it's going to be so pretty and I just want to take an early morning walk and watch the sun go up. I'm so ready! Like, back off b*****s! The money is mine!"
27 Orlando, FL Tea Leaf Employee "Hi.... I'm Jordan.... I'm 27. I like Tea. I live in Florida. I'm sorry... I'm kind of socially awkward... hehehehehe. Um. I want to open my own tea shop if I win. I hope I will. I'll be very disappointed. Anyway, I kinda want to make friends. I don't really have many friends... uh. Yay?"
23 Los Angeles, CA Realtor "Hey! I'm Lawrence and I am sadly a realtor. So my family owns a house-selling business. And when I turned 21, I'm stuck selling small houses. Being a realtor is not my cup of Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru. Oh! I'm also dirty rich. Everything handed to me by hand. Being a realtor can help you socially. I persuade people with my handsome looks. The husbands, of course, get jealous. But I'm only doing my job. I got straight A's in school, so I have the mental part. I work out in the gym a lot, so I will rock the physical. Everything will go my way so nobody gets hurt, but if some courageous little girl stands in my way, she's got a hell to pay!"
47 Santa Barbara, CA Chief Police Officer "I am Mark. I'm 47 and I'm the chief of police of Santa Barbara. Most people will see me as a threat. I'm in charge. I'm physical. I always know what's going on. And I can tell if someone is lying. I have the skills to go far, I just have to lay low until absolutely necessary. If not, my game goes down the toilet. My inspiration is my family. I'm really going to miss my wife and my boys. They're everything to me. I'm trying to provide big time for them and this is my one shot to get a million dollars. I just need to find a partner, stick with them, keep them and myself safe, and make sure nothing gets in between me and the million."
23 Boston, MA Tech Repairman "I am Nicho. I am 23 years old and I'm a tech repairman from Boston. I just graduated college last year with a degree in electrical engineering. I kinda see how things work. Like the game, of course. But I can know if one guy is talking to me then talking to another guy, you can't trust him. I guess I live on the no collar life. I'm a total geek. Computers, iPhones, any sort of electronic device. I live in my parent's basement. People might see me as a ladies' man because I'm Spanish and I have a fine moustache, but honestly, I have never had a date. EVER! But if there's one girl that sticks out to me and I stick out to her, the electricity between us will never die."
37 Colwich, KS Car Repairman "I'm Paul. I'm not that old. And I'm from a small town in Kansas called Colwich. My strategy going into the game is to be so under the radar, people don't really know I'm there, but also do well in challenges. I don't have a heart, so I won't feel bad if someone gets eliminated, if we get chickens for a reward I will slaughter them with no mercy, and I will be fine if someone is assaulted with words. I don't care if someone accidentally chopped off their ear. That's their problem! I'm here to win, and I will do anything to win. Everyone there isn't going to know what hit them once I win.
26 Acton, CA Travel Agent "My name is Rachael. It is pronounced Ro-shy-el instead of "Rachel." Everyone gets confused. Anyways I am 26, and I am a travel agent from Acton, California. I really thought I would be on the no collar tribe because of my love to travel and explore, but I do follow the rules with extreme care. I am hard working in what I do. I am currently in a relationship, but he told me that I could do whatever I have to do to win. I'm a very strategic person. I like laying out what I'm going to do and when I'm going to do them. I would like to boot someone at the last minute and feel excited, but you already know who to boot 2 hours before elimination so it's not a 'last minute' sort of thing. I babble a lot, but that is okay because my accent throws everyone's game off. To be honest, I got this in the bag."
31 New York City, NY Comic Book Store Owner "I go by Omnipotent Man! My super powers include everything, hence the name "Omnipotent Man"! I want to be all the superheroes and win. Let me name off a few that I know! Iron Man, Captain America, Batman, Superman, Ant-Man, Wolverine, Cat Woman, Super Woman *fast forward* Nightcrawler, Batwoman, Batgirl, Batboy, Robin *fast fowrad* Tigra, She-Hulk, Namor, Drax, Nikki, Spider Man *fast forward* Groot, Storm, Rogue, Aqua Man, Black Panther, Jean Grey, The Scarlet With, Quicksilver, Mockingbird, Polaris *fast forward* Finn, Jake, Buffy the Vampire Slayer *fast forward for 5 minutes* and the Dazzler! I will win just like them!"
19 Austin, TX Student "I'm Skylar! I am 19 and I'm a student from Austin, Texas. I don't really like being a student. But that's okay! I am a go-with-the-flow kind of person so I don't really care. Like, I can lie to people and stuff. I'm a good runner and I can endure through pain for a long time. And I'm amazing socially. I'm young and I can fake that I'm dumb! They may want me out because I have less experience with these kinds of competition. But they'll be surprised!
21 Washington D.C. Sushi Bar Waitress "Hi! Hi! *talks very fast* My name is Suki Keitomaro! I am 21 years old and I am from Washington D.C.! I am also a student and I study politics! That's why I live in Washington D.C.! Teehee! I'm on Total Drama so I can pay off my college debt because my parents left for the Bahamas and said for me to be an adult. I am an adult I just don't know how to pay for college! I can also meet boys and win money! Yay boys and money! Best things in the world! Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye!!"
21 Dallas, TX Medical Student "I'm Sydney! I'm 21 and I'm a Medical Student from Dallas, Texas. I think I'm going to kept for a long time because of my med skills. Anyone gets stung by a scorpion. Anyone cuts their leg. I'm on it! I'm also good at physical challenges. I was a track star back in Middle School and High School. I am also good at wooing. Like just look at me! All the boys in my High School class were drooling over me. I can hopefully go far in this game and kick some butt!"
29 Green Bay, WI Swimming Instructor "My name is Tumi! I'm 29 and I'm a swimming instructor from Green Bay, Wisconsin. If I win the money, I will use it to help the animals in need. I am a vegetarian. Even though there is barely any food out there, I still want to keep it to rice and fruit and whatever other things that do not live. My parents were divorced when I was at a very young age, so I got a rough start at life. I was bullied. I was the kid who nobody liked. And now I have a perfect life. I am engaged to the one I love dearly, and I still keep in touch with my parents. I've always had a connection with water. I was on the swim team, and got first in every event. I was on the cross country team and won everything. Now this is something I'll just add to the list."
30 Jamestown, VA Historic Tour Guider "I am Victor. And I was dragged into the Tour guiding business. I hate! Everyday I want to kill myself! I want to spend as many days possible away from it. Oh, And I want to get with a lady."
36 Oklahoma City, OK Janitor unavailable
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Who Does She Think She Is?

"Welcome to Total Drama: Battle of the Collars! The newest hit series of 2015. I'm Chris McLean. It's gonna be the best thing ever, so you are lucky to be watching this. So the theme of this season is Battle of the Collars. The White Collars: The people who are mostly in charge. They make the rules. The Blue Collars: the people who get their hands dirty to get the job done. They follow the rules. And the No Collars: The "go with the wind" kind of people. They break the rules. It is the ultimate challenge. Who will win this spectacular event? And who will be embarassed to even be on this show? Find out right here! On Total Drama: Battle of the Collars!"
theme song
"The 17 and one Canadian illegal immagrant who is faking being American contestants are here. Let's introduce you to the white collars first." Chris announced.
Eleanor CONF: I am probably the oldest one here. But I came to win. I may be old, but I'm pretty fast for my age.

Lawrence CONF: I grew up in the way of persuasion. I was born for this.

Mark CONF: I'm not going to lie about what I am. I'm a cop! That's what I do and I am proud of it.

Dianne CONF: I swear, if anyone gets in my way, I will make their short time in this game miserable.

Tumi CONF: I see everyone on the truck, and I'm like "Oh gosh. This is gonna be hard!" *laughs*

Sean CONF: I'M NOT HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS! Even though I am severly lacking in that area... Maybe just one friend.

"And here they are now!" Chris said as the white collars get out of their truck. "Now let's take a look at the blue collars!"

Suki CONF: My name is Suki Nagasaki and I will win this game. Tee-hee!

Paul CONF: I get my hands dirty all the time. I don't care if I send someone home! They brought it on themselves.

Jessica CONF: There's, like, no one my age to flirt with. This is going to be a long game.

Alex CONF: I'm like totes excited for this game! No one is gonna see this one coming.

Rachael CONF: All of these people here have no idea what I'm going to do to them.

Will CONF: The people here look like they'll play awfully and they can suck it, eh?

"There's the blue collars! And finally the no collars!" Chris said.

Harley CONF: It'll suck having no phones with you. But hey! At least I got some honeys on my team! WOOHOO!"

Jordan CONF: So I'm looking around and I think I got a lot of competition.

Nicho CONF:  They have no chance, tbh.

Skylar CONF: I don't know what's going to happen here, but I just hope that I don't go home too early. That'll suck.

Victor CONF: Meh. That's it.

Sydney CONF: I honestly think I can win this. I'm pretty sure that I might get irratated with some of my teammates, but I got this.

"And that is that!! The cast of Total Drama: Battle of the Collars." Chris announced.
Everyone loaded out of the trucks, grabbed their bags and walked over to their respective mats. Yellow for the while collars. Blue for the blue collars. And red for the no collars. They all stood, looking at Chris.

"Welcome to Total Drama: Battle of the Collars!" Chris announced. Everyone cheered. "But before we begin the game, I need to announce some twists! The first twist is this hidden immunity idol. BUT, you must play it before the votes are read. The second twist is this. Every team select a team captain!"
Everyone huddled up to decide their captains. "What are your choices?" Chris asked. "White Collar. You have selected Mark. Why?"
"We just thought that he fitted the role." Dianne replied.
"Alright. Blue Collar. You have selected Rachel!" Chris said.
"It is pronounced Raw-shy-el!" Rachael corrected him.
"Whatever. No Collars! You have selected Harley! Now all three captains have to make a decision. But you'll have to wait because it's back at your camp. Here you go! And good luck." Chris said as he threw each teaam captain a map. Each captain opened the map and directed their team to the camp.

White Collar

The white collars found their camp and walked towards it. They put down their stuff and started to introduce themselves.
"I guess I'll start it off. My name is Eleanor and I am a lawyer." Eleanor said joyfully.

Lawrence CONF: So Eleanor comes up, and she's this sweet lil' ol' lady. But she's so fake. It's killing me how fake she is.

"I'm Mark and I am a cop." Mark said quickly.
"I am Sean and I own a comic book store." Sean said shyly.

Tumi CONF: Sean is so cute. He's so shy and stuff. He acts like he has no friends. And that can seriously damage his game.

"I'm Tumi and I am a swimming instructor." Tumi said.
"I'm Lawrence and I am studying to be a pilot!" Lawrence lied.

Lawrence CONF: I don't want to tell everyone I'm realtor. Number one: it's embarassing. Number two: they'll know I'm filthy rich. And Number three: everone would reject me. So I had to lie.

"My name is Dianne and I am a high school vice principal!" Dianne announced.

Mark CONF: I like Dianne. She seems pretty cool and we got a lot of things in common. We both deal with trouble-makers. We're both in our 40s. We're both in charge most of the time. I think we'll make a great alliance.

"Well,  if you excuse me, I must go do this captain thing." Mark announced. He walked off to try and find a source of water. He found the twist at the well. "You can choose either a clue to the idol or food for your team. Both will be rewarding." Mark read.

Mark CONF:  So idol clue or food. I open the food bag and there's a box of coffee and coffee mix, a box of fruit, shrimp, cheese, even a wine bottle. And then there's the clue to the idol. Do I want to secure my safety for the future or now?

Mark grabbed the food bag.

Mark CONF: I choose future.

Blue Collar

Rachael CONF: I was selected as team captain so I have to make an important decision and I go to the well to do that.

Rachael comes up to well and starts reading note.
Rachael CONF: So I have to choose between and idol with a small bag of food or a big bag of food. I could say "This was the big bag of food." and lie or I could provide more food for a longer period of time.

She looked at both options and started getting nervous.

Rachael CONF: It's so hard! But I'm glad I chose...
American Dad! Do You Smell That?00:46

American Dad! Do You Smell That?

Rachael CONF: It's so hard! But I'm glad I chose...

Rachael picks up small bag and idol clue.

Rachael CONF: The idol clue.
"I'm back!" Rachael said as she walks back into camp. Everyone greeted her. "So I got you this!" She said as she threw the small bag to Will. "I had to choose between a big bag of food and and small bag of food and an idol clue. And I chose the big bag!" She lied.

Alex CONF: I know she's like, totally lying, but if I can get the idol, atleast I'll have someone to share it with.

"Rachel, I know you're lying...and that makes me want to work with you." Alex told her.
"My name is pronounced Raw-shy-el. And how do you know I'm lying?" Rachael asked nervously.
"That bag is as small as a toddler's head! There's no way that is the bigger bag." Alex pointed out.
"True. Now let's find that idol!" Rachael said.

Rachael CONF: Right off the bat, Alex knows I'm lying. But we're looking for the idol together so I guess it's good!

No Collar
The scene shows Harley walking to the well. He looks at the options without reading the note and grabs the big bag of food.
Harley CONF: I automatically thought, "I wanna go far." The big bag just makes me feel like I won't get voted out."

Harley grabbed the big bag  of food and returned to camp. "Hey guys!" he said as he walked into camp.

Sydney CONF: So Harley walks into camp with this huge bag of food. There's chips in it, donuts, even some vegetables for Jordan!  Then I saw the bbq in there. Oh god, it's heaven.

"Should we make a barbecue tonight?" Harley asked. Everyone agreed.

Victor CONF: Harley seems like a pretty good guy. He seems smart, obviously fit, and he's a provider. I kinda need him on my side.
Harley and Victor were cooking the barbecue over the fire, while Nicho and the girls hung out on the beach.
"So I was thinking, you, me, and Jordan, for an alliance. I don't know where Jordan's head is at, but I think she'll be cool with us." Victor whispered.
"Uhh.." Harley started.

Harley CONF: Alliances?! On day 1?! What is he thinking! Bah! Victor's just getting into this game too early. He needs to just chill out.

"Sure." Harley replied unsurely.

"Great! Great." Victor said.
"Yeah! I'm gonna take a break." Harley said as he got up.
"Okay." Victor replied.

Skylar CONF: I see Harley walking off, so I better follow him so he's not gonna find anything in particular.

Skylar jogged after Harley after he went on the path. "Hey!" Skylar whispered as ske kept up with him.
"Hey." Harley said as he sat down on a rock.
"What's wrong?" Skylar asked as she sat down beside him.
"Victor is just freaking me out with his non-stop strategizing, and I honestly need a break." Harley said, now with his head in his hands.
"Yeah. When you were going to get food, he came up to me and said,"You, me, and Jordan." And I was like, "Umm.. Well... I.... Sure?" He's definately playing this game too early." Skylar said. Harley was giggling a little bit.
"Thanks, Skylar." Harley said.
"No problem." Skylar said, smiling.

Harley CONF:  I like Skylar. She's 19, but she's super cool and easy to talk to. We haven't aligned yet, but we're definately going to go far together.

Immunity Challenge

Every team walked in to see Chris standing in front of the challenge. They all got onto their respective team mats and waited for Chris to explain the challenge.

"Hello teams! Welcome to your first immunity challenge. It's called Playground Rules. Here's how it works. Each team member will go across the monkey bars to climb up stairs to go on a zipline. Once on the zipline you must try and grab a bag of puzzle pieces. If you fail to get the bag, you must go back to the monkey bars and start over. If you do get the bag, you go to the other platform on the other side, go down the slide and start placing your puzzle pieces. There are twelve bags, and you can only get one bag at a time, so everyone is going twice. First two teams to finish their puzzles correctly win immunity will not go to elimination. So lets start!"
Everyone got ready on their platforms, ready to go across the monkey bars. "READY? SET! GO!" Chris yelled.
Lawrence was on the monkey bars for white collar. Alex was for blue collar. Harley was on for no collar. Harley finished first and Sydney was on. Lawrence was off Tumi was on. Alex fell off.

Alex CONF: I wasn't a big fan of the monkey bars back in elementary school.

Suki got on for blue collar. Harley was on the zipline, he grabbed the bag and got to the other platform. He went down the slide and dropped his bag of puzzle pieces. Sydney was on the platform and dropped her bag. Suki got to the zipline. Lawrence made it to the zipline. Tumi was right behind Lawrence. Nicho finished the monkey bars. Suki grabbed her bag and started doing the puzzle. Lawrence grabbed the bag, went down the slide, and dropped his bag. Tumi did the same. Rachael was now on the zipline. She grabbed the bag and went down the slide. Skylar went down the slide. Sean finished the monkey bars, got on to the zipline, missed the bag, and fell off the zipline.

Sean CONF: Ouch.

Jessica missed the bag. Dianne  barely missed the bag. Mark did the whole course in less than a minute. Jordan was struggling with the monkey bars, but finished. Paul got the bag and dropped it where Suki was creating the puzzle. Eleanor got across. Will dropped the bag of puzzle pieces. Victor finished and Harley went across monkey bars. Skylar went across the monkey bars. Tumi was going across the zipline. Harley was going on the zipline. Rachael finished monkey bars. Lawrence ran up the stairs and went on the zipline. He grabbed the bag. Harley and Skylar started working on the puzzle. Nicho was going down the slide. Sydney came down the slide. Alex grabbed the bag off of the zipline. Jordan came down the slide. Mark did the whole course again under 30 seconds. Victor came down the slide.
"I suck at puzzles." Skylar whispered to her tribe.
The blue collars were almost done. "We're still missing one bag! Who hasn't gone?" Rachael asked. "Oh my god!" Suki exclaimed as she ran to the monkey bars. Eleanor was going on the zipline. Suki was climbing up the stairs and got on the zipline. Eleanor was going down the zipline until- she fell. Suki grabbed the last bag and reporrted back to her team. Eleanor raced across the monkey bars frantically. The no collars had all of their pieces in.
The no collars cheered while Suki was putting in the last few puzzle pieces.
The blue and no collars cheered. The white collars were looking exhausted.
"White collars. You'll have to see me at elimination tonight." Chris told them. All teams walked back to their camps.

White Collars

The White Collars got back from the challenge.

Tumi CONF: So today, we lost the first immunity challenge. It really sucks because we were so close and Eleanor really messed up.

"I'm very sorry for causing us to loose. I guess I was excited about being the person who put in the last piece. I'm so sorry." Eleanor apologized. Dianne hugged her.

Eleanor CONF: I feel awful. I lost it for the team. I know I'm going to rack up some votes, but I really hope I don't go  home.

Eleanor pulled Lawrence aside. "I really like you, Lawrence. You're smart and I need that kind of ally. What do you think?" Eleanor asked.
"I like you, too. I think that you did so well in the challenge, but it was just one mistake that caused us the win." Lawrence said. Eleanor looked shameful. "But, hey! Everyone makes mistakes! But Dianne just wasn't proving herself today."
"Yeah." Eleanor agreed.

Eleanor CONF: I really like Lawrence! He's a smart kid! He'll just protect for this elimination, and that'll make me go far!
Lawrence CONF: Who does she think she is? Talking strategy to me. She made that horrible mistake of falling at  the last minute. Lil' ol' lady going down. She's honestly, as fake as Blaineley. And that's the lowest of the fake.

"Eleanor?" Dianne asked Mark.
"Yes." Mark agreed.
"Listen, I think we should align to each other. We would make one hell of a team." Dianne told him.
"My thought exactly!"Mark said.

Dianne CONF: It's official. Me and Mark are going to the finale together.

Tumi and Lawrence were relaxing on the beach.
"What do you think tonight?" Lawrence asked.
"I really don't know. I was thinking Sean or Eleanor." Tumi said.
"Yeah. They really sucked in this challenge." Lawrence replied.
"Mhm." Tumi agreed.

Tumi CONF: Lawrence mistakenly thinks he's running this game. That's going to be his fate.
Eleanor CONF: It's time to go to elimination, and I have Lawrence and Sean on my side. There's no way I'm going.
Dianne CONF: I'm pretty sure I'm not going home, but anything can happen.
Sean CONF: Wish me luck!
Elimination 1

"Welcome to the first elimination of the season. White Collar, due to one fatal mistake *cough*ELEANOR*cough**cough* you have to send somebody home. But first, Eleanor. Do you think you are going to go home tonight because you lost for your team?" Chris asked.
"No. I proved myself, but everyone makes mistakes. I have learned, and it won't happen again." Eleanor answered.
Seaon looked at her. Lawrence smirked. Tumi's eyes widened.
"Welp. It's time to vote. Dianne. You're up!" Chris said. Dianne got up and walked towards the voting area.
She wrote Eleanor on the piece of paper.
Sean was walking towards to voting area.
"Dianne, honey, you haven't done zit for this team. It is time for you to go. Now." Eleanor whispered as she help up the paper and put it in the urn.
Mark started writing down a name.
Tumi came back and sat down.
"Let's go get the votes." Chris said. An intern brought the votes to Chris. "Okay. I'll read the votes."
"First vote
. .
. .
. ..
. .
. .
. Eleanor.
. .
. .
. .
. .
. .
. Dianne
That's one vote Eleanor. One vote Dianne.
. .
. .
. .
. .
. .
. .
. .
. Eleanor." Chris read. Eleanor was unphased.
"Eleanor. That's 3 votes Eleanor. 1 vote Dianne" Eleanor was scared on receiving her third vote.
"First person voted out of Total Drama: Battle of the Collars...
Eleanor." Eleanor was shocked. She looked at Lawrence, who was smirking, and Sean, who was looking at his feet.
"Eleanor. You have been eliminated. Good bye." Chris said.
Eleanor walked off, sniffling.
"One down 17 to go. Who will be voted out next time on Total. Drama. Battle of the Collars!"

Under My Wing

"Previously on Total Drama: Battle of the Collars! The game has begun. The white collars all got along great, except for Lawrence's secret disdain towards Eleanor. Mark and Diane made an alliance, while Eleanor tried to align with Lawrence and Sean, but soon lost their trust after the challenge when Eleanor lost at the very last second. In the end, it was Eleanor's lack of under-pressure challenge skills that got her the boot. Who will win next, and who will suck at this game. Find out right here! Right now! On Total. Drama! Battle of the Collars!"

White Collar

Tumi CONF: So we got back from elimination with Eleanor gone. It was probably good for everyone's game. But now that she's gone, I could go next.

The white collars walked into their camp. Sean sat down in the shelter, his head in his hands.

Sean CONF: Now that Eleanor is gone, I might be the next target. Of course, I voted for her. If Diane had received two votes, it would've been obvious it was me. But I need to find a way to take the target off my back.

"Well then. Goodnight white collars!" Mark said. He laid down in the shelter and went to sleep. Diane followed. Tumi, Sean, and Lawrence were sitting by the fire.

"Hey. If we lose again, we vote out Diane, right?" Sean asked. "Like, you have my back?"

"Definitely." Lawrence agreed. Tumi nodded.

Lawrence CONF: Sean wants me to have his back. I actually don't know if I should. He's no big threat, but I just don't know now.

Blue Collar

All the girls were in the water talking a mix of strategy and beauty

"Like, if we lost which I seriously doubt, I think it should be Will. He scares me!" Jessica complained. Suki nodded and clapped. Rachael laughed.

"Well I'm gonna go get something to eat. See you later." Rachael said while walking out of the water.

Jessica CONF: I like Rachel, but I don't trust her. Suki is young, and she's kind of just floating through this game. I can just take Suki under my wing, and guide her through this game.

"So I was thinking... Alliance between us two?" Jessica asked.
"Okay okay okay!" Suki exclaimed.

Jessica CONF: Done! *winks*
Suki CONF: Now that me and Jessie are in an alliance, I know I will go very far in this game!

No Collar

Skylar, Sydney, and Harley were lying down on the beach. "So. We're the youngest of the tribe and we should stick together." Harley said.

"That is a good idea. But it's 3 against 3." Skylar reminded him.

"Well it looks like to me that Victor is scaring the f**k out of Nicho. So if we can get Nicho on our side, then we'll be unstoppable." Sydney said. Skylar and Harley laughed.

"I'll go up there and check." Skylar said as she got up and walked towards camp.

Victor ran up to her. "You, me, and-!" he started. "Don't want to hear it." Skylar interrupted as she walked over and sat by Nicho. Victor and Jordan took a stroll on the beach a few minutes later. Skylar then took him over to where Harley and Sydney were. They told him about the idea of the four person alliance. He accepted the offer.

The scene switches to Victor and Jordan. "You know, Jordan. We are in a fake alliance with everyone, and that means we are in control."
"Yes is does!" Jordan responded cheerfully.
"But enough game talk! How about we get more on a personal level." Victor said seductively. Jordan cooed.

Jordan CONF: My fanfic has come true! I do meet love on this island! The next part is we're at the final 7 and he accidentally votes me off, but then he wins. Oh! This is the best moment of my life! AAH!

They both started to sit down until they were off of the camera's range.

Challenge 2

I Honestly Can't Stand Them

Elimination Table

Elimination Table
# Contestant New Teams Merge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
18th Eleanor No No OUT


     This person was on the white collar team.

     This person was on the blue collar team or the geese team.

     This person was on the no collar team or the duck team.

     This person made the merge.

     This person did not make the merge or new teams.

     This person was on the first place team.

     This person was on the second place team.

     This person won individual immunity

     This person received no votes at elimination.

     This person received votes, but was not eliminated.

     This person was eliminated.

     This person played an idol.

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