Total Drama: Back in Action/Muriel
Gender Female
Hair color Gray/White
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA

Muriel is a contestant in Total Drama: Back in Action known as The Senile Old Lady. She is on TBA.


Muriel was born in the year of 1932. She was raised on a farm and knows what it's like to work hard. When she was 18 she got her first job as a babysitter. She worked for a wonderful couple, that had 1 young baby and payed very well. That same year the husband started to hit on her. She did have a crush on him and they had a baby that year. When the man's wife discovered the affair she took her child and left. Muriel stayed with her man and they raised a child together. When her child turned 4, she discovered her man was having numerous affairs. She left him and took the baby with her. All her family lived too far away, and she had no where to go. She had to live at a shelter for a few years. When her child turned 5, she gave him to a orphanage, thinking he deserved better. When she turned 25, she became a maid for a nice family. She worked for numerous families for the next 25 years. When she turned 50, she got a job at a very rich person's house. It was her son's house. When they both discovered this he let her live with her. She became close with her son's wife and there children. They were very happy they found each other. Now that she is 80, she is becoming senile but she can still work like theres no tomorrow.


In Return of the Action, she is the first contestant to step off the boat. Chris hugs her and then asks her to clean Chef's nasty kitchen since she's a maid. She hits him in the head with her cane and walks to the island. She is seen when Chris is giving them instructions. She is also seen in the end of the episode going to her cabin.


  • Muriel is 80 years old, making her the oldest contestant to ever compete in a Total Drama season.

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