The Ravens
Number of Members 10
Highest Ranking Member TBA
Lowest Ranking Member Misty, 20th Place.
Team Selected By


The Ravens are a team in Total Drama: Around the World. It was picked in Episode Two by Misty, this team consists of Bolton, D'arcy, Kathy, Misty, Pedro, Penelope, Spencer, Vanessa, Xavier, and Zobian.


  • Bolton
  • D'arcy
  • Kathy
  • Misty (Team Leader)
  • Pedro
  • Penelope
  • Spencer
  • Vanessa
  • Xavier
  • Zobian

Members Eliminated

Name Gender Rank voted off team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Misty Female 10th 20th "Somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario... Part 2" Her generally cocky attitude and threats against numerous players scared the majority of the team.



  • The Ravens are the first team to lose a challenge in Mr. E's canon.
  • The Ravens are the first team to vote someone out in Mr. E's canon.

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