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Genji, labeled The Sushi Loving Sporto

Name: Genji T.

Favorite color: Pink, don't judge me.

Likes: Sports and sushi

Dislikes: Trans fat, carbs

Date of birth: January 21st

Theme song: Remember The Name

Reason for signing up for TD:AC: Money to build his gym.

TD character counterpart: Tyler

Punchy, labeled The Feline Underachiever

Name: Punchy W.

Favorite color: Cherry red

Likes: Potato chips, playing video games

Dislikes: Excersizing, small porpotions at restaurants

Date of birth: April 11th

Theme song: American Idiot

Reason: Money. YAY!

TD counterpart: Owen

Biskit, labeled The Food-Loving Fatso

Biskit C.

Favorite color: Mandarin orange

Likes: Food, television

Dislikes: Anything having to do with moving

Date of Birth: May 13th

Theme song: Way 2 Much Fun

Reason: My family needs the money.

TD counterpart: Owen

Whitney, labeled The Overachiever

Theme song: Bad Boy

TD counterpart: Courtney

Wolfgang, labeled The Delinquent

Theme song: Bad

TD counterpart: Duncan

Kabuki, labeled The Certifiably Insane

Theme song: Crazy Train

TD counterpart: Izzy

Monique, labeled The Beauty Queen

Theme song: Paparazzi

Kid Cat (Real name: Graham), labeled The Not So Super Superhero

Theme song: Viva la Vida

TD counterpart: Noah/Cody

Bliss, labeled The Sweet Squirrel

Theme song: Who's That Girl?

Pietro, labeled The Social Anxiety Clown

Theme song: Self Defeat

TD counterpart: Ezekiel

Coco, labeled The Adorable Bunny

Merengue, labeled The Lovable Chef

O'Hare, labeled The King Bee

Theme song: You're Gonna Go Far Kid

Shari, labeled The Creepy Girl

Theme song: Barbie Girl

Pashmina, labeled The Caretaker

Ruby, labeled '''The Sweet One'''

CHAPTER I- Welcome to Town Wawanakwa

"Hello world!" A cat says, popping out of nowhere, the cat is a light brown color, with round, blue eyes and a shirt with red, green and white horizontal stripes. "I'm coming at you live from from Town Wawanakwa, where 16 animals signed up to win 100,000,000 BELLS! We chose 8 girls and 8 boys, and it was hard." He confessed. "I'm your host, Christopher," Christopher said. AND WELCOME TO




(Theme song begins)

Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doing fine,

(Camera goes through woods, knocking Christopher out of his chair, and scaring off a nearby dog)

You guys are on my mind,

(The camera goes up a cliff, then falls down it, showing Biskit swimming, then realizes his swimsuit fell off, and covers his crotch area)

You asked me what I wanted to be, and now I think the answer is plain to see,

(Camera goes up to see Kid Cat and Monique on a surfboard, with Kid Cat being creeped out, and Monique staring at him with hearts in her eyes)

I wanna be famous!

(Camera goes to Bliss, sitting in the woods, and a skunk falls in front of her, causing her to run away, Punchy starts to laugh as Rubie glares at him)

I wanna live close to the sun, well, pack your bags cause I've alredy won,

(Camera changes to Shari and Merengue arguing in a boat, before it falls off a waterfall, on a log, Pietro is riding a unicycle and juggling potatoes, but Kabuki rides into a vine and slams into him)

Everything to prove, nothing in my way, I'll get there one day.

(Kabuki and Pietro slam into an outhouse, causing Coco to fly out, camera pans to bulldog making stew, Wolfgang and Genji look at eachother, horrified.)\

Cause I wanna be famous!

(Pashmina and Whitney start arguing, before Pashmina gets hit with a spoon, camera pans out to Rubie and Coco looking at the ocean together)

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na!

(a bulldog is seen fighting a shark, before getting hit the tranquilizer dart)

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous! I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be FAMOUS!

(Pietro grabs camera to focus on him, and starts juggling flaming cows, he throws them up, and they turn into a bonfire)


(Wolfgang and Whitney slowly get closer, before Kabuki pops out of nowhere, screaming, camera pans out to show the other competitors whistling, with sign saying "Total Drama: Animal Crossing")


"So, let's introduce our campers!" Christopher said, smiling. A boat, with a turtle (kappa in Japan) driving it arrived, and a monkey with yellow paws and feet arrived. "Shari!" Christopher greeted. Shari smiled as she ran towards and hugged Christopher.

"OH MY GOSH! I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE ON TV!" Shari screamed, hugging Christopher.

"Yeah, yeah, nice nice, GET OFF OF ME!" Christopher shouted. Shari let go of him.

"Sorry..." She muttered. "I just have always wanted to be on TV!" Shari giggled. Christopher blinked awkwardly. Shari walked to the end of the dock, and placed down her yellow and pink bags.

"Contestant 2, Wolfgang!" Christopher announced. A black wolf hopped off the boat with a yellow bag. Wolfgang blinked.

"Chris, where are the ladies?" Wolfgang asked. Shari started to tear up.

"She is a girl," Chris replied. Wolfgang ran over to Shari, trying to comfort her. Chris started to chuckle.

"Number 3, Ruby!" Chris said, as a small, white bunny appeared.

"Hi!" She squeaked in a high-pitched voice. She looked at Christopher. "I'm gonna win!"

"Sure..." Chris pushed her away. "Contestant quatro, Punchy!" A lazy, half-asleep looking cat was on a boat that was arriving. He hopped off with a bag that was gray. He said nothing as he walked to the end of the dock, fell down on the wood, and fell asleep. "Okay......" Chris said awkwardly. "Contestant 5! Merengue!" A pink rhino appeared.

"Hi!" She said sweetly. She walked to the end of the dock, looked down at Punchy, shrugged and put down her bags. "Weird..."

"Next contestants, Graham and Monique!" Chris announced.

"IT'S KID CAT!" Graham yelled.

"Whatever." Chris replied. Kid Cat walked off the boat. Monique followed she smiled at Kid Cat, who shivered. "And next, number 7 and 8! Coco and Bliss!" He announced as 2 girls hopped off the boat.

"Hi Chris!" Bliss chirped. Chris looked down.

"Yeah, great, bye," Chris said, pushing her away. Coco glared at him and walked to the end of the dock. Chris smirked. "Now, we have our next 2 contestants! Pashmina and Ruby!" He announced. Pashmina looked.

"Aw... they're all so cute! But you! STOP SLOUCHING!" Pashmina yelled at Kid Cat.

"YES MA'AM!" Kid Cat yelled. He straightened his back.

"Good," Pashmina replied. She walked to the end of the dock. "YOU! SQUIRREL! STOP SCREAMING!" Bliss flinched as stood still, silent. "Good."

Chris shrugged. "Contestants 11 and 12, Genji and O'Hare!" Genji stepped off.

"THANK GOD! THAT BUNNY IS CRAZY!" Genji yelled. O'Hare smirked.

"Whatever," O'Hare replied, removing his sunglasses.

"Nice Hawaiian shirt," Kid Cat commented.

"Drop dead you skeeze," O'Hare replied, putting down his bags. Punchy snored.

"QUIET!" Pashmina screamed. Punchy stopped snoring immediately. "Better."

O'Hare shivered. "Overprotective," he commented. He turned to Kid Cat. "Wannabe," He said. Kid Cat frowned. "Socially awkward," He said to the passed-out kitten. Punchy shrugged.

"Next, we have... Pietro and Whitney!" Chris said. Pietro was juggling lamps as Whitney glared at him.

"Thank god, that sheep was trying to talk to me for 3 hours but was JUST MUMBLING WHILE HE NEARLY KILLED ME WITH A CHAINSAW!" Whitney screamed. She threw her bags, which landed on the still asleep Punchy.

"...Sorry," Pietro mumbled, now juggling sofas. Whitney rolled her eyes.

"Next contestant is Biskit!" Chris said, welcoming a golden retriever who wore a blue shirt, which was eating a bag of potato chips. He had a GameCube controller tucked into his pocket, and his bags were a vivid purple. He hopped off of the boat.

"Hi guys!" Biskit greeted. O'Hare blinked. Pashmina stared at him, Pietro was still juggling sofas, Biskit gulped. "Okay then," He said awkwardly.

"And contestant 16, the final one!" Chris announced. No boat appeared.

"Wheres the boat?" Wolfgang said awkwardly. Shari shrugged.

"LOOK OUT!" Monique screamed. A white cat with red marks all over his body came swinging in on a vine, he let go, and slammed his chin on the dock.

"Ouch," Genji said, slightly laughing.

"Guys! He could be really hurt!" Whitney said, running to the edge of the dock and grabbing him. The cat stood up, and shook the water out of his fur.

"That felt.... LIKE RAINBOWS EATING CUPCAKES!" The cat screamed. "Anyway, I'm Kabuki! IS THIS WHERE WERE STAYING?! THIS IS AWESOME!!!" Kabuki yelled. Chris blinked.

"Okay... so, now that the 16 of you are here, lets get to the bonfire in about 30 minutes, you guys can go to your cabin and put away your things," Chris said.

"Wait, which cabins go to who?" O'Hare asked.

"Guys get the cabin on the left, girls get the one on the right," Chris replied. 

(10 minutes later)

"Dude, why is your bag so huge?" Genji asked. Biskit stared at him.

"Long story."


"There are 4 bunkbeds, so we each get a partner," Punchy said.

"Hey, that's the first thing you've said!" Kid Cat exclaimed. Punchy shrugged. The pairs were eventually decided, Biskit and Punchy, Kid Cat and Genji, O'Hare and Pietro and Wolfgang and Kabuki. Biskit opened his bag.


"Hey, it was hard..." Biskit muttered. He hooked it up.

"Now what?" Wolfgang asked. Biskit looked into his other bag and pulled out a GameCube and 3 games.

"Woohoo!" Punchy cheered. Biskit pulled out 2 controllers.

"We need 2 m-" Biskit started. Punchy had thrown to bright purple controllers into Biskit's hands. Biskit smiled. The camera panned over to the girls cabin.

"Why do we have a TV and a GameCube?" Coco asked. A loudspeaker turned on.

"The guys had one, and the legal department said all contestants must get equal accomidation," The loudspeaker said. Merengue shrugged. Soon, 15 more minutes passed and Kid Cat, Biskit, Punchy and Kabuki were fighting against each other in SSBM.


"WAT?" Kid Cat replied. Soon, it was time for the challenge.

"Welcome, everyone, as you might see, this is where the competition will take place, Town Wawanakwa!" Chris announced. "And, today, we have our first special villager, JINGLE!" Christopher announced. A reindeer who was dressed in bright red and snow white clothing arrived.

"Hello all!" Jingle said sweetly.

"So, what's the challenge?" O'Hare asked. 

"Yeah, what?" Bliss repeated.

"It's a Toy Day challenge!" Chris said. Everyone was silent.

"Toy Day happened like, 10 days ago," Shari said.

"SHUSH!" Chris yelled. "Your job is to deliver all these gifts, the team-"

"Teams?" Ruby asked.

"Oh right, teams!" Chris said. "Punchy, Kid Cat, Merengue, O'Hare, Wolfgang, Ruby, Monique and Pashmina, you are The City Folk!" He announced.

"Wait, why are there so many cats?" O'Hare asked.

"Shush," Chris ordered. "That means, Biskit, Genji, Coco, Pietro, Kabuki, Bliss, Whitney and Shari, you 8 are The Townspeople!" Genji blinked. "Lame," He commented. Chris rolled his eyes.

"Choose a delivery guy or girl, and start!" Chris yelled.

"Genji," Biskit said, tossing him the red clothing. They were home-made by someone, and on the inside, there was small, golden writing that said "Jingle". Genji awkwardly put it on.

"...Okay," Genji said, someone tossed him the bag and he flew backward. The camera panned to the 8 members of the City Folk and a red logo with a bus and a house. Pashmina was already getting dressed.

"Wait, who died and made you the boss?" O'Hare asked. Pashmina glared at him.

"I'm the most mature, and therefore, I'm the delivery girl," Pashmina replied. O'Hare frowned grumpily.


CHAPTER II- A Wawanakwa Christmas... er- Toy Day.

Pashmina frowned as she grabbed the bag from Merengue. Merengue growled. Pashmina climbed up a house and chucked a present down the chimney, there were 20 gifts, and Genji was already 3 presents in.

"HURRY UP PASHWHATEVER!" O'Hare screamed. Pashmina glared at him.

"I'M DOING MY BEST! NOW QUIET!" Pashmina screamed.

"Well, 'your best' isn't good enough, tuts," O'Hare said in an outhouse. "Wait, is this wreath really nessecary?"              

Pashmina was quickly delivering the gifts, and Genji was going faster than her still. 

"UGH!" Pashmina yelled, she chucked a present at Genji.

"WHAT?!" Genji screamed, being knocked down. Biskit stared.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" Biskit screamed. Pietro shrugged as Shari stood, waiting.

"Isn't that, like, against the rules?" Bliss asked. Chris shrugged. Bliss growled. Coco shook her head.

"I hate that guy! He's such a bully!" Coco yelled in the confessional. "Okay. Okay, calm yourself Coco..."

Biskit stared as the 2 animals rushed their ways across the rooftops. Genji dodged another present that was shot at him. "SERIOUSLY?!" Genji exclaimed. A fish flew into his face,

"I ran out of presents to throw," Pashmina confessed. Genji glared at her.

"Almost done..." Genji murmured.

"Come on Pashmina!" Kid Cat yelled. Pashmina was jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

"This is bad..." Ruby muttered. Pashmina hopped off the last building.

"Ha!" Pashmina declared. Genj frowned as he hopped off after her.

"The Townspeople win!" Christopher announced. Pashmina froze.

"WHAT?!" She screamed. "BUT I GOT HERE FIRST!"

"True," Chris started. "But you threw half of you presents at Genji, so Genji delivered all of the presents, and yooouuuu did not, so, City Folk, come to the bonfire pit at 9 o'clock."

"Nice job," Punchy said. Pashmina growled.

"WHATEVER!" Pashmina screamed. Soon, it was time for the elimination.

"Alright City Folk, this is the first elimination, so let me explain, you go into the outhouse and write down on a slip the name of the contestant you would like to eliminate, then, I will recieve the slip, and the person with the most votes is going to walk the Dock of Shame and hop on the Boat of Losers, Punchy, you're up!" Chris explained. Punchy stood up. In the outhouse, Punchy scribbled a name on a slip, eventually all 8 members of the team had voted.

"Okay, if you are safe, you will recieve a marshmallow, and be safe for another day," Chris explained. The 8 members looked worried. "The first person safe is... Wolfgang,"

"Yes!" Wolfgang said. He ran over to Chris and picked up his marshmallow.

"Kid Cat," Chris continued. Kid Cat smiled as he grabbed his marshmallow.

"Ruby," Chris said.

"Yes!" Ruby said quietly as she grabbed her marshmallow.

"Merengue," Chris said afterwards. Merengue smiled, stood up and grabbed her marshmallow.

"Now, 4 people are safe, and 4 are not," Chris said. O'Hare, Punchy, Pashmina and Monique all looked worried. "O'Hare is safe."

O'Hare smiled and grabbed the marshmallow.

"Monique," Chris said. Monique smiled and grabbed her marshmallow.

"Campers, this is the last marshmallow of the night," Chris announced. Punchy and Pashmina stared at eachother. "And, the last marshmallow goes to...

................................................Punchy," Chris said. Punchy smiled as he grabbed his marshmallow.

"WHAT?!" Pashmina screamed.

"Bye bye Pashmina," Kid Cat said. Pashmina frowned as she grabbed her bags.

"YOU JUST GOT RID OF YOUR MOST USEFUL PLAYER! I WILL DESTROY YOU-" Pashmina screamed as the boat drived off. The rest of her sentence was not heard as a boat horn cut her off.

Pashmina Punchy Kid Cat Monique Wolfgang O'Hare Kid Cat Ruby Merengue
Punchy Pashmina Monique Pashmina Pashmina Pashmina Pashmina Pashmina Pashmina

"So, our first loser is finally here, and, what will happen next time on TOTAL! DRAMA! ANIMAL CROSSING!" Chris shouted.

CHAPTER III- Cooking Fool

"Last time on Total Drama: Animal Crossing, it was Christmas time!" Chris said in the recap. "The 2 Jingle look a likes, Pashmina and Genji, raced their way through the sea of houses, and the Townspeople won, and the City Folk said a 'sad' goodbye to Pashmina. 15 animals remain, who will go home this time on TOTAL! DRAMA! ANIMAL CROSSING!"

(Theme song plays)

The camera shows the 2 cabins, which beeping noises can be heard from the male one. Punchy, Biskit, Kabuki and Wolfgang were playing on the GameCube they had recieved, while the other 4 watched them. Biskit won the match.

"YES!" Biskit screamed. An angered voice was heard.

"KEEP IT DOWN!" The voice was clearly from Whitney. Biskit froze.

"Oops." The camera flashed to show the 15 contestants standing in front of Chris the Cat.

"So, Townspeople, City Folk, ready for the challenge?" Chris asked.

"Not really," Ruby said.

"Good!" Chris said. Coco rolled her eyes. "This next challenge will test your wits, your teamwork, and your skills in the kitchen!" Punchy and Kid Cat looked at eachother awkwardly. A truck drove out of the lake, which Zucker, an octopus hopped out of.

"I will be your guest judge today!" Zucker announced. Marina hopped out of the truck.

"As will I!"

"So, each of the teams must assign a head chef to oversee the cooking and to make the theme of the meal," Chris said, opening the truck door, showing a massive amount of food. "Merengue," The entire City Folk excluding Merengue said.

"Okay?" Merengue said awkwardly.

"Townspeople?" Chris asked.

"We choose Shari," Pietro said. Shari smiled.

"Now, get grabbing!" Chris said. O'Hare ran up to the truck.

"Hm..." He muttered, Merengue walked towards him.

"I got it!" Merengue said. She told her team to grab rice, seaweed, flour, sugar, brown sugar, flour, salt, eggs, pepper, shrimp, vinegered water, avacado, peanut oil, cucumbers, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, seseme oil and seseme seeds.

"Geez, do we really need all of this?" Punchy asked. Merengue nodded. Punchy sighed. Shari stood looking at a clipboard.

"Coco, mangoes, Biskit, pineapples, Genji, macadamias, Pietro, mollases, Whitney, tomatoes," Shari read. The camera showed the City Folk walking into the kitchen.

"Alright, everyone partner up," Merengue said.

"I'll handle the appetizers with Wolfgang," Punchy said.

"I can make the dessert," Ruby said.

"I'll go too," O'Hare said.

"That leaves Kid Cat and Monique on main course," Merengue said. Kid Cat gulped.

"Alright," Shari said in the kitchen. "Coco will be the other lead chef with me, and Bliss and Kabuki are on main course, the ribs, Biskit and Genji will make the appetizers, pineapples with skewers through them, which leaves Whitney and Pietro on dessert detail," she read.

"Aw, why him?" Whitney asked. Pietro frowned. The camera now showed Kid Cat and Monique making the main course, which was Shrimp Tempura.

"So, Kid Cat.." Monique said.

"Monique, I don't like you," Kid Cat replied.

"You like me," Monique said.

"No, I don't."

"Yes you do."

"NO, I don't."


"I DON'T!"


"Stop using text speak."

The camera now showed the Townspeople. Bliss and Shari were making the Ribs.

"I got just the thing!" Kabuki said derpily, pulling out a container.

"What's that?" Bliss asked. 

"It's Grandma Kitty's secret recipe!" Kabuki screamed.

"Okay?" Bliss replied. Kabuki dumped it on the ribs. "Are you sure that isn't... like toxic?" Bliss asked, pointing out the fact that the ribs were now glowing a bright green.

"Nah, it's probos over the expiration date or sumthin'," Kabuki replied. "BUT DAT MAKES IT EXTRA TASTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" He screamed. Bliss looked at him weirldy, backing up slowly. "IT'S TASTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"So..." Biskit said, awkwardly cutting the pineapples. Genji rolled his eyes. The camera now showed O'Hare with Ruby. He grabbed her and Wolfgang and talked.

"So, I was going to form an alliance to bring to the final 3, and I chose you," O'Hare said.

(Conf), O'Hare- Form alliance, dump them, get to finale, done, done and oh so close I can almost taste it!

"I love food..." Biskit muttered. Shari smacked him.

"No eating," Shari said coldly. Biskit frowned.

"私はあなたが至福愛する!" Kabuki screamed.

"What?" Bliss asked.


CHAPTER IV- Ball-istic

CHAPTER V- So Much Talent

CHAPTER VI- Face Your Fear!

AFTERMATH I- The Aftermath: Welcome World!

CHAPTER VII- That's Lovely.

CHAPTER VIII- We All Scream For Our Dear Lives

CHAPTER IX- Fruit Mania

CHAPTER X- Totally Not Illegal

CHAPTER XI- Nook's Cranny

CHAPTER XII- Good 'Ol Whatshisname

AFTERMATH II- Aftermath: Part II

CHAPTER XIII- Redd's Art Gallery

CHAPTER XIV- Nasty Nourishment



Place Name Team 1 2
TBA Punchy City Folk N/A RISK
TBA Kid Cat City Folk N/A IN
TBA Ruby City Folk N/A IN
TBA Merengue City Folk N/A IN
TBA O'Hare City Folk N/A IN
TBA Coco Townspeople N/A WIN
TBA Biskit Townspeople N/A WIN
TBA Genji Townspeople N/A WIN
TBA Wolfgang City Folk N/A IN
TBA Bliss Townspeople N/A WIN
TBA Shari Townspeople N/A WIN
TBA Pietro Townspeople N/A WIN
TBA Whitney Townspeople N/A WIN
TBA Kabuki Townspeople N/A WIN
TBA Monique City Folk N/A SAFE
16 Pashmina City Folk N/A OUT

     Female member

     Male member

     Member of The City Folk

     Member of The Townspeople

     Irregularly eliminated

     Normally eliminated, by vote

     Quit/chosen to be eliminated/ Instant elimination

     In bottom 2/3

     Got votes, still safe

     Got no votes, no vote was held

     won the challenge (post-merge), this contestants team won (pre-merge)

     This contender won the challenge for his or her team.

     won the competition

     was the runner-up, winner in the alternative ending


'Welcome to Town Wawanakwa!'

'It's A Wawanakwa Christmas! Er- Toy Day'

'Cooking Fool'

  • This episodes name is based on that of an episode from NickiNor2's Total Pokemon Action.
  • Kabuki's sauce is a reference to Treecko's in that same episode.
  • Kabuki claiming that when it's over the expiration date, it tastes better is a reference to Isabelle saying that popcorn is better when it's slightly burned.



Wolfgang originally was going to be more of a ladie's man, Cody-type character, he was changed to fit Duncan. His theme song was originally Friendzone, rather than Bad.

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