• Duncan
  • Lightning
  • Tyler
  • Scott
  • Noah
  • Brick
  • Alejandro
  • Harold
  • Sam
  • Gwen
  • Heather
  • Courtney
  • Lindsay
  • Izzy
  • Blaineley
  • Leshawna
  • Dawn
  • Anne Maria
Welcome to "Total Drama: All Stars 2! Thanks to all the users who selected the cast for this season. Now, watch as 18 contestants from seasons past return for another shot at one million dollars! Set on the island in Hawaii where "Total Drama World Tour" ended, watch Chris McLean put these players through the ringer in the most daunting challenges yet! Are you ready? Good, you better be. :)

Season Overview

This season's contestants, in alphabetical order, are Alejandro, Anne Maria, Blaineley, Brick, Courtney, Dawn, Duncan, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Izzy, Leshawna, Lightning, Lindsay, Noah, Sam, Scott, and Tyler. The players will be split into three teams based on quality traits they possess - brains, brawn, and beauty. I'm not ripping off Survivor, I just thought this would be a good way to distinguish the characters that were chosen. The brains team consists of Blaineley, Dawn, Harold, Noah, Sam, and Scott. The brawns team consists of Alejandro, Brick, Duncan, Izzy, Lightning, and Tyler. And the beauty team consists of Anne Maria, Courtney, Gwen, Heather, and Leshawna, and Lindsay.


Ep. 1 - "Brain. Brawn. Beauty. - Part 1"

Chris - "Hello and welcome to an all-new season of Total Drama! After a popular fan vote determined who would compete this year, we've brought back 18 of our most popular contestants from our first two casts to battle it out for one million dollars! These players are here based on the skills they need in their everyday lives - brains, brawn, and beauty. Which skill will reign superior? What player will take home our million dollar prize? It's another all-star battle for supremacy, right here on Total Drama! All-Stars 2!"

(opening theme plays)

Chris - "Welcome back. Before we jump head first into all the surprises and twists this season has to offer, let's introduce our players in a way that will refresh your memory of their status in our history books. Let's start with the brawn team! Players on this team are here based on their physical attributes. Their strength and dexterity will be their best skill to survive in this game. Let's start with Alejandro.

(past clips of Alejandro are shown)

Chris - "I don't think anyone has played a better game than Alejandro. Granted, the guy's the sketchiest weasel you'll ever meet, you cannot deny or be unappreciative of his gameplay. He's definitely a player to watch out for once again.

(past clips of Brick are shown)

Chris - "If we're judging players by their personalities and behavior, Brick is a bona fide hero. His "never leave a man behind" attitude might wear off on his teammates after a while, but it could work to his advantage. If he can infuse himself into an alliance, he might have some post-merge votes to count on."

(past clips of Duncan are shown)

Chris - "Duncan is a threat right off the bat. Not only did he win a season, he merged in each of the FOUR seasons he played, the most of any in our history. Plus, he's coming off a year in jail, meaning his bad boy label is back. If Duncan can survive the early going, he'll be virtually unstoppable."

(past clips of Izzy are shown)

Chris - "It's not hard to see why the audience brought this escaped psyhco-err I mean She's a ratings hound. Izzy's on screen antics might improve our nightly ratings, but will irritate her teammates. The only solution for her is to tone it down and play a more serious game. It might make us second to that copycat show with that Don guy, but it would be ratings GOLD in the long run."

(past clips of Lightning are shown)

Chris - "Lightning may have intimidated people with his physical presence, but his complete buffoonery and lack of challenge usefulness pretty much spells early out for Mr. Jockstrap. His only chance of lasting at all is to be on the short end of a power alliance, the likes of which will cut him loose the first chance they get.

(past clips of Tyler are shown)

Chris - "Tyler might suck at sports, but he's a useful asset and his positive attitude might translate with his teammates. Hey, Alejandro of all people trusted him, and it got both of them somewhere. Tyler's a bit of an underdog as of right now, but this season could be a turning point for our chicken-fearing chicken."

(the entire brawn team is shown.)

Chris - "Next we'll talk about the beauty team, and you'll hear all about them when we return to our preseason preview of Total! Drama! All-Stars 2!"

(commercial break)

Chris - "Welcome back. Our next team up for discussion is the beauty team, and they're a first for the show. This team, consisting of one gender (can ya guess which one?) is here to woo the guys in the game with their drop dead looks and flair from the DRAMAtic! Let's start with Gwen."

(past clips of Gwen are shown)

Chris - "Gwen is a fan favorite. Her sharp wit is matched by her polarizing double edge penchant for being a loner while being able to make friends. She's a good strategic player, a useful challenge asset and is more than willing to target anyone who crosses her. I think this season could be Gwen's finest yet."

(past clips of Courtney are shown)

Chris - "While this season might be a cake walk for Gwen, it's going to be a nightmare for Courtney. Her abysmal performance in our first All-Star season, which saw her squeak through the merge, means that players are no longer going to fall for her again...unless she can charm them. Remember, Courtney has had multiple boyfriends on the show, and her looks might make our pool of dudes want her to stick around."

(past clips of Heather are shown)

Chris - "You'd think by now players would make it their mission to take down Heather. But that's what makes her and this show so compelling. When other players land in hot water (i.e. Gwen and Duncan), it's her golden chance to sneak under the radar and keep herself going. Heather will most likely have to do that again this season, and if her pathetic All-Star performance, in which she GAVE AWAY THE IMMUNITY IDOL TO ALEJANDRO, is any indication, she'll need a strong alliance to create a winning edge."

(past clips of Lindsay are shown)

Chris - "Lindsay may be a fan favorite at home, but what makes her such is that she's even more fun for her fellow contestants. One of the few in TD history to make friends with as many people as she did may make her come off as a threat, but don't let her looks fool you. She's dumber than Jim Carrey in that pathetic sequel. But Lindsay has assets. She's competing with her boyfriend Tyler, and has friends in Gwen, Izzy, Noah and even Duncan on a good day. But she has adversaries in Heather, Courtney and Alejandro. If she can make it to the merge and use those friends, Lindsay is another player who might just see her finest Total Drama hour."

(past clips of Leshawna)

Chris - "Leshawna made friends with home viewers because she stood up to Heather from day one. Leshawna has won individual immunity before, has orchestrated eliminations (with the intent of taking down Heather) and overall, embodies a player who can play nice and play dirty at the same time. Leshawna is an easy under the radar threat."

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