This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.
The producers of Total Drama have gathered 14 of your most beloved and hated contestants of all time to compete in the most dramatic season yet, Total Drama: All Stars! Throughout the season, they'll be competing Heroes vs. Villains style! And they're all returning where the reality show started, Camp Wawanakwa! Who will lose? And who will be the last camper standing and be crowned the Total Drama ultimate all Star? Stay tuned to find out!
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  • Alejandro - The Manipulative Flirt - Villainous Vultures
  • Cameron - The Wide Eyed Bubble Boy - Heroic Hamsters
  • Courtney - The Type A - Heroic Hamsters
  • Duncan - The Delinquent Punk - Villainous Vultures
  • Gwen - The Loner - Villainous Vultures
  • Heather - The Queen Bee - Villainous Vultures
  • Jo - The Take-No-Prisoners-Jockette - Villainous Vultures
  • Lightning - The Athletic Overachiever - Villainous Vultures
  • Lindsay - The Dumb Blonde - Heroic Hamsters
  • Mike - The Multiple Personality Disorder - Heroic Hamsters
  • Sam - The Nice Guy Gamer - Heroic Hamsters
  • Scott - The Devious - Villainous Vultures
  • Sierra - The Obsessive Uber Fan- Heroic Hamsters
  • Zoey - The Indie Chick - Heroic Hamsters


Chapter 1: Heroes vs. Villains

The sinister familiar face of Chris Mclean is seen at good ol' Camp Wawanakwa standing on the docks. He fixes his hair before he introduces the brand new season. He clears his throat and begins.

"welcome one and all to the newest season of your favorite reality show, Total Drama! I know what you're all thinking, what am I doing out of prison after being so rudely arrested just for having fun last season? After a year, I was finally allowed to get bailed out. And how was I bailed out?" Chris asks, he sheds a tear, then that tear turns into bawling. He takes out a napkin and blows his nose.

"I had to call Chef Hatchet and told him to.... To..... Hold on, please." The crying host says. He continues to bawl his eyes out some more. "I told him to sell my lifetime supply of hair gel just to bail me out. I still feel ashamed...."

"Um Chris, we need to get the episode going." The cameraman says.

"Well sorry if my heartfelt pain is getting in the way of things!" Chris shouts. He blows his nose one more time then pulls himself together. "Sorry about that...... Anyways, this season of Total Drama is very special. How special? I'll tell ya! The Total Drama crew has gathered fourteen of the most popular contestants of all time to compete in an all-star season! That's not all, they'll be competing Heroes vs. Villains style! That's right, a special season all for you guys!"

The camera pans all across Camp Wawanakwa as Chris talks.

"As you can see we're back at good ol' Camp Wawanakwa. Why? I really need to be around familiar surroundings after being locked up in the slammer for a year. But while I was away the island was made toxic-free and is now one hundred percent safe!" Chris says.

At the ocean, a huge shark eats a baby dolphin.

"Okay, so maybe not that safe. But the island's at least clean. The rules of the game remain the same like always. The campers will be split into two teams, and at least two times a week there will be a challenge. The team that wins the challenge are all immune and are safe from the elimination ceremony. The other team WILL have to face elimination and send at least one teammate home." Chris explains.

Suddenly above Chris, a huge helicopter is seen hovering.

"Ah, here come the first set of campers! These guys are the first generation contestants. Bring em' out!" Chris says.

The door plops open and reveals Courtney who is obviously frightened. She then jumps off the helicopter.

"This isn't right!" She shouts as she falls through the sky.

"Let's welcome first to the game grouchy C.I.T. Courtney!"

Heather is then seen falling through the sky.

"Next, drama diva Heather! The girl who put's the drama in Total Drama!"

"I'm gonna puke!" Heather shouts.

Duncan is seen falling through the sky.

"Next up, bad boy delinquent Duncan! Let's hope he doesn't kiss more girls this season."

"Suck a puck!" Duncan shouts.

Gwen is seen falling through the sky.

"Gothic loner chick Gwen!"

"I'm not enjoying this!" Gwen shouts.

Lindsay is seen falling through the sky.

"Lip gloss obsessed Lindsay!"

"I hope Tyler's here!" Lindsay shouts.

Sierra is seen falling through the sky.

"And Total Drama obsessive uber fan, Sierra!"

"I'll win for you Codykins!" Sierra shouts.

The camera pans back to Chris on the docks.

"And those are the first six campers. The next set of campers are from the second generation. Oh, and here they come now!" Chris says as the next helicopter arrives.

The door opens and Lightning is seen. He jumps off.

"Go team Sha-Lightning!" He shouts.

"From the second generation, welcome athletic overachiever Lightning!"

Jo is seen falling from the sky.

"Next up, bossy hairy man lady, Jo!"

"What a weak jump!" Jo shouts, mainly to Lightning.

Cameron is seen falling through the sky.

"Bubble boy brainiac, Cameron!"

"I'm too young to die!" Cameron shouts.

Zoey is seen falling through the sky.

"Sweet like candy, Zoey!"

"This won't end well!" Zoey shouts.

Mike is seen falling through the sky.

"Multiple Personality, Mike! Along with his other friends i.e., personalities!"

"Oh gosh, oh gosh, help!" Mike shouts.

Sam is seen falling through the sky playing a game on his Gamer Guy.

"Mutant lover game addict, Sam!"

"Yes, I reached level ten!" Sam shouts.

Lastly, Scott is seen falling through the sky.

"Last but not least, smelly farmer guy, Scott!"

"I'm pretty sure this isn't legal!" Scott shouts.

The camera pans to the ocean where all the campers gave landed. Scott lands last and splashes water on the others.

"Hey campers, meet me at the beach!" Chris says. The campers groan. "Ah, I love my job. What will be the all-stars first challenge? And who will survive? We'll be right back, so stay tuned!"

(Theme song plays)

The camera opens up to the beach, where all the campers are fatigued from their long swim. Some are sitting on large rocks, while some are standing, and some are even laying down. Chris then walks over to them.

"Hello campers, it's great to see you all again!" Chris says.

"Speak for yourself." Heather says with crossed arms.

"Aw, does somebody miss their boyfriend?" Jo mockingly asks.

Heather glares at Jo.

"Alejandro? As if. If I see that handsome jerk again, it'll be too soon." Heather says.

"You're gonna hear from my lawyers for almost killing me." Courtney tells Chris.

"Eh, I won't worry about it. Because I got my own lawyers as well!" Chris replies which shocks Courtney.

"Really? Wow." Courtney says.

"And my lawyers are top notch so I would be lying if I said you shouldn't be worried." Chris says with an evil smile. Chris walks to another side of the beach. "Welcome campers to a brand new season of Total Drama! How does it feel to be back?"

"It feels like I'm back in juvie, but a worse one." Duncan says.

"Oh my gosh Chris, it feels so great to be here! I'm actually at the place where Total Drama all started! Eeeeeeee!" Sierra squeals which annoys everyone. "Too bad my Codykins isn't here with me."

"How am I even back? I didn't even accept the offer!" Heather ponders.

"You too?" Scott asks.

Chris laughs.

"About that, even though you all had a choice to either accept or decline, it really wasn't up to you. You were all coming back either way." Chris explains which gets him some glares.

"Of course Chris wouldn't let us choose if we'd wanna come back." Heather says in the confessional. "If he did only weird super fan Sierra would be competing."

"I know it's weird that I'd wanna come back to Total Drama after getting abused by Chris for a whole season, but I need to win for my Codykins!" Sierra says in the confessional. She starts to cry. "I miss him so much! Cody!"

"This season of Total Drama will be a bit different." Chris explains. "First off, this is an all-star season which means you fourteen are the most popular campers of Total Drama history! How does that feel?"

The campers do not get excited about that.

"Wow, tough crowd.... Anyways, since this is an all-star season, the challenges will be the most toughest and scariest ones of all time! Another thing, each challenge of the season will have a reference to an old challenge from the past. My idea. Hold on, there's another twist!"

Jo groans.

"For goodness sake how much twists can you put in one season?" Jo says.

"This season you will not only be competing as all-stars, but heroes vs. villains style! As of right now, each of you will be split into two teams based on your past performances. Duncan, Scott, Jo, Heather, Lightning and Gwen, you guys are the Villainous Vultures!"

Gwen is shocked to be on team villain.

"Wait, I'm a villain?! I've done so many good things in the past! How could this be?" Gwen asks.

"I don't know why, maybe because you kissed my boyfriend in Total Drama World Tour?!" Courtney angrily shouts.

"He wasn't your boyfriend when I kissed him!" Gwen shouts back.

"Ooh... Tension already, I love it!" Chris says.

Duncan comforts Gwen by putting his arms around her.

"Relax babe, so what if your a villain? At least we're on the same team this time around." Duncan says.

Gwen sighs.

"If you put it that way......" Gwen says.

"Man Gwen needs to deal with the fact she's a bad girl now." Duncan says in the confessional. "She better stop being a bummer or else no Duncan love for her."

"Man, am I really a villain?" Gwen says in the confessional. "Why was my team placing just based off of one mistake? Chris should've looked at the other good things I've done. And by the way, when I kissed Duncan he and Courtney weren't even dating!"

"The rest of you are on team hero. Courtney, Mike, Zoey, Sam, Lindsay, Sierra and Cameron, you guys are the Heroic Hamsters."

"Alright guys, we're on the same team again! High five!" Zoey tells Mike and Cameron.

"Go friendship!" Cameron says.

Mike and Cameron cheer as they high five. This annoys Courtney and she rolls her eyes.

"It's bad enough I'm on a team named after a buck-tooth mammal, now I have to deal with all the lovey-dovey moments going around." Courtney says in the confessional. "This is called Total Drama people, start creating some drama!"

"Aw I love hamsters, and now, I'm on a team named after hamsters!" Lindsay says.

"Cody loves hamsters, too. He's going to freak out when I tell him!" Sierra says. She takes out a cardboard phone she made. "I can call him with this!" Courtney rolls her eyes.

"Weirdoes...." Courtney says as a side comment.

"This season, you will all still need to sleep in a stanky old cabin." Chris says. Everyone groans. "But, the team that wins the challenge gets to relax in the newly built, eco-friendly, Mclean-Brand Spa Hotel!"

Everyone cheers.

Lightning then notices the number disadvantage of the teams.

"Sha-wait, there are more people on the heroes team! No fair!" Lightning says.

"Hey, meat brain is right, they have more members than us!" Jo says.

"No worries Vultures I've got that covered." Chris says with an evil smile. "You're all going to love this!"

"Knowing you, we're all gonna be disappointed one way or another." Heather says with crossed arms.

"Heather you especially will love this. I guarantee it! Chef, bring on out the super special secret competitor!" Chris says which makes everyone ponder.

Chef Hatchet comes walking to the campers as he is pushing a wheelchair which has someone sitting in it. Their whole body is covered with a blanket so know one can see who it is just yet.

"Villainous Vultures, welcome your last team member......." Chris starts to say. Chef takes off the blanket and reveals Alejandro. "Alejandro!"

Everyone gasps in shock.

"No.... It can't be!" Heather says in the confessional. "Why?! The last person I wanted to see was Alejerko. Why me?!"

"Hello, fellow campers." Alejandro says with a smile.

"How is he still alive? I thought he got burned by the volcano?" Scott asks, confused.

"True... But the guy recovered in the drama machine we put him in. And since he was said to be okay by the doctors, the producers decided to let the most villainous competitor compete!" Chris explains.

"Great......" Heather says as she rolls her eyes.

"Nice to see you again, Heather." Alejandro says with a cheesy smile. Alejandro gets up from the wheelchair, but quickly falls flat to the ground because of his weak, limp legs.

Everyone but Heather winces at Alejandro's fall. Instead, she laughs.

"Um...... Yeah, Alejandro, the doctors also said you might not be able to gain control of your legs for a while, so you'll need to stay in the wheelchair for now." Chris says. Alejandro mumbles something back.

"What did he say?" Mike asks.

"Oh, maybe he's telling us a joke! Who's there?" Lindsay asks, thinking Alejandro is asking a knock-knock joke.

Chef Hatchet rolls his eyes and drags Alejandro back onto his wheelchair. Sand is all over his face. Heather laughs.

"That's a good look for you, you should keep it. It's definitely a step-up from you're current look." Heather says.

"Heather, is that any way to talk to you're lover?" Alejandro mockingly asks.

"You are not my boyfriend, that kiss we shared in season three was all strategic!" Heather shouts.

"Heather won't admit it, but she definitely likes me." Alejandro says in the confessional. "It's just a matter of time before we're a couple."

"Alrighty campers, you're first challenge of the season will begin shortly. But first meet me on the other side of the beach!" Chris says as he walks of with Chef Hatchet.

The scene changes to the campers walking to the beach. Cameron, Mike, and Zoey are all having a friendship-like talk. Mike has his arm around his girlfriend's shoulder.

"I'm so glad we're on the same team again! It'll be so fun with you two!" Zoey says.

"I wasn't shocked, we're all nice people so of course we'd be on the heroes team." Mike says.

"I'm just glad I'm not on team villain. I'd wet my pants if I had to work with evil people." Cameron says. Mike and Zoey laugh.

Sam accidently walks into Lindsay. Lindsay stops, followed by Sam.

"Oh, sorry about that, beautiful girl...." Sam says, taking notice on how pretty Lindsay is.

"Don't worry, I get hurt all the time! Wow, I love your glasses, it's so chic!" Lindsay says.

Sam laughs.

"Thanks. And I love your um.... Nostrils?" Sam says awkwardly.

"I love my nostrils too!" Lindsay says. Sam awkwardly laughs and becomes quiet sweaty.

"Wow, Lindsay is really pretty!" Sam says in the confessional. "She's a total mash-up of Princess Ana and Princess Jewel from Attack of the Tower: The Knight's Revenge! But I can't get too caught up in love with her. I'm still in love with my girl Dakotazoid too. And if she knew I found new love, she'd rip me into pieces, literally."

Alejandro is rolling his wheelchair close to Heather which gets her annoyed.

"Keep your distance, Aledisabled." Heather says.

"Oh Heather, your terrible nicknames for me just prove how much you love me." Alejandro says.

"As if." Heather says. "I hope you get more injured in the challenge and get evacuated."

"Your love is obvious. My Father always told me, a girl who taunts, is a girl in love." Alejandro says.

"Well you're father is wrong. I am not, and will never be in love with you. Got it?" Heather scoffs.

"Alright, fine... You'll come around later...." Alejandro says with a smile.

The scene changes to the campers at the other side of the beach waiting for Chris. he finally arrives on his jetpack and comes in on a landing. Chef arrives by foot. The sand gets in everyone's eyes and mouth.

"Next time can you arrive like a normal person?" Courtney asks as she tries to shield herself from the sand blowing everywhere.

"I could, but that'd be boring." Chris replies.

"Yo Chris, when can I get my own jetpack? I'm tired of walking." Chef Hatchet says.

"I said you can get one when you start working more." Chris says.

"I am!" Chef Hatchet snaps.

"Wiping the toilet once with a towelette isn't exactly "working"." Chris says. Chef rolls his eyes. "Alrighty campers, you're first challenge of the season is a homage to the first ever challenge of the season, cliff diving! You'll have to race to the top of the cliff and once there, one member from each team will jump off the cliff one by one. For what exactly? A key that will unlock the doors of the Mclean-Brand Spa Hotel. Two dozen keys are placed underwater but only one is the right key. once you have your key, race to the hotel to see if it fits. If not, run back and another camper will take a shot at it. If you manage to find the right one, your team gets to stay there overnight with the other team will face elimination."

"Should we put on our swimsuits first?" Mike asks.

"No time for that, Mike." Chris replies.

"Wait, what about me? I can't jump off the cliff. I'll die!" Alejandro says.

"In that case, do the challenge." Heather says with a smile.

"Oh, right. I forgot about you Alejandro." Chris says. He gets a call from the producers. "Uh-huh? Yeah, alright. Okay, the producers told me since Alejandro is basically disabled, he get's to stay out of today's challenge."

That makes Alejandro happy.

"What? That's not fair! For all we know he could be faking!" Heather shouts.

"I wish it was true, Heather. But sadly I really am disabled." Alejandro says.

"Heather's right! And next to that now we have a number disadvantage!" Jo says.

"Hm.... Never thought about that either." Chris says. He gets another call from the producers. "What now? Uh-huh? Yeah, fine. Well, the producers thought that wasn't fair either, so one member from team hero will be able to sit out. Who-"

Chris gets cut off by Courtney.

"I want to sit out!" She shouts.

"I'd be a fool to not sit out of the challenge." Courtney says in the confessional. "For one I'll be alive for another day that's for sure, and also if we lose the challenge there won't be a target on my back since I didn't compete. It's all strategy for ya!"

Alejandro and Courtney are now standing by Chef since they won't be competing.

"Campers, start your human engines! Ready, steady, GO!" Chris shouts. The campers start their run up the cliff. "Well, I'm heading to the top! You guys need to come too." He tells Alejandro, Chef, and Courtney. He flies away on his jetpack leaving the three behind.

"Do we really have to walk up there?" A lazy Courtney asks.

"Welcome to my world." He tells Courtney. The three start their long walk.

"Thank goodness I'm in a wheel chair." Alejandro says.

The scene changes to Chris waiting at the top of the cliff waiting for the campers. Seconds later, they finally arrive but out of breath and fatigued.

"Welcome campers! Great to see you could make it." Chris says.

"Feeling woozy.... Need, a power-up." Sam says, he quickly collapses on Cameron and the two fall. Zoey gasps. Alejandro, Chef, and Courtney then make it to the top as well. They are obviously fatigued.

"That, was tiring." Courtney says. Chef collapses.

"Oh lordy!" Chef shouts.

"My arms feel like they're about to fall off." Alejandro says.

Cameron, Mike and Zoey all look down into the ocean. Suddenly, Fang swims up into the ocean and takes out a fork and knife. The three gasp.

"FANG!" They all shout. Scott joins them and is shocked.

"No!" Scott shouts.

"It's bad enough I spent a whole season with that mutated shark, now I have to spend another season with him?" A frightened Scott says in the confessional. "Why, why?!"

This time, Cameron, Mike, Scott and Zoey see two more regular sharks appear with Fang they all gasp.

"Yeah, the sharks had an open invitation. Fun isn't it? Now that everyone's here, it's time to start the challenge! Who's the first victims?" Chris asks.

"Since it's obvious I'm the strongest here, I'll go first!" Jo insists. Lightning doesn't agree.

"Sha-what?! No way dude, Lightning's first. Why? He sha-awesome!" Lightning says as he does his famous pose.

"More like sha-lame." Jo says. The two glare at each other.

"Sha-dud head Lightning is so arrogant." Jo says in the confessional. "I know I may seem arrogant as well, but I really am the strongest here!"

"Just choose someone already." Heather says with crossed arms.

Jo gasps and points behind Lightning. "Lightning, is that Tony Romo?!" She shouts, tricking him.

Lightning gasps and looks to where Jo pointed. "Tony?! Where?! Where?!" He shouts.

Jo laughs and jumps off the cliff. Lightning turns around.

"Hey, Tony isn't there!" He notices Jo has left. "What, where'd he go?!"

"Jo's got guts, tricking Lightning like that." Lightning says in the confessional. "If we lose the challenge he's going home. No one tricks the Sha-Lightning!"

Jo dives underwater and grabs a key. She comes up and cheers.

"Now that's how you do it!" Jo shouts. Suddenly a shark appears behind her. "Uh-oh..." She then quickly swims away with the shark chasing her.

"C'mon someone jump already!" Courtney tells her team. Sam hatches an idea.

"If I dive off first with grace, I could impress Lindsay!" Sam says in the confessional. "I just hope I don't get eaten by a shark, that'd be bad."

"I'll go!" Sam says which shocks everyone. He heads to the edge of the cliff. "Hey Lindsay, watch this!" He jumps off, and starts out well until he hits his body against a piece of the cliff which ruins his whole plan. He lands in a harsh way.

Lindsay claps. "That was funny! Again!"

"Ouch!" He shouts in pain, which quickly turns into a laugh. "Killer! Don't worry, I'm fine!"

Fang and a regular shark appear behind Sam. He turns around.

"Whoops, Sam out!" He shouts. He dives underwater to retrieve a key. Once he grabbed one, he ran to the Mclean Brand Spa Hotel.

While waiting for Jo to return, Gwen notices Courtney is glaring at her.

Gwen groans. "Courtney won't stop glaring at me, it's really annoying." She tells Duncan.

"She's just jealous of our relationship. The fact that she can't keep a man and you can really bugs her. Hey, lets make her angry and kiss." Duncan says. He puckers up.

"I wanna live this season, so not right now." Gwen tells Duncan.

In the woods, Jo is running until Sam catches up with her.

"Wow gamer-geek, I'm surprised you actually caught up with me." Jo says.

Sam is sweating very much. "I've never had this much exercise before, it's so hard!" He shouts.

"Whatever, later loser!" Jo shouts as she leaves him in the dust.

The scene changes to Jo arrive at the Mclean-Brand Hotel and Spa. She tries her key, which is a no-go. She groans.

"What? Man!" Jo says. She goes to run back to the cliff and that's when a fatigued Sam arrives. He tries his key, which is a dud.

"No! All that hard work, for nothing!" He shouts.

Lightning notices Jo arrived.

"Finally, man, Jo's so slow!" Lightning says. He runs off the cliff and dives off.

Lightning dives onto Fang causing the two to crash. Lightning comes back up and so does fang.

"Yo shark freak, you got to be more careful!" Lightning tells Fang. Fang glares at Lightning and starts to attack him.

"Ooh, Lightning's getting owned by Fang!" Chris says as he watches the madness occur.

Sam then arrives back from the spa hotel. He lays on his stomach.

"I feel dead...." Sam says.

"I'll go next!" Sierra shouts. She dives off the cliff. "For my Codykins!"

Since Fang is occupied with Lightning, he doesn't even notice Sierra. The two other sharks are watching Fang attack Lightning.

Sierra comes back up with a key.

"Success!" Sierra shouts. She runs to the spa hotel and leaves Lightning behind which makes Jo angry.

"Hurry up, Sha-Shark-Bait! Crazy girl's in the lead!" Jo shouts.

After a minute of getting attacked by Fang, Lightning kicks Fang miles away.

"That's what you get shark-freak! Time to run to the spa!" lightning shouts as he starts to leave the ocean without the key.

"Hey, don't forget a key!" Jo shouts.

"Oh, right!" Lightning says. He dives underwater and accidently mistakes a pebble for a key. "Got one!"

"Of for goodness sake, Lightning, that's not a key!" Jo shouts.

"What? Aw man!" Lightning shouts. He dives back underwater and finally gets a key. He runs to the spa hotel. "I'm running even though this probably ain't a key!"

"That guy just isn't right." Jo says as Lightning passes her.

Lindsay notices Courtney is obviously annoyed.

"What's wrong, Cornelia?" Lindsay asks, mistaking Courtney's name for Cornelia.

"I'm just so annoyed by the fact Gwen betrayed me last season by kissing Duncan. She knew I liked him and she still went for him. She even pretended to be my friend right after she kissed him!" Courtney says.

"Didn't that happen two years ago?" Lindsay asks.

"Yeah, but I'm still really angry. I thought she was my friend, I guess not. I expected a thing like that from Duncan, but not Gwen." Courtney replies.

"Wait, didn't Gwen kiss Duncan when you two weren't even dating yet? Because if you got mad at Duncan for cheating on you in Total Drama World Tour that makes no sense because he was single." Lindsay says, giving her two cents on the relationship.

"Oh, don't poke you're nose in my relationship business with logic and reason. And sense when do you use logic and reason?" Courtney asks.

"Sometimes I can be really dumb and really smart at certain times." Lindsay says in the confessional. "I don't really know why I'm like that, but maybe it's because my brain always comes and goes to go on vacation!"

Sierra arrives on the porch of the Mclean-Brand Spa Hotel, and she is fatigued.

"Phew, that was a long run." Sierra says. She tries her key, which is the wrong one. "Aw, this isn't the right key! Guess I have to go back."

Sierra starts to walk away, until Lightning arrives. He tries his key, which is a dud also.

"C'mon key, get into the stupid hole! Man, must be the wrong one! I knew never to trust keys." Lightning says.

The scene changes to Lightning and Sierra arriving back from the spa hotel. They are both worn out from their long run.

"Finally Lightning's back, what a slow poke! Someone go next!" Heather shouts.

"What don't you go, precious?" Duncan asks.

"Are you crazy? I'll get my hair wet!" Heather replies.

"You do know we all have to jump, right?" Gwen asks.

Heather groans. "Whatever, fine I'll go next." She walks to the edge of the cliff. "You better not send me home if we lose!"

"Good luck, Heather!" Alejandro shouts. He blows her a kiss. Heather however, blows him a raspberry then jumps off.

Underwater, Heather grabs a random key and comes up for air. Fang however, followed her.

"Back off, fish freak." Heather says. Fang growls, and starts to chase her. She screams and swims away. Once on shore, she runs to the Mclean-Brand Spa Hotel.

"Hurry up, short-Shorts! Make this run count!" Jo shouts.

Zoey is clinging on to Mike.

"Mike, you can go next if you want." Zoey says with a smile.

"Nah, you could go if you like." Mike says. Courtney becomes annoyed.

"Oh for crying out loud!" Courtney shouts. She grabs Lindsay by the arm to the edge of the cliff, and pushes Lindsay off.

"Courtney, that wasn't nice!" Zoey says. "Lindsay could be seriously hurt!"

"So what if she is? If we need to lose anyone, it'd be her." Courtney says.

Lindsay falls onto a shark then into the ocean. At first, the shark becomes enraged, but is then taken by Lindsay's beauty. So taken, he dives underwater and grabs a key for her. She takes it from him.

"Aw, thanks!" Lindsay says. She swims away. "Call me!"

The shark dances in happiness. Sam is shocked.

"Really?" Sam says in the confessional. "Even a shark has more game than me?"

Heather who's at the Mclean-Brand Spa Hotel tries the key, which is not a fit either.

"Well, so much for that." Heather says in disappointment. Lindsay shortly arrives and is clearly out of breath.

"Hi...... Hannah......" Lindsay says as she catches her breath.

Heather groans. "Hello, Lindsiot." Heather says.

Lindsay finally catches her breath. She is about to try her key out, but is confused on where to put it. "Wait, where do I put the key again?" Lindsay asks. Heather rolls her eyes.

She grabs Lindsay's key and puts it in the lock for her. It's the wrong key.

"See, your key won't open the door. And what does that mean? IT'S THE WRONG KEY, LINDSIOT!" Heather shouts.

"Oh, bummer. But hey, at least we can walk back together!" Lindsay insists.

"Great..." Heather says as she rolls her eyes.

Heather and Lindsay finally make it back from the hotel spa.

"Finally you're back, what took you so long?!" Jo shouts at Heather.

"I had to walk back with clay for brains, give me a break." Heather tells Jo, talking about Lindsay.

Back at the cliff, only Cameron, Duncan, Gwen, Mike, Scott and Zoey remained.

"Heather's back, minus well go next. Kiss for good luck?" Duncan asks. Gwen is quite resistant.

"Alright, fine." Gwen says. She kisses Duncan on the lips which Courtney notices. This angers her.

"Alright, now that's what Daddy likes!" Duncan says. As he pasts Courtney, he winks at her and she rolls her eyes. He then dives off the cliff.

Courtney once again glares at Gwen.

Gwen groans. "Not again..."

Duncan successfully grabs a key and runs to the spa hotel.

"I'll go next." Mike says. As he walks to the edge of the cliff, Zoey grabs his hand. She kisses him on the cheek and hugs him.

"Good luck, Mike." Zoey whispers into his ear.

"I've got all the luck I need now!" Mike says with a smile. He then dives off the cliff and lands into the ocean. Underwater, he successfully grabs a key. When he comes up, Fang smiles at Mike. "Uh-oh..."

Fang takes a bite out of Mike's shirt and causes him to become Vito.

"Hey-o, back off the Vito Meister would ya?" Vito shouts at Fang. Fang growls which causes Vito to get scared. "I better get outta here." Vito quickly swims away as Fang chases him.

"Hurry, Mike! Or Vito, or whoever you are! Do you think he'll be okay?" Zoey asks Cameron.

"Don't worry, Zoey. Mike's gonna be fine. He has thick skin." Cameron replies.

Duncan arrives to the spa hotel, and he tries his key. And of course, it's a no go.

"Man, what a waste of my time!" Duncan shouts, obviously annoyed.

Vito shortly arrives.

"Yo, back up piercings dweeb, Vito's here." Vito says. He tries his key, and it's a dud. "Ah, screw it!"

Duncan laughs. "That's what you get, string bean."

"String bean? Do you not see these abs?" Vito asks as he points to his six-pack.

"Still. And how do you have abs with that figure?" Duncan asks. Vito rolls his eyes. Vito takes a deep breath and turns back into Mike.

"What the, how'd I get here?" Mike asks.

"You we're that arrogant Italian dude." Duncan says. Mike knows exactly who he's talking about it.

The scene changes to Duncan and Mike arriving back from the spa hotel.

"I'm back, Zoey!" Mike yells to Zoey who's on the cliff.

"Hi, Mike!" Zoey shouts. She blows Mike an air kiss and waves. This annoys Courtney.

"Mike and Zoey's relationship is so annoying." Courtney says in the confessional. "Why even start one in a reality show? If we lose, one of them has to go!"

"I'll go next, Cameron. See you later!" Zoey shouts to him as she dives off.

Gwen looks over to Scott who is cradling back and forth, frightened. She rolls her eyes.

"Well he's obviously not gonna go next Gwen says. She heads over to the cliff. "I hope I live..." Gwen closes her eyes and jumps off.

Cameron is now frightened.

"Scott and I were the only ones left." Cameron says in the confessional. "And if the girls couldn't find the right key it's obvious we had to go next. But I'm not ready to die! Hopefully to the sharks I look like string cheese and they'll lose interest?"

"Go Zoey!" Cameron shouts.

Zoey comes up from the ocean with a key.

"I got one!" Zoey shouts with a smile.

Gwen quickly comes up the ocean too. However, with no key due to the fact she just dropped hers.

"Dang it, I just dropped my key." Gwen says.

"Here, have mines." Zoey tells Gwen as she hands her the key she just grabbed.

"Really?" Gwen asks.

"Yeah, it's no problem." Zoey says. She dives underwater to grab another key. Just then, fang swims over.

"Um..... Zoey...." Gwen says, frightened. Zoey comes back up.

"You called?" Zoey asks. Gwen points to Fang and she gets frightened as well. "We better get outta here!" The two girls swim off.

"I really hope someone finds the right key." Cameron says.

"Me too, mostly because I've got an online date with a hot model tonight." Chris says.

"Chris told her he's a model too." Chef says.

"Ha, even I wouldn't believe that." Courtney says.

"Courtney please, Chris could be a model. In fact he's got the perfect cheek-bones for it." Alejandro says.

"Thank you, Alejandro. It's good to have at least a few suck-ups once in a while." Chris says.

The scene changes to Gwen and Zoey running in the woods.

"Man, Chris is really making us earn the million this year." Gwen says.

"I know, I just hope the winner of this season actually gets to keep the million dollar prize." Zoey says. The two laugh. They finally make it to the spa hotel.

"Well, you go first..."Gwen tells Zoey, telling her to try out her key first.

Zoey slowly puts the key in the lock, and it's the wrong key. She sighs.

"It's a no-go. You next." Zoey tells Gwen.

Gwen nervously tries out her key, and to her surprise, it's a fit!

"Yes!" Gwen shouts. Zoey is shocked and regretful.

"Okay, so the key that I gave Gwen was actually the right key." Zoey says in the confessional. "Whoops, my bad."

Chris comes flying in on his jetpack.

"And thanks to Gwen the Villainous Vultures win the first challenge! Heroic Hamsters, I'll see you guys at the first elimination ceremony of the season."

Zoey sighs.

At the cliff, Chris calls Chef to tell him the news.

"Yo campers, your "beloved" host Chris just informed me that the Villainous Vultures win the first challenge thanks to Gwen so they'll be staying at the Mclean-Brand Spa Hotel. As for the Hamsters, they're going to the elimination ceremony tonight." Chef announces.

The Villainous Vultures cheer in triumph. As for the Heroic Hamsters, not so much.

Cameron cheers.

"Woohoo! I don't have to jump off the cliff! I'm saved! Wait, we still lost." Cameron says.

"Aw man..." A bummed Mike says. He then turns into Chester. "These dang kids these days getting so competitive and such. You should all be lucky to be alive!"

Chester then turns into Manitoba Smith.

"Hey, speak for yourself. Thanks to Mike's girl, we lost!"

Manitoba Smith then turns into Vito.

"Who cares if we lost? I don't I just want a tan. It's been a full two hours since I got one!"

Vito then turns into Svetlana.

"Boys, boys, stop fighting! Stress from other people isn't good for me!"

Finally, all of Mike's personas calm down and he turns back into himself. He then realizes everyone was watching the little show that has been going on with his personas fighting.

"I sure hope Zoey doesn't get the boot for losing the challenge for us." Mike says in the confessional. "If it comes down to it, I'll take the boot for her."

"Well, nice girl lost the challenge for us." Courtney says in the confessional. "You can pretty much guess who I'm voting for tonight."

Mike and Zoey are seen sitting on the porch of the loser cabin. Zoey is wiping away tears.

"Zoey, don't worry. There's a good chance you won't be sent home tonight." Mike says.

"But Mike, I lost the challenge for us. I'm totally getting the boot." Zoey says.

"But you've got me and Cameron. And we're not going to vote for you. Plus, your definitely not going to vote for yourself so that's three votes not against you. We'll just need to convince someone else to join. Then that's four votes not against you and you're safe." Mike says.

"You think?" Zoey asks.

"I'm positive." Mike says. He kisses her on the head. "I'll be back."

The scene changes to Mike talking to Lindsay at the back of the loser cabin.

"Listen Lindsay, I need to talk to you about something." Mike says.

"What is it, Moe?" Lindsay asks.

"Uh, it's Mike. Anyways, you remember how Zoey lost the challenge for us, right?" Mike asks. "Yeah. That was like a total bummer." Lindsay replies.

"That's what I want to talk to you about. Listen, I know Zoey messed up, but she rarely does. What I'm asking is, please don't vote her off tonight. I'm begging you. If you spare her I promise you won't regret it. What do you say?" Mike asks.

"What's your name, again?" Lindsay asks. Mike facepalms.

"Well, that was a fail." Mike says in the confessional. "Lindsay was the only person I was hoping would listen. Man, what am I going to do?"

The scene changes to the Heroic Hamsters at their first elimination ceremony. The peanut gallery with the Villainous Vultures are watching. Chris is standing behind his podium.

"Welcome Hamsters to your very first elimination ceremony of the season! How do you like the peanut gallery we newly installed? It's a great way for the winners to see the losers send someone home. Speaking of winners, Vultures, since you won the challenge you get to spend a night at the Mclean-Brand Spa Hotel and will be served a five star dinner."

The Villainous Vultures Cheer.

"But first I'll need someone to volunteer from the Villainous Vultures team to receive a special second reward."

Jo raises her hand.

"I'll volunteer!" Jo shouts. She walks off the peanut gallery and walks to Chris. "What's my special reward?"

"You're reward is a night on Boney Island with all the dangerous animals!" Chris explains. Jo is not amused.

"What?! That's not a reward!" Jo shouts.

"Oh Jo, yes it is. Hidden somewhere on Boney Island is a special hidden immunity idol. Find it, and you can keep it. Yo, CHEF!" Chris shouts. Chef comes to escort Jo.

"STILL NOT A REWARD!" Jo shouts as she leaves.

"Now let's move on to the ceremony. To vote this season Hamsters, place an X on the picture of the camper who you want voted off. Easy."

The Hamsters vote.

"The results are in! The safety symbol of this season is once again, a marshmallow! Ever since Owen stopped competing we had a lot of these left. When I call your name, your safe."





Courtney, Mike and Zoey were left.

"The second to last marshmallow goes to..................... Zoey!"

Both Courtney and Zoey are shocked.

"Wait, what?" Zoey says as she catches her marshmallow.

"Courtney and Mike, you both are on the chopping block. Who's gonna go home? The last marshmallow of the night goes to......."


Courtney catches her marshmallow. Zoey and Cameron gasp.

"Mike, your time on Total Drama: All Stars has ended."

"No, Mike!" Zoey says, still shocked that she's still in the game.

"How is that possible? I'm pretty sure the rest of us except the three muskateers voted for Zoey." Courtney says, obviously talking about Cameron, Mike and Zoey.

Zoey agreed with Courtney. She gets up and hugs Mike with tears in her eyes.

"How could this happen? I don't want you to leave!" Zoey says.

"It's fine, Zoey. Trust me. it'll all work out for the better." Mike says. He kisses Zoey on the cheek.

Cameron walks up to Mike.

"Well, bye Mike. I'm sorry it had to end this weird and tragic way." Cameron says. The two shake hands.

"Yeah, goodbye Cameron. Hey, take this." Mike says as he hands Cameron a note. "Open this tomorrow morning, okay?"

Cameron is confused. "Uh, okay sure." He says.

"Well, I guess it's time for me to take the Hurl of Shame." Mike says.

"Not exactly, this season, we've got a whole new elimination device!" Chris announces.

The scene changes to Mike in the Flush of Shame.

"Say hello to, the flush of shame!" Chris announces. Everyone except Zoey express how gross that is.

"Bye Mike! I'll miss you!" Zoey shouts.

"Goodbye, Mike!" Cameron shouts.

"Goodbye everyone! it was fun-" Mike gets cut off by Chris pushing the button on the Flush of Shame remote causing him to get flushed away.

"That's satisfying. One down, thirteen to go! What will Zoey do now that her boo is gone? And how did he exactly get to be the one who gets flushed? All this and more will be answered on the next episode of Total Drama: All Stars!"

The screen fades to black.

Chapter 2: Outlast In the Wilderness

Will be posted: September/October 2014


Elimination Table

Place Contestant Team 1
TBA Alejandro Villainous Vultures WIN
TBA Cameron Heroic Hamsters IN
TBA Courtney Heroic Hamsters LOW
TBA Duncan Villainous Vultures WIN
TBA Gwen Villainous Vultures WIN
TBA Heather Villainous Vultures WIN
TBA Jo Villainous Vultures EXILE
TBA Lightning Villainous Vultures WIN
TBA Lindsay Heroic Hamsters IN
TBA Sam Heroic Hamsters IN
TBA Scott Villainous Vultures WIN
TBA Sierra Heroic Hamsters IN
TBA Zoey Heroic Hamsters IN
14th Mike Heroic Hamsters OUT

  •      TEAM: This camper was apart of the Villainous Vultures.
  •      TEAM: This camper was apart of the Heroic Hamsters.
  •      WIN: This camper won the challenge for their team.
  •      WIN: This camper won the challenge for themselves only.
  •      WIN: Was apart of the winning team.
  •      EXILE: Was exiled to Boney Island.
  •      IN: Was safe during the elimination ceremony.
  •      IDOL: Used an idol and all votes against him/her did not count.
  •      LOW: Was on the bottom two during the elimination ceremony.
  •      OUT: This camper was voted off or eliminated.

TDASAlejandro TDASDuncan TDASGwen TDASHeather TDASJo TDASLightning TDASScott
TDASCameron TDASCourtney TDASLindsay TDASMike TDASSam TDASSierra TDASZoey

Theme Song

A camera rushes through the camp grounds of Camp Wawanakwa. One light pops out, then another, then one from the ground, and one from the inside of a tree.

Dear Mom and Dad I'm doin' fine, (The camera pasts Chris who is drinking Coffee by the cabins as he watches interns work, and rushes to the top of the cliff and plunges into the ocean.)

You guys are on my mind, (Cameron is seen drowning underwater until suddenly a fishing rod grabs a hold of his swimming shorts pulling him up to sea.)

You asked me what I wanted to be, (The camera heads to above the ocean and reveals Mike and Zoey on a canoe fishing but accidently catching Cameron instead.)

And I think the answer is plain to see, (The camera heads to the woods where Jo and Lightning are having a race. However Lightning gets caught in a net trap and is laughed at by Jo.)

I wanna live close to the sun, (Heather and Alejandro are seen on a canoe. Heather is glaring at Alejandro who is cuddling a bunny until the canoe falls off a waterfall.)

Go pack your bags cause' I've already won, (Sam is seen playing a video game on a log underneath the waterfall until Heather and Alejandro fall on it causing it to snap in half and the three all plunge into the water.)

Everything to prove nothing in my way, (The camera heads to the confessional where Scott walks out but is frightened away by Fang who chases after him.)

I'll get there one day, (The camera pans to the mess hall where Chef is relaxing in the kitchen as he reads a magazine. Behind him, a squid tentacle is seen in the pot. Lindsay and Sierra are seen at a table. Lindsay is poking at her slop until it attacks her, which makes Sierra frightened.)

Cause, I wanna be famous! (The camera heads out of the mess hall and to the beach where a mutant Ezekiel is chasing some mice for their cheese.)

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na! (The camera hovers over the ocean, where a duck gets eaten by a shark.)

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous, (At the docks, Duncan and Gwen are hanging out, which annoys Courtney. So much, she grabs a bucket of fish and throws it next to them. That provokes a hungry shark to crash onto the docks devouring the fish and taking a giant bite out of it which frightens the two.)

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous! (It's nighttime now, and all of the fourteen all-stars are sitting around the campfire whistling in tune to the theme song. Mike and Zoey are about to kiss, until they are interrupted by Sierra who wants to watch.)


  • This fan fiction was created before by the same author, but was shortly deleted due to the fact the author wanted to watch the entire season first.
  • Where the author lives, the current winners of Total Drama are: Owen, Duncan, Heather, Lightning, Mike, and Shawn.
  • Alejandro doesn't use his hands to walk. Instead, he has a wheelchair.
  • Unlike the real season, Mal does not make an appearance and therefore does not exist.
  • This season has no clear-defined antagonist due to the fact most of the campers will be doing their own scheming at one point in the story.

Heroes vs. Villains

  • The baby carriage race is not included in the challenge unlike the first episode of Total Drama: All Stars.
  • Alejandro is not in the drama machine, but is now in a wheelchair.
  • Alejandro, Cameron, Courtney and Scott are the only campers not to participate in the challenge.
  • Chester, Svetlana, and Manitoba are summoned without their usual triggers.


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