Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet have traveled the world together once before back in Total Drama World Tour. Due to popular demand, Total Drama books another trip around the world, but this time there's a new cast of contestants! 17 dramatic, sarcastic, romantic, and problematic teens and 2 middle-aged nobodies from all over Canada compete in the series' newest installment where they are forced to spend most of their time on a beat-up plane while trying not to destroy each other! Flying from destination to destination, these teens are put into three teams  to compete for a chance at the million. Barf bags filled with airline issued peanuts await at the Barf Bag Ceremony where the losing team will have to vote out on of their own. The contestant that doesn't receive a barf-bag will be forced to take the Drop of Shame, plummeting to the ground below them! Dramatic flights filled with many fights and much more is in store during Total... Drama... Across The Globe!

Written by, Ash with influence and such from Jordan

Airing on the Reality Realized Network


Adam, labeled The Hopeless Romantic - Adam's day mostly consists of horrid rom-coms, cheesy chick-flics, and lots of ice cream. You could say he's hopeless, or helpless. Adam came onto the show to find the one, but that may be a bit difficult with all his day dreaming and inability to flirt. Adam is a firm believer and dreamer of love, but will he ever find it? Will the million reject Adam like many girls before, or can Adam spark up the courage to have a date with the million?

Connor, labeled The Swimming Olympian - Training, training and training, Connor's never really gotten a break! Born into a family of Olympic gold medalists, Connor grew up with winners and people just like him. With his head held high, he never complained and went with the flow. Swimming was his passion and there's no denying that, but does his really enjoy it? Other physical hobbies of Connor's include weight-lifting, track, cross-country, and much more. Will Connor eventually tire out, leaving the game? Or, will Connor use his skills and swiftly swim to the million?

Ellie, labeled The Introverted Writer - Extremely shy and reserved, Ellie is a writer who writes because her work is her only friend, as well as the only way she can communicate without it being a struggle. Although she writes of fantasy and adventure, Ellie lacks one thing to truly make her writing pop; inspiration. Only leaving her house to go to school, Ellie's mother has been trying to find a way to make her daughter leave the nest and look at the real world for once, but can it work?. Will Ellie crawl back into the deep depths of her bedroom, or will she be the hero she's always written about?

Estefany, labeled The Forgotten It Girl - Her hand-made clothing traveling the world and making her a star, Estefany had all the fame she could get at the age of thirteen. Wasting all her money on Dustin Beaver CDs and the most expensive material to make her closet pop, Estefany went bankrupt. With losing her money, she also lost the small ounce of fame she had acquired. Estefany tried to do anything in her power to get her money and fame back, but it just never worked. Estefany hopes that by joining Total Drama she could win the million and get her life back on track, but will her chances at winning this season, much like her fame, die out?

Gabourey, labeled The Big Beauty - Large and in charge, Gabourey has never let someone give her flack for being who she is. Gabourey has the confidence of a model and is not afraid to show it. Being courageous and outrageous, Gabourey is pretty noticeable and will make sure everyone knows her, whether it be for good things or for bad. Will Gabourey quiet down and dominate the game being untouched, or will her personality spark up a fire in others to eliminate her?

Gregory, labeled The Insensitive Jerk - When people are really mean, you assume something bad happened to them when they were young, right? Well, that never happened to Gregory. He's a Grade A jerk, but still somehow manages to make friends. It might be because of his interests, which involve punching dorks and hitting on chicks any chance he gets, or it might just be his connections. Can Gregory's iced heart and tough manner freak the others to keep him around, or will he finally learn his lesson?

Hunter, labeled The Clueless Hunk - Unlike Total Drama's past hotties, Hunter isn't here to manipulate others. He's just here to have some fun! People who know Hunter love him for his abs. Er, his big heart and his personality. Although he's packing in the looks department, Hunter is lacking in the smarts department. Often confused, Hunter can be an easy target in the competition. Forgetting his surroundings and even his own name is a common thing for Hunter, but we hope there is something in that good-looking skull of his. Can his looks save him, or will it be goodbye for this hottie?

Kiley, labeled The CDGWLTTATT - Kiley is a cool daddy's girl who loves to text all the time! Kiley's love for texting and other fun phone features and apps such as Tweeter, Snaptalk, Headnovel, Instanounce, started when she turned twelve. Her father bought her a phone to keep in touch whenever she needed help, so Kiley began to take advantage of this to get her way. Due to her father's occupation, Kiley is extremely rich and popular, but does that really mean anything? Can Kiley's inner battery stay 100% in this game, or will she be lose connection with her castmates?

Lourdes, labeled The Overbearing Loser - Ever met someone who tried doing everything, but just sucked at it all? If you haven't, meet Lourdes! Being a member of all the clubs in her school, Lourdes is known as the overbearing and obnoxious teen who will never take no for an answer. Lourdes auditioned for her school's musical twenty-three times until finally accepting no, although she did sabotage the musical and made sure the main lead got hurt... Regardless, Lourdes sucks at everything and just tries too hard for her own good. Will Lourdes finally find her true calling, or will she be told no again and fly back to Losertown?

Olive, labeled The Environmentalist - Olive is a huge advocate for the Environmental Protection Movement, as shown by some of her rather strange activities. One time, Olive tied herself to a tree during a huge protest to save the environment and its creatures! Olive also released all the animals at the zoo, but she obviously got in major trouble for it. Mother Nature has inspired Olive to really look at the life around her and appreciate it, but with many trying to take that from her it's no surprise she's so worked up about it. Will Olive's way of life creep the others out, or will her protesting actually save something; her life in the game?

Patrick, labeled The Scout Master - This ol' Scout Master holds a first for the series by having being the first adult to participate in Total Drama since the beginning of a season. Sorry, Blaineley! Patrick has had a fairly normal life, which some might call a tad bit boring. He's had two kids, a wife, and is a great helper in his community. Once Patrick reached the age of 35, he decided to try something new to rebuild himself. Will Patrick be an outsider in the competition or can Patrick get the last "badge" he needs; the million?

Peter Bo, labeled The Fair Roleplayer - Country boy, Peter Bo, is from a small town called Deertooth where carnivals and country fairs are always celebrated. Peter Bo's father was usually in charge of the fairs, so Peter had a very fun up-bringing. His love for Total Drama started when Deertooth finally got cable. Being the creative child he was, Peter Bo created a booth based around his favorite show. Will Peter Bo be able to win the million and make the best fair imaginable, or will his creative mind be too much for the normal people around him?

Rebecca, labeled The Femme Fatale - From the age of 3, Rebecca has always been able to get her way. Her two fathers always spoiled her for no reason, but Rebecca was fine with it. Since her whole family consists of men, Rebecca knows how to fit in with them while still being as girly as possible. Later in life, she soon realized that she could be handed anything she wanted, which sparked up Rebecca's femme fatale mentality. Will the other girls see Rebecca as a threat and take her out, or will the guys keep her around, handing her the million on a nice silver breifcase?

Roxanne, labeled The Hyperactive Rocker - If anyone were to start a riot, it'd be Roxanne. Taking her hometown by storm with her rocking tunes, Roxanne is a new face in the music scene and aspires to be just like her idols, but there's just one thing... she's too energetic! Roxanne's energy could power up the world! Y'know, if that were possible, but Roxanne can never keep a straight face and is always out of it. Will it be lights out for Roxanne, or can she prove to the others that she's got what it takes?

Ryder, labeled The High School Hustler - If you make a deal with Ryder, you make a deal with the devil. Sweet talker and bad written all over him, Ryder is the local bad boy who wants to get his way no matter who he hurts. Of course, Ryder would make sure that no one knew of his plans or anything involving them. His go-getting personality makes him seem very attractive and his use of words only further enchants the ladies. Whatever his methods are to get what he wants, he will get it. Will Ryder's bad attitude and tendency to be fake with others be transparent, or will he hide behind his lackey's to secure his victory?

Sabrina, labeled The Snarky Bookworm - This intellectual teen spends her days reading...and reading...and reading. Sabrina's passion for reading started in when she was a small, thanks to her mother being a librarian. Much like the previous 'bookworm' known by the name of Noah, Sabrina is also sarcastic and can't take stupidity at all. She hates the players, but loves the game and will do anything it takes to win, even if it means associating herself with idiots. Will Sabrina realize that her sarcasm is only holding her back, or can she school the other contestants and win?

Tiberius, labeled The Team Player - Top player on the basketball team, Tiberius has always been the center of attention. Despite not liking the dislike, Tiberius usually uses it to help others. At one of his big games, he decided to sit out so one of the worst players could play. Was it a good decision? Yes and no. Sure, it made him look better and gave the newbie a chance to prove himself, but the newbie kinda lost it for the team. Will Tiberius cost his team another game, or can he take this one home and make the three-pointer to victory?

Woody, labeled The Social Nerdling - Although most nerds are notorious for their terrible social skills, Woody is well-known for being a class-favorite nerd. Being a socialite come with a price and although it might be a small one, Woody has trouble talking to guys. It might just be because they are more aggressive and are more inclined to hurt the poor nerd, or it just might be that he can't relate. Woody can talk to ladies for hours on end, which usually gives Woody the role of the stereotypical GBF. Despite all his efforts, that is all Woody is seen as. Can Woody break away from the role given to him, or will he never truly be on of the guys?

Wendeline, labeled The Adventurous Flight Attendant - Wendeline's admiration for flying started at a young age when her grandfather told stories of his days back in the Air Force. She also had a love for exploring, as she used to run away from home to know new parts of town! One day, Wendeline found a rare coin during one of her many "expeditions" around the city. With the cost and rarity of the coin being so high, Wendeline was able to sell it and later bought her first airplane ticket. She admired the flight attendant's work and aspired to be like them. Will Wendeline serve others around her, or will she be able to pilot her way to the finals?


Zero: The Conversation Special

Word Count: 7,173
Posted On: July 28th, 2015

The words ‘The Conversation’ appear on a screen in white and purple color respectively. Two well-dressed girls are then seen posing and smiling for the camera. The words ‘Gloria Taylor and Viviana Taylor’ pop up in purple. The scene then cuts to a picture of Chris McLean, who is on a red carpet.

“Today on The Conversation, Gloria and I will be interviewing the host with the most, Chris McLean. He supposedly has a surprise announcement for us today! What do you think, Gloria?” asked Viviana, a tall, dark-skinned girl who wore a white top and a dark gray skirt.

“I think we’re the hosts with the most, although we all know which one of us is more exciting and prettier. To be honest Viv, he probably has some Total Drama season under his belt. Or, he’s asking moi to star in a sequel of his old famous badminton movie,” Gloria smiled at the camera as the crowd cheered. She twirled in her short purple dress and put her hands to her gold necklace.

“Technically, we’d be the hostesses with the most...esses," laughed Viv, "anyway, new Total Drama season, huh? Well, let’s just see about that. Here visiting our studio in Los Angeles, California in Studio 35… Chris McLean!” Viviana gave the crowd a smile and motioned over to Chris.

“Honestly Viv, you’re being a robot and we like just started. Why did Trey let you do this again?” asked Gloria.

“He thought it’d be good for me to de-stress… Which is really weird considering he has met you and knows you are nothing BUT stress,” replied Viviana, ignoring Chris who walked into the room.

“Uh-hum!” coughed Chris, trying to get the attention of the sisters.

“Sorry Chris! You know how Gloria can be sometimes. Anyway, take a seat. Nice to have you on the show, especially since you had to go from Canada to our studio.” Viviana shook Chris’s hand and offered him a seat. Gloria rolled her eyes at her Viviana’s comment.

“Yeah, man! It took a solid few hours and the climate change was brutal! I know it’s the middle of June, but c’mon! Can I get a fan here or something?” complained Chris, sitting down in a lavender colored chair.

“At least you don’t have to deal with it every day. You know how California can be, haha. So, Chris, what have you been up to since the last season of Total Drama? Our fans are dying to know!” Viviana said, reading her cards.

“More like MY fans, Viv. By the way, that’s totally NOT what the fans want to know… they want the juicy stuff. Chris, have you had any romances since we’ve last seen you? Or are you single and ready to mingle?” Gloria leaned in closer to Chris, ignoring his personal space.

Chris pushed Gloria away and then started talking. “I kinda went out with Chef’s babe of a sister. Sorry, Chef! Can’t blame me, though, she was hot. The thing only lasted a few days anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.” Chris then started to tear up. “It’s all right, though. I’ve started thinking of ways to make Total Drama a lot more dramatic and dangerous!”

“Is Chris McLean getting emotional? Thankfully, I always have tissues just in case my mascara gets all messed up.” Gloria handed Chris a box of tissues and frowned.

“I know we just started the show, but I’ve been wanting to know… what’s in store for Total Drama?” asked Viviana.

“Stoked to talk about it, Violet! After receiving backlash and low ratings because of Total Drama All-Stars, I started to ask myself why I’m still hosting,” Chris sighed, “but once we aired Pahkitew Island, things started to get better so we looked at our second highest rating season, World Tour, and decided to use that theme again. I am proud to announce that Total Drama is traveling the globe again!” exclaimed Chris, making the live studio audience cheer.

“World Tour was my favorite, actually. Hunky Alejandro and queen of mean, Heather going at it must’ve done the trick. All Stars was a huge disappointment because Lindsay deserved to win for looking as good as me after 3 seasons of the show, but she sadly went first. Mike’s -er- Mal’s psycho antics made me like the season less too,” giggled Gloria, mouthing sorry to Mike afterward.

“My name is actually Viviana, but it’s fine. To me, Pahkitew Island was a breath of fresh air, other than the delusional cast. A LARPer, a songbird princess, and a zombie obsessed freak? The outcome that season was pretty great, although Dave did go on the deep end of the crazy spectrum… anyway, I’m excited for the new season, Chris! Any details you can share?” Viviana said, facing Chris.

“Wow, you actually didn’t sound bored! Progress, Viv, progress.” Gloria stuck out her tongue and clapped, causing Viviana to glare at her.

“The first location is here in Los Angeles! Another thing, the season is starting… right now!” Chris yelled, getting out of his chair. “We start in about two days, but I really don't want to be here,” Chris muttered under his breath.

“Here… now? It has never been like that before, why the sudden change?” asked Viviana, holding on to the edge of her seat.

“I would love to answer that and get more screen-time, but I gotta go host. Just play the audition tapes or something!” the Total Drama host anxiously answered, running out of the studio.

“Wait, Chris! Ugh, now we have no show… thanks, Viv! Really, thank you,” Gloria started chuckling, which later resulted in Gloria fainting.

“Um, Gloria?” Viviana shook her sister and looked at the camera. “I think she’s breathing, but we’ll have someone come check her out.”

The scene fades to black and a few commercials are shown.

Gloria was sitting in her chair with a bag of ice to her head, sighing. “Remind me never to laugh at Viviana because she’s unlikable, please? Anyway, welcome back to The Conversation! Since Chris left our studio and left us guestless, we’re just going to show the tapes until Total Drama goes live.”

Viviana read her cue cards, “First audition tape is from a rocker chick named Roxanne. Interesting… roll the tape!”

The camera turned on to show a large stage with a varied assortment of colored lights and a loud crowd of a thousand people. A plethora of amplifiers ran along the center stage like a rose garden. Plenty of hands were raised as a pale girl with long black hair with red streaks emerged from the mist that clouded the arena.

“Thanks for having us, Against the Tide, tonight.. here at the SUMMER BASH! WOO! Performing for all of you really get my blood pumping!” yelled the pale girl as she ran along the edge of the stage, grabbing hands as she passed. “Really, guys… I am so happy. This is why I’d like to announce that I’m auditioning for Total Drama Tides! Wait, no… that’s not… Anyway, I’m auditioning and guess what? This is my audition tape!”

“We love you, Roxanne! You will kill the show!” yelled an audience member, causing Roxanne to blush.

“Thanks! I’ve always loved Total Drama and I’m so glad I have the chance to audition, like what?! I better get on the show or I will RAGE!” Roxanne threw her guitar onto the ground. She then started jumping on the maroon colored guitar as the crowd screamed her name. “HAHA! THIS IS SO FU-” yelled Roxanne, until she tripped and fell.

The fans gasped and looked at one another. “Is she okay?”

With an obvious bump on her head and a black eye, Roxanne stood up. She looked at her guitar and bit her lip. “I am okay! Pick me for Total Drama!” Roxanne screamed. She then ran backstage and the recording ended.

“She seems… energetic. I feel like she’ll be out early due to being different, but lets all hope Roxanne ends up going far.” said Viviana, scratching her head.

Gloria glared at her sister, “Can we somehow get Roxanne on the show to lend you her energy? Oh, my god, you are so boring. Still don’t know how we’re related.”

“You see, Gloria, it’s a little thing called having the same mother and father. You obviously wouldn’t understand since nothing goes through that thick skull of yours,” Viviana smiled with faux sweetness.

“Ooh, some sass! ‘Bout time, boo. Although, copying my personality doesn’t mean you’ll get your own. Grow a backbone, kay? Kay.” Gloria then snatched the white paper from Viviana, “Looks like the next audition tape is from….Patrick! Wait, it said Patrick AND Olive. Weird, but just play it.”

The camera turned on, revealing a middle-aged man and a teen girl sitting on a tree branch. The teen was the tallest of the two, as shown by her long legs. On her long legs were a lengthy peach colored see-through skirt that matched her silk white cardigan and blouse. Her flowing chestnut tinted hair was styled with a twig headband. The older man wore a boy scouts uniform decorated with many badges. Black and gray hairs were visible through his hat that had a picture of a bee holding the number ‘53’ on it. “I’m Patrick and my beautiful daughter’s name is Olive. We both love nature and are inspired by it every day. Traveling the world to spread my boy scout morals and her environmentalist views would truly be a joy. You see, I am a scoutmaster for Troop 53. Go Bees!” smiled Patrick. He cued Olive to say her part, but she was too busy hugging the tree. “Psst, honey. We have to get this audition in today! Ridonculous Race won’t accept it if it isn’t due in,” Patrick checks the watch on his wrist, “TWO HOURS!”

Olive’s green eyes popped as her father yelled into her ear causing her and the camera to fall from the tree. “I thought I trusted you, Cindy!” yelled Olive, grabbing the camera. “Yeah, I named the tree Cindy… so what. I don’t care what people think of me because all that’s important is what they think of Mother Nature. She gives so much and I feel as though our generation doesn’t appreci-” A beeping sound was made and the camera turned off.

Gloria yawned, “They are so boring! Yes, Olive looks incredibly stylish but her personality reminds me of Viv. It just isn’t a good sign…”

“Well, I for one admire Olive’s love for Mother Nature and I agree with her views. Plus, I love father-daughter relationships. They will be ones to watch out for, for sure. The next audition tape comes from a guy named Gregory.”

The camera flickered on to show a gym with the latest sports equipment. A few guys were in the background working out.

“If you’re a nerd, click off the video RIGHT NOW. Don’t need any dweebs staring at me. They’re all jealous of my hot summer body! If you want to get a toned and tanned body like mine, you gotta work out and already look good,” said a ripped teen who sported a red tank top with tan shorts. “The name’s Gregory, but you should already know that. The most popular guy at school and the smartest one at that with a 1.0 GA!”

A spindly looking boy tapped Gregory’s shoulder and pushed his glasses. “Uh, Gregory… sir, GA is incorrect. It’s actually GPA, which stands for Grade Point Average. To graduate, you’ll need to get around a 2 or so. Uh, what are you doing?”

Gregory picked the boy up and held him over his shoulder. “One of my favorite hobbies is called Dumpster Diving: Nerd Edition. Hey, get a shot of this!”

The boy started shaking and looked at the camera. “Please, please! This wasn’t in our contract, Gregory! You’ll be hearing from my-” Gregory threw the boy in the trash can and kicked it down the hall. “-MOTHERRRRRRRRR!”

“If I get on the show, you’ll get a romance for sure. The girls love me! Any nerds that try getting in-between that will LOSE and PAY!” He then punched the locker next to him and the recording cut.

Gloria waved her hands back and forth to cool off, “He’s so hot…”

“And so a jerk! Can’t believe he got on the show… he’s like a less tolerable version of Lightning or Duncan. If he isn’t first off I will march over to that jet and kick his little a-” Gloria covered Viviana’s mouth before she could say any more.

“Hah, okay… chill, Viv. Our next video is from the shy girl, Ellie. This will be something for sure.”

The camera focused on a kitchen table where a woman around the age of thirty-seven sat. The woman seemed to be of Hispanic descent as shown by her tan skin and dark features, such as her hair and eyes. “Oh, where do I begin? Well, I am making this tape for my daughter, Elliana. She goes by Ellie for short. You see, she never leaves the house! I’ve been homeschooling her for the past two years now, and while I love her, she needs to go out and have some fun,” Ellie’s mother grabs a blue journal, “My daughter loves to write, but she needs to live her life and figure out her own story. Please, please, please put her on your show!”

A younger girl walked down the kitchen and to the silver fridge. She wore a teal-tinted knitted sweater with a white undershirt and black jeans. Grabbing a carton of milk and taking a cookie out of the oven, she walked over to her mom and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “Mom, what are you- OH MY GOD TURN THAT OFF! What are you doing? I specifically told you not to try put me on Total Drama!” Ellie pushed her mother out of her chair and frantically tried turning off the camera. “Is it still on? Oh, uh… uh…” the girl fainted and the recording stopped.

Viviana burst out laughing, eventually falling out of her chair. “That last bit was HILARIOUS,” she wiped a tear from her eye and continued,”It’s adorable how her mother filmed the first part. About her chances at winning… pretty slim considering that she’s too awkward and shy. What do you think, Gloria?”

“I kinda find it sad that she has no friends, like what the heck? Wonder what she writes in that blue journal, though…” Gloria winked at the camera.

“Quite the name,” Viviana laughed, “ Peter Bo Jotter’s audition is next!”

The camera depicted a boy with short blond hair and long overalls. Behind the boy was a booth, colored red and white. Although it was nighttime, lights illuminated the area around him

“Why hello, y’all! Peter Bo at your service!” exclaimed the short farm boy with a thick accent. He jumped up and ran to the booth. “Welcome to what I like to call the Total Drama Jumbo Machine! Total Drama has been my passion since I was a ‘lil old boy! I love the show so much, I’ve dedicated a whole booth to it at the ol’ country fair! Neat, right? Well, it sure is!” Peter Bo took a blanket off the machine and showcased it’s “beauty”. “I collected materials from tractors that don’t work no more, but this will for sure work. Let’s pick a volunteer to test this bad baby out!” Peter Bo pointed at an elderly lady, “You!”

An older woman who was walking on a brown cane blankly stared at Peter Bo. “You talkin ‘bout me, boy? If you call, you better no my name. Respect your elders!” The women slowly walked towards the boy and whacked him with her cane. “Ma'am, I apologize! Just needed a volunteer and you were the only one walking down these parts. I’ll just continue without someone to help out,” Peter Bo threw the lady’s cane, “What the Total Drama Jumbo Machine does is give people a challenge to do involving a Total Drama contestant.” Peter Bo pulled the lever and a cardboard cutout of Sam came out. “My challenge is the Gamedude Pinball Machine mini-game! Sam has to avoid being hit by random flying pinba- Ow!” yelled Peter Bo as he got hit. More balls came flying out, eventually hitting the camera and causing the recording to come to a halt.

“What a joke! Honestly, though, that grandma should audition for the show… she got some spunk!” Gloria said, shaking a bit.

“Her chances for having spunk… and health care are pretty non-existent, am I right?” laughed Viviana.

The crowd remained silent.

Viviana sighed. “Gee, thanks. Well, I’m pretty sure we’ll get laughs from this next contestant, Lourdes!”

The camera revealed a pink bedroom covered with posters of ‘Winona Arizona’ and ‘Five Directions’. A girl with the palest skin imaginable popped in front of the screen and laughed like a hyena. “Lourdes here! I am SO excited to audition! I know I won’t get rejected seventy-four times like I did in my school’s version of Beauty and the Beast. Shelli obviously didn’t know how talented I was!” Lourdes screamed, putting the camera close to her face. “This is why I’m showing the committee that will get me on this show my countless number of talents.” Lourdes was standing on a stage, wearing a Viking costume that looked a little too small on her. “I made this, obviously. Now I’m going to blow you away by singing, dancing, acting, juggling, modeling, eating…” Lourdes went on until the camera’s battery died.

“Well, that was disappointing…” frowned Viviana.

Gloria yawned. “Hey, at least she has a new talent… AKA boring me to death. Next person…”

A beige locker was closed, revealing a boy who was wearing a navy blue sweater and khaki pants. “Hello, Total Drama viewers… people!” The teen strolled over to a classroom, sitting down in a desk near the front.

“Hey, Woody! Can you help us with our homework?” said seven blonde girls, walking over to Woody and creating a pile of paper.

“Uh sure… Henna, Jeanette, Jadi, Kendra, Jules, Zackie, Ally!” Woody smiled as the girls left. “I’m really tight with all the girls at my school. I do their homework every night and still find the time to have a social life!” Woody turned his head, looking at another camera. “I am made for this show! Ugh, wait… doesn’t this all feel too scripted? Well, I just want to find out who I really am on the show, so there better me some hot, uh, cute, UH, cool guys on the show!” Woody blushed and the recording stopped.

“Oh my god, I love him! He reminds me of… me! Like, Viviana did all that nerdy stuff, but I had a social life and find guys cute and hot. I totally need this guy’s number,” Gloria exclaimed, grabbing her phone and typing a bunch. “I am just making sure I remember I have to get his number.”

“We still have eleven audition tapes to film… and thirty minutes until we close the show, so get running!” yelled Viviana, rubbing her temples.

The camera flicked on, showing a girl with golden locks and ocean blue eyes that complimented her red high-neck crop top and leather jeans. “So like, Ryder and I are on the road just because and we just now decided to audition for this show ‘cause why not?”

Ryder, who was wearing a well fit white v-neck tee and black pants, had his hands on the leather steering wheel. “Well, Rebecca… just talk about yourself… you know people love to hear it,” smiled Ryder. He then took a sharp turn down the curvy road.

Rebecca held onto her hair with her left hand while she had her camera in her right. “Let’s see… well, I am pretty popular at my school! For the record, I am not a dumb blonde. Cheer-leading has been my main hobby for about four years now.”

“Tell them about that time you cheered for our team and you blew chunks all over the mascot. Oh, and that time you punched your coach for saying your cartwheels were sloppy,” laughed Ryder, causing Rebecca to slap his shoulder.

“Ryder, shut up! You are making me regret meeting you, so stop!” Rebecca fixed her hair and continued, “Uh, Ryder… do you hear that? I think it’s the car.”

The red mustang came to an abrupt stop. Ryder stood up, opening the hood of the car. “Sorry to inform you, princess… but we’ve got no gas. We gotta walk to the nearest town and get some, so let’s get a-walkin!” Ryder grabbed the car keys and held his black jacket over his shoulder as he walked towards the town.

Rebecca groaned as she walked. “This audition tape is a failure… guess I’ll stop recording now.” Her hand reached for the stop button and the recording was put to a halt.

The crowd cheered as Gloria took off her top and swung it around. “Ryder’s arms in that t-shirt, urgh! If you’re eighteen, call me! Oh yeah, Rebecca exists too… she has good style? She’s basically irrelevant.”

Viviana panicked, standing up and taking Gloria’s top. “Calm down, Gloria! I hate how childish you are sometimes! Yes, he’s good-looking, but he’s probably sixteen so get over it. Play the next video!”

Tap tap! The camera flickered as it was turned on, showing Ryder and Rebecca in a gas station.

“Update, we just got to the town and are going to try to somehow get gas,” Rebecca looked at her nails, “Another update, I need to repaint my nails because they are looking super crusty right now.” Rebecca steered the camera in Ryder’s direction, focusing on him.

“Hey, miss. My friend and I need some gas since our car stopped in the middle of nowhere and we gotta get going, but we kinda forgot our money in the car,” said Ryder as he looked into the cashier’s dark eyes.

The cashier tried avoiding Ryder’s stare, “Uh, look, kid… you need to pay for your gas. I would love to help you, trust me. It’s just the rules.”

Ryder sighed, put on his leather jacket and signaled for Rebecca to leave. “I really do appreciate it and I wish things were different. I would’ve loved to come back here and pay you… and see your beautiful face.”

“Agh! I’ll go pump some gas for you!” The cashier yelled as she blushed.

After the cashier left, Ryder smirked. “Always works.” The recording was then cut.

“Before we can get any comments from Gloria, start the next video!” yelled Viviana, covering Gloria’s mouth. A crunching noise was heard and Viviana grabbed her hand. “Ow! What the heck, Gloria?”

The camera focuses on an overweight woman sitting on a rather large purple chair. The maid pulls a uPhone 6C out of her pocket and begins reading. “Miss Kiley is the best, tbh. She is so pretty, all girls want to be her. I, irrelevant human being, am so jealous. BTW, how does she get her hair so pretty?” read the maid with a thick Mexican accent.

The camera zooms out and shows another girl, Kiley, who is texting. Kiley has long, straight blond hair and green eyes. She wore a flowing deep red dress and red heels. “OMG, why is my wifi so bad right now? Ugh, my dad is so STUPID!” Kiley threw her phone at the maid and crossed her arms.

“Miss Kiley, you father pay a lot of money for you wifi. You be more grateful, you get more things. I get back to clean, okay. Yes, yes…” The lady stood up, giving Kiley the opportunity to push her… which she did. She eventually got back up and left Kiley and the camera alone.

“I hate Mariangela! She isn’t even educated, like wtf? Plus, she’s super fat. I’m not quite sure how she lives with a disease like that every day. I for one have a fear of becoming morbidly obese. Like, can you imagine that…? No more cute selfies because I can’t fit in frames… like, sure I have filters that do the job for me, but like? Thank god I have a memoir that inspires me every day,” Kiley bends down and reaches for a book with a picture of her on it. “How to be FAB in 3 Seconds by Kiley Smyth is a bestseller here in my hometown and eventually the world! Omg, so making that my tagline. BRB!” The blonde ran out, causing the camera to fall and stop recording.

“Oh my god, someone shares my fear! You go, girl! So I need to hit up Ryder, Woody, and Kiley on social media because they are slaying my life right now. The grandma in Peter Whatever’s video and Mariangela need to meet up and become a power couple,” exclaimed Gloria, taking a selfie.

“I feel as though she’ll rely too much on technology and not enough on the competition. I gotta say, though… I love her style and her speech,” Viviana smiled. “Now, we have eight more auditions left, guys! Let’s go with… Adam!”

The camera showed a dark room where a TV lit the room. Under the thousands of blankets scattered in the room, loud sobbing was heard. “Jack, don’t let go! You two love each other too much and I will cry if you-” Adam put a spoonful of vanilla ice cream into his mouth.

Tears formed in his eyes as he gazed at the screen. “OH MY GOD, NO! Jack, how could you? You had to be a man and hold on!” Adam wiped the tears that rolled down his green eyes with the blanket. “Oh, hey there… I’m Adam,” he sniffled. “Look, uh, I know I’m teary-eyed right now, but I’m a man! I just want to find that special someone…”

Adam got out of the blankets, revealing his jet black hair. He ran to his room and put up a chart. “So, I’ve basically calculated how and when I’m going to meet… the one. For one, she will be shorter than me. That’s always cute, right? Anyway, she’ll have orange hair and beautiful green eyes that resemble the grass in my mother’s garden. I will meet her when I… go on your show! At least, I hope so. I’ve got a ton of great qualities, too! For example, I am awesome at playing Guitar… Hero. Okay, I might be the biggest dork ever, but that won’t stop me from finding the girl of my dreams,” Adam fell as he stared off into space. The camera’s battery went out and the recording ended.

“Aww, I would so date him! Those green eyes are to DIE for! I feel like crawling through that camera to snatch them,” Gloria leaned back in her chair.

“Yeah, okay. I just hope he doesn’t end up being delusional to the point that I’m sick of him, y’know? The next audition tape comes from a girl named Estefany! Her names sounds familiar now that I think about it… whatever just play the tape,” demanded Viviana, as she squinted at her cue cards.

The camera revealed a tall girl with the New York City skyline behind her. She was wearing a white bralette and velvet jean shorts that complimented her brown skin. “Hey, hey, hey! Estefany at your service, coming at you with fierce features and looks to die for. I’m here in New York, where I will be showcasing my one and only fashion invention; the misguided fringe crop top and bralette! This is what you get when you are bored and have a sharp object near you,” laughed Estefany, running to the side.

Estefany came back with a mannequin wearing a purple misguided fringe crop top. “So, when I was around five, I always knew I had talent. Used to make some… slight changes to my clothing every single day and the girls at school loved it! I dress to impress and as long as it causes no stress, I will do whatever it takes to express!” exclaimed Estefany, snapping her fingers.

“Where was I? Oh yeah, so this crop top fits any mold as it is flexible. I made sure to do that for the bigger ladies, like my momma! Shout out to her! This crop top is comfortable and is good for any occasion, such as-” Estefany came to an abrupt stop as she felt something move.

She looked around and continued, “This outfit goes with anything! Oh my god, I just remembered something. This does NOT come in black since I hate that everyone just assumes black goes with everything, like no it does not!” yelled Estefany, kicking the ground.

This shook the New York City background and caused it to fall on Estefany, crushing her. Rats later came out of the ground and jumped on the cardboard background, causing the camera to fall. The screen cracked, putting the recording to a stop.

“Wait, so she’s poor? Girl, make me homeless! That look is so chic, mhm!” exclaimed Gloria, snapping her fingers like Estefany did.

“Gloria, that isn’t funny. In light of this video, I will be donating 500,000 dollars to the Homeless People Matter charity. I hope she wins the show to put homeless awareness out there into the world,” Viviana teared up, resting her head on Gloria’s shoulder.

Gloria patted Viviana’s head, “Yeah, homeless people are like… minorities. They deserve rights too! Speaking of rights, let’s take a look at this next contestant who is far from right when it comes to having a tolerable personality!”

The camera turned on to show a brown skinned girl who wore a black top with a white collar and a black skirt. She sat in a rocking chair and seemed to be in a library setting.

“So you might be wondering why I’m in a library… well, I work here. Yes, it’s my summer job. I chose to do this to myself because I have a love for literature and anything in the form of writing,” the bookworm burrowed her eyebrows as she picked up a book, “This one is one of my favorites… it’s called The Legendary Tales of the Zactastic Canadia. Seemed quite childish, but no! It is a classic and is loved by millions, including myself.”

A young boy walked up to her with a comic book in his hand. “Hey, Sabrina! I’d like to check this book out, please!” the boy smiled.

Sabrina smiled at the boy and grabbed his comic book. “Looks nice, doesn’t it? I think this pathetic excuse of literature will truly shine in a trash can!” Sabrina threw the comic book across the library, “Oh, and if you think you can interrupt my extremely important audition… well, you’re wrong! You are the reason why children are scum and the worst things on this god forsaken planet. Leave! Go home! Goodbye!” yelled Sabrina, punching the little kid.

Sabrina pants as she stares at the camera. “I also.. have… great traits. I am intelligent and quite kind, at least I think so. Anyway, put me on your show or you’ll regret it!” Sabrina smiled and turned off the camera.

“Okay, that chick needs some anger management! God, we only have fifteen minutes of the show left! Let’s get those tapes rolling, people!” yelled Gloria, banging on the table.

The camera opened to a boy sitting in a lifeguard chair. The cameraman moved in a circle, getting various shots of the lifeguard from different angles.

“It’s me, Connor! Nice to meet the Total Drama bros! This is my video and just sit back, relax, and enjoy! I’m a lifeguard here at Havana Resort during the summer and during the winter, I am practicing for the Olympics. I’ve won 3 of each type, actually. Got my first bronze back in ‘07 when I was about seven. Weird, right? Well, it’s a long story. It all started whe-”

“HELP!” screamed a girl who was at the deep end of the pool.

The toned swimmer jumped out of his chair, causing all his medals to fall on the camera man. After a few minutes, Connor had the little girl on his shoulder. The cameraman fainted, leaving the camera all by itself as it zoomed in on Connor’s orange swim trunks.

“You could save me any day, beau! If only you weren’t so boring,” Gloria sighed and began doing her make-up.

“Aww! It’s sweet how he saved that little girl, but then again it’s his job. I think Connor will make it far, clearly on of my favorites!” Viviana wrote down Connor’s name on a piece of paper.

“You have terrible taste, Viv. Connor, a favorite? Really? Girl, you are brain dead and clearly misted by his hot bod. No wonder you married Trey,” Gloria licked her lips and filed her nails. “Anywho, this next contestant is far from a summer body, Gabourey!”

The camera focuses on a picture of a dark-skinned, overweight girl with curly brown hair that reaches her shoulders. A hand reaches out to the camera, changing its view.

“Hello, Total Drama’s viewing audience! It is I, Gabourey! Y’all might know me from my long list of modeling gigs around all of central Toronto and if you don’t, educate yourself! I do NOT work my big behind off to go unnoticed,” Gabourey struggles to stand up and falls over, “Yeah, I was going to show off my BEAUTIFUL dress that’s in my closet, but that will just have to wait. I am currently wearing Sportswear Inc, one of my major sponsors in the area.,” Gabourey took off her pink sweat jacket and revealed her light blue shirt with a big ‘S’ on it.

Grabbing a purple bag, Gabourey showed off all her makeup. “This one is called Bootylicious Brown, which is what I like to call myself every Tuesday. You know what I’m talking about, Trayvon,” winked Gabourey. “Anyway, I don’t always need makeup because I am almost one hundred percent natural! How do you think I won Miss. Little Big Precious five years in a row?”

A loud beeping noise was heard, causing Gabourey to jump. “What the hell? Oh yeah, I’m so stupid. My double-cheese fries with chicken filling and marinara sauce is ready!” Gabourey once again tried standing up, even holding on to her bed for support, but failed. “You know what, I will not sit here and let you pity me. Gabourey, out!” The recording stopped and the video finished.

“Bootylicious Brown is my favorite lipstick shade too, girl! This chick knows how to represent and is for sure winning, so all you haters better stop crying and start cheering for her!” exclaimed Gloria, carefully clapping her hands since she painted her nails.

“She has a big… personality, which is what we all look for on these types of shows! Another thing we look for on reality television is someone who is driven, yet has a big heart. Meet Tiberius!”

The device honed in on a teen dribbling a basketball while the crowd around him cheered.

“Tiberius has done it once before, can he do it again? We’ll find out after the two-minute break!” exclaimed a deep voice over the gym’s sound system.

The tall teen wore a golden jersey with the number 10 on it and golden tennis shoes. As the team huddled, they all looked at him. “Okay, so I know we have about… five seconds left on the clock, but Jimmy James here wants a shot at it. I have complete faith in him, guys! I had my shot last year, the year before that, and the year before that. Coach, would you consider it?” pouted Tiberius, putting his hands on Jimmy James’ feeble shoulders.

The elderly coach gave Tiberius a stern look. “I did become a coach and stay a coach for thirty years just to lose the biggest game of my career! So I say nay! Go in there and score the shot, Tiberius.”

Tiberius sighed and took Jimmy James with him to the court. He got into a ready position as the referee blew the whistle. Staring at the ball, Tiberius made a run for it. He snagged the ball and stood near the hoop. Looking behind, he saw poor little Jimmy James trying to run.

“Can’t believe I’m doing this…” Tiberius ran towards Jimmy James and passed the ball to him. He then tripped on the floor and put his knees to his chest.

Jimmy James hugged the ball as a player from the opposing team jumped at him. The other player eventually got the ball, leaving Jimmy James unconscious on the basketball court.

The cameraman gasped when he dropped the camera and the recording ended.

Gloria’s eyes widened as she put her hand to her mouth. “Oh my god, he really did that? Jimmy James would obviously cost his team the game! I guess the saying is true… good guys never win. Okay, just to set the record straight… look at those muscles! Where you working out, Tiberius?” the hostess winked, causing Viviana to jump in and intervene.

“Yes, Tiberius is super nice! Connor and him seem similar in my eyes, so I hope they are on a team together. They would be quite the duo. Anyhow, we only have two videos left to see! Wendeline, the flight attendant, is in for quite the adventure! Let’s see the audition that got her on the show,” Viviana smiled and clicked a button.

The video camera focused on a middle-aged woman who was wearing dark-blue clothing, such as her blazer and skirt. The color of her clothing made her red lips and orange hair pop.

She set the camera on a cart and began moving. “So my name is Wendeline, nice to meet you. How can I help you on thi - Oh, uh… this my audition, I forgot. Let’s start over,” Wendeline moved back and smiled, “My name is Wendeline and I would love to be on your show! My grandchildren adore your work, Chris McLean. It would truly be a grand sight to be put on your show,” Wendeline grabbed the camera and handed it to a passenger.

“What do I do with this?” asked the man.

“Just hold it while I pose for the camera, darling,” Wendeline put one hand on her hip and the other hand ran through her hair.

The passenger zoomed in on the cart, which seemed to be moving. “Uh, ma’am! The carts moving!”

“No fear, Wendeline the hero is here!” Wendeline exclaimed, chuckling afterward. “Ah, Timmy loves that one. Timmy is my eldest grandchild if you’re wondering. He’s the son of my thir-”

“Stop talking and get the moving cart!” yelled the cameraman, shaking the camera.

Wendeline nodded and did a few cartwheels towards the cart. While she was doing one, she noticed the cart was heading straight towards a toddler. Wendeline ran next to the cart and jumped over it, landing on the little girl. “I’ve still got it!”

“Well that’s the only thing you’ve got because you are fired!” smiled another flight attendant. The flight attendant then pushed Wendeline and grabbed the crying toddler.

“Just cut the tape!” cried Wendeline, with her mascara running.

The cameraman nodded and pushed the stop button, ending the video.

Gloria stood up from her chair and clapped, “Grandma got some skills! I didn’t realize Wendeline was old until she said she had grandchildren. Please tell me your secret! Is it oatmeal? I used that when I got the chicken pox back in the sev-”

Viviana covered Gloria’s mouth again and glared at her. “We came here to see the videos, not to share our life stories. But yes, Wendeline was lovely.”

“Ugh, you are boring. Anyway, we’re saving the best for last! Let’s hear it for the hottie with a body, Hunter!” exclaimed the younger sister, using her cue cards as a fan.

The camera turns on to show a bare, tanned six pack and v-line. The face behind the smoking body was quite pleasant as well, having light brown hair and dark brown eyes. The male's forehead had 'Hunter' written in black marker.

“It it on?” Hunter asked himself, repeatedly banging the camera with his right hand.

A slender black cat jumped onto Hunter’s lap and licked one of his abs. “Meow!”

“Aha, this is my mom, Hunter! She is the best person in the world, trust me. I love her golden hair that matches my gray hair! She is so tall, it’s adorable,” Hunter grabbed the cat and hugged it.

“Meow!” screamed the cat as it scratched Hunter’s ab.

“Mommy, no!” yelled Hunter, grabbing the cat and throwing it at the camera, causing it to drop and crack. Hunter furrowed his light brown eyebrows and just stared, “Well, I can’t wait to join this Broadway play! Hector, signing out! Or is it signing in….? Whoa, I am so confused.”

“WOO! I love me some ab game and Hunter definitely is packing. He better win so I can stare at him all day. Didn’t get his dumb boy act, but he’s probably just playing that role for the cameras. He’s hot and smart! Come… to… my… house… now!” Gloria re-winded the tape and zoomed in on Hunter’s abs. From heat exhaustion, Gloria fainted.

Viviana rubbed her temples and then stared at her sister. “Well, since that’s all we have planned for today… Gloria and I are signing out. The Conversation will be sometime next week, so be prepared... unless something else happens. Farewell!” Viviana grabbed her sister’s arm and dragged her over backstage.

The credits play and a few commercials start playing.

One: Lost Angeles

Location: Los Angeles, California
Word Count: TBA
Posted On: TBA


Elimination Table

Rank Contestant 1
TBA Adam
TBA Connor
TBA Ellie
TBA Estefany
TBA Gabourey
TBA Gregory
TBA Hunter
TBA Kiley
TBA Lourdes
TBA Olive
TBA Patrick
TBA Peter Bo
TBA Rebecca
TBA Roxanne
TBA Ryder
TBA Sabrina
TBA Tiberius
TBA Woody
TBA Wendeline



  •   TEAM  This contestant is on Team One.
  •   TEAM  This contestant is on Team Two.
  •   TEAM  This contestant is on Team Three.
  •   WIN  This contestant won the challenge and immunity from the elimination ceremony along with their team.
  •   WIN  This contestant won the challenge and individual immunity from the elimination ceremony.
  •   IMN  This contestant was immune from the vote off automatically.
  •   IDOL  This contestant was immune from the vote off due to using the McLean Invincibility Statue and all votes against them do not count.
  •   LOW  This contestant received the final barf bag at the Barf Bag ceremony.
  •   OUT  This contestant didn't receive a barf bag at a fake Barf Bag ceremony.
  •   IN  This contestant received a barf bag and was not eliminated from the competition.
  •   IN  This episode was an introduction episode.
  •   QUIT/LEFT  This contestant left or quit the show for un/known purposes.
  •   OUT  This contestant didn't receive a barf bag at the Barf Bag ceremony

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