This is the first season in Surfer's Total Drama fanfic series. It will take 20 American teens to an abandoned boarding school, where they will battle it out for one million dollars!



  1. Toby - The Outdoorsman
  2. Jackson - The Hot Jock
  3. Pauleen - The Aggressive Body-Builder
  4. Lionel - The Arrogant Soccer Player
  5. Naomi - The Quiet Runner


  1. Emily - The Spelling Bee Champ
  2. Brian - The Gamer Who Has Never Seen Actual Sunlight
  3. Victor - The Philosopher
  4. Meg - The Survivor Blogger
  5. Raj - The Programmer


  1. Taylor - The Child Pageant Queen
  2. Jack - The Troublemaker
  3. Valerie - The Queen Bee
  4. Alice - The Gentle Beauty
  5. Sean - The Class Clown


  1. AJ - The Over-Aggressive Actor
  2. Fay - The Silent Painter
  3. Caroline - The Singer
  4. Samuel - The Shakespeare Fan
  5. Marlene - The Actress Daughter of a Famous Producer Who Can't Actually Act


Episode 1

"Welcome to Wawanakwa Academy," Chris says. "An ancient boarding school that used to have a different name... Until we bought it for next to nothing! It doesn't really matter why it was that cheap."

A letter falls off a faded sign in the background. The sign reads "CIVILI ATION: 50 MILES". Chris chuckles nervously. "Let's meet our contestants, who are on a steaming hot school bus!"

The scene cuts to a small bus where twenty people sit, looking really uncomfortable. Chef is driving. The camera zooms in on a girl with glasses.

Emily CONF: "I've always been "the geek" of my class," she says. "Most of my free time was spent studying for the National Spelling Bee. I made it all the way to Nationals... Then lost. Ideosincracy. It was an E, not an I! I'm so sorry, mother..." She pauses and looks at the camera. "Oh, right, Total Drama."

The camera moves to a boy wearing a football shirt. He is visibly strong and clearly works out often.

Jackson CONF: "I'm on the Varsity team for football," he says, grinning. "With my athletics and my looks, I'm sure to win this thing. Those other guys don't stand a chance."

Next shown is a girl who can't stop twirling her hair.

Taylor CONF: "I've been told I'm beautiful by like, everyone's who's anyone," she says. "I won Miss Toddler USA, Miss First Grade Universe, and have featured on the cover of several modelling articles. My career's been at a slow spot lately, and I'm using this show to bring it back. I'll do anything -- and I mean anything -- to make it to the end."

Finally, the camera shows a girl who wears an obviously fake smile.

Marlene CONF: "I've guest starred on several huge shows," she says, seemingly proud. "CSI Nova Scotia, The Evolution Theory, you name it, I've been on it. The producers tell me I'm the BEST. ACTRESS. EVER. My daddy agrees."

"What they don't know is that they're about to be divided into four teams based on where they are on the social ladder," Chris says as the scene cuts from the bus back to the school. "Are they a book worm or a lover of the arts? A jock or a popular? They're about to find out!"

The bus goes off the paved road and onto the bumpy, diry path to the school. Raj sees the broken sign and gulps. Instead of slowing down on the path, Chef speeds up, and the kids are thrown around. Valerie flies off her seat and onto Jackson's lap. She smiles up at him awkwardly.

Valerie CONF: "That is one beautiful hunk of man," she says, licking her lips. "First thing I'm gonna do when I get off this bus? Talk to HIM.

The bus suddenly stops, sending Valerie into the aisle and everyone else into the back of the seat in front of them.

"Get off, maggots!" Chef yells. "Go!"

The contestants run off the bus. Brian kisses the ground. "I never thought I'd make it out alive!" he shouts.

"Welcome to Total Drama Academy!" Chris says. "Before we do anything else, I'm gonna divide you guys into teams. Toby, Jackson, Pauleen, Lionel, and Naomi, you guys are the Athletes!"

Valerie's mouth drops.

Valerie CONF: "What?" she says, upset. "I wanted to be on his team! Those two chicks don't deserve him!"

"Emily, Brian, Victor, Meg, and Raj, you guys are the Academics!" Chris continues.

Brian CONF: "The nerd tribe?" Brian says with disdain. "I went to the finals in a Madden world tournament. I deserve to be on the Athletes!"

"Taylor, Jack, Valerie, Alice, and Sean, you are the Accepted!" Chris says, disregarding Brian's anger.

Jack CONF: "The girls on my team are pretty hot," Jack says, grinning. "Things could be worse."

"Finally, AJ, Fay, Caroline, Samuel and Marlene, you guys are the Artists!" Chris finishes.

AJ CONF: "Wowee!" AJ yells, gesturing wildly with his hands. "I'm on a team SURROUNDED by Artists! This is awesome!" He throws his hands up in the air and the chair he is sitting in tips backwards.

"So, basically, we're divided by how our classmates view us?" Victor asks.

"Don't steal my thunder, kid!" Chris says angrily. "You guys are divided by how your classmates view you!"

"I don't believe we should judge books JUST by their covers," Victor shoots back.

"But... That makes for good TV!" Chris says, shocked that Victory could think anything else.

"I know ALL about TV!" Marlene says. "I've been on SOOO many shows!"

"Really?" AJ replies innocently. "I don't recognize you."

"W-well..." Marlene splutters. "Ask anyone, I'm the BEST. ACTRESS. EVER!"

"HEY!" AJ says indignantly. "I thought I was the best actress ever!"

"Did you now?" Jack says. The Athletes and Accepted teams laugh.

"Ooh, tension!" Chris says. "Good for ratings. Anyways, let me explain a bit more about this season. Each tribe will have their own Dorm. You will sleep there and spend most of your time there, aside from the Challenges and Elimination Ceremonies. Every few days, you will compete in a Challenge, which will determine who will send someone home. The losing tribe has to show up to the Auditorium, where they will cast their votes to eliminate one of their own. The person with the most votes is eliminated, and will have their Student ID burned in the Bonfire of Shame, before taking the Bus of Shame outta here. Any questions?"

Eight people raise their hands, but Chris ignores them. "Your dorms are in that building over there," he says, pointing. "Grab your stuff and head on out. I'll see you guys for your first challenge!"

Chris laughs evilly as the contestants walk away. As they walk, Meg seems to be fangirling.

Meg CONF: "This is SUCH a dream come true," Meg says. "I've ALWAYS wanted to be on Surivor, but I kept getting turned down. Something about them already having enough 'psychotic super-fans?' So I applied for Total Drama which I thought would be the next best thing. And it IS! They accepted me on the first try!"

Raj CONF: "That Meg girl looks like she's going to be really annoying," he says with a monotone. "I hope I can use that to my advantage, since everyone's going to want to vote her out."

Meanwhile, the Accepted team tries to pick up where they left off in high school: putting down the other cliques.

"We can totally beat these geeks," Valerie says to Taylor and Alice.

"Yeah," Taylor replies, smiling at her companions.

Alice frowns. "Guys, that's not nice!" she says indignantly. Taylor looks taken aback.

Taylor CONF: Taylor looks at the camera, disdain on her face. "OK," she says crossing her arms. "I'm a popular. No one ever talks back to me, especially not another popular. Who does this girl think she is?

Alice CONF: Alice smiles widely. "I love EVERYONE!" she exclaims. "I feel like popular people aren't just defined by their beauty or coolness, but by what's in here." She pats her heart as a halo appears above her head.

Meanwhile, the boys of the Accepted and Athletic teams bond. "Yeah, I'm already committed," Lionel says. "Scouts show up at all my matches."

"Matches?" Jack replies. "What sport do you play."

Lionel puffs himself up. "Soccer," he says arrogantly.

"Soccer?" Sean laughes. "Dude, are you even from America?"

The other three chuckle. "Hey, soccer's an up-and-coming game!" Lionel says, fuming.

"Yeah, in Spain!" Sean continues. "You might as well just move there. No one cares over here."

"Well when I'm making millions, I'll be the one laughing," Lionel shoots back.

"Don't soccer players make minimum wage?" Sean says and the laughing continues.

Meanwhile, the Artists begin to clash over who is the best out of all of them.

"I sang a solo in the Christmas pageant in third grade," Caroline says arrogantly.

"Well, you're MUCH older now," Marlene says. "At least my BRILLIANT acting career is still alive. Did you know that I've starred on several of the most popular shows?"

"I won my school's Shakespeare competition," AJ replies. "TWICE!"

AJ CONF: He looks at the camera excitedly. "That's a lie," he says. "I only competed once! I'm such a ruthless player!"

"Did someone say... Shakespeare?" Samuel says excitedly. "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Did you know that wherefore doesn't mean where, but rather why? Shakespeare was SUCH a genius."

Meanwhile, Fay looks on. Finally, they arrive at the dorms. The Academics enter theirs. To the left is a common area, and to the right are two rooms: one for the boys, another for the girls. The two girls go inside their bedroom. "Wow, this is nauseating!" Emily says, looking at the beds with disgust. The matresses are thin and flies hang in the air.

"These conditions are almost as bad as Ravu's on Survivor: Fiji!" Meg continues.

"They can't be that bad," Raj says optimistically. He opens the door to the boys' dorm and walks in, moaning when he sees the beds.

Victor peaks in behind him. "I feel like bad living conditions are just an opportunity to -- oh, that stench is absolutely repulsive," he says. "Close the door!"

Meanwhile, the Athletes find their own dorm. "I can hear the nerds whining from here!" Pauleen says with a deep, booming voice.

"Yeah, they're screwed at that challenge if they can't even stand their bedrooms," Lionel says in a slightly less deep, booming voice. He opens the door. "I mean, how bad can it possibly--"

Suddenly, Lionel falls, unconscious. Pauleen rolls her eyes.

Pauleen CONF: "For the Athletes team, we sure are a bunch of wimps," she says with disgust. "I mean, the soccer star passed out before we even sat down!"

Meanwhile, Toby tries to strike a bond with Naomi in the common area. "So, what do you do that makes you an athlete?" he asks.

"Run," Naomi says, admiring Jackson, who has taken off his shirt.

"Run?" Toby replies.

"Yes," Naomi says, annoyed that their conversation is carrying on.

Toby CONF: He looks frustrated. "This girl can't carry on a conversation!"

Naomi CONF: She blinks at the camera.

The next morning, everyone was woken up to the shrill ringing of a bell. They crawled out of bed as an ancient PA system crackled to life.

"Rise and shine, students!" Chris said. "That bell means it's time for your first challenge! See you guys in the Amphitheater!"

All the contestants trudge out of bed and outside, where there is an amphitheater. The amphitheater is a semi-circle slope cut into the grass. At the bottom of the semi-circle is a concrete stage. On the stage are twenty booths, looking like something directly out of a game show.

"Good morning!" said Chris. "Each of you take your place behind one of these podiums. Today's challenge is 'Getting to Know You.' As every kid knows, you need to know your fellow classmates before everything else. So, you have each answered surveys about your fellow classmates and what you think of them. I will give you a survey question, and you will answer who you think most people chose. First person to buzz in and answer correctly gets to choose someone to eliminate from the challenge. However, if you answer incorrectly, you're out. Let's get to it!"

The scene cuts to all the contestants standing behind their respective podiums. "First question," Chris says. "Who seems like the most obnoxious?"

There are ten buzzes, but Raj's podium lights up first. "AJ," he says without hesitation.

"WHAT THE HECK?" AJ cries indignantly.

"Correct!" Chris replies. AJ throws his hands up in the air. "Raj, who do you want to eliminate?"

Raj looks up as if considering something, then shrugs. "AJ."

"What does everyone have against me?" AJ yells as he sits down on the grass, pouting.

AJ CONF: AJ looks at the camera angrily. "Good to know where I stand."

"Next question," Chris says. "Who do you think is the most likely first boot?"

Brian is first this time, and he looks around. "Raj?" he guesses. Raj looks at him.

"Actually you're wrong, and you're out!" Chris says as Brian sits down. "Anyone else care to guess?"

Raj buzzes in first this time. "Brian!" he says indignantly.

"Correct!" Chris says.

"What?" Brian cries. "Why? I'm so good at Madden Mobile, therefore making me a football star."

Ignoring Brian, Chris continues: "Raj, who will you sit down next?"

He looks at his fellow contestants. "Fay," he says.

Fay shrugs and sits down next to AJ.

Raj CONF: "Why am I targeting the Artists?" Raj says nonchalantly. "I'd like to say I have some master plan, but they're annoying and I want them gone."

"So we're down to three Artists, four Academics, five Accepted, and five Athletes," Chris says.

"Psst!" Meg says to Raj, who is beside her. "Stop targeting the Artists! The Athletes are a bigger threat, and this might be our only shot to send one of them home!"

"I'll do whatever I want," Raj says, looking back at Chris.

"Next question: Who is most likely to end up in prison?" Chris asks. Meg and Raj each slam their button, but Meg's lights up first.

"Jack!" she guesses.

Chris looks at the contestants. "Correct!" he says. Raj shrinks while Meg celebrates. "Who are you eliminating?"

"Toby," she says.

Meg CONF: "So Raj thinks he can do whatever the heck he wants?" she says indignantly. "Yeah, right."

"Next question: Who do you think is gonna win?" Chris says. Meg and RJ slam their hands on the button, but it's Marlene who hits the button first.

"Well, since I'm an incredible actress," she says. "I'd say... Me!"

"Uh, wrong," he says. "You're out! Anyone else?"

Pauleen hits the buzzer aggressively. "Me!"

"Ha, no," Chris replies. "You're also out! Anyone else?"

Meg slams the button. "Jackson!"

Chris lets the suspense hang in the air. "Correct! Meg, who's out?"

"Jackson," she says.

"So we're down to two Athletes and Artists, two Academics, and two Accepted," Chris says. "Next question: Who's the teacher's pet of the class?"

Raj slams his button first. "Alice!" he shouts. Meg gives him a weird look, as if wondering why he didn't select an Academic as the teacher's pet.

"That's obviously not right," she says.

"Correct!" Chris says, much to Meg's horror. "Who's next?"

"Caroline," Raj says arrogantly. Meg shakes her head.

Meg CONF: "He's gonna be sorry," she says with a smirk.

"Next question!" Chris says dramatically. "Who are you least likely to hang around with in real life?"

"Raj!" Meg shouts, slamming her hand on the button.

"Correct!" Chris says. "Who will you eliminate?"

Meg looks at Raj with an evil grin. "Hm..." she says. "I'll choose... Raj."

Raj's mouth drops. "You idiot!" he shouts as he walks over to the grass. "You're going home if we lose!"

"Don't worry, we won't!" she replies confidently.

"Next question: Who is the most likely backstabber?" Chris says.

Meg slams the button, but it's Lionel who beats her to it. "Meg, of course!" he answers.

"Correct!" Chris replies. Meg's face falls. "Who's out?"

"Samuel," Lionel says, relieved.

"Thou errant fen-sucked haggard!" Samuel shouts.

"Well, that means that the Artists lose, and will have to send someone home later on!" Chris says. "And for answering the most questions correctly, the Academics get new pillows!"

All the Academics celebrate, except Raj, who pouts. "Academics, Accepted, and Athletes, head back to the dorms," Chris continues. "Artists, I'll see you guys tonight! Head back to the dorms."

Meg CONF: "Phew!" she says, relieved. "I thought for sure that I was going. Unfortunately, the Athletes won too, and my agenda couldn't be realized."

Raj CONF: "I can't believe Meg did that!" he says, enraged. "She could've made us lose!"

At the Artists Dorm, people immediately break off into groups to talk. AJ pulls Marlene and Samuel aside.

"We NEED to form a theater alliance," he says forcefully. "I mean, Fay and Caroline are nice, but theater is the greatest art form. With Samuel's knowledge of Shakespeare and our brilliant acting skills, we'll be unstoppable!"

"Forsooth!" Samuel replies.

"I have no idea what that means," AJ says.

"It means yes in Shakespearean speak," Samuel clarifies. AJ nods in understanding. "Marlene, do you agree to this coalition?"

She shruggs. "Sure, why not?" she offers.

Marlene CONF: "So the two guys came up to me and offered an alliance," she says. "Being the great actress that I am, I pretended like I was on board, but I still want to review my options." She pauses, then grins excitedly. "But wasn't that such a good acting job? Didn't I seem SO committal? Daddy was RIGHT about me!"

Caroline and Fay sit on the couches alone. Caroline tries to engage Fay in conversation. "So..." she says. Fay looks at Caroline. "Tough loss?"

"Yes," Fay says, her voice high and barely above a whisper.

Suddenly, Marlene appears. "Hey girls!" she says.

"Hey Marlene!" Caroline replies. Fay just nods.

Marlene lowers her voice. "So listen," she says. "The guys want to make a Theater Alliance, but I'm not really on board with that. Would you guys be open to an all-girls thing?"

"OMG, yes!" Caroline says. "That's a great idea!"

"Fay?" Marlene continues, looking at Fay, who nods enthusiastically.

"So who do you wanna take out?" Caroline says.

"Samuel," Fay blurts out. The two girls look at her, shocked. "Annoying. Too annoying."

Caroline and Marlene shrug at each other.

Caroline CONF: "So Marlene, Fay, and I are most likely voting Samuel," she says. "I'm so happy this is happening. A girls' alliance is a great idea!"

AJ CONF: He looks at the camera coolly. "I expect that the theater alliance will go off without a hitch," he says confidently.

AJ approaches Marlene and whispers, "We're voting Fay. She's shady."

Marlene CONF: "I still don't know what I'm gonna do," she says. "But either way, someone's gonna be shocked. And they won't just be acting shocked. They'll be, like, SHOCKED."

The Artists Team walks into the Auditorium and sits in chairs that sit on a stage in the front. "Welcome, guys," said Chris. "Hope you all brought your ID's, because one of you is about to go home. Marlene, why do you think Raj targetted you?"

"I don't really know!" she replies. "But I was absolutely DEVASTATED."

"Really sounds that way," Chris says sarcastically. "AJ, there's three people on this team who enjoy theater. Is that an advantage?"

"ABSOLUTELY!" AJ exclaims. "I mean, I wouldn't have it any other way! Some people just don't appreciate theater, but I do! And clearly, so do the producers of this show. So I'm gonna try my very best to keep the theater kids in as long as humanly possible."

"Great, we get to listen to you the whole season," Chris replies. "Fay do you think you're going home?"

Fay just shrugs.

"And we get another silent type!" Chris says, throwing his hands up. "Just what this bunch of weirdos needed!"

"I take personal offense to that," Caroline says.

"No one cares," Chris says. "I'm tired of talking to you, so let's vote. Backstage is a voting booth. Write your vote on a sheet of paper, tell us why you voted that person, and throw your vote in the jar. Fay, you're first."

Fay CONF: Fay walks backstage to the voting booth. She holds up a piece of paper with the name "Samuel" on it, shrugs, and places it in the jar.

Caroline's vote is not shown.

AJ CONF: AJ holds up a piece of paper that reads "Fay." "Why don't you talk?" he says. "It's just weird."

Samuel's vote is not shown.

Marlene's vote is not shown.

"OK," Chris says. "It's time to read the votes. The person with the most votes will be eliminated, and will not be allowed to return. Ever. First vote.... Fay."

Fay looks surprised.

"Next vote," Chris continues. "Samuel. Third vote.... Fay. Fourth vote... Samuel."

Samuel and Fay look at each other. AJ and Caroline look at Marlene.

"And the person leaving us tonight..."

The camera zooms in on Samuel, who is nervous. It moves to Fay, whose expression hasn't changed at all.


AJ gives Marlene a warning look.


AJ and Samuel are stunned. Caroline breathes a sigh of relief. Even Fay smiles.

"Marlene, how could you?" AJ accuses.

Samuel gets up and throws his ID into the small fire. "Alas," he says. "Parting is such sweet sorrow."

He is shown leaving the Auditorium, boarding a bus, and leaving.

"Well, the four of you have survived your first Elimination Ceremony," Chris says. "But you guys need to win, or you may not survive your next."

AJ nods, determined.

AJ CONF: "I need to win the next challenge for my tribe, or I'm a goner," he says.

The four remaining Artists leave, and the camera zooms out over the school.

"What will happen next week on Total... Drama... Academy?" Chris says dramatically.

Episode 2

The episode opens to nighttime in the Academics dorm. Everyone appears to be sleeping. Suddenly, there is a creaking sound, and the door to the Boys' Dorm closes on its own. Brian's eye suddenly pops open.

"What was that?" he whispers. He quietly gets out of bed and creeps over to the door. He opens it and looks outside. Seeing nothing, he shrugs and goes to reenter the Boys' Dorm.

"Bri-an," a creepy singsong voice calls. "Briiiiii-an!"

"W-w-what?" he says nervously. "W-who are you?"

"I'm commmmmming!" the voice cries. Brian screams. Each of the Acadmics emerge from their rooms groggily.

"Brian, what's wrong?" Meg exclaims.

"You better have a good reason for waking me," Raj threatens.

"T-there was a g-g-GHOST!" he cries. Everyone stares at him. "No, guys, I swear! It called my name!"

"I think you're going through video game withdrawl," Raj says, walking back into his room. "Thanks for waking me."

"Brian, you're ridiculous," Emily says. "R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S. Ridiculous."

She and Meg reenter the Girls' Dorm. Victor and Brian are alone.

"Don't worry about it, Brian," Victor says. "I'm not mad. I mean, everyone else is gonna be exhausted thanks to you, but I believe that exhaustion is all in your head, so it's not ENTIRELY you're fault." He pats Brian on the back and reenters the bedroom.

"But I swear I heard it!" he exclaims, before following Victor.


  • Challenge one is based off of Survivor's Touchy Subjects.

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