Total Drama:Guts and Glory is a season of Total Drama with a new cast and is the first season to take place in America.


The Hungry Wolves

1.Cory-The Nerd/Geek

2.Zachary-The Hipster

3.Tristan-The Internet Person

4.Edward-The Pop Culture Freak

5.Micah-The Jock

6.Matthew-The "Loki"

7.Lance-The Intergetic Guy.

8.Daniel-The Sweet But Tough Guy

9.Adrian-The Comedian

10.Leonard-The Smart Yet Fun Guy

11.Darwin-His Friend

12.Mitch-The Drinker

13.Harvey-The Jerk

14.Ian-The Artsy Guy

The Fierce Panthers

1.Candace-The Orignal Art Gurl

2.Rita-The Steam Punk Gurl

3.Mavis-The Opinion Gal

4.Amanda-The Nice Gal

5. Erica-Her Friend

6.Rae-Rae-The Slang Gal

7.Sophie-The Asian Gal

8.Penny-The Mean Gurl

9.June-The Very Intelligent Gal

10.April-The Moody Punk Gurl

11.Justine-The Silly Fun Gurl

12.Tina-The Smart Alec

13.Indy-The Foreign Gurl

14.Madison-The Gurl With The Goth Hair.


Episode 1:Yup, Were Here

Coming Soon!

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