It's season six time with Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet! But, in order to have a sixth season, Chris needed to go out and find 14 brand-new competitors and what's not to love about auditions! With a new location, 13 mystery prizes, two awesome team names, and 14 crazy, wild, free loving and evil contestants on their way, it's time to go crazy for Total Drama, The Newcomer Season! And who's going to win? Spoiled Selena, emotionless Willow, brother and sister Mikeal and Jaycee, wannabe-evil Leon, white trash Forrest, man-lady Nancy, fierce Raquela, spy Kenny, criminal Bruce, feminist Aphrodite, overdramatic Debbie, disco-dancer Terry or biggest loser Max.



One: The Garbage Shute of Shame!

Chris McLean appears to be on Camp Wawanakwa, but there's construction workers renovating the island behind him. He walks up in from of the "Camp Wawanakwa" sign, which is brand new and starts to speak, "Welcome to season six of Total Drama folks! After our shocking conclusion from our All Star season, I thought it would be rude if we left it off from there, so I'm bringing in 14 brand-new competitors so I can teach those people the meaning of Total Drama! This season, we'll be introducing 13 NEW challenges, new sleeping arraignments and a shocking elimination method, which is behind this giant red curtain!" Chris points to a red curtain on the side of the dock. "And what's not to love about this season if there's gonna be some wacky drama! And here they are now!"

A jet appears to be hovering over Chris. "Ladies first!" Chris said.

"Our Man-Lady, Nancy!" Chris said.

Nancy appears at the exit of the jet, "You can't do this to me!" she said with anger, before being pushed off the jet by Chef.

"Our Spanish Diva, Raquela!" Chris said.

Raquela appears at the exit of the jet, "I'm too hot to be pushed off!" she said with fear, before being pushed off.

"Our Emotionless Goth Chick, Willow!" Chris said.

Willow casually walks off the jet, then Debbie is right behind her.

"Our Overdramatic Psychopath, Debbie!" Chris said.

"Oh my gawd! It's so great to be on this show!" she said with excitment, before being kicked off by Chef.

"Our Man-hating Feminist, Aphrodite!" Chris said.

Aphrodite appears at the exit of the jet, but pushes Chef away from her, "I got this," she said before jumping off the jet.

"Our Spoiled Princess, Selena!" Chris said.

Selena appears next, "I'm telling my daddy on you!" she said with anger, before being pushed off the jet.

"And our Fame-Seeking loser, Jaycee!" Chris said.

Jaycee is being held upside down by Chef, which Mikeal being on Chef's shoulders. "Is the camera focused on me?" she ask, before being let-goed by Chef.

"And now with the guys, Jaycee's naive brother, Mikeal!" Chris said.

"Jaycee!" he said, before being thrown by the jet by Chef.

"Our favorite dancer, Terry!" Chris said.

"You can't throw the grove off the jet!" he said, before be kicked off the jet by Chef, screaming.

"Recently Released Convict, Bruce!" Chris said.

"Juvie treated me better than this!" Bruce said with jealousy, then being pushed off by Chef.

"Our Spy, Kenny!" Chris said.

"I got this!" he said, he pulls out a special piton gun, but Chef kicks him off anyways.

"Our wannabe evil guy, Leon!" Chris said.

"You're gonna pay for this!" he said with anger, but is kicked off the jet.

"Our wannabe rapper, Forrest!" Chris said.

Forrest appears, and starts singing, "Yo yo yo!" he sang before being kicked off the jet.

"And finally, our biggest loser want to be contestant, Max!" Chris said.

"Finally," he said, "A show where I can finally lose weight!" Max said, he jumped off the jet, but lands next to Chris on the dock.

"Ouch, that's gonna hurt!" Chris said.

Ten minutes went by and the other competitors are on land, drying off.

"What about our stuff?" Raquela shouted to jet, who then sees that their luggage is dropped right next to them, "thanks."

Chris walks up to the fourteen competitors, "Welcome to Total Drama the Newcomer Season!" Chris shouted with excitement, "This season is going to be awesome!"

"And how is it going to be 'exciting'?" Bruce asked.

"Because now that the island is being renovated," Chris said, "We thought it would be awesome to have a competition show where 14-competitors compete in life-threatening conditions."

"As long as I lose weight," Max said, "I'm fine!"

"Yeah," Chris said, "Now, before we set you guys off, we're going to assign some teams!"

"Already?" Raquela asked.

"We've only been here for not even 15 minutes!" Selena said.

"Gee," Willow said sarcastically, "I wonder who's going to be on my team."

"Team 1 members, please stand to the right of me, Aphrodite, Forrest, Jaycee, Kenny, Leon, Max and Selena," Chris said. The seven competitors stood to the right side of Chris, "For this moment on, you'll be known as Team Super People!"

"That is the lamest team name ever," Leon said.

"I'm pretty super," Kenny said, "especially with my gadgets!"

"And with my super weight lost!" Max said.

"Ugh," Aphrodite said, "Four guys and three girls? Unfair!"

"Wait," Jaycee said worried, "What about Mikeal?"

"And for the rest of you," Chris said, "Please stand on my left side, which you pretty much are, Bruce, Debbie, Mikeal, Nancy, Raquela, Terry and Willow, you'll be known as New Team Victory!"

"You're renaming us after the worse team in Total Drama history?" Bruce asked.

"I'm sure he didn't mean to name us that silly name," Debbie said.

"Actually," Chris said, "Yeah, I did. Now, meet me at the beach in a half hour where I'll explain the challenges, in the mean time, get to know your members!"

In the middle of the forest, the fourteen competitors are walking with their respected team.

"Dudes," Max said to Leon, Forrest and Kenny, "How awesome is it to be on a team with guys!"

"Pretty awesome," Leon said.

"Same," Forrest and Kenny said.

"Yeah!" Max shouted, "Can't wait to start working out! Though I see this as a way of working out! Yeah... Team Dude!"

"Ugh," Aphrodite said to Jaycee and Selena, "I hate how they're ignoring us women."

"I tell you," Selena said, "It's starting to bug me."

"I'd rather be on the other team," Aphrodite said, "At least there are more girls there, am I right, Jaycee?"

Aphrodite and Selena look over to Jaycee, who's winking at the cameraman.

"Man," Aphrodite said, "I wish we were on the opposing team."

"I wouldn't choose that path," Selena said to Aphrodite. She points to Raquela, Willow and Nancy.

Raquela walks right in front of Nancy and Willow, pushing them out of her way.

"Hey," Nancy said, "Watch it!"

"What's your problem?" Willow asked.

"My problem is that I'm on a team of morans!" Raquela said.

"You haven't gave us a chance," Nancy said.

"Well I don't like any of you," Raquela responded.

"Ladies," Debbie said awkwardly, "We can all hear you and it's pretty awkward.

"Shut up, Debbie!" Willow, Nancy and Raquela said.

"It's okay, Debbie," Terry said, "This groovy team can still be groovy!"

"OMG, Debbie said, "You're totally cute. Like oh mah! You're talking to me and that means you could be my boyfriend! Oh come here boyfriend!" Debbie then jumps on Terry and starts kissing his face.

Mikeal and Bruce looks at at their team in fear.

"So we're pretty much screwed?" Mikeal asked Bruce.

"You can believe it," Bruce said.

It's been a hour and the competitors are all resting on the beach, bored. Chris finally arrives, while driving a quad.

"Welcome to your first challenge of the season!" Chris shouted.

"Can you give us a break?" Bruce asked.

"Nope!" Chris responded, "It's time to get this season rolling!"

"Alright lets do this!" Max said.

"Shut up!" Aphrodite said.

"You are a rude person," Max calmly said to Aphrodite.

"Okay," Chris said, "First challenge, like all new competitors, in order to be part of Total Drama, you must jump off the cliff! Then, once you do that, you'll run to the elimination ceremony. The first team to arrive wins immunity, the losing team will be sending someone home tonight!"

"On our first day?" Mikeal asked shocked.

"Yes," Chris responded, "And you're challenge begins... now!" Chris sounds the alarm in front of Mikeal, and the other competitors take off.

"What?" Mikeal shouted.

"I said now!" Chris said.

"I can't hear you!" Mikeal shouted once more. Chris points to the other competitors, "Oh!" then Mikeal runs after them.

The competitors finally reach the top of the cliff, but all stop once they reached it. Raquela, Nancy, Bruce and Kenny all look down and see that they're all high off the ground.

"Wow," Raquela said, "That's really high!"

"But we all have to jump," Terry said.

"Oh my gawd," Debbie said, "Boyfriend's right! Come here you!"

"No!" Terry said in fear, he runs and jumps off the cliff, followed by Debbie who was chasing him, screaming "boyfriend" while falling.

"Okay..." Leon said, "Who's next?"

Willow walks up and pushes Leon off the cliff, then jumped off the cliff herself.

"Lets go girls!" Aphrodite said to Jaycee and Selena. They all run up to the edge and jump off together, while holding hands.

"Last one there will be a rotten egg!" Nancy said, who then proceeded to jump off the cliff.

"I can't be a rotten egg!" Mikeal said, who then jumped off the cliff.

Max, Kenny, Forrest, Bruce and Raquela all look down to see the contestants making it on the shore.

"I can't jump guys," Max said, "I'm too scared!"

"You better jump bro!" Kenny said, while Forrest glared at the two of them and then jumps off the cliff.

"Wanna just jump for our team?" Raquela asked Bruce.

"Sure," Bruce responded. The two hold hands and jump off the cliff together. That leaves only Max and Kenny.

"Dude," Kenny said, I'm leaving. He pulls out his piton gun and aims it at the shore, which pulls him off the top of the cliff.

Max looks down at the water. He takes a deep breathe and finally jumps off the cliff, screaming.

On the shore, the competitors moan in pain as they landed in the water, once again. Kenny, however, landed in the sand and is hurt.

Nancy and Willow, however, started to race, leaving everyone else behind.

"Don't worry," Mikeal said, "I'll follow you guys!" He gets up and starts running, but freezes in pain and starts sleeping while standing.

The other competitors are confused on what just happened.

"Oh yeah," Jaycee said awkwardly, "My brother has narcolepsy."

"Well lets go before we lose," Selena said. She and Aphrodite got up and started to run as well, leaving Jaycee behind.

Jaycee stares at her brother and leaves him behind.

Raquela and Bruce glare at each other.

"Team up now and ignore till the merge?" Bruce asked.

"Deal," Raquela replied. The two started to race to the finish as well.

Also running, Debbie is chasing Terry so she can kiss him.

"Come back here boyfriend," Debbie said.

"I'm not you're boyfriend you psycho!" Terry replied in fear.

The seen switches over to Chris and Chef, standing at the elimination ceremony area, with a finish line in front of them. Nancy and Willow are the first to cross.

"And Nancy and Willow crossed first," Chris said, "Congrats ladies!"

"Yes!" Nancy cheered, high-fiving Willow.

Next up is Aphrodite and Selena. Jaycee paused and turned around.

"I'm going back for my brother!" Jaycee said.

"Oh come on!" Selena shouted.

Passing next is Terry, who is then followed by Debbie. Terry hides behind Willow

"Boyfriend!" Debbie shouted, "Why are you running away from me?"

Next to passing is Forrest and Leon, who join up with Aphrodite and Selena.

"Why is Jaycee running back?" Logan asked.

"Her brother," Selena said.

"Really?" Forrest said, "Raquela and Bruce are right there!"

Raquela and Bruce cross the finish line next.

"Now New Team Victory needs Mikeal in order to win!" Chris said.

Max is running towards the finish line and stops. "Guys, I forgot to do my 500 jumping jacks!" He then proceeds to do his jumping jacks.

"Come on, dude," Leon said, "Just cross already!"

On the beach, Jaycee grabs her still asleep brother, and sees that Kenny is still injured. So she grabs him as well, but struggles.

Back to the finish line, Jaycee, who is carrying Mikeal and dragging Kenny by a rope, finally crosses the line first.

"And with that, New Team Victory wins!" Chris said. Raquela, Bruce, Willow, Nancy, Debbie and Terry all cheer, and it caused Mikeal to wake up.

"Huh," Mikeal questioned, "What happened?"

"Team Super People," Chris said, "Get ready!"

A hour went by and Team Super People are all sitting in front of the bonfire, with Chris standing in front of them.

"So," Chris said, "There's a couple of announcements today. The renovations for the island is officially done so we can start our actual challenges tomorrow! Two, the winning team will be watching one of their fellow competitors be eliminated, where they will be laughed at, while sitting in the peanut gallery."

The seen shows New Team Victory all sitting in the Peanut gallery, with the girls sitting on the top row and the guys sitting on the bottom row.

"Good luck being booted, Jaycee!" Nancy said.

"Really?" Terry said, "I really think Kenny can go."

"I'm placing my money on Aphrodite," Bruce said.

"And unlike last season with the marshmallows," Chris said, "We're giving out McLean-brand chocolate bars!"

"Ew," Max said with a disgusted face, "That's pretty gross!"

"It's okay, Max," Chris said, "Now lets give out the first four bars to the people that didn't receive any votes, Selena, Kenny, Leon and Forrest! You're all safe tonight!"

Selena, Kenny, Leon and Forrest all cheered as they received their chocolate bars.

"And we're down to only Jaycee, Max and Aphrodite," Chris said, "And it's a close vote, with 2-2-3. Aphrodite, you're on the chopping block for being rude to Max, Jaycee's on the chopping block for causing the other time to win and Max, you're on the chopping block because you're annoying."

"I'm just trying to lose some weight," Max said.

"And the person that is going home... is... Max! Too bad, because the girls actually are the ones that voted for you!" Chris said.

"And I didn't see that coming," Max said, "Oh well, this game was far to intense, so I'm not planning a forced return. No weight lose journey is worth this!"

"Oh yeah," Chris said, "No one's returning this season... at all! Once you're gone, you're gone!"

"So... what's the elimination method this year?" Max asked.

"Trust me," Chris said sinisterly, "You'll enjoy it.

On the Dock of Shame, Team Super People are all standing in front of the red curtain.

"Pull the curtain, Chef!" Chris said.

"You got it!" Chef said, he pulls the curtain down and reveals a giant garbage can next to the dock, with garbage in it.

"Because of renovations, and that the flush of shame was awesome so welcome to the Garbage Shute of Shame!" Chris said, "We reconnected the system to an island I bought, called "Garbage Island"! Where the eliminated player will stay till the remainder of the game. So this season, we're throwing you out with your luggage! Also, it smells... so good luck."

"Wait," Max said. Chris then grabs his shirt and throws him in the Garbage Shute of Shame.

"Any last words," Chris said, "Before we throw you out?"

"Yeah," Max said, "Good luck team dude! I hop-"

Max is then interrupted when Chris presses the button, where Max and the garbage was sucked into the trash can. The competitors all look into the shute to see nothing but a giant cleaned metal funnel, then Chef threw a garbage bag in there to cover the hole.

"And that's what happens to the eliminatee this season," Chris said.

New Team Victory then appears on the dock, angry with their luggage.

"Chris," Raquela said, "Where are we sleeping?"

"Well," Chris said, "This is a summer camp, so you better find a place for sleeping tonight! Oh, I forgot to mention, there's confessionals here, so you're allowed to do a video log at the end of the day so let our viewers know how it is like to live on the new Camp McLean!"

"This suck," Willow said.

"You bet, Willow!" Chris said, he turns away from the competitors and turns to the camera, "Next time, we'll show these guys how it is like to be on a new island and who's gonna be thrown out like Max? Find out next time on Total Drama, The Newcomer Season!"


Aphrodite: "Ugh, the team I'm placed on loses and I was in the bottom three! I really need to step up my A-Game if I really want to win. Lets hope these boys don't try anything stupid, because that's what they are."

Selena: "First chocolate bar of the season! So great! I got this game in the bag... and if I don't... then I'll cry!"

Jaycee: "I didn't get that much camera time today! And I was almost voted off because I was a good sister. Gotta be careful for the rest of the season, so I'm not boot third or fourth. Kinda hoping for like seventh or eighth."

Leon: "Watch out, Total Drama losers, this guy has the game under his fingernails, and the first time I'm going to care out are the people on my team."

Forrest: (singing) "Yo yo yo, wat up my people! Forrest in da lead, huh huh huh, Forrest gonna win, huh huh huh."

Kenny: "Wasn't able to use my good guns for today's challenge. But I'll ensure my fans that I'll win it for you all! Gotta love my team, though Max is gone. But I got this."

Bruce: "Lets hope these guys have fun, because I enjoy being a troublemaker and when I cause trouble, it'll be horrible."

Debbie: "Day one on Total Drama and already have a boyfriend! Oh this is going to be a wonderful season!"

Terry: "Day one on Total Drama and I'm already being chased around by a psychopath. Ugh, I can't take this anymore!"

Mikeal: "Yes, I have narcolepsy, it's doesn't happen frequently but it's not also bad." Mikeal then gasps and eventually falls asleep.

Willow: "I don't like my team."

Nancy: "Nancy is a strong woman and she'll be the one standing above everyone else with the money in hand!"

Raquela: "Too bad everyone is having fun with their friends and whatever, but this season is going to be mine, and no one is going to stop me."

Two: Total Drama Teamwork!

The chapter opens up with Chris McLean, standing on the dock, right next to the Garbage Shute of Shame. "Previously on Total Drama, the Newcomer Season. We introduced 14 competitors to the show and forced them into two teams, New Team Victory which include Bruce, Debbie, Mikeal, Nancy, Raquela, Terry and Willow, and Team Super People, which include Aphrodite, Forrest, Jaycee, Kenny, Leon, Max and Selena. However that team lost their first challenge and because of Max being so nice to the guys and not his female teammates, they voted him off first! Too bad, I was actually liking him. Which team is going to win? Who's going to lose and who's going to be tossed to the curb at the elimination? Find out on Total Drama... The Newcomer Season!"

It's 10 in the morning and the competitors are awake and alert. Team Super People are all together walking to the main lodge, where Chris had advise them to meet. As the guys sat on one side, the girls sat on the other, but glared at them.

"Come on," Kenny said, "Max was the one that was bugging us about team dude, we just really didn't care what he said and went along with it."

"Oh please," Aphrodite said, "That's what every guy said."

"Come on," Selena said, "I'm sure it's not a big deal. Plus, we have to trust our team in order to win."

"That's what I call teamwork!" Forrest shouted.

New Team Victory walked in next, looking down at the team of six. Willow, Mikeal and Debbie all sat on one side while Bruce, Terry, Raquela and Nancy sat at the other side.

"So boyfriend," Debbie said, "Now that we're in a relationship, we can totally work on our future plans together."

"For the last time," Terry said, "I'm not you-"

Bruce went to go whisper in Terry's ear, "Dude, take it easy. It's only day two, just make her believe."

Terry looks back at Debbie and starts crying, "I'm your boyfriend."

"Pathetic," Raquela said, "I hate this team."

"Nancy doesn't like your attitude," Nancy said.

"Yeah," Willow commented, "You really need to go."

"Maybe we should kick her off," Mikeal said.

"Good idea," Willow said, "All in favor of kicking Raquela off the team, say "I"."

"I!" Bruce, Mikeal, Debbie, Terry and Nancy said.

"Good-bye," Willow said.

"Fine," Raquela said, "I don't need you guys." She stood up and walked over to Team Super People's table and sat with the girls. Forrest noticed Raquela and dazes in love at her.

"Why are you here?" Leon asked.

"They kicked me off and now I'm with you guys," Raquela said.

"Ha!" Selena shouted to New Team Victory, "Who's the team of six, now?"

"They aren't," Chris said, walking in.

"We," Willow said, "As a team decided that Raquela is no longer on our team."

"Okay," Chris said, "But Team Super People is also getting rid of their own... Forrest go join New Team Victory!"

"No!" Forrest shouted.

"It's only fair," Chris said, "Plus I'll give you immunity if your team likes you."

Forrest stood up, frowns and walks over to the other table. He sits next to Willow, only to look at Raquela.

"Welcome to day two of Total Drama, The Newcomer Season!" Chris excitedly announced.

"Yay!" Debbie cheered, but no one else did.

"Now that renovations are done, we can finally start this season up," Chris said.

"Why did you renovate the island?" Kenny asked.

"So we can add some mad skill courses to the island for future challenges. But you won't find out until the next episode," Chris explained.

"So what are we doing today?" Raquela asked.

"Simple," Chris said, "As part of being in a summer camp, it's your duty to build your own shelter. So today, you and your team will be building your cabins!"

"That doesn't sound so hard," Bruce said.

"Oh really?" Chris said, "You're going to like this part, you are going to find your own supplies and build it. And hopefully it can stay up. The team with the best judged cabin wins. The losing team will be sending someone home."

"And who are our judges," Jaycee asked.

"We have picked Veterans from our previous seasons, so say hello to your three judges, Heather, Courtney and Lindsay!" The three girls walked in the lodge, only to be applauded by Debbie.

"I want to be impress," Courtney said.

"And there has to be a lot of color and stuff," Lindsay said.

"Don't bore me," Heather said.

"And let the challenge begin!" Chris said, the competitors ran off, but they all ran over Heather, Courtney and Lindsay. "This is going to be one awesome season."

The thirteen competitors all arrive where the cabins were once located. They looked around to see nothing but trees and small rocks.

"Guys!" Kenny said, "But I was going threw training to become a spa, we have to build things out of anything. So, I think we should look around to see what we can build."

"How about we cut down some trees?" Raquela suggested.

"How?" Selena asked.

"Does anyone remember the craft services?" Raquela said, "There's tons of chainsaws in there. Just take some and build us some shelter. We have to use what we can find."

"True," Kenny said, "Raquela, Selena and Aphrodite, go get some chainsaws. Jaycee, Leon and I will set up for the cabin."

"Deal!" Selena and Raquela said, before walking off with Aphrodite.

Over by New Team Victory, the members aren't getting along.

"Okay," Nancy said, "Lets build our team cabin out of stone. It's stronger and safe."

"But we need stone to build it and I'm sure there's no stone on the island," Willow responded.

"How about we just reuse wood from the cabins?" Forrest said, "I saw a whole pile of them over by the river."

"And you didn't tell us this yesterday because?" Bruce asked.

"No one asked," Forrest said, "Plus, we can totally use it and build some shelter."

"Good idea," Willow said, "Terry, Debbie, Forrest and Bruce, go grab all the wood."

"Yay," Debbie shouted, "Boyfriend and I can finally work together!"

"Oh god," Terry said.

"While Nancy, Mikeal and I will find nails and hammers to build it," Willow said.

"Don't worry," Mikeal said, "I'm right on it-" Mikeal eventually freezes in pain and falls right to sleep, standing up, causing the look of confusing to his teammates.

"Or we can use him as a hammer," Willow said.

"That's mean," Nancy said, "I like it."

"Alright," Willow said, "Lets go!"

Willow CONFESSIONAL: "Because of me being the only member on New Team Victory have common sense, it's my duty to be team captain. Hopefully things go well so I'm not boot first from here."

Meanwhile, in the craft services, Raquela, Selena and Aphrodite have found their chainsaws and now walking back with them.

"So now that there's four girls and two guys on our team," Aphrodite said, "I think it's safe to form a girls alliance, to make sure we don't get the boot."

"Maybe these boys can be a valuable asset to us," Raquela said.

"What makes you think that?" Aphrodite asked.

"Because men are usually stronger than women," Raquela explained, "But are dumb as rocks. And since I'm pretty, I'll use that as my advantage."

"So you're going to take advantage of Kenny and Leon?" Selena asked.

"And every other guy on the show. Did you see the way Forrest was looking at me? He's going to be my pet for the show. And when I don't need him anymore, I'll throw him out like you guys did with Max."

"I like your idea," Aphrodite said.

"Good," Raquela said, "But if you tell anyone of my idea, I'll throw you out to." Raquela walked away from Selena and Aphrodite, who are shocked from Raquela's statement.

Over in the forest, Forrest, Debbie, Terry and Bruce found the remains of the cabins.

"Alright guys," Forrest said, "Lets grab these pieces and bring them back."

Forrest CONFESSIONAL: "Now that I'm on a new team, I have to make sure that these guys like me. Hopefully they will because I don't want to go home at 13th. Kick it to about 7th or 6th I'm good but not now. Gotta use the 'stragitistical' side of my brain."

"Boyfriend," Debbie said, walking over to Terry who have several pieces of wood in his arms, "You're so strong. Man, if you weren't carrying those pieces of wood, I will kiss yah!"

"Can you leave me alone!" Terry explained.

"Sorry," Debbie said, "But as your girlfriend, it's mah duty to make sure that boyfriend is 100% okay!"

Terry CONFESSIONAL: "This chick is insane! All night she didn't leave me alone because she didn't want the bears to attack me. At this point, I wish a group of bears maul me."

As Debbie, who is carrying nothing, follows Terry away from the woods, Forrest looks over to Bruce who has a wagon full of wood.

"Bro," Forrest said, "Where'd you get that wagon?"

"Crafts," Bruce said.

"And why do I smell gasoline?"

"Because I doused the rest with gas and it'll be on fire in 3...2..." the wood piles are on fire, "...1, now the other team won't find the wood." The two laughed, before one tree set on fire, causing Forrest and Bruce to awkwardly walk away.

When Bruce and Forrest arrived back, they noticed that a giant red curtain is surrounding the area where Team Super People are located. They walk back to their team.

"So why do they have a giant curtain?" Bruce asked.

"And where did they find it?" Forrest asked.

"They wanted to keep their building private," Nancy said.

"And they asked Chris," Willow said.

"Did you guys get the hammer and nails?" Bruce asked.

"We got a ton full of nails," Nancy said.

"And Mikeal's stiff as a rock so we have a hammer," Willow said.

"But we have a rock right here," Terry said, holding up a rock.

"Ruining the fun for us," Willow said, "Now let's build!"

A hour went by and the competitors are building their cabins. There's no sight of what's behind the curtain for Team Super People, but sounds of chainsaws and hammering is coming from there.

Meanwhile on the other side, New Team Victory is building their cabin, but their cabin is a replica of the old cabin.

Willow and Bruce are on the top of the cabin hammering down the roof, while Nancy and Forrest are inside hammering the cabin, and Terry is hammering the side while Debbie is admiring him.

"Oh you're such a perfect boyfriend!" Debbie says.

"Can you at least help me?" Terry asked.

"Sure!" Debbie said, she goes to take the hammer away from Terry, but when she goes to hammer the wall, the hammer slips out of her hand and hits Mikeal in the head, waking him up.

"Oh my god," Mikeal said, "I slept through another challenge! Don't worry, I'll be there!" He runs over to Terry and Debbie.

"Hey!" Debbie shouted to Mikeal, who then blocks him Terry, "Get you're own boyfriend!"

"My own what?" Mikeal asked. Debbie then growled at him, who eventually scared him.

Mikeal CONFESSIONAL: "That girl is scary. And also, if I wanted my own boyfriend, I would probably want someone that isn't Terry so you can keep him..." Mikeal awkwardly stares at the camera.

It's dawn and the thirteen competitors are lined up in front of Chris, Chef, Courtney, Lindsay and Heather.

"Alright guys," Chris said, "Time to judge! New Team Victory, you're up!"

Heather, Courtney and Lindsay all went inside New Team Victory's cabin, when walking up the steps, Lindsay fell through, making Heather and Courtney unimpressed. When the two walked inside, they saw several floorboards sticking up and nails popping out all over.

They soon quickly walked out and nod their heads at Chris.

"So... any points?" Chris asked.

"No," both Courtney and Heather said.

"I'd give them two points!" Lindsay shouted, who was right behind them.

"Alright, that's 10 for New Team Victory," Chris said, "Time for Team Super People to show us what they got!"

Kenny and Leon pull down the red curtain and revealed that they made a replica of the McLean-Spa Hotel.

"How did you guys do that?" Chris asked, who is also amazed.

"We looked around the island," Jaycee said.

"Found a lot of items like hot tubs, lights, carpets," Leon said.

"Vacuums, and bed!" Kenny said.

"It smells just like the hotel from last season," Heather said, who is impress.

"It does!" Courtney said, "10 points!"

"10 points!" Heather said.

"10 points!" Lindsay shouted.

"Good," Chris said, "Now, remember when I said to make sure to keep your towers up?"

"You don't mean..." Raquela said.

"That's right," Chris said, "You'll now be taking down your opponents cabins! First team to destory the other wins! Since the judges agreed that Team Super People won, they get sledgehammers!"

Chef walks by and hands Aphrodite, Raquela, Selena, Jaycee, Kenny and Leon sledgehammers, who then all glared at the opposing team.

"What about us?" Heather asked.

"That's pretty much it," Chris said, "See ya!" Heather, Courtney and Lindsay walked away from Chris and the other competitors.

"You'll never take us down!" Debbie shouted, who's standing on top of her team's cabin. She throws a piece of wood but hits Nancy in the head.

"Ugh," Nancy said in anger, "You're going down!"

"Sorry!" Debbie said.

"Debbie, Mikeal," Willow said, "Guard our cabin. We're going in! Charge!"

Soon, Willow, Terry, Nancy, Bruce and Forrest all ran towards the other cabin, but stopped in front of Team Super People due to their sledgehammers.

"Selena, Aphrodite," Raquela said, "Guard our castle, we're going to take these people down."

Raquela, Jaycee, Kenny and Leon all ran towards New Team Victory with their sledgehammers.

"You're not really going to hit us with those, are you?" Terry asked.

"Maybe," Raquela said.

She ran towards Terry and pushes him out of the way. Debbie saw this happening.

"Don't... touch... my... boyfriend!" Debbie shouted in anger, she ran quickly away from her cabin and attack Raquela, kicking Leon and Jaycee, and then grabbing Kenny and throwing him into her cabin. She quickly runs to Terry. "Oh boyfriend!" she cried out, "Is the love of my life alright?"

"Dude," Terry said, "That was pretty awesome, thanks."

"You thought that was awesome?" Debbie asked, "Oh come here you!" She then jumps on Terry's body and starts kissing and licking his face.

"That's one ugly kiss from our first couple," Willow said. Mikeal comes running and screaming and hides behind Willow. "What's going on?" she asked him.

Mikeal points to Raquela, who's staring down Mikeal and Willow, while Leon and Kenny completely destroyed New Team Victory's cabin.

"And we have our winner," Chris said, "Team Super People!"

Team Super People all cheered, while Willow, Nancy, Bruce, Forrest were all disappointed and Debbie is still kissing Terry.

"Awe," Mikeal said, "It's okay guys, we can-" Mikeal accidentally kicked a rock into Team Super People's cabin, and the entire building set on fire.

"Awe man," Leon said, "Well, at least nobody is in there." Selena and Aphrodite then ran out of the building, screaming.

"How did Mikeal set a cabin on fire with a rock?" Nancy asked.

"I dunno but that's awesome," Willow said.

"Okay," Chris said, "So tonight, the winning team will be sleeping in the main lodge. Losing team will sleep outside. But, guys, you'll be deciding who's going home tonight, meet you in a hour."

New Team Victory is walking towards the elimination ceremony. Forrest, Bruce and Debbie quickly walk pass Mikeal, glaring at him. Willow and Nancy comes up to him.

"Don't worry," Willow said, "You're not going home tonight."

"Thanks," he said.

"We're voting Debbie," Nancy said, "She's going down."

At the elimination ceremony, New Team Victory all sat in front of Chris, while Team Super People sat in the Peanut Gallery.

"New Team Victory," Chris said, "You all casted your voted and it's a close one. It's four votes to three votes. So here's the following people that will be receiving chocolate bars, Forrest, Willow, Nancy, Bruce and Terry." Chef handed the five members their chocolate bars.

Jaycee looked worried for her brother.

"And since I love drama," Chris said, "Let's read out the votes, shall we? Debbie voted for Mikeal, Mikeal voted for Debbie, Bruce voted for Mikeal, Nancy voted for Debbie, Forrest voted for Mikeal and Willow voted for Debbie... and Terry voted for the 'psychopath that keeps kissing him,' so with that, Debbie is out!"

"What?" Debbie said, who's also surprised. Chef hands Mikeal his chocolate bar, and Jaycee cheers Mikeal on, but her teammates stared at her and she sits down, shamefully.

"Oh yeah," Chris said, "Because we love the idea of the invincibility statue, there's one on either garbage island, boney island or this island. Find it and you're safe, but there's only one!"

The competitors are shocked to hear the news, however, the competitors all glared at each other.

"Now it's time to throw Debbie out," Chris said.

At the dock of shame, Debbie is in the Garbage Shute of Shame, while Chris and the rest of New Team Victory watched.

"Oh boyfriend," Debbie said, "It's sad to go this early. I was having so much fun and it's heartbreaking to go early. And Boyfriend, I love you!"

"Oh god," Terry said, annoyed.

"So Debbie," Chris said, "How about you go have some fun on Garbage island?"

"Oh mah," Debbie said happily, "Sounds excit-" Chris presses the button and Debbie and the garbage were sucked into the shute. The remaining members all looked into the shute to see it clean.

"Debbie's gone, and 12 remain!" Chris said, "Find out what happens here on Total Drama The Newcomer Season!"


Aphrodite: "What am I suppose to say? We can't keep doing this every episode."

Jaycee: "My brother was close to elimination, and I can't make sure that happens again... is my nose shiny?"

Raquela: "Two wins in a row, told you I was a strong member."

Selena: "First win and more to come. Watch out Total Drama, this spoiled Princess is gonna win."

Leon: "Team dude is no more, but if these girls love us men, then us men can take them down."

Kenny: "It sucks that all my gadgets are gone... maybe I shouldn't have put all my stuff in the cabin. Now what am I going to do?"

Mikeal: "I was almost voted off... I need to-" Mikeal then freezes in pain and falls asleep.

Willow: "First lost and I'm not happy about it... come to think of it, I wasn't happy when we win... because I can't be happy."

Nancy: "When I say to fat girl she was going down, she went down. Watch out Total Drama losers."

Forrest: "I think my team likes me, bro."

Bruce: "I don't like anyone on my team, especially that white trash wannabe rapper."

Terry: "Debbie is gone! Yes! So long you psycho! Now this guy can get his groove on!"

Three: Chocolate Madness

The chapter opens up with Chris McLean, standing on the dock of shame, with a drink in his hand. "Previously on Total Drama The Newcomer season, after their first day on the show, we've noticed that there's a lot of drama going on so far! And a surprising team swap send Raquela to Team Super People and Forrest to New Team Victory. And because of Debbie's psychotic affections for Terry, she was sent to the can. What team will become chocolate warlords? And which team will toss their teammate? Find out on Total Drama The Newcomer Season!"

It 6 AM on day four on the island for the competitors, and New Team Victory has set up tents with a fire in between them. Inside one tent is Willow and Nancy. Nancy is doing sit up while Willow is trying to sleep.

"35...36," Nancy counted, while doing her sit-ups.

"I'm trying to sleep," Willow said, "I know we're the only two girls left on the team but this chick needs her sleep."

"And being only girls on team will make us more of a target," Nancy said, "And I need to pump myself up so Nancy can be tougher."

Nancy CONFESSIONAL: "It's hard to work out, especially if Willow is next to Nancy. I wonder how the guys are doing."

In the guys tent, Forrest, Bruce and Terry are all glaring at Mikeal.

"I can't believe you didn't vote for him," Bruce said, "He would of been a goner."

"Debbie was more annoying than he is," Terry said, "There's nothing wrong with that."

"But thanks to you bro," Forrest said, "This wizzal team is going to flush-a."

"That doesn't make sense," Terry said, "Plus this groovy train don't need Debbie. We're going to win."

Mikeal CONFESSIONAL: "So the guys on my team hate me. It's all good! Hopefully I can survive to like 10th or 9th place, but I don't want to be eliminated and be on garbage island with Debbie and Max. Maybe I should make an alliance... and that's it for my confessional... gotta pee."

Mikeal walks out of his tent and goes over to the girls tent. He peeks to see Nancy continuing to do sit up and Willow trying to sleep. Mikeal then grabs Willow's feet and pulls her out of her tent.

"What are you doing?" Willow asked.

"I need help," Mikeal said, "And judging from Nancy and the others, we're screwed."

"No kidding," Willow said, "Wanna start an alliance?"

"I was going to ask you that!" Mikeal surprisingly whispered, "But sure."

"Good," Willow said, "That way we can both be victorious."

"But who's going to be our first target?" Mikeal asked.

"How about a boy?" Willow said, "I have my eye on Bruce and Forrest, I don't trust them."

"Then it's settled," Mikeal said.

Willow CONFESSIONAL: "I'm not joining an alliance just to be friends with Mikeal, just to save my butt from elimination and go to the final two."

Inside the main lodge, Team Super People have taken out one table and added six small beds. In order as they sleep, Aphrodite, Leon, Kenny, Jaycee, Selena and Raquela. Once they started to wake up, Aphrodite started to glare at Leon and Kenny, who move their beds away from her.

Kenny accidentally bumps into Jaycee.

"Oh I'm sorry," Kenny said nervously.

"It's okay," Jaycee said, who has her face mask on.

"Ugh," Raquela said, "Lame."

"I don't think that's lame," Selena said, "It's better than Debbie and Terry."

"I'd rather have Debbie back than Terry," Aphrodite said.

"But Terry wasn't even suppose to go home last night," Selena said.

"I would rather have Mikeal go home," Aphrodite said.

"Hey!" Jaycee said with anger, "That's my brother!"

"He is?" Aphrodite said surprised.

"Uh yeah, I told you," Jaycee said. She walked out in her pajamas.

Jaycee CONFESSIONAL: "Being on the show is great! Especially since I can get some camera time! But being on the show with my brother sucks, especially since Mikeal is pretty stupid and slow, but I have to stand up for him, even if no one like him. I hope he's okay."

Mikeal CONFESSIONAL: Mikeal is sitting and peeing, reading a magazine. Chris uses the speaker to speak. "Guys, meet me in the main lodge in ten, and Mikeal, the camera's on." He looks up at the camera and hides his face in the magazine in shame.

The teams are standing with each other in the main lodge, while Chris is standing in between them.

"Welcome to day four of Total Drama, folks!" Chris said, "And since yesterday you did do anything but be lazy, I decided to do a fun challenge involving everyone's favorite food, chocolate!"

"But chocolate is bad for your pours," Jaycee said.

"Too bad," Chris said, "Now, Team Super people, please follow me. New Team Victory, please follow Chef."

"Why?" Terry asked.

"Because you'll be setting up for today's challenge," Chris said.

"But what about-" Bruce said.

"Lets go!" Chef said, poking Bruce and Forrest with a stick, forcing them all to leave.

The scene switches over to a new area of the island. There's a wooden bridge with a chocolate lake underneath it.

Chris brings Team Super People with him on one side, while Chef brings New Team Victory with him on the other side.

"Welcome to the chocolate stage!" Chris said, "This is one new add-on from our renovations on this island! Now that we have your attention, this is your challenge for today. You guys are going into war today! What will you guys be doing? First, one competitor from each team will face off and try to ram the other off the bridge into chocolate lake. Once you do that, you must try to stay on the other side. The first team to have all of it's members on the other side wins. Or the first team to eliminate all members of the opposing team, wins too."

"And what are we battling with?" Terry asked.

"Glad you ask, Debbie's boyfriend," Chris said, "Here's what you're battling with." Chris and Chef hands the competitors large red sticks with giant chocolate gumdrops on each end. "Here's your chocolate thingys, with fudge in the inside."

"Ah sweet," Terry said, "This is so groovy!"

"People stopped saying 'groovy' in the 70's," Nancy said.

"Why is every female on the show evil?" Terry asked out loud.

"There was Debbie," Willow said.

"She was a psychopath," Terry said, "Glad she's gone."

"And your challenge begins... now!" Chris shouted, as he ran off grid.

The teams huddle with each other.

Team Super People are huddling.

"So," Aphrodite said, "I'm first."

"I don't mind going next," Jaycee said.

"I'll go third," Kenny said.

"Then me," Selena said.

"Sure," Raquela said.

"And I'll go last," Leon said.

Over by New Team Victory.

"As I'm strong, I'll go first," Bruce said.

"I'll go second," Mikeal said.

"Give it a try," Forrest said.

"Nancy is one powerful woman," Nancy said.

"I'll go fifth," Willow said.

"That leaves the disco man!" Terry said.

"God," Willow said, "You're so lame without Debbie."

Aphrodite stands at the beginning of the bridge, while Bruce stares her down at the other side. They both glare at each other and prepare to fight. They soon start running at one another, but as Bruce goes to hit Aphrodite, she swings at his stomach and pushes him off the bridge, landing in the chocolate. Aphrodite reaches the other side.

"Yes!" Aphrodite cheered. Willow then went towards her and hits her off the cliff, having her land in the chocolate. "Hey! That's not fair!"

"Hey," Chris said, "It's not like nothing happens when your reach the other side. Good luck!"

"Well," Jaycee said, "Once I reach the other side, gotta fight off the other team."

Jaycee stands on one side of the bridge, and realizes she's going against Mikeal. They both looked worried at one another but ran towards each other with the gumdrop in front of them. With out looking, they both hit each other at the same time, knocking one another off the bridge.

"I can see why they're brother and sister," Leon said.

"That's a really stupid comment," Selena said. "I'm next!"

Selena went up to the bridge to see who see's facing, and it's Forrest. They both lock glares and start running towards each other. Forrest was able to swing and hit Selena's face, causing her to fall into the chocolate lake.

"Oh come on!" Selena shouted.

Forrest runs to the other side and prepares battle with Leon, Kenny and Raquela. The three all looked at one another and all hit Forrest at the same time, causing him to fall into the chocolate lake.

"And so far, the score is zero vs zero," Chris said, "Come on you guys, win already!"

"Don't worry, Chris," Kenny said, "I'm gonna win this time."

Kenny steps up to the bridge, only to figure out that he's facing Nancy.

"And I'm not going to win," Kenny said.

"You're going down little boy," Nancy said.

"We're so going to win," Willow said to Terry.

"Oh yeah," Terry said, confidently.

"Don't worry," Raquela said to Kenny.

"If she comes here," Leon said, "We'll swing her off like Forrest."

Kenny and Nancy stare down at each other. Nancy is prepared to attack while Kenny is scared for his life. They both go running at each other and Nancy goes to hit Kenny, but Kenny dodges and throws his chocolate gumdrop stick at Nancy, causing her to fall off the bridge and into the chocolate lake. Kenny safely runs to the other side, only for Willow to grab the stick he once thrown and use both gumdrop sticks to hit Kenny into chocolate lake.

"Oh my," Chris said, "Willow has two sticks. And it's still zero all. Now, we have rivals Raquela and Willow facing one another."

Raquela takes a step up to the bridge, while Willow does the same. As Raquela prepares for attack, Willow, with her two sticks, professionally twirls both sticks at the same time and then prepares attack.

Raquela CONFESSIONAL: "You know what? I still have my pride and I'm going to win this!"

Raquela looks at Willow, drops her stick and jumps into chocolate lake. Once landing in the lake, she is stared down by her teammates.

"And it's now Leon against Willow and Terry," Chris said, "Will Leon win for his team? Or will Willow destroy Leon?"

"I'm pretty sure I got this," Willow said.

Leon and Willow step up to the bridge, preparing for attack. As they glare at each other, they run in. As Willow goes to attack Leon, Leon is able to jump on the rope and hit Willow over her head, causing her to go through the bridge, landing in the chocolate lake.

The other competitors are surprised to see Leon's stunt. And leaving Terry speechless.

Leon stands on the bridge, with his chocolate gumdrop stick, and sinisterly glares at Terry, who's afraid of Leon.

"You know what?" Terry said, "I had to go through Debbie, being tortured by that psychotic beast and yet, I haven't been able to show off my moves. Play the disco music." Chris then plays classic disco music.

Soon, the screen shows Terry's foot stepping to the beat, then his arms going with the beat. And soon, Terry starts disco dancing with the stick, with determination on his face. Terry shouts and sings "Staying alive, staying alive, huh huh huh huh, Staying alive!" As Terry goes onto the bridge, Leon starts stepping back, but stops when the hole in the bridge is right behind him.

Terry goes to attack Leon, but Leon blocks his attack, but Terry pushes Leon back more. Terry continues to sing, "We are going no where, somebody help Leon."

Terry is able to push Leon off his feet and onto the bridge, with his stick falling into chocolate lake. Terry stares down at Leon with an evil look on his face and walks closer to Leon, ready to attack.

Suddenly, Terry falls through the hole in the bridge, landing in chocolate lake, leaving Leon on the bridge. Leon gets up, jumps over the hole and runs to the other side, winning the challenge.

"And with one-zero, Team Super People win... again!" Chris said. Leon cheers on land, while Jaycee, Kenny, Aphrodite, Raquela and Selena cheer from the lake.

Meanwhile, Willow, Nancy, Forrest, Bruce and Mikeal all stare at Terry, who's ashamed of himself.

"New Team Victory," Chris said, "It's time to vote someone out. Team Super People, clean up, as for the rest of you, don't wash up because losers wait. Now, after they're done, meet me in the elimination at 10 PM... sharp!"

Terry CONFESSIONAL: "That possibly was the biggest fail ever! But I stuck it out and I'm sure my team isn't going to vote me off. I mean Bruce fell first, Mikeal eliminated himself, so I'm sure one of them are going."

Bruce CONFESSIONAL: "Yeah, I'm placing the blame on Terry."

Mikeal CONFESSIONAL: "Who else to blame it on? Plus that was a fail, and I'm stupid to know what failing is..."

Terry CONFESSIONAL: "Plus I'm sure they don't want me to be on garbage island with Debbie, I'm sure they have a heart."

Nancy CONFESSIONAL: "I care about winning."

Forrest CONFESSIONAL: "At least he'll get some exorcizing."

Terry CONFESSIONAL: "And I'm sure Willow will back me up on this."

Willow CONFESSIONAL: "Yeah, no I won't."

It's elimination time, and New Team Victory, who are still covered in chocolate, are all in front of the bonfire. Team Super People all watch from the Peanut Gallery section, all cleaned and staring at the other team.

"The votes are casted," Chris said, "And unlike the other two elimination, this was a landslide of five votes to one vote. And the chocolate bars go to Willow, Forrest, Mikeal, Nancy!" Chef hands them their chocolate bars.

"And we're down to the bottom two," Chris said, "Bruce and Terry. Bruce, you're on the chopping block for being first off and Terry voting for you. And Terry, you're up because you failed miserably and receiving a lot of votes tonight."

"What?" Terry shouted, shocked by what Chris has told him.

"And Bruce receives the last chocolate bar of the night!" Chris said, as Chef hands Bruce his chocolate bar, "And now it's time for Terry to go to garbage island!"

"No," Terry shouted, "I can't go! Debbie is on there!" Terry stands up quickly and runs screaming in terror, as Chef chases him.

"Now," Chris said to the remaining eleven competitors, "I have an announcement to make. I know sleeping arraignments have been off lately, so since you guys were competing, we brought in trailers!"

The remaining eleven competitors all cheered in excitement in the news they have received.

"That's right!" Chris said, "One side for the girls, and one side for the boys!" Chef walks back, while holding Terry who's in a trash bag. "Now that Chef has Terry, it's time to bring him to the curb!"

On the dock of shame, Willow, Mikeal, Nancy, Forrest and Bruce all watch Terry, who's in the Garbage Shute of Shame with a lot of trash.

"This smells so bad!" Terry shouted.

"And any last-" Chris said.

Soon, Debbie comes in on a hang-glider, screaming. She hits the remaining members of New Team Victory.

"Chris!" Debbie said, "You wouldn't believe all the stuff I did to come back! I missed Terry so much, I had to come back! So I made a glider and flew but I got lost in the woods on boney island for two days, and I had to survive a night there and I had to eat a monkey. But I was able to climb up a mountain there and glide all the way here, just to see mah boyfriend."

Terry and Chris are shocked to see Debbie back on the island.

"Chris!" Terry shouted, "Press the button!"

"Boyfriend!" Debbie said, "You've been eliminated!" Debbie then jumps into the Garbage Shute of Shame, and holds Terry. "Now we can be together forever!"

"No!" Terry shouted. Chris presses the button and Terry and Debbie, along with all the trash, were sucked down into the trash can, now going to garbage island.

"Thank goodness that's over," Chris said, relieved.

Over by the trailers, in the guys trailer, Kenny, Leon and Mikeal are all relaxed on their bunks as Bruce and Forrest are amused by how cleaned the trailer is.

"I can enjoy this," Bruce said.

"So can I," Forrest said.

But, over by the girls trailer, they're yelling at one another.

"I need to have my perfect head by the lake, that way my hair can feel the lake breeze," Raquela said.

"That's so stupid," Nancy said.

"I don't know about you guys," Willow said, who's on the top bunk, "But I'm sleeping here."

"Don't bother me," Aphrodite said, who's bunking underneath Willow.

"I'm good here," Jaycee said, who's on the top bunk.

"So am I," Selena said, who's on the bottom bunk, "Good luck fighting!"

"I got top bunk!" Nancy said, pushing Raquela out of her way.

"Hey!" Raquela said, "Fine, at least I have my own bunk to myself."

It's midnight and the competitors are all sleeping. Chris and Chef appears in between them.

"Awe," Chris said to Chef, "They're all sleeping." Chris then sounds his microphone, "This is a test!"

"The competitors all moaned, while Jaycee and Selena started crying.

"I'm going to love the rest of this season," Chris said, "Tune in next time for more Total Drama The Newcomer Season!" Chris then ends the chapter.


Selena: "Trailers! Now I can finally sleep like a princess."

Raquela: "The beds are so comfortable, now my pretty head can rest up without fearing that a bear will eat me!"

Kenny: "So glad the we can finally sleep in trailers... I need my guns back!"

Jaycee: "The girls' trailer has a make-up section! I can finally make myself look more hotter than I am now! Oh god! The chocolate gave me a zit! No!"

Leon: "And no one from my team thanked me for the win... now it's revenge time."

Aphrodite: "Us ladies now have a trailer to ourselves... that's pretty much all I have to say."

Bruce: "Finally! There's a bed that doesn't involve dirt or metal sheets!"

Forrest: "I don't care if I'm eliminated tomorrow, I just had the best rest of my life!"

Nancy: "Nancy is ashamed for losing to loser Kenny. Nancy will overcome and win!"

Willow: "The next you guys wake me up to do a stupid confessional, I'll hunt you down."

Mikeal: "What am I suppose to talk about? The trailers? Oh yeah... they're great!"

Four: I Can't Believe It's NOT Total Drama

The chapter opens with Chris McLean, sitting at the bonfire ceremony. "Previously on Total Drama, The Newcomer Season! The had the teams battle it out over a huge lake of chocolate. However, this challenge proved that Willow is a psycho, Nancy is scary, Mikeal and Jaycee are stupid and Kenny is boring without his guns. But, when one guy Terry stepped up and manned up, he lost the challenge, causing his team to send him out, but Debbie came back, only to leave with her boyfriend. Who's gonna win? Who's gonna get tossed out? Find out when we return on Total Drama, The Newcomer Season!"

The scene opens up in the morning, with Chris McLean standing at the bonfire with the remaining eleven competitors standing and sitting on the logs.

"Welcome to day six, everybody," Chris announced, "Today, we're going to test you guys... in the scary spooky forest!"

"And?" Raquela said.

"And what?" Chris responded.

"What's our challenge," Raquela said.

"It's sending the night in the woods," Chris said, "Pretty much the simplest challenge since... spending the night in the woods. But, when 7 AM tomorrow hits, you must report back here. The first team to have all of their members back wins. The losing team will be tossing a member out. Oh... and here's a surprising twist... the member with the second most amount of votes in the elimination ceremony will be moved to the opposing team."

The competitors gasped in surprise and shock.

Nancy CONFESSIONAL: "If we lose again, it'll be three of us and seven on them. We need to win."

"And," Chris continues, "We're giving each team maps, directing them to your camp site where there are tents and rocks to set your fires. Food, you'll have to find it. And here are your maps."

Chef hands a map to Nancy and Leon.

"Any questions?" Chris asked, to only all the competitors raising their hands. "And go!"

In the forest, New Team Victory are walking, with Nancy reading the map.

"We need to stick together in order for us to win," Bruce said.

"Otherwise it'll be three of us and seven of them," Forrest said.

"So no horse playing," Willow said.

"There's horses in the forest?" Mikeal asked excitedly.

"No," Bruce, Forrest, Nancy and Willow said at once.

"Ugh," Nancy complained, "I can't find where our site is."

"I think we're here already," Mikeal said.

"Why do you say that?" Bruce asked. Mikeal points out to the entire team that they arrive to their camp site.

"Oh," Forrest said.

In the forest as well, Team Super People are walking. Kenny stops suddenly and Jaycee accidentally walks into him.

"Oh," Jaycee said, "I'm sorry."

"It's okay," Kenny said.

"You know," Jaycee said, "I've been too busy being pretty and worried about the game to the point where I don't even know you."

"Really?" Kenny asked, "Well, I'm Kenny."

"I'm Jaycee," Jaycee replied, nervously and blushing.

Jaycee CONFESSIONAL: "I only came to the show so I can get some fame time, but I never really noticed how handsome Kenny is."

Kenny CONFESSIONAL: "Now that my gadgets are done, I have nothing to impress her with... maybe I'll just talk about myself. Do you think she likes me?"

As Jaycee and Kenny stare with lush in each other's eyes, they realized that they were competing and their team is gone.

"Uh," Kenny said, "Where's our team?"

Somewhere in the forest, Leon, Selena, Raquela and Aphrodite are walking with Leon reading the map.

"The map tells us to take a right," Leon said.

"Oh please," Aphrodite said, "When a guy says 'right', it really means 'left.'"

"No," Raquela said, "It says to go right."

"And a spanish chick," Aphrodite said.

"You guys just read it wrong," Selena said, "It says left."

They turn left and see their campsite. The four then cheer in excitement.

"Hey," Aphrodite said, "Where's Kenny and Jaycee?" They all look around, worried.

A couple of hours past and New Team Victory are setting up their campsite.

"I'll go look for food," Bruce said.

"Go for it," Willow said.

"Find some chips!" Nancy threatened.

Bruce goes into the forest and walks around. He goes to a river and sees several fishes huddled in a group.

"Nice!" Bruce said, "Now only to catch them." He goes to make a net out of leaves and branches. He comes back and grabs the fishes, only for the leaves to break apart and the fishes get covered in dirt.

Bruce, upset by this, goes to the fishes and finds the invincibility status. He gasps and grabs the idol.

"Oh my," Bruce said, "I have to hind this." He puts the idol in his shirt and scoops up all the dirty fishes.

Bruce CONFESSIONAL: "So I found the idol and I'm immune in this game. I'm now getting ideas. Maybe if I can convince my team to vote me off, I'll show this bad boy and get someone like Forrest... or Mikeal... or Nancy eliminated. Or go on the opposing team and get one of them eliminated. So many ideas!"

Bruce walks back to the campsite and sees Willow, Mikeal, Forrest and Nancy eating pizza.

Bruce drops the fishes in anger, "Where did you people get pizza?"

"Some intern got lost delivering pizza to Chris," Mikeal said.

"So we beat him up and stole the pizza," Willow said.

"And we're stuffed," Nancy said.

"We didn't know if you'll be coming back so we ate all the pizza," Forrest said.

Bruce CONFESSIONAL: "So I'll be glad to use that statue against anyone on my team."

Over by Team Super People, Selena and Aphrodite are trying to set up the fire while Raquela and Leon are trying to build up the tent.

"Ugh," Selena said, smashing the rocks together, "This isn't working."

"Come on," Aphrodite said, "Use your woman power!"

"My woman powers include whining and being a princess," Selena said, "Not being no amazon."

Aphrodite CONFESSIONAL: "These girls on my team are strong, but they're also very lazy. Whatever, I can make them into powerful beings."

Leon and Raquela finished building the tent, to which they start to cheer.

"Tent's finished," Raquela said.

"Seriously," Leon said, "Where's Jaycee and Kenny?"

Jaycee and Kenny are walking in the middle of the woods, laughing and chatting.

"So that's how you and Mikeal got on the show?" Kenny laughed.

"Yeah," Jaycee smiled, "We auditioned together and we thought we'll never make it that way."

"Neat," Kenny said, he accidentally fell into a lake, "Awe man!"

"Kenny!" Jaycee shouted, "We found the lake! All we need to do is follow the lake to the shore and we'll be on the home bound in the morning!"

"That's actually a great idea!" Kenny said, "But the challenge is to stay the night in the woods."

"Wanna just sleep right here and go to the site in the morning," Jaycee said, "There's also fish here so we can eat."

"Good idea," Kenny said, with a smile on his face.

"Thanks," Jaycee said with excitement.

Team Super People are all laying down in the tent, with Aphrodite glaring at Leon, who's sleeping right to Raquela.

Soon, they start hearing noises outside the tent.

"I'll look at it," Leon said. He goes outside the tent and sees a bear, looking at their fire. Leon quickly goes back into the tent in fear, "There's a bear outside." he whispered.

"There's a-" Raquela shouted, before Aphrodite and Selena covered her mouth.

Leon pops his head out again to look for the bear, but the bear was sniffing his head. Leon then stands up with the tent on his shoulders and runs away screaming in fear, leaving Aphrodite, Selena and Raquela behind.

The bear appears behind Raquela, sniffing her shoulder. Soon, in fear, screams and climbs up the tree, then followed by Selena and Aphrodite.

Afterwards, New Team Victory, who are laying down in their tents, hear screams from a different section of the forest.

"What's going on?" Mikeal quickly asked.

"I think the girls are in trouble," Bruce said.

"Lets go check it out," Forrest said.

"I'm with ya," Nancy said, then with Willow shrugging.

The five soon left their tent and follow to the screaming. Soon, they see Raquela, Selena and Aphrodite, hugging one another on a tree.

"What are you doing up there?" Willow asked.

The girls soon pointed at the bear, who is behind Mikeal and Nancy. The two screamed and climbed the tree, who were then followed by Willow, Forrest and Bruce.

The bear looks at them and walks away.

"I guess someone wet themselves," Nancy said.

"I think we all pretty much wet ourselves," Aphrodite replied.

"So... should we stay in the trees?" Selena asked.

It stars to rain on the eight competitors sitting in the tree, and wild animals are chasing one another from below them.

"I'll take that as a yes," Forrest said.

As it rains, Jaycee and Kenny are cuddling with each other under a rock tent, Leon is panically running with the tent still on him, and Willow, Mikeal, Bruce, Nancy, Forrest, Raquela, Selena and Aphrodite are miserable, still sitting in the tree.

It's 7:00 AM and Chris and Chef are relaxing between the trailers.

"Ah," Chris said, "This sun is awesome."

"Hey," Chef said, "Aren't we forgetting something?"

"Oh yeah," Chris said, "The competitors..." He grabs his microphone and turns the volume up, "It's 7! All report to the trailers! First team back wins!"

Leon, who still has the tent on him and running screaming, arrives back on set. Chef then grabs him and slaps his face.

"I was chased by a bear all night!" Leon shouted.

"Dude," Chef said, "It's our intern, nothing to worry about.

Leon CONFESSIONAL: "I knew it was an intern... just one scary costume."

"That's a point out of six for Team Super People!" Chris said.

In the forest, Jaycee and Kenny hear the news and starts running.

In the trees, Selena wakes up to see Bruce with the idol in his shirt. She glares at him, then shows a frightening face. But soon, Willow, Mikeal, Nancy, Bruce, Forrest all awoke and jump down from the tree in a hurry.

"Come on guys," Nancy said, "Lets go!"

"Oh no you don't," Selena said. Selena, Aphrodite and Raquela all jump down from the trees and chase New Team Victory.

In between the trailers, Jaycee and Kenny are seen running back with one another.

"That's three out of six for Team Super People," Chris said. With Leon high-fiving Jaycee and Kenny.

Soon, New Team Victory come running with one another, but closely being followed by Aphrodite, Selena and Raquela.

"It's neck and neck!" Chris said, "Who's gonna pass?!"

"Run faster you losers," Selena said to Raquela and Aphrodite.

"I got this!" Nancy said.

"Got what?" Mikeal asked.

Nancy then picks up Mikeal and throws him over the finish line.

"That's out for five," Chris said.

"And two soon," Nancy said.

"Two-" Forrest asked, before being picked up by Nancy and being thrown over the finish line.

"Two for five," Chris said.

"There's no way you're throwing me," Bruce said to Nancy.

"Wimp," Nancy said.

But, it wasn't long as Willow, Bruce and Nancy passed first, reconnecting with Mikeal and Forrest.

"And New Team Victory wins today!" Chris said, as Willow, Bruce, Nancy, Mikeal and Forrest all cheered.

"As for Team Super People," Chris said, "You guys are losing two members today."

"Are you kidding me?" Selena shouted in rage.

"But," Chris said, "Because I like you all, just vote for the person you want to send to New Team Victory."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris is standing in front of Team Super People, as Jaycee and Kenny are worried, Leon and Raquela are staring at Raquela and Aphrodite is glaring at Leon.

New Team Victory is sitting in the peanut gallery, with Forrest, Mikeal and Willow sitting in the top row and Bruce and Nancy sitting in the bottom row. They all look over to Team Super People.

"Okay," Chris said, "It's a close vote. And like I said, no one is going home tonight. But one of you is joining New Team Victory after the ceremony. And, the people that are staying on the team are Jaycee, Kenny, Raquela and Aphrodite. And, with a shocking countermeasure, Leon is staying with his team and Selena is joining her new team... right now!"

"Are you kidding me?" Selena said in rage, "I did nothing but help you guys and this is how you repay me?"

"Eh," Leon said, "It can go either way."

"Oh well," Raquela said.

"Ugh," Selena said, she walked over to the peanut gallery and sits next to Bruce.

"Welcome to the team," Bruce said, "Too bad you're going next."

"Oh," Selena said, "I'll enjoy this team while it lasts." She sinisterly looks at Bruce.

"Now," Chris said, "We have all this garbage and no one to get rid of. Such a waste."

"Don't worry," Chef said, "We'll be enjoying the next boot."

"Good idea!" Chris said, "Next time, here on Total Drama The Newcomer Season!"

Selena CONFESSIONAL: "And Bruce is going down."

Bruce CONFESSIONAL: "Too bad, Selena is cute but she'll defiantly be cuter with a ton of garbage."

Five: Prison Break-ing Drama

Chris McLean opens the chapter, by standing on the docks with Chef. "Previous on Total Drama, we had the teams run around in the forest and it was boring. Until Jaycee and Kenny got lost and got hooked, Selena was awful to her teammates and everyone ran around like babies when they saw a bear. Even though I was going to eliminate someone, I sent Selena packing to New Team Victory. And Bruce found the idol, only for Selena to catch him. Will Selena take the idol? And who's going to be tossed to the turb today? Find out on Total Drama, The Newcomer Season!"

It's day seven, and the competitors are sleeping in their trailers. However, Aphrodite is out walking around and she sees Mikeal feeding deer.

"What are you doing up?" Aphrodite asked.

"Nothing much," Mikeal replied, "I'm just feeding these helpless animals. I never knew deer were so smarter."

Aphrodite CONFESSIONAL: "First off it's 'smart', secondly this is just a trick just for a man to get a woman feel head over heel. I'm smarter than that! I got my eye on him."

"Whatever," Aphrodite said, "I'm going back to the trailers."

"I wouldn't do that," Mikeal said, "I saw several interns walk by with ropes and bags. I think it's a challenge or Chris wants to throw all of us out."

Aphrodite CONFESSIONAL: "Ugh, and men have reasoning too."

"Fine," Aphrodite said, "I'll stay, but I'm in charge." Mikeal grabs her hand and the two jumps behind a brush, seeing the interns walk pass the two.

In the girls trailer, several interns grabbed Jaycee, Raquela, Selena, Nancy and Willow while they are sleeping. However, in the guys' trailer, Kenny was waking up, but he was soon tied up by an intern and a bag covered his head.

Outside, Aphrodite and Mikeal watches as interns carried their friends away.

"Should we follow them?" Mikeal asked Aphrodite.

"Hm," Aphrodite thought, "Lay low, but lets go."

Aphrodite CONFESSIONAL: "I think that was the first time I was actually helping a guy... and being nice to one... ugh!"

The kidnapped competitors are seen sleeping in a small metal room. Kenny, Jaycee, Raquela and Leon are all tied together while Willow, Forrest, Bruce, Nancy and Selena are tied together as well.

Soon, Chris appears on a monitor.

"Good morning contestants!" Chris shouted, waking everyone up.

"Ah! What's going on?" Jaycee asked.

"Where are we?" Leon asked.

"Hey," Bruce looked around, "Where's Aphrodite and Mikeal?"

"We're missing two?" Chris said.

"Our teammates are missing," Selena said, "Forgot to get them as well?"

"Well," Chris said, "They'll show up eventually. Anyways, welcome to day seven of Total Drama! It's been a long week and so far, we said goodbye to Max, Debbie and Terry. And today's challenge will be something I came up with. And it's an awesome challenge. You'll be escaping prison."

"And how are we going to do that if we're in a metal room?" Willow asked.

"Actually," Chris said, "We made two garbage shute of shames... and you guys are in the other one!" The metal room revealed to be paper and the garbage collapsed all over the competitors. "You got 30 seconds to escape or else you'll be sent to garbage island!"

"Lets go!" Kenny said. Kenny, Leon, Jaycee and Raquela started to dig their way up the garbage, while the other team did the same.

First, Kenny, Leon, Jaycee and Raquela dug out of one side, while Bruce, Selena, Willow, Nancy and Forrest dug out of the other side. Once they were all out, the garbage was sucked down.

"That was a close one," Raquela said.

"Ew," Jaycee said, pulling a banana peel out of her hair, "Now people will think I'm gross."

"But I think you're alright," Kenny said, gushing over Jaycee.

Chris appears in a cloud of smoke, in between the two teams.

"Did you guys like the wake up call?" Chris asked.

"Uh no," Selena said.

"Who cares," Chris said, "Your escape from prison will include a couple of steps. First, you guys will be barfing your way out of here by the mark up barf off, where you'll be eating gross prison food and barfing on a target. Once the target is marked off, your team will be given shovels and you'll dig your way through the sands of time. Once you get to where you need to get, you'll go to different sections of the prisons giant walls and meet up with your friend that will be helping you out. Once you get your team together, you'll cross the finish line. First team to cross wins. Losing team will send a loser home. And now it's time to pick a captain."

"I nominate myself," Raquela said.

"Since I have prison experience," Bruce said, "I'll be captain."

"And go guys!" Chris shouted.

In the forest, Aphrodite and Mikeal are walking.

"So why were you up early?" Mikeal asked.

"Why does it matter?" Aphrodite said angerly.

"Nothing," Mikeal said.

"Well," Aphrodite replied, "I was just trying to think of ways to win the game, and how I usually do so is by walking around."

"Got a lot on your mind?" Mikeal asked.

"Ugh," Aphrodite said, "I don't need to answer to you."

"So instead," Mikeal said, "You're going to look at that giant wall like me?"

"What giant wa-" Aphrodite said, until walking into the wall. They look and it's the McLean Detention Facility, with giant walls and a building inside of it.

Chef walks over by Aphrodite and Mikeal, with two dirty clothes carts.

"Chris has been looking for the two of you today," Chef said.

"So why do you have those carts?" Mikeal asked.

"It's part of your challenge," Chef said, "Once you see your teammates, run to them and catch them with this cart. Once you have all your teamamtes, run to the finish line and you win."

"Seems like fun," Mikeal said with excitement.

"Also," Chef said, "The loser gets a penalty barrel."

"Not going to ask," Aphrodite said, "Lets bring on the challenge!"

"Okay," Chef said, "Just wait here."

Inside the prison, the teams get to the Mark Up Barf Off. There's two tables set up with different foods such as sandwiches and a target several feet away from the tables.

"We need a barfer and there is no way I'm going to eat," Raquela said.

"I'll do it," Leon said.

Leon CONFESSIONAL: "I gotta get my team's trust, that way I can take them down one by one. This is going to be awesome!"

New Team Victory got by.

"Okay," Bruce said, "Prison food is actually good, but since I'm used to it, we need a strong volunteer."

"I have a week stomach," Forrest said.

Forrest CONFESSIONAL: "When I was a kid, anything meaty like, I couldn't eat. It was too gross and I haven't eaten anything since. We got this challenge."

"Good," Bruce said, "Now start eating!"

Bruce CONFESSIONAL: "Prison is eating. When I was there, I was pretty much the head of everything. Okay, so I wasn't, but it was a piece of cake."

Selena CONFESSIONAL: "Ah (beep)! I need that idol! I will get my hands on it!"

Soon, Leon starts eating the sandwiches and the pudding, while Forrest is hesitating to eat the rotten chicken leg.

"This is so gross," Forrest said.

"Eat it!" Nancy and Willow shouted to him.

"I don't know why this food is so good," Leon said.

"We have to find a way to make him throw up," Jaycee said.

"Did I forget to mention that these food is made out of cat guts," Raquela said.

Leon froze and barfed across the room, hitting the target. Soon, four shovels landed on the table.

"Good guys," Raquela said, grabbing a shovel, "Lets go and get this over with!"

"Ugh," Selena said. She walks over to Forrest and shoved the chicken leg down his mouth. Soon, Forrest throws up badly, but hits the target, having five shovels land on the table.

"Now lets go dig us out of here!" Bruce said, with a shovel in his hand. He, then Willow, Nancy and Selena run out with their shovels.

"Right behind you guys," Forrest said, sickly.

Soon, the competitors reach the end of the hall and see where they must dig to the other side.

"Alright guys," Kenny said, "Lets starting digging!" Soon, Kenny, Leon, Raquela and Jaycee start digging.

Behind them, Bruce, Selena, Willow and Nancy catch up and start digging beside them. Forrest catches up but passes out next to them.

Underground, Willow and Nancy digs while Forrest, Bruce then Selena watched. Selena stares down Bruce, who wasn't noticing.

"How long do we need to keep digging?" Willow tiredly asked.

"Nancy's arms are getting are getting tired," Nancy whined.

"I think we're almost there," Bruce said, "It takes a while."

"You know what?" Selena said, she shoves Bruce and Forrest out of the way and grabs Willow's shovel and digs quickly.

"I think we should vote of Selena," Bruce said to Forrest.

"And why?" Forrest asked.

"Because she's rude and no one likes her," Bruce reasoned.

"Okay," Forrest agreed.

Underground as well, Raquela, Jaycee, Kenny and Leon are digging, but their shovels are broken, so their digging with their hands.

"This is going to take forever," Leon said.

"This is all your fault," Kenny said to Raquela, who's filing her nails.

"Hey," Raquela said, "Nails come first."

Jaycee digs until the dirt wall falls and Debbie appears, who's covered in dirt.

"Oh my god you guys!" Debbie said, "Terry disappeared on garbage island and I thought he would be here."

"Underground?" Jaycee asked.

"Yah!" Debbie said, "I know it's a challenge, but this is where you need to go. Follow me!"

Soon, outside the building but still in the walls, Debbie jumps out of the ground and Jaycee, Kenny, Leon and Raquela climb out of the group, breathing heavily.

"So," Debbie said, "I guess I'm going back! Later all!" Debbie jumps back into the ground.

"Guys!" Leon said, "There's four ladders on the walls. One of us takes each different ladder and we'll climb them. Lets go!" Soon, the four all ran, separating from one another.

Right behind them is New Team Victory, with Selena get out of the ground first, followed by Willow, Nancy, Forrest and Bruce.

"Four ladders," Selena said.

"I'll take the first one," Willow said before running off.

"Second," Nancy said, running off

"Third," Forrest said, running off.

"So that means we're fourth," Bruce said.

"Lets go," Selena said, before running.

Outside the walls, Aphrodite and Mikeal are sitting, bored.

"So..." Mikeal said, " brain hurts."

"So does mine," Aphrodite said.

"Aphrodite!" Kenny shouted from a distance.

"Mikeal!" Willow shouted as well.

"Challenge time!" Aphrodite said to Mikeal.

"Goodluck!" Mikeal happily said to Aphrodite.

Aphrodite makes it to the first point, from the top, Kenny jumps off the wall first and into the cart of dirty clothes.

"Ew," Kenny said, "This is nasty!" Aphrodite then runs off.

Mikeal reaches the checkpoint next, with Willow falling into the cart.

"Go go go!" Willow said, before Mikeal pushes the cart.

Checkpoint two, Nancy and Leon stare at each other and jump at the same time, with Nancy landing in her cart and Leon landing in his.

Climbing the ladder for the fourth checkpoint, Selena sees Bruce's idol in his back pocket. It falls out of the pocket and Selena quickly catches the idol.

Selena CONFESSIONAL: "I got it! It's all mine! MINE!!!"

Aphrodite makes it to checkpoint three and Jaycee lands in the cart.

"One more to go and it's victory for us!" Aphrodite said, before pushing.

Mikeal makes it next and Forrest lands in the cart.

"Lets go!" Mikeal said.

At checkpoint four, Selena smiles at the top, while Bruce and Raquela glare at each other.

"I think my team is here," Raquela said.

"Good luck!" Bruce said, pushing her off.

Raquela lands in the cart.

"Go!" Raquela shouted, before Aphrodite runs off.

"Lets go," Selena said, jumping off while holding Bruce's hand and landing in the cart.

"Push!" Willow, Selena, Forrest, Bruce and Nancy shouted to Mikeal, who starts running.

Chris and Chef, who are at the finish line, see the competitors coming in.

"It's neck and neck," Chris said, "Who's gonna win? And it looks like..."

Team Super People cross the finish line first, followed by New Team Victory.

"And Team Super People win!" Chris shouted, with Kenny, Aphrodite, Leon, Jaycee and Raquela cheering.

"New Team Victory," Chris said, "You lost. Time to vote someone out!"

Bruce pulls in Willow and Nancy, "Selena is gone, got it."

"Got it," Nancy and Willow said.

Outside the girls trailer, Mikeal is seem near the door.

"Nice job Aphrodite," Mikeal said.

Aphrodite CONFESSIONAL: "Why is this dude being so nice to me? Maybe not all guys in the world are selfish (beeps)."

"Thanks?" Aphrodite awkwardly said.

"Come on," Jaycee said, "My brother is the least person to be mean to someone.

"Yeah," Raquela said, "Not only that but he's a good friend."

"Well he's nice," Aphrodite said.

"It's not bad to have a friend that's a boy," Jaycee said, "My brother is far from that."

"Okay," Aphrodite said, "Now lets go watch some loser get tossed out!"

"Yay!" Jaycee and Raquela cheered.

"Ah!" Bruce shouted from the other side.

"What's going on?" Forrest asked.

"Uh... can't say," Bruce said in fright.

Bruce CONFESSIONAL: "My idol is gone! I bet Chris toke it, with all of his fancy interns and camera losers! I will not be going down without a fight, Chris! You hear me! I will not be going home, I swear!"

Selena CONFESSIONAL: "Hm... Bruce, eh?"

It's elimination time, and Chris is staring at New Team Victory. Team Super People are in the peanut gallery, with Jaycee, Aphrodite and Kenny sitting in the top row and Leon and Raquela sitting in the bottom row.

"New Team Victory," Chris said, "This is the third elimination ceremony you have been part of. And now, it's time to vote off your third member. And, the votes have been tallied and it's a landslide."

Bruce CONFESSIONAL: "Good bye Selena."

"And the following competitors receive chocolate bars, Mikeal, Forrest, Willow and Nancy." Chris said. Chef throughs the four chocolate bars.

"And we're now down to the bottom two," Chris said, "Bruce and Selena. And the person that is going home... is Selena!"

"Wa-hoo!" Bruce cheered, "Good bye sucker!"

"Oh," Selena said sinisterly, "You think I'm going home?"

"Uh yeah," Bruce said, confidently.

Selena stood up and walks over to Bruce and shows him the idol.

"I found your idol, Bruce," Selenea said. The competitors all gasped in the surprised they have witnessed.

"You..." Bruce angerly said, standing up, "You... you Little!"

"Sorry to interrupt you, Bruce," Chris said, "But the person with the next highest amount of votes, which was Selena's vote, is for you! So you're going home tonight."

"What?" Bruce shouted in anger. He then drops to his knees and cried out into the darkness.

On the dock, Bruce is in the Garbage Shute of Shame, and is angerly staring at Selena, while Willow, Nancy, Forrest and Mikeal all watch.

"Any last words before we send you to garbage island?" Chris said.

"No," Bruce said, "You crossed the line, Selena. I will be getting my revenge soon."

"Good luck, Mr. 11th," Selena said, "I'm immune and I will rule."

"You lit-" Bruce said, before Chris pressed the button and Bruce was sucked into the garbage shute of shame.

"Chris," Chef said, holding Debbie by her shirt, "I found this girl digging under the main lodge."

"Chris!" Debbie shouted, "I was just looking for boyfriend!"

"Too bad," Chris said, "Because you'll be spending the rest of the season here with us, as an intern!"

"Wait... so no boyfriend?" Debbie asked.

"No boyfriend," Chris said. Debbie cried out while Chef took her away.

"So..." Selena said, turning to her team, "I'm glad Bruce is gone, good luck with me." Willow, Nancy, Forrest and Mikeal all look worried.

"It's now 5 on 5 and it's getting close everyone! Who's gonna win? Who's gonna be trashed? Find out next time on Total Drama, The Newcomer Season!"

Six: #TotalDramaHorrorStory

The chapter opens with Chris McLean on a boat, with the final ten tied up with bags over their heads, with the teams sitting across from each other. "Previously on Total Drama, we had the competitors escape from jail. And when Selena found out about Bruce's idol, she tried to get her hands on it all day, but she did. Mikeal and Aphrodite came to the rescue, only for Aphrodite to have her team win and Bruce was sent to the can. We're only down to ten players, and for now, it's gonna get ugly!"

"We can still hear you," Willow said.

"Nancy gonna hurt you!" Nancy shouted.

"Where are you taking us?" Selena asked.

"What dangers am I gonna do next," Chris continued, "Find out on Total Drama Newcomer Season!"

The boat appears to be arriving on a shore, with Chris and Chef, and the final ten. Chef takes off the bags off of the competitors and untied them. They all walked off the boat, glaring at Chris.

"Welcome to Boney Island!" Chris announced, "This is where you'll be competing on Day Night 8!"

"What's our challenge?" Jaycee asked.

"You're challenge is to spend the night here on Boney Island," Chris said, "But be careful, there's a monster out looking for you all."

"A monster?" Kenny and Leon sacredly asked together.

"Yes," Chris said, "A monster is hunting for you all. So good luck tonight and see you all tomorrow! Also, if an entire team is hunted down, you'll lose and have to vote someone off! Good luck!" Chris and Chef hoped on their boat and left the competitors on Boney Island.

"So..." Mikeal said, "Now what?"

"I guess we have to just survive the night," Jaycee said.

"Well," Willow said, "I want to win so I'm going into the woods. Lets go team."

"Right behind yah," Forrest said, walking behind Willow, then followed by Nancy, Selena and Mikeal.

"So..." Kenny said, "What are we going to do."

"I think we're just going to stay here," Raquela said.

"And what?" Leon said.

"Lets just win this challenge," Aphrodite said.

"But we have to stick together," Jaycee said, "Otherwise we might all get taken."

"True," Aphrodite said, "But I'm not sticking with no guy."

Raquela CONFESSIONAL: "Ugh, Aphrodite is just starting to become very annoying. All this 'guys are losers, women are strong' crap is getting on my nerves."

In the woods, Willow, Forrest, Nancy, Selena and Mikeal are walking in the woods.

"So," Willow said, "What are we going to do?"

"I don't know," Forrest said.

"Maybe just hang around," Selena said.

"What about you, Mikeal?" Nancy asked. They all looked back and Mikeal was missing.

"Uh," Forrest said, "Where did Mikeal go?"

"Wait," Willow said, "Chris said there's a monster on the island, and we have to survive."

"Mikeal was taken! No!" Forrest shouted, before Nancy slapped him.

"Calm down," Selena said, "It's not like Mikeal was useful to us."

Willow CONFESSIONAL: "She does have a point, he's just very blah lately."

"But I care," Forrest said.

"Then go look for him," Selena said, walking away with Willow and Nancy.

Forrest CONFESSIONAL: "Not gonna sound weird and all but Mikeal is important. I mean he's stupid, not useful and lets be honest, a brick is better than him, but he's a man and we can't leave no man behind."

Forrest is in the woods, looking for Mikeal.

"Mikeal! Buddy?" he shouted. He soon hears howling and sinister laughter. "Who's out there?" He soon see a shadow and screams.

Willow, Selena and Nancy hear the screaming.

"Called it," Willow said, "Now, as I was saying... I don't trust you at all after what happened with Bruce."

"Why?" Selena said, "Is it because you all voted for me and wanted me to go home, eh? But I outsmarted you and Bruce is on Garbage Island."

"But we can easily vote you off next," Nancy said.

"Yeah right," Selena said, "I won't let it happen. So good luck."

"Who's really going to help you," Willow asked.

"I have people on the show that are willing to do whatever I ask them to do," Selena said, "So watch out, even the people you trust darely will betray you."

Nancy CONFESSIONAL: "Nancy don't trust anyone!"

Willow CONFESSIONAL: "She's going down... right?"

Over by Team Super People, they closely walk together, not scared, only bored expressions.

"So we pretty much just wait here to be kidnapped," Raquela said.

"Pretty much," Aphrodite said, "This challenge is just so boring."

"I can't be bored!" Jaycee shouted, "I'll get wrinkles and there's no way I'm getting those."

"I don't mind wrinkles," Kenny said.

"I can risk wrinkles," Jaycee said, blushing to Kenny.

"Did I mention wrinkles are attractive," Kenny blushily said to Jaycee.

Raquela CONFESSIONAL: "Ugh, these two are going to bond and it's going to form an alliance. And alliance means teaming up and I'm pretty much the lone wolf. Gotta break these two up before they break me out of the game. And I promise to win this year!"

Leon CONFESSIONAL: "Aphrodite is starting to get on my nerves. From all this 'women should be treated like men!' crap, I promise you all, she'll be eliminated... like a guy!"

They continue walking and they ended up clashing with Willow and Nancy.

"So," Raquela said, looking down at the opposing team, "Where's the boys?"

"Where's my brother?" Jaycee shouted.

"We don't know," Willow said.

"For all we know," Nancy said, "They could of been captured by that howling noise."

"Right Selena?" Willow said. Nancy and Willow look over to see Selena is missing.

"And where's Selena?" Leon asked.

"I... have no idea," Willow said.

"And we really don't care," Nancy said.

"How could you not care for a women's safety?" Aphrodite shouted, causing Leon to roll his eyes.

"Selena just told us there's people on the show that we trust that will betray us," Willow said.

"And at this point," Nancy said, "Nancy cares about winning. Don't trust anyone."

Willow and Nancy walk off, leaving Team Super People speechless.

Kenny and Jaycee then looked at each other and walked away from their group.

"Where do you think your doing?" Raquela asked.

"Away from you guys," Jaycee said.

"Yeah," Kenny said, "Trust no one. I don't want to get eliminated now." The two walked away in the forest, leaving Raquela, Leon and Aphrodite.

"So... what now?" Leon said to Raquela and Aphrodite.

"I'm out," Aphrodite said.

"Why?" Raquela asked.

"Because I never allied myself with a man," Aphrodite said, walking away from the two, prompting Raquela and Leon to look at each one.

The scene switches over to Chris, Debbie and Chef, who's in the control room, watching Kenny and Jaycee walking, Willow and Nancy walking, Raquela and Leon looking at each other and Aphrodite walking solo.

"Woah," Chris said, "Who's gonna survive the night on Boney Island? And... who are the people Selena is talking about?"

"Oh I think I might know!" Debbie said, before Chris covered her mouth with his hand.

"Find out soon!" Chris said.

Aphrodite is walking alone, and scared, in the forest. Soon, she sees the branches move and screams, until it was revealed to be Mikeal.

"Oh," Aphrodite said upset, "It's only you. I thought you were taken?"

"Actually," Mikeal said, "I went to go pee and I lost my team! And I hear howling and ran screaming! So glad I found someone."

"So you didn't hear what Selena just said?" Aphrodite asked.

"What did she say?" Mikeal nervously asked.

"Just to not trust anyone in the game."

"Even my sister?" Mikeal shockingly said.

"Well," Aphrodite said, "I guess."

Aphrodite CONFESSIONAL: "Lets face it, trust no one on the show. Regardless if they're sneaky... Leon, someone that's devious... Raquela, a couple... Kenny and Jaycee, and bleh people. But... Mikeal... he's someone I can trust... since he's stupid and easy to take control over. Lets hope this works!"

Somewhere in the forest, Jaycee and Kenny are walking, smiling at one another.

"So..." Jaycee said.

"Okay, I like you!" Kenny said, "Will you go out with me?"

"Sure!" Jaycee said, smiling, "I'll go out with you!"

"Okay..." Kenny said. They soon heard noises and look at a shadow, where they both start screaming and it turns to darkness.

The shadow continues to sneak though Boney Island. It catches up with Willow and Nancy, who are walking near a cave. Nancy is soon pulled into the cave by the shadow and Willow looks back.

"Nancy?" Willow asked, scared. The shadow pops out and Willow screams, then disappears.

The shadow moves freely and then encounters Raquela and Leon.

The two acknowledged the shadow and screams and runs away from it.

"This must be the thing that's taking the others!" Raquela shouts.

"Probably!" Leon shouted.

"What do we do?!"

"Just keep running!" Leon and Raquela continue running, until they hit the shore were they see two abandon kayaks.

They soon jumped in side of one, but the shadow was at the end of the boat, causing Leon and Raquela to scream.

Their cries were heard around the island, to the point were Aphrodite and Mikeal, the only ones left, could hear it.

"That's the third set of screams I heard," Mikeal said with fear.

"Don't worry," Aphrodite said.

"But I think we're the last ones left," Mikeal shivered.

Aphrodite CONFESSIONAL: "Lets face it, he's next. I mean, he's representing his team and I'm representing my team. If he goes, I win and stay for another day. I like the odds."

Soon, Mikeal heard water noises.

"You hear that?" Mikeal excitedly said.

"I'm not a dog," Aphrodite shouted.

"It's water!" Mikeal shouted with excitement! Now we can get over to the other island!"

Mikeal runs while Aphrodite walks slowly behind him, and eventually, they see an abandon boat on the shore. Mikeal jumps in and looks at Aphrodite.

"Why are you looking at me?" Aphrodite asked.

"Because I'm waiting for you to get in the boat so we can paddle," Mikeal said blankly.

"Oh..." Aphrodite said, before jumping in the boat and the two started to paddle with their hands.

After a hour, the boat reaches the island, and Mikeal and Aphrodite are tired. They get on the dock of shame, where Chris, Chef and Debbie are looking at them.

"So," Chris said, "Where's the rest of you?"

"We have no idea," Aphrodite said.

"Well," Chris said, "Since it's one on one... it's time for a last minute challenge!"

"What's our challenge?" Aphrodite shouted in anger, scaring Mikeal.

"It's simple!" Chris said, "Back in episode eight of Total Drama Island, who brought the cursed tiki idol back to the island?"

"Uhh..." Aphrodite said, "I think it was-"

"Beth!" Mikeal shouted, "Beth! I remember because I was rooting for her in Total Drama Action!"

"Mikeal got it right and wins the challenge for his team!" Chris said, "Team Super People, time to vote someone off."

"But our teammates aren't here!" Aphrodite shouted.

"Oh yeah... interns!" Chris shouted. A helicopter appears above the dock, with the eight captured competitors in a net. Soon, it was released and the competitors all went into the water.

"Get voting everyone!" Chris shouted.

Jaycee CONFESSIONAL: "I can't really decide who to vote for. I mean... we all lost the challenge and..." a whisper can be heard, saying 'Aphrodite'. Jaycee thought to herself.

It's elimination time, and Team Super People are sitting in front of Chris, while New Team Victory watch from the Peanut Gallery, all sitting in the first row.

"It's time to vote someone off tonight! And it's a landslide!" Chris said, "The following are safe, Leon and Kenny!" Chef hands the two their chocolate bars.

"And now we're down to the bottom three, Jaycee, Raquela and Aphrodite," Chris said, "Jaycee... you're up for leaving your team. Raquela's up for no reason at all and Aphrodite's up for being mean to men. And... the person going home is... Aphrodite!"

"What?!" Aphrodite shouted out load, "Are you kidding me!"

"Nope," Chris said, "And it's time to toss this beautiful soul to Garbage Island!"

On the dock of shame, Kenny, Raquela, Jaycee and Leon watch as Aphrodite is in the Garbage Shute of Shame, which is filled with garbage.

"Why did you guys voted me off!" Aphrodite shouted with anger, "I almost won for you all!"

"Sorry," Raquela said, "we don't know who to vote for... until a whisper told us to." Soon, Raquela, Kenny and Jaycee left, and Leon went up to Aphrodite.

Leon then whispered 'Aphrodite' to Aphrodite, causing her to gasps, until Chris pressed the button, sucking Aphrodite down the shute, sending her to Garbage Island.

Leon CONFESSIONAL: "Yes, it was me. For five episodes, I had to watch people go home without me causing them. Now that I teamed up with Selena, it's time for me to rise from the pit and take over the game with her. Soon, you'll know who the other two are... and you'll be surprised."

Chris appears next to the shute, "Wow, Aphrodite is gone... already? Tune in next time to see who is the next trash can! That didn't make sense, but at least I get paid!"

Seven: O' Captain, My Captain

The chapter opens and Chris McLean is leaning on the Garbage Shute of Shame, which is full of garbage and luggage. "Previously on Total Drama, we had the teams of five face off on staying alive on Boney Island. Lame, but we saw some shocking betrayal from Leon, making his team vote off the crazed-Aphrodite. And we're down to nine players. It's coming closer than we thought! Who's gonna win? And who's gonna lose? Find out now!"

It's morning and the competitors are waking up.

In the guys' trailer, Kenny was smiling and sitting on his bottom bunk bed. Forrest noticed from the top bunk and hops down in front of Kenny.

"Dude," Forrest said, "Why are you so golly?"

"Because," Kenny said, "I has a lady-friend."

"Nice," Forrest said sweetly, "Which lucky lady?"

"Jaycee," Kenny said with blush.

"Jaycee?" Mikeal shouted from the other side of the trailer, waking Leon up, causing him to fall off his top bunk.

"Yeah," Kenny said, "I know she's your sister-"

"You better treat her right," Mikeal threatened, "Or so help you'll be canned."

Mikeal CONFESSIONAL: "Did I just say that? I'm surprised... but I'm tired of people taking advantage of me, calling me stupid and stuff. I know I'm not the brightest person on the show, but that doesn't mean I can't be able to win and stuff. I guess I have to teach these people a lesson in... uh..."

In the girls' trailer, Willow and Nancy are huddled next to Jaycee, smiling with her.

"So Kenny just told me to go out with him and I did," Jaycee said cheerly.

"Oh my," Willow said.

"Did he fall?" Nancy asked.

"Um what?" Jaycee asked.

"You know... that crazy stuff falling stuff," Nancy continued.

"I'm not too sure what you're getting at," Jaycee continued.

"Nasty!" Nancy shouted, erupting Selena and Raquela, who are doing their make-up, where they all looked at Nancy weirdly.

Raquela CONFESSIONAL: "Ugh, now that Jaycee and Kenny are together, it's up to me to make sure they don't team up against me and Leon and they end up winning. No way is that happening!"

Soon, Chris' voice can be heard on the intercom, "Good morning, everyone!" Chris greeted, "It's day 10 and we are half way there! Meet me near the cave entrance in 10!"

Thirty minutes have gone by, and the two team are standing in front of the cave, waiting.

Soon, Chris arrives, with Debbie who's holding a clipboard.

"Good afternoon cast!" Chris greeted.

"Why are you so happy?" Nancy asked.

"Because I'm sending you guys off on your final team challenge!" Chris shouted, "So after today's elimination, we're sending our final eight to the merge!" The teams soon cheered, "But, since this season really had no team captains, we need strong volunteers to be the team's last team captain."

"Nancy drives a hard bargain!" Nancy said.

"Might as well lead for my team," Kenny said.

"Good," Chris said, "Because today, you'll be sending your teams to find keys, which will bring you to your reward, a night in the nice showers!" A trailer appears, with showers inside. The competitors are amazed by it. "So, there's a lot of keys in the cave. Nancy and Kenny, you're teammates will be inside the cave, while you too wait it out while your teammates will be looking for the key. Once the person finds the key, they'll report back to you, where you must go to the trailer and unlock it. Find the right key, you win. If it's the wrong one, then they must go back. Losing team will vote someone home!"

Nancy and Kenny are huddling with their teams.

"Willow, Forrest, you guys will group up," Nancy said, "Mikeal and Selena, group up and look for keys."

"Why am I with Mikeal?" Selena asked.

"Because he'll probably fall in a hole and die," Nancy said, "And I want to win. So go with it."

Mikeal CONFESSIONAL: "Seriously, it's starting to annoy me..."

"Okay," Kenny said, "We're only player short, so I guess everyone is on their own in the cave."

"Or we just stick together," Raquela suggested.

"Or that too," Kenny said, "Ready?"

"Ready!" Leon, Jaycee and Raquela said at once.

Soon, Leon, Raquela, Jaycee, Mikeal, Selena, Willow and Forrest all lined up in front of the cave.

"And go!" Chris shouted, and the competitors came running into the cave.

Inside the cave, there's a elevator with a rug inside. The competitors look worried at each other until Mikeal and Selena ran inside of it and pressed the down button.

"Come on," Selena shouted, "Work!"

"I think they also renovated the cav-" Mikeal said, before the elevator fell, making both Selena and Mikeal scream.

"Mikeal!" Jaycee shouted, she ran to the edge and jumped off the edge.

"That's pretty stupid of her," Raquela said to Leon.

"True dat," Leon replied.

The two ran off towards a smaller cave, leaving Willow and Forrest behind.

"So," Willow said, "What now?"

"Wanna just jump for it?" Forrest asked.

"Why not," Willow said. The two ran to the edge and jumped off together.

In a remote area of the cave, Selena, Mikeal and Jaycee dig themselves out from the elevator.

"Ow," Mikeal said, "Is everyone alright?"

"My arms hurts!" Selena shouted.

"Ah!" Jaycee said, "My hair is dirty!"

Jaycee CONFESSIONAL: "My hair is the reason why I got on this other, other than being Mikeal's sister, and it's all dirty. I need to shower before people see me like this. Oh I hope I win the showers."

Soon, trying to get up, Willow and Forrest land on Mikeal.

"Thanks for the landing, bro," Willow said.

Mikeal CONFESSIONAL: "Now their using me for a pillow..."

The competitors look around, seeing nothing but lights and shovels, upon rock, dirt and earth.

"So..." Forrest said to Willow, "Should we look for the key?"

"I guess," Willow replied. The two ran left together.

"Might as well go right," Selena said, pulling Mikeal right.

"And I'll just be alone..." Jaycee said.

Jaycee CONFESSIONAL: "Wait... isn't this cave radioactive?" Chris is soon heard on the intercom.

"No it isn't Jaycee," Chris said, "We actually clean the caves from mutant monsters and stuff. So you're good."

In another part of the cave, Raquela and Leon are walking together.

"So," Raquela said, "I have a plan to get rid of Kenny and break him and Jaycee up."

"What's your plan?" Leon asked.

"Well," Raquela said, "I know Selena told us to keep it on a down low, especially if she's trying to convince this guy to join us, but in order to get us to the merge, we got to break those two up, especially if they are going to vote together, and it could be one of us. So, I'm thinking, I'm going to take something from someone and place it on Kenny, and I'm going to make Kenny kiss me, that way Jaycee will be heart broken and will be forced to vote him out. And we win."

"Nice," Leon said, "But how are you going to do that?"

"I have my ways," Raquela said. The two walked together, until Leon slipped down a hole, creeping Raquela out.

"Leon!" Raquela shouted. She looks down next to the hole and sees a key. She grabs it and runs off.

In another part of the cave, Willow and Forrest and walking, while Willow is holding a key.

"I can't believe the key," Willow said.

"I know," Forrest said, "Now it's shower time."

"I'll keep it safe," Willow said, before placing it in her pants. Soon, Leon fell on the both of them.

"Wow," Leon said, "Thanks for the landing!" He got up and ran off.

"Ouch," Forrest said.

Outside, Kenny and Nancy are looking inside the cave, bored.

Raquela runs towards to Kenny, scared.

"Raquela," Kenny said worried, "Where's the others?"

"I don't know!" Raquela cried, "I lost Leon and Jaycee's gone!" She snuggled up to Kenny, grossing Nancy out.

"It's okay," Kenny said, "You don't have to go back in that cave." Kenny hugs Raquela.

Raquela looks at Nancy, who's turned away from them, and she grabs Nancy's necklace and places it in Kenny's back pocket.

"Kenny!" Raquela said dramatically, "I have the key! Go to see if it's the right one!"

"You found key first?" Nancy asked hysterically.

"I got it!" Kenny said, grabbing the key from Raquela. He runs to the shower trailer and inserts the key in the hole, but it's the wrong key, disappointing Kenny.

"It's okay," Raquela plead.

"Yeah," Kenny said, "I'm sure Jaycee or Leon got the right key."

"Yeah," Raquela said, she smiled at Kenny and kissed his lips.

"Why did you kiss me?" Kenny said, shocked.

"Sorry," Raquela said, "Couldn't control my emotions.

"It's okay," Kenny said, "But I have a girlfriend."

"I know," Raquela said sinisterly.

In the cave, Selena and Mikeal are walking together.

"So," Mikeal said, "You're telling me to join you, Leon and Raquela and betray my sister?"

"Yes," Selena said, "That way you'll get the well deserved respect from everyone."

"Yeah right," Mikeal said, "I've seen Total Drama and all alliance ended in betrayal."

"What makes you think I'll betray you?" Selena said with shock.

"His name is Bruce," Mikeal said, "And from what I recall, he was in an alliance with Raquela."

"So," Selena said, "He knew and he's gone. Join us or you'll be gone."

"I'm sure I'll survive on my own," Mikeal said, "This is Total Drama, and I'll survive by myself."

"Fine!" Selena shouted, "But when you're on the chopping block, don't think you're being safe."

"Oh it's on," Mikeal said.

Mikeal CONFESSIONAL: "And that's the first time I ever stood up for myself!" Mikeal then barfed.

By herself, Jaycee found a key and hides it in her shirt. Same time, Leon finds a key too, and so does Mikeal and Selena, but glaring at one another.

Outside, Raquela notices Debbie, checking stuff off her clipboard.

"I miss mah boyfriend," Debbie cried out.

Raquela smiles and walks towards Debbie.

"Awe Debbie," Raquela said, "I know how much you miss your boy."

"Oh it's been so long!" Debbie cried out, "But now I'm here working in an ugly shirt and he's on garbage island! I need him here now!"

"It's okay, boo," Raquela said, "As long as you're here, nothing can get in you way of true love."

"Oh mah god," Debbie shouted, "You're right!" She turned away from Raquela, and Raquela grabs her clipboard, "I'm working for free on a crappy television show, that must prove our love! Thanks Raquela." Debbie turns around, so see Raquela missing. "Where's mah clipboard?"

Kenny and Nancy waited in front of the cave, waiting. Chris appears behind them with a microphone.

"And here they all come," Chris shouted, "And one has the right key!"

First, here comes Mikeal and Selena, walking up the cave, with Selena holding the key. She gives it to Nancy and she races to the trailer.

"Lets work baby!" Nancy said, trying to turn the key, but it's the wrong key.

Second, Jaycee runs to Kenny.

"Here's a key, baby," Jaycee said to Kenny.

"Thanks babe," Kenny said. He kissed her on the cheek and he runs to the trailer, where Nancy is mad and walking away. He tried to open the door, but it's the wrong key.

"Wait," Nancy said, "That means either the next key be the right one!"

Willow and Forrest are running, but Leon out passes them and he runs to Kenny.

"Here!" Leon said, "Try it now!"

Kenny grabs the key and tries to open the door, but it doesn't open.

"What?" Leon, Raquela and Jaycee shouted.

Willow, Forrest and Nancy walked up to the trailer and opened the door.

"And the winners are New Team Victory! They get to shower!" Chris shouted, the teammates all cheers. "Team Super People, you'll be stinking up tonight and voting a player off. See you all in a bit."

"What about me?" Debbie asked.

"Fine Debbie," Chris said, "You can shower too."

"Wait," Nancy shouted, "Where's my grandmother's necklace?"

Outside, in between the trailers, Leon, Jaycee and Raquela are sitting, waiting impatiently.

"Jaycee," Raquela said, "I need to tell you something."

"What?" Jaycee asked.

"I don't trust Kenny."


"Because I think he's a thief...and..." Raquela started crying.

"What? What happened?" Jaycee pled out.

"He kissed me!" Raquela cried out, hugging Jaycee.

"What?" Jaycee cried out.

"Hey guys," Kenny walked back.

"You kissed Raquela?" Jaycee said, heart broken.

"What?" Kenny said, "No I didn't, she kissed me!"

"I knew you'll say that," Raquela cried out.

Jaycee walked up to Kenny, "Why can you do this to me?"

"I'm telling you," Kenny said, "First I found this necklace in my back pocket." Kenny pulls out the necklace and Nancy, who's in her towel, angry. Behind her is Willow, Forrest, Selena and Mikeal, who are in their towels.

"Ah ha!" Nancy shouted, pointing at Kenny. Soon her towel falls off.

"Not bad," Leon said.

"I knew you stole my necklace," Nancy said, walking up to Kenny and taking her necklace back, "Grandma gave me this necklace. You loser!" Nancy then stormed off naked.

"That was weird," Kenny said, "First the Raquela kiss-"

"Ah-ha!" Mikeal shouted, pointing at Kenny, and his towel falls off.

"Wow," Willow said with Selena, "He does have a nice butt."

"I knew I couldn't trust you with my sister!" Mikeal said, "Now I have to comfort my sister about how bad boys are again. Now you're going down!"

"Kenny," Jaycee said, broken, "I can't believe you. I just-" She looks at his jacket and pulls out a clipboard, "Is this a clipboard?"

"Ah ha!" Debbie shouted in anger, pointing at Kenny in her towel. But, as well, her towel falls off, causing Mikeal to barf at the ground and faint on his face.

"Thanks to you," Debbie said, "Now I'm completely behind on my daily duties. Thanks." Debbie grabs her clipboard from Kenny and walks away naked. "Now I have to rush to get these done. It's going to take me forever. Does anyone else feel a breeze or is it just me?"

Once Debbie walked away, Mikeal barfed into the ground.

It's elimination time, and Team Super People are all sitting down, with New Team Victory in the peanut gallery, with Mikeal glaring at Kenny.

"It's elimination time!" Chris said, "Time to vote someone off!"

Kenny CONFESSIONAL: "You liar!" Kenny votes for Raquela.

Leon CONFESSIONAL: "Sorry, but I have to." Leon votes for Kenny.

Raquela CONFESSIONAL: "Man I love this game." Raquela votes for Kenny.

Jaycee CONFESSIONAL: "I just..." Jaycee votes for-

"And it's time to hand out the three chocolate bars," Chris said, "Leon... Jaycee... Raquela!" Chef hand the three their chocolate bars, "Kenny the cheating thief, time to go to garbage island!"

"What?" Kenny shouted, "Jaycee, but I'm telling you the-" Chef grabs Kenny and walks away with Kenny, Leon with Raquela following. New Team Victory walks past her, but Mikeal stops by.

"It's okay," Mikeal said to Jaycee, "He's not good for you."

"Ugh," Jaycee said, "I know... but for some reason, I think I made a mistake."

Kenny is shown in the Garbage Shute of Shame, with Chris, Leon and Raquela staring at him.

"Leon," Kenny said, "I'm telling ya-" Leon walks away from him.

"Sorry this happened," Raquela said, laughing.

"Why did you do this to me?" Kenny asked.

"Because I'm not going down," Raquela said, "And Jaycee's all mine."

"No!" Kenny shouted, before Chris pressed the button and Kenny is sent to Garbage Island.

"Wow!" Chris said, "What a shocking conclusion! Will Jaycee trust her gut? And will Mikeal tell anyone about the Selena alliance? Find out next time on Total Drama The Newcomer Season!"

Eight: The Sweat of a Champion

The chapter opens with Chris on the dock of shame. "Last time on Total Drama, we sent the cast in the cave. It was suppose to be fun but they were smarter than we thought and found the keys very quickly. But, Raquela framed Kenny as a liar, thief and cheater, and caused him to be sent to the trash. Now, we're only down to eight players and the merge is on it's way. Who's going to win? Who's going to lose? And who's going to be tossed to the curb? Find out on Total Drama!"

It's Day 12, and it's been two days since Kenny's elimination. Jaycee is sitting outside, looking far at the lake.

Jaycee CONFESSIONAL: "Have you ever felt that someone just makes you feel right, but people say he done wrong but you believe he's innocent... that's how I feel. Man, I miss Kenny."

Willow, Selena, Raquela and Nancy all look at Jaycee, who's sad.

"Man," Nancy said, "She's been like that since Kenny got eliminated."

"Yeah," Willow said, "What a shame."

Selena CONFESSIONAL: "Man, I can't believe Raquela pulled that off so well... even I can't kiss someone and vote them off... I get emotional every time I kiss a guy... but I'm still evil... even though Raquela's far more evil than I am... and so is Leon for voting off Team Dude Guy and stuff like that. Oh well... I'm in the top eight and no one can't stop me and my team of evil people! Ha! What do you think now, Mikeal?"

Mikeal CONFESSIONAL: "Since I have a feeling the Kenny thing was caused by Selena, I might say it's pretty impressing. It's a good thing Chris gave me all of his "How to be Total Drama Smart" book and Heather's conversation on how to be sociopathic psychopath! I think it's working. Do you know your a sociopath if you don't care about your mother's well being?"

In the guys' trailer, Leon and Forrest are talking to one another.

"Yo bro," Forrest said excited, "We made the merge!"

"Heck yeah!" Leon shouted, the two high-fived one another.

"The only problem I don't like is how there's five girls on the show and only the three of us," Forrest said, "And since Mikeal is acting all weird and stupid as usual, I think it's everyone against us."

"Yeah..." Leon said.

Leon CONFESSIONAL: "So a guys alliance... or an alliance with Raquela and Selena? Hm..."

"So... what do you say?" Forrest asked.

Mikeal soon walks in.

"Mikeal!" Forrest shouted.

"Yeah?" Mikeal asked confused.

"I'm starting a guys' alliance. We can win something, bro!" Forrest looked at Mikeal.

"Fine," Mikeal said, "Sounds like fun, I'm in."

"Leon?" Forrest asked.

"Sure," Leon said.

"Wait," Mikeal said, "I thought you are already part of an alliance?"

"I am," Leon said, "But I'm only using them for now."

"For now, eh?" Mikeal asked, "Maybe we should vote one off later."

Chris soon is heard on the intercom, "All mergies report to the square for today's first individual challenge!"

The final eight all stand next to a stadium.

Chris, Debbie and Chef all appear next to the stadium, wearing all track suits.

"Welcome to the merge, the final eight!" Chris announced, "It's been 12 days and we're almost halfway there! So far, let lost Max, Debbie, Terry, Bruce, Aphrodite and finally Kenny! And we're down to the top eight, Jaycee, Leon, Forrest, Selena, Willow, Raquela, Mikeal and Nancy!"

"Only six people were eliminated so far?" Nancy said.

"Yes," Chris said.

"And what's our first challenge as singles?" Nancy asked.

"It's a series of sports challenge!" Chris said, "First, we're going to start with a on-leg race around the island. Once that's determined, we're going to reveal a tournament we're we'll give out immunity. And whoever wins a challenge during the merge, there is no voting... as the immune winner gets to choose who's going to garbage island next!"

Soon, Jaycee, Willow and Nancy gasped, as Selena and Mikeal glared at one another, Forrest and Raquela glared at one another, as Leon looked worried for them.

"And, the race begins now!" Chris said, the final eight competitors race.

Someone on the island, Leon is running and Selena and Raquela run up to him.

"Okay," Leon said, "I'm fooling Forrest and Mikeal off the show."

"I like how things are going with you," Selena said, "Eliminate them when they don't notice!"

"Got it!" Leon said, Selena and Raquela run off and Forrest and Mikeal run up to him.

"Betraying them?" Forrest asked.

"Heck yeah!" Leon replied.

"Good," Mikeal said, Forrest and Mikeal soon run off, but Willow and Jaycee ran up to them.

"So," Willow said, "We're planning on winning and voting off Raquela or Selena, you in?"

"Sure," Leon said.

"Good!" Jaycee said.

Leon CONFESSIONAL: "Awe crap, I'm in every alliance!"

At the finish line, Nancy passes first, then Raquela and Selena, then Forrest and Mikeal, then Willow and Jaycee, then Leon.

"Okay," Chris said, "It's going to be Nancy vs Raquela, Selena vs Forrest, Mikeal vs Willow, Jaycee vs Leon. Round one, we're going to have a wresting fight with Nancy and Raquela, then a basketball match between Selena and Forrest, then a tug-a-war between Mikeal and Willow, then badminton between Jaycee and Leon. Then for round two, it's a dodgeball fight between the advancers then finally, round three is one the dual towers, the person to defeat all wins and receives the voting rights. Good luck!"

"First," Debbie said, with Raquela and Nancy in a wresting ring, with the other competitors standing on the side, "It's Nancy and Raquela! Lets fight!"

"Sorry," Raquela said, "I don't fight!"

"But I do!" Nancy said, she grabs Raquela and throws her on the ground, pinning her down.

Nancy CONFESSIONAL: "Nancy has came all the way to the final eight without receiving a single vote! Nancy has a chance of winning!"

"Raquela's out," Chris said, "Nancy moves on. Now it's basketball time with Selena and Forrest!"

On a basketball court, Selena and Forrest are both holding basketballs.

"Best of first shot wins," Debbie said, "And-"

Forrest then starts repeatedly making shots perfect over-and-over again, each time get quicker.

Forrest CONFESSIONAL: "I was playing basketball since I was a kid and team captain of my basketball team six years in a row."

"Forrest moves on, facing Nancy!" Chris said, "Now it's Mikeal and Willow on a tug-a-war.

On a court, Mikeal and Willow stand across from one-another holding a rope, with a mud puddle in between them.

"Whoever pulls the other into the mud, moves on," Chris said.

"This is easy," Willow said.

"You got this," Nancy said, "Mikeal's so weak, he can't even beat Raquela."

"True fact," Raquela said.

Mikeal gripped the rope and glared at everyone.

'Mikeal CONFESSIONAL: "That is it! I'm tired of everyone making fun of me and taking advantage of me. For now on, it's every man for themselves, because I'm coming for all of you... and it's not going to be pretty. No more mister nice guys... it's time to bring the pain."

Mikeal glares at Willow, then swings the rope towards him so fast, Willow flies passed him, the contestants and into the main lodge, scaring everyone.

"...and Mikeal moves on," Chris said excitedly.

Jaycee CONFESSIONAL: "Oh no... this isn't good. Just a little back story, me and Mikeal grew up with no friends and it made us angry. So fashion helped me and Mikeal being so naive, being so giving help him. But... unlike myself where I can control my anger, Mikeal can not. I can only fear what can happen."

"Okay," Chris said, "It's time for badminton time with Jaycee and Leon!"

Jaycee and Leon appear at a badminton court, holding their rackets.

"I don't know about to play this game," Jaycee said, confused. Soon, Leon serves the birdie and it land in Jaycee's hair, and soon she starts screaming, until she faints.

Chris looks worried, "...and Leon wins... I guess," with an awkward tone. "Dodgeball time!"

In the dodgeball court, Nancy, Forrest, Mikeal and Leon all stand right next to Chris, as Jaycee, Selena, Willow (who's injured) and Raquela all watch from the side.

"It's time for round two!" Chris said, "First off... Nancy vs Forrest! Then it's Mikeal vs Leon!"

"Nancy got this!" Nancy said with confidence, cracking her knuckles and neck, scaring Forrest.

Nancy steps on the court, and Forrest follows with fear. They look in the middle and there's one red ball. They both glare at one another and the flag goes, they both run towards the middle, and Forrest grabs it and throws it at Nancy. But, Nancy catches the ball and hits Forrest in the face.

"Nancy moves on to the final round!" Chris announced, "Question is... who will Nancy be facing? Mikeal? Or Leon?"

Mikeal and Leon are on the court, with the ball in the middle. Mikeal gives Leon the death stare, but Leon is unaffected by it. The flag goes and Mikeal baseball slides into the ball, flying into Leon's face... eliminating him.

"And Mikeal is moving on," Chris said, shocked, and surprising the other competitors.

Jaycee CONFESSIONAL: "And when Mikeal is mad, he's good at sports."

It's the final round, and Mikeal and Nancy are on pillars, holding what they used in the chocolate wars challenge, standing over the pond of chocolate.

"Since we loved the chocolate wars," Chris said, "We thought it would be awesome!"

"Don't worry," Nancy said, "This little boy is going down."

"Little boy?" Mikeal question, surprised. His eyes are twitching, his mouth start opens, attempting to smile, but forcefully. He then looks at Nancy in his pose, but his emotion changes drastically, as he smiles sinisterly at Nancy, officially scaring Nancy.

"Nancy scared!" Nancy said with fright, scaring the other competitors as well.

Jaycee CONFESSIONAL: "Great, now my brother has snapped. Nice job guys, now I have to comfort my brother about how being mad isn't a good thing."

Mikeal then twirls his gumball stick and hits Nancy over the head with it, sending her down to the chocolate pond, splashing chocolate over the eliminated players.

"And Mikeal wins!" Chris announced, Mikeal then jumped off the pillars and walked away. "And he has the swing vote for the elimination. See you at the docks!"

Nancy CONFESSIONAL: "Did you see that? Nancy lost! Nancy can't lose!"

At the dock of shame, Mikeal stands right next to Chris, Chef and Debbie, and the other competitors are standing next to one another, in front of them.

"And it's time for Mike-" Chris said, before Mikeal spoken.

"Nancy," Mikeal said without any emotion, shocking all the competitors next to her, and Nancy becomes sad.

"Nancy is gone!" Chris shouted, grabbing Nancy's shirt and throwing her into the Garbage Shute of Shame.

"Mikeal," Nancy asked, "Why?"

"Because you're a bully," Mikeal said, "And now the bullied is the bully, the bully is now the bullied. Bye-bye." He laughs sinisterly and walks away.

Nancy is shocked to see what happened, and when Chris presses the button to send her to garbage island, she didn't scream but stayed in the pose.

"Nancy is gone and we're down to seven player!" Chris announced. "Tune in next time to see who's getting the shameful elimination! Here on Total Drama The Newcomer Season!" The chapter ends.

Nine: To Catch A Psycho

Chef Hatchet appears in between the trailers, opening the show. "Previously on Total Drama, we had the final eight compete in sport challenges, and Mikeal snapped and won and eliminated Nancy. And Leon's the center of alliance attention. And you're wondering why I'm opening the episode, Chris is off doing some gemmie thing with Blaineley so I'm in charge today! And these kids are going to do challenges where they won't be able to compete. Right here on Total Drama!"

It's Day 14, and the scene opens with Selena, Raquela and Leon, sitting outside.

"Alright guys," Selena said, "We're screwed."

"What do you mean?" Leon asked.

"Well," Selena said, "Mikeal has gone mad, Nancy's gone, and there's a guys alliance, so we have competition, so we're taking them down."

Raquela CONFESSIONAL: "Selena has become very paranoid, but lets be honest, she only used an idol to save herself, hence being feared. Me... I manipulated people. Same with Leon. Selena's just a toy."

Raquela leaves the confessional and Willow appears behind the stall.

Willow CONFESSIONAL: "She... is right. I mean... just an idol... but what did she mean by manipulate people? I have to keep an eye out for her. But since Jaycee's still sad about Kenny, Selena, Raquela and Leon are in an alliance, Mikeal has gone crazy, so the only person I can trust is Forrest... but then again I like a million dollars better than anyone here."

In another part of the forest, Mikeal walks alone, with a sinister look on his face. Jaycee follows him.

"Mikeal," Jaycee called for him, "Mikeal?" said with a higher voice, "Mikeal Jackson Tillman!" she shouted, Mikeal froze and turned to Jaycee.

"What?" Mikeal said.

"Why are you acting like this?" Jaycee asked.

"Because I'm tired of these people taking advantage of me, using me, bullying me," Mikeal said, "So I have to do what it takes to survive this show, remember? Our plan?"

"Listen," Jaycee said, "We made it this far in the game, but it doesn't mean you act like a total raging psycho. Remember what the doctor told us? It's never okay to be angry. Remember all the good we done so far."

Mikeal and Jaycee stopped walking and Mikeal turns around and faces his sister.

"You're right," Mikeal said, "I'm sorry I acted like a raging psycho. I just hate it when people do this to me."

"Good," Jaycee said, the two hugged one another, smiling. "Look, we're in the final seven and half of the competitors are gone. It's just you and me to the finale."

"Good," Mikeal said, smiling.

Forrest CONFESSIONAL: "Yes! Final seven! Half of these losers are gone and I have a chance making it pretty far! Woo-hoo! I'm so excited! Like I've been shouting all night! To the point where Leon and Mikeal threatened my life! Yeah!"

The final seven are walking in the forest, and soon see a giant cage, and Chef Hatchet holding a bucket.

"Welcome to the final seven!" Chef yelled.

"Where's Chris?" Selena asked.

"Chris is out doing some award show," Chef said, "So I'm in charge for the next few days, so get ready to feel pain."

"Oh," Selena sarcastically said, "This is going to be a hard one."

"You think so?" Chef asked, "Your challenge is to go into the woods and find your assigned animals."

"Oh," Raquela sarcastically said, "Are we catching bunnies." Raquela walked up to Chef and puts her hand in the bucket, and pulls out a picture of a bear.

"Your animal to catch is a bear," Chef yelled, smiling.

"What?" Raquela shouted, "Are you kidding me?"

"Nope," Chef yelled, "So get into the forest and catch a bear." Raquela glares at Chef and walks off.

Forrest is next. He placed his hand in the bucket and pulls out a picture of Sasquatchanakwa.

"Forrest," Chef yelled, "Your target animal is Sasquatchanakwa."

"Now am I suppose to catch Sasquatchanakwa?" Forrest asked.

"I don't know," Chef said, "Get going! Next!" Forrest walks off and Selena is next. She places her hand in the bucket and pulls out a picture of a chipmunk.

"Ha!" Selena shouted, "I got a wee chipmunk! I got this." Selena walks off and Willow is next. She placed her hand in the bucket and pulls out a picture of a deer.

"A deer?" Willow said, "God this is so lame." She looks to the ground and walks off.

Jaycee is next, she places her hand in the bucket and pulls out a picture of a raccoon.

"Okay," Jaycee said, "I think I got this one." Jaycee walks away and Mikeal is next. He pulls out a picture of Debbie.

"Debbie?" Mikeal asked.

"We ran out of ideas," Chef said, "And she's pretty savage."

Mikeal looks around and sees Debbie. She waves to him, but he glares at her, responding her to run away, with Mikeal chasing her.

Leon is the last to go, and he pulls out a picture of a lion.

"A lion?" Leon shouted, "Are you serious?"

"Nope!" Chef said, pushing Leon into the forest. Now that the final seven have stuff to catch, who's going to be the first one back? Find out after the break!"

In the woods, the competitors are looking all over various of places.

In one area, Willow is looking at the lake to see a deer drinking from the lake. Willow then steps towards the deer, but only for it to stand on it's back legs and punch Willow in the face.

Willow CONFESSIONAL: "I'm sure deer don't stand nor box... it's going down."

Willow gets up and glares at the deer, "You want to fight? It's on!" She then jumps on the deer and wrestles it.

In another park of the woods, Forrest is wondering in the woods until he sees Selena climbing a tree, in hopes of reaching a chipmunk.

Forrest CONFESSIONAL: "I know I'm suppose to catch Sasquatchanakwa and I'm actually trying to eliminate Selena, but my mother taught me manners. So sure, I'll help her."

"Need some help?" Forrest yelled up to Selena.

"No," Selena said, reaching out for the chipmunk who's throwing acorns at her head, "I got this on my own."

"Okay," Forrest yelled, "Let me know if you need any help." Forrest then walked off, with Selena moaning in pain.

Selena CONFESSIONAL: "I know there's another alliance rather than my alliance with Leon and Raquela. And whoever threatens my alliance will be taking a trip to garbage island.

Forrest is seen walking and he soon sees a cave. He walks in to see a bear and Sasquatchanakwa playing chess and he looks over to see Raquela spying on them.

"Wanna team up?" Forrest asked.

"Why?" Raquela asked.

"That way we can get our animals back first and will be safe."

"Hm... interesting offer... I'm in."

"So... do you have an idea?"

"Uh yeah... actually."

Raquela CONFESSIONAL: "Now that I have someone who's willing to do whatever I want, I can now take control. Good bye Forrest."

Somewhere in the forest, Leon is walking up the mountain to see if the lion is hiding up there.

"These people have to catch smaller animals... and Mikeal has to catch a freaking person, but I have to catch a lion? That figures." He mumbled to himself. He continues walking until he reached the top and see a lion and his family.

"Alright, time to take you." He walks closer to the lion, but the lion looked at Leon, scaring to the point where he ran off the mountain, off the cliff and into the lake, screaming.

Near where he landed, Jaycee and searching for a raccoon.

Jaycee CONFESSIONAL: "I'm sure catching a raccoon isn't bad. I mean come on... it's a raccoon!"

She continues to look and sees a raccoon eat a piece of bread.

"Awe so cute!" Jaycee shouted. But the raccoon sees her and gathers it's other raccoon friends and foam a giant raccoon monster, roaring at Jaycee.

Jaycee CONFESSIONAL: Shivering in fear in the fetal position.

Jaycee screams out load and runs very fast over the water, hills and trees.

In the cave, Raquela is covering Forrest up with gravy.

"Okay," Raquela said, "Now that we have you covered up, it's time to win immunity. You ready?"

"Uh..." Forrest said confused, "I think-"

"Good," Raquela said, "Now go ruin there game and run to the finish line. See you there!" Raquela then runs outside the cave and Forrest awkwardly walks up to the bear and Sasquatchanakwa playing chess. He then flips the board over and runs away. "Stupid!" he shouted.

Forrest is seen running in the woods.

"I think I got this," Forrest said, he then hears roaring behind him and the animals, including the raccoon monster chasing Jaycee, a deer fighting Willow, a heard of Lions chasing Leon, a chipmunk in Selena's hair and Raquela walking behind them.

At the finish line, Chef and Debbie are standing there, with Debbie in fear.

"So I hear a lot of animals coming up, this might be a close one!" Chef said, looking towards Debbie, "Aren't you suppose to be hiding?"

"I know but I haven't seen Mikeal all day," Debbie said.

Soon, Forrest runs across the finish line screaming and all the other animals and competitors (except Raquela) finished and soon, the animals were beating up the competitors.

"Even though Forrest won," Chef said, "I think we'll give out first aid awards."

"Forrest won?" Raquela shouted, "why him?"

"Because his animal cross first and so did he, now he has the choice of eliminating anyone he wants to."

"Thank goodness nothing happened to me," Debbie said.

Soon, Mikeal jumps from a tree and covers Debbie with a bag and drags it across the finish line, "What did I miss?"

At the camp ground, Forrest, who has a cast on his arm and leg, is trying to relax. But soon, Raquela comes from behind him.

"Hey there handsome," Raquela said, "It's elimination time and I think you should vote out Willow.

"Why her?" Forrest quickly asked.

"Lets face it," Raquela said, "She's a treat, plus she has an alliance and only in it for the money. See you then voting her off."

Raquela leaves and Willow appears, with a cast on her arm.

"What was that about?" Willow asked.

"Nothing, just voting someone out," Forrest said.

"Me, right?"

"Nawh... yeah."

"Because Raquela told you to, right?"


"Dude, just get rid of her."

"But she got me the win."

"But want to kill you as well. I mean, come on. I'm you're friend here, not her. It's up to you."

It's elimination time and everyone is at the dock of shame, with Chef and Forrest are facing the other competitors, where Raquela and Mikeal are fine and everyone else are bruised.

"So," Chef said, "According to Forrest, everyone but Willow and Raquela are safe... so yeah... Forrest."

"This was a tough choice... but after thinking long and hard." Forrest said.

"Ha, that's what she said," Leon said, with Selena and Jaycee glaring at him.

"I've decided that it's Raquela I'm voting off, not Willow."

"What?" Raquela shouted in anger, "Are you freaking kidding me?"

"No," Forrest said, "And I've decided that friends are more important than what I've here for."

"Oh really?" Raquela said, "Than would you believe me that Willow said herself that a 'million is better than anyone here'?"

Everyone gasped and then glared at Willow.

"Oh and lets not forget something here," Raquela said, "Jaycee, I caused Kenny's elimination. All me, but it was Selena's idea."

Jaycee gasped and glared at Selena.

"Leon," Raquela said, "He's in every alliance on the show. Can you really trust him?"

Everyone gasped and glared at Leon.

"Good," Raquela said, "Time for me to go home now... oh yeah Garbage Island." Chef then pushes her in the Garbage Shute of Shame and presses the button, sending her off.

"Well," Chef said, "That's it for this episode. Will everyone trust Willow? Will people eliminate Leon? Or what will Jaycee do now that she know's the truth? Find out next time on Total Drama, The Newcomer Season!"

Ten: What a Dare-ing Day

The chapter opens with Chef Hatchet is in the kitchen cooking.

"Previously on Total Drama. I sent the competitors to hunt for animals... but they became the hunted. In the end, Forrest won and sent Raquela home. But Raquela revealed so much information, especially about Leon teaming up with Raquela and Selena, Jaycee and Willow, and Forrest and Mikeal. Also revealing that Willow was in it for the money the entire time. And that it was Selena's idea to eliminate Kenny. So who's screwed? Find out later when we dare these people to do stuff, right now on Total Drama The Newcomer Season!"

It's Dy 16 and the final six are on the beach. Willow is sitting on a rock glaring at Mikeal and Jaycee, who are tanning in their bathing suits. Jaycee soon glances over to Selena, who's filing her nails. Selena then glances over to Leon who's swimming, but Leon notices that Forrest is glaring at him, who's sitting on the dock.

"Wow," Mikeal said.

Mikeal CONFESSIONAL: "I smell tension! No more target on my back! Now that Selena actually eliminated Kenny, Willow and Leon are seen as traitors, and Forrest is actually athletic, I'm on my to the finale! Thanks Raquela."

Jaycee CONFESSIONAL: "Selena is going down! I can't believe she would do that to Kenny. And Willow? I was in an alliance with her. I could of gone home! Same with Leon. I know Forrest was in a guys' alliance so the only person I can trust is... oh gawd Mikeal. I guess it's time for us to ally up."

Leon CONFESSIONAL: "Final six and so far, everything that is part of my plan has gone down. Now Selena and Forrest don't trust me, Willow is untrustable and Jaycee is probably allying up with Mikeal, I'm a lone wolf and I have to survive. Otherwise I'll go home."

Willow CONFESSIONAL: "So what I'm only in it for the money. Everyone joined the show to win the million. Now that everyone doesn't trust me, I'm screwed. But my only chance to survive is by eliminating Mikeal and Jaycee, since they can trust one another. Otherwise I won't win.

Forrest CONFESSIONAL: "I can't believe I'm in the final six! And now that I know everyone's true nature, I don't need anyone's help. I'm athletic! I got this!"

Selena CONFESSIONAL: "Great... that's just great. I had a strong alliance but now Raquela was a traitor and Leon was going to backstab me. This day can't possibly get worse... and I'm in the final six!"

"Listen up everyone!" Chef Hatchet said on the intercom, alarming the competitors, "You guys are the final six, and the challenges are gonna get harder. Today, you guys are going into Truth or Dare today! Last time we did so, Heather, Gwen and Owen drank dirty toilet water, eat jelly out of belly buttons and eaten dog food. But instead of the first person quitting, the last person standing wins the challenge and votes off anyone of their choice. Now... meet me in the stadium ASAP!"

The competitors start walking towards the stadium, with Jaycee and Mikeal behind them all.

"Mikeal," Jaycee said, "We need to talk."

"Why?" Mikeal asked.

"Because everyone left is untrustworthy," Jaycee said, "And the on-"

"You want to form an alliance with me?" Mikeal said.

"Yes!" Jaycee shouted, "Now that we know about Selena, she's first."

"Okay," Mikeal said, "I'll help."

Jaycee puts her hand in front of Mikeal, and Mikeal shakes it.

"Brother and sister to the end?" Jaycee asked.

"You got it," Mikeal said.

The final six are all sitting at a table. Chef Hatchet then appears, pulling the Wheel of Misfortune with the eight eliminated competitors pictures on their, worrying the final six.

"Welcome to 'I Triple-Dog Dare You' challenge! Since we're keeping it in tradition, we sent Debbie over to garbage island to college dare from the eliminated competitors." Debbie is seen all bruised up, pulling wagons with eight jars pull of pieces of paper.

"I saw my boyfriend and I came up with easy dares," Debbie said, "But I was reading these and they were horrible! I think one of them is to perform heart surgery on a mouse."

"Anyways," Chef said, "Fail to complete a dare and you'll be eliminated from the challenge. Last person standing wins and choices the trash to be sent out tonight. So... lets begin with Jaycee!"

Jaycee gets up and and spins the wheel and the pin landed on Aphrodite.

"Aphrodite!" Chef shouted, he pulls out a slip from Aphrodite's jar, "Your dare is to read this letter Aphrodite stole from Kenny's garbage tent."

"Ee! Kenny!" Jaycee screamed, "Dear Jaycee, I'm sorry about what happened about Raquela. To be honest, since my stay on garbage island, I've grown to like Raquela and since she was eliminated recently, we hooked up. So this is goodbye, Jaycee." Jaycee looks up crying.

"You passed the dare!" Chef shouted with excitement, but Jaycee ran off crying. "Next up, Leon!"

Leon gets up to spin the wheel, and the wheel landed on Nancy.

"Nancy!" Chef shouted, "Your dare is to kiss a bear!"

"A bear?" Leon shouted, "I'll do it."

Leon is in the forest looking for a bear. He then accidentally walks up to a bear, who was confused. Leon then kisses the bear on the faces and runs off screaming.

"Leon moves on," Chef said, "Next up is Willow!" Willow walks up and spins the wheel. It lands on Terry. "Your dare is to bathe in this tub of warm green jelly until you're up again."

Soon, a hottub full of warm green jelly appears, grossing Willow out. She then shrugged and jumps in the jelly.

"It's good for my skin," Willow said.

"Next up is Mikeal!" Chef shouted, Mikeal walks up and spins the wheel and it landed on Raquela, "Your dare is to stay naked for the rest of the challenge."

"What?" Mikeal shouted, "I don't want to be naked."

"One million dollars, Mikeal," Chef said. Mikeal then shrugs and undresses, covering himself and sits back down.

"Next up is Selena!" Chef shouted. Selena walks up and spins the wheel and it lands on Bruce. "Your dare is to eat mud."

"I'm not eating mud," Selena said, "Can I do another dare?"

"Nope," Chef said, "Now eat dirt because you're done from the challenge."

Selena looked at the ground and puts her face in the dirt, chewing on it and swallowed it. "I'm done." Selena cried.

"Forrest," Chef said, "You're next!" Forrest comes up and spins the wheel, to land on Kenny. "Your dare is to get your head shaved."

"But my head is already shaved," Forrest replied, he removed his hat and his hair is shaved.

"...okay," Chef said, "You're golden."

Selena CONFESSIONAL: "No fair!"

"Now that we gone through the first round," Chef said, "I forgot to mention. Since this is a dare challenge, you can dare other competitors to do your assigned dare."

"No way!" Jaycee shouted.

"That's awesome," Forrest claimed.

"But, if you fail to complete the dared dare, you will be eliminated from the competition," Chef said, causing the rest of the competitors to gasped.

"So if we dare anyone to do our dares and they fail, they're gone?" Willow asked.

"Yes," Chef said, "If you do your dares, you'll be rewarded a chocolate bar. And you can use these to pass your dared dares. Good luck! Jaycee?"

Jaycee smirks at Selena and walks up and spins the wheel. It lands on Debbie.

"Jaycee," Chef shouts, "Your dare is to tell Debbie that's she's pretty."

Jaycee CONFESSIONAL: "That's not a dare at all to make Selena do that'll eliminate her... but I do get a chocolate bar..."

"Debbie," Jaycee said, "You're not pretty... you're beautiful!"

"Oh my god!" Debbie shouted, "Now we can be girlfriends!"

Debbie CONFESSIONAL: "Now, I finally have a boyfriend and a best friend! This show is awesome!"

"Leon?" Chef said. Leon goes to spin the wheel and it lands on Aphrodite, "Your dare is to wear a diaper for the rest of the challenge.

"That's embarrassing," Leon said.

"It's not as embarrassing as being naked," Mikeal shouted.

"How about I dare Mikeal to wear the diaper," Leon shouted.

"Yes!" Mikeal said, Debbie handed Mikeal a diaper and he puts it on, "Now my butt is warm."

"Nice Mikeal," Chef said, "But I forgot to mention. If you dare someone to do your dare and they complete it, you'll be eliminated from the challenge... so Leon... you're done for and will be up for elimination."

"Are you kidding me?" Leon shouted.

"Go sit in the warm jelly tub," Chef said. Leon then go to the tub and sits across from Willow.

"Can I go now?" Willow asked.

"Alright Willow," Chef said, "You're up!" Willow gets out of the tub and spins the wheel. It lands on Raquela. "Your dare is to drink fruit punch from the toilet."

Willow CONFESSIONAL: "Million dollars or have pride?"

"Yeah if I don't do this challenge," Willow asked, "Will I be eliminated?"

"If you dare someone to do it," Chef said.

"I dare Mikeal to do whatever I have to do," Willow said.

Mikeal gasped and glares at Willow.

Willow CONFESSIONAL: "Lets be honest, I need to get rid of Mikeal, otherwise his alliance with Jaycee is going to be strong and they'll eliminate everyone on the show."

In the bathroom, Chef and Debbie pour fruit punch mix in the toilet and then Chef gives Mikeal a straw.

"A million dollars," Mikeal repeated, "Million dollars, million dollar, million-"

Mikeal then looks at the toilet and starts crying. He puts the straw in the toilet and starts drinking it. He gets up and runs away screaming, shocking Debbie and Chef, who were about to throw up.

At the stadium, Mikeal walks back with barf all over him, he sits back down.

"Willow," Chef said, "Since Mikeal completed the challenge, go back to the tub!"

"Are you kidding me?" Willow shouted, she walks back to the warm tub and sits in there angry.

Willow CONFESSIONAL: "Great, there goes my chance of winning the challenge. I knew I should of let it pass."

"Next up is Mikeal," Chef said, "Want me to spin the wheel for you?"

"Sure," Mikeal said sickly. Chef spins the wheel and it lands on Nancy.

"Your dare is to fight a deer!" Chef said.

Mikeal CONFESSIONAL: "I'm not risking my chance of winning for something so simple. I'm going in!"

In the middle of the woods, Mikeal, who's still in the diaper and covered in barf, walks up to a deer and punches it in the face. He awkwardly looks at the deer and runs away.

Back at the stadium, Mikeal receives a chocolate bar and sits back down, next to Jaycee.

"What?" Mikeal said, "If we dare Selena to do our dares and she wins, we're not going to be able to win and we'll lose. Just do the dares for now.

"Okay," Jaycee said, agreeing with Mikeal.

Selena glares at Mikeal and Jaycee.

"Next up is Selena!" Chef shouted. Selena walks up and spins the wheel, landing on Bruce. "Your dare is to get tazed!"

"What?" Selena said, "I'm not being-" Debbie then tazes Selena for five seconds and then stops.

Selena CONFESSIONAL: "My hair is all fuzzy now! I hate this show."

"Chocolate bar for Selena!" Chef said, throwing a chocolate bar to her.

"Thanks," Selena said, angerly.

"Next up," Chef said, "Forrest!" Forrest comes up and spins the wheel, landing on Terry. "Your dare is to jump off the cliff and dance at the same time."

"That's my dare?" Forrest laughed, "Lets do this!"

Forrest walks up to the cliff and with no fear, jumps off the cliff. He starts dancing while he's falling, with a smile on his face. Then, he lands in the water.

At the stadium, he walks back with a smile on his face.

"Chocolate bar to Forrest!" Chef said, "And we're heading to round three with four players!"

"I wonder what the dares are going to be?" Jaycee asked.

"Good question," Chef said, "Spin that wheel!" Jaycee walks up and spins the wheel, landing on Debbie. "Your dare is to pick some flowers and give it to Debbie."

Debbie CONFESSIONAL: "Okay, so I might of had all the dares have something to do with me... I just like getting stuff and compliments, okay?"

Jaycee goes to pick some flowers near the beach. She walks back to the stadium and gives them to Debbie.

"Thanks Jaycee best friend!" Debbie shouted.

"You're welcome," Jaycee said.

Jaycee CONFESSIONAL: "How am I suppose to eliminate Selena if all my dares are simple and non-life threatening?"

"Mikeal," Chef said, "It's your turn!" Mikeal walks up to the wheel and spins it. It lands on Kenny. "Your dare is to suck jelly out of someone's belly button."

"Who's?" Mikeal asked.

"Well," Chef said, "Since we have only six of you and Debbie, we decided that we're bringing back classic competitor Owen!"

A table comes flying back, with Owen lying down with a belly button full of jelly.

"Hey guys!" Owen said, "It's great to be back! But I feel bad for you Mikeal... I can't reach my belly button so it hasn't been clean in... uh... years? Haha good luck."

Mikeal CONFESSIONAL: "This million dollars better be worth it!"

Mikeal looks at Owen and closes his eyes and pinches his nose. He then sucks up all the jelly and then faints.

"Gross!" Jaycee, Selena and Forrest said.

"Mikeal," Chef said, "You get a chocolate bar." He looks at Mikeal who's drowling jelly. He then drops the bar on his chest and turns to Owen.

"So is that it for me?" Owen asked.

"Yes sir," Chef said, "Want to play with this ballon?" Chef his Owen a giant orange ballon and ties it to his foot.

"This is fun!" Owen shouted, however a giant gust of wind started blowing and the ballon flew away with Owen still tied to it, flying off into the sky with Owen screaming, scaring the competitors.

"And we're getting sued," Chef said, "Selena it's your turn." Selena walks up to the wheel and spins it, landing on Raquela. "Your dare is to put a load of gum in your hair."

"Gum?" Selena said, "But won't that-" Debbie then throws a giant chewed up ball of gum at Selena's hair. "Ah! It's stuck! Get it out! Get it out! Get it out!" She starts to pull the gum out of her hair.

"I don't think that's a good idea if I were you," Jaycee said.

Selena continues to pull the gum out, and she successfully did, but it ripped out all of her hair. Selena looks at the ball of gum and sees all of her hair is in there.

"Are you (beep)-ing kidding me?" Selena shouted and screamed, scaring the competitors. "This cannot be happening to me! This can't possibly get worse!"

"Forrest," Chef said, "It's your turn!" Forrest gets up and spins the wheel. It lands on Bruce. "Your dare is to eat a dirty sweaty shoe with gravy!"

"I'll pass," Forrest said, giving Chef the chocolate bar.

"Alright," Chef said, "Back to Jaycee!" Jaycee gets up and spins the wheel, landing on Nancy. "Your dare is to kiss Forrest!"

"What?" Jaycee shouted.

"What?" Forrest shouted as well.

"The dare said to kiss Forrest," Selena said, "So do it!" Selena said.

Jaycee and Forrest moved to one another and kissed each other. Jaycee was shocked as Forrest enjoyed their kiss. They blushed but were interrupted when Chef threw Jaycee a chocolate bar.

"Mikeal!" Chef said, "Your turn!" Mikeal walked up and spin the wheel. It landed on Aphrodite. "Your dare is to put poop on your face."

Mikeal CONFESSIONAL: "No way am I doing that!"

"I dare Selena to do that!" Mikeal shouted.

"I'll use my chocolate bar!" Selena said.

"And it's your turn," Chef said. Selena gets up and spins the wheel and it landed on Debbie. "Your dare is to sing a song to a raccoon."

"Really Debbie?" Selena said, "I dare Forrest to do that!"

"Sure," Forrest said.

In the woods, Forrest is walking to a raccoon, singing.

"Yo yo yo, night walker!" Forrest rapped, "Gettin mah label, wit' my love. Yo yo yo!"

The raccoon looked at him awkward and started to attack his face.

Back at the stadium, Forrest, who has scratches all over his face, walks back to spin the wheel. It lands on Terry.

"Your dare is to sing to a raccoon," Chef said. Forrest looked at Chef and walked to the hottub and sat in there with Willow and Leon.

"And we're in round four with only Jaycee, Mikeal and Selena," Chef announced, "Jaycee, you're up!"

Jaycee walks up to spin the wheel, which lands on Nancy.

"Your dare is to get sprayed by a snuck," Chef said.

"I dare Selena do that that!" Jaycee shouted.

Jaycee CONFESSIONAL: "It's just me, Mikeal and Selena, so I'm sure me and Mikeal can nail Selena with dares... but we have to be careful otherwise we'll lose and she wins."

"Are you kidding me?" Selena said, "You know, it's on!" Soon, Debbie, who's wearing a gas mask walks up to Selena with a snuck. Debbie soon smacks it and it sprays all over Selena.

"Selena passed!" Chef said, "Jaycee is out!"

"Mikeal," Jaycee said, "It's up to you to win."

"Don't worry," Mikeal said, "I won't lose."

Jaycee goes to the tub and sit with the other competitors. Mikeal goes up to spin the wheel to land on Kenny.

"Your dare is to eat toe jam from someone," Chef said.

"I'm not losing this challenge," Mikeal said, "Bring it."

"Great," Selena said, "I'm going against a gross person."

"At least I'm not bald and smelly," Mikeal said.

"So," Chef said, "In absence of Owen, we actually brought in another classic competitor... Ezekiel!"

Ezekiel is on a leech, with his feet stinking. Mikeal then grabs Ezekiel foot and eat the toe jam.

"Give me my chocolate bar!" Mikeal yelled.

Chef gives Mikeal the chocolate bar.

"Ezekiel," Chef said, "Want a ballon?"

Ezekiel shakes his head. Chef ties a giant red ballon to Ezekiel's hand, but yet again, a giant gust of wind blows the ballon away and Ezekiel flies off into the sky, screaming.

"I really need to stop doing that," Chef said. "Selena... go!"

Selena walks up to the wheel and spins it. It lands on Debbie.

"What is it?" Selena said, "Call her nice? Call her pretty? Play date? Bring it!"

"Actually," Chef said, "Your dare is to brush your teeth with this toothbrush from garbage island!"

"I found this toothbrush in some pile of dark mud that smelled really badly," Debbie said, "It also was swallowed by a bird but I killed it and got it back, a monkey wiped his butt with it and there's a little bug family living in there. It's so adorable."

Selena CONFESSIONAL: "So... if I don't do this dare, Mikeal wins and I go home. If I dare Mikeal, he'll probably do it. I mean he eat Ezekiel's toe jam. Man I'm screwed."

Selena stares at it. She then looked up and saw the Garbage Shute of Shame, but also looked at Mikeal. She then looked at the shute again, and started running towards it. And then jumped in the garbage shute of shame.

"I quit!" Selena shouted, "Press the button!" Chef then presses the button and Selena is sent to Garbage Island.

"And today's winner is Mikeal!" Chef announced.

"Yes!" Mikeal said, Jaycee soon ran up to him, hugging him.

"Nice job," Jaycee said, "You got rid of Selena. You're a good brother."

"Well duh I am," Mikeal said, "I'll do anything to help you."

Later that night, the competitors have finished taking showers. Near the mess hall, Willow walks up to Debbie.

"So," Willow said, "I have a question."

"Sure," Debbie said excitedly.

"I need to know if you have any secrets to tell me?"

"Well... I have some but I don't know if I can tell you."

"Well, maybe you should since we're best friends."

"We... we are?"

"Yes we are!" Willow warped her arm around Debbie's should. "And best friends tell each other everything. So, tell me what you know about the show and I'll tell you my secrets."

"Okay," Debbie said. The two girls walked off into the woods.

Later on that night, Jaycee and Forrest walked into each other accidentally.

"Sorry about that," Forrest said, blushing.

"It's okay," Jaycee said.

"Hey, how are you feeling since your break-up?"

"Fine now, just know that Kenny's bad and don't want to see him again. I mean, he enjoyed Raquela."

"He doesn't deserve someone like you. I'd do better."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, if you're my girl, I'll treat you like a princess. Talk to you all night, make sure you're safe, and give you space if you need it."

"Wow, Kenny wasn't like that."

"Because he doesn't understand women. Being raised by my mom and five sisters, I know how woman feel."

"Wow... I'm impressed." The two blush at one another and smiles, with Mikeal watching from far.

Mikeal CONFESSIONAL: "Unlike Kenny, I know Forrest. And I can safely say that he's a sweetheart. And I won challenge number two! I'm on a roll!"

Soon, Chris McLean comes crashing through the confessional stall, crushing Mikeal.

"Well guys," Chris said, "I'm back and ready for a daring final five! Who's going to make it to the final four? Find out next time on Total Drama The Newcomer Season!"

"I'm can't feel my legs," Mikeal said in pain.

Eleven: In With the New, But Here Comes the Old

Chris McLean appears on the beach, sitting on a chair, with Chef next to him.

"Previously on Total Drama! We had the final six do the most disgusting... and weird... dares ever! They got so ruthless, even Selena quit! But it what happened during the challenge that'll make this episode so epic! Jaycee and Forrest are fancying each other, Willow has some secret going on and Leon is probably just getting lamer! What's going to happen? And is Chef going to be sued for letting Owen and Ezekiel fly off into space? Find out today on Total Drama The Newcomer Season!"

It's Day 18, three days before the finale. Debbie and Willow are seen talking on the dock.

"And now Chris has some big surprised for the finale," Debbie said.

"Wow," Willow said surprised.

Willow CONFESSIONAL: "So I know that the last two challenges before the finale. Everyone is coming back for the finale and Chris has a surprise for us. Interesting."

"So you must know why you can't tell anyone about this," Debbie said.

"Otherwise everyone will spoil the season," Willow said.

"Good," Debbie said, "Hey, you never told me anything about yourself bestie!"

"Oh yeah," Willow froze for a second, "Well my name isn't 'Willow,' it's just a nickname. My real name is... Catherine."

"Catherine's not a bad name!" Debbie said out loud.

"Don't ever say my real name out loud!" Willow shouted, before she stormed out.

In the boys' trailer, Leon and Forrest are glaring at each other.

"Dude," Leon said, "Why are shunning me? We're still dude and we're still cool, right?"

"Dude," Forrest said, "You were going to betray me! How can I trust you now?"

"Trust me," Leon said, "Selena and Raquela are gone, so I'm a free man."

Leon CONFESSIONAL: "No I'm not, Forrest was very cocky in the last challenge... and he's more athletic than me. Not to mention he likes Jaycee. So it's the three of them, and I think Willow's up to something with Debbie. So I'm a lone wolf. I need to win today's challenge otherwise I'm done for... so I need to get rid of either Forrest or Mikeal."

Leon leaves the confessional and Forrest appears from the side.

"Yo," Forrest said to Leon.

"Ah!" Leon said.

"I heard everything!" Forrest said, "You're worse than Raquela and Selena. I can't wait to win today so I can get rid of your backstabbing butt."

"Oh really?" Leon said, "It's on!" The two walked away from each other.

In the main lodge, Mikeal and Jaycee are eating breakfast together. Forrest comes in and sits next to Jaycee.

"Jaycee," Forrest said, "I need to talk to you."

"What's wrong?" Jaycee said.

"Leon hasn't change," Forrest said, "In fact, he said he's either going to eliminate me or Mikeal today."

"What?" Jaycee and Mikeal said at once.

"So..." Forrest added, "We need to stand guard around him. And with Willow acting weird with Debbie, we need to make sure they go down."

"I can take care of Willow," Jaycee said, "She was going to betray me so I can handle her."

"And I'll take care of Leon. He's going down," Forrest added.

"What about me?" Mikeal asked.

"Just make sure you don't get eliminated," Jaycee addded.

Mikeal CONFESSIONAL: "Ever since I got rid of Selena, nothing interesting has been going on for me. I guess that's because the target is not on me but on everyone... which is good because I'm one step closer to a million. I mean, final five. That's pretty far!"

Jaycee CONFESSIONAL: "I can't believe I'm in the final five... with my brother and new boyfriend. I hope I make it to the finale! That way I can go on the biggest shopping spree ever!

Forrest CONFESSIONAL: "I'm in the final five bromigos! I got this!"

Willow CONFESSIONAL: "I just have to make sure not to trust anyone and keep everything to myself!"

Leon CONFESSIONAL: "And once I win today's challenge I'll be unstoppable!"

Outside, on the cliff, the final five are standing in front of Chris.

"Welcome to the final five everyone!" Chris shouted, "You guys are so close to the end. It'll be unpredictable who wins or loses. But, to ensure that we have winners in the final instead of losers, whoever comes in last place for each challenge from here on out will automatically be eliminated."

The final five gasped to the surprise.

"And today, we're starting with our most dangerous challenge... The Earthquake of Inevitable Pain!" Chris said, surprising the competitors, "This challenge is so ruthless, it caused our angel Owen to break his jaw! Speaking about Owen, him and Ezekiel are safe, they just landed in Japan with 5th degree frost bite and promise not to sue us."

"Chris," Willow said, "I can really care less."

"Okay," Chris said, "Here's your challenge! First, you must dive off this cliff again and race to the main lodge, where you'll bring one item with you. Then, you'll go to the Earthquake of Inevitable Pain and reach the top, finishing all the obstacle courses. The first person to reach the top first will get an advantage in the next challenge. The loser, however, will have a ticket to garbage island tonight."

Willow CONFESSIONAL: "Sounds tough, but at least I have Debbie on my side."

"Before we start the challenge," Chris said, "We have found out that our intern Debbie had an illegal alliance with Willow. And since we don't allow that, Debbie is fired! And Willow will have a disadvantage in the challenge!"

"What?" Willow screamed.

"That's right!" Chris said, "And lets say good-bye to Debbie... for good." Chef is seen wheeling a giant catapult with Debbie tied inside of it.

"Willow was going to eliminate you all!" Debbie shouted.

"We know," Mikeal said.

"Doesn't surprise us," Leon said.

"Good-bye Debbie," Chris said, "See you never!" Chef launches the catapult, with Debbie flying off into the distance.

Willow CONFESSIONAL: "Great, there goes my chance of winning."

"What's my disadvantage?" Willow asked.

"If you don't win today's challenge," Chris said, "You'll be eliminated!"

"What?" Willow shouted in anger.

"And go!" Chris said, sounding off the horn.

At the edge, Mikeal jumps off first, then Willow dives off quickly, followed by Jaycee and Forrest jumping off together, hugging and Leon jumping off, screaming.

Chris then turns to the screen, "Who's gonna win? Who's gonna lose? Who's going to get a big fat bruise? Find out when we return!"

In the lake, Mikeal lands in the water first. Then followed by Willow who lands right next to him.

"Hey Mikeal," Willow said, "Remember our old pack back in the beginning of the game?"

"No," Mikeal said, swimming away, "But I'm with my sister now."

Willow CONFESSIONAL: "Ugh, why?"

Soon, Jaycee and Forrest landed on Willow while in the water, then Leon, who landed on the ground.

Over by the forest, Mikeal is the first to reach the main lodge, but the door is locked. Soon, Willow shoves him over.

"Hey," Mikeal said, "You can't do that!"

"There's no rules," Willow said, who was quickly shoved out of the way by Leon, who opened the door.

"See ya later losers," Leon said, running inside.

Willow ran inside next, followed by Mikeal, then Jaycee and Forrest.

Inside the main lodge, everyone is looking for an object to carry.

Willow, who's in the kitchen, opens the fridge door and decides to bring one of the trays inside of there. She then leaves.

Leon decides to carry a bag of flour with him. Mikeal brings a spoon, while Jaycee has a ham and Forrest is carrying a chair.

Forrest CONFESSIONAL: "Maybe if I bring a chair with me, I'll get better points!"

Soon, the competitors arrived at The Earthquake of Inevitable Pain, tired while holding their stuff. Soon, Chef arrives in a golf cart and attached is Chris with a gold ball gun.

"Alright guys," Chris said, "Now that you've gotten your workout done, it's time for the Earthquake of Inevitable Pain! First one to arrive to the top wins, last one is eliminated unless if you're Willow, who has to win otherwise she's gone."

"I know!" Willow shouted.

"Chris," Leon said, "Do we really need to bring this stuff with us?"

"Not really," Chris said, "I just did that so I can get my golf ball gun ready. You guys ready?"

Everyone looked at Chris, scared and not ready.

"Uh Chris," Jaycee said, "Are we going to die?"

"When you did this last time, didn't Owen injure himself?" Forrest asked.

"Yes," Chris said, "And since Owen promised not to sue us, we're in tip top shape. Any other questions?"

The competitors all raised their hands, only for Chris to ignore them.

"Alright and go!" Chris shouted, and the competitors took off.

Once they arrived, the Earthquake of Inevitable Pain started shaking and it split in half, with Jaycee and Leon on one side and Forrest, Mikeal and Willow on the other.

Soon, Chris starts shooting the gun, pelting Jaycee and Leon onto the tires, and then Forrest and Mikeal in their faces, but Willow dodges and takes off.

Willow goes over the cones easily and makes it to the monkey bars, but the water shoots at her.

"Really?" Willow said.

Following her, Mikeal and Forrest makes it to the monkey bars, but Willow starts kicking their arms.

"Ouch, hey!" Forrest and Mikeal shouted.

On the other side, Jaycee is climbing on top of the monkey bars with Leon underneath them, soon the water blasts at them, upsetting them.

At the next obstacle course, Willow goes through the metal tunnles first, but Mikeal tackles her.

"This is for cheating," Mikeal said, on top of her.

Soon, Forrest starts bolting pass them, but the Earthquake of Inevitable Pain starts shaking again, causing him to fall back, hitting Mikeal off Willow.

While on the other side, Leon runs through the tunnel, followed by Jaycee and soon, they both run over the log, but their side starts falling from the quake and they jumped to the other side, before the log where Willow is.

Soon, Mikeal and Forrest met up with the three and they all glared at one another.

Now, with the wooden log and the brick wall left, they all start shoving and pushing one another, but Willow and Jaycee made it over the log first, while Leon and Forrest are fighting and Mikeal is behind the girls.

At the brick wall, Jaycee and Willow are climbing at the same time and reach the top.

Willow then grabs Jaycee's hair.

"I'm not going to lose!" Willow shouted, but soon, the girls both fell over the finish line at the same time.

"And Jaycee and Willow tie!" Chris said, "Winning the challenge and Willow doesn't have to go home!"

"Yes!" Willow shouted.

Soon, Mikeal climbs over the wall, passing the line.

"Making it to the final four as well is Mikeal!" Chris announced, "We're just down to Leon and Forrest!"

Leon and Forrest are on the ground, fighting, but Leon pushes Forrest off The Earthquake of Inevitable Pain, landing on the ground, shocking Jaycee. Leon then walked over the log, and climbs over the brick wall, making it to the final four.

"And with that, we have our final four! Willow, Jaycee, Mikeal and Leon!" Chris announced, "And now, we'll be kicking off our fifth placer competitor, Forrest!"

Forrest is on the ground, crying.

"Time to kick off Forrest right now!" Chris said.

It's elimination time and Forrest is in the Garbage Shute of Shame, sad. Chris, Jaycee, Willow, Mikeal and Leon watch as Forrest is about to go home.

"Forrest," Jaycee said, "I'm sorry about your elimination."

"It's okay," Forrest said, "You crossed and that's all I care about. Good luck Jayce-"

Soon, Chris presses the button and Forrest is sucked into the shute and sent to Garbage Island.

"Awe," Jaycee said, sad.

"Jaycee is down another boyfriend!" Chris shouted.

"Hey!" Jaycee shouted.

"And we're down to the final four!" Chris announced, "Tune in next time to see the most dramatic elimination ever, here on Total Drama The Newcomer Season!"

Twelve: Escape from Garbage Island

The chapter opens with Chris McLean and Chef, inside the main lodge. "Last time on Total Drama, we had the final five race in a disastrous challenge, that left Forrest to be eliminated. We found out that Willow had an alliance with Debbie, in which violates her contract and fired her. But, Willow refused to go down with a fight and tied to win the challenge with Jaycee. We're now down to the final four, Willow, Jaycee, Mikeal and Leon. Which one of these newcomers are going to be in the final two? Find out on Total Drama, The Newcomer Season!"

It's the night of day 18, and it's raining. Leon is sitting on the boys' side trainer, staring at Jaycee and Willow, who are glaring at one another.

"Glaring at me isn't going to bring back your boyfriend," Willow said.

"And being a cheater isn't going to win you a million," Jaycee said.

"Listen up, Final Four!" Chris shouted on the intercom, "It's great to see our competitors have fun, so tomorrow's challenge is going to be easy. Like Drumheller, you'll be making sculptures!"

"Sounds like fun," Leon shouted.

"Also," Chris said, "We got word that Max auditioned for another show and got accepted to it."

"Nice!" Leon shouted.

"No," Chris announced, "Not good. In your contracts, you can only be on one show... this one! So we have to cut him lose. If you look over to the smelly island, you'll be able to see a red speck." Jaycee, Leon and Willow look over to garbage island, seeing a red speck in the air.

"I see it," Jaycee said, "What does this has to Max?"

"That is Max!" Chris said, "We're flying him off to his new show, The Fattest Loser!"

The competitors keep looking, and a jet flies by and carries the balloon with it.

"That was not suppose to happen," Chris announced, "Well see you all tomorrow."

Jaycee suddenly got up and enters the trailer, leaving Willow outside.

"Yo," Leon shouted, "It's the siblings and us."

"I've noticed," Willow said.

"I think we should pair up and take these two losers down," Leon said.

"I'm already on that," Willow said, "I'll take care of Jaycee, you focus on Mikeal." They both shook each other's hands. They both walked to their trailers and closed the door.

Mikeal CONFESSIONAL: "Yes! I'm in the final four! This is awesome! Think about... me in the final three or the final two - I can't decide on which one is better but either way, I did better than 10 other people. Though again, I do apologize for the eliminations I caused... don't know what got into me. I guess I like to eliminate people." Suddenly, Mikeal freezes and falls asleep.

Day 19 and it stopped raining. Chef walks outside, with a cup of coffee in his hand. He drinks it until he reaches the center of the island and spits out his coffee.

"Chris!" Chef shouted, "You should see this!"

Chris walks towards where Chef is, still in his pajamas.

"What's happening?" Chris asked, until he noticed that the trailers, confessionals, bathrooms and the main lodge is all missing.

"So..." Chef said awkwardly.

"Yeah," Chris said, "We're getting sued big time."

The scene switches to Garbage Island, the island is filled with mountains and hills of garbage. Food, dirt, broken wood and crap from everything. In one area is a giant fountain that shoots garbage into the air, that is connected to the Garbage Shute of Shame.

On the shore of the island, both trailers wash to shore, without awakening the competitors sleeping inside.

On another part of the island, the confessional washes up and falls over, awaking Mikeal.

"What's that?" Mikeal said. He opens the door to see the landfull of garbage. "Oh no! I was eliminated in my sleep! I knew I should of gotten checked out before I did the confessional."

He walks out of the confessional to see Aphrodite sleeping. He freezes for a minutes and slowly walks away from her, but she wakes up.

"What are you doing here?" Aphrodite yelled.

"I guess I got eliminated," Mikeal said.

"I know what people get eliminated," Aphrodite said, "We usually welcome the eliminated, but after Forrest come, a war broke out between me, him, Terry and Debbie against the League of Evil."

"The League of Evil?" Mikeal asked.

"Yes," Aphrodite said, "Since some eliminations, some competitors grew bitter and it's gotten bad. Selena and Nancy are forming a revolution against you and Jaycee, Raquela and Kenny are together and now going to take down Willow, Bruce wants to eliminate Leon for some reason and it's gotten worse. Terry and Debbie tried to get back at them, but Terry was placed in balloon and was last seen floating into the sky."

"What about Debbie?" Mikeal asked.

"Well," Aphrodite said awkwardly, "We never really welcomed her... so we really don't know."

"And where's Forrest?" Mikeal asked nervously.

"The League of Evil got him," Aphrodite said, "It's just me against them. And I never thought that I actually care about men in the first place. Kinda scary but since my elimination, I learned that men are friends, and friends are more important than betrayers. Can you help me?"

"Yes," Mikeal said, "I'll help." The two shook hands.

"Also," Aphrodite said, "You were never eliminated, a hurricane came by yesterday and it probably washed you guys up here."

"We need to find Jaycee before they get her!" Mikeal panicked and shouted.

"I'm on that," Aphrodite said, "Come on!" The two ran off on the shore.

On the shore, Willow and Jaycee woke up and walked outside their trailers. But much to their surprise, they saw that they're on garbage island.

"What happened?" Jaycee asked nervously.

"I guess we got sweep away," Willow said.

Leon walks out of his trailer, still tired.

"What's going on... EW!" Leon said, pinching his nose, "What's that smell?"

"Garbage Island," Willow said.

"We all got eliminated?" Leon asked nervously.

"No," Willow said, "We just got sweep away to another island because of the storm and we surprising got to garbage island."

"Mikeal wake up!" Jaycee shouted.

"He's not in there," Leon said.

"Where is he?" Jaycee panicked.

"Never came inside at all," Leon said.

"He's probably still on the other island," Willow said, "Lucky bi-"

"Well we need to get off this island," Jaycee said.

"Why do you say that?" Leon asked.

"Think about this," Willow said, "There's people on this island we eliminated and if they find word that we're here, might as well kiss the million away."

"Well I wasn't going to say that," Jaycee said, "But you are right on that one."

"And if they want a fight, lets give them a fight," Willow said.

"Well," Jaycee said, "I'm not going anywhere unless if I see my brother."

"Good luck," Willow said, Jaycee walks off into the garbage, leaving Leon and Willow behind.

"Most likely," Willow said, "They're goners."

"You got that right," Leon said.

"Also," Willow said, "I think they share a brain." They both started laughing, and soon, a mysterious shadow appears behind a bush made out of garbage.

"Did you hear that?" Leon asked. Soon, the figure jumps out and it's Kenny and Raquela, glaring at the two. They're clothes are ripped apart and covered in filth.

"Yo, Kenny!" Leon said, "So... the Raquela thing? Yeah sorry."

"I'm not sorry for anything," Willow said.

Soon, behind them, Bruce, Selena, Nancy appears behind them, glaring at them.

"I'm not afraid of you guys," Willow said, "Right Leon?" She looks over to see Leon running and screaming in the distance. "Nice." She turns back and the competitors captured her and it screen turns black.

On the island, Mikeal and Aphrodite are walking. Soon, they seen a hot air balloon drops a walky-talky on Mikeal's head.

"Ow," Mikeal screamed, "What's this?"

"Mikeal?" Chris said on the walky-talky, "Are you there?"

"Chris?" Mikeal replied, "Yes! I am!"

"Good," Chris said, "We already found Jaycee and Leon, no Willow yet."

"Chris," Aphrodite spoke into the walky-talky, "Can you get Leon and Jaycee on the talky as well?"

"Sure," Chris said.

"Mikeal!" Jaycee cried out on the walky-talky, "It's great to know you're alright!"

"Yo what's up Chris?" Leon asked.

"I'm going to (beep)-ing kill you, Leon!" Aphrodite shouted in the talky.

"Oh god it's you," Leon said.

"She's on our side," Mikeal said, "The other competitors are trying to get us. They already have Forrest and kicked out Terry and Debbie."

"Just Terry," Aphrodite, "We just distance ourselves from Debbie."

"Yeah whatever," Mikeal said.

"Willow got kidnapped as well," Leon said.

"That's unfortunate," Chris said, "I guess you guys are the final three. Knowing Willow, she's a goner."

"Chris," Jaycee said, "How are we getting home?"

"Well," Chris said, "Base on our maps, you guys are on the far side of Garbage Island, meaning that you have to cut through the island in order to get back to the island."

"Are you mad?" Leon yelled, "There's people trying to get us."

"Well we need to have a finale," Chris said, "And if we don't have that, we don't have ratings, you guys have no fame and no future seasons to budget us. Anyone that returns to the island safely will be in the finale... only the final three, Aphrodite."

"I'm alright with that," Aphrodite said.

"I think it's safe for us to meet together, that way we can all get back to the island together safely," Jaycee said.

"I'm alright with that," Mikeal said.

"Fine," Leon said unenthusiastically.

"Good," Chris said, "Get back safely otherwise you'll be like Willow and Aphrodite. I need my paycheck... so see-yah!"

A couple of hours went by, and Leon, Jaycee, Mikeal and Aphrodite are all walking around garbage island to met up.

However, in the center of the island, Willow awakens in a cage, made out of rusty spoons, back scratchers and soda bottles. She peaks out of the cage to see a garbage made throne, with Selena, who's still bald, sitting on there. Soon, Kenny and Raquela walked up to her.

"My fair Selena," Kenny said.

"You don't need to call me that," Selena said.

"I got this," Raquela said, "News just came in that Willow is out of the game because Chris couldn't find her."

"Good," Nancy shouted, "Because of her, Mikeal got me eliminated. He's next on my list."

"Along with his gullible sister," Raquela said.

"Yeah," Kenny said, he soon makes out with Raquela.

"What?" Willow said quietly.

Soon, Bruce walks in.

"Selena," Bruce said, "What are we going to do with Willow?"

"Well... convince her like you have done with me," Selena said.

Bruce walks up to the cage, and kneels near her.

"My fair Willow," Bruce said, "It must be tough to go on the way you did."

"I will kill you," Willow said with no remorse.

"Anyways," Bruce said, "We're teaming up to get revenge, and since you really didn't do anything to us, the three people we want to get back is Mikeal, Jaycee and Leon. Will you help us?"

"What's in it for me?" Willow asked.

"A million dollars," Bruce said.

"Thanks to my gadgets," Kenny said, "I was able to hack everything Chris said. Did you know that whoever helps out in the finale can win the million? Anyone can walk away with it. And we're gonna help you."

"Think about it," Raquela said, "We can win it all."

"Think about revenge!" Nancy said.

"Swimming in the money," Bruce said.

"And we're strong now, The League of Evil!" Selena shouted, laughing sinisterly, along with everyone else. "Bring in the bait!" Soon, a cage is pulled out and Forrest, who's wearing nothing but his hat and dirty underwear, is sitting inside, sad and covered in filth.

"Thanks to our reports," Selena said, "Forrest is in a relationship with Jaycee, and with him as bait, it won't be long before Jaycee gets here, and soon, Mikeal. And where Mikeal is, somehow, we'll get to Leon."

"Lets go," Bruce said, pushing the cage.

"We'll get our revenge soon!" Selena laughed.

In another location, Leon is seen walking.

"I can't believe I'm on garbage island, looking for a feminist and crazy siblings," Leon complained to himself, "What kind of life is this?"

Soon, he accidentally walked into Mikeal and Aphrodite.

"You!" Aphrodite and Leon shouted in anger.

"Guys," Mikeal said, standing in between the two, "We have to find Jaycee, otherwise there's no finale."

"Fine," Aphrodite said, "I'll work with him. I'll get my revenge on you later!"

"You're not even a nice human being!" Leon said.

"You eliminated me," Aphrodite said, "I have all the reasons to be mad at you."

"Guys," Mikeal shouted, "We're finding Jaycee and that's that!" The two looked worried at him, "What?"

Soon, Aphrodite and Leon pointed behind him, only to see Nancy, Kenny, Raquela and Selena standing there, holding nets.

"So we're gonna run?" Mikeal asked, they all shook their heads and ran away from the others, screaming.

In a part of the island, Jaycee is alone, walking.

"Gosh," Jaycee said, looking around, "This island is terrible. Hope Forrest is alright."

Soon, she heard noises, and she hid behind a pile of dirt and sees Bruce pulling a cage, with Forrest in there. And following them is Willow.

"So you think the plan is going to work?" Willow said.

"Sure," Bruce replied, "All we need to do it get Jaycee and we have the others."

The walked away and Jaycee was shocked to see Forrest.

"Forrest," Jaycee cried out, "I need to save him."

Soon, Jaycee got up and behind her, Kenny appears, crying.

"Jaycee," Kenny said hysterically, surprising Jaycee.

"Kenny?" Jaycee said.

"I'm so sorry for everything!" Kenny said, "They told me to write a letter to break your heart and I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?"

"Yes," Jaycee said, "But I'm with Forrest now, but you can help me save him."

"Oh, I'm already doing that," Kenny said, he stopped crying and smiled sinisterly at her.

Soon, Jaycee notices on Kenny's sunglasses that Raquela is standing behind her, holding the meatball gun. She shoots, but Jaycee was able to duct, hitting Kenny in the face.

"Sorry," Raquela shouted, but Jaycee was able to take the gun away from Raquela and shoots her in the face with the meatball gun. Jaycee soon runs off screaming.

Soon, Forrest heard Jaycee screaming.

"Jaycee?" Forrest said, quietly.

"What are you saying?" Bruce asked.

"Nothing," Forrest said, "Just moping around."

"Good," Bruce said, but Forrest smiled.

Soon, Aphrodite, Mikeal and Leon stopped running and heard Jaycee screaming.

"Jaycee!" Mikeal shouted, alarming the other competitors.

"We need to keep going," Leon said.

"My sister is out there," Mikeal said, "I'm not leaving her behind."

"Suit yourself," Leon said, leaving Mikeal and Aphrodite.

"I knew he was going to do that," Aphrodite said.

"Quit the chit chat and lets go find my sister," Mikeal said. Soon, the two started to run the opposite way they ran.

While running, they see Forrest in the cage, with Bruce and Willow.

"I need to take a leak," Bruce said to Willow, "Mind watching bait boy?"

"Sure," Willow said, soon Bruce takes off and Willow looks the other way.

Mikeal walks up to the cage, surprising Forrest.

"Hey," Mikeal whispered.

"Mikeal?" Forrest whispered back.

"I'm here to save you," Mikeal whispered.

"How?" Forrest asked.

"Don't know-" Mikeal said, but Aphrodite soon jumped on Willow's back and covered her mouth.

"Break him out of the freaking cage!" Aphrodite shouted, struggling with Willow.

Mikeal broke the bars on the cage with ease.

"Come on!" Mikeal said, Forrest got out of the cage and starting to run, grabbing Aphrodite's arm while at it.

"Come back here!" Willow shouted.

Bruce ran back.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Aphrodite and Mikeal ambushed me and took off with Forrest," Willow said.

"That's not good," Bruce said, "We have to get them back."

"How?" Willow questioned.

"I don't know," Bruce said, "All I know is that Selena wants the final three locked up and not to win."

"Then she needs a plan," Willow said.

"What plan?" Selena said, appearing behind Willow, with Nancy, Kenny and Raquela.

"Well," Willow said, "You need better plans that'll actually work. Plus, they have five, we have six. What makes you think we can get them all?"

"True," Selena said ashamed.

"Listen," Willow said, "We need to get them by force. First, we need to get them in one area and not let them out of our sights. Secondly, we need a giant net, the meatball gun and torches to ensure that they don't leave. Once we have that, we can set up a couch bomb that will bomb us to the island and we'll win the million. Now, who's with me?"

"I am!" Bruce said.

"Lets hope this works," Selena said.

"I'm in," Nancy said.

"Sure," Kenny said.

"Lets do it," Raquela said.

"Good," Willow said, "Lets make sure they don't get back to the island."

In another part of the island, Jaycee is running, but soon, she runs into Mikeal, Forrest and Aphrodite.

"Jaycee!" Mikeal shouted, hugging his sister.

"Mikeal!" Jaycee said, with a smile, "Forrest! Aphrodite! I missed you guys!"

"Jaycee!" Forrest said, hugging Mikeal and Jaycee.

"Guys," Aphrodite said, "Not to intrude the loving, but there's people on this island trying to make sure we don't get home, and we have to make sure we do."

"What's our plan?" Mikeal asked.

"I have one," Jaycee said, "But I think it's probably not going to work but bare with me."

On the beach, a giant net is being covered with sand by Nancy, Kenny and Raquela. Near them, a couch on top of an electric bomb is being made, with Willow on top of the couch, Bruce fixing the wires and Selena looking out for the competitors.

"Are you sure this is going to work?" Selena asked.

"Yeah," Willow said, "Once the four get here, they'll be trapped in the net and we'll get on this couch, sending us to the island. Using the same thing B use to help his team to the top of the mountain in season four."

"Is the net all set in there?" Bruce shouted over to Kenny, Raquela and Nancy.

"Almost set up," Kenny said.

Soon, a stick is thrown over and lands in the center of the net, trapping the three in there.

This soon alerted Selena, Willow and Bruce.

Aphrodite then jumped out of no where and shouted out, "Attack!" Forrest, who's holding a bat, Jaycee and Mikeal, who are both holding sticks, run towards Selena, Bruce and Willow, with Mikeal hitting Bruce over the head with the stick.

"That's for trying to eliminate me in episode two!" Mikeal shouted.

Soon, Forrest, Aphrodite and Jaycee surrounded Selena and Willow.

"Stand you ground," Jaycee said.

"I got the others," Mikeal said, pulling the netted bag, with Kenny, Raquela and Nancy in there. He pulls it towards the couch, with Willow still sitting on top, and pins the bag to the couch with his stick.

"It's time we got you guys," Jaycee said.

"Fine," Selena said, "I admit defeat."

"After this!" Leon shouted, jumping from the sky. He pushes Bruce in the face, causing him to drop the wires. The two wires touches, causing an electric spark, causing the couch bomb to smoke up and explode, sending Willow, Nancy, Raquela and Kenny off into the distance.

"Leon?" everyone questioned at once.

"Forgot I was here," Leon said, "Well I was helping the whole time."

"Nice bro," Selena said, "Just killed Willow, Nancy, Raquela and Kenny. Nice."

"Nawh they're alright," Leon said, "It's time to win a million dollar."

"Nice try," Selena said, she kicked Forrest in the groins and ran being the bomb, and pushed it towards Forrest and sparked the wires again, causing it to explode once more.

"Ah!" Forrest shouted out, "I can't feel my legs."

"You'll never get me alive," Selena said, running away.

"Oh no you don't," Bruce said, jumping on her back.

"You betrayer!" Selena said, "I knew we should of sent you flying in a balloon like Terry and Max."

"So that's his name, Max," Mikeal said.

"You eliminated me this season and I told you I'll get my revenge," Bruce said, "Now you have nothing and I have something to be proud of."

Soon, Mikeal, Jaycee, Aphrodite and Forrest all cheered. But Leon didn't, instead he started running into the water.

"One million dollars," Leon said, "See ya suckers!"

"Lets go," Mikeal said to Jaycee.

"I can't leave Forrest," Jaycee said.

"You know there's a boat over there, right?" Aphrodite said to Mikeal and Jaycee, pointing to a jet boat. They all looked at one another and smiled.

In the lake, Leon continues to swim, closing in on the other island. Chris watches from the dock of shame and sees Leon coming in.

"Yes!" Chris shouted in excitement, "I can continue getting paid. But what's this?"

"What's what?" Leon shouted, swimming.

Soon, a jet boat with Jaycee driving, Mikeal behind her, with Forrest, Aphrodite, Bruce and Selena, who's tired up, are in the boat and it passes Leon, and crashes into the dock of shame, hitting Chris.

"We're back," Mikeal said.

"Not really," Chris said, "Since Jaycee is the farthest, she's back, meaning she's in the final two."

"Wait," Leon said, arriving to the island, "This was a challenge?"

"Yes it was," Chris said, "All this time we actually planned it. Since Debbie told us plans of a revolution, we thought that unscrewing everything during a hurricane, sending you guys off to garbage island with a bunch of P.O'ed teens will be an exciting challenge. And it was!"

"So wait..." Leon said, "Since I arrived last..."

"You're third place!" Chris shouted.

"So... that means..." Leon continued, shocked.

"The final two is Jaycee and Mikeal!" Chris announced.

"No way," Mikeal said.

"No way," Jaycee said.

"No way," Aphrodite, Forrest, Bruce said.

"No way!" Selena muffled.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Leon shouted.

"Don't worry, Leon," Chris said, "All the eliminated players here will be part of the finale, but won't be able to win the money."

"Chris," Forrest said, "My legs are bad, I think I might need to go to the hospital."

"Don't worry," Chris said, "The helicopter is on it's way."

"As for the rest of you, Leon, Selena, Bruce and Aphrodite, please follow Chef to where you'll spend the rest of your stay until the finale."

"Lets go maggots!" Chef said, poking the competitors. They soon all followed Chef, with Selena still tied up, hoping.

Soon, Chris looks up to see the helicopter with two nurses on board, coming with a stretcher.

"And it's time to say good-bye to Forrest," Chris said. The nurses strapped Forrest to the stretcher and enter the helicopter.

"Jaycee, Mikeal," Forrest said, "Good luck in the finale! Jaycee, I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too!" Jaycee cried out.

"Good bye Forrest," Mikeal shouted. Soon, the door closed and the helicopter flew off.

"And so it end there," Chris said, "It's Mikeal and Jaycee to the finale! Who's gonna win the money and how will they spend it?"

"Buying a new car!" Mikeal said.

"Hey," Jaycee said, "How about helping the family?"

"Hey Miss I want a reality show," Mikeal said, "You can do the same."

"Find out next time on Total Drama The Newcomer Season!"

"Miss I want a reality show?" Jaycee questioned, soon they both glared at each other. Ending the chapter.

Thirteen: Who Would of Known?

The chapter opens with Chris McLean appears on the dock of shame, with a party hat on his head.

"This is it, everybody!" Chris shouted with excitement, "Season finale that will knock your socks off! We had a long season, introducing 14 new competitors. But in the end, it was the brother sister combo of Mikeal and Jaycee that survived to the finale. Even though they're siblings, that doesn't mean they're going to share the million. In fact, they don't plan on sharing at all. So it's anyone's game! Who's going to win? Find out soon on Total Drama, The Newcomer Season!"

It's Day 20, and Mikeal and Jaycee are sitting on the steps on their trailers, staring at one another.

"You know that I'm going to win," Mikeal shouted over to Jaycee.

"No way," Jaycee said, "I was the one that carried you on the first day, without me, you would be first out."

"You think you're better," Mikeal questioned, "I won more challenges than you!"

"That's because you're crazy!" Jaycee shouted.

"At least I'm a better player," Mikeal said.

"At least I'm older than you," Jaycee said.

"Yeah by two seconds!" Mikeal said.

"I was dad's favorite," Jaycee said.

"Yeah well I was mom's favorite," Mikeal said.

"I had enough of this," Jaycee said, standing up and walking inside.

"That's what you always say but you don't mean it," Mikeal said, storming off into his trailer.

Jaycee CONFESSIONAL: "I can't believe that I'm in the finale! Though I'm surprised to be facing my brother. Let's hope that he'll share the money with me."

Mikeal CONFESSIONAL: "Final two! Yeah! I can't wait to win and spend all my money on a new car!"

Jaycee CONFESIONAL: (listening on Mikeal's confessional) "A new car? Are you kidding me?"

Soon, a shot of the confessionals, with Mikeal and Jaycee inside each one.

"Yeah," Mikeal said, "It's not like you're sharing with me, Ms. I'm buying a reality show."

"You're unfair!" Jaycee shouted, getting out of the confessional.

"So are you!" Mikeal said, getting out of the confessional. Soon, they both stormed off into the opposite direction.

Inside the boys' trailer, Mikeal looks around to see nothing but the empty beds.

"Since I have the trailer to myself," Mikeal said, "I can do whatever I want... party!"

Soon, Mikeal strips naked and runs around screaming.

Annoyed in the girls' trailer, Jaycee is in her bed, trying to sleep.

"Can you keep it down in there?" Jaycee shouted, "I'm trying to get some sleep before I defeat you tomorrow!"

Soon, a smoke bomb is thrown in Jaycee's windown, blowing sleeping-smoke all over the trailer, causing her to fall asleep.

"What Jaycee?" Mikeal shouted, a sleep bomb in thrown into Mikeal's trailer, where Mikeal falls on the floor, knocked out.

It's the morning of Day 21, and there's pieces of wood all over the lake, where Mikeal and Jaycee are laying down, sleeping on their own platforms, though Mikeal isn't wearing clothes.

Soon, Chris appears on a jetpack, floating over the final two.

"Wake up, you losers!" Chris shouted, waking up Jaycee and Mikeal.

"What's going on?" Jaycee shouted.

"Where's my clothes?" Mikeal asked.

"This is the final challenge of the season," Chris said, "And because we have to share the final episode with you two, we have to make this finale a good one. So today, you two are competing in the Le Finalé de Losers! First, it's a race back to the island, but what's not fun if there's our helpers that survived in the last episode."

"Who's going to help us?" Mikeal asked.

"Well," Chris said, "We were going to place them in balloons and see who you shoot down but since everyone flew off so we're just going to place them with the teammate they one competed with. So Jaycee's going to get Leon and Aphrodite and Mikeal has Bruce and Selena."

"But where are they?" Jaycee asked.

"Right here," Chris pointed. A helicopter appears above the competitors, and it's carrying a net, with Leon, Aphrodite, Bruce and Selena sleeping in there. The helicopter drops the net and they all went in the water.

"Do you know where everyone else is?" Jaycee asked.

"No idea," Chris said, soon his cellphone rings and he answers. "Okay... okay! Just got word that all other eight players are back and you can win them as additional players!"

"Where are they?" Mikeal asked.

"In those hot air balloons on the dock," Chris said, pointing at eight hot air balloons, tied above the garbage shute of shame. Though, the machine goes off and all eight hit air balloons are sucked into the shute, with the eight players screaming in the background. "And that's not my problem. Okay teams, huddle. Chef!" Chris takes off.

Selena and Bruce swam up to Mikeal's platform, but Bruce and Selena glared at one another.

"So guys," Mikeal said, "I was thinking-"

"Shut it, Mikeal," Bruce said, "I have unfinished business."

"I can't believe I ever trusted you," Selena said, "You should of been in that balloon!"

"Guys," Mikeal said, standing behind the two.

"You should of been in that couch, flying away with your new bestie," Bruce said.

"I'd rather laugh at you in that flying hot air balloon," Selena said.

"I swear!" Mikeal shouted, "If you guys don't listen to me, you'll be like the rest of them!" He screamed, scaring Bruce and Selena. "Now, I have a million dollars to win and a sister to rub it in. We need to get to the island, otherwise they'll think of something."

"Fine," Selena said.

"What hap-" Bruce said, before Mikeal interrupted him.

"Don't help me, I'll send you back to garbage island," Mikeal threatened.

On Jaycee's platform, Aphrodite and Leon are glaring at each other.

"And why do I have to help you two!" Leon said.

"Because you have to!" Aphrodite said, "And I'll make sure you do."

"Ha!" Leon laughed, "What's a gir-"

"I'm no girl," Aphrodite sassed, "I'm Aphrodite and I'll make sure your life is a living hell."

"Guys," Jaycee said kindly, "If you two help me, I'll split the million with you."

"Deal," Leon said.

"I'm in," Aphrodite said.

"And lets start rowing!" Jaycee shouted.

"Got it!" Aphrodite and Leon said, the two soon started to paddle the platform with their hands.

"And they're splitting the million and not us," Bruce said.

"I swear," Mikeal said, "Paddle!" Bruce and Selena paddled the platform with Mikeal glaring at them.

"Who's going to win the cool million? Find out after the break!" Chris announced.

At the dock, Jaycee, Leon and Aphrodite arrived first, Chris is standing there.

"Congrats on arriving first, Jaycee!" Chris said, "Your challenge to win is a trivial contest, where-"

"Here!" Mikeal shouted, jumping on the dock with Selena and Bruce.

"Rude," Chris said, "Anyways, it's a trivial contest, where I'll be asking questions. Get the first two wrong, you'll lose your helper. Until we hit 12 questions, we'll move on the final stage... the million!"

"That sounds so lame," Bruce said.

"Hey Bruce," Chris said, "Who was the first person eliminated this season?"

"Uh..." Bruce said, "Debbie?"

"Nope!" Chris said, "It's time to say good-bye to the show, Bruce."

"Are you kidding me?" Bruce wined, "I didn't get my revenge on Sele-" Chris then pushed Bruce into the garbage shute and Bruce was sucked in, leaving the show.

"Selena?" Chris asked.

"Max," Selena said.

"Good..." Chris said, "You know, these questions are lame. Lets just move on the second challenge... the moat of shame!"

"The Moat of Shame?" everyone questioned at once.

"Yes," Chris said, "The Moat of Shame... right over there!"

Chris points to the center of the island, where a castle stood on top of a moat which has three levels, the level below is surrounded by water, the level below that is surrounded by lava, and a level below that is also surrounded by toxic waste.

"Whoever makes it to the castle first wins one million dollars," Chris said.

"How are we going to get there?" Mikeal asked.

"Good question," Chris said, "I'll figure it out when one of you makes it there first."

"That's insane!" Jaycee said.

"Hey," Chris said, "You guys have helpers."

"You tossed mine into garbage island!" Mikeal shouted, pointing to garbage island, only for it to explode in the background.

"What the heck?" Aphrodite shouted.

"Again," Chris said, "Not my fault."

"Our friends are on there," Jaycee said.

"I don't have any friends there," Mikeal said.

Soon, garbage started to fall around them, with couches, signs, the old cabins and trailers and a hot air balloon.



  • Chris revealed that the eliminated players will spend the duration of the show on Garbage Island. 
  • Patrick is no longer competing.
    • However, he will be appearing in the future.
  • Originally, this story was Total Drama: Sidelined Scavengers. But, because of some problems, the story was cancelled.
  • Buick and Debbie are coming back to the story. Though Buick is under "Mikeal."
    • And a new competitor, Leon, is competing.
  • There were changes to some of the competitors labels:
    • Forrest is now The White Rapper.
    • Jaycee is now The Narcoleptic Dude's Fame Seeking Sister.
    • Kenny is now The Pretty Looking Guy.
    • Max is now The Biggest Loser-Wannabe Contestant.
    • Raquela is now The Fierce Diva.
      • Aphrodite, Bruce, Nancy, Selena, Terry, Willow haven't changed.
  • In chapter two, Raquela was kicked off her team and eventually joined Team Super People. In return, Chris forced Forrest over to New Team Victory.
  • In chapter two, Heather, Courtney and Lindsay are all appearing.
  • In chapter three, Debbie returns to the island only to see Terry.
  • In chapter four, Selena was kicked off her team and joined New Team Victory.
  • Also in chapter four, Bruce found the McLean Idol.
    • But lost it to Selena in the following chapter.
  • In chapter five, Debbie returns as an intern.
  • With Bruce's elimination in chapter five, the teams are identical, with three girls and two guys on each of the two teams.
  • Here are the current elimination by another competitor:
    • Bruce was eliminated by Selena in chapter five.
    • Aphrodite was eliminated by Leon in chapter six.
    • Kenny was eliminated by Raquela in chapter seven.
    • Nancy was eliminated by Mikeal in chapter eight.
    • Raquela was eliminated by Forrest in chapter nine.
    • Forrest was eliminated by Leon.
  • In chapter seven, Chris announced that whoever survives the elimination goes on to the merge, only leaving Jaycee, Leon, Raquela, Willow, Mikeal, Nancy, Forrest and Selena the only competitors to merge.
  • In the merge, the immune player receive the only deciding vote in the elimination ceremony.
  • In chapter 10, Owen and Ezekiel appeared. However, they both flew off into the sky, leaving their fate unknown.
  • In chapter 10, Selena quit the competition.
  • As of chapter 10, this is the first time there's more male competitors than female competitors.
  • In chapter 12, according to Chris, Max got accepted into the The Fattest Loser, causing Chris to kick him off the show, indefinitely. Making the story's premiere that only chapter to ever feature Max.
  • According to Aphrodite in chapter 12:
    • Terry has been placed into a balloon and flew off.
    • Debbie is missing.
    • Forrest has been kidnapped.
    • Nancy, Selena, Bruce, Raquela, Kenny has started a revolution to get back at Chris and the final four.
  • As of the result of chapter 12, anyone eliminated player on the island will be helpers in the finale. Because of this, Selena, Bruce, Leon and Aphrodite will take part.
    • This also means that Max, Debbie, Terry, Kenny, Nancy, Raquela, Forrest and Willow will not appear in the finale.
  • The final two of the story is Mikeal and Jaycee, who are also brother and sister.


Team Super People


The Super Team is one of the two teams in this season. It consists of Aphrodite, Forrest, Jaycee, Kenny, Leon, Max and Selena. This team is formed in chapter one by Chris McLean. However, they lost the first challenge and Max was the first person voted off the team. In chapter two, because of New Team Victory kicking off Raquela, she was forced to join the team, but Forrest was moved over to New Team Victory to make it fair. They won their first challenge in chapter two. In chapter three, they won once again, thanks to Leon. However, they lost in chapter four and Selena was sent over to New Team Victory. In chapter five, they win once again. In chapter six, however, they lost and Aphrodite was voted out because of Leon. IN chapter seven, they lost and Raquela got Jaycee to vote for Kenny. After his elimination, Jaycee, Leon and Raquela survived and were moving on to the merge. In the merge, Raquela was eliminated first, followed by Leon, leaving Jaycee as the last member of the team.

New Team Victory


New Team Victory is one of the two new teams in the season. It consists of Bruce, Debbie, Mikeal, Nancy, Raquela, Terry and Willow. This team is formed in chapter one by Chris McLean. Because of their "teamwork", they were able to win their first challenge of the season. In chapter two, Willow and the other members decided to kick Raquela off the team because of her dislike of the team. However, when Chris found out about their decision, he moved Forrest to New Team Victory. They however lost their first challenge in chapter two and Debbie was eliminated. In chapter three, because of Terry obviously falling through the bridge, New Team Victory lost again and voted off Terry. In chapter four, they won the challenge and received Selena as a prize. In chapter five, however, Bruce convinced everyone to vote out Selena, but she used the idol she stole from Bruce and used it against him, eliminating him instead. In chapter six, they won thanks to Mikeal. In chapter seven, they won the challenge and were added to the merge, meaning that Mikeal, Nancy, Willow, Forrest and Selena survive the merge. In the merge, Nancy was eliminated, followed by Selena who quit, Forrest, Willow, leaving Mikeal as the last member of the team standing.


In chapter eight, Forrest, Jaycee, Leon, Mikeal, Nancy, Raquela, Selena, Willow all moved on to the merge. In chapter eight, Mikeal won immunity and got the right to eliminate anyone of his choice, thus choosing Nancy for bullying him. In chapter nine, Forrest won immunity and eliminated Raquela for being ruthless to him. In chapter ten, Selena quit the competitor, leaving Mikeal the only competitor left in the challenge. In chapter eleven, Jaycee and Willow tied for first, and Forrest was automatically sent home after losing the challenge. In chapter 12, the final four got left on garbage island, and Willow was captured by the eliminated competitors. Later in the chapter, Leon was eliminated at third, leaving Mikeal and Jaycee as the final two.

Contestant Chapter Count

  • Jaycee - 13
  • Mikeal - 13
  • Leon - 13
  • Willow - 12
  • Forrest - 12
  • Selena - 12
  • Raquela - 10
  • Debbie - 10
  • Nancy - 9
  • Kenny - 8
  • Aphrodite - 8
  • Bruce - 7
  • Terry - 3
  • Max - 1

Elimination Table

# Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
12 Terry WIN IN OUT
13 Debbie WIN OUT
14 Max OUT

Story Update

Name Original Team Rank in Game Chapter Eliminated in Reason voted off Not/Merged
Max Team Super People 14th Garbage Shute of Shame! Max constantly referred his team as "Team Dude," and Aphrodite, Selena and Jaycee were feed up with his attitude and caused them to vote him out. Non-Merged
Debbie New Team Victory 13th Total Drama Teamwork! Willow, Nancy, Terry and Mikeal all teamed up and voted off Debbie, for her constant annoyance with the members.
Terry New Team Victory 12th Chocolate Madness Terry's entire team voted him off, due to him losing the challenge for his team after not noticing the hole in the bridge.
Bruce New Team Victory 11th Prison Break-ing Drama Selena was suppose to go home, but she used the idol and all votes against her was invalid, so the only vote that counted was her vote for Bruce.
Aphrodite Team Super People 10th #TotalDramaHorrorStory Leon secretly whispered Aphrodite's name when Jaycee, Kenny and Raquela were voting, causing them to vote for her, eventually getting Aphrodite eliminated.
Kenny Team Super People 9th O' Captain, My Captain Raquela framed Kenny as a cheating by kissing him and telling Jaycee that he kissed her, and stealing Nancy and Debbie's items and placing them in his shirt, framing him as a thief. This caused Jaycee not to trust Kenny and voted him off.
Nancy New Team Victory 8th The Sweat of a Champion Mikeal won the swing vote to eliminate anyone of his choice, and he choose Nancy for bullying him throughout the season. Merged
Raquela Team Super People1 7th To Catch a Psycho Willow convinced Forrest to eliminate Raquela for using him for the challenge, thus leaving him victorious and injured.
Selena New Team Victory2 6th What a Dare-ing Day Selena was dared to brush her teeth with a disgusting toothbrush and knew that Mikeal was going to win either way. This prompt her to quit the competition.
Forrest New Team Victory1 5th In With the New, But Here Comes the Old Leon and Forrest were the last two in the challenge, causing Leon to push Forrest off the obstacle course, losing the challenge and getting eliminated.
Willow New Team Victory 4th Escape from Garbage Island Willow was captured by the eliminated competitors, and by the time Chris found Mikeal, Jaycee and Leon, he decided that they were the final three.
Leon Team Super People 3rd Escape from Garbage Island Chris revealed that the last person to arrive on the island will be eliminated, and Leon was eliminated due to that rule.
Mikeal New Team Victory
Jaycee Team Super People

1 In chapter two (Total Drama Teamwork!), Forrest and Raquela switched Teams.

2 In chapter four, Selena was sent over to New Team Victory.

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