America's Got Talent except it is for Total Drama Contestants


This is a fan fiction! You can root for someone in the comments section below!

Here is how it works. The contestants audition for the show, and if they pass 15 points, they move on to the next round. The judges have 2 buttons as well. A red one and a golden one.

The red button adds one vote for the contestant to just stop his/her act right there, three red X's and the show is over, they will vote to keep them in or no.

The Golden X, if it is pressed, automatically moves the contestant forward 2 rounds, to the judges team phase. When that phase happens, whoever pressed the button will go to the team of the judge that pressed the button. Each judge only gets 3 button presses.


Act 1

Ezekiel: Yo, yo, yo! My talents is, uh, bow and arrow tricks!

Chris: Go on...

Ezekiel: *Shoots arrow straight up and arrow hit him in the foot*

Ezekiel: Ow, ow, ow!

Chef: Red X

Blaineley: Red X

Chef: Red X

Judges: Zero!

Ezekiel: I guess I'm to much for y'all...



  • Chris
  • Chef
  • Blaineley

Contestant Table

Character Talent Audition Round
EzekielBow and Arrow ShootingEliminated
EvaUltra Weight LiftingDid Not Go Yet
NoahComedyDid Not Go Yet
JustinHis LooksDid Not Go Yet
Katie and SadieDancingDid Not Go Yet
TylerX-treme SportsDid Not Go Yet
IzzyHypnotismDid Not Go Yet
CodyYo-yo TricksDid Not Go Yet
BethSingingDid Not Go Yet
CourtneySingingDid Not Go Yet
HaroldBeatboxingDid Not Go Yet
TrentPlaying GuitarDid Not Go Yet
BridgetteStanding on her head for 20 min.Did Not Go Yet
LindsayDancingDid Not Go Yet
DJRibbon DanceDid Not Go Yet
GeoffSkateboardingDid Not Go Yet
LeShawnaSinging and DancingDid Not Go Yet
DuncanBeing a CriminalDid Not Go Yet
HeatherDancingDid Not Go Yet
GwenDancingDid Not Go Yet
OwenBurping the AlphabetDid Not Go Yet
SierraKarateDid Not Go Yet
AlejandroHypnotismDid Not Go Yet
StaciHistory LessonsDid Not Go Yet
DakotaFashion ShowDid Not Go Yet
BInventingDid Not Go Yet
DawnCommunicating With AnimalsDid Not Go Yet
SamPlaying Video GamesDid Not Go Yet
BrickMilitary StuffDid Not Go Yet
Anne MariaFashion ShowDid Not Go Yet
MikePersonalitiesDid Not Go Yet
JoUltra Weight LiftingDid Not Go Yet
ScottWood CarvingDid Not Go Yet
ZoeyGymnasticsDid Not Go Yet
LightningMusclesDid Not Go Yet
CameronSmartnessDid Not Go Yet
BeardoBeatboxingDid Not Go Yet
LeonardLARPIngDid Not Go Yet
AmySingingDid Not Go Yet
RodneyGetting Distracted by GirlsDid Not Go Yet
SameyDisguise MakingDid Not Go Yet
EllaSingingDid Not Go Yet
TopherImpressionsDid Not Go Yet
DaveComedyDid Not Go Yet
ScarlettBeing EvilDid Not Go Yet
MaxBeing EvilDid Not Go Yet
JasmineBoxingDid Not Go Yet
SugarRappingDid Not Go Yet
SkyBurpingDid Not Go Yet
ShawnArmpit OrchestraDid Not Go Yet

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