This is a fan-fiction about 20 contestants competing in a reality TV series. The host is Chris. I will include : back stories, character development, drama.


  1. Chris
  2. Chef Hatchet


  1. Sunny

Personality : Always happy and joyful. A helpful friend with a kind personality

  1. Diana

Personality : She loves nature and is a big fan of wild animals and all natural resources.

  1. Heather

Personality : You already know who she is. Strategic, mean and untrustworthy

  1. Butcher

Personality : A big jerk, loves violence and is tough. No one likes him.

  1. Knight

Personality : Despite his 'name' he is known to be a Knight, he is brave, loyal and very trustworthy.

  1. Fiona

Personality : she has a sweet side with her friends but has a bad side with her enemies. She's competitive but has a big heart

  1. Red Beard

Personality : he's a pirate and loves sailing seas. He's known to dislike intruders and thieves

  1. Tears

Personality : she is often sad and upset. But if not sad, she's known to be friendly and is a good person

  1. Samurai

Personality : he fights and fights. No one can be his friend. Because of his past he thinks everyone is evil

  1. Stephanie

Personality : she's competitive and loves winning, but is shown to be kind-hearted and humble, but never shows empathy.

  1. Snorkel

Personality : he is used to work underwater. In the competition, he's friendly.

  1. Moonlight

Personality : She's kind, gentle and modest. She's a vampire and hates the sun.

  1. Don

Personality : he's crazy and insane and wears a duck suit.

  1. Ninja

Personality : Myserious but he's always up to something risky. Everyone likes him and surprisingly he's gentle also kind-hearted.

  1. Commando

Personality : the rival of Stephanie. Complete opposite of her.

  1. Mummy

Personality : mummified. dead. nothing.

  1. Superhero

Personality : he tries to save other people's lives but fails to several times.

  1. John

Personality : brags about his good looking. Not a good person to associate with.

  1. Gina

Personality : she's a teacher and is usually stressful, also very stubborn but has the highest IQ of all.

  1. Sweetie

Personality : She's not sweet but rather short-tempered and easily angered. Make sure you don't touch her stuff

Episode 1, On The Dock


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