A story by Fyrexx, to include both users and original TDI characters.


The definition of a torch? A portable means of illumination such as a piece of wood or cloth soaked in tallow or an oil lamp on a pole, sometimes carried ceremonially.

A simple torch is said to be able to bring hope to millions. Just one source of light and the world could be free. A never-ending dance of reds and oranges on top of a simple wooden rod. But you know the thing about torches? They are meant to be passed on. For the flame to continue to burn, and for hope to forever be renewed. Yet a single person can not carry the hopes and dreams of liberty for the world, their inner flame would too-quickly die out. No, a chain must be created, and you can only have faith that it will never break, or bend.

The definition of a star? A fixed luminous point in the night sky that is a large, remote incandescent body like the sun.

Key word, fixed. Stars don’t change over time. They are the same. The stars you look up to tonight and make wishes on, are the same stars your parents once prayed to, and their parents, and the parents of your parents parents- Until the beginning of time. Even though the reflections of a face in the water may change, the stars in the background will forever be the same.

I tell you this, because before I can begin to tell you this tale of good versus evil you must understand, that hope is eternal. No matter what. For a world without hope is a world without light, and in utter darkness evil lurks. This is why the world was given fire, and then later torches, to keep the darkness at bay. And so you see, this is a tale of the bearers of the torch who have the difficult job of protecting the realm from darkness. So fasten your seatbelts, grab a bowl of popcorn, perhaps some tissues and enjoy.

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