Tina, labled as the ballerina is acontestant on Total Drama Cruise.

She joined Total Drama Cruise for the money for new ballerina clothes.

Running Beavers, Sleeping Snails
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Friends Becky, Kirsty, Austin, Emma, Sophia
Enemies Lauren, Adam, Yohan
Fear Losing her tutu
Talent Ballet


Tina joined a ballet class once and fell in love with it. She practices ballet pretty much 24/7 and wears her tutu wherever she goes. She joined Total Drama Cruise to buy more tutus and and other ballerina clothes.

Challenge Guide

Chapter One - Tina was knocked off by a wave in the surfing contest but her team won.

Chapter 2 - Tina successfully made it under the pole and her team won.

Chapter 3 - Tina had to find a bowling ball but she thought Yohan was one and jumped on him. Later she found a real bowling ball in an unknown area and her team won.

Chapter 4 - Tina wanted to be in the talent show but Adam said she couldn't and her team lost. She voted for Adam and he was eliminated.

Chapter 5 - Tina did not compete in any of the arcade games but her team still won.

Chapter 6 - Tina was on island two and she found barely andy food for her island but her team still won.

Chapter 7 - Tina had to guess who Spongebob's teacher was and she guessed Mr. Krabs which was correct. His team won in the end.

Chapter 8 - Tina went on offense and attacked Stu but got knocked out by his disco power. Her team won in the end.

Chapter 10 - Tina was the driver for her team and she did an awful job and her team lost. She voted for Myron but she was eliminated instead.

Audition Tape

"My name's Tina and you should pick me for your show because I can dance." Tina said as she played some Mozart music and she started dancing to it "Now watch this." Tina said as she ran, jumped, and twirled in the air but she lost her balance and crashed into the camera "What was that?" a voice from nowhere asked "Nothing mom." Tina replied "So pick me."


She was in a temporary alliance with Adam and Lauren to vote off Adam.


  • Tina is one of the original hand drawn contestants.
  • Tina was on the second boat and the first one off.
  • Tina was stranded on island two.
  • Tina received a total of three votes.
  • Tina sat on Brianna's bleacher.

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