Tiago, labeled the Overly-Optimist, is a character in Total Drama the Unknown. He is on the Poisonous Possums.

Tiago (TDtU)
Poisonous Possums
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Unknown
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Fear Unknown
Talent Unknown


Tiago was born and raised in Portugal until he was five, and then he moved to the United States. It was tough for him to learn English, but eventually he was able to, and became instantly the most liked kid in school. When he got to High School, even the seniors loved him, and he sat with them everday at lunch. However, he never forgot the people who were always there for him, and brought them to popularity with him. When he was dared to audition for Total Drama the Unknown, he followed the dare, and was accepted onto Total Drama the Unknown.

Total Drama the Unknown

Episode 1

Tiago arrived onto the island in a fit of happiness. When Chris snubbed him off, he took no offense, and went over to the other people on the dock. Tiago was the first to talk to Regina as she came on the island, and was the first person to greet her. He also greeted Grace, and was the only contestant to greet another contestant instead of Chris. He didn't talk much during the challenge. However, he did jump, but missed. During the elimination, he lost his happy mentality due to the fact that two people were crying.


  • Tiago is based after one of the author's friends from real life.

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