Thompson (TDROTFS)
Screaming Gaphers
Total Drama Tyler
Gender Male
Hair color Red
Episode Eliminated "Not So Happy Actors"
Place 12th
Relationship None
Family Grandfather, Mom, Dad, three sisters
Friends None
Enemies Everyone

Thompson, labeled The Rich Interrputer, was a competitor on Total Drama Revenge of the Film Set and was placed on the Screaming Gaffers. It is unknown if he will be renewed for a second season.


Thompson is rude to others, and only thinks of himself. He isn't very attractive at all, but he bribes girls with his money, and they always say yes. He thinks he is a genius, and...well...he isn't.

Total Drama Revenge of the Film Set

In Not So Happy Actors when Thompson is first seen, he interrupts Troy and tells him that his smarts will beat Troy's muscles. This adds tension between the two. 

In the challenge, the contestants must retrieve flags. The two people with the most flags wins. He complains about how terrible the challenge is, but he changes his mind, stating "I am too smart for the others. What am I thinking?" Thompaon walks up the fake mountain where he looks down. He sees a pool, and in the pool there is a flag. He says it's too easy, but Rick pushes him off the cliff, where he misses the pool. Rick jumps down and gets the flag. Thompson states that every bone in his body is broke, but moments later, Rick sees a trampoline under Thompson and tells him that it is pathetic.

Later, he doesn't have a flag. Kelly is the only one with two flags, while the others only have 1. Kelly picks her team, but she doesn't pick Thompson. Since Kelly was the winner, her team won. He says something about his superior knowledge, but is interrupted by his team telling him to shut up. 

At elimination, he is in the bottom two with Rick, but Rcik got the last ice cream cone, ending Thompson's short time at the film set.


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