A story written about roleplay characters all coming together in one competition for a million dollar prize. How will the contestants perform in an all new competition -- one that isn't Survivor? For the first season of this competition, 12 players will come together and will fight to the end until one is left to win the million dollar prize. With the gracious host, Blippy, controlling an all new competition, how will the dynamics of the game change? It's gonna be one twisted summer for these players!


For the cast, users will be allowed to submit custom roleplay characters or past roleplay characters for the story. Cast images will be made in the future for the competition.

Contenders Rewards Punishments Votes/Duels Survived Finish Votes Against
0 0 0 1st Person Eliminated

53% of Votes

0 0 0 2nd Person Eliminated

89% of Votes

1 0 0 3rd Person Eliminated

53% of Votes

That Epic
0 1 1 4th Person Eliminated

52% of Votes

0 2 1 10
Avery FireFlame
2 0
1 0
0 0
0 1 1
0 0
0 0 2 4
0 0


The First Hour

Time: 7:00

I joined this wiki like a week ago. The first thing that I walked into was a roleplay called Epicvivor: Croatia. The guy who was hosting...I think his name was That Epic? He seemed super desperate to get a tenth person in the game, so out of curiosity I clicked on it.

I got voted out first because my character "sucked" but whatever. They're entitled to their own opinions, but personally I think that "Blippy" was a good character. He kept to himself and was really quiet. He was a cobra, waiting to strike.

I think me going first was good, though, because it was just a crappy game of Big Brother.

Anyways, it's a Tuesday during the summer, and I thought to myself earlier that I should host a game of my own. I pitched the idea to the chat!

They hated it. One user even told me to get off chat because "being random isn't funny". I know I'm gonna show them, though, because this game idea is awesome. I'll need at least twelve for it to work, though. The idea is that everyone plays someone they want to replay in another roleplay so I can get to know the users better. No teams or anything -- the winner of my custom built challenges will be immune and the rest of them will all nominate two people to be eliminated. Then America votes for someone to go home. Of course, I'm just a 15 year old guy, so America will have to be the wiki chat.

I opened up the PJIRC room at exactly 6:50 and let people fill in. I was praying that the game wouldn't completely fail because I was in one not too long ago -- one called Sliemyvivor -- which was invaded by players named "Ticklyboobs", "D0ritos", and I think someone named "SexDollyTom". It was mentally scarring.

[19:00] *** sets channel mode to +n
[19:00] *** sets channel mode to +s
[19:00] *** Channel mode is +ns

I sat there for twenty minutes.

[19:00] *** sets channel mode to +n
[19:00] *** sets channel mode to +s
[19:00] *** Channel mode is +ns

I spammed it in the chat. There was some kind of argument going on. One of the users called the other "gay" and then they retaliated by saying "Screw your RP you (explicit) noob". It was at that point when one user, BrunoSomebody, stood up and said "I'm tempted to actually play it because you're all being so rude, rude, rude 0.0"

It was at that point someone joined.

[19:21] *** Dravivor654 has joined #RoleplayingGame

[19:21] <Dravivor654> Sorry they're being mean and stuff on chat but this rp will be ok

I was so happy. 1 person joined and now we only needed 11 more. I looked back on the chat and Bruno himself said to everyone "Guys will you actually join this sounds fun."

It was at that point that another user named Jaxswim said "well i might play bc its like not survivor and survivor is kinda old :/ "

[19:22] *** CandaceFlynn has joined #RoleplayingGame

[19:22] <CandaceFlynn> hey

It was then that another person joined the game.

[19:24] *** Invisighost has joined #RoleplayingGame
[19:24] <Invisighost> lmao gonna rp because bruno is bugging me

I'm not sure who this was, but he didn't really even say anything. I just ignored him.

It was at this time that I had to go pee. I got up to go when my mother looked over at me from the kitchen and said "Blippy, I need you to come help me with the dishes."

I sighed and tried to hurry because I didn't want my roleplay to fail.

Time: 7:30

I came back to the game to find a bunch of people had actually joined it! I scrolled up and saw the names. They all just so happened to have joined at once.

[19:30] *** Debbie has joined #RoleplayingGame
[19:30] *** Natedawg14 has joined #RoleplayingGame

[19:30] *** JERemiahWood has joined #RoleplayingGame
[19:30] *** Fahrwood has joined #RoleplayingGame

[19:31] <Fahrwood> Literally only playing because dra is here
[19:31] <Dravivor654> don't be mean wtf

I was excited. With whoever Debbie, Natedawg, JERemiah, Fahrwood, Dravivor654, CandaceFlynn, and Invisighost are, five more people would remain. Two users who really stood out on the chat, Cokeman11 and Owenandheatherfan, were spamming for some reason. I remember what they said, too.

Cokeman spammed:




I eventually asked them if they would join.

[19:33] *** AshleyTurntkey has joined #RoleplayingGame
[19:33] *** AlizeTurntkey has joined #RoleplayingGame

I stared back at the chatroom for a moment and returned to the two acting strangely.

[19:33] <AshleyTurntkey> lmao its ME
[19:33] <AlizeTurntkey> TURNTKEYS IN THE HOUSE HOES

With those two in the game, I only needed three more. One person on chat was planning on joining, but not before sending tons of hateful messages through the chat and promptly being kicked.

NateNJ14: alright fine I'll rp as long as this bich doesnt suck

NateNJ14: i hate noobs

NateNJ14: theyre a (explicit) CANCER ON THIS MOTHER(explicit) WIKI

~NateNJ14 has been kicked by Reddude~

I figured this guy was already in the game because of the player Natedawg14, but apparently I was wrong. The player who joined shortly after his outburst was named JohnKenzington. He didn't really say anything, he just rambled about how he was a news reporter and that the roleplay shouldn't fail.

If the game did happen to fail, I think someone planned on hosting afterwards. I believe they called it Redvivor.

With only two left to start the game, the players began to pressure me.

[19:36] <JohnKenzington> u literally have 10 just start wtf

I tried to calm him down.

[19:37] <JohnKenzington> if you dont start soon ill go play effing cards against humanity you noob
[19:37] <CandaceFlynn> literally nate stop

Kenzington left the game, but back on chat Bruno continually asked him to come back to the game. I knew I owed his character, Dravivor654, a lot because he's helping me get the game started. I considered rigging it for him so he would win, but after thinking about it, I realized that the game wouldn't work out as well, especially when people know it's rigged.

Suddenly, another player named d0ritos joined.

[19:38] <d0ritos> rub my d0ritos make me hard

I could tell this was nothing but a troll character. It was then that Candace told him to stop trolling and take the game seriously.

[19:40] *** Coco_ has joined #RoleplayingGame

After this character joined, I finally learned what the term "G.oddess" meant. Listening to the people on chat, I saw them say "Coco g.oddess". Apparently, it means it's a good or loved player. When I asked what she was from, I was referred to a page called "Dravivor: Fans vs Favorites" but I was too lazy to look. Besides, I think Dravivor sucks, considering earlier when Redvivor was a topic of discussion, a user named 1dra7 asked to host instead, but he was quickly silenced by Reddude.

[19:45] *** Probst109_ has joined #RoleplayingGame

[19:45] <Probst109_> we are here on the sands of
[19:45] <Probst109_> guatemala or something stupid like that
[19:45] <Probst109_> FOR BENVIVOR

I repeatedly told this character that the game was not Benvivor, and that it was the ROLEPLAYING GAME but he didn't listen. He seemed to insist on playing despite him getting on my nerves a ton.

I only needed one more. I had to get JohnKenzington back into the game. I looked back to chat and pleaded with him. He insisted I was a terrible noob, but nonetheless, he rejoined. We had all 12.

After voicing them all, I opened up the file for the first challenge. But first, of course, I would need to explain to them all how the game works.

[19:50] <BlippyHost> Hello, everyone!
[19:50] <BlippyHost> Welcome to The Roleplaying Game.
[19:50] <BlippyHost> I'm happy to be your host this evening! It's gonna be a real exciting adventure for all of us!
[19:50] <BlippyHost> I'll explain more as the game goes on, but please send me a message about who you are so I can better profile you!
[19:50] <BlippyHost> I'll host a challenge soon. The person who wins will get a super awesome opportunity in the game! Providing you all comply with my instructions, this game might finish before 1 AM!

This game would begin at promptly 8:00.

The Second Hour

Time: 8:00

I kicked D0ritos because they were nothing but a troll character. I announced what the first challenge would be and allowed them to talk to each other.

[20:02] <BlippyHost> Alright, guys! Let's get to your first challenge!
[20:02] <BlippyHost> It's called "boxes".
[20:02] <BlippyHost> You have to post *climbs onto boxes* six times
[20:02] <BlippyHost> and then finally post *unlocks door*
[20:03] <BlippyHost> when you unlock the door you will get a link to a puzzle.
[20:03] <BlippyHost> When I link you to the puzzle, you'll need to complete it and post it out here to win!
[20:03] <BlippyHost> Any questions?
[20:03] <JohnKenzington> literally no
[20:03] <JohnKenzington> no questions at all
[20:03] <JohnKenzington> just get started so this rp can fail
[20:03] <BlippyHost> ...very well!
[20:03] <BlippyHost> 3
[20:03] <BlippyHost> 2
[20:03] <BlippyHost> 1
[20:03] <BlippyHost> GO!!

The challenge began. All they would need to do is post *climbs onto boxes* six times and then complete a puzzle I link them to. It was an incredibly hard puzzle for them to complete. Once a person wins the challenge, they will get immunity from everything. Then everyone will vote for two people. The two with the most votes will be nominated, and then I ask the chat to vote one of them out.

[20:03] <Probst109> *climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <Natedawg14> climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <AshleyTurntkey> climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <AshleyTurntkey> *climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <AshleyTurntkey> *climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <AlizeTurntkey> *climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <AlizeTurntkey> *climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <AlizeTurntkey> *climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <Debbie681> *climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <Probst109> *climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <CandaceFlynn> *climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <CandaceFlynn> *climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <CandaceFlynn> *climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <JERemiahWood> *climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <Dravivor654> *climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <Dravivor654> *climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <Dravivor654> *climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <Natedawg14> climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <Natedawg14> *climbs onto boxes*
[20:03] <AshleyTurntkey> unlocks door*
[20:03] <AlizeTurntkey> *unlocks door*

I delivered the puzzle to Alize and Ashley. They seemed the most in tune with the game. I don't think a few others were paying much attention, considering some of them completely ignored the game in question.

With Ashley and Alize working on it, Dravivor and Candace finished unlocking the door. When they finished, Debbie and Probst109 finally got the puzzle. It was a neck and neck competition.

[20:06] <BlippyHost> Alize has it!!!!!
[20:06] <BlippyHost> Alize wins the immunity!!
[20:06] <BlippyHost> And just as the puzzle stated, Alize, you will get to reward one player and punish another player. They will have to do something bad or good, or could even be harmed or helped in the competition. Decide carefully!
[20:06] <AlizeTurntkey> rewarding my bae ashley (kate)
[20:06] <AshleyTurntkey> thanks bae (kate)
[20:06] <AshleyTurntkey> punish that hoe john
[20:06] <AshleyTurntkey> he dont even wanna play LOL
[20:06] <JohnKenzington> yeah punish me so this awful rp finally ENDS for me
[20:06] <AlizeTurntkey> punishing john
[20:06] <AlizeTurntkey> x

With that, Alize won the first immunity. I went to and made a list of possible rewards for someone to get. After randomizing it, Ashley was given a reward called "Challenge Advantage". She got an advantage in the next challenge.

John, however, got a punishment called "Penalty Vote". He got a penalty vote at elimination.

[20:06] <BlippyHost> Alright!
[20:06] <BlippyHost> It's time to get to elimination! This is a Popularity Contest.
[20:06] <BlippyHost> The winner of this challenge, Alize, will not be able to vote at this elimination.
[20:06] <BlippyHost> The rest of you, however, will get to. You will vote for the person you like the least!
[20:06] <BlippyHost> The two people with the most votes will be nominated
[20:06] <BlippyHost> and america, your wiki chat peers, will vote one of you out.
[20:06] <BlippyHost> Then, we begin the second round of the game.

Everyone sent in their votes one at a time and some even added in voting confessionals.

[20:07] <Probst109> Welcome to Tribal Council!
[20:07] <Probst109> Please dip your torches in the flame and get fire. Fire represents your life in this game.

[20:07] <Probst109> Tonight, you will vote out one of your own from Benvivor. Someone like John.
[20:07] <Probst109> I say John because he's s00per LAME D:< and he hates u

That's one vote for John.

[20:08] <Natedawg14> I VOTE OUT THAT BICH JOHN

That's two votes for John.

[20:08] <AshleyTurntkey> dat lame hoe john be like
[20:08] <AshleyTurntkey> got da fufu lame shi i aint wid it :* LOL GET OUT

Three votes John. I was thankful for it, considering he didn't...really want to play?

[20:09] <Debbie> i have an alliance :P #EggBaes
[20:09] <Debbie> oh yah and i vote for john

Four votes John.

[20:09] <JohnKenzington> voting out jer bye

One vote JERemiah, four votes John.

[20:10] <Fahrwood> for some reason invisighost really got me in the mood to rp now so I'm blindsiding Debbie with him lololol
[20:10] <Fahrwood> bye mika please never speak to me again

One vote JERemiah, four votes John, one vote Debbie. I never really figured out who Mika was.

[20:10] * Coco eats a picture of John >:(

One vote JERemiah, five votes John, one vote Debbie. With seven votes already cast and five of them John, John would go up for America's judgement.

[20:11] <invisighost> getting farhwood to blindside debbie with me lol

One vote JERemiah, five votes John, two votes Debbie.

[20:11] <CandaceFlynn> hey sorry for not speaking much I'm trying to stop the fighting on chat tbh
[20:11] <CandaceFlynn> but uh YEAH!! Gosh, I hope Jeremy is okay! I think John should go because he's being mean and stuff :(

One vote JERemiah, six votes John, two votes Debbie.

[20:11] <JERemiahWood> perhaps I could use this type of elimination method in my story? I do believe that this...unusual elimination order would be strange to use in mine. I know it would be very good.
[20:11] <JERemiahWood> I do believe I shall vote out Debbie this evening.

One vote JERemiah, six votes John, three votes Debbie.

[20:12] <Dravivor654> dude I'm so ANGERED! They're not paying any attention to this game! I'll get rid of the dudes who don't pay any attention and yell at them!
[20:12] <Dravivor654> voting out JOHN!

One vote JERemiah, seven votes John, three votes Debbie. With that, I announced the results to them all and revealed the losers.

[20:12] <BlippyHost> Alright! I have the results in for the popularity contest!
[20:12] <BlippyHost> By a vote of exactly eight to three to one... including John's penalty...

[20:12] <BlippyHost> with only one vote, JERemiah, you are safe!
[20:12] <JERemiahWood> What!?!? One vote against me? You little...

[20:12] <BlippyHost> Yes...well. By a vote of eight to three....
[20:13] <BlippyHost> John and Debbie, you have been put up for nomination! America will now vote for one of you to be eliminated.

[20:13] <Farhwood> normally I would be super douchey and say this really mean and stuff but like....maybe you should space it out to add more suspense?
[20:13] <BlippyHost> I like my hosting skills!

I approached wiki chat and told them all to vote someone out. It would be either John or Debbie that round. But which one was it? They both gave speeches about why they should remain in the game.

[20:15] <Debbie> Someone clearly tried to blindside me tonight! If you all keep me in ill give you all eggs!!

[20:15] <JohnKenzington> keep me in or don't like whatever bye

Time: 8:30

It was elimination time.

[20:33] <BlippyHost> The results are in!
[20:33] <BlippyHost> John and Debbie, America has voted.

In my mind, to make the game more realistic, at least, the two held hands and prayed that America would keep them in. The results were slightly shocking, but it was a blindside nonetheless. Who would go home? JohnKenzington, the one who has repeatedly nagged me to stop and leave the wiki, or Debbie, the girl who seems to annoy the other players?

[20:33] <BlippyHost> The votes I received have been tallied.
[20:33] <BlippyHost> With 47% of the votes I received...

I spammed the letter "." repeatedly, taking in the suggestion that Fahrwood had given earlier. I think it worked, because people in the game posted that they were incredibly nervous.

[20:33] <BlippyHost> JohnKenzington...with 47% of the votes, you are safe!!
[20:34] <BlippyHost> Debbie, it looks like America doesn't like ya that much! You got 53% of the votes tonight, which is enough to send you home packing. I'm sorry, but you've been eliminated from The Roleplaying Game!

[20:34] <Debbie> literally what 0.0

[20:34] <Debbie> THIS IS ALL DRA AND AVERY'S FAULT 0.0

Her last words made me laugh, but it was finally time for the next round of the game to begin. I gave them all time to interact while I tried to calm down Debbie's player on chat. Because of a fight that had been previously going on, everything was heated on there. I told everyone to take it with a grain of sand and that it was just a game.

And then I was kicked by Reddude.

Time: 8:45

It would be fifteen minutes while I sat up the next challenge. Before I vanished, I was invited to an alliance chat. I joined the #FlynnFletchers alliance to find Candace, John, Probst109, and Dravivor inside. It was a really interesting conversation, actually.

[20:45] <BlippyHost> Wow! Cool! I didn't think people made chats for their alliances!
[20:45] <JohnKenzington> people literally do that all the time omg
[20:45] <CandaceFlynn> (shut up@nate)
[20:45] <JohnKenzington> k@jax
[20:45] <Dravivor654> (nate dude you're making me angered)
[20:45] <Probst109> yes well I am always invited to benvivor alliances
[20:45] <CandaceFlynn> I think we should all stick together!
[20:46] <CandaceFlynn> Dravivor, you're good at challenges and stuff! Probst, you're a good social player!
[20:46] <CandaceFlynn> Together, we can be the #FlynnFletchers and beat out those dirty Turntkeys!
[20:46] <CandaceFlynn> They remind me of Phineas and Ferb -- always doing stuff that makes me super mad and junk
[20:46] <Dravivor654> dude I watch your show
[20:46] <Dravivor654> those two make me angered
[20:47] <Dravivor654> sometimes I want to self harm so they STOP and their mom finally sees them for what they are!
[20:47] <Probst109> Self harming is against the rules of benvivor@Dravivor
[20:47] <Dravivor654> dude I will scream at you!@Probst109
[20:47] <JohnKenzington> people are actually taking this seriously
[20:47] <JohnKenzington> whatever
[20:48] <Probst109> That font is making my eyes bleed, John!
[20:48] <Probst109> I might give you a penalty vote at tribal council for this.
[20:48] <Dravivor654> That font is making me SO MAD
[20:48] <JohnKenzington> shut up and go play with ceceheidickfan@Dravivor

It was really funny to watch, but I had to pay more attention to what interactions were going on on the outside. To bring in more attention to the game, I wanted to offer some kind of prize, but I can't. I was happy to see, however, that the people who were once super inactive were now finally playing in the game! I looked back to the chatroom and noticed that it was no longer full of drama.

In fact, it was super quiet! Everyone was finally focused on playing the game and they were no longer fighting!

To get some personal feedback, I went to each of their private messages in the chat and asked for their opinions on the game. I started with Avery FireFlame.

"I think if people were more involved it could be fun but idk it's good I guess."

Then I went to BrunoSomebody.

"It's fun xD"

Then I went to Jaxswim. "I hate how people are being all rude and stuff but other than that it's kinda cool."

I was happy people thought it was good...good-ish? I don't know.

I looked back to the chat to look for more interactions.

[20:50] <BlippyHost> I'll host the challenge soon!
[20:50] <AshleyTurntkey>lmao take your time x
[20:50] <AlizeTurntkey> ASHLEY LOL
[20:50] <AlizeTurntkey> AND LIKE
[20:50] <AlizeTurntkey> SLAYED
[20:50] <AshleyTurntkey> yaaaassss alize yasssss
[20:50] <AshleyTurntkey> we're gonna SLAY AGAIN x
[20:50] <AlizeTurntkey> #AssassinationCaravan
[20:50] <Natedawg14> I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE
[20:50] <Natedawg14> I'M DONE
[20:50] *** Natedawg14 has left #RoleplayingGame</font>
[20:50] <Fahrwood> same
[20:50] <invisighost> oooo gosht noises
[20:50] <invisighost> gonna win immnty tbh and slay u all
[20:50] <AshleyTurntkey> lol you think you're BETTER THAN US
[20:50] <AlizeTurntkey> you can't BEAT THE TURNTKEYS
[20:50] *** Natedawg14 has joined #RoleplayingGame
[20:50] <Natedawg14> im back
[20:51] <Natedawg14> sorry
[20:51] <AlizeTurntkey> LOL NATE
[20:51] <Natedawg14> omg
[20:51] <Natedawg14> OUTSIDE
[20:51] <Natedawg14> OMG THE NEIGHBORS ARE DEAD
[20:51] <Natedawg14> HELP
[20:51] <Natedawg14> I HAVE TO HIDE
[20:51] *** Natedawg14 has left #RoleplayingGame
[20:51] <AshleyTurntkey> lmao
[20:52] <Fahrwood> this reminds me of the time when I was in epicvivor
[20:52] <Fahrwood> and I was stalked by KatieKatie
[20:52] <invisighost> farhwood tbh was in epicvivor
[20:52] <invisighost> gonna slay the comp

I left the tab and looked back onto chat. People were laughing at Natedawg leaving the chatroom. At first I simply assumed he was quitting, but apparently that's just some joke he does. The real user, NateNJ14 from what I gathered, apparently has had issues with "aliens" in the past or something like that.

[20:54] <JERemiahWood> what an interesting set of interactions partaking inside of this PJIRC chatroom.
[20:54] <JERemiahWood> Perhaps I shall use this style of confrontation in my story, Total Drama America.
[20:54] <AlizeTurntkey> LOL IT'S A BIRD
[20:54] <AlizeTurntkey> TWEET TWEET BIRD
[20:55] <AshleyTurntkey> alize bae that's COCO
[20:55] <AshleyTurntkey> don't mess with coco
[20:55] <JERemiahWood> Alize, I do believe that would be Cocoa, not Coco. Coco is actually a bird from the popular television show, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends. That joke was also not in a good humor at all.
[20:55] <invisighost> same@this
[20:55] <AlizeTurntkey> lmao whatever you say x
[20:55] <AshleyTurntkey> omg alize slay them all x x x
[20:55] <_Coco_> ...
[20:55] * _Coco_ eats picture of alize >:(
[20:55] <AlizeTurntkey> lmao calm down birdie
[20:55] <AlizeTurntkey> go lay eggs somewhere
[20:55] * _Coco_ hatches egg in Alize's hands
[20:55] <AlizeTurntkey> this bird just shat on me
[20:55] <AshleyTurntkey> LOL SLAY COCO

After this happened, I turned back to chat. I skimmed the text I had missed. At the bottom of the chatroom, someone by the name of "TwerkieBae" joined chat and spammed the word "twerk" repeatedly. After the user Reddude had banned it, he infuriatedly asked everyone who the sockpuppet was. Lucky for me, I knew what those were -- I've been on other wikias.

I insisted that it was not me, and Reddude insisted that it was. He called for me to be banned immediately.

I was incredibly worried about this. He called forth a meeting with other admins and chat moderators at the time. I was super nervous about being banned, but one such moderator who just so happened to be Bruno vouched for me and stated that it was impossible for me to be the sock -- that I was too busy hosting.

It seemed to work, because I was instantly given a pass on being banned. As for the rest of the chat, someone was responsible for being this sockpuppet. The administrators and mods were determined to find out who it was.

However, to begin their investigation, they would need to find the userpage and IP ban it. Then, they stated that they would need to kick every user. If someone could not return, they would be known as the sockpuppet creator.

I looked back to the game and prepared the challenge.

The Third Hour

Time: 9:00

[21:00] <BlippyHost> Alright guys!!!
[21:00] <BlippyHost> Let's get to the immunity challenge!!!
[21:00] <BlippyHost> Today's challenge is called "Decipher Code".
[21:00] <BlippyHost> I'm going to post a scrambled phrase out here, and then you will need to decipher it. However, the phrase is SCRAMBLED, but is also in a different language!
[21:00] <BlippyHost> You will need to decipher it, unscramble it, and then translate it to english! The first person to post it out here wins the challenge!

This challenge was on. The challenge was simply to decipher the phrase "SDG NDKQ ZKXHMOF LZDF RH DSG DRAS ZFLD DUQD". As per Ashley's reward, she was given the a part of the phrase unscrambled. "THE" was all she received.

It took a few minutes of time, but eventually, invisighost sent me a message. Fortunately for me, I was able to read what he was saying. He asked, "Is the ciphered phrase deciphered using a downward alphabet method?"

I had no idea what he was talking about, so I replied "Maybe". He posted back to me with "TEH OELR ALYINPG MAEG SI ETH ESBT AGME EVRE". It was exciting, condisdering that barely anyone had any idea of what was going on with the challenge.

A ton of confused messages entered my private message and spammed the main IRC area. Eventually invisighost sent back "THE ROLE PLAYING GAME IS THE BEST GAME EVER" and I told him that that was the correct message, but he needed to post it in the main chat.

He did, and although invisible, he won the challenge!

[21:11] <invisighost> omg im the bestist gost ever slay!!!
[21:11] <invisighost> tbh idk who to reward lololololol
[21:11] <BlippyHost> Congratulations, invisighost!
[21:11] <BlippyHost> Tonight, you will get to reward and punish two players of your choosing! Then, when you're done, we can get to the voting! You have a few minutes to think, so choose wisely!

It took a few moments, but invisighost finally responded.

[21:12] <invisighost> ok gonna reward my bae fahrwood
[21:12] <invisighost> then im gonna punish john rofl

And with that, I had to punish John yet again and reward Farhwood.

[21:12] <AshleyTurntkey> WOW U DIDNT REWARD US
[21:12] <AlizeTurntkey> were gonna slay u invisighost x

After using to determine what to do, the rewards and punishments were given out. Farhwood was given "Freeze Vote", which would allow him to freeze someone's vote and remove them from being able to vote. He would have to send me a message about what to do.

After this, I determined the punishment to give to John. I used yet again to determine his punishment, which came out as "Challenge Hinder". Next challenge, John would get a challenge hinderance providing he survive to the next challenge.

[21:13] <Farhwood> freezing coco. barf

With that, Coco's vote was frozen. It would not be announced to anyone to keep Farhwood's choice private.

[21:14] <BlippyHost> Send in your votes for elimination!

It would only be moments until they sent in their votes and the next person would be eliminated. In the meantime, however, I spied on the wiki chat and on the #FlynnFletchers alliance.

On the wiki chat, the investigation to find out who the sockpuppeteer was continued. They IP banned the original account and began the kicking process. The first kick had that user come back into chat. I was then kicked, and I returned to chat. All mods left the chat and returned. It was none of them.

However, it became clear that, once most users on chat were kicked, that the sockpuppet's creator was inside of my roleplay! Whoever they were, they were from my cast. Most everyone except for Bruno, Jax, and Dra had left the chat because of the fights and because of the game. It would only be moments before someone got voted out and returned to the chatroom to find out that they had been banned.

According to one such admin, Spaceweather, the sockpuppet problem is being cracked down upon. The person who is banned would be banned for a very long time -- around a week, he said.

[21:16] <Dravivor654> not winning that challenge really made me mad >:(
[21:16] <CandaceFlynn> I know how that feels! It makes me mad when Phineas and Ferb interrupt my time with Jeremy. :(
[21:16] <JohnKenzington> literally who are we voting
[21:16] <JohnKenzington> i know its me tbh
[21:16] <Dravivor654> dudes let's get out ALIZE MAN
[21:16] <Dravivor654> she's like really DUMB and her ability to win everything makes me angered!
[21:16] <CandaceFlynn> That sounds like a really strategic move! I like it!
[21:16] <JohnKenzington> ok w/e

It was time for them to send in their votes. I was excited to see how it all turned out.

[21:16] <_Coco_> *eats picture of John* >:(

That would be one vote for John, but Coco's vote was frozen.


One vote Alize.

[21:17] <Dravivor654> ALIZE DUDE

Two votes Alize.

[21:17] <Farhwood> Coco </3

Two votes Alize and one vote Coco.

[21:18] <CandaceFlynn> Tonight we're voting out Alize. She's being so cocky and stuff :(

There were then three votes Alize and one vote Coco. It looked bad for Alize.

[21:18] <AshleyTurntkey> VOTING WITH MY BAE LOL
[21:18] <AshleyTurntkey> GN COCO TTYN

We were at three votes Alize and two votes Coco.

[21:18] <AlizeTurntkey> VOTING WITH MY BAE LOL
[21:18] <AlizeTurntkey> GN COCO TTYN

They said the exact same thing. Great!

Three votes Alize, three votes Coco.

[21:19] <Natedawg14> DONT TALK MEANLY TO ME

Three votes Alize, one vote John, three votes Coco.

[21:19] <JERemiahWood> Perhaps this vote could be integrated into my story in some obscure fashion? I'm not entirely positive -- but if it is one thing I do know, it's that I am voting for John tonight.

Three votes Alize, two votes John, three votes Coco.

[21:19] <Probst109> tonight on Benvivor, AlizeTurntkey's torch shall be snuffed!

Four votes Alize, two votes John, three votes Coco. Alize and Coco would be going into the vote.

However, with all ten votes received, it would have been a tie between Coco and John had Coco's vote not been frozen. I went ahead and revealed the first person going into the elimination round.

[21:20] <BlippyHost> I have all the votes!!
[21:20] <BlippyHost> By a vote of 4-3-2.............

I spaced it out yet again for drama. "Alize, you will be going into the elimination round. Now, with the frozen vote added in, the second person heading in with three votes would be... "

"Coco, you will be going into the elimination round as well."

The two, Alize and Coco, were clearly outraged. The two opposing alliances were going head to head in this part of the elimination. They then stated why they should be saved, and America proceeded to vote another player out of the game.



Time: 9:30

It was elimination time. One of the players would be sent home after America sent in their votes.

[21:30] <BlippyHost> The results are in! Of the votes we received...

[21:31] <BlippyHost> With 89% of the votes from America...

I spaced it out and waited. Ashley and Coco were on their seats, I could tell.

[21:33] <BlippyHost> AlizeTurntkey, you have been eliminated from the Roleplaying Game.

And it was at that time that the user, Cokeman11, logged into the chat and said "yeah w/e that was kinda lame oops"

Cokeman was cleared of being the owner of the sockpuppet, but only a few more people in my game remained. Who was the owner of the sockpuppet?

With that, Alize was out of the competition and devoiced. I looked back into the #FlynnFletcher alliance and noticed JohnKenzington and the other players talking about their next strategy. It was an interesting chat. While they were speaking to each other, I was pinged in JERemiah's private message.

[21:36] <JERemiahWood> I have just been informed of an interesting development in this game!
[21:36] <JERemiahWood> Not only is someone I consider myself a companion to inside of an alliance, he has offered me a top spot in the final two!
[21:36] <JERemiahWood> Traditionally, Total Drama America would have a final three, but I do believe this sort of event should be used in my story instead.
[21:36] <JERemiahWood> By the way, Blippy, did you know I have a third cousin running for senator of Kansas?
[21:36] <JERemiahWood> It's true. Of course, I'm not the biggest fan of Kansas. I hear they have a plethora of tornadoes. Watch out! We have a waterspout hailing over our town!

What did he actually say to me? To this day I still have no idea. I stared back into the #FlynnFletchers alliance. As far as I knew, only they and the alliance with Fahrwood, Invisighost, and Ashley existed. Coco was on the outside of the game, considering it was apparent that Natedawg14 was invited into the FlynnFletchers.

[21:37] <CandaceFlynn> Alright, alliance! It's meeting time!!
[21:37] <Probst109> I cannot wait to host the next challenge in Benvivor: RoleplayingGame tbqh qq
[21:37] <Dravivor654> I can't wait to WIN
[21:37] <Dravivor654> if I dont dude I will be so angered
[21:37] <JohnKenzington> these dumb biches taking the game seriously
[21:37] <Natedawg14> BICH IS MY THING
[21:37] <Natedawg14> BICH
[21:37] <Natedawg14> DONT TRY AND BE ME
[21:37] <Natedawg14> I AM THE ONE AND ONLY NATEDAWG14
[21:37] <JohnKenzington> youre starting to really piss me off
[21:38] <Dravivor654> this whole fight is making me want to self harm
[21:38] <CandaceFlynn> Let's not!!
[21:38] <CandaceFlynn> Yeah well...
[21:38] <CandaceFlynn> I'm in it!
[21:38] <CandaceFlynn> ^_^
[21:38] <Probst109> I never thought I would be in an alliance in my own game
[21:38] <Probst109> The next challenge should be coming soon!
[21:38] <Probst109> I'm rigging it for blippy tbqh
[21:38] <JohnKenzington> today's news story
[21:38] <JohnKenzington> dysfunctional alliance votes out natedawg14!
[21:39] <Natedawg14> WHAT
[21:39] <Natedawg14> HOW COULD YOU DARE
[21:39] <Natedawg14> SCREW THIS WHOLE THING
[21:39] <Natedawg14> IM LEAVING
[21:39] *** Natedawg14 has left #RoleplayingGame
[21:39]<CandaceFlynn> (ugh nate look what you did)
[21:39] <JohnKenzington> (shut up jax)
[23:18] *** Natedawg14 has joined #RoleplayingGame
[21:39] <Natedawg14> sorry
[21:39] <Natedawg14> im back
[21:39] <CandaceFlynn> Welcome back Natedawg!

That was an interesting thing to watch. I wonder which one from this alliance was feeding JERemiah information? I figured it would be rigging to ask the question, so I left it up in the air for the time being.

I returned to the main PJIRC chat area to find a shocking revelation ongoing. It was an intense event. While I planned for the challenge, Natedawg14 himself went out to cause trouble.

[21:40] <Natedawg14> HEY ALL YOU DUMB PEOPLE
[21:40] <Natedawg14> I CAN HEAR THE ALIENS AT MY DOOR
[21:40] <Natedawg14> BEFORE I GET EATEN
[21:40] <Natedawg14> I WANT YOU BICHES TO KNOW
[21:40] <Natedawg14> #FLYNNFLETCHERS
[21:40] <Natedawg14> JOIN THAT

I looked back to the chatroom.

[21:40] *** JERemiahWood has joined #RoleplayingGame
[21:40] <JERemiahWood> Oh, my. Perhaps this alliance was the one in control all along?
[21:40] *** _Coco_ has joined #RoleplayingGame
[21:40] <CandaceFlynn> ...NATE
[21:40] <CandaceFlynn> Why did you do that ;(
[21:40] <Natedawg14> bich
[21:40] *** Fahrwood has joined #RoleplayingGame
[21:40] *** invisighost has joined #RoleplayingGame
[21:40] *** AshleyTurntkey has joined #RoleplayingGame
[21:40] <Fahrwood> LOL
[21:40] <AshleyTurntkey> LMAO HOES
[21:40] <AshleyTurntkey> WE GOT YOU
[21:40] <AshleyTurntkey> #ASSASSINATIONCARAVAN
[21:40] <invisighost> tbh i knew about this
[21:40] <invisighost> but didnt say anything
[21:40] <invisighost> #infuriatinginvisighost
[21:40] <Dravivor654> DAMN IT NATEDAWG
[21:40] <Dravivor654> YOU ALWAYS DO THIS TO PEOPLE
[21:41] <Dravivor654> YOU RUINED THIS WHOLE THING
[21:41] <CandaceFlynn> Dravivor, don't talk like that!
[21:41] <JERemiahWood> Perhaps these alliance chats would be useful in say...A Total Drama America setting?
[21:41] <Fahrwood> vomit
[21:41] <Fahrwood> @Total Drama America
[21:41] <JERemiahWood> Why you little...
[21:41] <JERemiahWood> Why did you insult my story neway?
[21:41] <Fahrwood> neway?
[21:41] <JERemiahWood> it's called shorthand.
[21:41] <invisighost> no its just called laziness
[21:41] <invisighost> ooooo ghost noises
[21:41] <JERemiahWood> I'm not sure what you're saying, but I know it's possible that it's offensive to me and my basis of life!

I looked back to the main chatroom area. It was empty. The FlynnFletchers alliance was erupting into chaos.

I looked back onto main chat. Everyone was spamming "#CHAOSNATEDAWG" and, personally, it was kinda hilarious. I asked where the "chaos" part was coming from, because invisighost had said earlier "#InfuriatingInvisighost", which made me question now if that had anything to do with it.

It turns out that, on one season of Survivor, a player named Kass had nicknamed herself #ChaosKass and it just stuck to the wiki.

It was going to be around twenty minutes until the next hour, so I went ahead and began the next challenge.

[21:43] <BlippyHost> Come on in, everyone! It's time to begin the next challenge!
[21:43] <JERemiahWood> What an exciting endeavor!
[21:43] <BlippyHost> This challenge is called "Sub-zero temperatures"!
[21:43] <BlippyHost> I will simply post a picture of either a flame or of an ice cube.
[21:43] <BlippyHost> If I post fire, you post *raises temperature*
[21:43] <BlippyHost> if I post ice, you post *lowers temperature*
[21:43] <BlippyHost> the last person to do it is out of the challenge for good!! As well, if you post incorrectly, you're out!

I had everyone prepare for the challenge. For the first round, John, Farhwood, Ashley, Natedawg, Dravivor, JERemiah, Probst109, Coco, Invisighost, and Candace would all be competing. For John's hinderance, he would need to post it twist.

[21:45] <BlippyHost> Round one! Go!

The picture was of fire.

[21:45] <CandaceFlynn> *raises temperature*
[21:45] <_Coco_> *raises temperature*
[21:45] <Dravivor654> *raises temperature*
[21:45] <Fahrwood> *raises temperature*
[21:45] <Natedawg14> *raises temperature*
[21:45] <invisighost> *raises temperature*
[21:45] <AshleyTurntkey> *raises temperature*
[21:45] <JERemiahWood> *raises temperature*
[21:45] <JohnKenzington> *lowers temperature*
[21:45] <Probst109> *raises temperature*
[21:45] <Probst109> What an exciting and innovative Benvivor challenge!

John posted incorrectly and did not post the second time, Probst posted last. I announced that they were both out. Probst tried to argue that he was third, but that didn't show correctly on my screen. I asked if anyone else wanted to redo it, but apparently it's a thing for players to argue that they were first. It all matters on the host's screen!

John flipped out on me, however, saying that the instructions made no sense. Candace argued back saying that they made perfect sense. John just got mad and sat out of the challenge after posting "meh w/e"

For the second round, Candace, Coco, Dravivor, Fahrwood, Natedawg, Invisighost, Ashley, and JERemiah would be competing. The final eight of the challenge.

For the next picture, ice was posted.

[21:46] <CandaceFlynn> * lowers temperature*
[21:46] <Fahrwood> * lowers temperature*
[21:46] <invisighost> * lowers temperature*
[21:46] <Natedawg14> * raises temperature*
[21:46] <Natedawg14> wait crap
[21:46] <JERemiahWood> * lowers temperature*</font>
[21:46] <_Coco_> * lowers temperature*
[21:46]<Dravivor654> * lowers temperature*
[21:46] <AshleyTurntkey> * lowers temperature*

Natedawg, who posted wrong, and Ashley were announced to be out. Ashley claimed that it was rigged and "gay", but my screen said different!

For the third round, Candace, Fahrwood, Invisighost, JERemiah, Coco, and Dravivor would compete.

A picture of ice was posted. After the round was completed, Coco was revealed to be in last. She "COCOCOCOCOCOCOCOCO"ed her way through the elimination, but left the challenge. Candace, Fahrwood, Invisighost, JERemiah, and Dravivor remained.

Another ice image was posted. With Dravivor shockingly first and invisighost second, Fahrwood was left in last.

Candace, Invisighost, JERemiah, and Dravivor654 were the final four. An image of fire was posted.

[21:48] <CandaceFlynn> * raises temperature*
[21:48] <JERemiahWood> * raises temperature*
[21:48] <Dravivor654> * raises temperature*
[21:48] <invisighost> * raises temperature*

Invisighost was last. The final round with Dravivor, JERemiah, and Candace began. One of them -- the one who posted first -- would win the immunity.

A picture of fire was posted again.

[21:48] <Dravivor654> * raises temperature*
[21:48] <CandaceFlynn> * raises temperature*
[21:48] <JERemiahWood> * raises temperature*

Dravivor won the immunity!

[21:48] <BlippyHost> Congratulations, Dravivor654, you have won this challenge and immunity! Remember, you will also get to reward and punish two people.

It took Dravivor654 a few moments, but he ultimately decided to reward Candace and punish Natedawg14 for showing everyone the FlynnFletcher alliance.

I used to determine the reward for Candace. She would be given a challenge advantage in the next competition if she makes it to it. The punishment for Natedawg was a penalty vote. These rewards and punishments were what we all had seen before.

[21:50] <BlippyHost> Alright everyone! Send in your votes for elimination!

Invisighost immediately sent me his vote.

[21:50] <invisighost> ooooo ghost noises ooooo
[21:50] <invisighost> voting for Candace #infuriatinginvisighost

Fahrwood sent his in after that.

[21:50] <Fahrwood> Voting out CANDACE
[21:50] <Fahrwood> vomit

Two votes Candace.

[21:50] <JohnKenzington> Natedawg14

Two votes Candace, one vote Natedawg. Now counting the penalty vote, Natedawg has two votes.


Two votes Candace, three votes Natedawg.

[21:51] <Natedawg14> BYE CANDACE YOU BICH

Three votes Candace, three votes Natedawg.

[21:52] <JERemiahWood> This is an interesting vote indeed. I do feel that I should vote for Candace.

Four votes Candace, three votes Natedawg.

[21:52] <Probst109> tonight on Benvivor, Natedawg will be going home!

Four votes Candace, four votes Natedawg. No matter what, Candace and Natedawg would be going into the vote.

[21:53] <_Coco_>  *eats picture of Candace*

Five votes Candace, four votes Natedawg.

[21:53] <CandaceFlynn> Voting out Natedawg tonight! I know I'm going in the vote, though. :(

Five votes Candace, five votes Natedawg.

[21:54] <BlippyHost> I have the votes!

[21:54] <BlippyHost> By a vote of five votes to five, counting the penalty vote...

[21:55] <BlippyHost> CandaceFlynn and Natedawg14, you will be going up for elimination tonight. America will decide your fates.

They pleaded their cases before America proceeded to vote.

[21:55] <CandaceFlynn> Please, America! I plead to you tonight -- do not let me go home! I still need more time to prove I'm better than Phineas and Ferb! Jeremy needs this prize money, too!


And then Natedawg left the chat. He returned moments later, however.

The Fourth Hour

Time: 10:00

It was elimination time.

[22:00] <BlippyHost> Alright guys!!!
[22:00] <BlippyHost> The results are in!
[22:00] <BlippyHost> With the votes we got...

I spaced it out accordingly. They seemed to be on their seats.

[22:02] <BlippyHost> CandaceFlynn, with only 53% of the votes, you have been eliminated from The Roleplaying Game. Sorry :(
[22:02] <BlippyHost> As for you, Natedawg14, you are safe with only 47%! Congratulations!

I looked back to the main wiki chat after Candace left. Jaxswim had joined and stated "well that was short". Thankfull he didn't insult me like the other ones! It also proved that he wasn't the maker of the sockpuppet, either! The admins were still mad, but I had to continue my game.

It was not too long after that that I looked back to the game and saw someone had joined under the name of "DynaChameleon".

[22:03] <Dynachameleon> this is the illest setup for an RP tbh

[22:03] <BlippyHost> Thanks?

I prepared for the next challenge. As I did, I glanced into the chatrooms for more interactions.

[22:04] <Probst109> Hello Jeremiah! Are you excited to be in Benvivor this evening?
[22:04] <JERemiahWood> I often question the legitimacy of your hosting skills. Are you really the host of this competition? Blippy seems to be the one hosting this endeavor, not you.
[22:04] <Probst109> I host Total Drama Benvivor and Benvivor itsself
[22:04] <Probst109> which is what we are currently playing in.
[22:04] <JERemiahWood> I host Total Drama America. I am also a fashion model. All you must do is type in "JERemiah Wood, Model" and you will find my many shirtless images.
[22:04] <Probst109> All you have to do is type in "Benvivor" to find me.
[22:04] <JERemiahWood> I might take up that activity as soon as we return home.
[22:04] <Probst109> I might host season eight of Benvivor when I return home.
[22:04 <Probst109> From this.
[22:04] <Probst109> Which is Benvivor.

I smelled a subplot!

They continued to have this minor interaction out loud, arguing about who was a better host of what. I looked back to my private messages and spotted a message from Dravivor654. He invited me to a new alliance chat, considering the previous one with the FlynnFletchers had collapsed.

I joined the #BlindsideNatedawgAlliance.

[22:04] <Dravivor654> HELLO HOSTMAN
[22:04] <Probst109> yes hello contestant of Benvivor
[22:05] <JohnKenzington> what are we doing tonight
[22:05] <invisighost> hello mr hostman
[22:05] <invisighost> tonight we are blindsiding natedawg
[22:05] <Dravivor654> YEAH WHAT THE GHOST SAID
[22:05] <Fahrwood> barfing
[22:05] <Fahrwood> the wiki is literally gonna keep him in because it's FUNNY

This was exciting to hear. I looked back onto the main chatroom area and introduced the next challenge.

[22:05] <BlippyHost> Alright everyone! It's time for your next challenge!
[22:05] <BlippyHost> Today's challenge is called Cowboys vs Indians.
[22:05] <BlippyHost> I will post a team name (Cowboys/Indians) and that designated team will have to hide in a Bunker. They will join that room of the Bunker. For example, if you hid in Bunker 1, you join #Bunker1.
[22:05] <BlippyHost> There are only 20 bunkers to hide in. I am inside of them all.
[22:06] <BlippyHost> Once all are hidden, the opposing team will try to find you inside of a Bunker. If they do, the Bunker is blown up and removed from play as well as the player hiding inside.
[22:06] <BlippyHost> The last person standing will win the challenge and will get to reward and punish someone. Since there are 9 of you, one of you will get to decide what team you want to be on.

I used to decide the teams. I figured it would be the fairest way to do it. The person at the bottom of the list would pick what team to be on. The first four on the list were Ashley, Probst, JERemiah, and Invisighost. The second four were Dravivor654, Natedawg, John, and Coco. The person at the bottom was Fahr.

I announced that the first team would be the COWBOYS and that the second would be the INDIANS. The free agent, Fahrwood, chose to be a Cowboy to be with Invisighost and Ashley. At this time, I knew that they were in an alliance.

I joined every #Bunker room from 1 to 20. I shouted "COWBOYS!" and all of the cowboys hid. Ashley, Probst, JERemiah, Invisighost, and Fahr vanished into each Bunker. Ashley joined Bunker 2, Probst joined Bunker 7, JERemiah joined Bunker 12, Invisighost joined Bunker 18, and Fahr joined bunker 11. Once they were all hid, I announced that the Indians should hunt now.

Dravivor654 joined Bunker 12 and eliminated JERemiah and his bunker. Natedawg joined Bunker 7, John joined Bunker 13, Coco joined Bunker 3. Ashley, Probst, Invisighost, and Fahrwood remained on the cowboys team. Bunker 12 was out of play.

The Indians hid next. Dravivor hid in 1, Natedawg in 6, John in 10, and Coco in 20. The cowboys then hunted them down.

Ashley joined Bunker 7, Probst in 3, Invisighost in 10 which eliminated John, and Fahrwood in 19. Dravivor, Natedawg, and Coco remained.

The Cowboys hid after them in the second round of the game. Ashley hid in 15, Invisighost in 4, Probst in 9, and Fahrwood in 20. Dravivor searched in 13, Natedawg in 19, Coco in 20, which eliminated Fahrwood. Invisighost, Probst, and Ashley remained.

Indians then hid. Dravivor hid in 15, Natedawg in 19, and Coco in 2. Invisighost searched in 15, which eliminated Dravivor. Probst searched in 2, which eliminated Coco.

Round three began. It was Invisighost, Probst, and Ashley vs Natedawg. I had to ask myself how they were finding them so easily. It wasn't long after that Invisighost sent me a private message stating that they were giving each other their locations to throw Natedawg off and make it seem like he was safe for the night.

Invisighost hid in 1, Probst hid in 2, and Ashley hid in 3. I thought that was kind of funny. Natedawg searched in 13, which was empty. Natedawg then hid in Bunker 11.

Dravivor654 apparently fed Invisighost information, causing Invisighost to find Natedawg in Bunker 11, which eliminated him from the challenge.

[22:12] <BlippyHost> Because you three are from the same team, this challenge is going to switch up! You will hide one at a time, and the others will look. But, as a twist, any bunker you look in now will be destroyed.

The Bunkers that remained were Bunkers 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, and 19.

For the first round, Ashley hid in 8. Invisighost searched and destroyed 19, and Probst searched in and destroyed 5. Because she hid in 8, 8 was also removed from play.

Invisighost hid next. He hid in 18. Probst searched in 1 and Ashley searched in 3.

Probst hid next. He hid in Bunker 13. Ashley searched in 9 and Invisighost searched in 13. Probst109 was knocked out of play, and so were Bunkers 9 and 13.

Ashley hid in 7. Invisighost searched in 16.

Invisighost hid in 17. Ashley searched in 6.

For the final round, Ashley would hide. If Invisighost found her, he would win. If he did not, Ashley would win. She chose to hide in 14. Invisighost searched in 14 and found her.

[22:23] <BlippyHost> Congratulations, Invisighost! You have won this challenge!

Invisighost proceeded to chant something in his invisible text. I had to highlight it to see what he said.

[22:24] <Invisighost> lmao yes
[22:24] <Invisighost> i reward fahrwood and punish...
[22:24] <Invisighost> jeremiah

Fahrwood would be rewarded and JERemiah punished. I random.orged their rewards/punishments. Fahrwood got an extra vote at elimination. JERemiah received a frozen vote. His vote would not count at elimination.

I looked back into the #BlindsideNatedawgAlliance. They all were on the same page about voting out Natedawg14. It seemed like the vote that night would be 5 votes on Natedawg...and who knew what would happen to the other person?

[22:26] <Probst109> Hello everyone!
[22:26] <Probst109> Now that that imposter is gone it is time for Benvivor: TheRoomWithSatanicFollowersWhoAreSacrificingALamb
[22:26] <Probst109> please form your tribes
[22:26] <Probst109> or teams I don't really know since I don't watch Survivor
[22:26] <JERemiahWood> Excuse you, Probst109, but I do believe that this is Blippy's game. Not yours.
[22:26] <Probst109> nonsense
[22:26] <Probst109> this is BENVIVOR
[22:26] <Probst109> You can tell because the channel name is #Benvivor

I loved this plot line with Probst109 going against JERemiah. I was slightly afraid that he was actually hosting a Benvivor season alongside mine, which would explain the reluctant behavior of some contestants.

It was then time to vote someone out of the game and into the America's Vote competition. I called upon each person to send in a vote.

[22:28] <Probst109> The contestants of Benvivor have informed me about voting for Natedawg14
[22:28] <Probst109> Say goodbye, Natedawg! *snuffs torch*

One vote Natedawg14. I skipped Jeremiah's vote because it was frozen for the night.

[22:28] <Fahrwood> nate
[22:28] <Fahrwood> vomits

Two votes Natedawg14.

[22:29] <JohnKenzington> voting out nate tbh
[22:29] <JohnKenzington> he's always been an annoying parody of me and it makes me want to KILL epic

Three votes Natedawg14.

[22:30] <Dravivor654> GRRRR!!!!

Four votes Natedawg14. He was definitely going in now.

[22:31] <AshleyTurntkey> I hope Natedawg goes home for all the baes back home!

Five votes Natedawg14.


Five votes Natedawg, one vote Coco.

[22:32] <_Coco_> *eats picture of Natedawg*

Six votes Natedawg, one vote Coco. This was gonna be a record!

[22:33] <Invisighost> ooooooo ghost noises oooooooo
[22:33] <Invisighost> goodbye natedawg
[22:33] <Invisighost>  infuriatinginvisighost

I had all the votes in and tallied. Natedawg would go into the duel with seven votes against Coco who only had one.

[22:34] <BlippyHost> Alright everyone!
[22:34] <BlippyHost> I have the votes!
[22:34] <BlippyHost> By a vote of 7-1...
[22:34] <BlippyHost> Natedawg14, with seven votes, and Coco with only one -- you two will go into the duel for America to save one of you!

Coco and Natedawg were both clearly infuriated. Natedawg shouted "I HATE THIS GAME" and left, but he promptly returned and stated he was "sorry".

They pleaded to America to save them.


Time: 10:35

It was elimination time.

[22:38] <BlippyHost> The results are in!
[22:38] <BlippyHost> Of the votes we received...
[22:38] <BlippyHost> With 52% of the votes to eliminate...
[22:38] <BlippyHost> Natedawg14, you have been eliminated from The Roleplaying Game. Meaning, Coco, you have survived your second vote from America and are now the reigning champion!

Natedawg14 was incredibly enraged by this.


The user who played him, That Epic, joined chat after his elimination. Another suspect in the sockpuppetry issue was cleared, leaving only a small list of suspects. Who was behind the sockpuppet account that spammed chat?

I posted on the chat, "I wonder who the sockpuppet is? Should I get my players to all join chat now?"

I was told that I was an incredibly annoying person and promptly kicked from chat. I returned and apologized for...whatever I did. I continued on in the roleplay. We had a ton of things to do and such little time to do it in!


Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Jury Vote
Alize Invisighost Dravivor Invisighost
Rewarded Ashley Fahrwood Candace Fahrwood
Punished John John Natedawg JERemiah


John Coco Candace Coco
Debbie Alize Natedawg Natedawg
John JERemiah Alize Natedawg Natedawg
Fahrwood Debbie Coco Candace Natedawg
Ashley John Coco Natedawg Natedawg
Dravivor John Alize WINNER Natedawg
JERemiah Debbie John Candace -
Probst109 John Alize Natedawg Natedawg
Coco John John Candace Natedawg
Invisighost Debbie WINNER Candace Natedawg
Natedawg John John Candace Coco
Candace John Alize Natedawg
Alize WINNER Coco
Debbie John
Penalties John Natedawg
Freezes Coco JERemiah
Saved John(47%) Coco(11%) Natedawg(47%) Coco(48%)
Eliminated Debbie(53%) Alize(89%) Candace(53%) Natedawg(52%)


  • Each week, the winning player is the "Winning Roleplayer" who is safe from everything. They cannot vote, but will get to reward and punish two players in the game. At the end of the week, they all (except the Winning Roleplayer) will vote in the Popularity Contest to nominate two people for elimination. America then votes for one of them to go home. The one with the most votes is out, the one with the fewest votes returns to the game.
  • The game only gets tougher, however, because America's votes end when only 7 remain. From that point on, the two with the most votes will participate in a duel to stay in the game. Anyone who loses a duel will go to the jury house, and will vote for a winner.


  • You can actually read what Invisighost is saying. You need to highlight his speech on the page.

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