The Ridonculous Race: Intense Madness is a season for The Ridonculous Race created by Hi1p. The whole series will be remade due to my dislike of the series.

The Plot

38 contestants each in teams of 2 are here to compete in The Ridonculous Race and are here to win $1,000,000 dollars. This time, the race has a few new rules and more intense obstacles await the contestants. With the host Don, they'll have to travel in 27 locations in 22 countries and the race gets tougher in each leg.


19 teams of 38 contestants will battle it out on a race to $1,000,000 dollars. 7 contestants are part of the Total Drama series while 26 are back from the first race. 5 newcomers are here to compete and 2 are on the same team while we have 2 mixed teams.The following are the teams:

Total Drama:

  1. Owen and Noah (Reality TV Pros)
  2. Shawn and Jasmine (Survival Experts)

The Ridonculous Race:

  1. Emma and Kitty (Sisters)
  2. Geoff and Brody (Surfer Dudes)
  3. Carrie and Devin (Couple)
  4. Jacques and Josee (Ice Dancers)
  5. Tom and Jen (Fashion Bloggers)
  6. Chet and Lorenzo (Stepbrothers)
  7. Ellody and Mary (Geniuses)
  8. Dwayne and Junior (Father and Son)
  9. Kelly and Taylor (Mother and Daughter)
  10. Crimson and Ennui (Goths)
  11. Rock and Spud (Rockers)
  12. Ryan and Stephanie (Engaged Couple)
  13. Sanders and MacArthur (Police Cadets)


  1. Derrick and Joseph (Video Game Masters)
  2. Terry and Allie (Archery Experts)


  1. Lindsay and Hailey (Cutest Friends)
  2. Jacob and Tyler (Athletes)


Which team do you want to win?

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New Rules

  • Teams can now use a zip-it ticket to skip the challenge
  • Teams that come in first in certain legs will receive rewards.
  • Penalties can now be assigned by other teams with a special ticket called the penalty ticket, a ticket that assigns a penalty for 5 minutes.
  • Teams that need assistance from interns will get cut from the race.


  1. Toronto, ON, Canada
  2. Ankara, Turkey
  3. Istanbul, Turkey
  4. Brussels, Belgium
  5. Budapest, Hungary
  6. Johannesburg, South Africa
  7. Antananarivo, Madagascar
  8. Giza, Egypt
  9. Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  10. Sydney, Australia
  11. Kobe, Japan
  12. Hangzhou, China
  13. Rosario, Argentina
  14. Vancouver, BC, Canada
  15. Lyon, France
  16. Bogota, Colombia
  17. Rio De Janiero, Brazil
  18. Sheffield, England
  19. Malmo, Sweden
  20. Athens, Greece
  21. Palermo, Italy
  22. Pamplona, Spain
  23. Munich, Germany
  24. Tijuana, Mexico
  25. Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  26. Naples, Italy
  27. San Diego, CA, USA

Episode 1- Nineteen Up, None Gone Part 1

Don: This is Toronto, the capital city of North America. I'm your host Don and I will introduce the competition. 19 teams of 2 will battle their way through an intense race, this time they'll have to complete harder challenges and work together if they want to win $1 million dollars. As we welcome you to the next season of The Ridonculous Race! (winks)

(Title Screen Plays)

Don: Welcome to season 2 of The Ridonculous Race!, as the teams start arriving, we will introduce the teams. Over here on the left we have Rock and Spud, who have previously competed here in this race.

Rock: (makes guitar sound effects) We'r back for another shot for $1 million bucks dude!

Spud: I know right? Wait... what show is this again?

Rock: (face palms himself) Dude!

Don: (voice) Next we have Terry and Allie, our first newcomers.

Terry: We decided to compete here so that we can use our archery skills to outsmart the other teams.

Allie: And, when we win we will organize an archery league and spend it all on the equipment.

Don: (voice) Here on the bus, we have the Father and Son team.

Dwayne: Oh, we're back again to spend quality time, hey Junior, don't ya like spending another time racing with your Pops, eh?

Junior: Sure.

Don: (voice) Next up we have the Goths. Um, can you please stop showing their faces, again?

Don: (voice) And here are last season's bronze medalists, ahem, I mean the Ice Dancers.

Jacques: This time we will win 1st place.

Josee: Last race was a joke, we're here to win the gold this time! And we will do anything, ANYTHING! GOT IT?!

Don: (voice) And here are one of our finalists, the ravishing Police Cadets!

MacArthur: We thought that another shot at winning money would be cool for us.

Sanders: Yep, I think we can take on all these teams.

MacArthur: Ya think?

Sanders: MacArthur!

Don: (voice) Our next newcomers, Derrick and Joseph, devoted gamers who love to do anything to stay in the race.

Derrick: Hey my name is Derrick, and this is my friend Joseph, and we're here to show our gaming skills to the world!

Joseph: Yeah dude!, I can't wait to have fun hanging out with other people dude!

Derrick: Oh yeah! We are so ready bro! And maybe we'll get to use our bonus life packs.

Joseph; Only when necessary bro.

Don: (voice) Carrie and Devin who are back for another tough race!

Carrie: We lost the previous race because Devin here got an injury, but this time we'll get far.

Devin: Yeah! now we're gonna win this race and go home happy. Yeah! Race!

Don: (voice) The Reality TV pros, Noah and Owen are back at another crack.

Owen: Dude!, We're back in another race! This is gonna be awesome! (laughs)

Noah: We're back but this time, were gonna win, with no distractions.

Owen: Do you think Emma is competing again?

Noah: Probably.

Don: (voice) Emma and Kitty, the sisters who have another shot at winning.

Emma: We're here to race again, only this time we win.

Kitty: Yeah! And do you think Noah is here again?

Emma: Noah? Well, I don't want to get distracted but we'll still form the alliance.

Kitty: Lately, Emma has been happy while she is dating Noah.

Emma: I'm dating him but if he's competing, we don't want any distractions.

Kitty: True.

Don: (voice) We sure don't, but anyways we have our fashion bloggers Tom and Jen.

Jen: Hey, to all our fashion bloggers! Wish us luck in this race!

Tom: I totally wanted to do this race again but this time, I don't want to get eliminated early.

Jen: Ya!

Don: (voice) Chet and Lorenzo are next to compete!

Both: We're the stepbrothers! Stepbrothers! Stepbrothers! Woo!

Chet: We're here to compete again.

Lorenzo: This time my bro and I are gonna win $1 million bucks bro.

Both: High five!

Don: (voice) Right here are Jacob and Tyler, competitive athletes.

Tyler: Aw yeah! I can't wait to compete in this race bro!

Jacob: I know dude! Are you ready?

Tyler: Right on bro!

Don: (voice) Again we have our other finalists Geoff and Brody!

Geoff: Ha ha! I can't believe Don let us compete again!

Brody: Me too dude! Anyways lets try to do our best like we did last race.

Don: (voice) Here we have the Engaged Couple Ryan and Stephanie.

Ryan: Stephanie and I plan to get married, but we're gonna win this race with love.

Stephanie: Aw... that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me Ryan! (both start kissing)

Don: (voice) Here we have our Geniuses Ellody and Mary.

Ellody: We're back, but this time, we won't get our brains stranded. Instead we'll use our brains to outwit other teams.

Don: (voice) Here we have another new team known as the Survival Experts.

Shawn: While I was competing on Total Drama, I found out there would be another race, so I brought Jasmine with me to evade the zombie apocalypse.

Jasmine: Shawn don't worry, there will be no zombies.

Don: (voice) Here are our cutest friends Lindsay and Hailey.

Lindsay: I'm so glad to be competing once again.

Hailey: I'm glad to be competing for the first time, and by the way you've never competed in this race.

Lindsay: Oh, my bad.

Don: (voice) And last we have Kelly and Taylor.

Kelly: I hope we do better than last time sweetie!

Taylor: Alright Mom, I got it.

Kelly: That's my girl!

Don: Welcome contestants, we all see that some of you are back for another race while others are new to this race, we're here were you originally started last time but this time, you guys will be facing bigger, badder, and BRUTAL-ER obstacles than last race. We will have Don Boxes to dispense travel tips that will help you in the race, not only that we have Chill Zones to show your progress, but be sure to be the first ones here as you may get a reward!

All Teams: Yeah! Woo!

Don: And if you're the last to arrive, you may or may not be eliminated from the race. Oh and by the way, I see there are many elite teams out here so we are definitely going to have a close race. But anyways, I wish you good luck and we start in 3,2,1.... (horn sounds), go! (contestants start running but some step on Don's body) ...wait, wait! No! Not my face!

Josee: Come on Jacques we have to go faster! We need to get far ahead from the other teams!

Jasmine: Keep going Shawn! I can see the Don Box!

Shawn: There it is!


Jacques: It's an Either/Or! Tightrope or Bridge.

Shawn: What's an Either/Or?

Don: An Either/Or is where teams can choose to do one of the tasks. In this task, they must take the stairs to get to the top of the tower and from there they will receive protective gear and then they can choose to either walk the tightrope or cross the wavy bridge in the intense wind. Don't worry, these were all tested by one of our interns, John. But if they fall off the bridge or tightrope, then they'll have to swim to the chill zone for their next travel tip.

Jacques: Go! Go! Go!

Hailey: Hurry up Lindsay! This is a race, come on the Don Box is right over here!

Lindsay: Where?

Hailey: To where I am.

Lindsay: Oh. I'm coming!


Don: 3 of our teams have made it to the CN Tower and are making their way up to the top of the building.

Jacques: And the competition has just started!

Derrick: Come on Joseph, it's just 144 flights of stairs, we can do this!

Joseph: Bro, I'm gonna need a health pack.

Derrick: We don't need a health back, I'll carry you for 14 flights okay?

Joseph: Okay thanks.

Josee: Hello to our fans! We will win this!

Emma: Let's go!

Geoff: Doing fine Brody, do you have the strength?

Brody: Yeah dude.

Tom: I don't want my shirt to get wet.

Jen: Come on Tom, let's do it for our followers.

Tom: We're going to do this for our blog and bloggers!

Devin: Let's do this!

Jacob: Tyler! You need to focus!


Jacob: Tyler is always injury prone, but I just hope he gets better at athletics.

Tyler: Jacob! Let's go!


Jasmine: Look! We're halfway there! Only 72 flights of stairs to go!

Josee: Let's go Jacques! We only have 45 flights of stairs left! For the love of gold let's move it!

Joseph: I feel better Derrick! Let's go!

Derrick: Hey guys what's up!

Shawn: Nothing, and you?

Derrick: Nothing either, but I saw you guys compete on Pakhitew Island and boy did you win with Jasmine Shawn!

Shawn: I know! And we we're interested in competing in a race! And who is he?

Derrick: Oh, that's Joseph, he's my best friend.

Jasmine: Cool. Anyways we gotta go.

Joseph: Hey we can help you reach the top.

Jasmine: Sounds good, I just don't want Shawn to get a zombie panic attack.

Shawn: I just hope this race is zombie free.

Don: 10 more teams have made it to the CN Tower and are making their way up the skyscraper. Meanwhile the Ice Dancers make it to the top floor and recieve their protective gear.

Joseph: (panting) How many more flights of stairs left bro?

Derrick: Only 10 more come on teams are catching up let's do this!

Joseph: Roger that.

MacArthur: Your glutes have increased Sanders haven't they?

Sanders: Yep, now let's hustle, other teams are caming.

Josee: Finally we made it! 

Jacques: The tip! It's an Either/Or! Bridge or Tightrope.


Don: All the teams have made it to the CN tower and are now making it to the top floor. Meanwhile 6 teams have made it out of the stairs and are doing the Either/Or.

MacArthur: Alright! Sanders what do you choose?

Sanders: I say, Bridge.

Josee: Bridge, now hurry!

Shawn: Bridge.

Derrick: Are you kidding me were doing tightrope!


Derrick: I want to do tightrope because I've done this many times with Joseph.

Joseph: Yeah bro! I wan't to go intense mode.


Joseph: Let's power up!

Derrick: Yeah! Good luck Shawn and Jasmine!

Jasmine: You too!


Owen: How many flights left Noah?

Noah: Only 32, now let's go!

Owen: I feel like I want to fart.

Tom: 12 flights left!

Carrie: Devin! Let's go! We have 23 flights remaining.

Terry: Allie were almost there only 7 and counting! 

Jacob: Finally were here.

Tyler: Ill get the tip! (slips) Ow!

Jacob: (facepalm)

Geoff: We made it Brody!


Brody: We're doing bridge.

Emma: Bridge!

Noah: Bridge!

Tom: Bridge!

Devin: Bridge!

Terry: Bridge.

Jacob: Tightrope!

Tyler: What? Are you kidding me?

Jacob: Dude we're athletes! So let's do what they're doing.


Jacob: I want to go the hard way so that we could show how strong we are.


Owen: Um, Noah?

Noah: What?

Owen: I think the bridge is too light for me.

Noah: Owen, the bridge can handle all your weight.

Geoff: Brody come on! 7 other teams are ahead of us! We need to move!

Brody: Dude! This wind is slowing us down.

Geoff: Bro, let's just block out the wind and run.

Sanders: We're doing good MacArthur.

MacArthur: Thanks Sanders, but anyways do you notice other teams ahead of us?

Sanders: Yes, but wait a minute... wait is that

Sanders and MacArthur: The Ice Dancers!

MacArthur: Let's scram now!


Sanders: Last race we had a ton of problems with those Ice Dunces.

MacArthur: This time, I hope they don't reach the podium!

Sanders: (nods) True.


Jacques: Ha, ha, ha, ha! That was too easy!

Josee: It's always the best to take the gold!

Shawn: We're doing

Terry: Allie, let's go! We don't have time to wander around.

Allie: But I love the view from over here.

Ryan: We're almost there baby!

Stephanie: I know Ryan!

Emma: Good job Kitty, let's keep rolling.

Kitty: Alright, but let me take a selfie okay?

Emma: Fine, but hurry up, other teams are ahead of us.

Kitty: This is so cool! (snaps selfie)

Jacob: Tyler, are you there?

Tyler: Yeah, why.

Jacob: I was just checking on you but anyways, look out!

Tyler: What? (A bird hits Tyler i the face, he falls into the water.) Ahhh!

Jacob: I'm coming Tyler!

Don: As the teams are making their way through the bridge or tightrope , Jacques and Josee are the first to arrive at the chill zone.

Jacques: Oh yeah! Oh, the tip. Book a flight to Turkey.

Derrick: Ok we made it!

Joseph: I'll read the tip, it says we are going to Turkey! Cool!

Shawn: Ok, we made it!

Don: As more teams reach the chill zone, two teams are falling way behind.

Lorenzo: Chet! Let's go now! We're far behind!

Rock: Dude! Spud, we need to scramble now! Go!


Rock: Spud needs to speed up his game so I'm just going to need to push him.


Rock: Spud! Hurry!, Let's go!

Spud: What?


Jacob: Alright, we made it! Ok, the tip says we're going to Turkey.

Junior: It says we are going to Turkey.

Don: More teams reach the chill zone and all have booked their flights to Turkey. And we see that the Cutest Friends have finally reached the chill zone.

Lindsay: Yay!

Hailey: Here, read the tip.

Lindsay: It says we are going to Turkey. Wait, what? I thought that was an animal.

Rock and Chet: INCOMING!

Lindsay: Ahhh!

Rock: Wooo! We made it dude!

Don: The Goths, Rockers, and Stepbrothers make it to the chill zone!

Don: All the rest of our teams have reached the chill zone and have booked their flights to Turkey.


Jacques: I think our chances of winning first place in ever leg are about 50 per- (interrupted by Josee)

Josee: No, we have a 100 percent chance of reaching the Chill Zone in every location!

Don: Flight 1 will hold the Ice Dancers, Video Game Masters, Survival Experts, The Couple, Police Cadets, and Fashion Bloggers. Flight 2 will hold the Sisters, Reality TV Pros, Archery Experts, Surfer Dudes, Athletes, Father and Son, and Geniuses. Flight 3 will hold Mom and Daughter, The Engaged Couple, Cutest Friends, Stepbrothers, Goths, and Rockers. We will see you next time for more intensity, challenges, and thrills as tune in next time for, The Ridonculous Race!

(end of Chapter 1)

Episode 2- Nineteen Up, None Gone Part 2

Don: Last time on the Ridonculous Race. 19 teams of 2 including newcomers are here to compete once more in a race that is more intense than any race out there. Teams were struggling to make it to the chill zone while others successfully made it. But all the seats have been booked for 3 seperate flights so we're in for some fun! As we have more Intense Madness of The Ridonculous Race!

(intro plays)

Don: Welcome back to the Ridonculous Race, our teams are all on 3 seperate flights. Flight 1 is airborne while fight 2 has just departed, meanwhile flight 3 has just started boarding. Here our teams have decided to talk strategy here, while others are desperate or resting.

Chet: We are in the way bottom.

Lorenzo: Right, we need to avoid the low block.

Don: Turkey! A place known for it's mosques, malls and museums. Teams will land here as stated and we will discuss our challenge later. But let's take a look at flight 1 shall we?


Josee: Jacques!

Jacques: Yes Josee?

Josee: I know we can beat all these teams here, they're weak and feeble.

Jacques: I think so too.

Josee: What do you mean you think?

Derrick: Hey, we heard all that and can you guys be quiet I'm trying to sleep.

Josee: Fine, you win. For now!

Jacques: I think that's enough talk for now I'm tired.


Don: Flight 1 arrives in Ankara. Our teams are now in a race for first.

Jasmine: Go!

Devin: I see the Don Box! (dispenses the tip)

Tom: I'll press it.

Joseph: It's an All-In, we have to go to the Ataturk's Masoleum to draw two sketches.

Sanders: Each one must be different.

Don: In this All-In, teams must draw one sketch of a tower, museum interior, or a statue. They have 1 hour to draw it though and if this local approves of their work, then they will get their next travel tip. Then it's a race to the chill zone and the first to arrive will recieve penalty tickets, a ticket that will add an additional 5 minutes to a team's penalty. Also, the last team to arrive will be going home.

MacArthur: Hustle!

Carrie: Go!

Josee: Run!

Joseph: Come on!

(flashes to the taxi scenes)

Tom: Taxi!

Derrick: Taxi!

MacArthur: Hey!, Taxi!

Don: The teams are now heading to Anatkabir here in Ankara to find the museum.

Jacques: Let's go!

Don: The teams are starting their hour of sketching. Meanwhile, flight 2 has just arrived in Ankara.

Terry: Quickly! Run!

(Screen flips over to taxis that are waiting for contestants)

Jen: Which one do you want to do?

Tom: Jen, we have to do a different sketch of a statue or an interior around here.

Jen: I see, but I'll just go with interior.

Derrick: Aw, I messed up!


Derrick: I'm not very good at sketching things.

Joseph: (nods)


Devin: Thesre are so many of them. Which one can I choose? Oh, I think that interior will do it.

Josee: Ok, we have 45 minutes left, Jacques, can we sabotage the Cadets now?

Jacques: Sure.

Sanders: Oh no my pencil! 

(Jacques picks it up and grabs it.)

Jacques: (laughs)

Sanders: MacArthur, help me get my pencil back, we only have 1 pencil per person, I need it back now!

MacArthur: Roger that!

Don: As teams continue drawing on their sketches, teams from flight 2 have arrived.

Allie: I'll draw an interior.

Emma: I choose statue.

Kitty: I'm choosing tower.

Brody: I'm going with um, tower I guess.

Joseph: Done! Derrick are you done?

Derrick: Almost.

Jacques: And where is the evidence that this is your pencil?

Sanders: Give it back!

MacArthur: Give it now!


MacArthur: I hate those Ice Dancers so much!

(Ice Dancers and Cadets start fighting.)

Carrie: Done!

Devin: Done!

Derrick: Done!

Joseph: Ok, the tip says that race to the Atakule Tower. Be the first there and you will get a reward.

Derrick: Quickly! No time to waste!

Jacques: (squeals) Oh no! Josee hurry up! Teams are done skcething!

Josee: Fine!, Have your dumb pencil back!

Sanders: Ok, hurry let's sketch.

Don: This just in, flight 3 has arrived and they'll need to act quickly.

Hailey: Go!

Don: Meanwhile the Couple and Video Game Masters have finished the challenge. But others seem to have a hard time with it.

Tyler: This is too hard!

Jacob: Bro, you need to sketch it a lot faster and neater too, but c'mon we've only got 25 minutes.

Josee: Done!

Jacques: Done!

Sanders: MacArthur hurry! Teams are getting done!

Don: Teams from flight 3 have arrived to draw.

Hailey; Lindsay! hurry up!

Lindsay: Coming!

Terry: All Done!

Allie: Almost Done.


Allie: Ok, ok, sheesh!


Terry: I need to push Allie to the limits if we want to win.


Don: Teams are quickly drwing to sucess, but one will be eliminated.

Lindsay: This looks so cool.

Kitty: I know right?

Lindsay: Hey what's your name?

Kitty: Oh, my name's Kitty, and you?

Lindsay: Oh, I'm Lindsay. 

Kitty: Nice to meet you!

Lindsay: You too.

Hailey: Hey Lindsay, are you done?

Lindsay; Oh, not quite, well gotta go.

Kitty: Ok then.

Noah: Wait is that Emma?

Owen: Wait, Noah are you united with Emma again?

Noah: Of course I am Owen.

Allie: Done!

MacArthur: Done!

Tyler: Done!

Jacob: Done!

Don: As the teams finish the challenge, teams have reached the Atakule Tower for a thrill.

Derrick: We got this!

Joseph: Let's go!

Jacques: Hurry Josee!

Josee: I'm coming Jacques!

Derrick: Oh no they're catrching up! Hurry!, Use sonic speed!

Joseph: Right behind ya!

Carrie: We can still try for second!

Devin: Right!

Carrie: Hurry!

Jacques: How are we slower than them?

Josee: What!

Devin: For Carrie!

Derrick: I can see the chill zone!

Don: Video Game Masters you are in first place!

Derrick: Yes!

Joseph: Woo Hoo!

Don: And here are your penalty tickets!

Derrick: Nice!


Derrick: So glad to finish first! Woo! High Five!

Don: Carrie and Devin, you are in second place! And the Ice Dancers have to deal with bronze.


Josee: (screams)


Don: There are lots of teams that are finishing up as quick as possible.

Jen: Done! Let's go Tom!

Dwayne: Hurry!

Junior: Coming Dad!

Emma: Done!

Noah: Done!

Owen: Done!

Kitty: Done!

Geoff: Brody are you done yet? 

Brody: All Done Let's go!

Lindsay: All Done!

Hailey: About time!

Ellody: Let's go Mary.

Don: Other teams seem to have a hard time sketching as well.

Jasmine: Oh no Shawn! We're out of time!

Shawn: Oh man! We have to show it to the local.

Local: Good Enough.

Shawn and Jasmine: Phew.


Shawn: That was a close one. 

Jasmine: Yep.

Stephanie: Keep going baby! We're doing good!

Ryan: I know!

Rock: Hurry Spud! We're in the wayyyy bottom.

Spud: Alright I'm done.

Chet: Phew! All Done.


Lorenzo: we only had 30 seconds left.

Chet: (nods)

Ennui: All Done.

Don: Finally! We waited for 35 minutes for this. 

Don: Here are our teams:

Archery Experts 4th

Police Cadets 5th

Athletes 6th

Reality TV Pros 7th

Cutest Friends 8th

Sisters 9th

Fashion Bloggers 10th

Father and Son 11th

Geniuses 12th

Surfer Dudes 13th

Survival Experts 14th

Mother and Daughter 15th

Don: There are only 4 teams left who is going to make it in time?

Rock: Hurry Spud!

Don: Goths you are in 16th. 3 teams are left.

Stephanie: Run!

Lorenzo: Let's go!

Chet: Coming!

Don: Stepbrothers you are in 17th. And Rockers you are the second to last team to arrive.

Rock: Phew.

Don: Stephanie and Ryan, I'm sorry but you're the last team to arrive.

Ryan: Aww man.

Don: Just go kiss somewhere else.


Stephanie: That was quick.

Ryan: But we had a great time.

Stephanie: Me too. KISS KISS KISS

Don: Now that many elite teams are in the race, some are bound to be eliminated by other weak teams. But more challenges come by, as tune in next time for more Intense Madness of The Ridonculous Race!

(end of chapter 2)

Episode 3- Turkey's Ridonculous Sculptures

Don: Last time on The Ridonculous Race. Our teams skectched in under 1 hour and some we're able to finish with ease while others were having difficult times with it. The Survival Experts dozed off but they still got 14th, but it was the Video Game Masters who adventured their way into first. And we may have found a team with more hate than the Ice Dancers. But we said so long to that Engaged Couple. But who will we eliminate next? Find out more Intense Madness of The Ridonculous Race!

(intro plays)

Don: Welcome back to the Ridonculous Race, last week's winners The Video Game Masters will take today's travel tip.

Derrick: We're going to Istanbul.

Don: Istanbul, known for it's mosque, tower, and Byzantian History. Our teams will travel by bus to get to Istanbul to seek their first challenge.In this challenge, teams must first find a Ridonculous Race modified Byzantian object in order to advance. 

MacArthur: Hustle!

Carrie: Run!

Terry: Scram!

Don: As our teams head into 2 seperate buses some talk strategy while others find the need to rest, or talk maybe.


Terry: Allie, we are going to push these teams out of the way so that we can pave our path. No other team is going to destroy us!

Allie: Alright! Fine with me!

Jacques: Those Archer Experts scare me Josee.

Josee: What are you talking ab (interrupted)


Jacques: Nothing.

Terry: Ok then. NOW SHUT UP!

Josee: Oh, I guess you're right.

Joseph: Alright, I scored my 25th point in this battle! Man am I good!

Derrick: The two of us come from L.A, and we thought that showing these guys what we've got is the right thing to do.

Joseph: Not only that, I've never been in a reality race before.

Kitty: Hey Emma.

Emma: What?

Kitty: I was thinking of forming an alliance with the Cutest Friends.

Emma: Why? Don't we have one with Noah and Owen?

Lindsay: Wait an alliance? How awesome! Let's do it Kitty!

Kitty: Sure thing, but as long as the other two can agree.

Emma: Ok.

Hailey Fine.

Kitty and Lindsay: Yay!

Tyler: Wait did I just hear Lindsay? Hey Lindsay where are you?

Lindsay: Tyler? Where are you?

Jacob: Awkward.


Ellody: We feel like our chances of finding the object are 60% as they are scattered in most places in the Hagia Sophia.

Mary: Yep.

Mary: We feel like we're gonna win this time.

Ellody: I think all of these other teams have no wits to outwit us.

Tom: Hey Jen, do you feel confident on the next leg?

Jen: Of course I do Tom, we are so going to win this!

Tom: Hey to all our fashion bloggers out there! We want to ask you a question, What kind of new clothes should we wear?

Jen: Post your answer on our blog!

Lorenzo: Hey Chet.

Chet: What?

Lorenzo: We really need to step up our game.

Chet: So true.

Lorenzo: In the bottom 3 again? No way we're gonna let that happen today!

Rock: Spud!

Spud: What?

Rock: We need to step our game up! There are other teams ahead of us!

Spud: Oh, uh... ok.

Rock: (facepalms himself)

Crimson: Ennui.

Ennui: What?

Crimson: Do you still have Loki with you?

Ennui: Yes.

Crimson: I don't see anything interesting.

Ennui: Maybe well get to a place that's more interesting.

Shawn: Aw man stranded again?

Shawn: Yeah we have to step up our game.

Jasmine: So true, and I think I know our new strategy.

Shawn: What?

Jasmine: Stealth.

Shawn: Nice plan!


Devin: We're here!

Don: Bus 1 arrives 1 hour before bus 2 does. Teams will have to search as fast as they can in order to keep their lead.

Derrick: Run!

Emma: Go!

Hailey: Run!

Josee: The Don Box! 

Carrie: It's an All-In!

Tyler: Ancient Ridonculous Sculpture hunt!

Lindsay: Search anywhere in the Hagia Sophia.

Don: Teams will have to search everywhere in the Hagia Sophia to find the logo on an object.  After finding the object, teams will get their next travel tip and then its a race to the Bosphourus River. The last team that arrives here may be cut from the race.

Joseph: Woah! This is so cool!

Derrick: I know! It's perfect for an RPG!

Derrick: Joseph and I play role-playing games all the time!

Joseph: And we try to beat that boss that heals herself all the time and its so much fun!

Derrick: Yeah bro!

Josee: Quick Jacques! Keep searching for the object now!

Terry: Hmmm, I'll get something to shut her mouth.

(Terry throws a piece of a sculpture)

Jacques: Ow!

Josee: Hey! Who threw that? (glares at Police Cadets)

Josee: I knew it! It was the mall cops!

Jacques: You stupid Cadets! Why did you throw that piece of sculpture at me?!

Sanders: It wasn't us, I swear! It was probably the Archery Experts.

Terry: Since when did we through it tattle-taler?

Josee: I don't think we believe you!

MacArthur: Hey! We never through anything and we don't want you messing with other teams again!

Josee: (angrily) Fine! 

Jacques: Ow, my head!

Allie: Terry why did you throw that?

Terry: Because Allie, we can. (laughs maniacally)

Owen: Noah! I can't find anything!

Noah: Keep looking Owen, I'll search left.

Emma: Ok, how are we doing here Kitty?

Kitty: Not much progress, and you?

Emma: Nope, I'll search left. 

(Emma and Noah run into each other)

Noah: Oh, um, hey Emma!

Emma: Oh, Noah! Hi!

Noah: I didn't know you were competing again.

Emma: I didn't know you were either.

Noah: So have you found a piece yet?

Emma: No, but do you want to work together?

Noah: Sure, er I mean Yes!

Emma: Ok then, well search left together.

Noah: Great!

Tyler: Aww yeah! I found it! Wait, it doesn't have the logo on it. Aw bummer.

Jacob: Maybe check on the right.

Lindsay: I've never seen these sculptures before.

Hailey: Speaking of that do you see the logo?

Lindsay: Nope.

Don: Bus 2 has finally arrived at the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

Shawn: Hurry!

Don: They better act quick.

Jacques: Josee I found it!

Josee: Good now let's go get our next tip!

Don: The Ice Dancers have finally found the logo on an object.

Ellody: We can tell that this was a mosque.

Mary: We aren't historians, but we know these objects come from 600 BC or longer.

Shawn: Yes I found it!

Jasmine: Now let's get our tip!

Shawn: I had no idea we'd find it on our first try!

Josee: Race to the Bosphourus River by foot to the next chill zone. Let's go!

Jasmine: Alright let's go!

Tom: All of these objects seem ancient.

Jen: It's a museum now, and keep searching for objects, oh I found one!, And it has the logo!, We can go now!

Tom: Yes!

Don: Teams from the second bus are leaping into the lead!

Joseph: Finally!

Derrick: Alright! RPG Style activate!

Joseph: It says to go to the Bosphourus River by foot!

Derrick: Alright! 

Joseph: Now is a good time to use our platforming skills.

Derrick: So true bro.

Don: As those two gamers and those fashion bloggers race to the chill zone, others are trying not to get last place.

Kitty: I'm tired of searching for objects! I just want to- oh yea! I found the logo! Emma let's go!

Emma: Nice work Kitty, I'll see you at the chill zone Noah!

Owen: Yes I found one!

Hailey: Ah! Finally!

Jacob: Ah, this is taking forever!

Tyler: I can't find anything! Oh wait a minute... Woo yeah! It's the logo!

Jacob: Yep, now let's go!

Carrie: Aw man, we'll never find it!

Devin: Hey Carrie! I found it!

Carrie: Nice job Devin, now let's get our next travel tip!

MacArthur: Booyah!

Sanders: Now let's get our next travel tip!

MacArthur: Hustle!

Geoff: Oh, look right here Brody!

Brody: Dude! You found the object with the logo!

Geoff: Alright! Now to get our tip!

Don: As more teams finish the challenge! Some have made it to the chill zone. Ice Dancers welcome to first place.

Josee: Yes! Finally!

Jacques: It's about time we take it!

Don: Survival Experts you are in second place.

Shawn: Yes! From 14th to 2nd in a leg!

Don: Other teams have found the logo now!

Taylor: Mom! What's taking so long?

Kelly: Sweetie you need to help find it too you know?

Taylor: Fine, I'll help you.

Dwayne: Is it this one, no, this one, no, or maybe it's this one, I don't know which one it is!

Junior: Hey dad! I got one!

Dwayne: Great kiddo!

Lorenzo: Ah! finally! Chet let's go!

Chet: Coming Lorenzo!

Rock: Spud! Did you find it?

Spud: Find what?

Rock: An object with a logo on it.

Spud: You mean this one?

Rock: Yes it's that one! Now scram!

Kelly: Yes!

Ellody: Hmm, these objects seem interesting.

Mary: Hey, wait a minute, isn't this a challenge?

Ellody: Hurry! We gotta scramble now!

Mary: On it!

Don: As almost all of our teams make it out of the Hagia Sophia. Here are the positions of other teams:

3rd Fashion Bloggers

4th Video Game Masters

5th Sisters

6th Reality TV Pros

7th Athletes

8th Cutest Friends

9th Police Cadets

10th Couple

11th Surfer Dudes

12th Archery Experts

Terry: 12th?! Oh really? Then you must be lying!

13th Stepbrothers

14th Goths

15th Rockers

Don: Two more teams are heading to the chill zone while one team has just gotten their next travel tip.

Ellody: Let's run!

Junior: Let's go Dad!

Kelly: Hurry sweetie!

Don: Father and Son you are 16th!

Dwayne: Phew.

Don: Mother and Daughter you are the second to last team to arrive. 17th place.

Kelly: Thank goodness.

Junior: we must do better than this, we can learn from this mistake.

Dwayne: True. Let's talk strategy all night!

Don: Geniuses, I'm afraid you've come in last.

Ellody: Aw man.


Mary: We didn't do so well.

Ellody: True, we ranked one rank lower than the other teams.

Mary: But at least we learned some history right?

Ellody: Sure we did, I guess scientists need some history in their minds. (laughs)

Don: Now that the Geniuses are gone, our elite teams are still at it but who's going home? Tune in next time for more Intense Madness of The Ridonculous Race!

Episode 4- A Bunch of Brussels

Don: Last time on The Ridonculous Race. Our teams searched for ridonculous objects. Some found it quickly, while others dozed off. Terry really terrorized those antagonistic Ice Dancers, but those Ice Dancers finished first. And some did deserve their place while others didn't. But the Geniuses failed to make it to the chill zone and we said so long to those braniacs. But now it's time to move on, it's time for Intense Madness from The Ridonculous Race!

(intro plays)

Don: Welcome back to The Ridonculous Race where last week's winners, the Ice Dancers will take the first travel tip of the day.


Josee: We know we're going to win, we should probably sabotage those Archers.

Jacques: Good idea, but do you think the other teams are trying to kick us out.

Josee: No Jacques, we can win this race.


Josee: We're going to Belgium!

Don: Belgium!, known for it's delicious cuisine, fine architecture, and Dutch history. Our teams are flying in two seperate flights where they will land in Brussels. Once they land, they'll have to run to their next chill zone over here at this archery center where they need to hit the bullseye 3 times so that they can recieve their next travel tip.

Jacques: Let's go Josee.

Shawn: Woo Hoo! Let's go to Belgium! 

Josee: Taxi!

Jasmine: Taxi!

Tom: Taxi!

Joseph: Taxi!

Owen: Taxi!

Kitty: Taxi!

Don: Our teams are riding taxis to get to the airport, some talk strategy, while others don't.

Terry: Allie!

Allie: Yes?

Terry: I'm going to rid those Ice Dancers to smitthereens, and you are going to help me?

Allie: Why?

Terry: So that we can win first!

Allie: Ok then, so we are  going to...


Allie: Yes.

Jen: Hey fashion bloggers Tom and Jen here to answer your question!

Tom: They said that I should wear a suit.

Jen: And they told me that a dress would totally fit me.

Tom: Thank you bloggers, and be sure to visit our blog: Now Trending with Tom and Jen.

Jen: Time for my lip gloss.

Dwayne: Son, we have got to do better.

Junior: True Dad.

Don: The first 8 teams have reached the airport.

Josee: Two tickets to Belgium!

Terry: Two for Belgium please!

Derrick: 2 tickets to Belgium please!

MacArthur: Sweet! On the first flight on we're gonna win this leg for sure!

Don: 9 teams are now are 1 full hour behind the first flight. They're waiting anxiously!


Derrick: Ah! I can't wait to land in Brussels dude!

Joseph: Yep, now we can sit back and relax on the flight!

MacArthur: Sanders.

Sanders: What?

MacArthur: I think we have a new problem to deal with.

Sanders: Let me guess, Archery Experts?

MacArthur: They disgust me.

Allie: Phew, we were luck to have the first flight.

Terry: Not only that, let's plan our sabotage on those Ice Dancers.

Don: Flight 1 arrives in Belgium.

Derrick: A Botch or Watch, archery time!

Terry and Allie: YES! Now it's our time!

Shawn: I think I can take it!

Jen: That sounds tough.

Don: In this Botch or Watch, one member of each team must perform archery shots from insane distances and they must hit the bullseye in order to advance. Then they will get their next travel tip over at the Mini-Europe amusement park.

Terry: Let's go!


Josee: Eat our dust Archer Wannabes!

Terry: RUN!

Jacques and Josee: OW!

Terry; Ha! Ha! Ice Suckers!

Josee: (squeals in anger)

Jacques: Now these girls are really bothering us!

Sanders: We're halfway there!

Terry: Hey look! I see someone commiting crime!

MacArthur: Where?

Terry: Ha Ha!

Sanders: OW!

MacArthur: OW!

Allie: Suckers!

Terry: This is too easy!

Don: Flight 2 has landed in Brussels!

Hailey: Run!

Dwayne: Hurry!

Don: They better spring into action if they want to win today!

Lindsay: Taxi!

Lorenzo: Taxi!

Geoff: Taxi!

Derrick: Almost there bud, we're gonna make it!


Terry: Woo Hoo! This is too easy!

Derrick: (groans angrily) Screw you! You stupid (groans angrily). We'll get you for this!

Terry: Allie you're up!

Allie: Ok.


Allie: One!, Two!, Three!

Terry: Let's go!


Shawn: This might be harder than I thought.

Shawn: Ok! I got this! 


Shawn: Aw man! Let me try again.

Derrick: That's one!

MacArthur: Nailed it!

Noah: Yes!

Josee: Finally!

Joseph: Hey Shawn, here's a tip! Aim it a bit higher than dead center.

Shawn: Nice tip! Thanks Joseph! 

Joseph: No problem!

Jen: Yes!

Derrick: That's three! Let's go Joseph!

Noah: I got 2! 1 to go Owen!

Emma: You'll Botch Kitty!

Kitty: Got it!

MacArthur: Dang it! I keep missing!


MacArthur: I've never done this before, but now that I've had, it's super hard to aim it at dead center.

Kitty: That's 3! To Mini-Europe!

Noah: Yes! Owen! Let's follow Emma er.. I mean to Mini-Europe!

Hailey: I'll Botch Lindsay!

Lorenzo: I got this one Chet!

Dwayne: I'll shoot the arrows! 

Hailey: Wow, this is really hard.

Shawn: I did it! Let's go Jasmine!

Jen: That's 3! (squeals in delight) Let's run Tom!

Tom: To first place!


Terry: It's an all in! Mini-Europe maze!

Don: This all in requires each team to get to the exit while avoiding obstacles and dead ends. After they get out, 

Allie: Let's do this!

Terry: Are you KIDDING ME!

Allie: Let's go left!

Terry: The Ice Dancers are coming!

Allie: Maybe we should arrow them.

Terry: Good Idea!

Jacques: Let's go through the Middle!

Josee: Good idea!

(arrow is shot and it hurts Josee)

Josee: Ow! 

Terry: Ha Ha! 

Jacques: Screw you Archers!

Derrick: Wow! it looks so cool! But also very confusing!

Joseph: Yep, true. Let's use our strategy skills!

Derrick: Strategy genre activate!

Joseph: Walking small. Took 10 steps, that's the maximum in the game.

Derrick: Our favorite strategy game is Game Guy Wars.

Joseph: And Prince Emblem.

Terry: Dead end!

Allie: Let's go the other way.

Terry: No! We are going to escape the dead end and we'll shoot it down!

Allie: Good!

Jacques: Alright! We only have 10 ways left! Oh come on!


Lindsay: What are those guys doing?

Hailey: What are you talking ab- oh, It looks weird, but It's also really intersting at the same time.

Derrick: We're doing good!

Joseph: Good! We're making rapid progress!

Derrick: Yep, hey- (stares at Hailey for a moment)

Joseph: Derrick?

Derrick: Jo- Jo- Joseph! I think I'm in love!

Joseph: Who?

Derrick: I don't know, but this girl! I think she's cute and hot!

Joseph: I get you're in love with her but let's focus on the challenge. 

Derrick: Ok. (sighs romantically)

Tom: Ah! We pulled ahead of the Ice Dancers and we only have 4 ways left!

Josee: There are other teams ahead of us! We need to go faster!

Derrick: Hey guys!

Jacques: Who are you?

Derrick: I'm Derrick.

Joseph: And I'm Joseph! 

Derrick: Do you guys need need help?

Josee: No, not right now.

Joseph: You guys do, here's a tip: Go right 2 times, center 3 times, and left 1 time.

Jacques: Ok thanks.

Josee: Hmm that was weird.

Jacques: No Josee, that's the way out! Are you sure?

Derrick: Yeah! We can lead you to those Archers who sabotaged us and you guys earlier!

Josee: Great let's go!

Terry: We're finally out! The tip, head to the Royal Palace of Brussels! Let's go Allie!


Lorenzo: Ah finally!

Chet: To Mini-Europe!

Junior: C'mon Dad! You can do it!

Dwayne: I got it son!

Junior: Dad! Aim it upwards above the center.

Dwayne: Ok kiddo, yes! I got it! Let's go kid.

Junior: Nice Dad!

Don: Today's winner will recieve a free Belgian Waffle Breakfast! 

Terry: We're almost there!

Jen: Tom! we're finally out! 

Tom and Jen: (squeal in delight)

Jen: Let's go! To the Royal Palace of Brussels!

Derrick: Alright! We're here! Good luck Ice Dancers!


Jacques: You know Josee, maybe those game masters aren't as bad to us.

Josee: True I guess we can make friends and compete at the same time.


Derrick: Ah! We did some good deeds today!

Joseph: Right! 


Jacques: Go! Go! Go!

Derrick: Let's Run!

MacArthur: Finally! We made it! Let's run!


Don: Terry and Allie you are in first place!

Terry: YES! Finally!

Don: But you guys have a 20 minute penalty.

Terry: WHAT! What did we do wrong!

Don: You guys broke down a dead end.

Terry: (screams)

Emma: Finally we're out!

Noah: Hey Emma! 

Emma: Hey Noah!

Noah: You guys got out too!

Emma: Yeah, why?

Noah: So let's go to the chill zone.

Kitty: Emma! To the Royal Palace!

Emma: Ok Noah! I gotta go! See you later!

Owen: Noah! let's hustle!

Jacob: Yes! Now to the Royal Palace!

Tyler: Let's roll!

Rock: Let's rock and roll Spud! We only have 3 ways left!

Don: Tom and Jen you are in first place!

Tom and Jen: (squeal)

Tom: Oh my god! We actually finished first!

Jen: Hey fashion bloggers out there! We will invite a few of you to a waffle party! Make sure to dress in your cold wash clothing!

Don: Fashion Bloggers, you just earned yourself some delicious Belgian waffles!

Jen: Yes!

Don: Archery Experts you're penalty is over! 2nd place!


Terry: We will win first place next time!


MacArthur: Nice shortcut Sanders!

Don: Police Cadets you are in 3rd place!

Hailey: Yes we're finally out! Lindsay! Get the tip!

Lindsay: Alright! It says to go to the Royal Palace!

Hailey: Hurry Lindsay! Tyler's waiting!

Lindsay: Tyler! Where is he?

Tyler: Alright we're almost there!

Don: Ice Dancers 4th, Video Game Masters 5th

6th Sisters

7th Reality TV Pros

8th Athletes

9th Surfer Dudes

10th Cutest Friends

11th Survival Experts

Don: 6 teams seemed to be stranded. 

Lorenzo: We're finally here!

Don: Step-Brothers 12th place!

Lorenzo: Yes!

13th Mother and Daughter

14th Couple

15th Rockers

Don: There are two teams left in the race! Who's gonna make it?

Don: Goths you are in 16th

Crimson and Ennui: ...

Dwayne: We're here!

Don: Dwayne, Junior, I'm sorry but you've been cut from the race.

Dwayne: Sorry kiddo.


Junior: It's ok Dad, at least we explored Europe!

Dwayne: Yeah that's a good thing! Hey son, do you want to go home and watch the highlights of our previous race!

Junior: Sure! As long as we can keep that soda from squirting from you're nose!

(both laugh)

Don: 16 teams left, who will win? Find out next time for more Intense Madness of The Ridonculous Race!

Episode 5- Feeling Hungary

Don: Last time on the Ridonculous Race! Our teams headed to Brussels, Belgium where they showed off their archery skills and maze skills. The Archery Experts rammed the other teams, but their actions cost them their win as the Fashion Bloggers took the win, but Hailey may have caught Derrick's heart unknowingly, and last but not least, the Father and Son team we're out after a dissapointing run for them. But what will happen next, find out for more Intense Madness of The Ridonculous Race!

(intro plays)

Don: Welcome back to Belgium, yesterday's winners The Fashion Bloggers will recieve the first travel tip for today.

Jen: We're going to Budapest!

Tom and Jen: (squeal in delight)

Don: That's right everyone we're ready to feel it in Hungary! A place known for it's historic churches, delicious cafes, and heartwarming attractions! Teams will get their next travel tip at the Budapest national airport.

Terry: WE need to step up our game now! We've gotten too many losses and we need to win this leg. But first we have to take care of business.

(Police Cadets are shoved by Archery Experts.)

Derrick: Bro, I've never been this far away from home in my entire life.

Joseph: Me too but it's exciting!

Derrick: Everyone expects us to be eliminated early and we're still in the race! But right now we gotta upset some elite teams.

Jacques: Hey Josee, at l;east you didn't throw a tantrum when we came in 4th.

Josee: Ok Jacques, but right now, let's at least try to win this leg.

Don: Our teams are now taking 2 seperate flights based on their performance.  Jen: As of right now, I feel confident that we're going to win again today! 

Tom: Yeah! So this means that we'll have to fight our way through to get the prize!

Tyler: Lindsay! What's up! I'm on the first flight right now but let's chat!

Lindsay: Tyler! It is you!

Tyler: I knew you were competing with me.

Lindsay: I missed you so much!

Tyler: Um, were in the race.

Lindsay: Oh! Hey do you want to chat?

Tyler: Of course.

Joseph: Derrick, are you okay?

Derrick: Oh, um, yeah, I'm just thinking about that girl.

Joseph: Do you want me to be your wingman?

Derrick: Sure! But right now, I'm too shy to talk to her.

Don: Flight 1 has arrived.

Tom: Take a taxi to the Fisherman's Bastion.

Don: That's right everyone! As the teams reach the Fisherman's Bastion, teams will have to eat a bowl of spicy goulash along with some Csabai sausage in order to get their next travel tip.

Derrick: Let's go!

Tyler: Taxi!

Josee: Taxi!

Joseph: To the Fisherman's Bastion please.

Don: As our teams race for first, one other team is looking for first.

Taylor: Mom! We have gone way behind way too many times, we need to win a race.

Kelly: Alright sweetie, but there are 8 teams ahead of us.

Taylor: I don't care mom, but if we don't win, then I'll throw a tantrum until we finish the next leg. 

Kelly: Alright Taylor, we'll get first.

Don: It's possible for that to happen, as teams from flight number 2 arrive, the other 8 teams arrive for the first challenge.

Derrick: Alright! Let's do this!

Jen: Let's do it!

Josee: We're going to win today!

Terry: This time we'll win this leg!

Joseph: Man, this is spicy!

Tom: OW! This goulash hurts!

Owen: Oh, man, I thought that would be spicy! But not like this!

Jacques: Gah! It's so spicy! 


Jacques: I had no idea food could be this spicy. But this, I've never tasted it before. I need to get milk now! 


Derrick: Oh god that's hot!

Joseph: C'mon Derrick! You need to get used to the spicy!

Derrick: You're right Joseph! You've eaten the Carolina Reaper before, but now, It's time for me to handle the spiciness, (gulps) I'm going in!

Terry: Eat faster Allie! We're losing!

Allie: I'm trying to (gets Goulash stuffed in her mouth.)

Allie: OWWWWWW!!!!

Terry: Allie don't be such a baby.

Allie: Oh! I'm alive! Now to the sausages!

Sanders: All done. Now to the sausages.

MacArthur: I think it's about time we win a leg. 

Owen: I didn't feel anything. I the sausages fine fine.

Noah: Now we can move on to the next challenge.

MacArthur: Dang it!

Derrick: Ah! We're almost done with the sausages.

Josee: Finally! We're done with all our courses.

Don: Teams from flight 2 arrive for the challenge.

Taylor: Mom! Eyeball it!

Kelly: Ok, sweetie!

Sanders: MacArthur, eat now.

Derrick: All done!

Allie: So long suckers!

Derrick: Let's go Joseph! We've got a mission from the general!

Taylor: That was painful.

Kelly: Hey sweetie! Look! We've got a shot for first place! Let's run!

Tom: Phew! We're finished.

Owen: Finally, the Don Box!

Noah: It says make your way to the swimming stadium.

Don: If you're full, then come on down for some swimming, teams need to swim back and forth at least 4 times then they will get their next travel tip.

Owen: Let's do this!

Kelly: That's it sweetie, let's get the tip!

Ennui: Ow.

Crimson: Don't be so dramatic.

Ennui: There's nothing interesting here.

Crimson: I hope we get to something interesting.

Chet: Hey Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: What Chet!

Chet: Let's just eyeball the goulash.

Lorenzo: Good idea.

Both: Oh god that is really spicy!


Lorenzo: We need some milk now.


Brody: Almost done dude.

Geoff: Ha ha! We're gonna rock it.

MacArthur: Let's do this!

Geoff: We're all done! Let's go!

Lindsay: Wow! That wasn't that bad.

Hailey: Alright let's get our next tip!

Kitty: Yes we're done!

Emma: Hurry Kitty! Other teams are ahead of us!

Don: As more teams finish the food challenge. The Mother and Daughter team are swimming to victory.

Taylor: Yes! I'm getting better at swimming!

Kelly: Nice sweetie! Now let's move! We have 3 more to go!

Derrick: Alright! Here it goes! Oh man, I'm feeling full.

Owen: Noah I'm stuck!

Noah: Come on big boy! I've seen you do better than that.

Jacques: YES! We're feeling it Josee! (slams into wall) OW!

Josee: Let's go Jacques! 

Terry: Hey Ice Dancers!

Josee: Ow!

Terry: Good luck on winning today! (laughs evily)

Derrick: Josee! Are you alright! 

Josee: Yes I'm fine, and thanks for leading us out of the maze in Belgium.

Derrick: Oh, no problem! We needed to help you two out. Anyways, gotta go.

Taylor: We're done! Oh the tip. Here mom read it.

Kelly: It says go to the Margit Island to get to the chill zone.

Don: Margit Island is the final destination for today. Teams will get a taxi in order to reach here.

Taylor: Mom! Let's go!

Kelly: I think I'm gonna pass out.

Owen: We're done!

Noah: I don't feel so good.

Tom: Jen! We need to go in no matter what!

Jen: You're right Tom! It's gonna require a lot of water for right now!


Tom: Yeah, we have to go in right now.

Jen: And we'll do it for our bloggers!


Derrick: Oh god, I feel so tired. Help Joseph!

Joseph: Oh no, Derrick!

Derrick: Ah! I feel better. Anyways, let's go, we've got 1 more.

Jacob: We're finished! Now! To the chill zone!

Tyler: Aw yeah!

Terry: All done! Now to victory!

Allie: Right behind ya!

Shawn: Ah! Finally! We're finished with the meal!

Jasmine: Hurry! To the swimming pools.

Jen: Almost there Tom! We've got 2 more!

Tom: I'm swimming as fast as I can Jen.


Tom: We got eliminated last time because of my poor athletic skills but this time, I will become much more athletic than last race!

Jen: I just hope we do more shopping Tom!

Tom: Me too! (squeal in delight)

Joseph: Finally!


Don: As teams begin to flourish, one team reaches the chill zone!

Taylor: We're here! And we better win! 

Don: Taylor and Kelly you are in first!

Kelly: YES!

Taylor: OMG! We actually won!

Kelly: (glares at her angrily

Taylor: Oh, right. But whatever, we still won anyway.

Don: Owen and Noah you are in second!


Owen and Noah: Yes!

Owen: We did it buddy! ((Bearhugs Noah)


Ennui: Hurry Crimson, let's us our rapid swimming skills to win.

Crimson: Got you.

Ennui: All done.

Derrick: How did they...

Josee: Did they just...

Tom: Oh my god...

Geoff: Woah...

Emma: Hurry up Kitty!

Lindsay: I'm tired! 

Hailey: We can rest later!

Lindsay: Fine!

Don: As teams look speechless, other teams seem to have finished. Like these archers.

Terry: Did we win?

Don: Nope, you are team number 3.

Allie: NOOOO!


Terry: Whoever won first place is gonna feel pain later!

Jacques: Done!

Tom: Done!

Josee: Done!

Jen: Done!

Don: We have more teams.

4th Athletes

5th Goths

6th Video Game Masters

7th Cutest Friends

8th Ice Dancers

9th Fashion Bloggers

10th Step-Brothers

11th Rockers

12th Surfer Dudes

13th Sisters

Don: There are only 3 teams now!

Devin: All done!

MacArthur: Finished!

Shawn: We're done!

Don: And here they come!

Don: Police Cadets in 14th, The Couple comes in 15th, and the Survival experts come in 16th

Shawn: Aw man.

Don: But this is a non-elimination round so you get to stay!

Jasmine: Yes!

Shawn: Phew!

Don: Tune in next week for more Intense Madness of The Ridonculous Race!

Episode 6- How Wild Do You Feel

Don: Last time on the Ridonculous Race. Our teams were getting spicy with goulash. And there was a dare threat between Kelly and Taylor. However, all the teams finished their goulash before they swam in a pool. And our teams got really tired. Well, almost all of them. But the Mother and Daughter suprisingly took 1st place in the leg, while those Archery Experts got a 3rd. But The Survival Experts got to fail another day, as they were saved from getting the boot. But there is more to come as we get more Intense Madness of The Ridonculous Race!

Don: Welcome back to the rce! The Mother and Daugter team is going to kick-off today's race.

Taylor: What feels wild and isolated on the bottom of Africa? Oh! I know! South Africa (squeal)!

Don: That's right South Africa, a place of isolation, manufacturing and wild animals!

Episode 7- Don't Do Madagascar

Episode 8- I Don't Know Giza

Episode 9- Straight Outta Hollywood

Episode 10- The Great Sydney

Episode 11- Delicacy Or Death

Episode 12- China Parks

Episode 13- Trouble In Rosario

Episode 14- Oh My, Vancouver!

Episode 15- Hey Lyon!

Episode 16- Seeding My Bogota

Episode 17- Futbol Style

Episode 18- Shears In Sheffield

Episode 19- The Malmo Job

Episode 20- Greeks' In The Air

Episode 21- Palermo Kart

Episode 22- Don't Pamp The Bulls!

Episode 23- Let's Munich My Way

Episode 24- Tijuana's Sombrero

Episode 25- Reef Or Be Reefed

Episode 26- Saving St. Naples

Episode 27- Super Money World

Elimination Table

# Teams Label Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
TBA Owen and Noah Reality TV Pros 8th 7th 6th 7th 2nd
TBA Crimson and Ennui Goths 17th 16th 14th 16th 5th
TBA Shawn and Jasmine Survival Experts 3rd 14th 2nd 11th 16th
TBA Derrick and Joseph Video Game Masters 2nd 1st 4th 5th 6th
TBA Kelly and Taylor style="text-align"center;"|Mother and Daughter 14th 15th 17th 13th 1st
TBA Lindsay and Hailey style="text-align"center;"|Cutest Friends 16th 8th 8th 10th 7th
TBA Carrie and Devin style="text-align"center;"|Couple 10th 2nd 10th 14th 15th
TBA Emma and Kitty style="text-align"center;"|Sisters 7th 9th 5th 6th 13th
TBA Sanders and MacArthur style="text-align"center;"|Police Cadets 4th 5th 8th 3rd 14th
TBA Geoff and Brody style="text-align"center;"|Surfer Dudes 11th 13th 11th 9th 12th
TBA Jacob and Tyler style="text-align"center;"|Athletes 12th 6th 7th 8th 4th
TBA Tom and Jen style="text-align"center;"|Fashion Bloggers 6th 10th 3rd 1st 9th
TBA Chet and Lorenzo style="text-align"center;"|Stepbrothers 18th 17th 13th 12th 10th
TBA Rock and Spud style="text-align"center;"|Rockers 19th 18th 15th 15th 11th
TBA Terry and Allie style="text-align"center;"|Archery Experts 5th 4th 12th 2nd* 3rd
TBA Jacques and Josee style="text-align"center;"|Ice Dancers 1st 3rd 1st 4th 8th
17th Dwayne and Junior style="text-align"center;"|Father and Son 13th 11th 16th 17th Eliminated in Episode 4
18th Ellody and Mary style="text-align"center;"|Geniuses 9th 12th 18th Eliminated in Episode 3
19th Stephanie and Ryan style="text-align"center;"|Engaged Couple 15th 19th Eliminated in Episode 2
  • Penalty=*

    1st This team won the leg with or w/out recieving an award.
    2nd This team recieved 2nd place in the leg.
    3rd This team recieved 3rd place in the leg.
    LOW This team is the second to last in the leg or they are the last to arrive, but they are not eliminated.
    ELIMINATED This team came in last and were eliminated.