Similar to my Previous Stories Level Up And World Warriors people seem to enjoy the mini Exclusive clips so I thought it would be a cool idea to bring back, However this season won't have the after the eliminations since the Montages at the end of each episode seem to suit better, For those new this is where all the Exclusive clips will be placed.

Don: (Voice) And Now... Time for a Remarkable Race Exclusive

(Giant Yellow Words appear across a Computer screen saying "Exclusive Clip")

  • Louvre (9:30pm)

Don: (Stands outside The Louvre)

Don: Half An Hour ago we said Goodbye to the Larpers and the Geniuses

Don: But on a more positive Note, Our Top Ten Teams from Last episode

Don: Bros

Don: Parkour Artist

Don: Ice Dancers

Don: Best Friends

Don: Tag Along

Don: Abnormal Buddies

Don: Father And Son

Don: Youtubers

Don: Musicians

Don: And Fairy Tale Impostors

Don: Have all Earned themselves a Free Trip to the Louvre

Don: Which is About to commence right now !

  • Louvre (9:32 Pm) (Painting Gallery) (Group 1: Tag Alongs, Abnormal Buddies, Father And

Son, Youtubers And Bros)

(The Paintings that are on Display are the Mona Lisa, The Wedding At Cana, Liberty Leading The People, The Charging Chasseur And The Vermeer The Astronomer)

Ben: (Drinks Soda Can)

Ludwig: Thanks for the snacks (Eats Baguette)

Krystal: No problemo

Trixie: We had to repay you anyway

Trixie: Plus It will teach Dwayne that both sides PAY equally

Dwayne: Hey Look Son its the Mona Lisa (Points to the Portrait)

Junior: I don't get why that painting is such a big deal

Adam.T: It was Made by Leonard Da Vinci

Adam.T: (Reads the Historical Fact on the side of the painting)

Adam.T: It went even more viral in 1911 when some Italian employee stole the painting, It took two years to find it.

Calvin: Imagine if they never found the painting

Trixie: (Touches Painting) wow

Ludwig: Trixie, why are you touching the painting

Trixie: Why are you eating food in the Louvre

Trixie: Plus you can help but to touch them they feel so cool.

Ludwig: I know but they give out very big fines to anyone who touches the paintings.

Krystal: But Come On !

Krystal: If You went on a stuffy old Art gallery

Krystal: Wouldn't you wanna have a little fun

Ludwig: If it doesn't get us kicked out.

Ben: (Pokes the Vermeer The Astronomer) Feels so Old

Ben: Guys come over here and Feel the Oldness

(Ben, Krystal, Trixie And Calvin All touch the Painting)

Ludwig: (Shrugs and slightly pokes the painting)

Adam.T: Strange Oskar's not back yet from the Eiffel Tower Yet.

Cory: Why is he still there ?

Adam.T: To talk to Caitlyn, Wonder whats taking them so long ?

  • Louvre (9:35 Pm) (Statue Gallery) (Group 2: Parkour Artists, Ice Dancers, Fairy Tale

Impostors, Musicians and Best Friends)

(The Statues on Display are the Venus De Milo, Psyche Revived By Cupid's Kiss, Diana of Versailles, Lady of Auxerre And the Dying Slave)

Tori: (About to Jump over two Statues)

Security Guard: No Running or Jumping in the Louvre

Tori: Aww Come on

Adam.W: Who Dat ? (Points to a Statue)

Giselle: That's the Venus De Milo Adam-Kun

Adam.W: Why is the statue half Naked ?

Axel: (Jumps over the Lady of Auxerre Statue)

Devin: Umm I don't think its a good idea to be doing tricks above the statue

Axel: Relax i've been doing this for many years (Statue wobbles a bit but stops)

Axel: There's not much things to grab onto in here (Looks around the place)

Tori: The Guard Said were not really allowed to do any tricks in here

Axel: Not even a Front Flip ?

Axel: But I wanted to try and climb over the Mona Lisa

Adam.W: What's this ? (Points to another Statue)

Giselle: That's the Statue Of the Dying slave which is showing a bit too much from the looks of it......

Adam.W: So This is why people like Art ?

Adam.W: What's that (Points to another)

Josee: (Looks at the Statues)

Josee: When we win we should get a statue of our own

Jacques: Which Pose ?

Josee: Hmm tough choice every pose we've done turns out fantastic.

Jacques: How about A Golden Statue

Josee: Yes ! (Happy Face)

  • Louvre (9:37 Pm) (Statue Gallery) (Group 1: Tag Alongs, Abnormal Buddies, Father And

Son, Youtubers And Bros)

(The Statues that are on Display are the Venus De Milo, Psyche Revived By Cupid's Kiss, Diana of Versailles, Lady of Auxerre And the Dying Slave)

Calvin: I'll Bet ya If I make a Statue its going to be

Cory: Of Bagels

Calvin: Dam you got that correct

Ben: I don't think they have a single Food based Statue

Calvin: Sweet that means my idea is Original

Dwayne: (Sees the Venus De Milo, Psyche Revived By Cupid's Kiss And the Dying Slave Statues) Oh No Must protect his Innocence

Dwayne: (Covers Juniors Eyes)

Junior: Dad What Are doing ?

Dwayne: The Statues are inappropriate for your age, its not something kids should be looking at.

Junior: Im not A Kid

Junior: Plus I've already Lost my Innocence back in Fifth Grade when we had to learn about the Birds and the Bees.

Dwayne: But I thought that was a documentary on how Birds and Bees Live ?

Junior: (Sigh)

Oskar: (Re-joins the group) Im Back

Adam.T: How long did you and Caitlyn talk for.

Oskar: (Small frown)

Adam.T: Are you Okay Dude, What happen ?

Oskar: It's a long story I'll tell you about it later.

Adam.T: Hey Ludwig which Statue did you and Oskar have to remake back in World Warriors ?

Ludwig: We Had Roden the Thinker

Ludwig: But that statue isn't even in the Louvre, Mostly Ashley was building it since you two were occupied and I ran into someone (Smiles At Trixie)

Trixie: (Smiles) We Know, We're not suppose to touch the Art, And Don't worry were not going to

Ludwig: But your Touching it right now ?

Trixie: (Realises she is currently poking the Diana of Versailles Statue)

Trixie: Did you want to touch it with me ?

Ludwig: No Im fine Im just......(Walks back and Accidentally bumps into a Statue of the Eiffel Tower)

(The Eiffel Tower Statue falls over and shatters into a million Pieces)

Junior: That was cool

Krystal: (Slow Clap)

Oskar: Why did I feel something like that was going to happen soon ?

Ludwig:....We Should head to the Souvenir Shop

Trixie: Yeah, Good Idea (All of them run off Screen)

  • Louvre (9:40 Pm) (Painting Gallery) (Group 2: Parkour Artists, Ice Dancers, Fairy Tale

Impostors, Musicians and Best Friends)

Trent: (Looks at the Romantic Portraits) (Sighs)

Security Guard: (Looks at Axel)

Axel: Relax dude I'm a Trained professional at stunts, And I've climbed and Jumped over many Mona Lisa Paintings.

Security Guard: You went over the Red Bar, No one is allowed to cross it.

Axel: (Does Hand Stand on the red rope)

Axel: (Then Jumps and grabs onto the wall above the Mona Lisa) See Im Perfectly fine

Carrie: You guys have your own College Group ?

Tori: Yeah Me, Axel, Zeb And Monica formed it after We all met at A Indoors Trampoline Park back in 2009 we were practising our Jumping skills, Me and Axel won the Duo Competition.

Carrie: That's Pretty Cool

Tori: Thanks, We pretty much do a lot together, Though Im usually the one to look out for him when the tricks get very dangerous, He's not really a safety person.

Tori: One Time he almost broke his legs when he tried jump from one rooftop to another in 2010, To see him get hurt is just...I don't know what I would do.

Carrie: You seem to care a lot for him ?

Tori: Were Very close friends, but no were not that close,....So what about you And Devin, Everyone noticed that Painting in France

Carrie: Oh um......Did I mention I get a bit lost in my Imagination

Giselle: Jacques is it ?

Jacques: Yes

Giselle: Its a honour to meet you and Josee I've seen some of you performances a few years ago

Josee: Always great to meet a Fan

Adam.W: Giselle which one is this (Points to another Painting)

Adam.W: (Notices Giselle Talking to the Ice Dancers)

Adam.W: Giselle ?

Beardo: That's the Mona Lisa (walks over to Adam.W)

Adam.W: (Completely Miss-Hears Beardo) Moaning Lisa ?

Adam.W: (Looks at the Painting and Pokes it) She doesn't look like She's Moaning ?

Devin: Hey Guys (Walks to Adam.W And Beardo) What's up

Beardo: (Mimics Painting Noise)

Adam.W: Quick Question do you like Carrie ?

Devin: As A Friend ?

Adam.W: No I mean the like like, Like when a Wolf Does the Mating Call

Adam.W: I Accidently did one a year ago, Its turned into a awkward Situation

Devin: Well I don't honestly Know, I haven't had a girlfriend before but I know were very close

Devin: Plus even if I did I don't think she would feel the same way

Devin: Well I'm gonna find the Souvenir Shop Ciao (Walks off)

Adam.W: (Turns to Beardo) Is He for real ?

Beardo: (Makes Question mark Noise)

Tori: Axel I think we need to go now Everyone else is at the Souvenir Shop

Axel: But When are we ever going to get the chance to do tricks above the most famous French Painting ever again.

Axel: (His Shoe falls off which Hits The Mona Lisa painting causing it to off the Wall)

Axel:....Okay I'm ready to go now


Don: (Voice) Looks Like its time for Another Remarkable Race Exclusive !

(Giant Yellow Words appear across a computer Screen saying "Exclusive Clip")

  • Infirmary (7:20 Pm)

Ludwig: Okay Prototype of the cure is complete

(Its a Chocolate Bar)

Trixie: That is just Chocolate Bar dude ?

Ludwig: It is but inside it is the Necessary things they use to cure Indigestion

Trixie: Chocolate Medicine ?

Trixie: That is awesome

Trixie: (Eats one of the chocolate Bars)

Don: (Exits the Medical Room)

Ludwig: How's Axel going ?

Don: The Doctors told me He'll be okay, Its best he still rests for Seven More hours

Don: He could wake up anytime though

Trixie: How did the Chocolatiers Get the mix up in Belgium ?

Don: It turns out, I gave them an Outdated version of the Remarkable Race's Cast Information Sheet and the teams didn't submit any of their allergy details before that.

Trixie: (Reads the Sheet)

The Sheet Of Paper: (Below)

1. Emma And Kitty - Sisters (Red Team)

2. Devin and Carrie - Best Friends (Green Team)

3. Cory And Calvin - Youtubers (Dark Green Team)

4. Crimson and Ennui - Goths (Crimson Team)

5. Tom And Jen - Fashion Bloggers (Violet Team)

6. Geoff And Brody - The Surfer Dudes (Purple Team)

7. Adam and Giselle - Fairy Tale Imposters (Pink Team)

8. Zane and Sarah - The Shippers (Lime Team)

9. Mickey And Jay - The Adversity Twins (Cyan Team)

10. Jake and Sydney - The Fantasy Couple (Silver Team)

11. Josee And Jacques - The Ice Dancers (Bronze Team)

12. Jasmine And Shawn -Survivalists (Orange Team)

13. Trixie And Krystal - Abnormal Buddies (Magenta Team)

14. Lorenzo And Chet - Step Brothers (Light Purple Team)

15. Ludwig And Ben - The Tag Along (Blue Team)

16. Oskar And Adam - The Bros (Gold Team)

17. Owen And Noah - The Reality TV Pros (White Team)

18. Tabby And Dawn - Animal Lovers (Peach Team)

19. Harold And Steve - Camper And Counsellor (Tomato Team)

20. Trent And Beardo - Musician (Lemon Team)

21. Ellody and Mary - Geniuses - (Brown Team)

22. Xavier and Zayla - Mysterious Friends (Dark Blue Team)

23. Noah. M And Joanne - The Unlikely Couple (Mulberry Team)

24. Rock And Spud - Rockers (Indigo Team)

25. Axel and Tori - Parkour Artists (Light Red Team)

26. Gerry And Pete - Tennis Rivals (Tan Team)

27. Laurie And Miles - Vegans (Light Green Team)

28. Chef and Chris - The Former Hosts (Black Team)

29. Leonard And Tammy - Larpers (Grey Team)

30. Dwayne and Dwayne Jr. - Father and Son (Yellow Team)

31. Sanders And Mac Arthur - Police Cadets (Light Blue Team)

(At the Bottom of the Page there is a List of the Contestants who were cut from the Audition Phase and even One Confirmed Team with their Team Name and Colour that was never shown of Mentioned of)

Cut Contestants:

32. Jack And Rebecca - Neighbours (Dark Orange Team)

Gwen And Cameron

Cornelia And Bruno

DJ And Momma

Eva And Izzy

Sierra And Topher






(End of the Page)

Trixie: Don Who's Jack and Rebecca ?

Don: Oh They were a Team that were Originally going to be on the show too, Since it would of Been Thirty Two Teams At the Start of the Race.

Ludwig: What Happened to them ?

Don: They never showed up at The Train Station In Toronto, So Im guessing they were too busy so I just Cut them from the Competition.

Ludwig: I See

  • Outside the Infirmary (7:30 pm)

Tori: (Stands)

Tori: (Paces around the Hallway)

Sydney: Are you alright Tori ? (Her and Jake walk up to her)

Tori: Yeah Im just....waiting for Axel

Jake: For Seven Hours ?

Sydney: Your seem really worried about him ?

Tori: Well he is my team mate


Tori:.....And my closest Friend

Sydney: Are you sure you don't have a Crush on him ?

Tori: What, Of Course Not

Tori:....Were Just Friends (Denial)

Jake: Theres no need to feel embarrassed if you do.

Tori: (Sigh) I guess I do

Tori: Like I've alway been the one to look out for him, He doesn't really know much about safety when doing Parkour.

Tori: And that feeling I had on the Speed boat where he didn't even look alive(Shakes)

Tori: It just like a Nightmare Without him.

Sydney: (Places her hand on Tori's Shoulder) He'll be alright

Tori: I know, So what are you two doing now (Smiles)

Sydney: We were just about to go outside and Watch the Snow Flakes fall down from the sky.

Tori: In the Cold, At 7pm at night ?

Jake: I love the Cold, The Heat Not so Much.

  • Infirmary (8:12 pm)

Krystal: (Bored) Boring (Throws Pencil)

Ben: All my Cardboard is back at my hotel room so theres nothing we can really do

Owen: So Belgium was fun

Mickey: I had a Sugar Rush

Adam.T: Anyone happen to know who was riding a Golden Bike today ?

Kitty: Wasn't that your teams colour ?

Adam.T: Yeah but another team stole it before we got to the Stadion

Ben: Hey Krystal, Wanna Break the fourth wall ?

Krystal: Don't Call me Kryssi (Realises he didn't) Oh

Trixie And Ludwig: (Exit the Medical Room)

Trixie: We got a cure.

Ludwig: (Places a Box of Chocolates down)

Owen: More Chocolate ?

Owen: I think I've had enough chocolate for one day

(Everyone gasps to Owen's Response)

Ludwig: It Looks and taste Like Belgian Chocolate but we modified it to contain Camomile, Fennel and Caraway Seeds which has been used to Cure Indigestion.

Ben: You Put PLANTS Inside Chocolate ?

Trixie: Yep (Eats One)

Ludwig: (Also Eats One)

Ludwig: We fused it with Chocolate since most of you would complain if we used a Syringe inject or Pill Swallowing method.

Ben: (Still Dumbfounded) You Put PLANTS Inside Chocolate ?

Ludwig: Do you want the Chocolate or not Ben ?

Krystal: Does that mean we can grow Chocolate now.

Trixie: Yes (Excited)

Ludwig: You Can test that Theory later if you want.

(Everyone grabs a Chocolate bar Each from the box)

Krystal: (Eats One)

Ben: (Eats One)

Adam.T: (Eats One)

Kitty: (Eats One)

Mickey: (Eats One)

Jay: (Eats One)

Owen: (Eats One)

Mickey: I don't think Im that hyperactive anymore

Adam.T: Yeah the stomach pain is gone now (Smiles)

Kitty: Celebration Photo

Krystal: Hell Yeah

Kitty: (Takes a Selfie with Ludwig, Trixie, Ben, Krystal, Mickey, Jay and Adam.T)

Ben: So should we actually grow Chocolate plants if we have leftovers (Picks Up A Spare Chocolate Bar)

Krystal: Yes

Ludwig: I'll check how many we have left (Picks up the Box)

(Its Empty)

Ludwig: We all Ate Only one right ?

Owen: (Has Chocolate all over his Face) uh Oh

Trixie: Houston we Have a Problem

Adam.T: Problem ? Is there any side effects ?

Ludwig: If you only had one you should be fine

Trixie: But if you take too many you begin to hallucinate and see everyone Else as Chocolate.

Kitty: That's a Very Strange side effect for a Chocolate bar that cures indigestion

Ben: You Should See the Pencil God Kitty

Krystal: (Covers Ben's Mouth) He'll hear us

Owen: (Imagines the entire Group as Chocolate versions of themselves)

Owen: When did you guys look so Delicious (Drools)

Krystal: Run !

  • Medical Room (8:46 Pm)

(Krystal, Ben, Ludwig, Trixie, Mickey, Kitty, Adam.T And Jay All Run into the Medical Room and Lock the door On Owen)

Axel: (Is Lying in a Medical bed)

Axel: (Slowly Wakes up)

Axel: Hey Guys

Axel: Last thing I can remember was I was on a Speed Boat.

Axel: Is Tori okay ?

Kitty: She's okay, you guys got Twelfth Place.

Axel: Ah Okay

Axel: Hey Ben are you going to eat that Chocolate Bar ?

Ben: Hope you like Plant Flavoured Chocolate (Throws Chocolate to him)

Axel: (Catches It) As Long as it doesn't have Nuts In It (Eats It)


Don: (Voice) And Now... Time for a Remarkable Race Exclusive

(Giant Yellow Words appear across a Computer screen saying "Exclusive Clip")

  • Ice Caves (2:46 PM)

Jake and Sydney: (Ice Skating Together)

Ludwig: (Sits there bored)

Ben: (Begins Skating) Yes I got it.

Krystal: MIIIPP (Skates Past) Last one to the bottom floor Buys Dinner ! (Skates down the Icy Floor)

Ben: Your On ! (Skates after Krystal)

Trixie: (Skates to Ludwig)

Trixie: Come on Luddy its fun (offers Hand)

Ludwig: Its not really my thing, It just seems easy to get hurt

Trixie: You can't be thinking about all the dangers in everything all the time

Trixie: Otherwise you won't ever have any fun in life , Plus we won the bet so Up you get (Drags him up)

Ludwig: (Gets up holding Her Hand)

Trixie: Don't Worry about Falling, Just focus follow my lead (Smiles)

Trixie And Ludwig: (Slowly skate together)

Sydney: See now your getting the hang of it.

Noah.M: (Watches them from the entrance of the ice cave)

Noah.M: (Walks off)

Sydney: (She and Jake Begin Ice Dancing)

Ludwig: I've got nothing on that

Trixie: It doesn't have to be great as long as were having fun

Ludwig And Trixie: (Slowly Ice Dance)

Trixie: (Trips over knocking her and Ludwig onto the floor)

Trixie: Sorry about that

Ludwig: It's okay I probably would of crashed too but hey were having fun right ? (Smiles)

Trixie: (Smiles) Yeah

Ludwig: (Kisses Trixie)

Trixie: (Kisses Back)

Krystal: (Reaches the Bottom Floor) I Win


Krystal: WUT ?

Ben: (Crashes into Krystal)

  • Skaftafell National Park (3:00 PM)

Noah.M: (Looks at the Moon) Well everyones enjoying themselves here

Noah.M: And Joanne doesn't Trust me anymore over the Tandem Bikes, And that Stupid Fossil

Noah.M: Someone has to of stolen it from the Vegans..... and now the blame is on me for something I didn't even do.......

Noah.M: (Realizes the Irony) Oh God Damit....After all these Year I set people up to knock them down on TV Now Everyone thinks I stole the Vegans Fossil....and of course no one is gonna believe me I'm just that Manipulator guy who messes with peoples trust (Frown)

Noah.M: Guess now I know how it feels to get screwed over by someone's actions.

Noah.M: But I only ever wanted to win but every time I get so Close Third, Fourth, Second, Sixth, Only to get thwarted out by Vote for a Winner or a Sudden Elimination Round !

Noah.M: And that one time I was the Second person voted off

Noah.M: I was hoping this season would be my chance but I have to play it fair now

Noah.M: But I still lost her in the end (Small Tears)

Noah.M: She wanted to play the game fairly ?

Noah.M: Not Only could I do that but perhaps (Thinking)

Noah.M: I could redeem myself Kind of by helping the people I've screwed over in the past.

Noah.M: (Gets out his Phone and Checks his Facebook page)

Noah.M: Lets see the amount of enemies

Noah.M: Okay Most of them are NO Were to be Found, But a few of them are on this show !

Noah.M: Lets See.

Noah.M: Theres Tabby from Last Season who I left trapped in the Drum Heller Mines with Joe and Cornelia, Not to mention I also got her Friend Saki eliminated in Jamaica and framed Cornelia for that.

Noah.M: Ludwig, probably my Third biggest rival before Cornelia and Monica, I Pushed him down a Staircase, Joked about Trixie causing him to lose the challenge in Sweden When he thought it was Alex who said it and our Long Rivalry since Level Up.

Noah.M: Jake, I got him lost from his Team and trapped him during the England Challenge last season which resulted in his Elimination.

Noah.M: Sydney, doesn't like for me causing her elimination in Camp Wawankwa.

Noah.M: Zayla, I did vote her off two seasons ago but nothing other then that, She did try to curse me by turning me into a Rabbit.

Noah.M: Oskar, I did Blow his and Caitlyn's Cover in Level up and might of gotten him to almost turn on Jake Last season.

Noah.M: Adam, I did Try to Get Ashley and Jake to eliminate him in Germany but that didn't work.

Noah.M: (Creates a List) Okay maybe If Joanne sees that I can help everyone on the list then it might be possible that she can forgive me (Small Smile)

Noah.M: I should also try and find out who stole the Vegans Fossil in the first Place !

Noah.M: Wonder what's for Dinner ?

  • Hotel (6:00 PM)

Zayla: (Drinks Soup with a Spoon)

Xavier: (Eats Steak using a Knife and Fork)

Geoff: (Has KFC bucket on his Head)

Brody: (Eats Chicken Drumstick) This is a Stick Feast (Smiles)

Xavier: Depending if the food makes you Sick.

(Crystal Ball glows Green)

Zayla: As Long as no one eats the Gravy we should be fine

Geoff: (Eyes Widen) Whoops (Has Potato Gravy all over his Face)


Don: (Voice) And Now... Time for a Remarkable Race Exclusive

(Giant Yellow Words appear across a Computer screen saying "Exclusive Clip")

  • Restaurant (Bahamas) (7:02 PM)

Laurie: (Looks at her Plate of Steak)

Adam.W: This place reminds me of the utensils lessons Giselle made me do

Adam.W: (Points to Spoon) Knife

Adam.W: (Points to Knife) Spoon

Adam.W: (Points to Fork) and.......Chops Sticks

Laurie: Okay those are all wrong (Grabs Spoon) Spoon

Laurie: (Picks up Knife) This is a knife

Laurie: And (grabs Fork) And This is a Fork

Adam.W: Giselle did mention Fork once, That lesson is all coming back to me now Thanks

Laurie: (Looks at her plate) Your Welcome

Adam.W: You okay ?

Laurie: Im still having second thoughts about it

Adam.W: You should atleast try it once

Laurie: (Slowly grabs a bit of steak on her fork and eats it)

Adam.W: And if you don't like it you can always....

Laurie: (Devours the Entire Steak)


Laurie: (Burps) That was good..

Adam.W: (Looks at the Waiter) Waiter another Steak

Waiter: (Writes it down) Very Well

Laurie: Im just not sure how to tell Miles about this

Adam.W: She's your friend it can't be that bad

Laurie: You can still teach me the Animal Language later right

Adam.W: Sure, just because you ate one doesn't mean there gonna murder you, In fact were pretty much one with the animal (Burps) and that animal can sometimes come back up....

Laurie: (Small Laugh)

Laurie: Thanks for this dinner Adam.W

Adam.W: Your Welcome.....(Reads the Check)..........hmmmm

Laurie: Wolf's don't have wallets do they

Adam.W: Giselle mostly holds onto our Money since I ate a 100 Dollar Bill on the way to Toronto.

Giselle: (Arrives) Adam-Kun, Laurie-Chan

Laurie: Hey Giselle

Adam.W: Giselle Wanna Dinner ? I forgot the bring the Green Paper

Giselle: Sure...I don't mean to interrupt this dinner dat.....Outing..

Laurie: Were Friends and team alliances Giselle so don't worry...Wanna try some steak

Giselle: Yes I would love a bite or two I haven't had dinner yet.

Adam.W: (Jabs Fork into Steak)

Adam.W: (Lift's Up Steak and puts it into Giselle Mouth)

Giselle: (Eats Steak) Mmmm Juicy

Dave: (Sits at the Other Table with Sky who can hear them)...........

Adam.W: So did you find Carrie And Devin at the Chill Zone ?

Giselle: Yes but.....they got eliminated


Laurie: That sucks

Adam.W: Now its just us and Miles

Giselle: I was thinking we could ask the Ice Dancers to back us up since they helped us in Belgium

Laurie: But they got a penalty there

Adam.W: They stole a Shiny Bike

Giselle: Yeah but we also got a Penalty in Iceland, Jacques Told me about Josee

Giselle: I say we give them a chance

Adam.W And Laurie: Very Well

Adam.W: Can we still try and take Noah down though

Giselle: Maybe

Laurie: Are you gonna finish that Steak Adam ?


Don: (Voice) And Now... Time for a Remarkable Race Exclusive

(Giant Yellow Words appear across a Computer screen saying "Exclusive Clip")

* Gold Souk (11:00 Am)

Don: Since The Week 1 Reward in Spain was Canceled due to time Schedules I decided to make it up to the cast by letting them tour the Gold Souk.

Don: Have Fun

  • Merchandise Store (11:01 Am)

Geoff: (Enters With The Store With Brody, Owen, Noah, Emma And Kitty Dawn And Tabby)

Geoff: Awww Man a Total Drama Merchandise Store

Noah: It's a Knock off Geoff some of it is Inaccurate

Owen: Look (Picks up a Golden Symbol of the Killer Bass)

Owen: Geoff you should get this while I get the Gopher Version

Geoff: Hell yeah

Dawn: (Looks at the Golden Statue of Herself).........

Tabby: (Places Five Gold Cat Statues on the Counter while Smiling) I'll take these Please

  • Gold Souk (11:03 Am)

(Xavier, Zayla, Sanders, Mac Arthur, Junior And Dwayne looking around the Halls)

Xavier: (Looks at the Golden Walls) Wonder If Chris had the Right Idea ?

Zayla: (Checks the Crystal Ball) (Crystal Ball: Meh He'll be Fine...Maybe if not Atleast you'll still have me)

Xavier: No Offence but you seem very attached to that Ball ?

Zayla: It Gives me my Day to Day Answers

Xavier:... (Takes a cracked chip of gold.) There I'm at LEAST 100 dollars richer... Wanna go eat at a fancy Restaurant ?

Zayla: Sounds more pleasant then the Usual Mc Danis most teams go to

Xavier: It's super woo... Let's live like kings...and a queen. (Looks at the ball.) and things.

Crystal Ball: (Text: Glad to be noticed for once, You probably shouldn't steal in front of the Cadets though)

Xavier: (Hides it) Good Point

Dwayne: Aww Look Junior they have a Mc Danis Over there

Junior: We don't really need to go there we already have tons of those in America

Dwayne: So maybe we can find some exclusive meals in Dubai here.

Mac Arthur: (Is at the Golden gun Store) (Loads a Golden Pistol) hmm Not Bad....Not Bad

Sanders: Mac Arthur !

Mac Arthur: What ? We have the right to bare arms were Police.

Gerry: (Walks up to Mac Arthur) Hey have you seen my Tennis Pal anywhere ?

Mac Arthur: Nope

Gerry: Okay Just checking

Xavier: Im guessing he didn't take the news of his Son's Departure well

Gerry: Not At All, If you see him Ring me, He's a Terrible Drunk

  • Gold Souk (11:05 Am)

Crimson And Ennui: (Sit by the Stairs Staring at nothing)

Luna: (Sits there playing with a Golden Ball of Yarn) (Telepathic: Enjoy Dubai Ennui And Crimson ?)

Ennui: Why does it follow me (Deadpan)

Ben: Hey Goths (Arrives With Trixie, Krystal And Ludwig)

Trixie: I was wondering where Luna was ?

Ennui: It Keeps talking to me (Deadpan)

Ben: Seriously now there going along with the whole Talk to Space Cat thing.

Ludwig: You Don't believe us ?

Krystal: (Shrugs) We Don't Hear anything other then A Mewo

(A Bird from earlier can be seen)

Trixie: Ah Cool the Bird from Tennis Court is okay

Bird: (Gets Abducted by Aliens)

Krystal: Lets forget that just happen and skip to the next conversation

Tom: (Walks to With Jen to the group) Hey Ben You Will not Believe What we just Got.

Ben: More Fez Hats ?

Jen: Better (Places A big Bucket of Gold Paint)

Jen: We can Coat anything In GOLD !

Trixie: (Thinking) Anything ?

  • Fancy Restaurant (11:07 Am)

Xavier: (Looks at the Gold Fork)

Zayla: Its Gold

Xavier: (Notices the Food is Gold) Everything is....Gold

Xavier: Yep This Dinner Da (Realise what he was about to say and change it) Dinner was a Disaster

Zayla: Do They eat anything other then Gold ? (Hears noise form the table behind them)

Xavier: (Looks over There Table) Pete ?

Pete: (Sits at his Table looking Drunk And miserable) (looks up) Who said that ?

Pete: Was that you Jesus ?

Zayla: We better call Gerry

Xavier: Before We see Pete become a Worse Drunk Then Brody (Gets the Phone out)

Pete: The Whole Place is Gold......The Same Gold my Son DITCH ME FOR ! (Goes to flip Table but falls over it)

  • Town (11:09 Am)

Ludwig: This is Strangest thing we've ever done with Paint (Paints Trixie in Gold)

Tom And Jen: (Painting Krystal in Gold )

Luna: (Uses Telekinesis to Paint Ben Gold)

Krystal: We Should Be Statues and scare the hell out of People

Ben: I've Always wanted to do this.

Trixie: Are you joining in Luddy ?

Ludwig: Theres not enough Paint Plus I don't want to get anything on my Coat (His Goggles are Painted in Gold)

Jen: Wise Choice

Ben: Where's Cory he should film this ?

Tom: He's back at the Burj Al Arab filming The Parkour Artists

  • Burj Al Arab (11:09 Am)

Axel: WEEEEEEEEE (Slides down the Burj Al Arab Windows with Sponges all over him)

Cory: (Films it on his Phone) Dam were so busy today

Calvin: Ben just rang me about some gold Statue Prank he's doing and we still have to film that music video For Trent.

Cory: Calvin you go over there and film what happens, We'll deal with the Musicians work after the next Challenge.

  • Town (11:10 Am)

Gerry: (On The Phone) Okay I'm on my way there don't lose him (Puts his Phone Away)

Gerry: (Runs)

Gerry: (Sees The Gold Statues)........

Ludwig: (Sits there With Calvin And the Fashion Bloggers)

Gerry: (Looks At the Gold Statues) Hey isn't that your Teammate and your Crazy Girlfriend ?

Ludwig: You should have a closer Look.

Calvin: (Giggles)

Gerry: (Walks over to the Statue)

Krystal: (Jumps out at Gerry) BOO

Gerry: AHHHHHH (Falls over)

Ben And Trixie: (Laughing)

Gerry: (Small Laugh) Good one

Gerry: But I gotta go find Pete before he gets into trouble (Runs off)

Luna: (Looks at the Trixie Statue)

Trixie: (Pokes Luna) Boop

Luna: (Jumps Back And Hisses) (Telepathic: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MAMMA GOLDEN CLONE !?)

Trixie: It's cool Luna Im just coated in Gold Paint

Luna: (Telepathic: oh...Sorry, Not use to Humans Shape-Shifting there Skin Colour)

Person: (Walks Past)

Ben: (Stands Still)

Person: (Turns back)

Ben: (Changes Pose)

Person: (Turns Back to See Ben) ?

Calvin: (Filming it his Phone)

Person: (Turns around to see Trixie do a Scary Pose)

Person: (Runs off)

Krystal: That was too good

Trixie: We just did the Weeping Angle on that Poor Guy (High Fives Krystal)

Calvin: Quick one more persons coming

Ben, Krystal And Trixie: (Go back into Statue Position)

Store Owner: (Walks Over to Ludwig And Calvin)

Store Owner: Hey How much is it for that Statue (Points to Trixie)


Ben And Trixie:..........

Krystal: Creep !

Ludwig: (Gets A Red Kylo Ren Lightsaber from His Pocket and aims it at the Store Owner)

Ludwig:....She's...Not..For.SALE ! (Twitches)

Store Owner: (Slowly walks back)

Ludwig: (Puts Lightsaber Away)

Krystal: How long have you had that Lightsaber for ?


Calvin: (Puts Phone Away) And Filming is done

  • Fancy Restaurant (11:11 Am)

Gerry: (Arrives at the Restaurant)

Gerry: Thanks for the Call

Xavier: No worries, He looks like he's gonna past out at any minute now or Get Kicked out.

Pete: (At The Counter) Another Cup of finest Shit ! (Slams Money on the ground) (Drunk)

Bartender: We don't accept Money from other countries

Pete: It's Because Im White Isn't it ! (Drunk)

Pete: What Have you got Against Canadians ! (Drunk)

Gerry: Pete you need to go back to the Hotel And Rest

Pete: Why Talking Pink Fairy, Did your Son Abandon you for Money ? (Drunk) (Looks at Gerry, Sees him in a Pink Fairy Dress)

Gerry: Your Drunk !

Pete: Your Sexy ! (Drunk)

Pete: (Vomits and Passes out as he falls and hits his head on the table)

Gerry: (Carries Pete) Care to help ?

Xavier: Not how I imagined Hanging out with Seniors

Xavier And Zayla: (Help Gerry Carry Pete out of the Restaurant)


  • House

Zane: (Starts up the Exclusive Clip on his Laptop) This Gonna Be Good (Smirks)

Don: (Voice) And Now... Time for a Remarkable Race Exclusive

(Giant Yellow Words appear across a Computer screen saying "Exclusive Clip")

  • Mall (9:30 Pm)

Giselle: (Is Holding a Bunch of Different Bags, Theres lots of Shopping bags around her)

Giselle: Harajuku, Why you only be in Japan, Move to My Town

Adam.W: (Is Buried alive in all of Giselle's Shopping Bags).....Tell my Children I love them

Giselle: ?

Adam.W: I was Joking, If That's what Joking is called.

Giselle: Well Thank Celestia But I never heard you talk about Children you really want kids someday ?

Adam.W: Pups are so Cute, Human Babies are probably similar at least.

Adam.W: And you should have enough clothes for them since (Is Buried in Shopping Bags)

Giselle: About that after every Store I could get my hands on my Disneyland fund took a major blow

Adam.W: Do we have any Money left ?

Giselle: Do not fear Adam-Senpai I still have our Bake Sale funds in my bank account but I can't really access it right now

Adam.W: So were Broke on Valentines day...Wow...(Small Laugh)

  • Theme Park (Roller Coaster) (10:00 Pm)

Axel And Tori: (On a Roller Coaster, It's slowly going up the hill)

Tori: This is a Nice night huh

Axel: Yeah...

Axel: I've been meaning to ask you about that Kiss back in Transylvaina.

Tori: Oh....

Axel: Was it just out of Surprise or did you mean it ?

Axel: I don't mean to make you awkward but Lately I've been feeling things for you...Even far to as Getting Dating Advice off Junior.

Tori:..You know I've always cared for you

Axel: Yeah you helped me in Belgium when I had a Allergy Reaction

Axel: And I helped you with your injured Arm in Iceland

Tori: Then you know why I brought us here right

Axel: Should I let you say it incase I get the wrong Situation

Tori: I know were friends (Hugs Axel)....But between us I feel a bigger connection us (Smiles)

Axel: I've been feeling the same thing for a while (Smiles at Tori)

Tori: (Smiles at Axel)

Axel And Tori: (Hold hands and are slowly about to Kiss)

(Until the Roller Coaster reaches the Top which then goes down the track at Max Speed)

Axel And Tori: WHAAAA (Hold onto each other)

(After the Ride)

Tori: (Feeling Sick from the Roller Coaster)

Axel: Need me to get anything ?

Tori: I'll be alright

Axel: So were officially dating now Right ?

Tori: Yep

Tori: If I wasn't feeling sick from that Roller Coaster I'd Kiss you right now. (Grabs the Bin and Pukes in it)

Axel: (Helps Tori)

  • Theme Park (10:30 PM)

Crimson And Ennui: (Exit the Horror House Ride)

Crimson: That was Romantic (Deadpan)

Geoff: (Browed Ludwig's I-Pad to Use Skype to talk to Bridgette)

Geoff: So right now were in Tokyo

Bridgette: (Screen) Sounds Great, Did you see the Tokyo Tower ?

Geoff: Yeah, even Godzilla

Bridgette: (Screen) Godzilla's Real ?

Geoff: Well A Robot, Overall it was Awesome....Wish you could be here

Bridgette: (Screen) Wish you were here too, My Surfing Team has moved into the Semi-Finals Now.

Geoff: Aww Man I gotta Ask Don to fly us to Australia soon

Bridgette: (Screen) Great to see not every Host is like Chris

Bridgette: (Screen) So Have you And Brody found any knew friends ?

Geoff: You won't believe the people we met

Geoff: There's Sanders who's okay,

Geoff: Mac Arthur's the One Brody's Crushing on and then there's Xavier and Zayla we managed to uncover there mystery it was wicked

Bridgette: (Screen) Sounds cool, Tell them I said Hi

Bridgette: (Screen) (Hears noise from her I-Pad) Ah Crap the Battery is about to Die

Geoff: Awww, Can't wait to see you again

Bridgette: (Screen) Same Love ya Geoff

Geoff: Love ya to bridge

Geoff: (Sits there alone).......(Sighs).....Happy Valentines Day

Geoff: (Notice a Jewellery Store just outside the Theme Park)

Geoff: (Thinking)

  • Arcades (10:40 PM)

Ben And Krystal: (Playing Dance Dance Revolution)

Ben: (Finishes) 9000 Points Beat that

Krystal: (Points to her Side of the Screen her Score is 18000) Already Did.

Ben: Wanna go to Laser Tag Next ?

Krystal: Sure

  • Laster Tag Arena (10:45 PM)

Krystal: (Shoots Robots down With Laser Gun)

Ben: (Shoots Robots down With Laser Gun)

Krystal: So Ben, Why is it that your interested in me ?

Krystal: It's the Fabulous Hair isn't it

Ben: It's Pretty Fabulous but your so energetic, Funny, Awesome to hang around with.

Krystal: Well.....(Does Matrix to avoid Laser shots from a robot)

Krystal: Well I've never really been in these type of relationships before or really know how to feel about them.

Ben: If you wanna stay friends that's....fine

Krystal: (Hugs Ben) Your Awesome you know that

Krystal: Look I'm willingly to try a date I Guess

Ben: Really ?

Krystal: Yeah, Just don't let Anyone know cause they'll annoy and Ship us

Ben: Sure

Ben and Krystal: (Realises there Surround by Robots)

Ben: Whoops...

  • House (12:30 Am)

Zane: (Watching the clip from Home)


Zane: Another Picture to add to my Shipping Wall

Zane: (Jumps onto his Bed and (looks to the Wall on the right where all the shipping Drawings are)

Zane: (Goes to Sleep) (The Ship Drawings on his Wall Consist of CoryxOliver, CoryxLina, CalvinxCalvin, TrixiexLudwig, JunexNicki, AxelxTori, CarriexDevin, Noah.MxJoanne, EmmaxNoah, Adam.WxGiselle, KrystalxBen And XavierxZayla)

(There is a Recent Drawing on the top of the Wall.....ZanexSarah)

Zane: (Goes to Sleep)


Don: (Voice) And Now... Time for a Remarkable Race Exclusive

(Giant Yellow Words appear across a Computer screen saying "Exclusive Clip")

  • Festival Grounds (9:30 Pm)

(Ice Dancers and Tennis Rival sit there Bored)

(Amber And Luka Can be seen seated along the Bleachers)

Don: (Sitting in the Bleachers)

Don: (Looks into the night Sky) Cool

  • Market District (9:35 Pm)

(A Chinese Dragon parade is going on during the Markets)

Adam.W: (Drinks entire bowl of Ramen) So Dragons ?

Giselle: It's a Traditional Dance, There not real Dragons Silly

Crimson: (Colours a Lantern in Black and places it on the roof)

Ennui: Wow (Deadpan)

Luna: (Uses telekinesis to place another lantern on the roof)

Ben: Well I think I've had enough Chinese Food for one day

Krystal: The Ramen was cool

Ben: It was, I'm just talking about the Street Food from Earlier today

Jack And Rebecca: (Arrive)

Jack: Sorry were late (Holding a Dog)

Trixie: It's cool

Ludwig: Did you just get a new pet ?

Jack: I brought it off someone would was.....gonna cook him

Tabby, Adam.W, Ben, Krystal And Trixie: (Horrified Anime Reaction Face)

Ludwig: Oh yeah China.....does that.

Dawn: I Don't even wanna think about it.

Rebecca: We asked Don if we could keep him and he said yes aslong as it doesn't cause any issues during the race

Rebecca: I named him Vlad (Past him)

Ennui: Cool Name (Deadpan)

Rebecca: Thanks

Dawn: I've been thinking about last night's room incident

Jack: I'm Pretty Sure it was the Ice Dancers

Dawn: I was gonna say that but they might have accomplices aswell

Giselle: So Jacques Has New Allies now ?

Dawn: Yes I believe there trying to regain power of the race since I sensed their Auras were weakened in Japan.

Ben: Any idea where Cory Went ?

Krystal: Didn't he and Calvin go to the Arcades ?

Ben: oh yeah wanna Head there now ?

Krystal: Sure (She and Ben Run off)

Trixie: ?

Jack: (Yawn) Well I'm getting tired night (Faints and lands on a stack of Hay)

Trixie: okay ?

Rebecca: (Passes out)

Tabby: (Scratches Head) We should take them back to the hotel ?

Trixie: Sounds good (Picks up Rebecca)

Ludwig: (Picks up Jack)

Dawn: (Picks up Vlad)

Crimson: Are you guys heading back ? (Deadpan)

Trixie: Yeah were just gonna bring them back to their hotel room

Ennui: Can we come ? (Deadpan)

Crimson: The Festival is getting more over joying by the minute (Deadpan)

Tabby: um kay

  • Arcade (9:40 Pm)

Axel And Tori: (Are Playing Kung Fu Animals on the Arcade Machine)

Tori: Game Over

(The Screen Shows Game Over as there players a Bat And a Porcupine lost to a Flamingo)

Axel: Awww we were so close beating Koala Khan that time but we can never get past Featherine or Tas

Tori: We can always get the Guide Book at Gamestop

Axel: Yeah (He And Tori Exit the Arcades as Cory And Calvin Enter it)

Cory: (Inserts two Coins into the Machine)

Calvin: (Is Playing Kung Fu Animals on the Arcade Machine)

Calvin: Two Player Fighting Campaign on Kung Fu Animals Man this is awesome

(The Screen Shows a Gallery of Kung Fu Animals, a Wolf, Cat, Platypus, Porcupine, Komodo Dragon, Giraffe, Frog, Bat, Gorilla, Flamingo, Tasmanian Devil And Iguana)

Cory: (Selecting a Character) I'm gonna Pick Aries

Calvin: (Selecting a Character) I'm picking Genghis

(The Screen then Changes to a Tower of all the other Characters they have to fight, A Giant Koala in Barbaric King Armour can be seen at the top)

Cory: I'd take it thats the Boss

Calvin: (Shrugs)

Axel And Tori: (Are outside of the Arcades)

Tori: (Checks the Map) (Its Written in Chinese)

Axel: Any clue ?

Tori: Not a single one !

Axel: Well lets get a view of the City then

Tori: (She and Axel Climb up the wall)

Axel And Tori: (Climb up the roof of the Arcades to get a view of the town)

Axel: (Sigh in Relief) Great view of the City

Tori: (Smiles) Yeah

Tori: Sucks that the Musicians Left today

Axel: Yeah we could of formed a alliance against the Ice Dancers

Tori: We'll find away to stop them soon but for now we should take the time to chillax

Axel: Yeah, Tonights a night to celebrate a new February

Tori: oh I forgot something from Japan

Tori: (Kisses Axel, They begin Making out)

Chet: (Swings over a Pole and climbs onto the Roof) I've learned Parkour !

Lorenzo: (Runs up the wall, Does a front Flip and grabs a ledge)

Lorenzo: Hell Yeah this is awesome

(The Ledge breaks)

Lorenzo: WHHA

Chet: (Grabs Lorenzo and pulls him up to the roof)


Chet: Don't mention it.....ever

Chet And Lorenzo: (Both notice Axel and Tori Making out)


Chet: This is probably a bad time (He and Lorenzo begin to climb down the roof)

Rock: (Looks at a Claw Machine) (Thinking)

Spud: Come on Rock Even I know that machine is rigged

Rock: I'm trying focus on wining a Cat Doll

Spud: Ah Okay (Notices Cory And Calvin)

Cory: (Is Determine to beat the boss)

(The Screen Shows There Players Fighting the final Boss)

Cory: Damit we lost Round One (Playing the Game)

Calvin: Don't Give up Dude, Believe in your Inter Shia LaBeouf (Playing the Game)

Cory: Wat ?

  • Inside The Game

Aries And Genghis: (Get Back Up from losing the First Round)

Koala Khan: Ha, That Foolish Amphibian chose you to Challenge me

Koala Khan: Prove your Worth or DIE !

(The Screen Shows the Text above them, Round Two FIGHT !)

Koala Khan: (Throws Bamboo Giant Sword at them)

Aries: (Blocks the Attack)

Genghis: (Kicks Koala Khan)

Koala Khan: (Blocks it)

Koala Khan: (Uppercuts Genghis)

Aries: (Punches Koala Khan)

Koala Khan: (Headbutts Aries Back)

Koala Khan: (Taunts them) You Weak Pathetic Fools

Aries: (Air Kicks Koala Khan) Who taunts during a fight ?

Genghis: (Hits Koala Khan with a throwing Sword)

Koala Khan: I do cause I Am the most Powerful (Blasts Aries Back with a Eucalyptus Beam)

  • Arcade (9:42 Pm)

Cory: Aww Crap I'm on Low Health (Pressing Buttons)

Calvin: I'll Heal ya, Just give me a Sec (Moves the Joystick)

  • Inside the Game

Genghis: (Stabs Koala Khan with a Dagger)

Koala Khan: (Stunned)

Genghis: (Helps Aries up)

Aries: (Breaths)

Genghis: (Gives Aries a Fortune Cookie) This should heal you

Koala Khan: (Gets Back up)

Aries: (Eats Fortune Cookie, Feels Better) Wait how do Food heal us when were Wounded from attacks ?

Genghis: I'm not sure But it might be...............

Koala Khan: (Snaps Genghis Neck)

Aries: NOOO

Genghis: (Falls to the ground Dead)

Koala Khan: MAHAHAHAHH !

  • Arcade (9:43 Pm)

Calvin: Well I'm out off Coins your own Cory (Walks off)

Cory: (Sigh)

Cory: (Presses Button)

  • Inside The Game

Aries: (Tackles Koala Khan into the wall)

Koala Khan: Witless Boy do you even know who I am ?

Aries: The Murderer of my Friend !

Koala Khan: I am Koala Khan the Emperor of The Terra Nullius Empire

Koala Khan: (Swings his Giant Bamboo Sword)

Aries: (Dodges it and Hits Koala Khan with his Hammer)

Koala Khan: (Fires another Eucalyptus Beam)

Aries: (Ducks it and Performs a Long Combo of Punches and Kicks on Koala Khan)

  • Arcade (9:44 Pm)

Cory: Holy Crap I Actually have the chance to defeat him now

Cory: YES !

  • Inside the Game

Koala Khan: (Falls to the ground Stunned)

Aries: This ends now

Aries: (Charges at Koala Khan)

(Suddenly text appears above which Stops the Game)

(Player 2 Has entered the game and would Like to Battle you)

  • Arcade (9:45 Pm)


Spud: (Put a Coin into the Machine) Are you up for Verses mode ?

Cory:..................(All that hard work for Nothing)

Cory: F***************

  • Restaurants (9:50 Pm)

Mac Arthur: (Eating Fortune Cookies)

Geoff: China Cookies are the Best

Brody: Yeah Man I've already got four good luck Fortunes

Zayla: (Continuously checks the Fortune Papers)

Xavier: There not real fortunes ?

Zayla: (Reads them) They have to lead towards a sign of Good Luck right ?

Xavier: (Looks over to the other table)

Sander: Still think it was them ?

Xavier: (Watches the other table) Has to be

Noah.M, Joanne, Oskar And Adam.T: (Sitting by the other table eating)

Oskar: Thanks again for the Cookies

Joanne: No Problem

Adam.T: so your List is done...what happens now ?

Noah.M: (Shrugs) Probably start playing the game Fairly I guess

Zayla: So your willingly to Answer any questions I have in mind ?

Xavier: Until we find the ball sure

Zayla: (Thinking, Pats Xavier on the Head) Any Idea where were heading to next ?

Xavier: Were in Asia so maybe Russia ?

Xavier: Why did you pat me ?

Zayla: Sorry...I usually rub the Crystal Ball before it reveals its Answer

Harrison: Difference for Xavier's Case is might reveal Something Else

Xavier: (Pushes Harrison off Screen) How do you even get here ?

  • Fire Works Display (9:55 Pm)

Junior: (Sets off Fire Works) Awesome (Looks at the Explosions in the Sky)

Owen: (Sets off Fireworks) heheheh

Mickey: These Things won't explode if we touch them right ?

Kitty: How it works is you Light it and then Aim it towards the sky and let go off it, It won't explode in your face aslong as you don't hold it for too long (Helps Mickey Light off a Firework Rocket)

Mickey: oh okay Thanks

Noah: (Holding Fireworks)

Emma: (Sets of Fireworks)

Noah: (Smiles at Emma) (Emma is Love, Emma is Life) (The Fireworks Noah is holding fly off and explode)

Dwayne: Now Son the safest way to use fireworks is.....(The Fireworks he's holding explode)

Dwayne: (Has Black powder all over his Face)

Junior: Not to Talk about Firework Safety when holding fireworks that are about to go off ?


  • Hotel Room 2 (10:00 Pm)

Trixie: (Places Rebecca down onto her Bed)

Ludwig: (Drops Jack onto his Bed)

Dawn: (Places Vlad next to Rebecca) I'll find a Dog Bed for it later

Dawn: I'll keep a watch later tonight incase they try to block the door again

Tabby: I don't get why there getting targeted so much first in Japan and now today ?

Trixie: Yeah I feel bad for them, They're harassed at school and there being harassed here too

Crimson: They were harassed at school aswell ? (Deadpan)

Ludwig: Yeah Similar to my Situation back at Redwood high

Tabby: Was High School like this for everyone I'm glad I didn't go to High school

Trixie: Mine was okay but Ludwig's wasn't and The Neighbours told me about there story

Luna: (Looks at Ennui) (Telepathic: Did this happen to you aswell ?)

Ennui: (Deadpan) I was referred to as a freak back there, Most of those Kids were stupid

Crimson: (Deadpan) Me and Ennui met there aswell I moved there from Texas

Crimson: I was the new student on that day and we both hang out at the same Shadow spot under the tree cause we despise the Sunlight and the sounds of people playing in the playground (Deadpan)

Tabby: That's oddly cute

Dawn: (Notices Bun Bun around Jack's neck) A Rabbits Foot ?

Ennui: It's Believe to give good luck to anyone who holds it (Deadpan)

Ludwig: Trent gave it to them during the challenge.....then he suddenly got eliminated after that.

(Firework explosions are heard outside)

Tabby: (Looks from the Glass Window) Coooooool

Trixie: Awww we should of brought some at the Market

Ludwig: Is it too late now ?

Tabby: Not Really it's still Ten O' Clock

Trixie: Then Lets go (She, Ludwig And Tabby Leave the Room)

Crimson: (Deadpan) Your not going Dawn ?

Dawn: I don't really like Explosions

The End

Don: (Voice) And Now... Time for a Remarkable Race Exclusive

(Giant Yellow Words appear across a Computer screen saying "Exclusive Clip")

  • Hotel Counter (3:31: Am)

Pete: (Walks upto the Counter)

Pete: Hey umm some of my friends lost their keys to their room, Were apart of the Remarkable Race.

Attendant: (Does not Speak English)

Pete: (Points to Keys) we Need Shiny Metal KEYS !

  • Room 2

(Neighbours, Rockers, Fashion Bloggers And Animal Lovers are asleep)

Gerry: (Opens the door)

Pete: (Quiet) Okay you set the Time Back I'll get the Chair

Gerry: (Grabs the Clock on the wall and sets it back by Eight Hours)

Pete: (Hears a Lamp fall over and break)

Pete: (Quiet) What are you doing ?

Gerry: (Quiet) That wasn't me (Shrugs)

Spud: (Walks into the room)

Pete And Gerry:...........

Spud: (His eyes are closed as he walks off to the fridge)

Gerry: ?

Spud: (Opens the Fridge to grab a bottle of Milk, Opens the bottle and pours the milk all over him)

Pete: (Quiet) Is he sleep Walking ?

Spud: (Walks off into the Bathroom and falls over)

Gerry: (Quiet) (Tries not to Laugh)

Pete: (Grabs the Chair) Okay were done with this room

Pete: (He And Gerry Exit the Room)

Pete: (Places the Chair at the Door)

Gerry: (Quiet) We might aswell get the room next to them ?

Pete: (Quiet) Meh why not this Coffee effect isn't going away yet

  • Room 1

(Youtubers, Tag Alongs and Abnormal Buddies are all asleep)

Calvin: (Is asleep next to the Computer Screen)

Pete: (Sets the Clock on the wall back by Eight hours)

Gerry: (Sets the Alarm clock next to Ben back by Eight hours)

Pete: (Holding Ludwig's I-pad) (Quiet) Password (Thinking)

Pete: (Quiet) T-R-I-X-I-E (Presses Code in, it unlocks)

Pete: (Sets the time Back by Eight hours)

Gerry: (Looks at the Computer Screen Calvin is asleep next to) (Quiet) What is that ?

Gerry: (Sees Flowey the Flower on the Screen)

Pete: (Quiet) Must be some game he's playing with a flower ?

(Flowey then Transforms into Omega Flowey)

Gerry: (Quiet) What the Fuck is that ?

Pete: (Quiet) Stuff this I'm out

Pete And Gerry: (Exit the room forgetting to block the Door with a chair)

The End

Don: (Voice) And Now... Time for a Remarkable Race Exclusive

(Giant Yellow Words appear across a Computer screen saying "Exclusive Clip")

  • Confessional (Cory And Calvin) (9:50 Pm)

(A Dark Green Bar Appears at the bottom saying Cory And Calvin "Youtubers")

Cory: (Hears the Dial, waiting)

????: Hello ? (Voice)

Cory: Hey Trenton

Calvin: Wasn't his name Blackichan ?

Cory: That's his Nickname

Trenton: So How's it going ? (Voice)

Cory: Pretty Good

Cory: Hey you know those video we sent you of our current journey of the race

Cory: Have they been uploaded yet ?

Trenton: I've uploaded all the videos from Toronto to Dubai so far, I'll try and get the rest up on youtube soon. (Voice)

Cory: Sweet any other news I should know about the channel ?

Trenton: (Voice) other then a few new comments on the page by Harry and Mel, Our Subscribers have gone up by 6%

Cory: Sweet

Calvin: Hey Trenton can you pass the phone to Hamilton.

Trenton: (Voice) Sure

Cory: (Passes the Phone to Calvin)

??????: Hello (Voice)

Calvin: HAHAHAHAH I told you we'd win one leg of the race and you thought we would be the first out.

Hamilton: (Voice) So you got me wrong there

Hamilton: The Bet was that you would win the race not just one round of the race (Voice)

Calvin: Very well, Were in the top Twenty Right now !

Calvin: Just keep watching, I'm gonna be thinking about proving you wrong as we reach that final Chill.......Zone, And I don't mean Netflix !

Cory: What was the Bet ?

Hamilton: I actually can't remember the Bet, but it was probably cause I don't like bagels (Voice)

Calvin: And If I win your gonna have to eat one

Hamilton: Whatever (Voice)

Calvin: (Evil Laugh as he ends the call)

  • Confessional (Dwayne And Junior) (10:00 Pm)

(A Yellow Bar Appears at the bottom saying Dwayne And Junior "Father And Son")

Junior: (On The Phone) Yeah its been going pretty great so far

Junior: The Sight seeing was pretty cool

Junior: okay thanks Mum Love you too

Junior: She wants to talk to you (Gives the Phone to Dwayne)

Dwayne:....Hello Honey (Picks up the phone)

  • Confessional (Jack And Rebecca) (10:10 Pm)

(A Dark Orange Bar Appears at the bottom saying Jack And Rebecca "Neighbours")

Jack: (Hears the Phone)

Rebecca: Anything ?

Jack: It Just keeps going to his Answer Machine

Jack: Hi Dad...I finally got into RR, It took me a few episodes but Don let me in.

Jack: I hope you're proud of me, I've done so much, So much good and I won't want to waste too much time Bye (Leaves the message at the Answer Machine)

Jack: Your Turn (Passes the Phone to Rebecca)

Rebecca: (Presses a few buttons and waits for the dial)

Rebecca: Hello ?

????: Hello ? (Voice)

Rebecca: Hey Dad

Rebecca's Dad: Hey Rebecca, It's great to hear from you again (Voice)

Rebecca's Dad: Hows the race going ? (Voice)

Rebecca: Pretty Awesome, I have a pet dog now

Rebecca's Dad: Sounds Great I won't tell your mum (Voice)

Rebecca: Yeah don't, I also had to fight Godzilla it was sad

Rebecca's Dad: Well I hope your having fun, Gotta go it's getting really late over here night (Voice)

(Phone Call Ends)

  • Confessional (Lorenzo And Chet) (10:20 Pm)

(A Light Purple Bar Appears at the bottom saying Lorenzo And Chet "Step Brothers")

Lorenzo: (Awkward) So who's gonna make the call  ?

Chet: (Awkward) I'm sure they've been watching show so it can't be that awkward (Waits for the Dial)

????: Hello (Voice)

Chet: Yeah Hi Mum

Chet's Mum: Hey Chet, how are you and Lorenzo going ? (Voice)

Lorenzo: Were going okay I guess

????: Hi Lorenzo (Voice)

Lorenzo: Hey Dad

Lorenzo's Dad: We've been watching the series so far and were really proud of you two (Voice)

Chet's Mum: You've been to so many places and your no longer fighting. (Voice)

Lorenzo And Chet:.....Thanks

Lorenzo's Dad: Though there is some news we've been wanting to tell you guys after the race maybe. (Voice)

Chet: What news ?

Chet's Mum: It's some big news (Voice)

Lorenzo: You can tell us now I guess ?

Lorenzo's Dad: (Voice)

Chet's Mum: You two are gonna have a younger Sister soon..... (Voice)

Chet and Lorenzo:....................................................................................

Lorenzo's Dad: Isn't that great news (Voice)

Chet and Lorenzo:....................................................................................

Chet's Mum: I think we might of broke them (Voice)

Chet: (Drops the phone)


  • Confessional (Crimson And Ennui) (10:30 Pm)

(A Crimson Bar Appears at the bottom saying Crimson And Ennui "Goths")

Crimson: (Picks up the Phone)

?????: Hello ? (Voice)

Crimson: Hi Grandma

?????: Hi (Voice)

Crimson: Bye Grandma

??????: Bye (Voice)

Crimson: (Ends the call)

Ennui: That was so heart warming (Deadpan)

Crimson: Yeah Your turn (Passes the Phone to Ennui)


????: Hello ? (Voice)

Ennui: (Sigh) Hi Ella

Ella: Cousin It's so Marvellous to hear from you again (Voice)

Ennui: Yeah, Me and Crimson are in Finland

Ella: I know I've been watching the race from my apartment room (Voice)

Ella: I was so worried about what happened before but I'm glad the other teams helped you. (Voice)

Ennui: Yeah that was a close call

Ella: It's been wonderful hearing from you again but I gotta go now a friend of mine is at the door (Voice)

Ella: Bye (Ends the Phone ball)

  • Confessional (Dawn And Tabby) (10:40 Pm)

(A Peach Bar Appears at the bottom saying Dawn And Tabby "Animal Lovers")

Dawn: (Whispers to a Bird) Send the Message (The Bird Flies off)

Tabby: (On the Phone) yeah Mum this show has been so awesome

Tabby: I would say this show is even better then World Warriors, It's a lot safer and theres so many cool people here.

Tabby: So how are all the cats back at home going ?

(Serval Cat Mewo's can be heard from the Phone)

Tabby: Hey Bubbles, Snowy, Mittens and Sir-Pounce alot tell the the others I said hi

Tabby: Okay love you Mum Seya (Ends the Phone Call)

Tabby: Did you wanna use it next ?

Dawn: I'm alright a friend of mine offered to deliver a message back home

Tabby: Cool

  • Confessional (Oskar And Adam.T) (10:50 Pm)

(A Bronze Bar Appears at the bottom saying Oskar And Adam.T "Bros")

Adam.T: (Waits for the Dial)...........

Adam.T: Don I think you've ran out of Credit ?

???: Hello ? (Voice

Adam.T: Oh Nevermind... Hey Sis

Adam.T's Sister: Oh Hey Adam (Voice)

Adam.T: How's Things been going back home

Adam.T's Sister: Pretty good everyones watching and cheering you two one (Voice)

Adam.T: awww really sweet (Voice)

Adam.T's Sister: Yep just be careful of the Ice Dancers (Voice)

Adam.T: We will, Seya

(End of Call)

  • Confessional (Trixie And Krystal) (11:00 Pm)

(A Magenta Bar Appears at the bottom saying Trixie And Krystal "Abnormal Buddies")

Krystal: (Rapidly Presses Random Buttons)

????: Hello ? (Voice)

Krystal: TAYLOR SUP !

Taylor: HEY KRYSTAL ! (Voice)


Taylor: GOOD ! (Voice)

Krystal: Have you been watching the Show ?

Taylor: The Show's on at like 3am back here I have to wait till Cory uploads them onto his Channel (Voice)

Krystal: Okay

Taylor: Can I ask about this Ben person ? (Voice)

Krystal:........GOODBYE (Ends Call)

Trixie: Was that your younger brother ?

Krystal: Yep, Did you wanna make a call ?

Trixie: I Don't really have anyone in mind at the moment

  • Confessional (Owen And Noah) (11:10 Pm)

(A White Bar Appears at the bottom saying Owen And Noah "Reality TV Pros")

Owen: (On The Phone) It's so awesome to be back on these type of shows again Dad.

Owen: It's Like Total Drama Island again, Yep I've brushed my teeth today mum (Laughs)

Owen: Did you wanna say hi Noah ?

Noah: Hi Owen's Mum And Owen's Dad

Owen: hehehe Noah said hi

Owen: Okay goodnight (Ends the call) Did you wanna make a call buddy

Noah: I've got no one in mind, You can go ahead can call Izzy if you want.


Owen: (Frowns)..............Izzy.............

Noah: Something wrong ?

Owen:....No Forget....It's fine........(Walks off)


  • Confessional (Ludwig And Ben) (11:20 Pm)

(A Blue Bar Appears at the bottom saying Ludwig And Ben "Tag Alongs")

Ludwig: (Ends phone call) Okay I've done talking to my older Brother.

Ludwig: Did you wanna make a call ?

Ben: Yep (Starts pressing buttons)

??????: Hello ? (Voice)

Ben: Hey Mr. And Mr's Anderson

Ludwig: Ben what are you doing !

??????: Who is this ?

Ben: This is Ben from the Remarkable Race is it okay if I go out with your Daughter

Krystal: WTF BEN ! (Tackles Ben off Screen)

Ludwig: (Slowly walks out of the Room)

  • Confessional (Mickey And Jay) (11:30 Pm)

(A Cyan Bar Appears at the bottom saying Mickey And Jay "Adversity Twins")

Mickey: (On the Phone) Yeah I'm amazed we lasted this long so far

Jay: And we hope to get further

Mickey: (Hears the phone) We got all our medication in check and the list of anything that we might have a bad reaction too I think were good.

Mickey: Okay Night Mum Night Dad (Ends the Call)

  • Confessional (Emma And Kitty) (11:40 Pm)

(A Red Bar Appears at the bottom saying Emma And Kitty "Sisters")

Emma: (On the Phone) Is This Gate University ?

Emma: Good this is Emma a Student enrolling in the International Laws Course Can I see my current results so far in the subject ?

Emma: (Hears the Phone) a B+ so far ? Ummm can I get feedback on how to improve on that

Kitty: Are you seriously using your call to check up on your University Grades ?

Emma: Gotta keep them from going down.

  • Confessional (Axel And Tori) (11:50 Pm)

(A Light Red Bar Appears at the bottom saying Axel And Tori "Parkour Artists")

?????: Hello (Voice) ?

Tori: Hey Mum, Hey Dad

Tori's Mum: Hey Tori (Voice)

Axel: Hi Tori's Parents

Tori's Dad: Hi Axel

Tori: As you may know me and Axel are dating now.

Axel: Are you two okay with that ?

Tori's Mum: Of course, We've been watching the race and were pretty happy with how great you two are going.

Tori's Dad: Your Friends from your parkour group also wanted us to tell you they said hi

Tori: Okay

Tori: It's getting late over here so I gotta let the next team use their call Bye Mum Bye Dad

Tori's Dad: Seya Dear (Ends Phone call)

Tori: Did you wanna call your dad ?

Axel: I think he's too sick at hospital to answer.

  • Confessional (Adam.W And Giselle) (12:00 Pm)

(A Pink Bar Appears at the bottom saying Adam.W And Giselle "Fairy Tale Impostors")

Giselle: (Waits for the Dial)

????: Hello (Voice)

Giselle: Hello Minnie-Chan

Minnie: Hey Giselle (Voice)

Minnie: How's it going in Europe ?

Giselle: Lovely

Minnie: And Adam-kun ? (Voice)

Adam.W: Hi Minnie

Minnie: Are you still wearing your Gothic Make up ?

Giselle: Hai

Minnie: Okay....Just don't go too far with the whole changing yourself thing, But the outfit does look really cool (Voice)

Minnie: Also I'm happy to hear you two are official now (Voice)

Adam.W: Thanks Minnie

Minnie: Anyway I gotta go now theres a few more customers at the shop

Giselle: Okay Bye Minnie-Chan

(Phone call ends)

Adam.W: Shame wolves don't uses Phones

  • Confessional (Rock And Spud) (12:10 Pm)

(A Indigo Bar Appears at the bottom saying Rock And Spud "Rockers")

Rock: (On The Phone) It's been going really great so far

Rock: Yeah Spud helped us win tonights challenge you should of seen it he was like (Guitar noises) And everyone else was like WHAT? and NO WAY !

Spud: It was pretty awesome

Rock: (Hears the phone) Yes If we do Win I promise to move out (Laughs) That's was the main reason we entered the competition.

Spud: And see the world I Wanna go to Las Vegas.

Rock: (Raises eyebrow at Spud) ?

Rock: (Hears the phone) ah okay Night Dad (Ends the phone call)

  • Confessional (Noah.M And Joanne) (12:20 Pm)

(A Mulberry Bar Appears at the bottom saying Noah.M And Joanne "Unlikely Reality TV Couple")

Joanne: Okay Seya Mum, Bye (Ends Phone Call)

Joanne: Did you wanna make a call ?

Noah.M: There isn't really anyone I have in mind

Joanne: What about Wolfe ?

Noah.M: My Brother ? Do I have to he's too freaking nice !

Joanne: (Puppy Eyes)

Noah.M: (Sigh) Fine (Grabs the phone and dials)

????: Hello ? (Voice)

Noah.M: Hey It's Noah

Wolfe: Oh hey bro Long time no See (Voice)

Wolfe: How's the race going ? (Voice)

Noah.M: A lot better then I expected.

Wolfe: Sweet can't wait to see how things go (Voice)

Noah.M: Can I ask is there anything outside of our teams perspective that we should know of ?

Wolfe: The Ice Dancers and the Police Cadets formed an alliance called the "Axis of Evil" (Voice)

Wolfe: And they've mentioned You and Joanne might be there prime targets (Voice)

Joanne: That can't be good

Noah.M: Okay thanks for letting us know

Wolfe: Your welcome, I gotta go now my Phones about to run out of charge. Seyas (Voice)

(Phone call ends)

  • Confessional (Xavier And Zayla) (12:30 Pm)

(A Dark Blue Bar Appears at the bottom saying Xavier And Zayla "Mysterious Friends")

Zayla: (Waits for the Dial)

Xavier: Do your parents ever pick up the phone ?

Zayla: Dad's probably too lazy too and Mum's Probably too Busy to.

Zayla: I gotta another Idea (Presses buttons)

Zayla: (Waits for the Dial)

????: Hello ? (Voice)

Zayla: Hey Raj

Raj: Oh Hey Zayla (Voice)

Xavier: Raj ?

Zayla: He's my Older Brother By One Year

Zayla: So how are things going with the Family ?

Raj: There all going well, Right now there up in Nepal While I'm in India doing a few Stunt shows (Voice)

Raj: They've seen the show but probably in the Indian Dub of the show (Voice)

Xavier: They've already dubbed us in other Languages ?

Raj: Xavier is it ? (Voice)

Xavier: Yep

Raj: I think the Family mentioned you after the first week of the show ? (Voice)

Zayla: They did ?

Raj: Yeah but mostly just Grandma talking about how to two you be a great couple and even suggested to plan your own Wed.......(Voice)

Zayla:...Okay I think we've gone off topic (Blushes)

Xavier: ?

Zayla: Ignore Grandma she's Very, VERY Old Fashioned.

Xavier: I see.

Raj: Anywho I looked up on the internet of the leaked episodes thanks to Some guy called Yoshi_Snarker and it says you guys might be going to India later down the track. (Voice)

Zayla: Sweet we'll make sure to visit you there if we have the chance

Raj: Sounds Good, Anyway I gotta go now my next show is about to start ! (Voice)

Zayla: Okay Seya (Ends the phone call)

  • Confessional (Sanders And Mac Arthur) (12:40 Pm)

(A Light Blue Bar Appears at the bottom saying Sanders And Mac Arthur "Police Cadets")

Sanders: Hi Grandma

?????: Hi...Sanders (Voice)

Sanders: How's it going in the Hospital ?

??????: A bit quiet but very peaceful (Voice)

??????: Have you been a good girl on tv (Voice)

Sanders: (Laughs) Trust me I wouldn't do the stuff they do

??????: That's good (Voice)

Sanders: Okay well do Get better I miss you

?????: Miss you to dear goodnight (Phone call Ends)


Mac Arthur: Can I call my Cat now ?

Sanders: Sure (Hands the phone over to her)

  • Confessional (Geoff And Brody)

(A Purple Bar Appears at the bottom saying Geoff And Brody "Surfer Dudes") (12:50 Pm)

Brody: (Hands the Phone over to Geoff) It's all yours dude

Geoff: (Presses a few buttons)

Geoff: (Waits for the Dial)

????: Hello ? (Voice)

Geoff: Hey Bridgette

Bridgette: Hey Geoff, Didn't expect a call for a while after Japan (Voice)

Geoff: Don let us make a phone call after making it through the second week

Brody: Just four more Weeks to go

Bridgette: Okay, so how is it in Finland, Is Brody okay after Siberia ? (Voice)

Geoff: Pretty cold

Brody: I'm all good, Is it true the Time is Different over there ?

Bridgette: It's 7am over here in Australia. (Voice)

Geoff:'s like Late-Midnight over here

Bridgette: I know Right......Timezones ? (Voice)

Bridgette: Anyway I gotta practise for the Surfing Tournament, The Semi Finals are on today (Voice)

Geoff: Good Luck

Bridgette: You Too, Bye

Geoff:.....Bye (Phone Call Ends)


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