The Originals Battle


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Originals Battle Pre-Merge Background 1
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Week 1, Day 1 (Sunday) - "Premiere Night"


"The lies, torture and betrayal that lies behind the cliche horror movies... the suffering, the success and power of gangster movies and the wealth, the scandal and the pain of one's biography isn't something that would start at an abandoned, now reopened camp in Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada." Liberty London walks back and forth pacing around the camera in front of an huge gate. On the gate, a painting, enscribing the words "The Originals Battle".

"I'm Liberty, Liberty London. Australia's biggest male heartthrob since Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter and this is The Originals Battle!" The host, introducing himself, stands now at one place in front of the camera as the camera zooms out to see an live audience cheer and applause Liberty. The crowd being outside fenced behind barricades.

"In just a few moments, twenty lucky teenagers or... maybe... unlucky teenagers will have to spend the next five months locked behind this very front gate in a competition, so brutel, so competitive, that maybe they'll turn into adults." Some of the crowd laughs while the other half seems worried.

"But what for?" The host puts up an confused expression. Putting his right hand up and shrugging his shoulder back down afterwards. "Well, we here at the Reality Television Network can explain." He puts his right hand up against his face signaling him about to whisper into the camera. "Well, you see, this isn't any ordinary show. This teenagers are fighting for..." He takes his hand off of his face to shout back at the crowd. 

"Five hundered thousand dollars! Into a scholarship funded by Canada and the United States and also a two thousand dollar bonus reward as well." The camera zooms out again to get a shot at the crowd again. Some are excited, others are worried and some are even still confused. You can see several monitors hooked up to black standup backdrops in front of the trees and between the crowds on both sides. The camera though quickly zooms back in to Liberty.

"Though not every mate will be given a hand out. This reality show is different from any other because these twenty contestants that have signed up will indure in severe competitions each week to secure safety and face the elimination of fellow contestants they began to know." The camera zooms out a little but still on Liberty.

Contestants' Before and After Entering The Camp Explaining

"The rules are simple. Once the contestants are brought out and given the order to not talk to any fellow person next to them and they'll be put in teams. These teams are based off of the same color they choosed in the countless production interviews they indured in. Once that happens, this gate," Liberty points behind himself in front of the huge gate. 

"will be opened. And one team will get in one minute earlier than the other. Both teams then will have free roam to do anything they would like under the show's guidelines, including talking..." Crowd laughs as soon as Liberty gives the camera an odd expression and chuckles while panting. 

"... All of these cue cards... oh boy! Well. Let's not get into anymore talking and let's see what are behind the doors that these "lucky or unlucky teenagers" have gotten themselves into. Check it out." The camera zooms into a monitor where a video of a pre-recorded video is now on the screen. The video is now fully on the screen and crisp look and audio.


"Hello, this is your lovely host Liberty London and today I'll be showing you all, the viewers from home, this grand campsite created with the lovely people from The Brick." The video seems to be from earlier in the day prior to any other people being here. The sun is bright and shiny and the raze is steamy. Liberty paces back from the camera, happy is his face, as he walks until the appearance of two cabins takes shape behind him.

"Although, this campsite wasn't just created by The Brick. Back in nineteen ninety-four this place landscape was opened to the public as an family camp by a lovely couple named the Andersons." A picture of them glides on the screen for a few seconds before vanishing in favor of a look of the host.

"The camp went through countless years here making families happy until we, the production from Reality Television Network decided that we'd love to broadcast a show (that your seeing today), right here." He raises both of his arms, similar to Chris McLean in front of a campfire in the front middle of the two cabins.

"Now what your seeing here isn't a test. Nuh, uh. This is actually the campsite. Two cabins, successfully built by The Brick and an campfire right here that was left from the beautiful family of the Andersons." Liberty moves his arms around while looking around. He appears to know what he's doing.

"But enough talking about the campfire, let's see the place where our lovely campers will be sleeping and talking and probably planning right behind us." He throws his right arm behind him to signal an cabin tour. The video fast fowards until were up on the porch of the right cabin.

"Now this cabin is for our first team, the red team. So without further a do, let's show you around!" Liberty opens the door to the cabin as the cameraman follows him inside. At this point, the cameraman gives clear shots of the cabin. Two rooms on the left side inside and on the right is an lounge area with a coffee table, lounge sofa and two chairs. All chocolate brown except for the coffee table which is black. Behind the lounge sofa is a banner that's read that has the word "RED" in white lettering boldy on it. A window in the center hall between the two rooms and the lounge area gives the cabin natural light as there is also electronic lights in between the hall as well.

"This place is a beaut and I wouldn't be surprised to see the contestants spend a full day in here after the competitions mate!" Liberty spins around after talking to signal entering the first room on the left.

"Alright, this is just the first half of the cabin. But, we haven't showcased the lovely and I mean lovely as "can be" bedroom for the Red teams contestants! Let's take a look." Liberty creeks open the door to his own excitement. A white rug with the word "RED" in red lettering boldy makes an appearance on the floor. A ceiling fan, center window and four bunk beds and one extra on each side crowd the room on both sides. 

"So this is the main and only bedroom for the red teams comfort... now let's check out the room on the left side." Liberty and the cameraman pace out of the bedroom to the cabin's other room on the left side on the right.

"This my friends that we are entering is the storage room. Where the contestants can store their stuff that they don't want to follow them into the bedroom!" Liberty waves his hands around the storage room before he and the cameraman exit the room back into the hallway.

Introduction to Contestants


Arrival Inside Camp




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