Tina is an contestant on The Originals Battle.


Name (Age): Tina (16 1/2)

Team: Red

Label: "The Charismatic Muse"


City: Henderson, Nevada

1-Sentenced Background: 

Excited for the series?: Yes, I'm sure that I'll be very proud of myself on making the decision of ever being apart of this competition.

Reason for applying: Honor roll, cheerleading, volleyballing, track teaming, basketballing and club making wasn't enough for me at school. So what better way to get over with the crowds than this? I mean, it's going to be fun. :)

Greatest Fear: My friends back at home know that I've got a huge fear of spiders and heights. Heights mostly, cheerleading wasn't easy for this girl when off the ground. Especially the pyramid... let me tell yah!

One thing that annoys you the most: I've gotten the annoying tolerance but I'm annoyed mostly by insensitive comments and low confidence. I usually am grateful to boost others with low confidence however, that's what happens with my positive traits.

Why You're Going to Win?: Hopefully I do win. But I might not win. I guess I would win because of my charisma however.

Anything else?: Shout outs for my family back at home and the friends who believe in me from back in Henderson!

Game History

Competition History

Week 1 Team Competition TBA
Immunity Competition TBA
Second Immunity Competition TBA

Privileged/Un-Privilege History

Week 1 TBA

Ravishing Bear's Lucky Cards

Week 1 TBA

Voting History

Week Position Voted for With Majority?


  • She is based off someone the creator of this series knows in real life.
  • Her gameplay is similar to Nicole Franzel from the American version of Big Brother (seasons 16 and 18).

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