Noel is an contestant on The Originals Battle.


Name (Age): Noel (16)

Team: Green

Label: "The Wise Student"

Job/Hobby: Currently no official job. Hobbies though are to read poetry and meditate. Though I always have time to joke around.

City: Phoenix, Arizona

1-Sentenced Background: A teenager living his life.

Excited for the series?: I'm very excited for the series.

Reason for applying: I want to join the series because of the chance to win a scholarship.

Greatest Fear: I have an fear of losing, but losing can always teach you to learn from your mistakes in this life.

One thing that annoys you the most: I don't know currently what annoys me.

Why You're Going to Win?: I have the characteristics of making a crowd wiser.

Anything else?: Time conversations done here.

Game History

Competition History

Week 1 Team Competition TBA
Immunity Competition TBA
Second Immunity Competition TBA

Privileged/Un-Privilege History

Week 1 TBA

Ravishing Bear's Lucky Cards

Week 1 TBA

Voting History

Week Position Voted for With Majority?


  • He is based off of a person the creator of this series knows in real life.
  • He was originally going to be labeled "The Quiet Horny Virgin", though that was quickly scrapped upon premiere of series. Then he was labeled "The Stoner", though that was scrapped due to character development issues.

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