Leigh is an contestant on The Originals Battle.


Name (Age): Leigh (17)

Team: Green

Label: "The Heroic Bi-Sexual"

Job/Hobby: I have a job at a pet shop. The pets are so adorable. Hobbies for me though would include horse riding and playing the guitar.

City: Portland, Oregon

1-Sentenced Background: A vegan bi-sexual who sets her sights on leading the world with a different view.

Excited for the series?: Excited isn't the word I'm looking for, I prefer ready. See, I did sign up for the show so of course I am excited but I'm ready because it will test how far I would go to help my future.

Reason for applying: This will help my chances of getting another back up scholarship and reward to give to charity or even my younger sister.

Greatest Fear: I think I might have a fear for clowns and heights. Most people have a fear in spiders however but I have a pet spider, names Gumball.

One thing that annoys you the most: The cliche things that annoy me the most are people who don't accept others for what they want to be. But something I'm really annoyed by is people who don't recycle, consistently just throw their trash on the ground like neanderthals. Though, most humans are neanderthals. Even me but you get the idea.

Why You're Going to Win?: Competing has always been my "thing". Once I heard about a chance at a scholarship and extra reward, I knew this could be something to get me even closer to going at an Ivy League school. My choices currently are Harvard or Brown.

Anything else?: Although I will miss my parents, sister and pet Gumball, I know they will appreciate seeing me competing and hopefully winning this thing.

Game History



  • Originally the role her character would've gotten was overall the "The Know It All" persona but that was scrapped for the more "perky" aspect of the character. "The Know It All" persona however was given to Beverly, who is referred to as "The Condescending Ass", as her character makes sly remarks all the time and thinks she knows it all.
  • She is based off a person the creator of this show knows in real life.
  • Her gameplay is similar to that of Daniele Donato and Rachel Reilly from the American, Big Brother series. Reason, trying hard at winning every competition and being the "aggressive" strategist of the game.
  • She is the first bi-sexual on The Originals Battle.
    • She is the only bi-sexual on The Originals Battle.

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