Damien is an contestant on The Originals Battle.


Name (Age): Damien (18)

Team: Green

Label: "The Man's Man"

Job/Hobby: My job currently is at an Urban Outfitters. Hobbies are football, Netflix binge watching and hanging out with my friends.

City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

1-Sentenced Background: A jock trying to get out of high school with an above average grade.

Excited for the series?: Depends on what we'll endure and how long will I be there.

Reason for applying: Originally it was for a joke. My friends heard about the idea and thought that I could do something like this. Since Big Brother isn't an option for teens, this is the next big thing. But after realizing what I could win I was already ready to go.

Greatest Fear: I don't have any really.

One thing that annoys you the most: Racism is annoying. Other than that I get annoyed by groupies.

Why You're Going to Win: I'm charismatic always and have a great history of being most talked about in a cool way. Plus, my competitiveness is key, I'm an sportsman and know a thing or two of getting my hands on the prize.

Anything Else?: Yeah, we hate Drake here in Canada.

Game History

Competition History

Week 1 Team Competition TBA
Immunity Competition TBA
Second Immunity Competition TBA

Privileged/Un-Privilege History

Week 1 TBA

Ravishing Bear's Lucky Cards

Week 1 TBA

Voting History

Week Position Voted for With Majority?


  • Somewhat his character is based off a person someone the creator of the series knows in real life and Jimmy Brooks from Degrassi: The Next Generation, played by Aubrey Graham (also known as "Drake").
  • He is the first African-White Canadian on The Originals Battle.
    • He is the only African-White Canadian on the first season of The Originals Battle.

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