Annalee is an contestant on The Originals Battle.


Name (Age): Annalee (17)

Team: Red

Job/Hobby: Right now I work as an amazing employee at a supermarket. Currently I have a hobby in texting my girls.

City: Miami, Florida

1-Sentenced Background: A latina from a family that cares about me and loves me.

Excited for the series?: Sure.

Reason for applying: A scholarship would be lovely. I would also love to use that money to give back to my community.

Greatest Fear: Big told that I can't do anything because i'm too short. Because being a little person is hard.

One thing that annoys you the most: Awkward boys. But their sweet.

Why You're Going to Win?: My communication skills can help me win this game.

Anything else?: Hopefully there's not a lot of drama at the camp.

Game History

Competition History

Week 1 Team Competition TBA
Immunity Competition TBA
Second Immunity Competition TBA

Privileged/Un-Privilege History

Week 1 TBA

Ravishing Bear's Lucky Cards

Week 1 TBA

Voting History

Week Position Voted for With Majority?


  • She is based off of a person that the creator of this show knows in real life.
  • She is the first Mexican American female on The Originals Battle.
    • She is the only Mexican American female on the first season of The Originals Battle. Not to be confused with Sade, she's Latin American or Eliza, she's Mexican Canadian.

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