Aden is an contestant on The Originals Battle.


Name (Age): Aden (15)

Team: Red

Label: "The Four-Eyed Jokester"

Job/Hobby: Aside from school, I don't currently a have job. Me and some of my friends back at home are the same way. Hobbies however would have to be trying to get the ladies with my "killer" jokes. Okay... I have bad ladies skills.

City: San Francisco, California

1-Sentenced Background: A chubby four eyed kid looking to making the world happy with a "smile everyday."

Excited for the series?: Of course. I think this will be cool.

Reason for applying: A school scholarship.

Greatest Fear: Maybe spiders. Not too... sure exactly.

One thing that annoys you the most: Girls that talk every breathing second. Had one at my school. She's known as "The Talkative Troll".

Why You're Going to Win?: I'm a very trustworthy person. I don't have to win challenges to prove my safety. I can make it far if I tried.

Anything else?: Nope.

Game History

Competition History

Week 1 Team Competition TBA
Immunity Competition TBA
Second Immunity Competition TBA

Privileged/Un-Privilege History

Week 1 TBA

Ravishing Bear's Lucky Cards

Week 1 TBA

Voting History

Week Position Voted for With Majority?


  • He is based off a person the creator of this show knows in real life.
  • He is the first Arab contestant to compete on The Originals Battle.
    • He is the only Arab contestant to compete on the first season of The Originals Battle.

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