"Who will die? Can you tell me?"

"Sorry. But I don't have an idea."

#1 - The Meeting

Jacky & CJ

"Why not?" CJ said.

"Because I must do this honey, I'm sorry!" Jacky replied.

"Ow..., well, then bye, little Jacqueline," CJ said.

"Goodnight, my boy." Jacky said and finished her call.

Now, she thought, I must actually finish this. She said and took a cardboard. She pasted a lot of pictures of she and CJ together. Also wrote some notes, also added some hearts and stars, and she finished. She was watching the T.V., a show named "The Deadly Funny Tales' Show". Just another program where a man tells three stories per night. The show was usually finished with a: "... And believe this! Cause maybe you'll be the next."

Ashley & Delilah

"It's late. So let's go home, we can practice there." Delilah said.

"Delilah, I can't believe you're so satisfacted before that dance!" Ashley replied.

"I'm satisfied with myself because I did a big effort for this night, and I did it pretty—"

"Pretty wrong darling."

Delilah was angry. She took her bag and left the Miss Forman's Dance Academy. She was late.

After Ashley saw her friend going, she felt very well. She practiced all what she could.

Jack & Nestor

Meanwhile, at a town's bar, there where two more teenagers. The best friends, Jack and Nestor.

"Give me that baby!" Nestor said to one girl.

"Hey dude! Some respect please!" His friend, who was like his brother, replied.


"Because they are ladies, man!"

"Yeah, and they're pretty hot."

"You're a sexual maniac!"

"Either do you!"

"What can I say...?"

They both laughed and continue flirting at the girls.


After CJ had put on his sleeping clothes, he sitted down on the bed. He took his cellphone out, and watched a picture of he and Jacky. He loved her. He decided to just sleep forever.

#2 - Who Knows That Old Strange Man?

#3 - Where Everything Is Good

#4 - Goodbye

#5 - Wishes of Imposible Things

Dead Chart

Teenager Status Chapter He or She Died or Survived

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