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In the five years following the killing of eight people on Koseb Island, things have returned to normal, or so it seems. Now, many people are coming back to the island to celebrate the wedding of a rich debutante and the son of two of the victims of the killings previous. Coming to the island, each of the quests expected a week of relaxation and a nice wedding. However, when people begin to die once again, some guests are forced to come to terms with their past while all are trying to stay alive. Will the guests be able to catch the killer before all of them are killed, one by one?


Ally (The Introverted Waitress)

Bradley (The Skateboarding Brother)

Caroline (The Maternal Sister)

Crystal (The Amateur Wedding Photographer)

Dakota (The Honest Best Man)

Echo (The Psychic Entertainer)

Felix (The Ex-Boyfriend)

Grant (The Town Sheriff)

Harmony (The Wedding Singer)

Hillary (The Old Friend)

Isabelle (The Creepy Little Girl)

Jess (The Educated Girlfriend)

Kara (The Curious Newspaper Reporter)

Lucias (The Rich Father-In-Law)

Lukas (The Gothic Local)

Marilyn (The Trophy Wife)

Marissa (The Attractive Bride)

Nathaniel (The Cheating Husband)

Nellie (The Hipster Bartender)

Peter (The Dorky Boyfriend)

Ryan (The Feminine Wedding Planner)

Tito (The Lax Best Man)

Trish (The Loyal Maid of Honor)

Venus (The Ditzy Bridesmaid)

Zane (The Friendly Groom)



Hillary, Zane, and Felix walked through the forest on the mossy, rain-covered pathway. Where they were running, none of them knew the answer.

"Where are we going?" Hillary asked the two boys.
"I don't know. My dad told me to get as far away from the town as I can." Zane responded.
"Me too." Felix added.
"Do you think that Ted is back?" Hillary gasped.
"That's impossible. The sheriff has him locked up in the j-" Felix began, before a lifeless body of a man in a sheriff's uniform fell from the tree in front of them, causing Hillary to scream.

They looked at the slice wound leading from his neck to his stomach, and heard a chopping sound behind them. They turned around to see a man in his fifties, wearing a jacket and khakis, wielding a machete. They realized almost immediately that this was Ted Mathis, the man locked up for killing four people.

This time, all three screamed as the man began to walk after them, smiling evilly. They proceeded to run down the pathway that they were walking on, until they could find somewhere to hide out.

After a few minutes of running, they discovered an abandoned hunting cabin at the end of the path, and immediately attempted to open the rust-covered entrance. Hillary could hear the muffled footsteps walking through the leaves behind them and began to hysterically try to open the door. After two slams of her body on her door, it creaked open and the three teenagers ran into the cabin, locking the door behind them.

They observed what was in the cabin: a bed, missing sheets; a table, holding a lamp, locked book, and glasses; and an oven.

"Is this his hideout?" Hillary asked.
"I don't know." Felix answered, looking around.

Hillary began to cry, and forced herself to muffle the sounds of her heavy breathing as the door handle began to rattle. After a few seconds, the rattling stopped, and the three decided to sneak out through the back entrance.

"On the count of three, we run." Felix planned.
"Got it." Zane agreed.
"One...Two.....THREE!" Felix opened the door and ran out into the forest. However, before Hillary and Zane could exit the cabin, Felix was stabbed through the chest.

"No!" Hillary screamed, closing the door.

The two decided to hide under the bed, and did so immediately. Hillary covered her mouth as the back door opened, and the sound of footsteps rattled the building. Zane saw the footsteps stop in front of the bed, and before he could take a breath, the machete launched through the mattress and bedframe and landed in between the two, missing them both. The footsteps ceased and they whispered to each other.

"Is he gone?" Hillary whispered.
"I think so." Zane replied, helping her off of the ground.

They emerged from under the bed, hopped to their feet, and began to walk to the back door. She grabbed the book from the table and stuck it in her pocket. Immediately, the back door was kicked down and Ted Mathis stood in the doorframe.

The two screamed and ran toward the back entrance. After struggling to open the front door, Hillary and Zane successfully ran into the forest. The two continued to run down the now non-existent pathway and entered a clearing.

What they saw was horrific. Eight bodies, strung up in a large tree. Hillary and Zane both broke into hysterical tears after realizing that four of the bodies included their sets of parents. Hillary looked at Zane, who was lying silently and motionlessly on the ground. She saw the blood emerge from his lips and turned around one last time, knowing that she would see Ted Mathis.

"Why did you do this?" She asked him in between her sobs.
"I don't know." He told her, smiling. "I felt like it."

She felt the blade enter through her back and exit through the front; she coughed up blood before closing her eyes.

Hillary woke up from her dream to reveal herself in the back of a taxicab, stopped at a dockyard. She pulled the locked book from her bag and wondered how truly prepared she was to return to the place that she left 5 years ago.

Chapter I: Snap

Hillary stood on the dock, looking at the invitation in her hand, which read, "You are cordially invited to the marriage of Marissa Brewster and Zane Garnett III, sponsored by Marissa's godfather, Chris McLean. Join us for a weeklong celebration beginning June 10th. Location: Koseb Island." She looked away from the highly decorative invitation and to the boat in front of her, on which at least two dozen people were standing. She grabbed her suitcase out of the trunk of the taxi from which she emerged, took a deep breath, and walked towards the boat.

She walked across the gangway and onto the deck of the boat, where she stood awkwardly until being greeted by who she seemed to know as the bride.
"Hillary! I haven't seen you in, like, forever!" The girl with dark red hair, wearing a short gray dress and matching high heels hugged her.
"Marissa. Great to see you." Hillary fakely smiled back, which Marissa could detect.
"Listen. I'm sorry about the choice of location. After, you know..." Marissa tried to console her, but Hillary shrugged her arm off. "It was Zane who really wanted it to be there. He said that he needed to face the island sooner or later, and he picked sooner."
"Listen. It's completely fine. I understand." Hillary tried to smile again, although she found that she couldn't.

Marissa left Hillary and walked to a group of girls standing on the side of the deck.
"Oh my god Marissa. This boat, is like, so fetch." A girl with black hair and very revealing clothing laughed.
"Thanks Venus. My dad said that my wedding is the happiest day of my life, and that no penny should be spared from my happiness..." Marissa rolled her eyes.
"Hey. Don't complain. Chances are my wedding will be at an office in the town hall." Another girl said with almost the exact same hair color, wearing half-length sleeves and shorts.
"OMG same. We're like twins! We are both having a wedding at the town hall, and our names both start with V!" Venus smiled.
"My name is Trish..." Trish explained to Venus, who still did not understand. "Trish starts with a T."
"Really? Well. You learn something new every day." Venus smiled and the other two girls laughed.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the boat, a little girl with her hair in a ponytail and a knee-length dress walked over to a girl with blonde hair and held a box up to her.
"Jess! I got you a present!" The girl smiled.
"Really? Thanks!" Jess, wearing a red dress, went to open the box, and revealed the little girl's finger, which appeared to be bloody and severed.
Jess screamed and the little girl laughed, which caught the attention of her mother, who called out her name.
"Isabelle. Get over here. Now." The woman in her thirties called Isabelle over before grabbing the box from here and scolding her.
"Caroline. It's fine. It was just a joke." Jess tried to protect Isabelle.
"Yeah. My new friend taught it to me." Isabelle told her mom, before pointing to a guy in his twenties with blonde curly hair and a collared shirt and shorts, who was laughing.
"Peter, you idiot!" Jess smacked him.
"Sorry. I couldn't resist." He laughed again, before she hit him again.

A man in his twenties with short brown hair and a V-Neck sweater came out from under the deck, followed by a man the same age as him, with longer red hair and a teal V-neck, who shushed people before the first began tapping on the champagne glass he was holding to get the rest of the guests' attentions.
"Attention everyone!" The first man announced. "I would personally like to thank each and every one of you for joining me and Marissa for our wedding."
The second man jumped in front of him, knocking over who was now know to be Zane's champagne.
"Except for three of you, whose wedding gifts were quite lackluster, to phrase it in a nice way." He smiled.
"Dakota, don't do this now." Zane tugged on his shirt.
"Ugh. Fine. This isn't over." He squinted his eyes toward the others on the deck, before Zane walked over to Marissa, kissing her.

Their kiss was interrupted by an older man, who appeared to be in his fifties, with graying black hair and a suit.
"Pardon me Mary, can I have a quick talk with Zane?" He separated the two.
"How many times do I have to say it, dad? My name is no longer Mary." Marissa, walked away angrily, followed by Trish and Venus.
"How can I help you, Lucias?" Zane asked him.
"I didn't actually need to tell you anything. I just wanted you two to stop kissing." Lucias rolled his eyes before leaving a younger woman in a designer dress and short hair behind him with Zane.
"So sorry about him." The woman said before drinking from a martini glass, her words slurred. "My husband doesn't want his little girl to leave him so soon."
Zane grabbed the martini glass from her hand before handing her over to Caroline.

Hillary walked over to Zane, who did not recognize her at first glance.
"Hillary? Is that you?" He smiled and hugged her.
"It's so great to see you!" She smiled back.
"How hav-" He began to ask, before being cut off by the blaring sound of the horn, signaling the departure of the boat.

A girl with large blonde hair and a short skirt caught the attention of everyone on the boat.
"Hey y'all! My name is Crystal, and I will be in charge of all of y'all's photography needs for the entire week!" She introduced herself, before taking a large camera out of a carrying case and turning it on.
"Before we leave, I have to snap one picture of all of the guests." Crystal told the others. "So if you can all gather to this side of the boat, we can leave faster than a barefoot jackrabbit on a hot greasy griddle in the middle of august."
The guests did as told, and quickly took a picture before spreading back out onto the deck of the boat.

"Listen. I have to go. I'll catch you later, okay?" Zane told Hillary before he walked down the stairs and under the deck.

The guests were all shaken by the sudden movement of the boat, which caused an overweight blonde man in his twenties to knock the champagne glass Dakota was holding out of his hand and onto his shirt.
"Seriously Tito?" Dakota yelled angrily, attracting the attention of the other guests.
"Sorry, man." Tito backed up.
"Ugh!" Dakota grunted before walking down the stairs and under the deck.
"Wait. I'll help you!" Tito yelled to him.
"Don't bother!" He yelled back up.

Under the main deck of the boat, a younger girl wearing a waitressing outfit was preparing drinks to bring up to the guests. Dakota walked up to her.
"Miss?" He called her not knowing her name. "Where is the bathroom?"
"Um... Down this hall and to the left." She replied to him quietly.
"Thanks... Ally." He answered, looking at her name tag before following her directions to the bathroom.

Ally went back to filling up champagne glasses, but was interrupted by a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and was smothered by a piece of cloth, which appeared to be soaked in ether. She fell asleep and was picked up by the unknown aggressor. They opened up a porthole, stuffed her relatively small body through it, and walked away, disposing of the gloves they were wearing and the ether-soaked cloth along with the body. The body of Ally sunk to underwater, unseen by the other guests as the boat sped away.

Back on the deck, Crystal continued to take pictures of the guests, while Hillary sat in the corner, waiting for the return of Zane. Hillary was approached by Trish and Venus.
"Your clothes are like, so fetch." Venus told her.
"Thanks." Hillary replied.
"How many times can you say fetch?" Trish asked Venus.
"Well, I can run a mile in 7 minutes. You speak at like, 2 miles an hour... So, 73 times 60 seconds in a minute is equal to the number of letters in the alphabet minus Y because I'm still not sure whether Y is a vowel or not. 38?" Venus answered her.
"I'm not even sure that was math." Trish told her.
"I failed math." Venus smiled.
"I know." Trish replied.
"Listen, I would love to sit and talk, but I kinda have to talk to somebody." Hillary told the two, who prevented her from leaving.
"I still don't know where you got your clothes." Trish told her, blocking her pathway out.

Jess, still angry over the prank played by Peter and Isabelle, tried to spark conversation with the other guests. She approached Tito and Dakota.
"So did you guys hear about the murders?" She asked them.
"Obviously." Dakota replied.
"What murders?" Tito responded.
"Remind me why you're the best man?" Dakota said angrily. "Zane's parents were killed by that psycho."
"Oh my god." Jess's mouth dropped.
"Yeah. And see that girl over there?" He pointed to Hillary, whose clothes were being tugged on by Venus. "Her parents were killed too."
The group shared a moment of awkward silence.
"Whoa man, that's totally messed up." Tito interrupted the silence.
"Remind me why we are going to the island?" Jess asked them.

The looming island appeared before the eyes of the guests. What they saw was an island about a mile in diameter, covered in trees with the exception of a small town and a large mansion. Hillary walked to the side of the boat, looking at the island that she had left 5 years prior. Marissa walked up next to her.
"Listen. If you need someone to talk to, I'm here." Marissa smiled.
"Thanks." Hillary walked away, leaving Marissa behind, who frowned.

The boat arrived at the dock, and the captain helped a man on the deck to hoist the rope. After attaching the gangway to the deck of the boat, the guests began to file onto the dock. A man with darker skin and brown curly hair, wearing a pink shirt and holding a clip-board walked up to them.
"Heyyyyyyyyy-yyyyyyyyy!" He called to them in a sing-song voice.
"Ryan!" Marissa ran off the boat and kissed him on both cheeks.
"Girl, you look fiiiiiiine!" He hugged her before Zane exited the boat as well.
Ryan gasped before noticing who he was in relation to her.
"And is this the hunky groom I've been told so much about?" He bit his lip. "Kee-ute!"
"Haha. Thanks Ryan." Marissa laughed before kissing Zane. "Listen, we'll meet you up at the lodge, okay? Zane and I have some wedding things to plan out."
"Girl, don't keep me waiting. I have to be home in time for Desperate Housewives." He laughed before guiding the other guests down the dock as Marissa and Zane walked away.

A sailor handed them their bags and they walked off the dock and took their seats in a golf tram waiting to take them to the mansion where their wedding was to be held.

When all of the guests were seated and ready to depart, Crystal sat on the edge of her seat, playing with her camera.
"Pardon me." She said to Caroline, whom she was seated next to. "I need to run into town for a new roll of film."
"Oh. I'll come with you. I need to grab some gluten-free bread for Isabelle anyways." Caroline smiled.
"Ok!" Crystal smiled before putting her camera in its case.
"Nathaniel, our room number is 229" She handed a man who was sitting next to Isabelle a key.
"Yeah." He mumbled, not looking up from his cell phone.

Caroline and Crystal walked down the path into the town while the golf carts left in the opposite direction. The carts went up a hill and came to a stop at a large Victorian mansion with flowers running down the pathway that the carts just rode on. The guests once again discovered Ryan, standing on the steps in front of the entrance.
"Welcome everybody, to the Begonia." He announced in a dramatic voice. "Now, if you'll follow me, I'll invite you all on a tour of the Begonia and its grounds."
"Cool gargoyle!" Isabelle touched a gargoyle that was placed in front of the garden.
"Isabelle. Stop that." Nathaniel scolded her in an unenthusiastic tone.
The group walked around the side of the building and found themselves at the entrance of a large hedge maze.
"This is our hedge maze. I suggest not trying this unless you have a lot of time on your hands. It's hard." Ryan explained.
Tito dropped his bag and sighed loudly, prompting a nudge from Dakota.
"Rude." Dakota told him.
"Ah yes. I imagine you you'd like to drop your bags off. We'll speed this up and take a look around inside before you can go to your rooms." Ryan told the group, which was clearly uninterested in what he was saying.

Ryan led the group up the steps and into a lavishly decorated entranceway, which spurred into a stairway to the second floor and two hallways leading in opposite directions.
"Now, if you'll follow me into the hotel, you'll find the grand foyer, equipped with a one-of-a-kind Schonbek Century Collection 41.5-inch chandelier, made exclusively for the Begonia." Ryan explained, pointing to the highly decorative chandelier hanging from the ceiling.
He proceeded to lead the group down one hallway and they found themselves in a large ballroom, which held a small stage and several tables with chairs at them.
"This is the ballroom, the location of the wedding reception." Ryan explained, before a girl in a striped dress wearing a red beret walked over to the group.
"Hi! I'm Harmony! I'll be in charge of entertainment for the wedding." Harmony introduced herself.
"Aren't you-" Jess asked her before being interrupted.
"Before you speak, I know you totally recognize me. It's 'cause I'm the Gerber Baby. I've been acting since I was a fetus. Literally. An ultrasound of me was featured on Murder She Wrote!"
"Really? That's so-" Trish began to compliment her. However, she was also interrupted.
"And if you want to learn more about my exciting life, you can read the script for the first act of my autobiographical musical, "Harmony, Not Melody" written by moi, soon to grace the stage of Broadway. If Judy Garland could do it, why not me, right?" She laughed to herself before realizing that no one else was laughing.

Ryan led the group out of the ballroom and into the other hallway, which ended in a commercial kitchen.
"This is the kitchen. Nothing exciting to see here." He announced unenthusiastically, before opening a large metal door.
"The freezer..." He said quickly, before opening a smaller, wooden door.
"And this leads to the basement. Dirty, bugs, gross." He made an ugly face, before leading the group back down the hallway and up the large staircase.

The group saw a long hallway with several doors on both sides.
"Odds are on the left, evens on the right. After you drop off your bags, feel free to explore the island. However, be back by 7, because we are having a Koseb Island classic tonight: Fried Chicken and Meat Stew!" Ryan said gleefully.
"Haven't had that in a while." Hillary smiled.
"Umm... Rick? I'm a vegetarian." Venus raised her hand.
"I think we have some celery sticks in the fridge." Ryan rolled his eyes.

Dakota entered his room and laid his bag down in front of the bed. He threw his body onto the bed and fell asleep.

Caroline and Crystal walked into the small town of Koseb. To their left, they saw a bar with a large fluorescent sign called 'The Vault', a small convenience store, and a town hall, while on the right they saw a few small homes and a sheriff's station.
"The convenience store has film and gluten-free bread." Crystal led Caroline into the store.
After getting the film and paying for it, Crystal walked over to Caroline.
"I'm all set. Are y'all?" Crystal asked her.
"Not yet. These prices are amazing! I'm just going to pick a few more things up." Caroline picked up some mayonnaise.
"Here's my number in case you have any questions." Crystal typed into Caroline's phone.
"And mine..." Caroline typed.
"I'll meet you back at the lodge?" Caroline proposed.
"Fine by me." Crystal smiled and exited the store.

Crystal walked up the rocky pathway and entered the forest. Being that the sky was getting dark, she walked at a brisk pace and could nearly see the Begonia in front of her. Immediately, she was flipped upside down by a trap set on the ground.
"Help!" Crystal tried to free herself from the trap, but was unable to.
A figure walked up to her, snapping a twig in the process. Crystal seemed relieved to see them.
"Oh lordy. Can you help me out of here?" Crystal asked.
The figure slit her neck and she died instantly.

Caroline, checking out her groceries, opened up her phone to reveal a text from Crystal's number, which read, "Had an emergency in Vancouver. Left the island." She closed her phone and exited the store.

Meanwhile, the guests were seating at the various tables in the ballroom, eating their fried chicken and meat stew. However, Dakota was nowhere to be found.
"Where's Dakota at?" Tito asked with his mouth full.
"Probably being a jerk somewhere." Jess rolled her eyes.
"I love it when you're angry." Peter awkwardly kissed her.
"Gross." Trish said, sitting down at an adjacent table with Venus.
"What took you guys so long?" Marissa asked.
"We were trying to find the celery." Venus frowned.
"I think they had some celery in the convenience store downtown. You can go there." Caroline spoke quietly.
"I'll go in the morning. I'm really tired." Venus yawned.

Tito quietly opened the door to Dakota's room.
"Dakota, I grabbed some leftover food for you. But I got hungry and ate some of it on the way here." He whispered, but received no reply.
"Dakota?" He asked the darkness, before turning the light on.
The room was empty, and Dakota was nowhere to be found.

Chapter II: Whack

Death Chart

Elimination Chart
Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Caroline ALIVE
Dakota MIA
Harmony ALIVE
Hillary ALIVE
Isabelle ALIVE
Lucias ALIVE
Marilyn ALIVE
Marissa ALIVE
Nathaniel ALIVE
Crystal DEAD

Table Key

Section Box Description
Names Name This character was among one of the primary 25 characters in the story.
Name This character was not a main character, but had some part to do with the story.
Survivors LIVED This guest was revealed to have survived in chapter 13.
LIVED? This guest's fate was not revealed, so it is unknown whether or not this guest died.
Killers KILLER This guest was revealed to be the primary killer in this chapter.
KILLER This guest was revealed to be aiding the killer in some way in this chapter.
Death Status ALIVE This guest was not killed in this chapter.
MIA This guest could not be found by the remaining guests by the end of the chapter, leaving their status unknown.
Deaths DEAD This guest was killed by the killer in this chapter.
DEAD This guest was killed by another guest.
LEFT This guest escaped the island alive.
Other N/A This character was inactive during the episode.


General Trivia

  • This story shares many similarities with the TV Mini-Series, Harper's Island

Episode Title References

Snap - The snapping of the twig before Crystal's death.
Whack -

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