This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

In this new collab delivered to you by your favorite Wikians - Ben, Bruno, CK, Matt, MrE, and Toad - 24 teams are thrust into the second season of The Ridonculous Race (now with a new name, for some mysterious reason) for another action/drama/shenanigan-filled race around the world to claim the grand prize of $1,000,000.


Alexandra & Cam - Married
Anne Maria & Vinny "The Predicament" - Dating
Audrey & Michael - Met On Tinder
Charlotte & Monica - Businesswomen
Elsa & Grenhilda - Nanny/Child
Gilbert & May - Married
Glen & Liam - Father/Son
Izzy & Justin - Exes
Jimmy & Gertrude - Grandmother/Grandson
Josh & Blaineley - Co-Hosts
Katya & Corinna - Feminists
Korey & Kandy - Blind Dating
Laura & Kevin - Theatre Geeks
Lester & Carl - Internet Trolls
Marlon & Ash - Social Media Moguls
Max & Elvira - Super Villains
Marina & Octavia - Twins
Moe & Helen - Salesmen
Nigel & Tallulah - Uncle/Niece Brits
Russ & Ravi - Reality TV Analysts
Todd & PB - Inventors
Uma & Stacy - Best Friends
Vincent & Caroline - Engaged
Zelennah & Xyzvwytz - Mother/Son Hipsters


Chapter 1: You Blew My Vancouver

Coming Soon!

Elimination Table



  • Returning characters are Anne Maria, Blaineley, Izzy, Josh, Justin, and Max.

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