This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

I run as fast as I can...But there isn't a single place to stay until dawn. I hear them chasing behind me and I begin to flee into the river nearby. If I can find some bamboo reeds, I could stay underwater until night.

Winning Means Fame and Fortune.

Losing Means Certain Death.

The Drama Games Have Began.

The Backstory:

After Total Drama Island, the cast returns to their homes until Total Drama Action and World Tour come along. After finishing those seasons, they have now left the show entirely. Chris is fired from his job, and a man named Chet takes over. He takes the cast back to the island for one last season....but his mind is demented.


WARNING. This section contains major spoilers on deaths. Do not read if you don't want to spoil anything. This story uses all Total Drama Characters.








  • Katie was killed by Heather. She attempted to save Gwen from her. This ended up with a knife in her, ending her life. She killed 0 people.













  • Noah foolishly killed himself when Chet announced that they would die if they stepped off of their platform before it released them. Noah ignored him and stepped off in an attempt to make Chet look foolish. This killed Noah, and blew him to bits.



  • Lindsay was angry at Leshawna for not letting her into the cave. After being pushed out, Izzy ran up and murdered her. Leshawna, shocked, did nothing to save her. Lindsay took her last breath and died.




Chapter 1: The New Beginning I am. It's the morning of the new season. New host. New Game. But, we do have the same cast as before. I sit here, inside of a hotel room. White walls, a red covered bed with soft pillows and sheets. A nice baige door in front of me...and Trent suddenly barging through the door to see me.

"Gwen! I forgot to tell you!" Trent says.

"What is it?" I ask.

"Heather found your diary. I got it back from her when she went to take a shower." Trent hands me my diary. He's very sweet...but my feelings for Duncan are still there.

"Thanks." I say to him. He nods and leaves my room. He shuts the door. I lean over and turn off my light. I close my eyes, and recap over what has happened to me in the past seasons. I almost beat Owen....I got out like...second or third in the second season. Courtney beat me in the third....I hope I win it this season....


...And...the morning shines through my window in my room. I must have fell asleep thinking. I hear the other contestants outside of my room, walking in the hallways. I'm ready for this. I can do this. I stand up and put on my normal attire. I walk outside of my room with my bags in hand. Outside, I pair up with Duncan. We walk forward into a stairway. We head down it, and start a conversation.

"Good luck." I say to him.

"You'll need it." He laughs.

"I know I can do it this season. I just know it." I say with pride. We walk out of the hotel. We see Chet in his orange vest and blue jeans. His brown hair flows down behind him.

"Cell phones and other devices. In here." Chet holds out a bucket. We all drop our phones and other things in it. We walk outside and get on a bus, that will soon lead us to the docks of the nearby beach where we'll head to Total Drama Island.

"This is awesome." Noah says.

"Maybe I can finally win." Trent says with joy.

"Ha! I know you'll be one of the first ones out." Duncan says.

"Shut it girlfriend stealer." Trent says with anger.

"Shut it back there! No fighting until the cameras can see it!" Chet shouts.

"Idiots." Noah says under his breath.

The bus soon arrives at the docking station. The boat of losers stands by.

" we are." I say. We step onto the boat, and Chet walks on and grabs the wheel. We instantly speed off. The boat shortly arrives at the island. We step off and onto the grassy plain.

"Welcome to Wawanakwa..." Chet says. He walks over to the boat...and he tears off the wheel and bashes in the side of the boat. It sinks.

"Um..." Bridgette says nearby to me.

"No boat of losers this season! Step on these yellow plates...." Chet holds up a remote and presses it. We all step on the plates. A team building challenge...I think. I mean, we did it. We're here. This game has just began.

"Welcome to Total Drama Island. This season is very special." Chet says. The plates below us beep.

"Nevermind. I don't need this formal introduction. Your government has decided to do a project to see how people react in situation. This island has a force field surrounding it. I am the only one who can deactivate it. Anything that enters it is obliterated." Chet laughs menacingly. A plane flies nearby to the island.

"Chet! You are under arrest for grand the-" It is intterrupted. It bashes into the force field that is invisible. It explodes and fiery pieces fall down to the water below.

"That's what will happen if you try to leave this island." Chet says.

" just killed a man!" Geoff shouts in worry.

"And you guys will soon be dead too. You will all be fighting to the death. It will be broadcasted on live TV for everyone to watch. You will all kill each other. Refusing will cause the island to explode...much like that helicopter." Chet says.

"Forget this! This can't be real!" Noah smirks. He steps forward a bit.

"Step off of that platform and you will explode." Chet warns. And he was right. Noah ignores him and steps off, and then becomes a giant piece of meat that's scattered in the air. A chunk of Noah's body flies into Owen and Sadie, the people beside him. They scream.

So...Noah just blew himself up and nearly everyone is scared now. Horror ensues. Chet pulls out his remote, and presses a seperate button. I assume he disabled the force field, as a helicopter flies over and drops a rope down to lift Chet up. He gets on the copter, and I hear buzzing. I assume that now he has enabled the field again. We can't exactly get any cops here since he took our phones. They can get to us because of the field. This island could explode if we refuse to fight. I assume he's watching us. And I also assume that he's somewhere nearby with the forcefield around him as well. We don't have a choice. We're all going to die.

Chapter 2: Gwen's pointless to fight against Chet right now. We can't escape...let alone find where he is. I see Duncan and Trent nearby to each other. I hope to team up with them. After all....they won't kill me...right? I don't know anymore. I see Izzy on her platform, ready to pounce on the ground to run. She'll be the death Eva, Izzy, and maybe even Heather or Alejandro will be the ones fighting for freedom. We all have to band together to escape this. I don't wanna' fry to bits because we refused to kill each other. A large pole with a megaphone attached to it rises from the ground.

"When one of you dies, a cannon will signal it. A gong will ring soon to let you begin the game. Remember, this is on live TV! Make it look great for the cameras! May the odds be ever in your favor!" It shouts.

A tube rises from the ground...oddly enough, this seems like it was put there for this game. I've never seen it before. And I've been on three seasons. Random supplies of items fly out of it. Bows. Spears. A katana. Some backpacks. I see some water bottles. I see some knives. I see some arrows...and that's about it. Some other things are dropped, but I can't tell what they are.

"Izzy wins this time!" Izzy shouts in glory. She hops from her platform, and grabs a random batch of supplies. Before I know it, we're all on the ground.

I run to the area around me. A flat surface of grass is beneath me. I race to grab a backpack from the ground. I also pick up one of those packs of knives.

"Katie!? Where are you?" Sadie asks from afar. I hear her ask, and I turn to see Katie on the ground, being attacked by Heather.

"Get off of her!" I shout. I run up and shove Heather down. Her hand opens and reveals her knife. I quickly turn to Katie to see that she's bleeding.

"Screw you, goth chick." Heather yells. She jumps up and attempts to stab me. She misses and stumbles. I reach down for Katie, but coughs blood into my face. I pull back from her with the moist spray on my face. I feel someone grab me by my neck. I'm sure its Heather. But then she releases me, and then I know.

Katie rose from her somewhat incapacitated state, and pulled Heather down. I can barely make it out..."R-u-n!"

I do as she asks and I run away. I hear a cannon fire from nearby. I see the cannon ball hit the force field. It explodes. I run into a forest zone nearby to me. This was the old forest we went through to find our cabins. I'm sure they've been removed.

Once I get to a safe spot I sit down, crying, knowing that one of my friends just got killed.....and that friend was Katie.

"Katie...I...." I say to myself as if she was next to me. I stop myself from crying. I hear rustles in the bushes nearby to me. I take cover behind a set of birch wood trees. It should hide me from whoever it is.

"I have to kill to win this." I hear someone say. It was male...and it sounded like Alejandro.

"We have to kill to win this." I hear a woman say...yep. Heather and Alejandro. They teamed up.

They walk into my view. Heather has knives and what looks like a tent. Alejandro has a spear-type-weapon and some berries in his hand. I'm sure nearly everyone has cleared out of the supplies area.

"We can set some traps around here. It'll be easy to kill some of these people. But hard for a few." Alejandro says. They both sit down nearby to me. I'm ducked down behind the trees, and I'm also covered by wild grass and flowers. This is a good cover spot...I think.

"Like Izzy, for example. She'll rip us to shreds." Heather says. She bites into something.

"And Gwen and Duncan. They are both a duo that will probably kill us. They might know a bit about this stuff since they watch horror movies all the time." Alejandro also bites into something. I hope its poison.

They think I'm a threat...I'll need to look out for them. I'm sure I'm in for a huge surprise. This won't be easy for me.

"I say we go after the crazy one first." Alejandro says. I hear him stand up.

"Same." Heather says. I hear them walk away. I stand up after the noise clears. I continue on into the forest. By now, I'm really thirsty. I walk into an area where the trees begin to grow less and less. I can see pond lillies and some frogs...and mud.

I'm at a creek. Cobblestone is below me. I see a tent nearby, as well as a person fishing with a stick and a shoe string. I duck behind a bush to study them. I don't see much of anything that's distinct of anyone else....though my mind is hazy.

"Who's there...?" I hear him ask. I was lost in thought about them that I didn't notice them coming closer to me.

"...Cody!?" I say as I rise from my position. It is Cody. He looks damaged on the arm, like he'd been cut.

"Oh...hey, Gwen." He says. I can tell that he's shocked about these events that have occured.

"You wanna' stay here with me? I won't hurt you." Cody says as he walks back to the creek.

"Me either. And sure." I nod to him. I walk over and sit down next to him.

"This is going to be horrible. I'm quitting after this season is up." Cody laughs.

"We just have to escape this place...somehow. I don't know how...but we will." I pat him on the back.

Here we are. I'm with Cody, and I'm still on a small search to find Trent and Duncan. I'm thirsty, but this creek will do me good. The fish aren't biting, and it won't be long before hunger sets in on us...

Chapter 3: Leshawna

Once we're released from our platforms, I run off into the area. I grab a backpack from the ground, and I ignore everyone else. I race into the forest in front of me. I see Harold run in the opposing direction. I want to call out to him, but I can't. It's too loud with the fighting that's broken out. I look to my left just before escaping. I see Gwen, Katie, and Heather in a brawl. I hope Gwen comes out alive...

"Leshawna!" I hear a voice call out to me. It sounds like...Lindsay...?

"Leshawna! Wait up for me!" Lindsay shouts. I run into the forest to find some quick safety before meeting up with her.

"Girl!? What are you doing? You don't have anything!" I say to her.

"We're supposed to grab stuff? I tried to pick up a shiny knife thing but Duncan stabbed my arm with some thing. It really hurt." She says. She reveals a bloody arm to me. This girl will die if she doesn't realize what's going on.

"I'm scared." She says.

"We're trying to kill each other." I say. She stares at me like I'm a fool.

"I have to go." I crawl away from her. Goodbye, Lindsay.

"Wait for me!" She shouts.

"I can't stay with you!" I shout. I hear a cannon fire. I turn behind me to see Lindsay racing towards me. I imagine it was Katie or Gwen...or maybe even Heather.

"You have too! Please!" She shouts. I ignore her and speed off into the forest. I forget which way I'm heading and eventually I come across a cave.

"Lefawndah!!!" I hear Lindsay call for me. I duck behind a rock inside. I open my backpack and inspect the inside of it with the remaining light I have inside of the cave.

Inside, I see a few sticks and some crackers. Great. Now I have to find some water. And soon...I'll have to kill an animal.

"Lefawndah?" Lindsay asks. I hear her approaching my cave. She walks inside, and I jump out and startle her.

"What don't you get? Why can't you go away and leave me alone!?" I scorn.

"I just wanna' team up with you. We should be together when elimination comes! I wonder what our first challenge is...?" She asks.

"Get out." I say to her.

"No! Meanie!" She says, stubbornly. I am furious. I push her out of the cave and I slap her in the face with my pack.

"Hey! That's not nice!" She screams. I see a flash of light and in an instant, Lindsay is on the ground, and Izzy is on the ground clawing out her eyes.

"Izzy has had fun!" She shouts. Lindsay's screams of pain fill the cave and the outside area. Lindsay's eyes are torn apart, and she slowly bleeds out. Her brain is mush. Izzy has dug her way inside. She can stick her hand inside of her eye and reach her head...which is what she's doing. She's squished her brain, and I'm watching....

"Izzy run!" She says. Izzy stands up and runs away with cheer. Lindsay is there...with blood everywhere on the ground.

"Oh my gosh..." I say. I stare at the bloody corpse for a moment, before walking further on into the cave...

Chapter 4: Owen

As I ran from the open field and into the forest, I managed to pick up a small bag. It wasn't really long before I lost my breath and had to stop. I was still in sight, near the field. All those years of being overweight...they'll be the end of me. If we don't fight, we'll die. If we do...we'll die. It's lose-lose situation.

Right when I stop thinking, a knife slams right into my back.

"Sorry, Heather!" Alejandro yells from behind me. Another knife. This time, it lands on my spine, and I collapse. Apparently, he thought I was dead, because he ran off. I sat there, bleeding. I hear a cannon fire, and I see Heather fall down. Is she dead?

"Owen!" A male voice yells. It sounds like Geoff, but I can never be sure. I feel someone run up to me from a short distance. It is Geoff. And Bridgette isn't to far behind.

"Oh god...Owen!?" Geoff feels my pulse.

"Run!" I whisper.

"From what?" Geoff asks.

"Heather." I whisper.

"Stand up! Come on, don't give up!" Geoff confides in me. I try my best to stand. A sharp pain petrudes my back.

"I can't!" I say.

"What do we do?" Geoff asks.

"He's not gonna' make it..." Bridgette whispers, but I can hear it.

"Owen..." Geoff stands up from me. He runs off with Bridgette. A few moments later, the violence in the field stops. I hear nothing but silence.

"He's not dead." A voice says from the trees.

"How do we know?" A male voice says then.

"Look at it! They would have picked him up already." A female voice replies.

"Let's just get him and take him back with us." He says. I understand them. Alejandro and Heather.

They jump from the area behind me. I could hear it. They walk up to me, and they grab me, and pull me along a small trail.

By nightfall, I hear one more cannon fire. They drag me to a small campsite with only one tent.

"What's he doing here?" Another female voice asks. Eva.

"We brought him back with us. We didn't see any food, but I was thinking..." Heather says.

"No!" Eva shouts.

"Eww!" Alejandro says.

"If we're desperate..." Heather says.

"Is he dead?" Eva asks.

"Well, we don't know. We never heard his cannon fire." Alejandro says.

"Leave him here, away from any weaponry." Eva says. It then sounds like someone, or all of them crawl into a tent. When the noises stop, I try to crawl out of the area.

I turn my head as far as I can after I crawl a few inches. Nothing.

I crawl forward, and I keep going until I tire. By then, I'm deep into a forest. I spot a cave nearby on my venture. I crawl towards it.

Inside, I spot Leshawna. Lindsay is dead nearby.

"L--Leshawna?" Owen asks.

"Owen!" Leshawna runs out of the cave.

"Help me, please..." I mutter.

"Owen..." Leshawna spots my blood coming from my spinal wound. I can't feel my feet, or anything beneath it.

"Um...Hang on a sec." Leshawna backs up into the cave. When she returns, she has a big rock.

"Leshawna!?" I say.

"I'm....I'm sorry." She says.

Chapter 5: Bridgette

It hadn't been fifteen minutes since we escaped from the field. Chet's watching us. Waiting. Geoff and I are fleeing for our lives. I remember the early morning.

I saw Heather get attacked by Gwen and Katie. I'm sure she's not dead though. I think I remember her shadow run across Owen's body. That's why Geoff urged me to leave the area. She seemed to have a bow...

I also the field. Tyler had hold of Lindsay, trying to carry her out of there. Nobody was wanting to attack anyone, which is why not many died... But this game Chet is playing, it's so sickening. He's forcing all of us to kill. One rebellion strike and Canada goes boom-boom.

It pains me to say, but I think Lindsay might already be dead. We've heard 3 cannon fires so far. Each one growing much more painful. This game we played was so much fun until we had to kill everybody.

Walking onwards into the forestry, Geoff and I get the feeling of being watched.

"Bridge? Do you feel that?" Geoff asks. And I did. I felt that someone was nearby, waiting. Suddenly, without warning, Duncan steps out onto the field with us. We're in the center of the forest by now. Surrounded by Trees. There is nowhere to run now.

"I would suggest that you two move." Duncan says. He's holding a Katana in his hands. Chet must have dropped it just for him.

"You aren't gonna kill us?" I ask.

"Believe me or not. I like you two. And don't take it lightly." Duncan staggers off.

I take this time to take off the one thing I snatched in the field. The backpack and the few knives I achieved to get.

In the backpack, Geoff helps me remove what's inside. A few beef jerky sticks, a small canteen which is...full! There's also a small pack of crackers and berries inside. Dried berries. Whatever.

"Thank god he filled up the canteen." Geoff says.

"We can't just drink it all down. We have to find some sort of water source." I say.

We put the stuff back into the backpack, and we begin our trek forward.

"What?" Someone asks. It's a female voice. We stop. Geoff reaches behind his back, and pulls out a large butcher knife he smuggled from the beginning.

"Who is that?" The voice gets closer. Geoff aims. I peer through the leaves and brush in front of us. I can faintly see stone. Stone and a bit of mud in the corner. I can also see someone veering towards me.

Towards us.

A hand reaches through and pulls down the leaves. It's Gwen.

"Oh thank god...I thought you were one of them." Gwen says. A cannon suddenly fires.

"Get inside." Gwen beckons us in. We jump inside, and realize that the area is totally concealed.

We see Cody. He's inside of a Tent, but we can see him. He's covered up in makeshift covers. We see some cotton plants nearby. Did Cody knit some covers...? Just the thought makes me laugh. Knitting with knives.

"We've been staying here for a while." Gwen says.

"Near a little water source? Nice. You've scored." I say to her.

"We're a little hungry, but I don't think I could kill an animal." Gwen says to me.

"We have scraps, but we'll...have to..." I sigh.

"If we can, will you let us stay here?" Geoff asks.

"Sure, I guess. I'm armed with a knife. Cody has a bow and a few arrows. He picked up a spare that we're both using in emergencies. You should try it out." Gwen says. I spot a wooden bow beneath me. I bend down and lift it up. I stick an arrow in it.

"I hope this works." I aim and shoot an arrow into the forestry.

"Ah!" Another female voice is heard.

"Did I just shoot someone!?" I ask. I race into the forestry, and find Sierra. She's now bleeding out of the stomach. I shot her good. I'm particularly amazed. We drag her into camp.

"Why did you do that!?" She shouts angrily.

"Shush! You'll attract unwanted attention." Geoff says.

"We didn't mean to." I say.

"Of course no-CODY!" She shouts to Cody. Cody crawls out of the tent and walks over to the scene.

"Hey Sierra...." He says. He's clearly shocked.

"This was on accident. Go back into the tent. I don't think you want to see her like this." I say.

"YOU SHOT ME IN MY STOMACH!" Sierra shouts. I reach down and pull out the arrow. It was forceful. She's bleeding. Badly. This isn't going to be pretty when she dies.

==Chapter 2: Gwen==

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