Heather lies on her bed, facing the dark ceiling. She stares, thinking about her horrible life. The drama she went through during Total Drama, the karma she faced, the hate, the love. She was confused. Not knowing if anyone truly liked her. 

Was there anyone in this cruel world who actually cared, she wonders. The room got darker and her thoughts got darker with it. She wonders if anyone would be sad if she killed herself right now. She wonders if the sun will ever seem bright again. She wonders if the emotional torture will stop. 

Her eyes wonders the room and sees a blade. She slowly gets up from her bed and reaches for the blade. Heather has a grasp on it and feels the cool touch of the silver blade. It sends shivers down Heather's spine. She breaths in and out, and puts the blade's sharper side onto her wrist. Then, she presses it harder causing fresh blood to flow out. Heather winces but continues to cut.

After thirty minutes of cutting, she puts the blade back onto the counter shaking. Heather looks at the blade with tired eyes, red from crying. Then, she looks at her cut arm. About twelve cuts. She doesn't feel any regret, she feels like some stress has gone away. But, it didn't take away her depression.

Heather tries to clean up the blood on the carpet, but it doesn't fade away.  She doesn't want anyone to know that she was cutting and continues to try to get rid of the blood stains. In anger she punches the wall, which causes her knuckles to bleed. 

Still angry, Heather bangs her head on the counter. Blood gushes out of her forehead, but she doesn't care and continues to deepen the wound. After every bang she hits her head harder, until she starts to feely woozy. Heather starts trembling and falls onto the carpet unconscious. Blood still oozing out of her forehead. 

Heather twitches, meaning that she is still alive but doesn't have much time before Death comes and gets her. Heather's eyes roll back into her head and she stops moving. Her heart beat stops, her blood stops circulating, and her pulse gone. 

Heather lies there on the floor, with no one coming to help her. Alone. Alone in this dark room. Alone in this world. There is no one. No one.


~ Hello, I'm Zoey the person who wrote this because I was feeling depressed by something...Anyway, I hope you enjoyed (?) this and please tell me if there is any grammar mistakes, or typos becuase I really would like to fix it if there is any. :) <3 Love Me ♥ or Hate Me 23:03, June 28, 2013 (UTC)

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