Ten teens arrive at a recently closed cupcake factory, hoping to get free cupcakes and hopefully find a hidden treasure, but when they arrived the doors closed shut and the windows were unable to open up. When someone is killed they find out that there is a serial killer in the factory. Every two days, someone is killed and the serial killer only wants one alive. Clearly, the serial killer didn't think everything through...Or did he?

(If nothing is TD-related, then the serial killer is Chris McLean.)

The Teens:

Oliver, 15, Male

Tyna, 16, Female

Randy, 16, Male

Gretchen, 16, Female

Lawrence, 16, Male

Stephanie, 15, Female

James, 16, Male

Angie, 16, Female

Landon, 16, Male

Marissa, 16, Female


Chapter One; "Dead on Day One"

coming soon

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