I wrote this story out of my absolute despise of stupid GWEN! And I don't want people hating on me for hating Gwen!

Gwen and Duncan

One day Gwen was drinking out of the toilets when she heard the sound of kissing. She ran outside to see Duncan and Courtney making out. She got really angry and ran towards Duncan.

"I thought you loved me!" she cried

"Personally I think you are the UGLIEST girl on the show!" said Duncan

Gwen cried all night and then saw Duncan coming up to her bed.

"I knew you loved me!" she cried happily

"Actually I came here to put a paper bag over your head!" he said

When Gwen woke up she couldn't see so she took off her bag but turned poor Trent to stone!

Chris told Gwen she was too ugly for his show and kicked her onto the Boat of Losers. But Gwen killed Chef with her look so Chris had no choice but to let her stay. She started scaring all the other (prettier) girls so they threw her off the 50 foot cliff. She got eaten by sharks who spat her out because she was so ugly.

Cody came up to her and said, "Now that I have got my eyes ajusted I can see how ugly you really are!" and he dropped a rabid racoon on her face so it would claw it off. Gwen felt sad and walked back to her bed when she realised Duncan had put glue on it! She couldn't get up!

Gwen and Tyler

When Gwen was eating a sandwich she heard Tyler whispering about her so she went over too kill him. But Tyler put a paper bag over her head.

"I think this belongs to you!" he said and the whole of the island laughed. He then put his porridhe over her bagged head.

Gwen was sad. That night she wished upon a star she wasn't so ugly but that star was just Tyler's pet firefly. When Gwen found out she stuck her ugly head in the mud. Tyler then came along and kicked her but but he tripped over. Gwen laughed but then Noah helped him up and they both kicked Gwen's butt, but they also fell over. She laughed again but then DJ came over and booted her behind so hard her butcheeks became her normal cheeks.

"It's an improvment!" said Tyler as everyone plotted their next attack on Gwen...

Gwen and Harold

Gwen was shaving her hairy legs when Harold came up.

"You have a crush on me don't you?" she said but Harold just threw a stick of dynamite at her.

"I hate you! You are smell, ugly and stupid! I just lied!" he said

Gwen exploded. Harold laughed with the whole island but Gwen didn't think it was so funny and tried to kill Harold but than Harold threw a wasp's nest at her and she went red and puffy. Everyone agreed Gwen was prettier this way but then Harold called her fish-face and everyone went to dinner, leaving ugly Gwen.

Gwen and Geoff

Gwen was walking around the island, cursing the other campers when Geoff came and said,

"Wanna go for a walk?" Gwen was really happy but then when they got half way around the island Geoff stopped at the bear cave and pushed Gwen inside. Gwen was too stupid too find her way outside so the bear mauled her and ate her. But then the bear got Gwen diesease and died and had to be taken to the mediacal station. When Chef cut open the bears tummy he saw Gwen and screamed. He then pulled out his revolver and tried to shoot Gwen but she did not die! In the end she was forced to smell Owen's underwear, but she realized Owen wasn't wearing any and he shoved her up his bum!

Gwen and Trent

Gwen scratching her armpits when she noticed Trent.

"You love me don't you?" she asked.

Trent threw a pie in her face and then said,

"The only reason I PRETENDED to like you was that I can get to the other, prettier girls. We all know you're the easist girl to get to, why even Beth is less desperate then you." he said

Gwen cried all night and then realised a near-death experience hadn't happened to her but then Trent came up with a knife and Gwen screamed but when she looked closer it wasn't a knife, it was Trent's guitar and Gwen screamed even louder. Trent started SINGING AND PLAYING HIS GUITAR! This was the worst punishment in the universe! This was absolutely Gwen's worst day ever! But even worse, Trent sang his WORST song ever!

Gwen and Justin

After realising how barbaric I've been I've decided to just stop bashing on Gwen. It's not right so I decided to do something nice for her...

Gwen was sad. Total Drama Island was terrible! She wanted to go back home. Just as she thought about the bad things that happened there was a knock on the door. She opened it and Justin was there. He was smiling, she didn't know why but she didn't back away. She was waiting for this moment to come ALL her life.

They leaned in and shared a kiss, as Gwen realised her life wasn't so horrible after all.....

Okay it was a bit short but it's still awesome! Also I don't really mean what I said, it was a bit exaggerated I admit. In fact I might even think she's a good charcater!?

Gwen and Ezekiel

Word spread quickly that Justin had kissed Gwen. She was being seen in a different light now. Resoected by most all except one.....EZEKIEL!!!!!!

The home-schooled boy had no idea that everone was liking her just because Justin kissed her so when she sat for lunch he came over to her.

"You think your so special don't you?" he asked, slitting his eyes.

"Um, your on the other team." she said calmly.

"SHUT UP!" he lost his temper and dropped all her food over her head, Harold chuckled. Gwen also slitted her eyes but then made a taunting look...

"Awww, is Homeschool jeolous that he can't have me?"

Harold blurted out all of his laughter. Ezekiel now got VERY angry and demanded to challenge Gwen to an eat off! Whoever could eat the most of Chef's cooking would have o quit. Gwen didn't back down....

The challenge started at sundown. The only people on Gwen's side were Bridgette, Cody and Justin (Eva was on nobody's side except her own). The battle commnced! Ezekiel slurped down four glasses of blended coacroach and Gwen only slurped down one! Ezekiel then had five helpings of dolphin dogs as Bridgette shuddered and Cody patted her on the back. Gwen couldn't do this! She managed to munch down some jellyfish pizza but that was it, until Justin shouted out,


Cody and Bridgette nodded in agreement as Noah rolled his eyes. Gwen suddenly felt important and gobbled up the rest of her meal, SHE WON! Everyone waved to the homeschooled boy as he swore he would be back.

It was the second time in her life where things were going her way. As she walked to her cabin she noticed her hands were glowing with Justin's beauty! One day she too could be beautiful like the other girls at camp! Cody and Bridgette caught up with her. She and Cody still had a little bad juju but Cody apoligized and everything was fine. Atleast she had three friends!

There you go guys! A long chapter!

Gwen and Noah

Gwen was happy at last. The whole week was good. Trent, Tyler and Duncan were all eliminated and everyday she seemed less ugly and stupid. She decided to walk around Camp Wawanakwa for a little. As she walked out of her cabin she saw Noah sitting on a tree stump and reading.

"Hi Noah!" she said. Noah rolled his eyes.

"Your the anti-me's love interest!" he said menacingly.

"Oh you heard about that?"

"Everyone did!"

Gwen passed the tree stump. Noah stared after her.

"What?" she asked.

"Your supposed to be dead!" he said calmly.


"You know cliff, racoon, explosion, bear, TRENT'S SONG!"

Gwen shuddered.

"I was thinking that to?" she said finally.


Gwen walked on and met up with Bridgette and Cody.

"You know the merge is on the horizon right?" asked Cody.

"And we wondered if you want to be in an alliance with us," Bridgette finished.

"Okay, lovebirds," Gwen grinned.

Cody and Bridgette gazed at each other until they heard a bone chilling scream.


"Oh he's going down!" said Gwen and the four friends planned revenge on Chef for what he did to Noah.

Okay guys, liked that? I'm not sure if I did but oh well. The reason I didn't like this one is that nothing really happened except for the poisoning but that will have an important role in the next chapter. Gwen and Owen.

Gwen and Owen

This one's gonna be quite short guys, okay?

"THAT MANIAC!!!!!!!" Owen raged on about Chef as Noah groaned in agony.

"We need a plan!" devised Bridgette. Cody pulled a chainsaw out of his pants.

"No, nothing violent" Gwen reminded Cody.

"You two stay here and look after Noah! Me and Gwen will get Chef!" Owen told Bridgette and Cody who nodded simantaneously.

"Okay!" Gwen replied, thrilled.

It was quiet, too quite. Chef wasn't in the kitchen.

"Damn!" muttered Owen.

"Let's poison him!"

Gwen seemed even less ugly and stupid then before.

"Well, treaspassers..." Chef had appeared.

"Grrrrrrrr" Owen growled.

Okay guys thats the end of that! Next one is Gwen and Cody!

Gwen and Cody

I can't be bothered to make this long so let's get this one over with....

Gwen and Cody were in Chris' giant robot for the challenge when Cody asked "Oooh, what does this button do?" and Gwen replied, "DON'T TOUCH THAT!!!!!" but it was too late and the robot blew up, Cody escaped, but Gwen.......

Gwen and DJ

Another shorty.....

Gwen and Justin were making out one day when DJ came along and kicked Justin in he groin. Gwen was upset and asked DJ why he did that but DJ just smiled.

The doctor said that the attack was severe and Justin had to stay in the hospital for five millenias which made Gwen really upset so....

"IMMA FIRIN' UP MAH LAZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Gwen made a shoopdawoop face and killed DJ but then she was convicted for murder, tried and hanged. Nobody cried as they saw the lifeless body dangle from the noose.....

Gwen and Chris

One day Chris reincarnated Gwen.

"Thank's Chris!" Gwen threw her arms around Chris but melted him with her poisonous touch. "Ooops" she said before merrily skipping along to the dock, she tripped on a rock and fell head first into the water.

"Hahahaha!!!!" laughed Chris but Gwen then used her "MEDUSA MIXED WITH A BASILISK AND BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" look and instantly murdered Chris. She was once again convicted but used her hideous look and killed all the police man and jurors. She was unstoppable! Or so she thought!!!

Gwen and Chef

Gwen's big prison escape caught everyone by suprise. When her picture appeared appeared in the newspapers no-one dared to look at her in fear they might die, or worse! No-one except Chef. The Gwen fanboys were furious and commited suicide. Chef came up to Gwen one stormy evening. "You think you unbeatable child! But I can defeat you!"

"Bring it on!" she cursed.

Chef stuffed his food in her mouth and her cheeks exploded. Justin laughed with delight until Gwen spotted him. Chef was howling with laughter. "Have meeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrccccccccccccccccccyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..................................." Gwen said with her dying breath. CHef was jailed. No-one cried at the funeral, in fact they were very happy. Owen sat on the resurection stone and broke it. Gwen could never come back. Gwen was burried under Medusa's Rock somewhere on Neptune. "Wait! DOes that mean this whole sotry is over?" asked Geoff and for once everyone cried at Gwen's funeral-but not for her.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tada! Yes I know I was being to hard on the little squirt but oh well. This can't even come close to the torture I'm putting Geoff through! I hate Geoff more than Gwen so prepare to read The Completely Gruesome Saga of Stupid Geoff (This Is Even Funnier Than The Completely Gruesome Saga of Stupid Gwen)


I blew it. I thought I had it! From Gwen/Justin it would be good. But no. I had to make this a pointless hatefic! So now a plot twist! This pointless and discorded story will now start to make sense why it;s so unrelaistic!

Gwen woke up in her cabin bed. "What the-"

"You were saying all sorts of weird stuff about rabid racoons and butcheecks becoming normal cheecks," Cody explained. "Yeah. You were talking in your sleep!" Duncan said.

"You mean-"

"Yep! All a dream!"

Gwen gritted her teeth.

"Er, Gwen what are you doing with that rabid racoon?"


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