Terry (SS)
Soaring SeagullsTerryRedraw
Gender Female
Hair color Dirty Blond
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father, Brother, Sister
Fear Burglars, Paranormal Activity
Talent Writing

Terry, labeled as The Amateur Writer, is a character on S.S. Total Drama.


Terry is not a very popular girl, she was never recognized as a cool girl or anything else of the sort, and never had many friends. In eleventh grade, Terry won an award of outstanding writer in her school and received some attention from it. That attention, however was mainly from literature geeks, who became Terry's friends until her school years were over. Terry has now graduated from college, but doesn't have a job yet. She is an amateur mystery novel writer, having written seven unreleased books.

Terry joined Total Drama to be recognized and have a good time.

After S.S. Total Drama

After S.S. Total Drama, Terry wrote three more mystery novels, including a collaboration with her new best friend, Halle. After the success of “The Murder of Denise Welch”, Terry left a message saying she was going in a hiatus for three months, where she would visit her mother’s family in Texas. During her visit, Terry rediscovered herself and became amazed by her family’s beliefs and religion --which she always ignored-- and finally converted herself into a Christian. After months of internal struggle, Terry finally decided to get rid of every single piece of novel she has ever written, as they are full of “sins and bad influences” such as adultery, blackmail, drugs, incest, and obviously, murder. Right before coming back home to announce her decision on, to become a Christian radio host, Terry has been asked back to Total Drama, and accepted.


  • Terry was originally an intentional Mary Sue who was loved by everyone, but the author found the idea of an Average Joe better.
  • Terry was supposed to return in my cancelled story, Total Drama Ranch. She would have incurred a label change as The Reborn Christian.
  • Terry was the intended winner of the cancelled story Total Drama Ranch.


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