Crazy Kings
Melancholy Memories
Team Heather
Melancholy Memories (II)
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated TDK: The Sword Is Never In The Stone
TDF: Flatiron Chef
Place TDK: 9/9
TDF: 12th
Family Dad
Friends Kelly, Cara, Petal
Enemies Ruby, Savanna
Fear No video games (most likely conquered)
Talent Video games

Terrence, the Game-Obsessed Geek of the Crazy Kings, is a contestant on Total Drama Kingdom. He was the first voted out. He was then voted to return for Total Drama Flashback, season two of TDK, where he placed 12th.


Terrence used to be a young boy who loved reading. He was always interested in his dad's job at a game company. Then, when Terrence was six, his dad bought him a handheld game console, the Tri-Screen Player, before its release. Terrence was immediately hooked. He played for twelve hours straight. Then school started, and Terrence was knee-deep in homework (he actually piled up his homework so that it would reach his knees so he could convince his mom to let him start it later). However, he ended up being a B-plus to A guy. His parents were impressed, so when Terrence turned nine, his parents bought the family a NOVA, the "greatest" home console system. Terrence was immediately obsessed, and his grades dropped tremendously. His parents grounded him, and Terrence, instead of doing homework, cried about the grounding until his dad made him do the homework. To get Terrence out of the house, his mom showed him Total Drama Kingdom. Terrence wanted the money to get more video games, so he auditioned. He made it in.


Terrence is playing video games. After a while he says, "Yes! Got to the next level!" After another few seconds, his dad calls and says "Terrence! Your ten minutes have been up for an hour!" Then Terrence notices the camera and turns it off.


  • Terrence is an edit of Trent.
  • Terrence supported Kelly in the finale.
  • Terrence was the first one voted out, however, users voted him to be in Total Drama Flashback.
  • Terrence was actually going to make it as far as sixth, but as the author was writing the chapter which he was eliminated in, he decided to have a plot twist in which Terrence votes himself off in order to annoy someone who tried to quit.
  • He was the first jury member, the only pre-merge juror, and the last one eliminated before the merge.

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