Teresa is labeled as The Flirt and is one of the 16 contestants on Total Drama Chaos; she became the runner-up on the show.

Raging Raccoons
Warrior Princesses
Chaotic Fighters
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "The Chaotic Conclusion"
Place 2nd
Relationship None
Friends Todd, Wallace, Lucy
Enemies Michael, Kaitlyn, Jenika, Joe, Hatcher, Boomer
Fear Ugly people, Crazy people
Talent Flirting


Teresa loved her looks and always used them to her advantage. She would always flirt with the nerds to do her homework for her and always managed to get her way, even when she was in the stickiest of situations. She thought she could flirt with anybody and was she always knew she would get what she wanted. When she saw an ad for Total Drama Chaos, she signed up, thinking she can flirt her way to victory.

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