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Southern Belles

American Travelers

The New Teddie
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "After tonight, there will be five, "
Place 7th
Relationship Lola
Family Mother, Father, Brother
Friends Lola, Dan, "Zoo-Zoo", Sophie, Ryan, Daisi, Kassi
Enemies None
Fear Blackouts
Talent Playing Video Games

Teddie is labeled as The Nice Strategist inTotal Drama States.


Chapter 1- Teddie introduced himself. He was sitting with Ryan, but they didn't like each other; so he switched with Earl, who was sitting next to Lola, whom he befriended. In the Pre-Game Immunity Vote, he voted for for Lola.He was put on the Southern Belles. He raced the first race; he came in fourth place. His team lost. He voted for Charlotte.


Teddie is an appearance edit of DJ.

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