Tea is a contestant on Pepearl's upcoming fanfiction.

Tea (Pepearl)
Tea pepearl
Gender Female
Hair color Purple-red
Eye color Dark brown
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship Single
Friends Avery(?), Aya
Enemies TBA
Talent Manipulating others


Tea's most notable physical trait is her significantly short stature, being the shortest contestant in the fanfiction. Her hair is purple-red and reaches her shoulders, with bangs that reach her eyebrows. She has large eyes, long eyelashes, short eyebrows, a small nose and thin lips. She wears a lime green sweater with a pink horizontal stripe going through the middle. Her sweater is pulled down to reveal her left shoulder, as well as her bra straps, which are dark purple. She wears a dark maroon skirt which goes reaches just above her knees, as well as white thigh high socks and yellow pumps with straps.










ve Pepearl's Fanfiction

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