Tarynn is The Emo Girl in Total Drama Failures. She is on The Peculiar Pencils Team.

The Peculiar Pencils
Gender female
Hair color Purple with pink and blond highlights
Episode Eliminated "The Five Scary Fears"
Place 5th
Relationship Kevin
Family Mackenzie (twin)
Friends Skycirca, Mackenzie, Yanika, Frida
Enemies Kamie


Tarynn isn't the happiest. Tarynn is smart but joined Total Drama Failures because her parents told her she had too. She likes to listen to music. She has a negative personality. She likes to draw on the roof. She is practically invisible at school. Tarynn has a twin who she rarely sees. Tarynn feels like she is in her own world. Her twin is Mackenzie. Many people are shocked by this. Tarynn never gets to spend time with her sister.

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