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Chipackers 23:10, October 12, 2013 (UTC)


So I started to read this. And during the first little while I was thinking about how much you basically just copied the original show and just wrote it out in story form. But because I didn't want to see like a jerk-face I decided to finish reading it. Then when Trent arrived and had his interactions I realized something. He never interacted like that with Katie and Sadie... That's when I felt like an idiot. You wrote the characters so in-character I thought it was the actual show. So kudos to you! I'm really liking the story thus-far, and I can already tell that the teams will bring some new story-possibilities. I'm kind of hoping for a love square (Katie/Sadie---> Trent <------> Bridgette.) But you know what I think I'm fine with whatever you end up writing! Can't wait for more! ZacAttack Rawr 14:01, October 12, 2013 (UTC)

Thanksies Zac! c: Don't we all love, love squares? I'd do anything for you guys...Except for running, jogging or climbing stairs. 22:07, October 12, 2013 (UTC)

...What. What just happened. Don't do that to me. I love-love-love the outed camper :(. Anywho a few things to note before I actually talk story: 

  • Reread the story after you post. I noticed you're already editing some spelling errors but there are some places where the wrong word was used, a word repeated or a sentence in general had little sense. 
  • Balance the plot. Right now and I could be wrong, it makes it seem very obvious Courtney/Trent/Bridgette/Gwen/Sadie/Noah/Cody will make it very far into the story just based off of who actually recieved plot. While you make a point in showing the characters more or less equally when they are shown they aren't always shown for plot. For example, if I were to take anything to do with Lindsay or Beth out from this chapter it wouldn't change the outcome of anything. Making sure all the characters help build into something is always important... I know this is the second chapter so things will likely change already, I just rather say this in chapter two than chapter eight!
  • Try-try-try to AVOID pairs. When I wrote Frozen I had a tendacie to pair two characters up for plot purposes. But I would end up rarely having the characters interact with characters in other groups. In the end it basically caused this weird bubble around the characters where when one was eliminated I couldn't really do anything with the other since they were so blocked off from everyone else. I'm not saying you're pairing people up, just wanted to warn you in case you had plans to do something like that in the future... NOW it is okay to have pairs as long as you remember to keep it rotating. If you want to have Duncan-Gwen scenes go for it, just make sure they have almost the same amount of scenes with other characters.

And onto Chapter two! I loved it! It's actually incredibly good aha. The whole bunk thing could have been changed slightly, maybe starting off in a cabin when they had already chosen who would sleep where, or have one of the teams waiting outside etc, etc. I'm liking the Trent/Bridgette story line so far it's fairly realistic and it's not too rushed. We know that it's coming, we just can't say when. Gwen and Duncan on the other hand I wouldn't be surprised if something happened again next chapter, their story is great too but rushing the story (too) early is usually a reason to have one of the characters eliminated earliar, which is why I don't have Duncan in the people who I think will make it far above. Sadie and Katie... I realy enjoyed the two characters in your story, but I always enjoyed them in Total Drama anywho. It's sad to see Katie go over Courtney, but I'm sure it will help build Sadie up so it's fine... Also Eva-Sadie friendship? That will be interesting to see ahaha. I'm also curious to see how Sadie holds up without a proper good bye... Can't wait for more!! ZacAttack Rawr 11:40, October 13, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks for the advice, Zac! Yeah, I know, I always skim through too fast when I reread, so I do miss a bit of mistakes, I just get really excited to post it. xD Don't worry, everyone will get their time to shine! Some of those you listed will go far, some not as far. c; The pairs will go to more of a use eventually, though it doesn't seem as predominant in the earlier episodes, and earlier eliminatees, I did give 'em a bit of thought before I through them together, and I'm thinking of a bit more I can do between some bunk buddies in the future. (that sounds weird). The Big Sleep will be giving everyone their own screentime equally, well, most of them should. c: Sadie > Katie, so I am going to expand more on her. c: Thanks for the advicem it's really helpful, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'd do anything for you guys...Except for running, jogging or climbing stairs. 11:52, October 13, 2013 (UTC)

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